Gomorrah (2014) s03e09 Episode Script


And so
You're the brains behind Blue Blood.
Enzo doesn't need my brains.
But he needs the stuff
you supply him with.
We invented the Camorra.
How could you think
that Secondigliano could come
and take over our turf?
I'm not from Secondigliano anymore.
Second, I've already taken your turf.
And if you're not
from Secondigliano anymore,
who are you now?
A guy who wants
to do business in a just way.
What kinda justice
are you talking about?
You stole the Saint's stuff.
If you want the killing to stop,
you gotta give it back to Blue Blood.
No one stole anything.
The Saint's a rat.
We wouldn't let the family of a rat
rule over Forcella.
But now you got rats too
Am I right?
Then this fucking rule
doesn't count anymore.
What happens if things go
the way you say?
You'll realise that Blue Blood,
unlike you, pays properly.
You swore to me that shitbag husband
of yours didn't matter to you.
It's true, Dad.
You know it is.
I thought that,
only because you made me believe it.
Now I know it's not true.
His father's dead.
The sooner you make him see that,
the better it is for everyone.
But Dad, it's not what you think.
- How are you?
- Not good.
He knows everything.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah, I'm sure.
- Gennaro
- What is it?
You were right when you said my dad
was a problem that needs to be solved.
And you better solve it fast.
The Wizard agreed.
This is not water that quenches.
If you want to see your son grow up,
you gotta do things right.
To get to where you wanna be,
it takes time.
Time isn't a problem for you.
For me it is.
I'm prepared to split
all of Maddalena with you.
But you gotta leave Forcella to him.
We got no choice, Edoardo.
Either we keep our heads down
or we go to war.
And an open war will cost us more.
Forcella is ours!
With all due respect,
now Ciro's gotten us into the System.
- Even if it's true?
- We've always loathed the System.
I'm not that proud, Ronni.
For me, being in the System
is a good thing.
We're here thanks to Ciro Di Marzio.
He taught us everything,
he gave us weapons.
You all know that?
I gave my word.
We wanted the neighbourhood.
We just have to take it!
Here, be careful.
- Here. Take care.
- See ya.
Wanna go down, to be with Uncle?
Go down for what?
You can see it all from here.
Come on.
Blue Blood, Blue Blood
I'll be right back.
Hurry up.
You did it.
You got what Dad was never able to get.
Now everyone in the neighbourhood
loves you.
But no one is untouchable.
Now you need to be even more careful.
What do you mean?
Now you feel like the Saint.
But the world's changed.
Before, there was respect,
a guy's word meant something.
Now everyone betrays everyone else.
Even a brother can betray you.
My guys are different.
Yeah, but you still gotta be careful.
Are you with me?
I'm with you.
But you gotta promise me one thing.
You leave Cosimo out of this.
Don't worry.
The first one to put him on
the street, I'll tear his face off.
Good night, Blue Blood.
Cosimo, are you coming with me?
I'll buy you some new shoes.
You want them?
What's the matter?
All the kids in the neighbourhood
are working, but they said I can't.
Ronni, Goliath, Pure 'n' Simple
say Uncle doesn't want me to.
You live this life,
you end up dead or in jail.
But I'm like Uncle,
I'm not scared of dying.
Listen to me.
Death's horrible.
You shake, you can't breathe.
You piss your pants.
And besides, it's a huge waste.
But now you're proud of Uncle.
I want you to be proud of me too.
Uncle did it to take back
what was ours.
And he did it for you too,
so you can get out
and have a life different from ours.
That's the only way
you'll make me and Uncle proud.
So, are you coming?
All right.
Be good, I'll see you later.
And keep your phone on.
- I'd like to try this on.
- Of course.
The changing rooms are over there.
Now we'll see.
Hi, guys.
Cosimo, you made it.
Let's go.
Guys, wait.
Honey, everything OK?
- What do you want, Ma?
- Are you still pissed?
- Have you done your homework?
- Yeah.
You wanna see the dress I bought
for Uncle's dinner?
I'll send you a picture.
Cosimo, hurry up.
Cosimo? Where are you?
Ma? What was that?
What happened? Are you OK, Ma?
Hi, Pure 'n' Simple.
The others are with you.
But to hit back now would be suicide.
You think so too?
So what do you want to do?
I'm with you until death.
From now on, the peace is over.
I guarantee the order
didn't come from me,
or from any of my allies.
We're looking for those responsible,
but we need time.
We haven't got time.
You have my word of honour
that I'll find out who it was
and hand him over to you.
It wasn't easy to get my allies
to agree to Forcella.
Now they're angry.
If Blue Blood strikes back,
I can't control them.
Think about it
and make your choice.
Do you really think
that monkey will do everything he can
to stop Blue Blood?
Ciro Di Marzio is anything but a monkey.
It's all fine by me.
Whatever you say is right for me.
But I gotta ask you something.
If it wasn't us
who was it?
I'm sorry.
I spoke to him.
He told me as soon as they find him,
they'll bring him to you.
It was that piece of shit,
the Charmer.
We don't know that.
The Wizard says
they just need some time.
We fucked him up good.
Think about it.
With the deal we made,
who was kicked out of Forcella?
And if the deal falls through,
who'll take it back?
You're full of venom.
I understand you.
But before you do anything,
you gotta think.
I don't need someone
to tell me what to do.
I already know.
Manuela's here, she wants
to talk to you, it's important.
Tell him.
The daughter of a friend of mine goes
to school with the Charmer's niece.
She says there's communion
at Marechiaro on Saturday.
I didn't do it for money.
It's for Carmela's smile.
Your sister was an angel.
And she's asking for justice
from Heaven.
I spoke to the Wizard.
He says it wasn't the Confederates.
I believe him.
Why kick them out of Forcella
and break the deal straightaway?
They would have never
touched Carmela. They knew that.
It was the only thing
that could have made Enzo crazy.
It was you.
Didn't you say, you don't even
trust yourself, just me?
You killed our ally's sister,
and that wasn't part of the deal!
You should've told me.
I would've talked to Enzo, he would've
listened to me. Why didn't you?
Time's up, Ciro.
I gotta get my family back.
Who's your brother, me or Enzo?
Tell me what side you're on.
I've already made my choice.
I'm not going back on it.
Enzo thinks it was the Charmer.
And he'll keep thinking that.
They're on their way.
It's crawling with armed men.
- This needs to stay on the down low.
- You know me.
I'm counting on you.
Go, go!
You fucked up big-time.
This isn't a moment for talking.
You mean I gotta shut up?
If there's someone who needs
to shut up, it's you! Quiet!
You think you got street smarts?
You gotta take a lot of shit
before you get to speak.
Next time you want to do something,
ask for my permission.
Wait here.
Look for him everywhere.
I'm on it.
Who is it?
There's a lady asking for you.
Who is she?
I don't know her.
She's by herself and she's unarmed.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, sir.
Wait for me here, don't worry.
Good evening.
Sit down.
Thank you.
Now that I see you, I understand
why they call you the Charmer.
A compliment from a beautiful woman
is always a pleasure.
However, I don't know who you are.
Annalisa Magliocca.
But my name's not important.
What is important is the name of the
piece of shit who's behind Blue Blood.
Are you talking about Ciro Di Marzio?
I'm talking about Genny Savastano.
You could have killed him,
but you didn't do it.
And Gennaro's back on his feet.
And he's figuring out
how to fuck you over.
That's why I'm here.
I thought this news
might have been important.
Was I right?
If it's true, this could be the
beginning of a beautiful friendship.
And as you might know, I always carry
my friends in my heart.
I hoped you'd say that.
- If you'll excuse me, Don Edoardo.
- Of course.
It's me, I need to see you.
Have you got it?
Let's go.
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