Gomorrah (2014) s03e10 Episode Script


Where's Pietro's fishy?
Here it is! Here's the ducky!
- Hi, Dad.
- Take the boy out.
I told you to take him out.
- I'm bathing him.
- Take him out, hurry up.
Come on, sweetie.
Let go of me!
Let go of me!
Don't hurt him!
Why him? Why Pietro, Dad?
'Cause you've already decided
whose side you're on.
My baby, no!
Not my baby!
What's happening?
Our son's in your hands now.
My father
says you have to speak to his friends.
If anything happens to him
I'll never forgive you.
Gennaro, what happened?
Call Patrizia.
Are you Gennaro Savastano's
Lil' Genny's enjoying doing things
without showing his face.
And why did he pick you?
I was his father's messenger.
Unfortunately, Gennaro Savastano
is not a person of substance
like his father.
He mistook Don Avitabile's
kindness for stupidity.
Gennaro's an arsehole,
who doesn't know how to behave.
- He needs to learn.
- You're teachers now!
Do me a favour.
Tell me what you want in exchange
for the kid.
And let's not waste time.
Let's get it over with.
It's better for him and for you.
The Confederates know everything.
We knew this could happen
and we took it into account.
But who knew that shitbag Avitabile
would give my son to the Confederates!
There's nothing we can do.
We gotta give 'em what they want.
I know, but what they want
isn't something I can control.
What do they want?
That you buy from the Confederates,
through the Capaccios at their price.
In exchange, you give them
40% of your earnings.
You keep Forcella,
but you can't deal outside.
So now we have to be under
the Confederates.
Did anyone tell you to speak?
Then keep quiet.
There's no solution.
Gennaro can't sell to us anymore.
And he can't even go to war
along with us.
Do you realise what you're asking?
Enzo's supposed to shake hands
with Carmela's killer?
Does everyone in here have to talk?
If you don't do what I say,
you'll be alone in this war.
And if you're alone,
this is what happens.
I swear on my life
we'll get revenge for Carmela.
We got a message from Enzo.
When's he getting discharged?
- Can they save his eye?
- They don't know yet.
He sent us here
to tell you something straight off.
He says we gotta stop,
and we gotta go under the Confederates.
Because that's what Ciro Di Marzio
and Gennaro Savastano want.
That's the shit you gotta eat
when you enter the System.
But we're something else.
I'm not from Forcella.
I was born and raised far from here,
and I'm different from you all.
But you picked me to be your friend,
and what does being friends mean?
Following the same path together.
That's what friends do.
We agreed to walk beside Ciro
Di Marzio and Gennaro Savastano
and today they're asking us to stop.
We're friends with them, so we'll stop.
But starting tomorrow
we go our own way.
And if they don't want to follow us,
it means they're not friends with us.
Let's go.
I love you all.
You guys are on the ball.
You guys put your heart into it.
You're guys who go into battle
and play hard.
But if any of you is still thinking
of fucking us over,
he's barking up the wrong tree.
Opportunity makes the thief.
But to avoid giving you the opportunity,
know what we'll do?
We'll go with you.
That way the instructions
will be clear for everybody.
What do you mean you'll go with us?
That wasn't the deal.
Doesn't he speak nice?
He's studied.
He hasn't studied enough
if he asks questions like that.
So, I'll explain it to him.
How do we know that you'll give us 40%
and you won't screw us?
We'll put our people on your tail.
You collect in front of them.
That way we're all cool,
you and us.
What's the word in Secondigliano,
Lady Annalisa?
It caused a big stink.
Touching someone's kids
is like tearing their heart out.
Wealth, power
It's all about feelings.
That's why Gennaro Savastano
is on his knees.
Let's drink a toast.
Don Edoardo
The time's come for a woman
to rule in Secondigliano again.
The Charmer told us
you're holding a wild card.
I need to see it.
Not that I don't trust you,
but you understand
We need to see all the cards
to play this game.
You're right, Don Ruggero,
we need to go see the cards.
My wild card's here.
Wasn't she
Gennaro Savastano's messenger?
Patrizia is a bright girl,
whereas Gennaro's a halfwit,
and he trusts her.
Gennaro's stopped everything.
He did the right thing.
That was the deal.
With all due respect,
this is a card we need to play well.
What do you mean?
Gennaro Savastano needs
to be patient for a while longer.
We lost a lot of money
because of him.
True. Besides, Gennaro never
gives a shit about agreements.
I think that
compensation for lost income
is fair enough.
They're not happy
with what you've made up to now.
They want another three million.
I knew it!
Those pieces of shit!
I think you should accept.
It's all you can do.
Obviously I've got to accept.
We're talking about my son!
Now I need you to stay
closer than ever.
Keep your eyes open.
I want to know how he is.
Will you tell me how he is?
Has he eaten?
Did he sleep?
Did he cry last night?
Did you give him
his special blanket to sleep with?
Tell me!
If Pietro doesn't come back
I'll kill you.
Let's start delivering this.
Let's go.
The Confederates' stuff is shit.
We'll lose our whole market in a week.
We just need to hold on a bit longer.
See you later.
What's wrong, Cantonese?
You don't look too sure.
What if someone notices?
Did you hear Crazy?
Who's gonna notice?
We weren't born to be his slaves.
Bro', we're in a storm
and our captain
is letting the boat drift.
But there's only two of us, you and me.
Where do we start?
If you've changed your mind, go home.
I haven't changed my mind.
I'm with you. Let's go.
- Can we trust him?
- The doctor's the best courier.
He's riddled with debt
and he's scared of us. He won't talk.
And he's got fuck-all to do
with what goes on here, don't worry.
Hi there, all good?
All good.
You'll get a new shipment.
Take care, Doc.
What's happening?
Why isn't Pietro back?
I'm doing everything they tell me to.
I know what a father
who plays with his son's life is like.
I know and I'll never forget it.
Bring back my son.
- Hi, Mum, all good?
- Yeah, you?
Go play in there.
All done?
We gotta push it right now.
It's just you and me.
Careful, it's all the money
I've made since I came back.
Don't worry.
They fucked up.
- They didn't keep up their end, huh?
- No.
It went like you said.
Those fucking beards
I counted it, it's all there.
Well done, Gennaro.
There's a problem though. Right?
What problem is that?
Gennaro's guys didn't stick to the deal.
The kid's not coming back for now.
Tell them to leave.
Leave the room, please.
Where are the other two?
You can talk to me.
You speak for them?
Here I am.
Then I'll kill you first.
The Confederates want
someone to be made an example of
and we gotta do it,
or they'll throw my son
into a meat grinder.
I know you're mad, I would be too.
Ronni and Cantonese made a big
mistake and I apologise for them.
But in this war
I'm the first to lose flesh and blood.
I can't support you
because they're brothers,
and if I allow you to go ahead,
two rebels will become a hundred.
That's what the Confederates want,
for you to turn on each other.
For you to spit in your friends' faces.
Well, if that's what they want,
that's what we'll give them.
You good with that?
Tell the Wizard that my son
needs to go back to his mother.
They killed me for real.
Fuck up again
and you'll have me to answer to.
Hurry up.
The kid won't be touched.
What are you saying, Don Ruggero?
What's right.
Gennaro did what he was supposed to.
The kid can go home.
Don Edoardo says if we keep going,
we'll knock him out for good.
The Charmer's grown tight with Crazy
and the Graduate, and I let him.
For a moment,
I forgot that the Wizard
has always kept his word.
And it's gotta go back
to being like that, now and forever!
Oh, my God!
Pietro! Sweetheart!
Hello, my darling!
Hello, Mummy's sweetheart.
My life! Sweetheart!
Hello, my darling.
It won't be long, Mummy's boy.
We're going away. It won't be long.
Are you happy?
- Lady Annalisa.
- Patrizia! It's you!
I've been expecting you.
We need to drink a toast.
Hold on.
Come here.
You did a great job.
You got him to where we need him.
How did you do it?
How did you manage
to take in Gennaro so easily?
I simply told him the truth.
Now the good part's coming.
We end him the way he deserves.
But now you need to be careful, Patrizia.
You gotta play the part
'til the very end.
Gennaro's trust in you
needs to be stoked like a fire
until the moment arrives.
Don't worry, Lady Annalisa,
I know how to wait.
I know.
I know perfectly well.
That's why you need to stay by my side.
Have you got a boyfriend?
That's how it should be.
You're not cut out
to be somebody's woman.
You need to stay with me forever.
To the new queen of Secondigliano!
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