Gomorrah (2014) s05e07 Episode Script

Season 5, Episode 7

Move it, Enzo! We gotta go!
They left him here for us
half an hour ago.
Ciro Di Marzio's allied
with the Gentleman's widow.
After the shipment got ripped off under
our noses, that's just what we needed.
What do we do, Don Genna'?
Well, have you spoken to the broker?
I need it right away,
I don't have time to lose, got it?
All right?
I'll see it arrives tomorrow.
Whaddaya think about Gennaro?
I think he's heading for the shitheap
and you know it too.
He's losing.
Smile in front of him,
and forget that crap.
Fuck it, I turned the world upside down
to find a new broker.
He's Slovenian, but we gotta hurry.
- Is it a done deal?
- There's one thing missing.
In the morning, you gotta go
to Trieste to meet him.
The son a bitch wants twice the advance
and the rest on departure,
not on delivery as usual.
I didn't have any choice.
Negotiate with him and tell him
the money's not an issue,
but we need it sooner.
It's a tricky moment,
the turf bosses are getting antsy.
If the stuff gets here fast
they'll be happy.
No one'll notice a thing
and we repair the damage.
Got it?
They started prepping it all,
they're just waiting for us.
What about Gennaro?
Gennaro's falling to bits.
With no money and no drugs
his men will leave him.
But we need to keep our people close,
the spots gotta reopen now and
everyone's gotta know it's only the start.
Anyway, we're getting the widow's stuff.
We're ready.
I wanna feel the knife
sinking into his flesh.
You're up already? It's six.
Where were you?
- I had a problem.
- What problem?
Nothing I can't solve.
Doesn't look like you're solving it.
I'm tired, Azzurra.
I knew I shouldn't have come here.
But when I protected you
from your father I suited you.
I suited you fine back then.
That was something else,
now it's different.
Now I can't wait to take my son
and get away from you.
You're hurting me.
Don't joke.
You don't know what I'm capable of.
Blue Blood's coming!
Guys, we gotta go!
We gotta be operational by tonight.
This stuff's gotta fly.
Ciro's here too.
This is Gullet,
he helped us open up this turf.
- It's a pleasure to meet you in person.
- Pleasure's mine.
These are all his guys that work for us.
The Immortal.
Look up.
The time's come to lift our heads.
Do you feel how important
this moment is?
We gotta regain control
of our home turf.
And I'll make a promise to you all.
However it goes down, I'm with you.
How did it go?
I gave him the advance
like you ordered.
- But?
- The Slovenian got the situation.
He wants the rest now,
not when the shipment leaves,
or the shipment's won't leave at all.
- Good morning.
- Good morning, Don Gennaro.
Do you realize what you're asking me?
I know, I had a small setback.
This wasn't the deal.
The two million you're asking for
is twice what you gave me.
In six months you'll get three back.
Know of a more generous bank?
With so little notice, it's not easy.
I know you'll find a solution, right?
I'll be waiting to hear from you.
All settled?
Gennaro's taking care of it now,
we have a new connection,
we just gotta pay him.
We're asking Gennaro's
businessmen for cash.
When does the shipment arrive?
The Gentleman's cocaine's running out,
the dealers aren't happy.
They'll be fine as long as
they don't have bad thoughts.
Bad thoughts are like knives in the back,
so, lose the knives, we have no choice.
We do and you know it.
Others see it the same way I do.
Gennaro's losing it.
and if the Immortal's with the widow,
it's a big problem.
I gave Gennaro my word.
He gave us his, too.
He told us we'd grow,
that we'd run things together
but now he's obsessed with Ciro
and the problems with his wife.
We can't afford to fight a war
on the wrong side.
Say that again, Luciana
If you can't see it,
I have to open your eyes.
I got stuff to do.
Why is the wife of the shitbag
who killed my husband here
to sell me her allies?
You must be really desperate.
That's right.
Does Mistral know you're here?
He'll see reason,
like I did.
Gennaro Savastano's
gonna lose this war.
How do you know?
I saw the fear in his eyes
every time you attacked him.
This is war, Luciana,
words aren't enough.
If you wanna win, your allies
gotta help you earn money,
gotta help you kill men.
Gennaro's desperate,
he's asking everyone for money
to buy another shipment.
From who?
His businessman pals,
the ones he financed
to get them on his side.
Do you know who they are?
I can find out
if we come to an agreement.
I want the names.
And then I'll consider it.
I'll let you live,
take it as a good-will gesture.
Yo, man.
You know how to count, right?
He was on up Vesuvius,
he's on his way back.
There he is.
There's not many people coming.
But it's good stuff and thanks to Gennaro
the price is low, they'll line up.
- Heard from Pure'n'Simple?
- The La Sanità spots open tomorrow.
I reckon we brought home
something good.
I was wrong to say what I did.
It's just that I'm worried.
There's no reason to be.
We already paid for the shipment in
advance, we just need the rest,
Gennaro's organized.
The businessmen again?
Shouldn't we avoid squeezing them?
What the fuck can they do?
It's a six-month loan with interest,
like buying government bonds.
Is that what Gennaro says?
And who bought these bonds
in our neighborhood?
Don Paolo, from the paper mill.
And in Secondigliano?
Other people.
Will you let me eat now?
All right,
my mind's easier now.
4:30pm's fine.
Thank you.
It's him.
- Who are you?
- Sit down.
Are you Don Paolo?
Then we're your salvation.
It's 500 thousand from Ciro Di Marzio.
And there's another 500,
on one condition.
Don't give Gennaro Savastano
the money he asked for.
- How do you know that?
- We know everything.
There's a war on out there.
We're winning and Gennaro's losing.
What side are you on?
Good morning, Mr. Savastano.
the cavaliere's not here.
But he knew I was coming by?
Yes, he left something for you.
What he was supposed
to give us should be in a bag.
It's 100 thousand, maybe a bit less.
It's not a problem,
give my regards to the cavaliere.
He just left.
This is the rest of your money.
You made the right choice.
And what happens
when Gennaro comes after me?
Have you ever had a guardian angel?
Now you have three, all our guys.
If you stay at home, they'll be with you,
if you go out, they'll be behind you.
And if you have any problems
they'll kill the problem for you.
Good evening.
Did you bring what we said?
- Will you tell me why?
- The deal isn't closed yet.
But I gave you a name.
One name's not much
for all that money.
Is one name enough for us?
We want all the names.
I risk too much that way.
I don't know you, but I know people.
I saw at once
you're a smart woman, or not?
You know very well,
in a stormy sea you can't stop,
although the current pulls you.
That's the time to take a risk.
But to stay in the middle,
on one side or the other
is the most dangerous position.
Do a nice drawing, then show it to me.
You look tired.
I can't take it anymore.
I know what you think.
Your husband's in trouble
and so's mine, Azzu'.
You know it
and you're afraid.
It's the first time I've had this feeling
since I met him.
If Gennaro loses this war,
you know what'll happen.
The one who loses the war
can't defend his castle
or what's inside it.
There might be a way to sort it out.
But it depends on you.
Are you asking me
to betray my husband?
for once, put yourself first.
You're back.
What have you been up to?
I spent the afternoon with Luciana.
She gave Pietro a gift,
he was very happy.
I wanted to see how it's going
with my own eyes.
It's not easy to construct a building,
but the foundations are solid.
One step at a time, Gennaro knows
we're moving in on him.
You have to swear
you'll get revenge for me.
I already swore I would.
- Did Donna Luciana call?
- She'll give us the names tonight.
But she wants the money right away
and a safe place for the handover.
She's afraid after she hands over
the list, her days will be numbered.
She might be right.
Don't worry, it's money well spent.
Come for dinner at my place,
we gotta celebrate.
We gotta talk about the future.
Here are all the names.
How did you do it?
I already knew some
when I worked at the consortium.
The others I saw among his papers.
I know it was difficult.
Azzu', listen to me.
It's the only thing you could do
to protect your son.
He's the most important thing.
Wait for me here.
- Good evening, Donna Luciana.
- I was expecting Ciro.
It's the same if you talk to me.
Are you Blue Blood?
That used to be my name.
Can I ask you something?
A guy disappears, everyone says he's
dead, and after a while he comes back.
He's got no house, no turf, no family,
but everyone comes back to him,
the Immortal.
What's so special about him?
If you're wondering that,
one day you'll come over to his side.
It's nearly ready.
Let's go.
Piece of shit!
Get your hands off me!
You're coming with us.
All good, Blue Blood gave us
what we asked for.
You're an intelligent woman,
but there's a problem.
You're not a mother.
What is it?
Because of Gennaro?
You see, Luciana
a woman can hate her husband,
but if he's the father of her kid,
she won't betray him.
My husband said we got
the best view in the world here.
Vesuvius shining under the sun.
I can smell the fragrance of the land
without seeing it,
I think of the day that's over.
One day less in my life.
This is no time to think of death.
We're winning.
But you oughta know that
better than me,
when you lose someone
who's in your heart,
only the thought of death
makes you go on.
When my son died
I wanted to die with him.
My husband didn't know
how to make me stop crying,
so one day he took me into a church.
That saved you?
The martyrs.
They saved me.
I looked at them
and I smelled their odor and I thought
They're like me.
Those who suffer
have only one treasure:
their suffering.
No one can take that away from us.
You don't know how long
I've been waiting for this moment.
But I do know.
I shot Ciro because of you.
You shot him, but he didn't die.
You're wrong.
The brother I knew died on that boat.
And me with him.
Do you feel better now?
You're not hitting me,
you're hitting yourself.
But you're the one who's bleeding.
You can't do anything to me,
because I'm immortal now too.
I said it that night on the boat,
me and him are brothers.
And for me that's all that counts.
- Good evening.
- Hi, babe.
You're here?
I'll stuff the 100 thousand euros
you gave me in your mouth, one by one.
I don't think he'll wake up.
The state he's in, it's better that way.
Leave me alone with him.
Enzo, can you hear me?
I'm here with you.
You don't need
to be afraid of anything now.
It's over.
Now you're free.
This is your peace.
Why are you here? What's going on?
I brought your wife back.
And this.
A million euros
from Ciro Di Marzio, for her.
It's a gift to sell us all out, Mistral.
I wanted to kill her with my own hands,
but then I realized it's not up to me.
I'll take care of it.
What the fuck have you done, Luciana?
You know what this means?
That now you gotta die.
- Angelo
- Get in the car!
Get out of my way!
- May I?
- Come in.
Here you are.
Thank you very much.
Thank you, Don Gaetano.
Enzo didn't die just for me.
He died for you too.
From now on,
he'll always be here with us.
From this sacrifice
a new world must be born.
Our world.
Those who want to be part of it
have to take a blood oath.
Because his blood is my blood.
My blood is the blood of the Immortal.
My blood is the blood of the Immortal.
My blood is the blood of the Immortal.
Immortal, my blood is your blood.
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