Gomorrah (2014) s05e03 Episode Script

Season 5, Episode 3

It's him!
Welcome back, Don Gennaro.
How you doin'? Trip go well?
It went how it shoulda gone.
But that was yesterday,
now we gotta think about tomorrow,
we got a lot to do.
Easier to understand Chinese
than what's in Gennaro's head.
He's a man on his own.
That's why he needs us.
If we do well with him,
our name can finally spread
outside Ponticelli.
What's going on, counselor?
Ruggieri went to the cemetery
and opened your family chapel.
- What he found
- I know what he found.
Tell me something I don't know.
I finally got access
to Patrizia Santore's statement.
Hurry up!
The cops! Run!
Look at those bastards!
They took the Vicar and Flush.
We gotta get money to their families,
Flush's got two kids.
How can we do that?
Can we afford it, Federico?
We gotta find a way.
These are our people.
I heard the cops
went into Secondigliano too.
The Seven Buildings, the Smurfs.
What's going on?
We'll soon find out.
They called us, they want to see us.
They took five of my men,
they confiscated
what little stuff was left.
The time for talking's over.
The cops go for us
and the Levantes don't do shit.
Pretty Eyes, we respect you,
your turf suffered the most,
but times are tough for everyone.
- Even for the Levantes.
- The King
All the work we do for them,
our guys make diddly squat.
Now they won't even pay for our lawyers.
We gotta pay for it all.
It was different with the Savastanos.
- Can I say something?
- What, Lil Monk?
We're talking about turf matters,
you have no turf.
You got a back lot.
He's backwards
it suits him perfectly.
Speak, if you must.
You got the balls
to say it to the Levantes' face?
You gonna tell that nutjob Saro
that we miss the Savastanos?
Who wiped out their family name?
Without the Levantes
giving us the stuff what do we do?
Does your pretty face
have any broker contacts?
Do any of you?
The Levantes
are nothing to me, you know,
but one thing's for sure:
they're in charge here now,
so we gotta deal with them.
Lil Monk, whaddaya suggest?
I'll go talk to them.
Trust me.
You're Federico Maccauro.
Everybody calls me Lil Monk.
Who's he?
My brother Cosimo.
What do you want?
The situation in North Naples
isn't good, our people are worried.
That's your problem.
With all due respect
it's also your problem.
How dare you?
This how you talk to me?
- You know you're a nobody.
- I'm not alone.
All the turf bosses and their families
are behind me.
I'm speaking on behalf of everyone.
Tell the turf bosses to chill out,
we'll bring in so much snow
they'll have to buy skis.
We got a new contact,
you'll get the shipment in two weeks.
We can wait two weeks.
Meanwhile, the prisoners cost.
Lawyers, kids in the street
Whaddaya want?
We'll shut down the spots
until the shipment arrives.
We pay the guys just the same,
so we save them, and you look good.
It's important, right?
- We'll let you know.
- Goodbye.
Let's go.
Who was that?
Another problem to solve.
They're up your ass,
better if you go in the van.
Fernando, tell him what they say
about me in Secondigliano.
The truth?
People were waiting
for you to take the neighborhood back,
to see you there with them.
But nothing's changed.
The Levantes are still there.
Hear that, Mistral?
My time in hiding's over,
now it's time to take a few risks.
Don Gennaro.
We're all pleased to see you,
but we need to know why you're here.
This is my home.
But you left it and now
another family's in charge.
That's why I'm here,
to settle matters.
I got contacts
for the best cocaine in the world.
I got the money to turn
this place back into what it was.
Nice words,
but we don't need any more talk.
We're ready to hear your offer
when you got something concrete.
Lil Monk, you talk like you don't know
who's in front of you.
Always remember one thing.
What I say, I do.
Federico, you wanna go up against
Gennaro Savastano?
This is our turf, we were born here
and grew up with them.
Gennaro's a king
who wants his crown back
and like all kings he doesn't give a shit
about the poor bastards under him.
The time's over for working for others,
it's time we put ourselves first.
Gennaro Savastano's
promises are just words,
but why should we choose you?
We'll see everyone gets
a monthly payment like you asked.
Those who miss Gennaro
will know they're better off with us.
And the spots?
We can't afford to shut down the spots.
You gotta talk to your people,
the shipment's on its way.
If you help us, we'll know
how to repay you.
I'll do all I can to keep them calm.
- Good evening.
- Stop.
You don't know
my sister, do you? Come.
Grazia, this is Federico Maccauro.
It's a pleasure.
The pleasure's mine.
Excuse me.
So, are we all agreed?
Don Gennaro!
All good, Igor?
I'm pleased to find you in good health.
How can I help you?
I got a problem, I don't have time
to wait for a new shipment.
I want the Levante's shipment.
- We're not managing that shipment.
- I know.
I want to know when it's due
and who's behind it.
There's a rule among brokers:
don't step on each other's toes.
I'm sorry, but I can't.
Remember one thing, Igor.
Whoever's my friend now,
will be for ever.
I'll see what I can do.
Good man.
Please, have a seat.
What are you doing here at this hour?
I'm here on behalf of your husband.
Then your visit isn't welcome.
How is Gennaro?
He's fine, but he needs your help.
You're an intelligent woman,
you understand by helping your husband
in a situation like this
you would also be helping yourself.
And your son.
With your help, Gennaro Savastano
can be a free man again.
Igor sent someone with this.
The monthly payments,
like we promised.
You speak for everyone,
you collect for everyone.
Tell your people they gotta like us.
- We don't want any more problems.
- They gotta trust us.
Because we're good and generous.
But today we're here
for something more important.
Grazia's not a kid anymore, she's 24.
She needs to get married.
And we want to give her to you.
So we become a big family,
us and Secondigliano.
Family's important,
as my father always used to say.
You sure she's good with it?
Grazia likes what we like.
And we like you a lot.
Is it true you like him, Grazie'?
We're done here.
Let's go.
What's going on?
This is a big deal for us.
If you say so
- You ever met him?
- No, but I heard a lot about him.
If he's lived so long without losing
control of his turf, he's not a fool.
If he's not a fool,
we'll bring him to our side.
One way or another.
Forgive me for bringing you so far.
Thank you, for seeing us right away.
I'm honored to welcome
Gennaro Savastano.
But I was wondering
What can a guy like me do
for an important person like you?
You're too modest,
you and your family run things
from here to Salerno.
I know you're waiting
for the Levante's shipment.
If you give it to us,
we'll double its value
and you get to sit at the table with us.
And it'll be a very rich table.
Thank you for the offer,
but everyone knows what I think.
I'm the Gentleman by name and by deed
and if it's been that way for 70 years
it means one thing:
when I give my word, my word is sacred.
Haven't you learned it's better to leave
sacred things out of our world?
Your world, not mine.
Soon there'll be just one world.
And I decide who lives and who doesn't.
Your world ends here.
You look nice.
He's here, he's waiting downstairs.
Make him happy, that way
you make your brothers happy.
What do you feel like?
Wanna go anywhere in particular?
Wherever you want.
I know that your brothers forced you.
No one's ever said sorry to me
in my whole life.
I'd like an ice cream.
There he is.
It's him.
Yeah, it's him.
What's this?
- What's going on?
- Where'd they come from?
We got a problem.
I see.
There's a problem,
the tax police took the van.
How's that possible?
Nothing like that's
ever happened here before.
I don't buy it.
Call the guys and tell them
to keep driving around.
We gotta find this fucking van.
- Where the fuck have you brought me?
- Don't move!
Well done, keep it up and I'll let you
go back to your family.
All right?
Take him.
- It's down there for sure.
- Keep your eyes open.
- Where the fuck is it?
- Look over there.
I can see the headlights up there.
There he is.
Turn there.
Follow us!
Aniello, why aren't you getting out?
The van's empty, there's nothing in it.
There's nothing!
Get out, you son of a bitch!
Who the fuck are you?
Where's our driver?
I couldn't help it,
they messed with my family.
Your van's in another warehouse,
they're taking it away.
Who's taking it away?
Speak, you son of a bitch!
Gennaro Savastano.
Go check it out,
maybe they haven't got away yet!
Hurry up.
There it is! Quick!
We'll get it.
There they are, pieces of shit!
Don't move, asshole!
Fuck you!
Fuck you to death!
We did it!
I saw Pietro Savastano buried
in his wife's family vault,
where no one expected him to be.
He was killed by a shot to the head.
At close range, here,
in the middle of his forehead.
Your husband's a murderer.
According to Patrizia Santore,
but she's disappeared.
She can't appear in court
to confirm it, am I right?
Santore's information is specific
and borne out by the facts,
her testimony is reliable.
So, for you Santore is reliable
for the date of the murder too?
February 24.
February 24 is an important date,
because it may be the day
Pietro Savastano died,
but it's definitely the date
that Pietro Savastano was born.
And that day Gennaro was
at the clinic in Rome
at his wife's side
as she was giving birth.
The deposition of the doctor
and the obstetrician.
We still have to hear the nurses
and other patients.
There are dozens of witnesses.
We even have pictures of my mother.
Gennaro, teary-eyed,
holding Pietro in his arms.
At the same time, Patrizia says
he was killing his father in Naples.
How important our children are, sir.
Be quiet, he's sleeping.
You won, Gennaro.
Are you happy?
We won, Azzurra.
Maybe you don't realize, but Patrizia
could've screwed us 100 times over.
It's thanks to her that we're here,
it's only thanks to her
that we have another chance.
A chance for what?
I tried to live a new life,
but it was just a waste of time.
Everything that happened
taught me one thing:
I already have a home.
And where's your home?
In the middle of a war?
That's what you're offering me?
That's what you want for our son?
Secondigliano's my home.
And your life is together with me.
You've become like the man
you hated the most.
Don't say it.
You're exactly the same as your father.
You want cigarettes, sir?
Gimme two packs.
Wow, thanks.
You're back now.
You were away for a long time, right?
The first time I came here
I was smaller than you.
And you've become a big shot?
No, I've always stayed the same.
A street kid.
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