Gomorrah (2014) s04e07 Episode Script

Season 4, Episode 7

- Glad you came.
- Congratulations.
- Hi, Rosa.
- Hi, Enzo.
He's beautiful.
He doesn't look like you at all,
good thing he took after Rosa.
Good thing, for real!
Enzo, I'm going to get the party favours.
We gotta celebrate something else
and we gotta hurry.
- The first one to become a dad?
- No, when the drugs arrive.
When and if they arrive.
- Do you know?
- Patrizia said a month, it's up.
But the fucking Capaccios
bought stuff on their own
and they're expanding
behind our backs.
Wait till the stuff gets here
then we'll be laughing again.
What's there to laugh about?
The problem's not
that there's no drugs, but why.
Secondigliano's in the shit,
they even had a rat in the house.
- What if nothing turns up?
- What do you think, Valerio?
Unfortunately, it's not up to me.
Why the long faces?
Today we all gotta celebrate,
our family's growing.
I know some are worried,
but I found a contact.
While we wait for Patrizia's shipment,
our arse is covered.
- But we gotta pay in cash.
- And where do we get it?
You'll see.
Now let's celebrate,
let's take a picture.
Give it up for Top Model!
Thanks, guys!
You ready? Make it snappy!
This machine gun's a beast,
I'm gonna raise hell.
Get your piece outta my face.
The fuck are you doing?
Can you smell shit too?
Top Model needs to change his nappy.
Get off my arse!
- You scared, Goliath?
- He's forgotten how to shoot.
- When did he ever know how to shoot?
- Suck my dick!
Top Model's mamma sucks dicks!
Knock it off.
You always take it out on his mother!
- What's with you?
- You're a dickhead.
A little exercise will do us all good.
- Speak for yourself, with that gut!
- I'm on a diet.
I was just fine in bed
with a tit in my mouth.
You got that right.
What's wrong, Valerio,
you wanna go home?
You're so serious
You wanna spoil the party?
Why, are we going to a party?
The armoured truck's
entering the tunnel.
You wanna get out?
It's too late,
there's no taxis at this hour.
Walking's a drag.
So let's do it.
- Walking is a drag
- He's a legend!
Let's do this, game on.
Get out!
Come on, guys!
Get out!
Get out!
Get outta there!
Fuckers, they got an escort!
- Quick!
- Come!
Guys, come on!
The cops! We gotta go!
Close it!
Come on, quick!
Call the doctor!
Get the scooter.
Let's hurry.
Close it!
Get off here.
Go, hurry up!
We'll wait for you over there.
C'mon, let's get him on the gurney.
Hold him here!
You can't come in here.
We gotta call Rosa.
Let's wait till he makes it
and we can give her the good news.
Did you see the state he's in?
I said he's gonna make it.
Do you see why we can't afford
any more fuck ups?
You should have known
they had an escort.
I know what I have to do.
I don't think so.
When Nicola came to talk to us,
you ignored him.
You know what your problem is?
You see shit that's not there.
Fine, Enzo, do what you want.
But sooner or later,
they'll get sick of it.
If there's anyone changing
their mind, it's you.
What's happened?
Where's Sasà?
You happy now?
You happy now?
Let's go in.
Pure'n'Simple, Sasà woulda done
anything for Enzo,
he woulda even gone to hell.
For real.
Luckily, only he died.
The fuck you looking at,
Enzo's at home,
on that nice sofa he bought
without even doing a mugging.
Are you serious?
Enzo has nothing to do with it,
no one could have known
what was gonna happen.
He wants to order everyone around
Then I say he's responsible
for Top Model's death.
Is that what you think, Goliath?
He's not the only one, Pure'n'Simple.
We'll pretend I didn't hear that.
- I nearly went for him.
- You shouldn't talk in front of Valerio.
What are you talking about?
I agree with you.
Why didn't you say anything?
A brother died.
Instead of flinging shit at each other,
we gotta do something.
I don't want to put Enzo on the spot,
I want him to think.
- What the fuck is there to think about?
- About what Nicola tried to tell us.
He was a rat.
That's what Patrizia says.
But I saw him and so did you.
He was talking like he was scared
not like he wanted to screw you.
So what do you think?
Didn't you say the Capaccios
are taking our turf?
So what do we do?
Enzo's a brother, but he's not a boss.
And I don't want to die because
no one's got the balls to tell him.
- I want to talk to the Capaccios.
- You want to make a deal with them?
I want to know what they're up to.
And I want to know
if they're the only ones behind the bust.
And then?
And then we can decide
on our future,
whether to stay with them
or with Patrizia or go our own way.
You don't want to tell Enzo?
When it's done we'll tell him,
he'll just have to accept it.
Goliath doesn't know what he's saying,
it's the grief talking.
I know.
It's what Valerio says
that worries me.
Didn't Valerio tell you anything?
No need, I can read his mind.
He thinks it's my fault.
What is it?
We gotta see something.
It's Secondigliano.
The drugs have arrived.
You'll see, it'll be all right now.
It's here!
Guys, let's unload.
Easy with this stuff.
Say hello to Donna Patrizia.
Quick, go.
Hurry up.
Bro, finally.
Guys, open this shit.
Check out the trash
That's gross!
Where's Valerio?
Anyone heard from him?
You know he's delicate
he's probably sleeping.
Smells like shit.
Now you want to talk to us again?
This guy does
what the fuck he wants.
He wants to talk,
then he doesn't want to talk
Elia, I don't know
if I want to listen to him.
I know you've never liked Patrizia.
It's all the same to me.
In Secondigliano they're raking in the cash,
and we're scraping by.
If you came to tell us
what we already know, you can leave.
Nicola told us the seized shipment
went back on the streets.
I don't know, Elia
Why did Nicola go talk to him?
Something like that
you'd tell your boss
Unless you don't trust your boss
anymore either.
And do you know why?
Nicola knew that behind the seizure
there's someone
who doesn't like this truce
because he wants Patrizia
out of the way, like I do.
And you think it's us?
I think you play an important role
in this game.
And what do you want to do?
An alliance.
With you and with those
who are with you.
And if we do that, others will follow.
Let us think about it.
We'll let you know.
Take him outside.
This guy wants
to take Blue Blood's place.
Son of a bitch!
Friends, friends, my arse!
Can we trust him?
Last time he ran riot.
But we had fun, right?
This goes to Vicaria Vecchia.
Get it there fast.
This goes to Piazza Calenda.
Where the fuck have you been?
I had some problems.
What happened?
Papa had a heart attack
last night.
- How is he now?
- He's out of danger.
But Mamma needs me.
You're right, I know how important
it is to have a father.
Your bag's there, come with me.
Go to Vico della Pace.
- Everything all right?
- He said they'll think about it.
if Enzo notices anything,
tell me right away.
Don't worry.
One week and we'll get it all back.
We won't get our lost brothers back.
Enzo, you gotta let it go,
Top Model is dead.
Hold your head high and show everybody
we can move forward.
I wasn't talking about him.
I was talking about Valerio.
- Yes, who is it?
- A friend of Valerio's.
He said I'd find him here.
After the glass door,
at the back on the left.
Who are you?
Any news of my son?
Why are you looking for him?
What is he doing, what do you know?
Get your hands off me.
I need to speak to you.
Stay on Valerio's arse,
I need to know if I can still trust him.
Tell me everything you find out.
Goliath, what the fuck's going on?
Shouldn't we tell Valerio
Enzo suspects him?
What do we do?
The time's come to take
the situation into our own hands.
Trust me, or we'll end up
like our brother.
I said we'd be in touch.
There's no time,
my friends want an answer now.
Has Enzo noticed anything?
I don't know, but I can't risk it.
We have to hurry.
Listen to me.
You're getting yourself into something
bigger than you are.
It's not only us behind this shipment,
there's someone more powerful.
You need to speak to him.
- All cool anyway?
- Yeah.
We'll set up a meeting
for tomorrow night.
All right.
What happened, Valerio?
You couldn't wait till tomorrow?
Did Enzo tell you anything?
We gotta hurry, I spoke to Crazy.
What did he say?
We gotta do it tomorrow night.
The sooner we do it, the better.
What happened?
Tell me.
We did what you asked,
we followed him.
Valerio spoke to the Capaccios.
At this point we want to know.
Is Valerio a brother or not?
He was a brother.
Bring him to me.
Hi, Papa.
You're always here, huh?
Your mother's losing her mind,
she hasn't seen you for a year.
I'm losing my mind.
I can't come home.
Why can't you?
What's going on? Does the guy
who was looking for you come into it?
Who came?
A guy with one eye
Who are these people, Valerio?
You have to do something for me.
Whatever you want.
Wanna speak to those
who want war with Secondigliano?
Here we are, speak.
So Nicola was right,
there really was someone big
behind this seizure.
The Levantes.
You got a problem, guys?
The offer's still the same.
Put down your guns.
Don't move.
What's all this show about?
This piece of shit
was screwing us all.
He was recording everything
to spy for his boss,
look in his pockets.
Wanna speak to those
who want war with Secondigliano?
What does that mean?
He wanted to ask you to get rid of Enzo
and Patrizia, but it was a trap.
He woulda gone to Enzo with proof
you were behind the bust.
I want to do the deal with you.
We gotta bring Enzo down.
And who says
you won't do the same thing?
You know that Enzo
is loyal to Patrizia.
You think she won't respond?
Lower your gun.
Lower it.
Is it worth keeping an ally
like him
instead of an enemy like Enzo?
Let's think about it.
Let's go, Ciccio.
You're lucky.
You're lucky.
And Valerio?
He was running away, Enzo.
I'm sorry.
I'll deal with it all,
don't worry about a thing.
Do me a favour.
Valerio has to go home.
Whatever you want.
So, do we buy this place or not?
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