Gomorrah (2014) s05e04 Episode Script

Season 5, Episode 4

Pitbull, be careful.
It's not like it used to be out here.
May the Madonna go with you.
Is it really you?
Let's go.
We got something important to tell you.
Genny stole the Levantes' shipment,
that's all people are talking about.
He's building up again.
Do you know what that means?
If Gennaro comes back,
his first whim will be to have our heads.
If that's true,
it'd take a weight off my back.
Pretty Eyes, you're not welcome here.
I gotta speak to Gennaro Savastano,
it's important.
Good morning.
Don Genna'
They said no one could steal
the Levantes' shipment,
but you gave proof
of what everybody was waiting for.
When I came to you,
you didn't welcome me.
We're desperate
and without this shipment
things will get worse.
You know what I'm risking
being here, but I decided.
If you still want me, I'm on your side.
You gotta deserve it.
Anything for you, Don Genna',
I'm at your disposal.
You really trust him?
We're his only hope.
Sit down.
Know what we thought?
That maybe Gennaro didn't steal
the shipment, but he bought it.
So the Gentleman earned twice:
with us and with him.
You're accusing me.
The load was in my hands,
I've lost millions.
Who says Gennaro
didn't give you the money?
My track record says so,
not to mention the fact
that no one has pointed a gun
at your head yet.
There's only one truth.
You let them steal the shipment
and now Gennaro is stronger.
This is a huge problem, for everyone.
You gotta help us to kill him.
You can't pull back.
What's going on, Vince'?
When our son died you swore
you'd always tell me the truth.
I have to honor a debt.
I sided with them
against Gennaro Savastano.
This is something too big,
it's not worth the debt we have
and that doesn't concern us.
Our name concerns us.
Right, you gave your word
and you're the Gentleman.
I've heard this song before.
You should have said no.
Forget about pride.
We'll pay our debt like we always have.
The Gentleman does not pull back.
I won't let them
put their feet on my head.
And let's hope the Gentleman
has decided well for all of us.
The Gentleman gave his word, he sided
with the Levantes against Gennaro.
We get a month's pay
and a shipment by the end of the month.
Lil Monk, what Gennaro did was serious.
We pay the price more than anyone.
We gotta stay loyal.
- After that we'll all be stronger.
- Really?
We gotta stay chained up like dogs?
And if Gennaro wants
to sell us his stuff?
- What do we tell him?
- Tell him no.
If you get it from Gennaro,
you pay twice.
Once to him and once to us.
Lil Monk, that pretty woman
they put in your bed
has turned you inside out.
If we stay with you
maybe we're picking the wrong side.
I'm doing what's best for everyone.
Lil Monk, I've never
taken charity from anyone.
Tell that to your bosses.
Good evening.
Don't move, asshole.
From the Gentleman.
This is how you end up
if you deal with Savastano.
They killed Pretty Eyes in his own turf.
He was one of the Gentleman's men.
You're right: they're killing each other.
It's still not enough.
The time's come to make our move.
Don't you think about me anymore?
How you doing?
You're so handsome.
Your brother won't have him in the house,
so you come here on Saturdays.
My mom had a dog too.
She always said
they're loyal, intelligent creatures.
And what's Lil Monk like?
More loyal or more intelligent?
We gotta make him see reason.
I'll speak to him tonight, I swear.
You're not going anywhere tonight.
Are you Enzo Blue Blood?
Who wants to know?
Someone who wants to see you.
But I don't want to see anyone.
Then this person is right,
that night, on that boat,
you're the one who died.
Tell Gennaro that he has
to come and get what he wants,
I'll be waiting.
It wasn't Gennaro Savastano
who sent me.
My place in hell wasn't ready yet.
I saw you die on that boat.
Are you alive or are you dead?
Are you alive or are you dead?
I'm alive,
but only now that I see you.
Though you still haven't decided
who you wanna be.
I wanna be like you.
Then you gotta die too.
That's what I want.
Toni', gimme a cigarette.
Take it easy with the wine.
It's good.
Thank you.
I'd like to say a couple of words.
After all the mourning
that broke all our hearts,
today the Levantes are celebrating.
We welcome Federico into our family.
For us he's a new brother
and he joins his life with Grazia's
in front of God.
Grazie', if Mamma and Papa
were here with us,
they'd be proud of you.
Federi', now and for ever
this will be your family.
May they be all sons!
I'm going for a smoke, will you join me?
- No, it seems rude.
- Come on.
Humor me.
- Where are you going?
- Let them get some air!
You're like a watchdog.
Will you quit throwing bread?
It's a sin against God.
- You cold?
- No.
- Why don't we just go?
- What? They're here for us.
This isn't to celebrate us,
it's a business meeting.
and the deal's already been made.
I want to be alone with you.
- Stop.
- Leave me alone!
- Listen to me.
- Keep away!
- Listen to me!
- You're hurting me.
Come here.
I did it to protect you.
They only gave me this one chance
to save your life.
You hear me?
Stay with me.
Away from everything and everyone.
You can make a life for yourself.
Our life.
Only ours.
Are you serious?
Did you really believe it?
You're the same as every other man
I've met in my life.
At the first chance,
I would've killed you.
To finally feel free.
You gross me out.
- Hi, Tizia'.
- Hi, Genna'.
How are you?
- Any news about the consortium?
- No, it's still stalled.
But I keep Azzurra updated,
it's her signature on the paperwork.
Good, keep her informed.
The judges must think
I'm not making any moves.
Whereas we're moving.
How much money can we get
out of the consortium?
I need to do an estimate
ten mill I think.
I need it right now.
- Make some calls.
- All right.
Counting on it.
Well? See how nice it is?
The bedrooms are up there,
on the first floor.
There are two rooms.
There's a nice room
for you and your wife
and another one for the boy.
There's a terrific kitchen
with lots of light.
You can put a nice table
in front of the window.
There's a terrace with a view.
And there's a fireplace too.
Look at the living room,
it's full of light.
You could put a sofa there,
then we can put a rug,
a nice table with chairs.
Look how big the TV is.
Do you like it?
It's exactly what I wanted.
We're pleased you like the house.
But it's a pity
that we're moving so far away.
It's a pity and a risk for you.
And for the boy.
We killed the Levantes
in their own home,
betrayed by an ally of theirs.
You know what that means?
Gennaro Savastano
can reach anywhere he wants.
And you with me.
There's still one thing left to do
before we're free.
- My dear Don Vincenzo!
- It's a great pleasure to see you.
- This year we outdid ourselves.
- You do that every year.
You've spoiled me.
If we may, it's complimentary.
Then on Sunday make a nice offering
to the souls in purgatory.
You'll be served with all our heart.
Thank you, Don Vince'.
- Have a nice day.
- Stay well.
Good morning.
May I?
Signora Avitabile,
there's a parcel for you.
I'll be right back, sweetie,
keep playing.
Why'd you bring us to this shithole?
Is it you?
I've felt alone all my life.
But now I look you in the eye
and I realize.
I'm not alone, I've got you.
The guy I used to call my brother
is now my enemy.
Gennaro's got so many soldiers, huh?
But he's got no companions.
This is our strength.
Each of us has a good reason
to bring this situation to an end.
I'm with you.
I'm with you, Ciro.
I'm with you.
What did I tell you?
Now that I'm back, if anyone
doesn't agree, speak up.
I'll explain how things'll be
from now on.
The cocaine
will be handed over to you,
the spots gotta get working again.
You still give me the same cut,
no increase.
The system goes back how it was and
the earnings are the same for everybody.
All right?
There's only one more matter
to figure out.
There's nothing to figure out.
Only one person
deserves Pretty Eyes turf.
Lil Monk.
Maybe many of you already know me,
but today I speak to you
businessman to businessman.
Like you, I know how hard it is
to turn a business
into a highlight for our territory.
Get to the point, Don Genna'.
Whaddaya want from us?
To acquire part of your business.
We need investment
to increase quality.
In those bags there's
a million euros for each of you.
Whadda we gotta do in return?
Use your poor-quality material
and hire people off the books
that you sell jobs to?
I'm not my father.
He destroyed businesses
he took over, I don't.
I'll only want a share of your business
equal to the sum I invested.
So we can help you launder dirty money.
All money is dirty,
it makes men do the worst things.
The courier brought a package.
I've always told you
I can knot a tie better.
Light of my life.
The undertakers have arrived.
Gennaro Savastano's got
a wife and kid, right?
Let's go home!
Bye, Francesco.
- Is Pietro still inside?
- No, he went out with my colleague.
I'll go and check if you like.
Never mind.
Have you seen my son?
Take a look down there
in the changing room.
Good evening, Raffae'.
- All good, King?
- All good.
Open it.
Don Gennaro always keeps his word.
Tell Don Gennaro we missed
the Savastanos a lot.
Shut up!
- Put the gun down!
- Who are you?
I don't know you.
This can't be,
you're dead.
Whaddaya want from us?
I don't want anything from you,
I just wanna
send a message to Gennaro.
I needed one from Ponticelli
and one from Scampia.
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