Gomorrah (2014) s05e01 Episode Script

Season 5, Episode 1

Don't move!
They're looking for you all over,
but your hideout's safe.
It's not a hideout,
it's a prison.
And I locked myself in here
all on my own.
If they haven't found me yet
it's only thanks to you, Mistral.
I had a bad dream:
hands, arms were reaching
outta the ground,
they were grabbing at me
and I couldn't get free.
The dead were returning.
They were dragging me
underground with them.
The dead don't return even in dreams.
It's the living we gotta be scared of.
Mrs Levante
Please, follow me.
You confirm that you have no idea
who it could have been?
Think carefully.
Any news about
my brother Michelangelo?
The police haven't found
any trace of him.
We fear he and his wife
have ended up like your parents.
Have faith in the justice system.
My brother doesn't even have
a grave to put a flower on.
You can't deny us the comfort
of a grave for Mamma and Papa.
You've kept them locked
in there for ten days.
When can we give them a decent burial?
It's not possible in Naples,
you know that.
We just want to bury them in peace.
Put an end to it.
The only vengeance is justice.
Justice is in the hands of God
and we've always trusted him.
Did you behave?
I did what the women in our family
know how to do best,
mouth shut, eyes down.
Good, it won't be the cops
that make Gennaro pay.
We gotta get vengeance
for our own blood.
The magistrate's authorized
the funeral.
It's not gonna be in Naples, but in Rome.
And we know where.
Good, so we can bury them
with their mother and father.
Don Gennaro, leave it to us.
If they find you it's over
and we can't afford that.
But we gotta move fast.
We got people in Rome who can help us.
When the time comes, we'll be ready.
There's something else.
Our guy in the DA's office said
they don't know anything
about Patrizia's accusations.
Good evening, counselor.
It's been a while, Don Gennaro.
What's with the formality?
We used to be close.
Things change,
you're not a kid anymore.
You were at my father's side
for 30 years, with loyalty and respect.
You're part of the family.
When Don Pietro died
I thought it was all over,
instead it's like he's standing
in front of me again.
I need to know what I'm accused of.
The magistrate's a hardass,
he's sealed the files,
but I'm working on it.
We gotta move fast.
Trust me, Gennaro.
She's beautiful.
You can tell she's got our blood.
If Mamma was still here
she'd be proud of you.
May she live to a hundred!
A hundred years, kiddo!
Come here.
Come to Uncle.
Lavinia, every kid you have comes out
better than the one before.
- You better hold her.
- Come to Papa.
You're right, Don Angelo,
but don't say that to Serena.
She's very jealous.
And whaddaya got
to be jealous of, Serena?
Don Angelo sure loves kids.
C'mon! Don't you want
to give him a baby?
Still on about that, Lavinia?
It's not for us.
You don't listen,
but if you give him a son
you'll make him the happiest man alive.
He's the happiest man alive
because he knows I love him,
so much so that I don't want
to share him with anyone.
You open your legs and babies come out.
I keep my husband's face in there.
If that's what you like
- You spoken to the guys in Rome?
- It seems it's all under control.
There won't be any problems.
There'll only be a police escort
for the hearse, people at the cemetery
It's not that simple, Luciana.
You gotta do what you gotta do.
What's wrong?
He's the boss
and he knows we're nobody.
That's why you gotta go by yourself.
He'll know he can trust you
and that he needs us.
Let's go.
Fernando's taking you.
Is it your will that Lucrezia Maria
Immacolata be baptized
in the faith of the Church
we all profess?
Yes, it is.
Lucrezia Maria Immacolata, I baptize you
in the name of the Father, of the Son
and of the Holy Spirit.
Parents and godparents,
this light is entrusted to you
to be kept burning brightly.
May your child, enlightened by Christ,
walk always as a child of the light,
and keeping the flame of faith alive
may she go to meet the Lord
with all the saints,
in the heavenly kingdom.
Come on, sweetie.
Sweetie, what ride do you want to go on?
What's wrong, Pietro?
When's Papa coming back?
Sweetheart, Papa's not coming back.
He's never coming back.
Let's go.
- All good, bro?
- Yeah.
Trust me.
The cops are locking you in!
They fucked us!
The cops are here, run!
Close it!
The exit's that way.
We're close.
The Levante family tomb is here, lot 329.
I checked carefully, the ceremony
in church was booked for them,
Gerlando and Benedetta Levante.
Maybe it's like you say
but you shoulda checked better.
When it's so important,
an innocent mistake
becomes an unforgivable betrayal.
Keep your eyes peeled.
There was piranhas waiting at Verano.
There was cops too.
That's why the magistrate
had them buried here.
Because of him they've been laid
to rest in no-man's land.
And Gennaro's still free.
We gotta take care
of Gennaro Savastano.
We gotta bury him
under shit tons of dirt.
I got a message for Mistral.
Please, have a seat.
Sorry to disturb you at this hour.
If you're here in the middle
of the night, it's urgent.
I know you want to talk to my husband,
but he was godfather
at my niece's baptism today.
He drank too much at the reception,
excuse him, he's not well.
- He's resting.
- Sorry to hear it.
You can tell me
whatever you have to say to him.
I'm speaking on behalf of Don Aniello.
I'm happy to listen.
They say whatever is said to you
goes straight to Gennaro Savastano.
They have an overactive imagination.
But if they were right,
what would they want to say to him?
My uncle sees what the Levantes
are doing in Secondigliano
and he heard what happened
at the cemetery in Rome.
Know what he thinks?
Whoever's left of the Levantes
should go join their family.
Good evening.
It was a trap, that shithead magistrate
was waiting for us.
- The Levantes weren't there.
- The fuck you saying, Mistral?
They made us look like idiots?
Are you an idiot?
You an idiot?
If you are, you better tell me now.
My father said only fools
give second chances.
Lucky for you I'm not my father,
but I'm not a fool either.
Ambition's important, you need me
to get outta this shithole.
I understand you.
But you gotta do things right.
Or I won't let you out of here.
Don't worry, Donna Luciana,
your husband's as fit as a fiddle.
But the heads of the Levantes
he promised me
I got a message for you.
What's wrong, you don't like me?
- Can I get you anything?
- No, thanks, Don Aniello.
Don Gennaro's happy to meet you.
But given the situation
he needs a safe place.
Of course, this isn't
a great time for our Gennaro.
He needs to be real careful.
Does he know how
lucky he is to have you?
Can I ask you something?
Why are you with him?
Obviously Gennaro
promised him something.
What can he promise?
He's got nothing left.
But whoever wins the war takes all.
Picking an ally is fundamental.
And that's why
we're here with Don Angelo.
Isn't it?
Every alliance has a price.
Tell me what to say to Gennaro.
That we have the perfect place
for the occasion.
It's on for tonight.
Good evening, Don Angelo,
the car's ready.
It's all good.
Good job.
Good night.
You know what you gotta do.
This is the car I prepared for you.
- We can't afford any mistakes.
- Trust me.
We got Gennaro Savastano off our ass!
Your uncle was right, Graduate.
The most important thing
is to choose your allies well.
You disgust me.
Fair enough.
Don Elia, everything okay?
Here, Don Aniello, I got a gift for you.
I wanted you
to say goodbye to your nephew.
You're not worth shit.
Your father knew it and you know it too.
If that was true,
you'd be holding this
and your nephew would still be alive.
You can't kill me
because I know something that's worth
more than your pent-up anger.
Chitchat won't get rid of my anger.
Ciro Di Marzio is alive.
You're making things worse.
I saved him.
I helped him that night.
He's left Naples.
That so?
Only I know where he is.
if you want me to tell you,
you gotta man up.
Lower the gun
and give me your word
that between you and me it ends here.
Where is he?
Far away.
He's in Riga.
He left you alone
with the remorse you killed him.
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