Gomorrah (2014) s03e08 Episode Script

Guerra aperta

- Hi, guys.
- Hey, Vocabulary.
Bro', come and take a look
at the sugar factory.
We cut it real nice,
only a quarter is crap.
Still better than
what the others put in it.
Some even put rat poison in it,
we're purists.
- Only phenacetin.
- The product's good.
The marketplace says so.
- Hear that, guys?
- We worked our arses off.
We're done, let's go, I need to eat.
And when don't you need to eat?
Enzo, what's wrong?
Nothing, we gotta go.
Pure 'n' Simple, let's roll.
Guys, keep working.
- Carmela, how are you?
- I'm fine.
- Was the camera on?
- Yeah, the cops took the tapes away.
- Did you see who it was?
- No, he was wearing a hoodie.
The cops say this time
it was just a warning,
that these big crackers
don't do any real harm.
- But next time it'll be different.
- What did you say?
That if they do their job
like I do every night
there won't be a next time.
See you later.
This bomb has Confederates
written all over it.
If they think we're scared,
they don't understand shit.
We can't stop now,
we gotta stay on their tail.
Yeah, we gotta shoot 'em
and get rid of 'em.
We need to make the first move.
It doesn't matter who.
As long as we hit one of theirs.
What is it?
I heard. I need to talk to you.
See you at the warehouse.
All right.
We're your brothers, Enzo.
We're ready.
Let's go.
What did he say?
But I know him well.
He's full of rage inside.
Then this bomb
could work in our favour.
You sure of that?
If they hit the Confederates
like a train, they'll hurt 'em good.
That's if the train doesn't smash and
the Confederates stay where they are.
I turned Enzo into a soldier,
but now he needs to become a boss.
He's gotta learn to think
before he shoots.
That's how we can win.
At twenty, it's easier shooting
than thinking.
I know.
That's why I gotta talk to him.
Just me.
You know why the Confederates
set off the bomb?
They think we're nothing,
but they fuckin' got that wrong.
We need them to keep thinking that.
We need to keep our heads down.
When we're ready,
we come out and kill them.
You're saying I shouldn't do anything?
You gotta do what I say when I say.
First off,
sort things out with your guys.
What do you mean?
It's no good when everyone's in charge.
If you wanna win a war
there can be only one commander
and that's you.
I want to ask you something.
What's in it for you?
20% as usual.
That's just chump change.
If it works out, I get Forcella and you?
I do the only thing
I know how to do well.
Nothing can help me
make peace with my ghosts.
Guys, we gotta get ready.
We're gonna destroy them.
Yeah, we're gonna destroy them
We can't just fight them head-on.
What do you mean?
I got a plan.
First of all we gotta weaken
the Confederates.
If you follow me,
we'll cut their legs off.
Then we can hold our heads high
in our own neighbourhood.
Nice idea, but we're not all deciding
together anymore.
Now you're in charge, am I right?
We're heading into a storm.
There's only one captain on a boat.
That's true for those who came before.
It was true for my father,
who died believing in that.
But we see it differently.
We won't let anyone command us.
If we wanna win the war,
things have gotta change.
And if things change, we win.
You got my word.
So, you're Enzo Blue Blood?
You got that name for me?
From Gennaro.
He's the contact.
We spoke to him already.
He's expecting a call from you.
But you have to give him something.
That's not a problem.
I still don't know your name.
It was a pleasure, Patrizia.
Don't worry, I'll take care of it.
All right.
- The kid came.
- Good.
There's something else.
Tell Scianel to buy weapons
with all the cash she's got stashed.
Are you kidding me?
I have to hypnotise her?
She won't follow you in this war.
Make her understand
she's either with me or against me.
And if that's the case? What do I do?
You'll be bringing her the bill.
It's not right, got it?
Or do I shove you in, head first?
Now get outta here, go!
It was a fucking mistake
getting these bozos involved.
I know, they work well,
they don't bust our balls,
but it's a question of decency.
Could I ever bury a person
in a red-lined casket?
It's a question of respect.
What is it, Patrizia?
The war Genny wanted to wage
against the guys from the centre
it's not a joke.
It's for real and it's starting now.
And what do you think?
They called us monkeys?
The time's come to show them
no one puts these monkeys in a cage.
They need to wash out their mouths
before talking to you.
Well said, Patrizia.
Come in.
This is your present.
- Hey, Cocò.
- Chains, how are you?
Not bad, you?
Gettin' by.
I got my hands on a good deal.
Good stuff, classy.
Your Miriam would like it a lot.
The price is excellent.
If the merchandise is good
and cheap, I won't hold back.
See you in half an hour?
I'm always available for business
and for friends,
but half an hour's not enough.
I gotta hear what Miriam says.
They want the money right away.
That's also why the price is good.
OK, I'm coming.
I'll give Miriam a surprise.
Good job.
He's coming, Enzo.
Keep still!
Let go of me!
Straighten up!
Keep still for fuck's sake!
Piece of shit.
We know you buy weapons
for the confederated clans.
We want to know where you keep them.
What are you doing?
You're a bunch of puppies
going against Neapolitan mastiffs.
They'll rip you to shreds.
Like a broken washer. Bang it a couple
of times and it'll work.
We're not the little dogs.
You are.
You have a master.
Kill me.
Kill me, but I can't tell you.
- Ronni, all good?
- All good.
Look who's here.
I'm with his daughter, Miriam.
She doesn't look like her father.
She's much cuter.
Then there's the little boy, so sweet.
Now I'll show him to you.
See the boy on the bike?
That's his mother.
I'd be really sorry to hurt her
Whaddaya say?
See? Puppies bite too.
This has nothing to do with my family.
If it does or if it doesn't,
that's up to you.
Well? What do I tell my friend?
What do I tell my friend?
There are three deposits.
The hotel near the station,
the Chiaiano cemetery
and the flag factory in Via Marina.
Well done.
You did the right thing.
Let's go.
We know where the weapons are.
Good. Now we can start biting.
We gonna go right up
that scumbag Arenella's arse?
Charmer's a son of bitch,
he's cold-blooded.
We gotta go for Crazy.
He's an idiot, he flares up immediately.
The Capaccios don't have enough
men to control their turf.
We're gonna strike
where they can't fight right back.
So we'll hurt them for real.
But to really bite we need teeth.
And we don't have enough.
You needn't worry about that.
I got a present for you.
You made the right choice, Blue Blood.
There was no other choice.
Sure you know
how to handle these toys?
Don't you worry,
I'll be bringing you lots of clients.
Here's hoping we're not putting
these toys in the hands of children.
You know
why they call Ciro The Immortal?
Because in three wars
no one's ever knocked him out.
Because he was 21 days old
when the earthquake killed his folks.
In a building with 30 people in it,
he was the only survivor.
If you think you're the earthquake that
kills him, you'll have to answer to me.
Like you, I'm the son of a king,
but like Ciro I was brought up
an orphan.
We're sons of ghosts because
the Confederates didn't even leave us
the bodies of my father
or the other men in the family.
You just want revenge?
I want what they took from us
and which is mine by rights.
I want Forcella.
And you'll have Forcella.
But if you get hungrier later on,
I'll rip your heart out of your body.
As far as I'm concerned,
you're responsible for him,
because he chose you.
Everything that happens to him
has to happen to you, OK?
Hurry up.
Lift it.
This one too.
Help yourselves.
The Devil in holy water!
Santa Claus is in town.
You know what you gotta do.
- Have you ever had a piece?
- No.
Take this one.
Who the fuck are you?
The people who are gonna let you live.
Get outta here,
this isn't your turf.
You don't get it.
You're a sheepdog now.
And I'm the shepherd.
See ya.
Guys, let's finish up.
OK, bye.
Those kids with beards have taken
the parking lot and the bar at Torri.
We gotta take 'em down a peg or two.
- They gotta die.
- Wait.
Do I wait until they take
the whole neighbourhood?
What if they have a strategy?
What do you mean?
Why don't you ever think?
They either did it
right under our noses,
or they're really stupid,
or they want to lead us along
like a dog on a leash.
We're not dogs, we have
the strength to wipe them out for good.
Go get the weapons.
I'll see you in an hour.
- Where the fuck are they?
- Still no sign.
We've been here for two hours.
Here they are.
Where the fuck's Elia?
- Wait
- Where'd he go?
Close it!
We got 'em!
Pure 'n' Simple! Quick!
Don't move.
No one's here.
Are they dead?
Stop fucking talking!
Let's go!
Snap out of it, let's go!
Give it to me.
They got all the weapons
and killed nearly everybody.
We'll call the Slav.
We need more weapons.
And we need more people.
Charmer's gotta help us.
It's in his best interest.
They'll fuck with him too.
Put the word out. 5,000 euros
for whoever comes with us.
We gotta build an army, we'll cut their
cocks off and stuff them in their mouths.
To put it in these guy's mouths,
an army's not enough.
You see what happened?
We had more guys, more weapons,
and we ended up like this.
So, what do you think we should do?
We let them believe they won,
that they're stronger,
that we're shitting our pants
and that we're not fighting back.
We'll let a few hours go by,
so they'll relax
and then we send them
to ask forgiveness from God.
What's going on? Where's Enzo?
Don't 'worry.
Enzo knows what he's doing.
- All good?
- All quiet here, maybe too quiet.
What do we do?
We go home,
but first we leave our mark.
Don't worry, I'll take care of it.
Maria saw strange movements
in the neighbourhood.
What do we do?
Go see, Valerio.
You wanted to see me?
I heard what your boys are up to.
- What do you think?
- That you know what you're doing.
You got me into this business,
and I'm working a lot.
If you come with me,
this is just the beginning.
- But I need you to make another effort.
- What do you need?
30% of your earnings.
I need it to win this war.
I'll see you get
back three times as much.
See this casket, Gennaro?
Beautiful, isn't it?
I kept it for myself.
But I'm going in it when I'm very old.
So you will, and meanwhile, the saints
in heaven will treat us with respect.
What do you mean?
Would you like the Capaccio's turf?
When the war's over, it's yours.
We'll put up a nice statue
in Garibaldi Square.
Know what they say?
The worst whore
is the one who gives you crabs
then fucks you again.
Like you do.
Sorry, I'm lost.
How do I get to Via Foria?
Fuck off back to Vomero.
The fuck did you do?
You were just supposed to check.
We gotta get outta here! Go!
Put this on.
Hurry up.
Move it!
You done?
We gotta split up.
Go home.
Enzo, all good here.
- Get some sleep.
- Take care.
- You're OK?
- I'm here. What do you want?
Maria told me who your new friend
from Secondigliano is.
Where are you going?
Look at me!
Was your friend with you tonight?
- Was he with you?
- No.
And why?
He just gave us the guns and the stuff.
Thanks to him,
those shitbags are scared now.
I see
He's the choreographer
and you dance.
If something goes wrong,
the crowd's at the foot of your bed.
That's not how it was.
And if we win this war, what happens?
He gets paid for the choreography
or he buys the whole theatre?
He's a brother.
I'll tell you
what I told everybody else.
You're either with me
or you're against me.
I heard about the exam.
Valerio, you can do what you want,
but getting a degree is fundamental.
What are we gonna do?
Contact the families,
then deal with it tomorrow.
They're the devil.
The fuck you laughing at, Ferdinando?
They whooped our arse!
You wanna make me laugh too?
Go on, laugh.
They're badass.
One of two things.
Either we wipe them out for good
or we take them home with us.
Either way, we'll have fun.
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