Gomorrah (2014) s05e10 Episode Script

Season 5, Episode 10

You know, Azzu'?
At a certain point
I didn't believe it anymore.
I thought I'd lost you forever.
And yet we're so close
and I'm so happy
You were right,
another kind of life is possible.
I only want to do what's best
for you both.
Once we're over there
it'll all be different.
I promise you.
There's a car ready to take you.
No need,
I'll go with him in the ambulance.
If there's any news I'll call you.
- I want to go to my son.
- We'll take you there now.
Where's Pietro?
As soon as the kid's in Naples
I'll bring him to you.
Why did I have to do it?
Couldn't he have done it?
It hurts deeper
if you're betrayed by a loved one.
You finally woke up.
The medication in your body
is like poison,
a wrong dose could have killed you.
But your wife did a good job.
Forgive me.
You did the right thing.
Pietro comes first.
I've never had such a horrible dream.
But this is reality.
Where's my son?
Only I know where he is.
All in good time.
We can't rush things here.
First thing, our people.
Tell everyone you're done,
the Savastanos are done.
I want them all in front of me,
those still following you and my men,
so you can tell them the king's son
is dead at the hand of nobody's son.
And after that?
After that you and me
will go and get your son.
So he and your wife are free
and you can get
on that nice boat you bought.
What guarantees do I have?
You have none.
We'll show you the way.
You piece of shit.
I can look you in the eye, at last.
You killed the love of my life,
but it wasn't enough.
You defaced his grave and our son's.
You didn't even respect death.
I want to see you die with my own eyes,
you have to suffer,
you gotta hear your wife crying,
feeling what I felt.
As you can see, I did what I promised,
but there's still one thing
to do tonight.
Do what you have to, but then he's mine.
To make sure you don't forget,
I'll take her as a guarantee.
She has to stay with me,
until the time comes.
It'll be okay, I promised you.
Don't worry.
See you there.
The first time I came here
I was just a kid.
With nothing, with nobody.
Everyone said an empire was being born
that would bring wellbeing and earnings
to us and our families.
This empire had a name.
I grew up with them,
I was a soldier for them
and for years I risked my neck
like many of you.
I lived on the edge.
I lost everything.
Friends, companions,
But now it's over.
We're nobody
and yet look where we are now.
Tonight our former enemy
will tell us that too.
He came here, in front of us,
to kneel down.
I am a Savastano,
born to rule, kill and make money.
Only I know what I've been through
to get respect,
to be worthy of the name I carry.
Then Ciro Di Marzio came into my life.
He was like a father to me,
a brother, an enemy.
We've kissed on the mouth
and shot each other.
But that's history now.
From today Secondigliano
no longer belongs to Savastanos,
from today it belongs to you.
It belongs to you.
Tonight a new kingdom is born
that belongs only to us.
Our rebirth starts here.
You're in charge until I get back.
Don't worry.
Follow us.
I wanted it to end where it all began.
All the hopes we had
We wanted to eat up the world.
But the world ate us up.
Maybe you've forgotten
who I was to you.
In my chest I've still got the bullet
you shot at me when I saved your life.
That reminds me every day who you are.
You gotta be the one to kill me,
no one else deserves to.
Azzurra and Pietro gotta be free forever,
you gotta promise me.
I don't gotta promise nothing.
They're innocent.
My daughter was innocent too.
Pull in here.
I said pull in.
Watch him.
The last of the Savastanos
is in my hands.
Don't make any plans, Lil Monk.
Rats like you don't live very long.
When I closed the door of that gulag
in Riga I thought I was free.
Finally I could stop crying
for that brother I thought I'd killed,
but instead he'd just abandoned me.
Do you know how I felt?
I felt the same pain you're feeling now.
You'll feel the same loneliness I did.
You're wrong.
The pain I feel every day
is for what I did to my family.
But now all I feel is peace.
And where will this peace take us?
- How's it going to end?
- You'll know soon.
It's me and you, together.
Until the end.
- Mr Sellero
- Yes?
- A word.
- Tell me.
We're taking you to work.
I don't know you, what do you want?
We want that no one gets hurt.
Don't worry about your family,
my friend will stay here with them.
When we're done, I'll call him,
he'll leave and it'll all be okay.
Don't dick us around,
we got no time to waste.
Gimme the keys.
- Gimme the keys!
- Move!
Get out.
Don't go in with that face.
Think of your family
and everything will be okay.
Pasquale, is something wrong?
Nothing's wrong,
go get Pietro Savastano, now.
Now? The kids are sleeping, it's late.
I have to take him somewhere
then I'll bring him right back.
Where? Do you have
the judge's permission?
Tommaso, don't ask questions.
Go get Pietro, I'll explain later.
Explain first.
That's not good.
I can't explain now, do what I tell you.
Don't move from here.
Without the judge's authorization
no one's leaving.
Who's this?
- Do what I asked you!
- I'll call the police!
You're not calling
anyone, asshole. Go in.
Hurry up. You too.
Hurry up.
Don't fuck us around
or it'll end badly.
Look me in the eye.
Is there anyone else in here?
- Yes.
- Where?
In there.
Don't move, sit down.
Get her phone. You give me yours.
Wanna get a move on?
Hurry up.
Behave and nobody will get hurt.
We gotta help him,
if anything goes wrong we're all fucked.
You're already fucked, don't you realize?
You don't count for shit no more.
You're a nobody now.
Where are you going?
I'll see you soon.
That was Ciro, it's time.
Move out, go to the beach.
You know what you gotta do.
Get the car ready, we gotta go.
Ciro called, the kid's with him.
Let's go.
I'll take you to see your husband
for the last time before he dies.
What is it?
Gennaro didn't give me this opportunity.
Even if you kill him, what changes?
It's because I can't change the past
that I want revenge.
This is all I got left.
I'm not Gennaro.
You can believe me.
If you let us go you won't see us again.
I promise you.
Pietro needs his father.
You're a mother, you can understand.
I haven't been a mother for a long time,
it's a feeling I don't remember.
I know that women like you and me
shouldn't have kids.
Being our kids is a like a sentence,
even if you're still an innocent soul.
You're wrong.
I'll take Pietro far away
from this disgusting mess
and he'll have a normal life.
And when he grows up and asks
about his father, grandparents,
what will you say?
Fairy tales are fine when you're a kid,
but later it's blood that commands
and you can't escape that.
Let's go.
Papa! Papa!
What's that? An accident?
I don't know.
Let's go.
Azzurra's arrived.
Wait here, I'll take them.
They've got nothing to do with this.
If you ever loved me, shoot me.
You gotta feel the same pain I feel,
that's the only way we can be equal.
You gotta lose what's most dear to you.
Let Pietro live.
That's the difference
between you and me.
I wanted you to understand.
You can still breathe in
your son's smell.
Get outta here.
I said get outta here.
- What the fuck's this?
- Run!
- Quick!
- The kid!
- Go!
- Hurry, quick!
You were right, the only person
you need to protect yourself from is me.
No, Genna'!
You were right!
We gotta get outta here, cover me!
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