Gomorrah (2014) s04e04 Episode Script

Season 4, Episode 4

- Hi, Alberto.
- Hi.
- Did you call your friend?
- First thing I did.
- What did she say?
- It's all set up.
Leena will get it done, you'll see.
I've known her for 15 years,
she's a Mack truck.
Now she's gone into business
with a genius of finance
and I checked their acquisitions
over recent years, all blue chip.
Thank you.
Gennaro, you need to relax.
I need to relax, Alberto?
All I know is until a few days ago
everything was going well,
now if I don't buy an international
company in two weeks,
like fuck I'll open the airport.
That's not a good thing,
neither for me nor for you.
Don't ever forget that.
They've arrived.
Get it done now,
we don't have a minute to lose.
- See you here in an hour.
- Right.
Thank you.
- She said that Patrick
- I understood.
Did you get that
or do I have to translate?
Well? How's it going?
For the moment, everything's OK.
Here's Gaetano.
- Who's that?
- A person who works for me in London.
- Welcome, Mrs. Savastano.
- Thank you.
Do you think it's good?
We have to go home
with an international company
to head up the consortium
or else Casillo's friend won't give us
the contract for the airport.
So you've already decided?
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
They asked me
to make an irrevocable bid.
An irrevocable bid?
And I did.
This city has always
made me feel anxious.
Me too.
The owners want to reject the offer.
Can they do that?
If they convince the majority, yes.
I sent you a message
with the instructions.
Gaetano is coming to get you.
- Haven't they arrived yet?
- No. Did you bring them?
- They're here. Good morning, Alberto.
- Good morning.
- Want a coffee?
- No.
It's disgusting anyway.
You're already up?
I'll help you.
I'm proud of you, Gennaro.
See you later at the office?
Good one, Gaetano.
I'll be right down.
We did it.
The paperwork's on its way to you,
check immediately that it's all OK,
before we go to the notary.
I need to know straightaway.
Check this out, Alberto.
What is it?
Looks good though.
It's Casillo.
I can't hear you.
Now I can.
I'll take care of it now.
What did he say?
There's a document missing,
the banks' approval
for the transfer of ownership.
Wimpro has three lines of credit
with three different banks.
They have to give permission
when ownership changes.
But it's a formality,
they must have forgotten.
I'll call Leena,
they'll be at the office.
Her phone's switched off,
that's odd.
I'll try Patrick.
Put your shoes on.
Patrick's is switched off too
It'll be quicker to go in person.
Be careful, Azzurra.
I called Wimpro's headquarters.
They don't know who we are,
they've never even heard of us.
It was all fake.
Gennaro, that's not possible.
I've known Leena for 15 years,
she's always been legit.
I checked her company,
the accounts, acquisitions, contracts.
There has to be another explanation.
There's shit everywhere,
it just has different colours.
There's your explanation.
We have two advantages,
the first is that they weren't expecting us
to find out so soon,
the second is that I know more
than they think.
Gennaro, I swear
I'm not involved.
I know you're not,
but do me a favour.
Whatever you want.
From now on
just keep
that fucking mouth of yours shut.
Let's go.
See, Ma'am? Leena's here.
Only I knew. I could feel it.
That's why I had you followed
the other night.
I've fucking had it
with this game!
We're all so predictable,
so petty.
We all have someone important
we'd do anything for,
even something really
fucking stupid.
I knew you couldn't leave
without saying goodbye to your mum.
Right, Leena?
Check over there.
What the fuck have you done?
Is he dead?
I needed him alive, arsehole!
Go and see if anyone's coming.
The piece.
We gotta make him disappear.
Take the arms, hurry.
Our gold is here.
If we hadn't made it in time
tonight it was headed to Singapore.
Come, Gaetano.
See, there's a door.
Is the gold there?
love makes people act crazy.
Now that I've found my gold,
I'm happier,
so I'll give you another chance.
Untie her.
I came to London
because I had a problem
and now you have to solve it for me
unless you wanna end up
like your friend.
You have 36 hours,
Gaetano will be your shadow.
You understand?
Alberto, come here.
Come here!
Come, let's call them straightaway.
I really missed
our little lamb chop so much.
I missed him too.
I really missed
being in my own home.
But now we're back
and we have the company
we needed.
In the end, Alberto was right,
Leena was really useful.
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