Gomorrah (2014) s03e11 Episode Script


- Gaetano, hurry up!
- I'm done.
I gave them everything they wanted,
but Azzurra and Pietro are still
in the hands of those shitbags.
We went through all that crap
and I'm back to square one.
That's not true, Gennaro.
Think about it.
You've run into
a lot of friends along this road.
Old, new
There's still something
you can give them.
Your friends' blood.
Giuseppe, I'd like you to meet Patrizia.
She's the messenger Gennaro chose
to manage the exchange he's proposed.
If we're all here today
before the souls in purgatory,
it's to give him our answer.
You get the first word, Giuseppe.
Do you agree to give your daughter
and grandson back to Gennaro,
in exchange for Blue Blood?
I'm not in agreement
I'm truly happy.
The way I see it, to offer
Enzo Villa in exchange for his family,
would keep everybody happy.
You sure, Edoardo?
We've already crippled Genny,
taking away Enzo and his friends.
They're not on his side anymore.
This exchange is good
for that monkey twice over.
It doesn't just suit him,
it suits us too,
'cause we get rid
of those arsehole kids.
And we get Forcella back.
Don Ruggero, may I?
Patrizia, what does Ciro Di Marzio say
about Gennaro's proposal?
That, I don't know.
But 'til now,
Ciro has always followed Genny.
The way I see it,
Ciro would follow Gennaro to hell.
So, we'll send him to hell.
Without Ciro Di Marzio,
Gennaro Savastano is nothing.
Go, go! Quick!
Go, go!
- Don't move, shut up!
- Whaddaya want?
Gimme that.
You here to work?
You got the cash?
Go back there. You gotta wait.
In there.
The security guards
you had weren't any good,
that's why you've had so many
robberies in your shop.
But you needn't worry.
We're here now.
You're in good hands.
Sign here.
What is this place?
A new business.
Private security?
Everyone has something
they don't want to lose,
and is willing to pay any price
to protect it.
- Rosario, keep an eye out.
- Don't worry, I got it.
Besides, no one can protect them
the way I can.
So, did you talk to them?
What did they say?
The exchange is OK.
For Don Avitabile too.
But there's a problem.
What you offered isn't enough.
And what do they want?
They want Ciro's head too.
Gennaro agreed to everything.
He agreed? Good.
If I'm the messenger, he's cool
with them deciding all the rest.
Anything else to tell me?
He wants to talk to you.
He wants to make me an offer?
He's totally crushed.
He wants to end the war and take care
of the business he's set up.
But he's scared of how you'll take it.
He knows that without your support
Secondigliano will rise up
and he'll lose the business he has.
He's right, he should be scared.
The time's come for me
to eliminate Genny Savastano for good.
Think about it.
Before the exchange,
there's still time to do more harm.
I convinced him that to keep you happy
he needs to make you a financial offer.
We got a room ready for you and Pietro.
Gennaro's down there.
Whaddaya say, Annalisa, you like it?
I've always hated guards.
Even if they work for you?
When I needed you,
you were on my side.
I never forget anything.
So I thought we could be partners
in this business.
First an undertaker and now a guard.
But what I like more is the statue
you promised me in Piazza Garibaldi.
- We gotta forget Central Naples.
- Really?
I can't risk it anymore.
Besides, we can make
a lotta money in Secondigliano,
without risking our lives and prison.
I always knew you weren't right
for the System. It's not for you.
So, you know what we'll do?
We'll go our separate ways.
But you gotta pay back
the money I lent you.
As soon as the money comes in.
There's no time.
Gennaro, you know what I think?
That if all the businesses
you bought were mine,
I'd forget about Central Naples.
Take care, Gennaro.
Your father wants to talk to you.
Do you recognise the place?
I used to take you there
when you were little. In summer.
You were the same age as Pietro.
He cares about you,
he's jumping through hoops
to get you back.
This is what you want?
Then this is what you'll get.
Take a good look around, Azzurra.
Because what you see
isn't just your past,
it's your future too.
Did it go like I thought?
She wants your head too.
You know, this is really risky, right?
Our life's one big risk, Ciro.
What does Enzo say?
He's already agreed.
Enzo's with us.
Tomorrow at three,
you gotta hand yourselves in
at the ceramics warehouse.
He has to be there.
The Charmer's guys will come, but only
after I've seen Azzurra and Pietro.
What is it?
It's been good traveling
this stretch of road together.
- Our road doesn't end here.
- It doesn't matter.
Whatever happens,
I'll be where I need to be.
Are these the takings?
Well? What's the word?
It's really good,
Gennaro's given you a real gem.
Poor little Gennaro.
He raised hell to get people in here,
under his protection
and now I'll take all the money.
Little one, I knew you were good,
but I didn't know you were a genius!
You took everything from him.
Now you're sending him to his grave.
Why the long face?
I never forget friends.
When I'm queen,
you'll be the prince.
Here's the money you asked for.
If things go well,
I can even give it back tomorrow.
Or else, I'll have to think
about Maria and Cosimo.
He's been placed in the care
of a relative of mine.
You scared?
If you were, I'd understand.
I've already lost so much.
Now I want to get revenge.
I'm willing to die to get it.
You're not gonna die.
You'll come out of it
stronger than before, I promise.
What do your friends say?
We can count on everyone.
The meet's here tomorrow.
What's this bag?
For you and Cosimo,
if I don't come back.
What are you talking about?
Know what I'll do with this money?
I'll buy a hot-air balloon.
We'll get married and arrive
at the reception in the balloon.
That's what this money's for.
They're here.
If anything happens to me,
take care of Azzurra and Pietro.
You got it.
Come on, sweetheart.
We know the area they're in.
They'll tell us the exact address later.
Let's go.
Keep your eyes open, Patrizia.
We're in your hands now.
We're going to him.
So, it's true?
- You ready?
- Are you ready?
I'll do whatever you say,
but I gotta tell you something.
I think you're right to want revenge.
But Ciro asked you to put your life
on the line for Gennaro's son.
I don't think
it's worth risking that much for him.
We're not doing it for Gennaro
Savastano but for ourselves,
to even the score.
And because without his drugs
we'd go back to being what we were.
Just four punks.
Would that be so bad?
At this point, yeah.
If anything happens to you,
anything at all
I'll kill them all.
Wait here.
Go, Azzurra.
After the overpass, the ceramics
warehouse at San Giovanni.
There's a ceramics warehouse
after the flyover.
What's wrong? Ciro's not here?
He didn't come.
Then they'll let you die alone.
Throw your weapons on the ground!
Lower your gun!
Put it down, bag of shit!
Piece of shit, put the gun down!
Don't move or I'll kill you!
- Put it on the ground!
- Put the gun down!
Hurry up!
Piece of shit!
Put it down, now!
I'm not alone.
Call and say it went well.
You wanna play the hero?
Anyone else wanna be a hero?
Starting tomorrow
your neighbourhoods are ours.
You'll each have a job,
a house, a car
and our respect.
Say that Ciro and me are dead
and we took him with us.
Where the fuck's Patrizia?
C'mon, we gotta go.
Come to Daddy. We gotta go.
What's wrong, Gennaro?
You thought I betrayed you?
They're back.
That's Ciro.
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