Gomorrah (2014) s05e02 Episode Script

Season 5, Episode 2

Here's the check.
I'l pay.
Why didn't you come back?
The person who sent me here said
it was the only way to save you,
so you and your family
could live in peace.
You saw what happened to the person
who sent you here.
Let's go back to Naples now, Ciro.
Me and you.
We'll settle everything together.
I'm not going back, Genna'.
There's no going back.
The world I knew doesn't exist anymore.
Everything I loved is destroyed,
what was worth living for is dead.
Well, I still believe in it.
I thought it was the same for you
but I was wrong.
What happens now
that Don Aniello's dead?
Tonight I'm meeting
the new Russian contact,
I gotta explain to him
why the drugs aren't coming.
- It's a problem for me.
- I'll come with you tonight.
We'll introduce him to his new supplier.
If you could do it all over,
what would you do?
Everything I did,
even giving my life for you.
But then you left me on my own.
I did it to protect you.
You don't know what it feels like
to think you killed a brother.
- Dimitri!
- Ciro!
This is Gennaro Savastano.
I bet 5,000 euros on him.
Ilya Kurianov.
Ciro Di Marzio.
I've heard great things
about you, Ciro Di Marzio.
We were in the secret service together.
The market's expanding.
Word of your quality and prices
has spread as far as St Petersburg.
How much do you need?
Is 100kg too much to start with?
Not a problem.
He's your broker from today.
He's the best in the world.
Ilya, it's a stroke of luck
to have you with us.
Two strokes of luck.
The pleasure of seeing a friend again
and that of meeting
new business partners.
Let's make a toast
with our best champagne.
What did you say to him?
That my friend is the best
in the world in his field.
Friendship is the best thing that exists,
having a friend is better
than having a woman.
Love for a friend is absolute.
But a friend's always
gotta be sincere, loyal.
If a friend betrays you,
is he still a friend?
I've never betrayed you.
What a great night!
We've made an excellent deal,
with good friends.
Move it.
Gimme your belt.
Ring and necklace.
The necklace.
The shipment will be here
by the end of the month.
This is the container number.
It's okay for now.
But then what?
I can send you shipment
every two months.
Same amount, same quality.
The best in the world.
I guess we have a deal.
I want to see him.
Of course.
Let's go.
You know what this place is?
They call it a gulag.
It's like a prison, but not only.
It's a place of atonement,
of suffering.
You only get out of here
after paying for all your sins.
And that often happens after you die.
Why are you doing this to me?
Are you serious?
Because when I needed you,
you didn't give a shit.
You abandoned me
and didn't give a fuck.
You said it yourself, no?
Our world is dead.
I'm dead.
You wanted to go on by yourself
as always, ditching everyone.
But this time I'm stopping you.
You're making
the biggest mistake of your life.
I contacted the Russian before I came.
I reimbursed him for the shipment
you and your friend stole,
that's how we became partners.
But before getting to all this,
I had to look you in the eye,
I had to understand.
From now on they'll take care of you.
You'll spend every day
of your life in here,
without knowing if it's morning
or night, rainy or sunny.
They'll give you food, water,
if you're sick they'll look after you.
You'll grow old thinking of the people
who loved you but you killed them.
Like Deborah.
Like Maria Rita.
And like me.
I would have shared the world with you.
You've never been able
to keep up with me.
You're still that kid
that wakes up scared,
that can't sleep at night
and wakes up crying for help.
You're still the wrong son
of that father.
Don Pietro had more respect for me
when I killed him
than he ever did for you.
That's why you're locking me in here,
you know, right?
As long as I'm around,
you'll always come second.
Pray that I never get out of here.
Not eating, you son of a bitch?
Get up!
Not even my dog would eat this shit.
Igor, get in here!
Untie him!
Hurry up.
If he dies we're fucked.
- We gotta let Kurianov know.
- Go, I'll stay here with him.
- He escaped, we gotta find him!
- Hurry, fuck!
Careful, he's armed.
He went that way!
He ran into the woods!
He's heading for the river.
Who are you? What do you want?
You like it?
I made it.
Thank you.
It's very good.
Have some bread too.
You can rest before you leave.
They're still looking for me,
it's not safe.
The woods aren't safe at night,
it's better if you stay.
Good evening.
We're looking for a man,
an Italian.
We haven't seen anyone.
Look inside!
One in there and the other over there.
- I didn't say you could go in.
- I don't trust you.
Latvian shitbag!
Take care.
Where will you go?
To visit a friend.
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