Gomorrah (2014) s03e07 Episode Script

Sangue del mio sangue

With all this stuff and this quality,
we have no competition.
But we've also got
one hell of a spotlight on us.
What about Blue Blood?
You asked him to prove
he's trustworthy and he did.
He killed a stranger
just to make you happy,
and you know it too.
But now we're gonna start
killing for real.
And if they touch him or any of his men,
I don't know how he'll react
and you don't know either.
The day he met me he was nobody.
And hadn't done any
of what he has now.
He knows that without you and me
he's going nowhere.
But Enzo isn't dumb.
That's why I chose him.
I thought of screwing Avitabile
and instead he screwed me.
Now I don't even trust myself, Ciro.
But I trust you.
Gennaro, I get it,
but you gotta explain to me
how you can trust Ciro Di Marzio.
It's only when they touch your own blood
that you show your true colours.
And I saw Ciro Di Marzio.
And he saw me.
It's always been like that.
So, now he's more than my own blood.
You also lost your own blood to protect
my father, didn't you?
My father thought he had
the best soldier of all at his side
and it was true.
Apart from that I saw something else.
It didn't all end there.
What do you mean?
When you get to where you wanna be,
you'll tell me.
- Welcome.
- Guys.
- This is Ciro.
- I'm Valerio, pleased to meet you.
Enzo said good things about you.
You know this isn't a game?
I know, if you'd like to come in,
our host is expecting you.
Just a moment.
Before we go in, I need to know
where the stuff's gonna end up.
The client is a partner at a big firm
in London, the coke's headed there.
How's he gonna get it into London?
He's got a diplomatic passport.
His father works at the Italian Consulate.
What's in it for you?
Respect and friendship from you,
I take my cut from the client.
- Take me to him.
- Follow me.
Antonello Rodi, it's a pleasure.
They told me you're looking
for something, is that true?
Valerio told me I can talk to you
about making a sizable purchase.
- How much?
- 200,000.
Where's the money?
We need to agree on a price.
They tell me a good retail price
is 43,000 euros a kilo.
Given the amount,
can I ask for a little less?
We can't do less than 40.
It's 5 kilos, I'd say that'll work.
When's the delivery?
Now, if you like.
Give me the key, Antonello. I'll go.
You stand out too much with this.
If I don't go over 300 km an hour,
no cop will stop a car like this.
Come with me, Enzo.
Your friend thinks he's God on Earth.
He might not be God on Earth,
but he's got a lot of potential.
For him, we're like that car,
we go 300 an hour.
But at the first sign of trouble,
he changes cars.
The car isn't his.
Who am I to you?
You're like I was ten years ago.
I was angry, hungry,
ambitious as a twenty-year-old
I felt stronger than everyone.
It's not like that anymore?
That was another life.
But you're still hanging on to us, why?
I couldn't take being alone
in hell anymore.
This is a kilo.
You bought five packages.
Tell your friend if the relationship
continues we'll give him a nice present.
The cops!
- Where?
- At gate 9.
How many are they?
It's just one car, but they're driving
around the whole warehouse.
I'll take care of it.
Are we done with this load?
Close it!
Close it!
Get out!
Get out!
On your knees! Move it!
Hurry up!
Face on the ground.
If the cops bust your friend,
can we trust him?
We'll see. I think the guy's got balls.
It's a very large quantity.
It's all rock still
We got work to do.
This place is too small.
We'll find another.
- Enzo, what's up?
- Good morning, Don Saverio.
- I got a proposal for you.
- Come in.
When do you need it for?
We need it now.
If things go well, next month
you'll get double the money.
How much crap does this guy have?
- All these books!
- Let's dump it all out.
Except for Father Pio.
Bro, they let you go.
So? What did they ask you?
I said I wanted to try out the car.
- What did they say?
- Nothing, Antonello backed me up.
The inspector chewed me out.
See what it means
to be born in Posillipo?
- We'd already be in jail.
- That's why I led them on.
Goliath, prepare the cocaine
for his friend.
- You should have seen Ciro's face!
- Surprised, huh?
So you see, yuppies have balls too.
- But ours are bigger.
- That remains to be seen.
I'll see you out.
See if it works.
You're an artist!
Two and five.
- Where'd they all come from?
- All friends of Valerio's.
- This stuff sells like hotcakes.
- Totally!
Mullet! Well?
Hey there, guys.
They're ready.
- Now they fly.
- You're a legend!
- See you!
- See you, guys!
- You kicked arse!
- Sons of bitches.
Doctor? There's a package for you.
There's a package for room 412.
Here, doctor.
- 50 grand and we've only just begun.
- And no one's caught on.
- Those bastards wanna screw us.
- Instead we're screwing them.
Soon they won't count for shit anymore.
Carmela, I'm here,
what did you want to tell me?
I know everything, Enzo.
You're going against people
who've been in the game for 50 years.
They've been on the streets
for 50 years but all they got is cold.
You're getting yourself into big trouble.
Just relax.
They know you've got
nothing to do with it.
- You kept your word.
- I don't wanna cry over you, got it?
I know you very well.
Tell me the truth, you never wanted
to wipe those bastards out?
I dreamt about it every night.
It's not a dream anymore.
This is our moment.
- Enzo, let's go.
- Coming.
See that car?
- What about it?
- It was downstairs before.
I saw it on the monitor.
We need to keep our eyes peeled,
they're on us.
Let's go.
Close the door.
Blue Blood's behind the drop
in our sales.
Come here.
So, how is it that four snot-nosed kids
with no dick hair
are fucking us over?
You're surrounded by idiots.
Get outta here!
They figured out how to move
because they know us.
We don't know them.
That's why we haven't seen them.
All right.
- We gotta kill him.
- You got it.
Wait, come here.
Come here.
I wanna look that piece of shit
in the eyes before he dies.
Let's do this
we'll bring him to you,
then you can take care of it.
Good, do that.
What does this mean?
The present I promised you,
you pay us when you sell it.
I thought I'd only get that
if our relationship continued.
You covered for Valerio with the cops.
You saved a brother.
That means our relationship continues.
We can't let this business ride.
We gotta kill him.
Only logical.
I only know one thing.
You take out someone
only if there's no other way.
I respect that idea,
but he's got the same blood
as his grandfather.
Leave it to me, Ruggero.
I'm gonna put an end to this.
Why has that kid, who never said
a word till yesterday, become a problem?
What do you mean?
There's someone bigger
behind Blue Blood.
And we need to get to them.
- Who could it be?
- I don't know.
If I knew, they'd be
the first ones to get rid of.
We need to find out
who our real enemy is.
You gotta talk to Blue Blood.
I gotta go talk to him?
Are you serious?
It's your turf, Eduardo.
Lady Carmela.
Can we talk?
What do we have to talk about,
you and me?
The youth of today.
These kids are born smart,
but they know nothing about life.
If you want to learn,
go with someone bigger, not with idiots.
You need people with experience.
We're not short on that.
Don Eduardo
Say it straight out, please.
Enzo needs to be under us.
We've got a good offer for him.
You gotta convince him.
You raised him, he'll listen to you.
What you're saying is fair enough,
for a family member.
But if memory serves,
you and me have never been related.
So what, Lady Carmela
We could always become family.
Forget the past,
let's look to the future.
The past teaches you how to live,
my father said that once.
That's why I'm here,
sitting at your table.
If other people had come,
they wouldn't be here talking.
I don't want to waste your time.
Have a good night.
Theatre four.
- One?
- Yeah.
You're so beautiful.
I can't take it anymore
I missed you, you know?
I'm coming back.
I'm getting it together, bit by bit.
I don't want you to worry about anything.
And Pietro?
He's fine.
I always talk to him about you,
I say Daddy's coming back soon.
You need to think just about him.
- He's the most important thing.
- I know.
It's what I'm doing, Gennaro.
Azzurra, everything OK?
Yes, Mum, be right there.
Enzo, do you remember your father?
Not really.
He was always in a hurry.
Once he took me to buy a present.
It was Christmas.
What was he like?
Who remembers?
He left when he was 35
and served 20 years'.
He was in prison more than he was out.
Carmela says
your father would sit at the table
and take what they're offering you.
And time will tell.
But what do you think?
I think that I need to talk to Arenella.
You don't know me very well.
I like to speak frankly.
Good, so we won't waste any time.
The Wizard is your grandfather's brother,
he's got your blood in his heart,
that's why he asked me
to try to understand you.
I won't kill you now
because it's not the right moment,
but keep that in mind.
When the moment comes,
we'll see who's left standing.
All right, I'll give you two spots,
what your father always wanted
but never had.
Via Cicerone and Via Plinio,
two streets where there's real money.
- What do you want in exchange?
- You get your stuff from me.
We have our channels.
You gotta cut 'em off,
tell me who they are.
I never sold my brothers out.
Kid, you've always been a small fry.
You just gotta tell us who's behind you.
Your days are numbered, be careful.
That's true for everyone, Don Eduardo.
Let's go, guys.
Who is it?
It's me.
Come in.
What are you doing here?
You're not alone in Hell anymore,
I bought a ticket too.
What does that mean?
I said no.
To what?
Ciro, I'm not under any illusions,
I know everyone looks after
their own shit,
but sometimes interest in people
is more important than interest in things.
Maybe, but I've never seen that happen.
Me neither, till now.
Today, life gave me a surprise,
they offered me the world
and I said no.
Know what the price was?
They wanted your head.
The war's starting.
Enzo's ready.
What happened?
They offered him everything
his father died for on a plate.
He said no,
between them and us, he chose us.
He chose you.
That's why you're so happy.
What's wrong?
I never hated anyone like I hated you.
But at last you and me
are in the same boat
and I don't want to end up alone.
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