Gomorrah (2014) s05e05 Episode Script

Season 5, Episode 5

The Immortal is back.
But he's dead, everybody knows it.
What's gonna happen now?
We gotta fight a ghost?
Ghosts don't kill people.
Ciro Di Marzio is alive.
But he's alone,
we're an army.
But we gotta stop him
before he gets organized.
I wanna double the men on the streets.
I don't want any of you to walk alone.
Spread the word there's a nice reward
for anyone giving me info about him.
Naples has gotta be my eyes.
But this won't be enough.
And so?
What do we gotta do?
One of you has to betray me.
Don Genna' I could never betray you.
I know.
But what does Ciro say?
You used to belong to him.
What if he doesn't believe me?
I'm sure you'll be convincing.
I wasn't even ten when I used
to come here to unload cigarettes.
- Did you do contraband too?
- I was a kid.
It all seemed like a game.
That's why you chose to stay here.
To play this final game I wanted
to come back to where it all started.
The final game, Ciro?
At this point you gotta figure
there's no continuation.
But I don't give a shit,
I just want this to end the way I want.
Signora Avitabile, can you come out?
Hi, Azzurra.
You're not inviting me in?
Come in.
What do you want?
I've done horrible things in my life.
But this time I've done something
that can't be fixed.
Ciro's alive.
How's that possible?
You killed him.
Tell me what you've done.
What I've always done.
What I did with you
when I wanted to protect you,
what I did with my father.
I did the same with him.
I hurt him badly
because he left me on my own,
he abandoned me.
He wanted to make
a new life without me.
Now that he's back he won't rest
until he sees me dead.
That's your personal business.
This concerns you and Pietro as well.
That's why I'm here, to protect you.
You're not capable of protecting anyone,
that's why we need
to protect ourselves from you.
On the ground! Don't move.
How dare you come here
after what you did?
I know that you belonged
to the Capaccios.
My people ended badly 'cause of you,
piece of trash.
This was before.
- Now we got another chance.
- I heard he came back.
I don't believe in fairy tales,
the dead don't come back.
And now you'll find out
'cause you're about to die.
He's alive
and I'd do anything for him.
I'm not afraid to die for Ciro.
The old clans are done, Tunisian.
But now the time's come
to rise again like he did.
If you don't believe me
I can set up a meeting.
Federico, the Immortal's alone,
he's got no guns and no men.
What's all this fuss about?
Gennaro knows that a spark
is enough to set off an inferno.
And this fire travels fast.
Look me in the eye and tell me it's true.
Is he alive?
Is he looking for soldiers?
He's not looking for soldiers,
he's looking for companions.
To wreak havoc. Together.
The Savastanos, the Capaccios,
the Levantes left Naples in ruins.
But the time's come to change things.
Gennaro's strong.
What's Ciro got?
He's got us.
All of us together we're stronger.
Wars are won with guns.
And as far as I know,
those who stay alive win.
Or those who never die.
You think it'll be enough?
That's what Gennaro says.
Gennaro is just one man,
the Immortal isn't.
He's not?
He's just a man like any other.
Did you see their faces?
Did you see the fear in their eyes?
They really believe
Ciro Di Marzio is immortal.
He isn't.
Why, do you believe it?
Jesus Christ died on the cross
and rose again.
Wasn't he a man too?
When lies make love with fear
they become the voice of the people.
Voice of the people, voice of God.
Hey, Pitbull.
It's me.
I'm by myself.
What do you want from me?
I wanna talk to Ciro.
This fine idea is yours
or Gennaro Savastano's?
If it was Gennaro's,
would I be here by myself?
I can't help you.
You and me used to be brothers.
Yeah, but now you're on the other side.
Gennaro's turning the world upside down
to find him
and he wants to kill everyone
who's always been loyal to Ciro.
Guys like me.
You gotta take me to him.
And once you've spoken to Ciro?
You think he can save you?
Talk to your friend,
here's everything you asked for.
I gotta say, you got guts coming here.
I wanted to see with my own eyes.
Don't you like being with Gennaro?
No one likes being with Gennaro,
he's worse than his father.
I've always belonged to you,
I've always been loyal to you.
And he knows it too.
He does?
If he knows it,
how come you're still alive?
As soon as I found out
about the message I ran
and I came to look for you.
I haven't seen Gennaro since.
I don't believe you.
If you don't believe me, kill me now,
because if I can't be with you,
I'm done for out there.
Sincerely, I'd prefer you kill me,
as you've always been my friend,
rather than Genny Savastano,
who's nothing to me.
If you want to save yourself,
you gotta give me proof.
- Well?
- She takes the kid to school.
And she's always alone at home.
She lives in an isolated villa,
there's a garden around it.
- How many guards has she got?
- Two.
They work in shifts.
Just two?
Tomorrow we'll kill the mother
and the kid.
What's wrong?
The kid's five years old.
Hatred's like the hunger of a man
who hasn't eaten in days.
If you don't feed it, it'll devour you.
I gotta get out of Naples
and you gotta help me.
Does Gennaro know?
No and he mustn't find out.
That's no good.
He made his choices,
now I have to make mine.
Speak to your husband first.
I need liquidity.
Cash can't be traced.
For all these jewels
there's the provenance certificate,
it won't be hard to sell them.
And this is my power of attorney.
Trust your husband,
he knows how to protect you.
He's the one I need protection from.
Can't you help me?
Then I'll be forced
to go to the magistrate.
And I'll also accuse you
of things you haven't done.
You decide, Tiziana.
But if my boat sinks
you're going down with me.
He doesn't believe me.
He believes something,
or you'd be dead by now.
Don Genna'
we're talking about Ciro Di Marzio.
We're playing with fire.
You've been good up to now, Fernando.
But I know Ciro better than you.
So we gotta put this fire out right away,
you hear me?
He wants proof of loyalty.
It's normal.
And you give it to him.
Whenever they settle
the turf accounts, he comes here.
He plays the machines, gets drunk.
He's always in here.
Pray God this thing works out.
Because it's important for them.
We had a good night.
There he is, it's him.
- What is this place?
- This is our home.
So, how did it go?
It's 500 grand.
- Not bad, right?
- It's not that much.
Don't you worry.
We're growing, money's
not gonna be a problem anymore.
The main thing is
we've made an attack on Gennaro.
Do you trust me now?
You did good.
Go get some sleep, guys.
See you tomorrow.
- Good night.
- See ya.
To save his own life,
Fernando had Franco killed.
We can't trust him anymore.
It was his fault he died.
Fernando did it to earn Ciro's trust.
And the only way was to kill one of us?
To win against Ciro Di Marzio,
we all gotta make sacrifices.
It could be a long, hard war,
or we can win it now
thanks to Fernando.
We're this close.
As soon as we know
where he's hiding, we'll go for him.
If Franco's death helped us
to win this war, it was worth it.
You gotta have faith,
there'll be more and more of them.
See how they looked at you?
I know what they see.
What do they see, Enzo?
Hope that things can change,
that's what people are lacking.
You brought a new light.
Thanks to you we all feel we can count.
Hope, CirĂ¹.
I know where their hideout is.
In Vigliena, in a warehouse.
There's nothing out there.
He could get away by sea,
but he hasn't got a boat.
Where can he go?
When we're there, it's me, him,
Blue Blood, Pitbull and two others.
It all went like I said.
Good job.
Next time you go
and they're all there,
send us a message,
and we'll come and end this
for once and for all.
All right.
Stay ready.
Gennaro really trusts Fernando, right?
He's trusting a boat with no flag.
But a boat with no flag is for pirates,
it changes and turns with the wind.
Or not, Lil Monk?
Why don't you tell Gennaro
you don't agree?
Or maybe you think
he can't win against Ciro?
You got the wrong idea,
you're making a mistake.
Take care, Lil Monk.
Goodbye, Mistral.
Cammurano Angela, Cammurano Luigi.
That was my aunt's name.
Thank you, Giovanni.
Anything you need.
You wanted to be alone?
I was thinking.
About what?
Every time someone trusted me,
I betrayed them.
It happened with Pietro too.
But he made a big mistake
he underestimated me.
But I know,
from now on
I can't underestimate anyone.
He said the same thing
when he heard you were back.
Gennaro's afraid.
And that's positive.
Fear's not enough to kill men.
This is also true.
What would you do in my shoes?
I always was, I am
and always will be a soldier.
You're a trusted friend too.
Fernando texted. It's time.
Pray for us sinners, now
and at the hour of our death.
In the name of the Father, the Son
and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
A friend with an auction house
in London took your jewels.
The total's one million 200 thousand.
He doesn't know anything,
you have my word.
You know all too well
that if I'd said anything,
he'd already be here.
Thanks, Tiziana.
Listen to me.
Do what I did: leave.
Come, we gotta go.
I'm sorry I didn't make it
to the appointment.
How do your people look
at you right now?
I'd like to be there too.
You know, Genna'?
I really thought I was dead,
but you brought me back to life.
Want me to go with you?
You know it's a miracle we're alive?
Tonight, they nearly killed me
and your son.
And if I'm here,
it's because
it's the only option I had.
Send someone to my house
to clean it up
and give money to the families
of the men who protected me.
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