Gomorrah (2014) s04e09 Episode Script

Season 4, Episode 9

What the fuck are you doing?
Goliath tipped me off.
We need drugs, Elia.
Soldiers make war.
The commander only strategises.
Time for strategy is over.
Or not?
Let's go shopping, guys!
Hey! What the fuck
are you doing there?
Get outta here.
Pieces of shit!
Let's go.
This is one of the scenes
of last night's shooting
that took place around 2 a.m.
in the Forcella area.
The reason for the attack
is still not clear,
but investigators are following
the lead of gang rivalry.
Terror among the residents,
who fear this may only be
the beginning of a new feud,
like the one that took over
the historic centre last year.
The victims' names
have not yet been released,
but they're all very young,
between 18 and 23.
The police commissioner of Naples
has arrived on the crime scene.
We haven't got a gram of stuff left.
Only he knew where it was.
Yet another fine gift
from that scumbag Valerio.
The time's come to wipe the Capaccios
off the face of the earth.
You're right.
But before shooting,
we need to know if we can.
Do you hear what you're saying,
You also got a kid coming.
What are you gonna teach him?
That if they kill your brother
you look the other way?
You don't understand a fucking thing.
I'm willing to die for Forcella.
But there's gotta be
a good reason.
If you want to kill the Capaccios,
I'm with you.
But also if you want
to negotiate with them.
We can't afford a war right now.
Enzo, you gotta talk to them.
We're on our own.
The Capaccios came onto our turf
because they thought they could.
We can't negotiate with them,
the war's already begun.
But I agree with you,
we can't be on our own.
Donna Patrizia.
Did you hear what happened?
The Capaccios have gotten out.
This is a problem for everybody,
including you.
Nicola betrayed us to go with them,
didn't he? Valerio did the same.
They took all our stashes.
I'm sorry.
You gotta decide.
You wanna be with us
or wait till they come
and fucking take Secondigliano?
For now I can't go to war
with anyone.
I can't help you,
you have to handle it
on your own.
Central Naples' issues
can't come here.
Secondigliano has
to remain independent.
Mr. Savastano.
The staff will be here soon,
it's best if you're not seen here
during the day.
Did you see I changed
the name on the door?
Thank you.
Anyway, don't worry,
I just came to shake
my new CEO's hand.
- Is that a problem?
- No.
Tomorrow there's the press conference
for the reopening of the site.
I've written a short speech
and I want to remember Alberto.
I'll say he was an honest businessman
and a great man
and that his death in a tragic accident
has affected us all.
And what more is there to say?
And if they ask me questions?
You smile
and say that the streets are no longer
safe, so we're taking to the sky.
We're on our own, guys.
But we can't stop.
I need to know
if you're with me.
Because I have to count
on all of you.
We gotta know all about the Capaccios.
What they do, when they sleep,
when they piss.
If we have friends in their area,
now's the time to ask for favours.
Forcella's ours and no one
must take it away from us.
What are you waiting for?
Come on!
Let's go, Pure'n'Simple.
Let's go, guys.
Enzo's closed off the neighbourhood.
He's locked himself in a cage.
He won't stop till he's killed you.
He's got no coke, no money,
he hasn't even got the loyalty
of his soldiers.
We just have to wait.
All water runs to the sea.
If we lose control of Forcella
someone's gonna step in.
And not necessarily
a friend of yours.
Ferdinando, you know he's right?
But if he's here it means he
and his friends have got an idea.
A friend of my cousin's
from the Luzzatti neighbourhood
says that Crazy goes for a massage
at a Chinese parlour every week.
Tonight too,
she gave me the address.
Enzo, are you sure?
We don't know the place,
we don't know if he goes alone.
But there's no time.
We can't miss this opportunity,
we need to take out that arsehole.
The sooner the better.
If you don't feel like it, never mind.
Tonight we'll whack the bastard.
You did good.
Come, take a seat, Mr. Savastano.
So, Mr. Savastano, if you're sure
you want to go ahead,
we can do the first treatment tomorrow,
both for the scar and the tattoo.
It's a very simple procedure
with a local anaesthetic.
Thank you.
You want to meet him?
The new Gennaro Savastano.
Where is he?
Stay here, I'll go check.
What was that?
- Let's go see.
- Enzo said to stay here.
As soon as they come out,
we gotta go.
You stay here.
Let's go, bro.
Where are you going?
- What the fuck happened?
- It was a trap, he sold us out.
They're in the hallway.
We gotta get outta here!
The scumbag sold us out, Enzo!
Let's go!
- What happened?
- Nothing, go.
Fuck it!
We're losing.
We're losing our brothers.
Are you OK?
Valerio said he once saw something
in me that's not there now.
If he didn't see it,
that doesn't mean it's not still there.
Besides, what Valerio said
doesn't count anymore.
He was a rat.
I'm really pleased
you're doing this for yourself.
The doctor said it's nothing,
don't worry.
What's the matter?
Tiziana was a little tense.
I'll drop in
on the press conference first,
so I can check
everything's under control.
You know you can't go, right?
I know you've changed,
but for the rest of the world
you're Gennaro Savastano.
The boss of Secondigliano.
But if it'll put your mind at rest,
I'll go to the press conference.
What the fuck have I done
all this shit for?
The airport, the consortium,
the company
Only to end up like my father,
who lived his whole life
trapped in a golden cage.
The difference is everything
your father did, he did it for himself.
You're doing it for your son.
And that's something
you mustn't forget.
What the fuck did you do?
It's a miracle I'm alive!
- I see you're still here.
- And so's Enzo.
- And that's a problem.
- Yeah, but calm down.
We're taking a big risk
and we can't afford it anymore.
We have to destroy Enzo
before he recovers.
If you're in such a hurry,
why don't you kill Enzo yourself?
Because no one would want a rat
in charge of Forcella.
But Blue Blood's no longer up to it,
like Patrizia.
And when stuff goes bad
you throw it out.
Don't you?
See what you can do.
Valerio said if anything happened to him,
I was to give you this.
For my son you were his family.
That's what he told me.
His family.
We've lost another battle
but it's not over.
We need to collect as much money
as we can for more drugs,
but we need to keep something
for our friend's families,
because no one
must say that
we've been weakened in Forcella.
Go ask for the week's money
from those who haven't paid yet,
then go to the warehouse.
Bring back everything
we've got left.
You handle security
in the neighbourhood, is that clear?
I'll take care of the drugs.
Let's go.
I'm not letting you go alone,
I'll come too.
I made up my mind, Pure'n'Simple.
Will you tell me what happened?
He wants to go
to his contact alone.
No way.
You're about to have a kid.
We already lost too many brothers.
I'm going alone, it's easier.
Enzo's right, you need
to stay in the neighbourhood.
I'll come with you.
I'm good.
I'm on my way.
You're done, Blue Blood.
This is the last time you fuck up.
You wanna kill me
like you did with Valerio?
Don't push me.
He left me a note.
You went over to the Capaccios
to screw him first, and then me.
You're nobody!
He said there's a big shot
behind you.
I want to know who he is.
Why don't you ask your buddy?
Because the dead can't talk.
We didn't know anything,
we don't know how Enzo found out.
We got nothing to hide.
- If you don't believe it you can kill us.
- No, I believe you.
That's why you're still here.
But if you want to stay alive,
bring me my brother.
- We'll need time.
- We don't know where he is.
If Ferdinando doesn't come back,
you know what happens?
A dog without a master
doesn't live long on the street.
Leave it.
- Only I can save you.
- Yeah?
But you gotta tell me
who's backing you.
- And what would that change for you?
- Just tell me!
If I tell you now, you'll kill me.
It'd be the end of me.
You decide how much
you want to suffer.
But you gotta talk.
Because Valerio died trying
to find this out.
- And I gotta finish what he started.
- Then finish it!
- You're done playing, Crazy.
- You wanna do it?
He's shitting himself.
Now let's fuck him up.
On my way.
Sack of shit!
Enzo, Anna called.
She's giving birth.
I gotta go.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Can Simone come play at our place
one of these days?
Pietro would like that a lot.
We'll come pick him up
at your place
and take him home again.
I wouldn't want to bother you.
But that's not the truth
and we said we'd always
tell each other the truth.
The problem isn't bothering me
It's who I am.
But now, also thanks to you,
I know who I am.
Come along, sweetheart.
Anna, what happened?
Is everything all right?
What is it?
Is everything all right?
before you judge,
listen to what they have to say.
I want our son
to grow up with a father.
Enzo's losing.
You know it yourself,
things can't go on like this.
They're with us too.
We don't want to fight a war
between brothers
and we're sick to fucking death
of losing our men.
We've done big things together.
But we're not kids anymore.
Pure'n'Simple, it's better for everyone
if we go over to the Capaccios.
And what's the price for all this?
You know all too well.
All good?
We gotta celebrate.
What are you going to call him?
Anna wants to call him Valerio
like his grandfather.
But I said no.
My son can't have a traitor's name.
We gotta go.
They're coming.
I want to name him after you.
Because you're my brother.
I'll see you later, Enzo.
What's going on?
I want to show you something.
Tell us who's behind you.
Your husband's lucky.
Because he fucked you twice.
Once in bed
and once in business.
They want to take Secondigliano,
him and his family.
And they want
to stick it up your arse.
They wiped out all my brothers.
Forcella's in the Graduate's hands now.
You can still make it.
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