Gomorrah (2014) s03e12 Episode Script

Per sempre

Thank you for the favour
you're doing me.
This woman's been the worst
disappointment of my life.
Now I'll take care of it
and we'll move on.
I have an army of soldiers
ready to raise hell.
You see, Lady Annalisa
If we continued this war alongside you,
we'd underestimate
Gennaro Savastano again.
We can't make that mistake again.
What are you saying, Don Ruggero?
He's saying that this time
we're holding the wild card.
This is the message of peace
we're sending Gennaro Savastano.
You don't know how much
this peace will cost you.
This peace has no price, Lady Annalisa.
Now I'm supposed to be scared of you?
You can go wherever you want,
but you'll still be a poor little orphan
who needs someone
to get orders from.
First Don Pietro, then Scianel,
now Gennaro Savastano.
But mark my words,
for me you were more than a sister.
For a man you'll just be a poor female
only good for a fuck.
Don't forget that.
Your Lello was just a fool
and Marinella was
an even bigger fool than him,
because she didn't have the brains
to screw him.
You know who gave Don Pietro
the idea to kill him?
Who convinced
that poor creature Marinella?
It's not true.
Me, Lady Annalisa.
From when I used
to alter your dress with pins
I've wanted to tear your face off!
You taught me that.
The Wizard wants peace.
- Good.
- Good how?
Now we gotta kill 'em all.
The Wizard, the Capaccio brothers
I want to see them dead!
And we need to hurry.
I thought I killed Pietro Savastano.
It's like he's standing
in front of me again.
You didn't do all this
to get your family back.
You did it because you want
to be bigger than your father
and if you win this war, you will be.
No one from Secondigliano
has ever taken Central Naples.
No one.
Just you and me, Ciro,
and we're this close.
But you keep talking only about me,
whereas I've always talked about us.
You don't need to think about me.
Think about yourself,
about your family, about Azzurra.
I don't even have the guts
to visit their graves.
Negotiate with the Confederates,
accept the peace.
They're on their knees,
and can't say no.
Take it from me.
If you do that,
you win.
And without bloodshed.
The only Pietro Savastano
you need to think about
is that little boy
waiting for you at home.
What's wrong?
When they took Pietro
I nearly lost my mind.
- I know.
- No, you don't know.
When they took me to the place for the
handover, you know what I thought?
That if we make it, if we get out alive,
we need to leave.
You need to stop.
You hear me, Gennaro?
You need to stop.
If you don't do it now,
I'll leave you.
Good morning, Don Ruggero.
On whose behalf are you here today?
My conscience sent me.
Conscience is a priest's concern
and I don't see concern in your eyes.
But you do have a conscience.
You know that good and evil
are in our hands.
Gennaro and me
want to patch things up.
Patching things up is what I want too.
- Hi, Ciro.
- Hi, guys.
They'll take the Capaccios
out of your way.
Forcella goes back
to having one boss, you.
You negotiate peace in my name
and you don't tell me?
Forcella is what you've always wanted.
That was always the deal, wasn't it?
And what did Gennaro
get out of the deal?
You and me are brothers.
We've lost blood together.
Valerio's question needs an answer.
Forcella's not enough for me anymore.
For my sister,
for what happened
and for what we did.
We gotta shove the Wizard
and the Capaccios in the shitter.
Whaddaya wanna do? Kill 'em all?
I want what's right.
What's right
What's right?
I want everything
that was the Charmer's.
That means you and us will split up
the Charmer's turf.
I'll speak to the Wizard and Gennaro.
We'll speak to them together.
I'm done here.
You and me are still brothers
You noticed too. I could tell.
He said, you and us.
Today, Ciro made it clear
that he puts Gennaro before us.
But I'm not jealous.
I know that Genny and Ciro are friends.
Besides, for me,
an ally's brother is my brother.
Is this any way to be a brother?
If we hadn't asked him for anything,
what would have happened?
Gennaro Savastano
would have kept the Charmer's areas.
And then, what would he do tomorrow?
He'll take everything that's ours.
Today we're allies
and this alliance gives us strength.
But tomorrow, if anything happens,
I'll cut Gennaro into pieces.
I think that tomorrow
has already arrived.
They're just thoughts, Valerio.
See that?
They scored a goal!
Uncle Ciro's here. Let's go say hello.
Let's go.
- See?
- Pietro!
See how beautiful he is?
We're doing it today.
- Wanna give him a little kiss?
- He's so beautiful!
Look what I'm going to do
One, two, three!
You're so beautiful!
The Capaccios gotta do it too.
Everybody's gotta put up
a close relative as collateral.
That will keep us all calm.
- But I'm afraid.
- Nothing's gonna happen to you.
They want peace more than we do.
I'm not afraid of what I have to do.
I'm afraid that after this,
we won't be the same as before.
Damn straight, we won't be the same,
we'll be much better.
You came back to life?
No, I'm a fuckin' ghost. Get on.
- I'm supposed to get on this thing?
- It'll make you a kid again.
You know how to ride it?
Come on, I'll take you flying.
What's gonna happen
at today's meeting?
Thanks to you,
we're letting monkeys in our house.
The deal they're offering
is inconceivable.
The Wizard knows it,
and this farce is the price to pay
for getting out of this war.
But what's the price we have to pay?
Tomorrow Gennaro gets everything
he always wanted, just for him.
The Charmer's turf.
And then, in his head, everything else.
I'll tell you what we're gonna do.
For now, me and my brother
are keeping our heads down,
just like you are.
But we still have
another card up our sleeve.
You wanna play it?
Where were you? They're waiting.
I have something to tell you.
Something that will change my mind?
Shall we get started?
We've come together to shake hands
and I want to shake everyone's hand.
But I want to say something to you
You've made a huge mess, boys.
The shootings, the bashings
the dead.
If you go on like this, in the System,
you won't even make it to September.
Nobody lives like this
if they're not forced to.
We gotta go on for all the dead
we're grieving.
Forcella's got to be
the Villas' exclusively.
No one must touch it anymore.
While the Charmer's business and turf
will be divided up equally
between the Villas and Savastano.
In exchange, Gennaro Savastano
agrees to sell us coke
at a fixed price that's the same
for everybody.
And each of us agrees
to sell it at set prices.
There won't be competition between us.
Nor any more bloodshed.
The respect that
each of us demands and deserves
is due to everyone who's here today.
We're not allies.
We're definitely not.
But we all belong to the same System.
And it's in the name of this System
that we'll respect each other,
above all else.
You hear the old geezer?
He wanted
to teach us about the System.
Us, who turned the System
upside down!
The main thing is
that we've put them all face down.
Now we need to celebrate,
do something over the top.
If it's OK with you,
I'll take care of it.
All right.
I'll show you this city
like you've never seen it.
- All good?
- Yeah, don't worry.
How did it end up?
The guys from Forcella?
Now we're in the hands
of Little Lord Valerio.
It all went well.
How do I look?
Do you really have to go?
They'd be offended.
They didn't want this peace.
Can't you send someone else
and say you can't go?
Azzurra, this peace is precious.
Delicate and very precious.
Well, don't stay out too late.
Good evening, Don Ruggero.
I'm sorry to bother you at this hour.
I'm mortified, but we've got something
important to tell you.
What is it?
Something very serious has happened.
What happened?
They killed the Wizard
in his own home.
Evening, guys.
Help them aboard.
Come with us, guys.
Hi, Ciro.
- Guys
- Ciro.
All good?
Guys! Welcome!
I wanna show you something.
The symbol of the brotherhood.
It means we're all brothers
and we can't ever betray each other.
- You want something to drink?
- Yes.
What's the matter?
Aren't you pleased with how it went?
You gotta forgive him.
The fact I sat down with
my sister's killers drives him crazy.
He didn't like it at all.
People who want to play games
disgust him.
He says that maybe with this peace
you wanted to screw us.
- What the fuck are you saying?
- It's not your problem, Ciro.
Are you serious?
You picked the wrong ally.
- What fucking ally?
- The Wizard.
By now the Capaccio brothers
will have killed him.
Those two idiots
poisoned your mind like this.
It wasn't them.
You were too greedy.
What were you thinking, Gennaro?
With us and the Capaccios gone,
you'd eat up the Wizard in one bite
and all Naples would be yours.
If I wanted to fuck you over,
I already would have, arsehole!
You've always disgusted me.
I only put up with you because of him.
You and me are brothers,
right, Ciro?
You and me aren't brothers, Enzo.
We're two different breeds.
I never had anyone in my life.
You're something else, sons of kings,
so you need to stick together.
Cut it out.
You didn't know shit
and I didn't allow you to.
It was me.
The Wizard
was gonna kill the Capaccios
and I was gonna kill you.
It's not true.
You're just saying that to protect him.
You're exactly the same.
You think that feelings
count more than business.
Someone who's grown up alone like me
knows all too well
that when it comes to business,
feelings don't count for shit.
Stop it.
Isn't Naples beautiful from here?
Am I right?
I've always dreamt about it.
I always wanted this city all for myself.
I didn't want to share it with anyone.
I alone deserved it
because of everything I lost.
And I would have done anything to get it.
I killed Carmela.
Shut up.
You would have stopped.
I needed you to run.
Is that true, Ciro?
Then you'll have to do it.
I can't do this.
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