Gomorrah (2014) s04e01 Episode Script

Season 4, Episode 1

- Good morning.
- Good morning, Mayor.
- Good morning, Corrado.
- A coffee?
Good morning, Mayor.
Mayor, about my nephew's
We made a call,
it takes time but we'll fix it.
Thanks for everything.
- You're welcome, Mayor.
- Thank you, Corrado.
Have a nice day.
- What's going on?
- Dad wants to talk to you.
- Now?
- Yes.
Where are you going?
Get in my car,
I'll bring you back later.
Sunshine is predicted
for this week,
with spikes in humidity
and moderate winds.
What's going on, Gerlando?
I have a council meeting this morning,
is this any way to behave?
You're making me look like shit
with the clinic.
No one's fault but your own.
You bit off more than you can chew
and you want to rush things.
I bought you two thousand votes.
The citizens went to vote,
I paid them 50 euros each.
So I paid for nothing?
You're right,
but we're in a democracy.
There are laws, the prefect,
newspapers, the opposition,
public opinion.
Someone always wants to show
who's in charge.
You were a nobody, and now
you're the mayor to everyone.
You know why we got you elected?
Because now we enter
your offices as we please,
like bosses.
If things aren't like that anymore,
we'll have to change, my dear Antonio.
It means we backed the wrong person.
You think you can do
what you want, don't you?
But have you thought this through?
People like me in this town.
Good for you!
- Do you want to do things or not?
- I do what I can.
You have my word.
But it's not easy.
Go, may the Holy Virgin
be with you.
- Goodbye, Gerlando.
- Take care.
Take him to the quarry.
Saro's there too.
And fix him up good.
My beauty!
Have I fed you?
And have you got water?
You're all dirty,
we gotta clean up here.
Felice, come here a moment.
I got a nice present for you.
Felice, I wanted to introduce you
to Gennaro Savastano.
- Kill him!
- What the fuck you talking about?
Shut up, it won't take long.
I didn't do anything, guys!
Go, Gennaro!
You gotta finish now, Gennaro!
And go!
What happened?
Ciro's dead.
He died to protect me
Now we're alone.
We've always been alone, Gennaro.
But you're Gennaro Savastano,
don't you ever forget that.
Guys, what the fuck happened?
We've fucking had it
with being billiard balls.
From now on,
we're like Switzerland.
Nice place, Switzerland, huh?
But it's 800km from Naples.
If you make us fight
a war we don't want to,
you'll have a problem
in Central Naples.
But if we leave with a handshake,
no one will come and give you shit
in your neighbourhood.
You have one enemy less.
Think about it.
Good morning.
As you all know, the Wizard's dead.
Now the Sanità and Maddalena areas
are under our control.
For those who want to work with us,
our door is always open.
As far as the money is concerned,
there's 20% more for everyone.
But you gotta earn it.
We gotta wipe Gennaro Savastano
off the face of the earth.
I'd like to keep buying the stuff
from you, at the same price.
Between you and me,
it's just business.
I think alliances are bullshit,
you hold one hand out
and hide a gun with the other.
We're out.
Is it here?
It's here.
I'm cool
with everything you said.
But I swear on my brother
I'll never forget
what you made me do on that boat.
When you kill someone you care about,
you kill yourself.
I'm not looking for
your forgiveness
but mine.
What do you want?
Easy, old man.
Where's the cage?
It's back here, but don't kill me.
Hurry up!
It's here.
That's from a true gentleman,
I wouldn't have even given you 20 euros.
- Hi, Gennaro.
- Hi, Patrizia.
C'mon, guys.
Guys, the situation's not good.
- The Capaccios want war.
- We gotta kill 'em all.
You gotta keep calm
until I tell you.
Stay with your families,
if anyone asks where you were,
they can back you up.
Because I'm gonna make it
rain blood
and I don't want you to get wet.
Is that clear?
He's right.
That's all.
Let's go, Patrizia.
If our people know it's gonna rain
they won't wanna stay
underwater doing nothing.
You need to tell them
what you got in mind.
For now only you and me
need to know.
Never forget one thing,
who commands is like a father,
he doesn't need to explain the problem
to his kids, he has to fix it.
Put it in the back.
- Did you pay?
- Yeah, but didn't need to.
Arsehole, you can't steal
Christ's Tears.
It was a goldfinch that took the thorns
from Jesus' forehead when he died.
And so a drop of blood
stained its forehead.
It was as rare as this one,
and like this one it was special.
What's special about it?
They call it a colour bearer,
it's very rare.
- It doesn't have any colour.
- He'll pass it down to his offspring.
That's why he's so special.
Good morning, Don Savastano.
Hail Mary, full of grace,
the Lord is with Thee.
Blessed art Thou among women
and blessed is the fruit
of Thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death.
In the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
Hi, Uncle.
How long's it been?
A long time.
It definitely wasn't because of me,
it was your father.
He said
he didn't want to be with us,
it was better that way
for his family.
I saw my wife cry a lot
when they killed your mother.
Is that how he protected her?
My father paid for what he did
and now he's resting in peace
with Mum.
But we're still here,
trying to do the best we can.
You're right.
- I'd like you to meet Patrizia.
- Hello.
Sit next to me.
This way, Miss.
Take a seat.
Hi, Auntie.
Enjoy your meal.
Only a little for me, Mum.
- Mum, a lot for me.
- You're fading away.
- There you go.
- Thanks.
Central Naples is like
a beautiful mermaid.
She's there watching you.
Then you hear her singing
and you fall in love
and meanwhile
you've smashed into the rocks.
Uncle, I'm under attack.
I need your help.
- Nice to meet you, Mickey.
- Don't bother the lady.
If she wants to ask me for the water,
she doesn't know what to call me.
She can ask me.
Grazia, leave your brother alone
and help me clear the table.
My name's Patrizia.
See? Her name's Patrizia.
Nice to meet you.
- Will you excuse me?
- Of course.
Uncle, I have a surprise for you.
Christ's Tears.
The hope of always being reborn
into a new life.
I was afraid that seeing you,
I would have seen your father.
Instead you have your mother's eyes.
What Pietro refused to understand
was the strength of family.
Today you have a problem,
tomorrow I have one
He's so beautiful.
Little guy.
Everything you asked me,
consider it done, Gennaro.
Thank you, Uncle.
It's nice here, huh?
The truth?
I don't like the country one little bit.
Why's that?
We come from the earth,
we return to the earth
and I don't want
to get muddy in between.
I'll tell you a secret,
I don't like the country either.
That's why I went
to university in Bologna.
But you came back here.
Like plants,
our roots are difficult to break.
I don't have any.
That's impossible.
You don't have a home,
a family, nothing?
Everything I have,
fits in a suitcase
and I don't want to open it.
And don't you miss it?
What am I supposed to miss?
Come here, don't be afraid.
Easy does it.
Come here, my beauty.
This one's worth a lot, right?
Don't be afraid.
I got him.
I'll put him in, or he might escape.
You made friends with the girl.
- She's very smart.
- She'll never be smart enough.
She's a woman,
she needs to stay in her place.
Maybe the world's changing, Dad.
The world's changing,
but we stay the same,
that's our strength.
Mickey, take your jacket off
and grab a bag.
I still haven't told you
I'm sorry about Ciro.
- How long do we have?
- Just tonight.
I spoke to the Albanians,
the meetup is at the betting shop.
We gotta hurry.
C'mon, move it.
Look, you turn it on here
and press this button.
Everything's ready.
The neighbourhood
is completely secured.
If they stop you,
you know what to say?
Good girl, go.
Whatever you need.
And drive slowly.
- Where are you going?
- I'm a friend of Papele's niece.
I came to show her the kid.
Andrea, all good!
Nicola, all good.
- Hi, guys. Was the trip good?
- Smooth as butter.
This is Crazy,
Capaccio's other brother.
The person who brought the car in
is not from Secondigliano.
We had nothing to do with the bomb.
- Nor do we know who it was.
- But we have to answer back.
Valerio, loyalty is a fine quality,
if you choose the right person.
But if they're heading for disaster,
so are you.
- We're not the ones heading for disaster.
- Maybe not today.
But tomorrow?
Let's be clear about one thing.
I came alone today
but Enzo is here with me.
What you do
is none of our business.
The first rule in Switzerland
is to mind one's own business.
Did you speak to Loran?
What did that Albanian turd tell you?
A loud explosion, flames,
the wounded screaming for help.
A horrifying scene
for the first responders
He crashed.
You can tell he's been playing
all afternoon.
He didn't even finish eating.
Did you really have to?
There were kids there.
- Nothing happened to them.
- But it could have.
Before a sunny day
you need a storm to clear the air.
You said it.
You promised that you'd end this war,
I remember, actually
I stopped it before it started.
Blue Blood didn't help Gennaro.
The Albanians told the Levantes
that you were at the betting shop.
What do the Levantes have to do
with Gennaro Savastano?
They're related, Donna Imma and
Gerlando Levante's wife were cousins.
Don Pietro didn't want
to see them anymore
after the Levantes became affiliated
with the Sicilians.
He was scared they'd devour him
and Secondigliano.
That arsehole son of his
isn't afraid though.
Gennaro feels stronger,
but he needs to be careful,
they're very powerful.
Gennaro can get God Almighty
to help him, I don't give a shit.
We gotta fight back,
we gotta get even straightaway.
This isn't the time to get angry.
You came to my house to talk to me,
you need to listen to me.
You can't afford a war
with the Levantes and Gennaro.
You need to reach an agreement.
I'll be the guarantor for a meeting.
- Hi, Patrizia.
- Gennaro.
So, what did you want
to talk to us about?
We thought the best thing
is to make a deal between us.
That's exactly what I thought.
The deal is this.
Three things have to be sacred
for all of us.
The first, Secondigliano
has to be independent,
not under the control
of the other clans.
I will guarantee that Secondigliano
will not make any requests in your areas.
The second,
enough with wars.
Wars are bad for everybody,
and especially for business.
The cops need to forget our faces,
for them we all need
to come across as brothers,
even though we never have been
and never will be.
The third, whoever wants to do business
with Secondigliano is welcome.
The price will be the same
for everybody
and everybody will sell
at the same agreed price in their area.
That way there is no competition.
And what do you earn?
for me and for my family.
What does that mean?
That from tomorrow in Secondigliano,
Donna Patrizia is in charge.
Only a woman
can raise a child properly.
And this peace is like a child,
and it will have Donna Patrizia
as its mother
and Gerlando Levante
as its father.
Nothing changes for you,
Patrizia has my suppliers.
You pay her
and she'll give you the stuff.
Are we all agreed?
And you?
From today on
you won't see me ever again.
I wish you all good luck.
What is this place, Gennaro?
It's a surprise.
This is the first day
of our new life.
This place is like us,
for everybody else,
it's not worth anything now.
But from tomorrow this will be
the biggest thing that's ever been seen.
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