Gomorrah (2014) s04e08 Episode Script

Season 4, Episode 8

- Mimmo, come take a look!
- Stop!
Giovanni, come take a look.
Never seen anything like it,
it's unbelievable.
- Good morning, Gianni.
- Good morning, ma'am.
- Did you tell anyone else?
- No, just you.
Come, this way.
And what do we do now?
I have to notify Mr. Resta.
Can I rely on the silence
of your workers?
- I guarantee it personally.
- Thank you.
Hi, man.
Do we have any more information?
As we thought,
illegal dumping from a cemetery.
I really don't see the problem.
They've been dead for over 40 years
and don't have relatives,
or they would have seen to them.
What difference does it make if they're
in an ossuary or under a carpark?
Besides, Gennaro,
cemeteries swindle money from City Hall
and we should pay
for the fraud they commit?
Listen, we'll put them back
where they were and close it up.
Come here, Alberto.
What are we building?
An airport.
How many others have tried
to build another airport in this city?
Only we succeeded.
You know why?
Because we've done
everything by the book.
Without greasing palms,
without offending anyone
and especially without fucking up.
Now, if we do as you suggest
and it comes out,
we'll blow everything
we've done till now.
Pardon me.
I have to take this,
I'll be right back.
Hi, Ferdinando.
How come at this hour?
Hold on,
I'll just go in the office.
You don't agree with him, do you?
I know these people well.
It's impossible that the workers
will all keep quiet.
It'll come out for sure
and, at that point, it's a big risk.
What would you do?
I'd get ahead of it
and go into damage control.
- What can happen?
- The prosecutor will open a file.
OK, let's go.
It's him. Guys!
- Good morning, everyone.
- Mr. Resta, what can you tell us?
I can't tell you much
because it's still under investigation.
However, I'd like to stress
that our consortium
has always acted lawfully,
Although we are the injured party
in this sad situation,
we have decided to cover
the cost of the operation
for the removal of the remains
that criminals have buried
in our land,
freeing the council from an expense
it already shouldered.
We are investing in this area
because we believe in it,
we believe in opportunities
that can be created
based on work and transparency.
This was the statement
from Alberto Resta
He was good.
The voice is his,
but the brain behind him is Tiziana's.
It was her idea to report parties unknown
for the dumping of waste.
But if they shut down the site?
Tiziana says we need
public opinion on our side,
then we'll say this seizure harms us
and the community.
Let's go,
or we'll be late for the school party.
In the end we didn't meet,
Walter Ruggieri, Simone's dad.
Gennaro Savastano, Pietro's dad.
Your last name
is more famous than mine.
It's the price I have to pay.
I know,
I shouldn't in front of the kids.
But there are lots of things
we shouldn't do, but we do, right?
Who we are is sculpted into our flesh,
we can't help it.
My father abandoned me
when I was two months old
and turned up again
when I was 20.
He wanted to meet me.
I went, because I'm not afraid
to go and see.
But that was the day
I decided I didn't want kids.
But your son's right there.
I know. My wife insisted,
she pestered me to death.
And there he is.
The first two years I desperately
looked for feelings inside me,
but I didn't have any,
he just annoyed me when he cried.
I shouldn't say that, I know.
That's why I chose this job.
Justice has no mercy for anyone,
its only companion is the truth.
And the truth is I'm a prosecutor
and you're the son of a missing boss.
But that shitty man who gave me life
still stirs in my blood.
And you?
Excuse me.
What did he want?
He just wanted to introduce
and he wanted to scare me
a little.
- Hi, Ferdinando.
- Hi, Alberto.
Well? What's going on?
I've got anti-money laundering
at the bank.
They want to know
how a businessman riddled with debt
found the money to put in the consortium
that's building the airport.
I'm investing in a new company
and with the profits I'll repay my debts.
They've got it in for the company
you used to join the consortium,
as it started out with a capital
of 20,000 euros,
then received two British investments
and the capital grew to five million.
Trust me, get out of it all now,
go to the prosecutor and give them
the names of who's behind the airport.
There's no name to give.
If the law hasn't changed overnight,
blind trusts are legal.
Sheer conjecture, that's not enough.
But anti-money laundering
doesn't move for no reason.
Are you really willing to pay the price?
The bank wants you
to repay your debt immediately,
or they'll start bankruptcy proceedings.
I see.
Thanks for the heads up.
Oh, my Jesus, forgive us our sins.
Save us from the fires of Hell.
Lead all souls to Heaven,
especially those
in most need of Thy mercy.
In the name of the Father, the Son
and the Holy Ghost.
Hail Mary, full of grace,
the Lord is with Thee
Now and at the hour
of our death, amen.
Out of the depths
I cry to you, O Lord.
Lord, hear my voice,
let your ears be attentive
to my cry for mercy.
If you keep a record of sins, Lord,
who could withstand your judgement?
- Hi, Alberto.
- Hi, Gennaro.
What's with all the mystery?
Did you see me today?
Was I good?
You were good.
Why did you want to see me?
The bank's asked me
to repay my debt.
I don't know, it must be
this fucking thing with the skeletons.
- How much do you owe?
- 150 grand.
Tomorrow morning I'll give you
the names of three companies,
prepare three invoices for consultancy
to the amount you need.
Thanks, Gennaro.
You're a friend.
I'm just a businessman
looking after his interests.
If you have problems,
the consortium has problems.
That's all.
Let me through!
You're a robot.
Yeah and I wanna go through
Now we'll show Mamma the robot.
Show her.
Did you show Papa the drawings
you did at school?
You did some drawings?
He did a kite, a house
Want some coffee?
- Our house?
- Our house with the pool.
Did you do a drawing of Papa?
We're done upstairs.
Finish your yoghurt,
I'll be right back.
- Well?
- It's all clean here.
But we can't give you 100% certainty.
If they turned off the detectors,
we won't find them.
We'll get our stuff and go, goodbye.
If someone got in
we would have noticed.
When we're not here,
it's easy to get in.
Gennaro, they didn't find anything.
Maybe I got spooked.
Or maybe that son of bitch told me
that stuff on purpose.
He knew I'd check.
First he planted the doubt
then he took it away.
So, in his mind, I'd go back
to talking normally about our stuff.
And even if that's true?
After today we have nothing bad
to talk about anymore.
Come in.
May I come in?
This is from our family.
It belonged to Mamma's grandmother.
Don't give it to me,
wear it when you get married.
No, I'll never get married.
I don't need bosses.
I have enough at home.
First you gotta learn
to be your own boss,
then you can find a man
who loves you and respects you.
The only one who respects me
is marrying you.
A husband and wife can break up,
but brother and sister
will always be brother and sister.
This one's from me.
See, you need it.
I'll always be on your side, Patrizia.
When you enter the church,
today, tomorrow
I'll always be on your side.
Don't ever forget that.
Give me a hand.
Thank you.
I know we didn't get off
to a good start,
but today we're happy
to welcome you into this family.
Things change.
These are our flowers,
we picked them for you.
Thank you so much.
Look, there's even a pool.
- Shall we sit here?
- Yeah, let's sit here.
Anything you need
there's someone inside, OK?
- Bye, Pietro.
- Say goodbye to Papa.
Be good.
It's beautiful here, huh?
Azzurra sends her regards.
Thank her from me.
Hi, Uncle, all good?
Unfortunately I can't stay,
but I wanted to congratulate you in person.
And we're very glad you came.
Do you mind if I walk the bride
down the aisle?
That's if she agrees.
From today Secondigliano is yours.
Don't give me anything anymore,
keep what you earn.
It's my wedding present.
You're big enough
to walk on your own two feet.
But always be careful
of the people you trust.
Good luck, Patrizia.
In the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Ghost.
- Amen.
- The Lord be with you.
And with your spirit.
Dear Patrizia and Michelangelo,
you have come into the house
of the Lord,
in the presence of the Church's minister
and the community,
so your intention
to enter into marriage
may be strengthened
with a sacred seal.
Excuse me.
- Can you tell me where this office is?
- Down the end on the left.
Come in.
Good morning, I'm Alberto Resta.
Please, come in.
Can you close the door?
It's a pleasure.
Why have I been called in?
I just wanted to have
an informal chat with you.
So, LT Solid,
headquarters in Panama,
CAD Industrial, Luxembourg
and Sillow Connection, London.
Do you know these companies?
Of course, I work with them.
- What work?
- I'm a consultant.
I don't believe
there's anything illegal, is there?
No, there isn't.
There might be a couple of anomalies.
And what would they be?
These companies paid you
consultation fees
just in time to cover your exposure
with the bank.
No, it's exactly the opposite.
I had credits with these companies
for months
and I pressed them for payment
when the bank came down on me.
The second anomaly?
That they chose as a consultant
a businessman who,
without murky capital, would have failed.
I don't think I understand
what you're talking about.
Now, if our chat's over,
I'd like to go.
Please, go.
I hope that after all these debts
you've learned to handle the tension.
Is it good?
Patrizia accepted.
What else would she do?
You gave her this wedding present.
From today, all our ties
with Secondigliano are severed.
They just have to let us
reopen the worksite.
Tiziana is taking care of that.
In the end, you were right.
To fly, a plane needs to detach
from the ground.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
all the funds transfers,
all the payments we've made,
you verified them all, right?
Of course.
Is there any chance
something might look strange?
Absolutely not. Why?
Are you sure?
It's very important.
Yes, I'm sure.
Nothing looks strange
about the funds or the payments.
I know exactly what we're doing.
And with whom.
You hired me because
I'm competent, didn't you?
Do you think I'd let anything strange
show up and risk everything?
But now you have to tell me
what's going on.
I'll tell you, but it has to stay
between you and me.
Hi, Tiziana.
Alberto was summoned
to the prosecutor's office.
They asked him to name you.
But he held out,
he protected you.
He wanted me to reassure him
about the accounts.
Maybe you know Alberto
better than me.
But now I want you
to tell me something.
Do you think he'll hold out
the next time too?
It's beautiful, Gennaro.
It's really beautiful.
I'm glad you like it.
Do you wanna tell me
why we're here?
What are you thinking?
I'm thinking about those
who gave their lives to get us here.
Beautiful, isn't it?
It's beautiful.
If we buy it, I have connections
in City Hall for the restoration.
The price you told me
is favourable.
You know, I had a friend
a brother.
I look at the sea and think that he's there,
somewhere, watching me.
Anything you want to tell me, Alberto?
Are you sure?
All good then.
What is it, Gennaro?
Don't you trust me anymore?
Alberto, you know
I don't trust anyone.
But we're good.
- So, do we buy this place or not?
- Of course!
Of course we'll buy it.
Then let's buy it.
Let's go.
- See you, Gennaro.
- See you, Alberto.
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