Gomorrah (2014) s04e03 Episode Script

Season 4, Episode 3

- Shut up!
- What do you want?
Knock! Be quiet.
- Hello, love.
- Shut up, don't move.
- Please, don't hurt me.
- Move!
Move, c'mon!
Go in, move!
Stay there, don't speak.
Sit there and don't move.
Gimme the phone.
Santiago, go in there.
Everybody out and go in there.
- What's going on?
- Come out, move!
Get down here, on the floor.
Get down on the floor
and don't move.
Who's in here? Come out.
You go too, move!
On your knees like them.
Go get the wallets in the rooms.
Don't move. Keep still!
Don't move!
Put it in here, hurry!
Everyone get up
and go in there, quick!
Move, you too!
Are you still here? Move!
Get on your knees.
You too, on your knees.
Let's go.
I got everyone's wallets.
Get up!
- Where do you keep the money?
- In there.
What the fuck are you doing?
You shut up!
You shut up!
Shut up!
Shut up, you hear me?
Shut up or I'll kill you.
Gimme the money, hurry up.
It's all here, I swear.
Now go, please!
Santiago, let's go!
The Holy Virgin sent you,
Donna Patrizia.
OK, be right there.
- We gotta go.
- All right.
- Donna Patrizia, excuse me.
- Watch it! Mind your manners.
It's important.
Don't worry,
tomorrow we'll fix everything.
Thanks anyway.
Let's see if you learnt,
who is in charge here?
Donna Patrizia!
Who is it, your sister?
What do you say?
Donna Patrizia.
Scumbags, wash your mouths out
before you say her name.
Whose kids are you?
No one.
Dad's in jail in Secondigliano.
And your mum?
Mum's dead.
Where do you live?
In Secondigliano.
With my big sister
and a little brother.
You and your brother
are just kids,
but here you grow up fast.
Don't forget that.
- Leave him alone.
- What?
Nicola, come.
Do they belong to anyone?
They work on their own,
they're not under anyone.
They need to understand
how the world works.
Get them a job and stay on them.
They're a couple of pissants
who don't listen to no one.
Can we trust them?
We'll see.
I know you think you should
command with a stick,
but then the stick breaks
and you've had it.
We gotta change strategy.
Where have you been?
I've been looking for you all day.
Give it to me,
I'll show you how to play.
What have you done?
What happened to you?
What have you done?
Santiago, what happened?
I said nothing happened, all right?
It's you, it's always you.
You're leading him down the wrong path.
Leave the kid alone,
I don't want him to end up like you.
What are you gonna do about it?
He's still gotta eat, I didn't prepare
anything yet, you take care of it.
- Want anything?
- Another time.
There's a million euros in the car
out front, for the down payment.
- When the job's done, you get the rest.
- All right.
Why didn't we see each other
in Naples?
- Problems?
- No, I had stuff to do in Bologna.
Can I help you?
There should be a booking
for Ferreri.
I'll check right away.
Fifth floor, room 501.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- Did you find it easily?
- No problem.
This way, counsellor.
This is the sales contract
for the dump.
For you there's 20,000 euros
up front,
a repayment schedule
for the bank debt
and we'll give you something
for the bank guarantees.
And then?
There's time for the paperwork
to go through before closing.
Meanwhile, I'll put a figurehead in,
one of our guys.
I don't have any intention at 60
of having them come to get me
at six in the morning.
You need to relax.
You're in clover.
All I want is reassurance
that you're doing things by the book.
I'm handing you a structure
You've always tried to do things
by the book, right?
And what have you accomplished?
In two years 500,000 euros profit
and 800,000 in debt.
If I come here now
and I repay those debts,
do you think I'm doing it all
by the book?
- Hey, what do you want?
- A piece.
Give me a piece.
Let's go.
So little?
After what you did it's too much.
Now get out of here.
You did a good job.
If you behave,
there's a monthly payment for you too.
Thank you.
Thank you.
The deal with our friend is done.
- Good, it's already full here.
- All the paperwork's done.
We can send the garbage
to the new plant from tomorrow.
How the fuck can you stand
this disgusting stink?
What stink? The only thing
I can smell here is money, Fabrizio.
In the last three days we've treated
three tons of garbage.
That shit is the finished product,
ready to be trucked out.
The construction business
is the biggest we have.
And we have as much raw material
as we need, infinite.
All good?
Yes, soon tons of reinforced concrete
will be ready.
Are you coming back?
I still have something to do in Bologna.
I'm staying overnight.
- Dad?
- All right.
You didn't tell me
where we're going tonight
so I bought this.
It's a surprise, I told you.
Don't be silly!
How do I look?
You look beautiful, Patrizia.
Hand me the cape,
I'll put it away for you.
I'll be right back.
May I?
- Mickey!
- My man!
- Dude!
- How are you?
Good! I'm glad you came.
Me too. This is Patrizia.
Fabio, my pleasure.
I'm the guy who put up
with five years of university
with the out-of-towner.
You put up with me?
- And where are you from?
- Naples.
- You found a girl from your area.
- Of course!
You know Mickey, right?
In the end, he went home.
He did the right thing.
And what do you do, Patrizia?
I do more or less
what he does.
Let's go in here.
Let's park here.
Excuse me! Two vodka shots.
- Mickey!
- Eleonora!
- How are you?
- Good, you?
All good. This is Patrizia.
- Nice to meet you, Eleonora.
- Nice to meet you.
- What are you doing here?
- We came to get a drink, you?
I always come here.
- It's good to see you.
- You too.
Right, how long are you staying?
Just long enough to have a drink.
Mickey, wait.
All right.
- Maybe I'll see you later.
- Maybe.
Have a good night.
Bye, Fabrizia.
Everything OK, Patrizia?
It's no good,
you need to change it.
Sorry, can you make another one?
It's no good.
Patrizia, stop!
I'm Carmine,
he's my brother Santiago.
Pleasure, Ilenia.
- She's Anna.
- Pleasure.
- Wanna dance?
- Let's dance.
- Want some coke?
- No, I got no money.
- It's a present.
- Wait.
What happened?
He wants to give us some coke,
what do we do?
What do we do?
We take it.
OK, let's go.
- Turn it off.
- No, or else they'll hear us.
- Santiago, got something to snort with?
- No, nothing.
You got anything?
Turn off the water.
Got any more?
Wait here.
What are you going to do?
We're outta cash.
You'll see.
- Gimme 20.
- Another one?
Another one.
Bro', you got five?
- Yeah, you want ten?
- Gimme ten.
You find it? Let's go.
Catch those little shits!
There they are, turn around.
We'll go in this way.
Guys, they're in there.
We found them, hurry up.
Come out,
better for everyone if you do!
There they are, little shits.
Now you run away,
piece of shit!
Now you have to run away!
Did you have fun
being an arsehole?
Did you have fun,
you piece of shit?
What the fuck
are you doing on our turf?
Who do you belong to?
We're from Secondigliano.
We're under Patrizia.
That ugly bitch Patrizia
brings her trash onto our turf?
Is that right?
They're just talking shit, Enzo.
Let's take it easy, guys.
I'm not getting my hands dirty
with Patrizia's shit.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Welcome back, Donna Patrizia.
Hi, Nicola.
Leave us.
- Sorry, Donna Patrizia.
- Yeah, sorry
How could you?
I stick my neck out
to give you an opportunity
and how do you repay me?
You go dicking around
in Forcella?
- We were just joking.
- Joking?
If it was a joke,
why aren't you laughing, Carmine?
No, Donna Patrizia!
He's my little slave,
he does everything I tell him to.
Take it out on me,
not my brother.
It's not that I don't want to be defied
by two snot-noses like you
It's just that I can't.
Make them disappear.
Hello, Enzo.
Thank you,
I took care of it personally.
What will we tell their family now?
They only had a sister.
If they come, tell them I treat everyone
in Secondigliano like my children.
But if they disrespect me,
they have to pay.
Good evening.
Would you like to order?
Can you send him to me?
All right.
I'm sorry, he says he can't.
Can I help you?
No, thanks.
Who is she?
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