Gomorrah (2014) s05e08 Episode Script

Season 5, Episode 8

Our Father who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come,
thy will be done,
on earth as it in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread
and forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those
who trespass against us
and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
How can I help you?
I'm Carmelo Lo Diacono,
I want to turn myself in.
I tried to kill a woman and her son.
I know he was like a brother to you.
He sacrificed himself for you,
like Carmelo did for me.
We're lucky,
our people sacrifice themselves for us.
Now's not the time
to be blinded by anger.
I've never seen clearer than this.
The result will be worth the price.
I know it will.
I'm not doing it just for me,
but for them as well.
That's what I wanted to hear you say.
It's as if he's been
sent to us from heaven.
People like them don't come
from heaven, Bollano.
"Carmelo Lo Diacono,
member of the clan of
Vincenzo Carignano, aka the Gentleman,
declares he attempted to murder
Azzurra and Pietro Savastano."
Now tell me again exactly
how things unfolded.
I already told you.
The process of collaboration
is like a rosary,
where the deeds you've committed
are the prayers.
If you want absolution,
you have to repeat it over and over.
After the Gentleman's murder,
I participated in the ambush
against his killer's family.
Why did you decide to testify?
Because there was a kid
and the kid could have died.
I'd never forgive myself.
A criminal with a conscience.
- Who ordered that action?
- No one.
Don Vincenzo was like a father to me.
That scumbag Gennaro Savastano
had him killed.
How do you know it was him?
The Gentleman lived up to his name,
he was loved and respected by all.
- He only had one enemy
- Gennaro Savastano.
If it wasn't for you, by now I'd be dead.
There's no one on earth
I can trust anymore.
Only you.
You're beautiful.
I decided to take Pietro to school,
he needs normality.
- If you like, I'll come too.
- There's no need.
And Luciana?
Mistral did what he had to.
If I'd betrayed you,
would you have killed me?
The Iceman told me you were here.
And here I am.
Angelo, I know I asked
something difficult of you,
something hard.
It was the only price
to pay for betrayal.
I did what had to be done.
Let's go, the others are waiting for us.
Come in my car.
Or is that a problem?
No problem, Genna'.
Let's go.
Hi, Lil Monk.
Everyone's here.
Good, wait for me there.
Keep an eye on him,
don't let him outta your sight.
With discretion, but keep me informed.
Don't you trust him anymore?
Trust is a weakness
I've never been able to afford.
Blue Blood's dead.
That's what happens to those
who trust Ciro Di Marzio,
to those who try to betray me.
To win this war
there's still one thing left to do.
Ciro's men have four spots
where they sell the drugs
they stole from us at bargain prices
because they didn't pay for it.
We gotta sell drugs
at a lower price than theirs.
All Naples needs to know who has
the best drugs at the cheapest price.
Ciro's spots have gotta empty out.
Less coke he sells,
the less money he has for his people.
Yeah, but us too.
If we lower the price we earn half.
But we still gotta pay the same number
of people. What do we do?
To win the war, it takes sacrifice,
so let's arm ourselves with patience.
Once we've won, we'll sell
at the old price with no competition.
That's all.
Mistral, will you take care of it?
Let's get to work.
- All good?
- All good.
That's from Forcella.
Evening, guys.
- Don't lose count.
- Don't worry, Old-Timer.
See ya, bro.
Night, guys.
Keep your eyes peeled.
It's late, I thought you'd be asleep.
- I wasn't tired.
- We all need rest.
Even you.
Got a cigarette?
What's up, Pure'n'Simple?
When we first met you,
we were only kids who dreamed
of devouring the world.
And now I'm the only one left.
He died like that because
Gennaro wanted to hurt me.
We gotta keep going for Enzo.
Or else he died for nothing.
This dream isn't over.
We're still here.
And I swear to you
Gennaro will pay for this too.
I'm out of cigarettes.
You're smoking a lot.
Does Gennaro suspect anything?
If he finds out, he'll kill us both.
There's no need for you to tell me.
It's better if you kill me now.
Sweetheart, we have to go.
Come on, it's late.
Be a good boy.
Are you taking me to school too?
Of course Papa
will take you to school too.
Come on.
So, do you like this school more
or the old one?
This one.
Off you go, it's late.
Let's go.
Be good now.
We're doing good,
we just need to improve security.
The Immortal's spots
will definitely be deserted.
This is the last sacrifice for all of us.
Your wife would have been happy
to see your spots working.
If she can't see it,
that's entirely her fault.
If you'll excuse me
What happens next?
Should I call his parents?
The boy comes with us
and we'll wait for the judge's decision.
Pietrino, now we'll take you
to another house
where there are lots of other kids,
you'll really like it.
Yes, but when is Mamma coming?
- There's hardly anyone.
- It's the same in Forcella.
Gennaro's selling cocaine at half price.
- He's desperate.
- It's the only thing he could do.
Soon the spots will be
the last of his problems.
The lawyer called me,
the hearing's tomorrow at ten.
They'll take him away from us.
This time they'll take him away.
We don't know that.
If the court thinks he's in danger,
they'll take him for sure.
Did you find out who gave testimony?
one of the Gentleman's men.
I promise I'll fix everything.
There's only one thing you gotta promise.
That after you bring my son back to me,
you'll kill Ciro Di Marzio
in front of me.
The minor Pietro Savastano
will be placed in a suitable facility.
We have determined there
are urgent and appropriate reasons
for the minor to be placed
in a suitable environment,
pending verification
of the parental capabilities
of the minor's mother and father
- I'm so sorry.
- Where are they taking him?
The location of the foster home
is secret, only the judge knows.
- There's nothing we can do?
- Not now.
We can discuss Pietro's removal again,
but in a year from today.
In a year?
Unfortunately, I have
more bad news for you.
I read the document
you received this morning.
Tomorrow, you have to go see Ruggieri
as a person informed of the facts
in the inquiry into Carmelo Lo Diacono.
By law I cannot be present.
That piece of shit's gotta die.
Gennaro, you need to relax,
for now it's only an informal chat.
They took Gennaro's kid.
So it went the way you wanted.
It went the way we wanted.
- I want him dead.
- His kid's the first step.
Try not to make me wait too long then.
but I'm keeping my eyes open.
You gotta do something
else important, on the down-low.
At your disposal.
I'll wait for you outside.
I'm glad you came.
Did I have a choice?
I heard about Pietro, I'm sorry,
I'm a father too.
But he'll be fine,
you don't need to worry.
I don't believe you're sorry.
The state must protect minors
living in dangerous environments.
- An environment your husband created.
- That's your opinion.
A child shouldn't be separated
from his mother and father.
That doesn't depend on me,
but we can find a way
for you to get him back.
The way you're suggesting
doesn't interest me.
So you don't intend to collaborate?
When all the pain comes,
remember clearly
that you could have chosen
to get your son back
and because of your husband
you didn't do it.
You know what people like me
and my husband say?
You don't touch children.
Explain to me, Federico.
Gennaro orders us
to do something like this
and we have to do it with Mistral?
How can we trust Mistral?
Are you forgetting his wife sold us out?
We just gotta watch him
and stay on him.
And you're cool with that?
If they catch us it's 30 years.
I'd never do something so sensitive
with Mistral.
Gennaro shouldn't have put us
in this shit position.
- They took his kid.
- Great.
If I was him, I'd do it myself.
But you stay in your place
and he'll stay in his.
And whatever he tells you to do,
you do it.
Can I come in?
Gennaro needs
something very important.
What Gennaro says is gospel to me.
I'm sorry.
It must have been
the greatest suffering in your life.
I've been there too.
There's a difference
between me and you.
You're a bloodless snake
who killed his girlfriend
to earn a position in the clan.
I did what I did to the love of my life
because I'm a man of honor.
Now fuck off outta my house
and call me only when
you need me for a job.
See you, Mistral.
Ruggieri asked me to testify.
He said it's the only way
to get Pietro back.
I said no.
I got an idea.
But it's very dangerous.
What is it?
Gennaro asked me to do something
with Lil Monk, it's tricky.
But it could be good for us.
If I help him find the boy,
Gennaro will be grateful.
Gennaro will never forgive me.
And if he catches you, he'll kill you,
- Why are you still with him?
- Because I'm a man of honor.
that was before
before he asked you to kill me.
But Pietro's his son, not yours.
Why should you run the risk?
Gennaro was right not to trust him,
we gotta tell him.
Don't you want to tell him?
We gotta do the right thing
at the right time.
Let's go.
Tonight we gotta assemble
all our people.
Gennaro's head's not in the game,
all he can think of is his son.
- Now we can hurt him.
- What you gonna do?
I want to unleash hell, a civil war.
I want blood and death.
If the cops are at his spots,
he won't sell anything.
Tonight we avenge Enzo.
All right, Mr. Ruggieri, I'll tell him.
He'll be really pleased.
Papa said he'll come later
and we'll get ice cream.
Where is he?
Where's my son?
Nasty thing, fear.
If you can't manage it,
it gets dangerous,
you lose your mental clarity.
It takes practice to manage fear.
What do you want?
Tell me where Pietro is
and I'll tell you where your son is.
I need to make some calls,
ask favors, I need time.
I'll decide how much time you get.
- Has he eaten?
- He didn't want anything.
The kid decides?
Am I meant to stick food in his mouth?
Simone, are you okay? You didn't eat.
Come on, Papa will be here soon.
Be a good boy, eat up.
He's a magistrate's son,
what we're doing is so fucking stupid!
It'll be over soon.
It'll be over soon
Tonight we'll descend
on their turf like demons.
We gotta kill, we gotta destroy.
We gotta bring the cops in.
People going to buy their gear
will have to flee.
None of them must be left standing.
The Savastanos' day is over.
Let's roll!
How did it go?
How it was supposed to.
We gotta put a couple of lookouts
on the buildings.
I'll send some guys tomorrow.
Go, bro.
Go, go!
Wake up!
Let's move it along.
Come on, people!
One at a time, get your money out.
Get your money out.
Get everything.
- You ready?
- Yeah.
Son of a bitch!
Let's go!
The Savastanos' day is over.
We have the Immortal.
But you're not immortal.
What happened?
Ciro Di Marzio and his men
came and opened fire on our turf.
How are you?
I killed one of them, Luciana.
But he wasn't afraid.
He was happy.
Happy to die?
Happy to die for the Immortal.
These people aren't like us,
they're like martyrs sacrificing
themselves in the name of Jesus.
This isn't a war for them,
it's a crusade.
And if that's true,
then the Immortal has already won.
That's why I betrayed Gennaro.
There's nothing worse than fighting
a war on the wrong side.
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