Gomorrah (2014) s05e06 Episode Script

Season 5, Episode 6

Donna Nunzia
you don't have to.
No, I need to see it with my own eyes.
That rat screwed us,
we gotta find him
before he gets organized again.
Calm down now.
If I was him, no home, no defenses,
I'd get the people around me
to protect me.
There's only one place
Ciro Di Marzio can be.
In Forcella.
But we don't have contacts in Forcella.
There's no need,
we got something better.
The money to buy everyone.
- You take care of it, Lil Monk.
- You got it.
Let's go, Mistral.
- Gentleman's widow's taken care of.
- Did you kill her?
No need.
So it's not over.
And Ciro?
Genna' we're not safe even here.
That's because you didn't listen to me.
I can't sleep anymore.
- Pietro could have died.
- But he didn't!
Now you're here with me, you're safe.
I'm glad there's so many of you.
Curiosity's a good thing.
My brother told you
I got an offer for you.
This is the offer.
A lotta cash to anyone giving information
about Ciro Di Marzio and Blue Blood.
You're sure they're here?
I'm sure money makes blindmen see.
I'm here, spread the word.
What if I don't want the money?
He was with Blue Blood,
they were companions.
But that's the past.
- Do you know where they are?
- I don't.
But if I find out, it's not money I want.
I spoke to him.
If we get information
about them, we're back in.
A shipment's coming in two days,
so we gotta get moving.
We'll get our spots back
and start dealing again!
It's the only way things can go back
to how they were.
Cantonese, I don't wanna miss
this chance.
I don't know where Blue Blood is.
Last time I saw him, he was
on his knees crying to Mary.
And the last time we saw Ciro Di Marzio
we threw him into the sea.
It's in the past, MMA,
I don't wanna think about it.
Well, you oughta.
Aren't you over being broke?
I'll call you.
It's Cantonese.
Gennaro sent a guy
and he's offering money
to find out where you are.
- Only you know that.
- You think no one else will find out?
MMA asked to be paid in cocaine.
A shipment's arriving in two days.
- What did you tell him?
- Nothing.
Forcella's not safe,
Gennaro's got eyes and ears all over.
We gotta get outta here.
We need a safe place, some help.
I'll go talk to a guy
and I'll see
if the place I say still exists.
- Can you get me out tonight?
- No, I'll go.
- I got a better chance on my own.
- Gennaro wants me.
That's why you can't go.
You know what these
three crosses on my neck mean?
Jesus Christ got killed
to save everybody.
You already died once because of me,
now it's my turn.
Just tell me what I gotta do.
What do you want?
We're having guests.
Angelo Mistral and his wife
Donna Luciana are coming.
She's smart, you'll like her.
What if I don't like her?
Some company will do you good.
I'll wait for you downstairs.
You needn't worry,
my wife's good with people,
she gets them.
I just need to know
someone's always with her,
to put my mind at rest.
Besides, we got other problems.
People here like to talk,
but talk doesn't get you very far.
We might have some good news.
- We're going to check it out.
- Good, be quick.
- Ready?
- Go.
Men talk business
and women clean up
Can I give you a hand?
You want to be a waitress?
I met my husband
when I was a waitress, at 16.
At 18 I was married
and at 19 I was worse than a widow,
with a husband behind bars.
I waited for him for 20 years.
But I feel blessed every day
for having met him,
while I was working as a waitress.
But now you're spying for my husband.
He ordered me to stay with you,
I have no choice and neither do you.
But as for what we say to each other
I decide what to tell him
and what not to.
Or you can choose
not to tell me anything,
so you're more relaxed.
I don't have secrets.
Even better.
There's no one here, let's go.
You asleep? Move!
What did you think of her?
She's not an easy woman.
Can you believe Gennaro!
Lil Monk goes after the Immortal
and we're babysitting his wife.
You don't get it.
For Gennaro,
his wife is the most important thing
and he asked us
to look after her, not him.
If he loses the war at home,
he loses outside too.
Azzurra's the key to controlling Gennaro.
And Lil Monk made
a mistake tonight, or not?
Your moment will come.
Luciana, do you love me?
Watch out for that woman,
she's not stupid.
You're right.
But if you're locked in a cage like her,
the one holding the keys
becomes your best friend.
- You didn't call.
- Didn't have nothin' to say.
You haven't heard from Enzo?
Maybe I know where they are.
Are you with me?
I'm tired.
If you knew where Blue Blood was
you wouldn't tell me.
It doesn't look like you're that rich.
I thought
you wanted to end this situation.
End it how?
We all end up in the cemetery.
If it wasn't for Ciro, we'd still
be happily eating Carmela's pizzas.
But he wanted an army,
Enzo followed him,
then us, dicking around behind him.
- They're to blame for all those deaths.
- And we're saints?
You remember Valerio?
Little Elio?
Have you already forgotten our brothers?
So, you're sure?
I'm tired, I'm going to bed.
Darling, be careful, don't fall.
Isn't the boy going to school?
He's safer here.
- But this isn't a playground.
- Better than being stuck inside.
He's so cute.
He's my whole life.
Don't you want kids?
My sister always says to me:
"Why don't you have a kid?
He could play with his cousins."
Angelo and I are fine the way we are.
At least you won't feel guilty
making him play in a place like this.
It's a tough moment, but it'll pass.
It's not a moment.
Our whole life's like this.
Gennaro's made too many enemies.
Gennaro's winning.
Ciro's got nothing.
Afterwards, it'll go back the way it was.
How was that?
You were right not to have kids.
I love Pietro more than anything,
but when I think it's my fault
that this is his life,
I wish I'd never had him.
They're looking for us all over Forcella.
But it didn't work out
for that rat Lil Monk. We're still here.
Now they'll be even more pissed off,
we're not safe here.
We gotta leave.
- Cantonese!
- We gotta go.
They're up our ass.
We gotta hurry,
we don't have much time.
This tip-off's a good one, I can feel it.
Where's Ciro and Enzo?
Put the gun on the table.
You too, Pitbull.
Put it down!
Put it down.
- That's it.
- You're a rat!
Time's up.
I wanna know where Ciro and Enzo are.
Where are they?
Tell me or I'll blow your head off!
Go, go!
Ciro! Quick, we gotta go!
Quick! They're coming!
Quick, go!
Come on, guys.
Cosimo, you okay?
Look what that fucking bastard did to me!
Lemme see it's a scratch.
- We got it wrong.
- Chill out, don't move.
- How the fuck did he get away?
- They had help.
- From who?
- We don't know.
Were they ghosts too?
Tear Naples apart,
I wanna know who his allies are!
Take all the men you need.
And the shipment?
Me and Mistral will take care of it.
She wanted to meet you in person
before deciding.
Where are the guys?
On their way to where you said.
You found it?
- It's still standing?
- Yeah.
It's easier for you Turks.
This is Akim, he's supervising
the delivery tomorrow.
Don't worry about
the Gentleman's widow.
As long as she's alive,
I prefer to be prudent.
I know I asked you for a lot,
but it'll be worth it.
This is the place.
You'll get the time tomorrow,
an hour before the arrival.
To be on the safe side.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
I always thought
only God Almighty was immortal.
Thank you for the help.
You like cyclamens?
They're strange flowers,
pretty, colorful
You give them to wish good luck.
But they're dangerous,
because although they're pretty,
they're poisonous.
Their true meaning is mistrust.
My husband used to say
that luck and mistrust
go hand in hand
because a lucky man
never trusts anyone.
Your husband was a wise man.
And you?
We were supposed to talk
about Gennaro Savastano.
I know him,
even though I've never met him.
I don't know you.
I was curious.
Your friend risked a lot to find me.
Gennaro Savastano's
looking for you everywhere.
I was curious
to see a man worth dying for.
Why'd you call us down?
Thought you might like some fresh air.
Did Gennaro say we could go out?
He said to look after you,
I think it'll do you good to get out.
It'll be trouble for you too, you know?
Let's go.
Get in, sweetheart.
Smoking's bad for you,
nobody ever told you that?
Lots of stuff's bad for you.
Why should I join forces with you?
Because you'd be better off.
You know it.
Better off how?
You got nothing to offer except anger.
I got the only thing that can
get you to Gennaro Savastano.
I know him better than anyone.
And knowing your enemy
is the most important thing.
I learned this the hard way.
I made you some coffee.
It's an honor, Mrs. Savastano.
What honor, Lavinia?
Look how cute they are.
Thanks, Luciana.
We're in.
- Are you tired, sweetheart?
- Yes.
Let's go to bed.
Go on, little man.
Go brush your teeth, I'll be right there.
When I heard you went out
I couldn't believe it.
Is she that dumb she went out
after they tried to kill her?
If you keep me locked in here,
I'll die anyway.
Your men were everywhere,
nothing could have happened.
There coulda been a hundred men,
but if he wants to kill you,
he'll kill you.
- From tomorrow, Luciana's not coming.
- No Luciana's coming tomorrow.
- You really want to play this game.
- It's not a game.
It's my life.
How did it go?
You did a good job.
It's all okay.
The guys got the shipment.
The time's come to make a call.
The shipment's on its way, let's move.
What did Gennaro say
about you going out?
Only that I can't go out.
I'm sorry.
I'm not.
I hadn't seen Pietro so happy in ages.
I wanna thank you.
But he's right.
Until this war with Ciro is over,
I can't go out.
I took the liberty of preparing
a surprise for the boy.
Come and see.
I thought if he can't go
to the playground,
we'll bring the playground to him.
Come and have a look, darling!
Open it, it's this one.
But where's Akim and the Russians?
I told you what time
the shipment arrives.
I called Gennaro,
now please, let me go.
It's not enough for your sins.
I only did what Gennaro asked me to.
I didn't have a choice!
You could have chosen to die.
You got the shipment, you won.
Please, let me go!
You know who didn't have a choice?
My husband.
You, that rat Gennaro and
his right-hand man decided for him.
You decided that if he died
it didn't matter to anyone.
But you were wrong,
because it mattered to me.
He was my whole life
and I swore on his grave
that I wouldn't rest
until everyone who killed him
was worm food.
But don't worry.
You're nobody.
One shot's enough for you.
No, wait.
Don't kill me, please!
No, don't do it! Don't kill me!
You got what you wanted:
revenge and the shipment.
You can keep the shipment
and my vengeance has just begun.
Still, you did well,
you did what you said you would.
Now what do you want?
I wanna arm my men.
It was here, right?
And you wanna make war
and equip an army in here?
It's all falling down.
What is this place?
It's the only place I missed.
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