Gomorrah (2014) s04e02 Episode Script

Season 4, Episode 2

Put your cigarettes out.
Who's here, Pietro?
Open it.
Hello, little Pietro.
- Azzurra, nice to meet you.
- Valeria.
Please, come in.
let's show them the pool.
- This way.
- Thank you.
Look, there's Daddy!
Gennaro, this is the party planner.
Gennaro Savastano.
Valeria, Dream Birthday.
What attractions do you offer?
There are inflatables, cotton candy,
mimes, clowns
- Whatever you want.
- We'll take it all.
It has to be an amazing party.
- How many kids are there in his class?
- Twenty-five.
We have the invitations ready.
- We'll need a hundred though.
- Why do we need 100 invitations?
We have to tell the whole school,
the neighbourhood.
- It has to be huge.
- Right.
do you like these invitations?
Just one favour
Don't dress the girls like that,
they'll scare the kids.
Don't worry.
Maybe something more colourful,
if you don't mind.
- I'll see them out.
- Yes.
- Thank you, goodbye.
- Goodbye.
- We'll dress them as clowns.
- Good call.
Gennaro, I'd like you to meet
Alberto Resta.
His grandfather built half of Naples.
- And he and his father the rest.
- Michele likes to exaggerate.
I know your CV.
But you don't get to know people
through their track records, do you?
You're right.
My family taught me to speak in facts.
Michele told me you have set up
a consortium to transform
this abandoned place
into the largest airport in Campania.
A huge undertaking.
Yes, and the only thing I'm missing
is someone like you.
A leading businessman
who rescued the family business
and lots of workers.
This does you credit.
But now you're deep in debt
and the banks are after you.
If you decide to head the consortium,
I'll give you 15%.
Thank you, it's a fine offer,
but I can't accept.
The banks are after me,
at the moment
I don't have funds to buy shares.
I'll give them to you anyway,
you can give me the money
when our planes are in the air.
On one condition though.
Hiring, acquisitions and contracts
must all be according to law.
Above reproach.
That's not a problem,
I'm used to playing clean.
Good man.
So, Alberto, I guess
I can call you by name now.
You fucking scum, get outta here!
You fucking arseholes,
go back to where you came from!
Go away, you bastards!
Piece of shit!
Go back to the sewers!
Get outta here!
Daddy, the smell's come back.
Know what we'll do?
We'll shut it out.
Why aren't you in bed?
Because I'm fine, Giovanni,
why would I be in bed?
Hello, my darling.
They're so pretty, did you pick them?
What's in your backpack?
Are there any toys?
Let me see.
When do you get the results?
- Have they told you anything?
- I already got them.
I got them today.
- I'm coming home.
- How's that possible?
Are you really coming home?
I really am!
Are you happy, my love?
- Alberto.
- Hi, Gennaro.
- Well?
- It makes a good impression.
I'll show you the rest, come.
Here, it's all still
work in progress.
this is your office.
It's wonderful!
I can't wait to start.
I'll show you the rest.
- Did you see the list of those guys?
- They all have an excellent CV.
It's the only way to win,
with top people.
This is the project.
We have to buy the land
before we apply to manage the airport.
How long have we got
to present the investment plans?
- Until the end of the month.
- We better hurry.
- I wanted to ask you something.
- What is it?
There's someone
who has always been by my side,
a very accomplished
and honest young woman.
I'd like to have her by my side
on this project too.
Not a problem.
Introduce her to me.
Hi, Tiziana.
Tiziana Palumbo,
Gennaro Savastano.
- Pleased to meet you.
- My pleasure.
Well, Tiziana graduated in London,
at the top of her class
and straight after that
she began working with me.
You know, Alberto,
lots of our youth, the brightest,
go to study abroad.
Because in this shit country
they have no opportunities.
Whereas you came back to fight,
that takes courage.
You're giving us a huge opportunity.
If I can be at your side,
then that courage has been rewarded.
Good boy, sweetheart.
Your hand
The other hand.
What is it, Gennaro?
Are you dreaming?
I was thinking about
what's gonna happen when he's older.
After he's studied in London,
or in America.
What people will think
when they hear his last name.
And what will they say?
That's Pietro Savastano,
the great musician!
Or engineer, architect
Or astronaut? Eh, Pietro?
Do you want to be
an astronaut, darling?
That's what they'll say.
Are you ready?
Shall we go to school?
Is this the song you like?
This is it, right?
How does it go?
See you later?
- You're not coming in today either?
- Next time.
- Say goodbye to Daddy.
- Be good.
- We'll see you later.
- Bye.
Let's go, give me your hand.
Hi, Annachiara.
- Good morning.
- How are you?
- If you need anything, we're here.
- Thank you, Maria will be happy.
Well, Clara
Annachiara, all good?
You did your homework?
Let's go.
- Gennaro.
- Well?
We got half the land
in just a few days, look.
- And the rest?
- Negotiations are underway.
To speed things up,
if you agree,
I'd raise our bid by 20%.
- Will you take care of it?
- Of course, right away.
Come, I've had all the plans printed.
Multi-storey carparks, shopping mall.
- We got the green light.
- This is the hotel.
We'll raise our bid by 20%.
And this is the highway turn-off.
It goes to the airport?
Good job, Alberto.
Do we have anyone
in City Hall?
Yes, the council wants
to build a new stadium.
Good, let's give them
200,000 euros right away.
Right, so people will know
we're with them straight off.
And we'll let them know
we'll forego the triplication
of the value of the land
that the law guarantees us.
So with that money the City Hall
can fix up schools and housing.
In all my career I've never heard
anyone talk like that.
Because we are the change.
Hi, Alberto.
I'll be there soon.
- Hi, Alberto.
- Hi, Gennaro. Come.
See that land?
The hay bales,
that fucking white house?
The owner doesn't want to sell.
- How much did we offer?
- 300,000.
It's six times its value.
The arsehole said no.
He's not selling on principle,
it's not a matter of money.
It's always a matter of money.
Or else there's something going on.
And you gotta find out what it is.
You don't get it,
it's not something I can solve.
You need to frighten him,
use strong-arm tactics.
He needs to realise if he doesn't sell,
it's the worst deal of his life.
I don't think I heard correctly.
By any chance,
did you give me an order?
No, Gennaro
But we need this land.
Do you need help? Are you lost?
I was looking for you.
Gennaro Savastano.
I have an offer for you.
If you're one of the people who wants
to buy my land, I'm not selling.
I've already told your friends.
I have a wife and kid too.
In a clinic in Brazil they can cure
the cancer your wife has.
For less than 300,000 euros they can do
a liver transplant and it's all fixed.
If you sign the papers,
it's all ready to go.
I can have you on a flight
tomorrow morning.
There's no hope for my wife.
The doctor was clear about that.
And what else could they say?
Do you know how much a liver transplant
costs in a public hospital?
They don't operate on people
who don't have many chances.
Is it better to have fewer chances
or none at all?
Think about it.
You'll find me here.
But not forever.
Thank you, Mum.
Hello, my darling.
- Say hello to Mummy nicely.
- Come here.
Maria, take it easy.
Maria, what are you doing?
As long as I'm here
I'll hold my daughter in my arms.
Yeah, let's go to a pizzeria.
- Here are your slippers.
- Thanks.
You have to find another wife, Giovanni.
A good woman,
the girl needs a mother.
What are you talking about?
I don't care about dying.
I want to rest,
I can't fight anymore.
But I can't imagine
not seeing her anymore.
Someone came
and told me something.
They want the land.
But in exchange,
this person said
he can get you
into a hospital in Brazil.
That's what he said.
- In Brazil?
- Yes.
He said
they can give you a transplant.
He'll get you on the list.
He said there are livers available,
that's what he said.
And who is this person?
He's not a nice person.
We even have somewhere
to stay in Brazil.
- Hello?
- Gennaro, any news?
Not yet.
- Time's running out.
- I'm taking care of it.
He won't sell.
Our planes will never fly.
Here's Dad.
Daddy's boy!
What is it, honey?
I want to go.
I don't give a shit
who this person is.
To smell the scent of my daughter's hair
for even one day more
I'll walk to Brazil.
I promise, I can make it.
What do you want?
What do you want?
I'm still waiting for the call.
Why didn't you call me?
Because you disgust me.
Now get off my land.
Everything OK?
What the fuck did you do, Alberto?
Try to understand,
time was running out.
Something had to be done,
we couldn't just stand
around waiting.
Being enterprising means
making moves.
But you made a bad move.
Hi, Uncle.
Gennaro, well?
How are things?
All good.
- You look well.
- So do you.
So, tell me, why did you call me?
I want to show you something.
You know this area is full of poison.
I need to know which land is clean
and which is contaminated
and who made money off it.
Around here, people are strange.
Now everyone's protesting,
but in the past many of them
didn't think it was a problem
if you couldn't drink
tap water anymore.
As long as you had money
to buy mineral water.
Give me a little time and
I'll let you know as soon as I can.
Thank you.
Hi, baby.
Gennaro, everything OK?
Why are these invitations still here
if the party is the day after tomorrow?
Daddy doesn't know yet.
We decided that on Saturday
it will just be the three of us.
Right, darling?
We'll go out to lunch,
then we'll go
to the amusement park
Then we'll go to the movies.
What happened?
I gave out the invitations
last week.
I put them on the coat racks.
Nobody took them.
They stayed there for two days.
In the end I took them away,
so at least Pietro wouldn't notice.
Listen to me, Gennaro
Pietro is happier this way.
We'll go to the movies,
we'll get ice cream.
It will just be the three of us.
Don't worry.
Let's go see, Cheetah.
- Is this the guy?
- Now we'll see.
You didn't understand?
You're not welcome here.
You know, Giovanni,
I couldn't understand.
I swear to you.
I have a wife and a child,
I wouldn't have thought twice about it.
So, what the fuck
has he got to think about?
I was curious
so I asked a few questions.
And you know what I found out?
The most dangerous shit
isn't what you can see,
it's what you can't see.
Where did you bury the poison?
There? Behind there?
I did what everybody else did.
I needed money.
It was just a few drums.
I know.
That's why you didn't want to sell.
You didn't want anyone
to find out the truth.
Does your wife know
she's dying because of you?
Does your daughter know
what a shitty father you are?
You know what we'll do now?
You'll take this money.
Take it.
You go somewhere nice,
far from here.
Far from all this shit.
But wasn't it 300,000 euros?
The time for good deeds is over,
now you do what I say.
With the rest of the money I have
to remove the shit you put under here.
I'll see you at the notary's office.
Sorry, can I help you?
School's not over yet.
Did you hear me?
Mr. Savastano, good morning.
No, you can't stay here.
- Today is Pietro's birthday.
- I know.
You can't come into my classroom
like this, there are rules.
My son has to celebrate
like all the other kids.
The other kids don't celebrate in class.
Look how many presents!
Shall we unwrap them?
They'll give you all the information.
I'll see you, have a good day.
There are problems in Simone's class.
Can you check it out?
Two minutes.
Mr. Resta,
there's a package for you.
At this hour?
- Did they say who they were?
- No, I found it outside the door.
Give it here.
- Where are you going, Dad?
- I'll be right back.
Dad, we're done, can we go?
No! Simona, keep them in there!
Keep them in there!
What's going on?
Stay there!
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