Gomorrah (2014) s05e09 Episode Script

Season 5, Episode 9

- They Blue Houses shut down.
- The Smurfs too, after our visit.
Ponticelli's still blubbering.
CirĂ¹, no one can stop us now.
Go, guys!
I'm glad to see you happy.
But spare a thought for the guys we lost.
Last night, some of our guys died too,
yesterday Ronni,
and Blue Blood,
they sacrificed themselves for us.
We must never forget.
It's also thanks
to them we're here today.
Let's celebrate for them too!
Seven deaths and twelve injured,
is the toll of the clan war
that broke out in the neighborhoods
of Scampia, Secondigliano
Good morning, Don Gennaro.
I got the papers for the boat,
all in order.
This is for you.
It's more than I asked for.
This way we're all happier.
- You always gotta carry this.
- All right.
When do you want to leave?
Stand by, it could be any moment now.
Take care, Don Gennaro.
All good with the kid?
Call his father, put the squeeze on.
That was Gennaro.
Hello, Mr Judge
the boy's fine.
But you're taking too long.
Get busy, hurry up.
I won't say it again.
Good evening.
Did you send for me?
I did everything you wanted,
I gave you men, money,
I sacrificed Carmelo for you.
I think each of us
has lost something in this war.
At last we're getting
what we always wanted.
His turf's going down, he's alone
and scared he'll lose his son.
I'm sick of waiting.
You gotta bring me him and his family.
I'm gonna slit his wife's throat
then his son's, then his.
- It's not time yet.
- I'm telling you it is.
- Killing Gennaro's not enough for me.
- It is for me!
I heard he's running away,
leaving his guys in the wreckage,
- How do you know?
- I have people who respect me.
- They want to end the name Savastano.
- And what about his son?
Will he leave without him?
We need to pay someone
to find out where he is.
Whoever has the kid, has him as well.
We gotta wait,
this revenge must play out slow.
We'll strike him at the last moment.
I wanna see him kneeling at my feet,
in front of his people.
That's what I want.
Carmelo Lo Diacono
has decided to retract his statement.
His lawyer made an application,
got him off on a technicality.
- And it worked?
- He gets out the day after tomorrow.
We'll never get him again.
Call Azzurra Savastano
to testify against him.
She'll only testify
if we give her son back.
That's absolutely out of the question.
- The child isn't a tradable commodity.
- Of course.
That's why I came to you.
We've already figured out the dynamics.
Pietro Savastano wasn't present
when Lo Diacono fired the gun.
I know, but the boy
might have seen something
that we could use to keep in prison
the man who tried to kill him
and his mother.
I can't tell you where the child is,
nor can I let you meet him.
I know.
But you can.
Everyone's leaving.
They hurt us too bad.
It's over.
Don Genna'!
Can I say something?
The other night, because of you,
I lost the last son I had.
I wanted to save him,
but I didn't manage.
Our children are all that counts.
And I lost my last one.
Might be cold on the boat at night.
Even though we're going somewhere
warm, I packed some sweaters.
What do you say?
Good idea.
What's going on?
My world's falling to pieces.
People look at me like I'm nobody.
I get what Ciro wants to do.
He wants to erase my name.
It's just a name, Genna'.
Bring Pietro home
then the three of us will live together.
Far away.
That's all you need to think about.
Just a name
Good evening.
Is it all there?
Passport, license and social security.
I'm gonna say it,
because an old man with not long to live,
is no longer afraid,
But it feels weird, you know?
Things have changed and I didn't notice,
I understand you, 'course I do.
I'm sure you're doing what's right,
but, as I knew him,
your father would never have left
while he was still the king.
Who the fuck said you can be so
familiar, you old bastard?
You know the difference
between me and him?
For me, family comes first.
If you wanna live out
your final years in peace,
pretend nothing happened tonight,
or I'll come back
and rip your head off your body.
I was waiting for you.
Follow me.
We took a beating everywhere.
They hit us hard in the spots
in Secondigliano too.
The situation's tough for everyone.
I should be there,
not in here babysitting.
With the spots closed
I don't know what could happen.
People think Gennaro's weaker.
I don't have time to waste,
what do you want?
Sit down.
Drink your coffee.
He won't win this war
and if he loses we're going down,
because he already has
a one-way ticket outta here.
He's getting ready to run.
- The fuck are you talking about?
- He has a boat ready.
And he's taking all our money with him.
How do you know?
A forger in Secondigliano
made all his documents.
The old guy got frightened
because Gennaro threatened him,
he came to ask me for help because
he's known me since I was a kid.
Why are you telling me this?
The fuck you getting at?
You know Gennaro told
me and my brother to watch you?
We guarantee for you.
I'll say you did what you were s'posed to
and you're trustworthy,
even if it's not true.
Be a real pity if someone told Gennaro
your wife is alive.
And where she is.
Don't worry, Mistral.
No one wants that to happen,
otherwise Gennaro would be here
instead of you.
You'll be with him
when he goes to pick up his son.
That's the right moment.
You gotta kill him.
We're tired of having bosses.
You can go.
I had no choice, Luciana.
He wants you on his side
to get rid of Gennaro for good.
And then, when it's all over,
it'll be your turn.
And if Gennaro finds out you're alive,
isn't it the same thing?
- What d'you wanna do?
- We have important information.
It might interest a certain person.
Listen to me.
Whatever you want to do, I'm with you,
but be careful.
We already tried
and you know how that turned out.
After all that happened
you got some balls coming here.
Explain why we shouldn't just
shoot you in the head.
Because you'd lose your chance.
Chance for what?
To end this fucking war
for once and for all.
What are you doing here?
I have information that can get you
Gennaro Savastano.
Why are you telling me?
My wife is the only one who stayed close
to me when I was in prison.
She could have chosen someone else
but she stayed faithful to me.
She waited for me.
And I was still a nobody.
Gennaro Savastano
condemned her to death,
but I couldn't kill her.
Put yourself in my shoes.
How can I trust someone
who screws his allies?
He screwed me, Don Ciro.
First he talked our ears off,
then he plunged us into a war
against you that no one wanted.
I want this information
to close the deal.
But be careful,
I won't let you make any more mistakes.
Like you did with your wife.
Don't leave me alone.
Now you're getting scared?
You can relax here, it's all set up.
This is the last sacrifice we make.
All right.
Do what you gotta do, then.
Give my regards to that piece of shit.
Don't fuck up,
think of your wife.
It's Mistral.
- Mistral
- Get out here!
Get out here and don't move!
Don't move!
I want Pietro Savastano.
You know what to do.
I know where he is.
He said he knows where he is.
That'll do, that's all I wanted to know.
Excuse me, Lil Monk's downstairs.
he says it's urgent.
- What's going on?
- Your husband sent me to get you.
- Why?
- There's a problem with the kid.
- What problem?
- He's crying, he wants his mamma.
We're at our wits' end.
His father wants to speak to you
before giving us the information we want.
That's why we thought of you,
you're a mother.
Who better than you?
You'll calm him down for sure.
Help me.
The road was closed in both directions
to allow emergency services to enter
Hi, Azzu'!
What do you want?
You know
I remember my mom.
It seems impossible, because I was
21 days old when I lost her,
but I remember her.
She held tight me to her chest,
while everything around us collapsed.
She never let go of me,
I survived thanks to her sacrifice.
A mother will do anything for her child.
If what you say is true,
then you and I agree.
There is no "you and I".
You're wrong.
I have your son,
I can do what I want with him.
As you can see, there is a "you and I".
Nothing must happen to Pietro.
I want Gennaro.
I have a score to settle with him.
You decide.
Either him
or your son.
It was your husband.
When we go up,
be careful what you say,
because if I don't come back,
my funeral will be held
after your son's.
Good evening, Don Genna'.
Why is my wife with you?
Because the judge's kid
was going batshit
and I thought that your wife,
as a mother,
could calm him down.
Who the fuck gave you permission?
Why did you tell my men outside
that I did?
Look at me.
It was me, Genna'.
If the judge didn't talk to his son,
he wouldn't have done what he had to.
But we couldn't let him
see the kid in that state,
that's why I told the guys
you knew about it.
You'd never have let me,
but we couldn't waste time.
I don't people making decisions
in my place.
The judge found out where Pietro is.
We did it.
He'll say when he meets Lil Monk.
Sorry, I'm tired.
Your wife's an exceptional woman.
If we got this result today,
it's thanks to her.
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