Gone (2018) s01e02 Episode Script


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- Dancing all night 'cause you know we ain't stopping One, two, three, four bottles in the club Steady keep 'em coming 'Cause you know we ain't leaving Yeah this a big dog season Players know what's up So they steady keep on reppin' Party real hard just to show them, okay That we go hard, go hard Go hard, go hard, we get it popping nonstop Where you at, who you with, and where you from - Oh, come on, Zo.
One more drink.
Yes! - [laughs] - Come on.
- You guys go.
Listen, I am all partied out.
And I have that chem exam.
- That's Monday.
- Uh-huh.
- This is Friday.
You-- - Good night, ladies.
DestiNation? - Yeah, are you Zoey? - We are all so gonna be working for her one day.
[phone chimes] - Bye.
- See you.
- [laughs] [horn honking] Hi.
- Hey.
I'm--I'm here to pick up Zoey.
- Thanks for the water.
[phone buzzing] [beeps] [chuckles] Just isn't as much fun without me, is it? - Hey, your driver just got here.
Whose car did you get into? [suspenseful music] - Uh, I live on South Campus.
This isn't the right way.
- Zoey? Zoey? Zoey? Are you there? [horn honking] This isn't funny.
Tell me you're okay.
Zoey, can you hear me? - Where--where are you going? - If you don't answer me, I'm gonna call the police.
I'm not kidding.
- Hajime.
- [grunts] [grunts] [grunts] - That a girl, Cassie! - That kid was huge! - I know.
What do I always say, huh? It's not the size of the dog in the fight-- - It's the size of the fight in the dog.
I thought Mark Twain said that.
- No, that was me.
So proud of you.
Good work today.
- We have a situation.
[jet engine roaring] - Zoey Price.
21, senior at Merrick College.
She disappeared last night after requesting a ride from DestiNation.
Anybody familiar with that? - I don't use it, but you do.
- I take it everywhere.
- Yeah, well, they're really taking off.
They're in 50 cities and growing.
If there's a vulnerability that a predator can use that app to stalk victims, we got a real problem.
- The company's in spin mode.
They say whoever's car Zoey got into wasn't one of their drivers.
- Well, they're about to go public too, so they're pissing themselves over what the bad press is gonna do to their share price.
- But when you request a ride, you get the driver's name and the make of the car.
Maybe this guy was able to hack the app somehow.
I'd need her phone to know for sure.
- We tried pinging it.
It was turned off right after she was taken.
- She took that on her Insta right before she disappeared.
- I want to see where Zoey got taken from.
Find out what kind of predator we're up against.
[horn honking] - They call this The Strip.
After last call, it's like Mardi Gras out here.
- That's where Zoey was taken? - I spoke to the bar owner.
These security cameras haven't worked in a year.
Local police are canvassing the street to see if any other cameras got anything.
Mobs of college kids, a lot of them wasted, all of them needing a ride.
If you're a predator, you couldn't pick a better hunting ground.
- She must be so scared right now.
[bells chiming] You go to college? - West Point.
- Right.
Forgot you were Army.
- How about you? - [chuckles] You read my file, didn't you? - Yeah, well, it's understandable.
You were still going through a lot in high school.
- Lots of therapy.
Lots of drugs.
- Must've been hard.
All your friends going off to school, but not you.
- [scoffs] Right.
All my friends.
- Now, you told the police you didn't get a good look at the car.
- A gray sedan, that's all.
I was pretty buzzed.
- Zoey doesn't have a boyfriend? - No one steady.
She's really into her schoolwork.
- Is this hers? - That's mine.
Zoey's pre-med.
- Well, did Zoey have any enemies? Anyone who might want to hurt her? - No.
No way.
Everyone loves Zo.
- Okay.
Thank you.
- You guys are gonna find her, right? Tell me you will.
- We're hopeful.
- Thank you.
- I had James put together a list of every known sex offender in a 10-mile radius.
- [sighs] Decent amount of names on here.
- Yeah, so let's narrow the search.
[phones ringing] Hi.
We're conducting an investigation.
We're gonna need a list of all your drivers in the area.
- Can I help you? - John Bishop.
This is Kick Lanigan.
We're with the FBI.
- Kyle Parrish.
I'm one of the founders.
For a minute, I thought you were with those guys.
They're SEC.
Due diligence before we go public.
- No, we're here about the Zoey Price disappearance.
- Let me just make one thing clear.
This isn't about our app.
This girl got in the wrong car.
- Her name is Zoey.
- Sorry, of course.
What I'm trying to say is, Zoey made a valid ride request, but by the time our driver showed up, she was gone.
Our app worked the way it was supposed to.
- Still, we'd like to see a list of your drivers.
- I can assure you, our vetting protocol is state-of-the-art.
We don't hire drivers with criminal records.
- That's fantastic.
Then it won't take us long to go through the list.
- Bull's-eye.
Richard Smith.
Served three years at Rockview for kidnapping.
Paroled in 2014.
Started driving for DestiNation six months ago.
- So much for their state-of-the-art vetting protocol.
- [scoffs] It looks like he's got a second job at the Seneca loading dock.
[vehicles beeping] - Mr.
Smith? FBI.
Why don't you come outside? We'll ask you a few questions.
[intense music] You--you take that way.
- All right.
[grunts] - Nice move.
- Teach it to all my girls.
- I got to say, based on the ride history DestiNation provided, Smith was nowhere near The Strip last night.
- Well, maybe he faked his history.
- You know, something about the jailhouse tats makes me think that's a little beyond our friend over there.
- So why'd he run? - Found a vial of oxy in his locker.
Would have been a parole violation and his third strike.
I'd have run too.
- Okay, everybody.
I just got off the phone with the DA who convicted Smith.
Five years ago, Smith and a buddy dragged some guy from a rival gang off the streets, roughed him up for a few hours, and then let him go.
And that was the kidnapping.
- He's not our guy.
- Mr.
Miss - Lanigan.
- Right, sorry.
This is my partner.
- Dylan Bender.
What can we do for you? - We need the ride histories for these passengers.
- Look, I already told you.
This isn't about our app.
Now, we gave you the list of drivers-- - Yeah, and one of them turned out to be a convicted kidnapper, so-- - We were able to get Richard Smith's ride history off his phone.
Now we don't believe be kidnapped Zoey Price, but if you can get us those ride histories, we can confirm it.
- Absolutely.
Let me get those for you.
- Thank you.
You guys went to Merrick? - Yeah, how'd you know? - Oh, right.
Yeah, the app started as a class project.
It's insane how big we're getting.
- Insane.
- We'll have that information for you in just a second.
Listen, we want to cooperate.
And we show no evidence of our system being hacked.
- Let's face it.
This girl was wasted.
And her Instagram photos-- - Say she asked for it.
Go on.
Say it.
- Whoa, take it easy.
- All right, let's all calm down, huh? - I have those ride histories you asked for.
- Thank you for your cooperation.
- No problem.
- Nobody made her get in that car.
- Keep walking.
Let's go.
- You know what this publicity's gonna do to our IPO? - Hey-- - No, we're the victims here.
- Look, there is nothing I'd rather do than take what you just said and ram it down your self-entitled throat.
But you've wasted enough of our time.
And Zoey's.
- I cross-checked Smith's ride history against his passengers.
They sync up.
He was 9 miles away when Zoey got into her abductor's car.
- All right, well, let's just take Smith off the list.
Who else we got? - Uh, well, I can't say for sure, but I think Zoey's phone got ghosted.
- "Ghosted"? - Targeted.
Circumventing the company's firewall.
On Zoey's phone, it would look like a DestiNation driver was accepting her request when really it was the kidnapper.
- Well, that sounds sophisticated.
Who knows how to do that? - How about the guy who designed the app in the first place? - What, Parrish? I agree he's a sexist a-hole, but a kidnapper? - No, not Parrish.
Parrish is a frat boy.
The other one.
- Bender? Based on what? - While you were talking to Parrish, I saw Dylan put his hands on one of the girls there.
One of his employees.
- Okay.
So make that two sexist a-holes.
- No, I saw this girl's eyes.
She was scared.
- Why would Dylan Bender want to tank his own company? He stands to make millions off this IPO.
- Why did my abductor join the Police Benevolent Association in every town we went to? Predators get off on the risk.
- That's conjecture.
Not evidence.
- Okay, well, how about this for evidence? Our perp drives a gray sedan.
And I had James check the DMV.
Dylan drives an A4.
- No, don't tell me.
- Bingo.
I am telling you, there is something about this guy.
He had a look.
- I'm sure he did.
- Why don't you give us a minute? Just a minute.
- Am I in trouble now? - What's the matter with you? - "Look, we had to arrest him, your honor.
The defendant had a look.
" - She's on the team, okay? - I'm all about the team.
She's just not a profiler.
- No, she's not a profiler.
A profiler has to spend years training how to get inside a predator's head.
Kick doesn't have to do that.
Because she lived it.
So if she's got a hunch about this guy, go with it.
What do you got to lose? - Yes, sir.
- Pass me the marsala.
- Masala.
- Whatever it is.
Pass it to me.
- So you said you're a computer science major, right? - Yeah.
- Did you know the DestiNation guys? - A little.
They were a few years ahead of me.
- What can you tell us about Dylan? - Dylan? - Mm.
- I mean, he was always nice to me.
- Whatever you say stays between us.
- I heard this story.
I heard he assaulted a girl on campus last year, and it got swept under the rug.
- Campus police got a call from a faculty member named Leonard Crouch.
Said he walked into the computer lab and saw Dylan Bender assaulting a female student named Holly Greco.
Crouch got the impression that he locked her in there against her will.
Campus police refers it to us, but when we talked to Crouch, he wasn't sure what he saw.
- So what did Holly say? - She said Dylan came onto her, but that was it.
Said it was all a misunderstanding.
You ask me, the university wanted the whole thing to go away.
- Shocking.
- This kid Bender is Merrick's Mark Zuckerberg.
Raises the profile of the whole school.
- Not to mention a hell of a lot of money.
- Hmm.
- Thanks for your time, Commander.
- Wait.
You talked to Holly.
What do you think happened? - This girl had bruises on her arms.
She was shaken up.
- Thanks.
- We might be onto something with Dylan Bender.
- Think so, huh? - [chuckles] [cell phone rings] Yeah? - When we got into town, I had Zoey's wireless carrier start pinging her phone every ten minutes in case somebody turned it on.
Six minutes ago, we got a hit.
State game lands near Sandy Lake.
- [muffled groaning] - Bishop! Hey, it's okay.
Hey, you're okay.
You're okay.
You're safe.
All right, let's get her out of here.
Come on, help me.
Help me.
- Let's go.
Trailer's abandoned.
God knows how long it's been up here.
Found a water bottle.
We're gonna test it.
I think he may have drugged her.
I'd say Zoey got lucky.
- I don't think luck had anything to do with it.
She's not the one who turned her phone back on.
Her hands were tied.
- Right, her kidnapper did.
But why? I mean, why did he want us to find her? - I didn't get a good look at his face.
At some point, I realized that we weren't going to my dorm.
- Zoey, I have to ask.
Did he assault you? - Where are you from? - Stockdale.
- Stockdale? Wow.
I'm from Speers.
We're practically neighbors.
I'd bet there's not a lot of people from Stockdale at that school, huh? - [chuckles] You're looking at her.
I know you.
I remember when they found you.
- Then you know I know what you're going through right now.
And whatever he did to you, it's not your fault.
And you didn't deserve it.
- I'm telling the truth.
He didn't touch me.
Um, I'm the first person in my family to go to college.
And my folks worked so hard to get me here.
If I hadn't been drinking, then maybe this wouldn't have happened, or maybe I would remember something.
- Zoey, listen.
We think that this guy drugged you.
And we have a water bottle.
We're gonna test it just to confirm that.
But you have a choice to make right now.
You can either let this hold you back-- in which case, the animal that took you wins.
Or you can come back stronger and better than ever.
And you win.
[soft music] And a girl from Stockdale that's come this far already? - [laughs] - My money's on you.
[dance music] - Call it love Every star that's shining [indistinct chatter] - All right, it was nice meeting you.
- [laughs] - Oh, my God.
I think I got dumber just talking to them.
- He was cute, though.
- No, no.
- Yeah.
- DestiNation? - Yeah, you Amy? - Hi.
- Just get in, God.
- I'm going! - We're never drinking apple vodka ever again.
- I'm really-- but I'm really thirsty.
So, are you going home for break? - Still trying to figure it out.
Kristen wants me to go to Florida, but a week in Panama City with her and her Ethan drama? I don't know.
What do you think I should do? [tense music] Oh, come on.
Jenna? Hey.
Oh, my God.
Pull over.
There's something wrong with my friend.
Hey, do you hear me? Pull over.
Come on, come on! .
- Amy Holt and Jenna Tucker made a ride request two blocks from where Zoey was taken, and they never made it home.
- This guy's on a spree.
- What can we learn from the girl we got back? - I was able to reconstruct her ride request.
Somehow our kidnapper intercepted that request and responded.
John in a gray sedan.
- Fake name? - Definitely.
Here's the thing.
John hacked directly into Zoey's phone, probably using the WiFi at one of the local bars.
That means he was close to her when she made the request.
A couple hundred feet, tops.
- Yeah, he was watching her.
Classic predatory behavior.
- But Zoey wasn't raped.
- Can we confirm that? - Yeah.
- Plus, this guy turned her phone on and led us directly to her.
- What do we got on Bender? - Well, local cops investigated him for a rape in May.
The victim wouldn't swear out a complaint.
- And Zoey's roommate told us that Dylan has a reputation for drugging girls.
- Don't forget about the other female students that filed complaints against him.
Frank got his hands on Dylan's confidential student file.
- How did you do that? - I just called the president of the university and said that I may have to leak to the press that they're dragging their feet on the investigation, and bingo.
- Hmm.
- Ooh.
- So what's in the file? - Three complaints of inappropriate sexual contact.
Dylan was given a suspension.
And the matters were settled privately.
- Frank, this guy is dangerous.
- Uh-huh.
Let's talk to the girl with the incident in May and put a surveillance on Bender.
- Okay.
[knocking at door] - Can I help you? - Does Holly Greco live here? - Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
Come in.
- Thank you.
- I just want to protect Holly.
There was a lot of blowback.
A lot of stuff she had to go through.
- Can you tell us what happened? - Dylan and I were in the lab.
Dylan made a pass.
It was awkward, but that's Dylan.
- Uh, Professor Crouch told the police that it was more than a pass.
- Yeah, before he changed his story.
- Stephen, please.
- It's the truth, Holl.
- Well, your fiancé mentioned a lot of blowback.
- Yeah, I had to drop out of school.
- Why, if nothing happened? - Look, at some schools it's the football players.
At Merrick, it's the tech nerds that are the rock stars.
Even though I never accused Dylan of anything, word got out that something happened, and I got blamed.
Things at school became unpleasant.
But it's all for the best.
I'm--I'm much happier now.
- Did you see all the locks on the door? - Yeah.
- Something happened that night in the lab.
Something that left a scar.
- Let's see what her professor has to say about it.
[engine turns over] - And this is where it all started.
Kyle and Dylan had some kinks to work out.
But the DestiNation app began right here in this room.
- We'd like to ask you about Dylan.
And Holly Greco.
- Why? That was months ago.
- If you could just tell us what you saw.
- [sighs] As my graduate assistant, Dylan had 24-hour lab access.
I came in one day and saw him with Holly.
He was touching her.
She ran out.
I went to the police.
But then I realized that this was a consensual romantic encounter.
- Well, your initial statement was that he pinned her arm behind her back.
It doesn't sound very consensual.
- Or romantic.
- So why did you change your statement? [phone buzzes] - Like I said, I wasn't sure what I saw.
I decided it would be wrong to ruin a promising career over an uncertainty.
- We'll be in touch, Professor.
They found Amy Holt.
[dramatic music] Amy Holt died of blunt force trauma to the head.
Not a blow, but the pavement.
- [sighs] She jumped out of the car? - Yeah, but then our kidnapper hit the brakes, ran back here, dragged her into the brush, then got back in the car and kept going.
- Which means that he still has Jenna.
All these girls are all in their 20s, all between 5'4" and 5'7" at around 120 lbs.
Remind you of anyone? - Not gonna happen.
- Frank! - No.
- Listen.
We smoke him out, we get him to pick me up, and we got him.
- Absolutely not.
- Frank, this is it.
You know I'm right.
- Let me ask you something.
- [sighs] - Would you say that I probably saved your life? - Not probably.
- And do you think I did that so I could get you killed? - Frank.
Remember the first time I went into a boxing ring? - Oh.
- Remember? And I was scared out of my mind? And you told me something? Remember what you said? - Yeah, I know.
Do it scared.
- Right, do it scared.
But do it.
And I did.
And I've never looked back.
Frank, this guy is not done.
And I can't let him take another girl.
We have got to get him off the street tonight.
- You're gonna wear a wire.
We're gonna be in a follow car.
And if I say you're out, it's over.
You're out.
- Thank you.
- And don't breathe a word of this to your mother.
- I won't.
- [sighs] - Hey, I guess I get to go to college after all, huh? - Without the student loans.
Lift your shirt.
- Excuse me? - I have to wire you.
- Hmm.
- Huh.
Nice ink.
- Thanks.
It's a phoenix.
Got it when I changed my name.
- Hmm.
Up from the ashes.
- Yeah, something like that.
- Listen, we'll be right behind you the whole time.
- Okay.
[indistinct chatter] - DestiNation? .
[tense music] - Water? - No, thanks.
[phone chimes] - It's not Dylan.
- So, uh, where's the party? You gonna meet some people? - No, no.
Just, uh, headed home.
What are you doing? - Oh, it's a shortcut.
- Why are you going this way? - Trust me, it's-- it's quicker.
[truck horn honks] [car horn honks] [truck horn honking] - Come on! Damn it! Move! Get out of the way! - Stop, stop! [tires screeching] [panting] - What's the matter? You gonna be sick or something? [grunts] [siren wailing] [shouts] - Hands in the air! - Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! - Get your hands in the air! - Yeah, yeah.
- Take him down, John.
- Lay down flat.
Hands behind your back.
- Watch his hands.
- Hands behind your back.
- I'm just driving.
- You all right? - Lay down flat.
Lay down flat.
- I'm just driving, man.
- Okay, it's okay.
You're all right.
- Why'd you turn off the main road? - Waze told me to turn, so I turned.
- Where were you last night? - Chicago, dude.
Visiting my brother.
- I'm not your dude.
He's all yours.
- Okay, that was James.
Our driver's name is Jarrett Simmons.
He's got no priors.
Security cameras caught him earlier this afternoon at O'Hare Airport.
He's been in Chicago for the last week.
- [sighs] - He's not our guy.
- Well, we still have Dylan, Frank.
He raped Holly Greco.
- Doesn't make him a kidnapper.
- No, the evidence does.
Look, he has the technical know-how to ghost the app.
He has a history of assaulting women.
- Okay, you two think he took those women.
Prove it.
If you can't, find us another suspect.
- Okay, I understand why Holly didn't talk.
I mean, you--you go through what she's been through, you just want to move past it.
But Professor Crouch? Why would he cover for Dylan? - I mean, throw out the true psychos, most crimes are motivated by either passion or greed.
- Back again? - Buy me two minutes? - Can't stay away.
- What's your partner doing? - Oh, he's, uh, just doing his due diligence.
You know how it goes.
- Right.
You know, I Googled you.
I hope you don't think that's weird.
- No, I'm used to it by now.
- Hmm.
And I read about the girl who died.
That must have hit pretty close to home.
- Why don't you just tell me where you were on Friday night? - I was here.
- Till about what time, would you say? - 12:00, 12:30.
And then I went home.
Am I a suspect? [inhales sharply] You know, I read the profile that "People" did on the tenth anniversary of your rescue, and the article kept saying how smart you are, in spite of all the school you missed.
But I have to say, Kick, trying to tear down everything that I've built? That's not very smart.
- Everything okay here? - Yeah.
We're done.
- Thank you, gentlemen.
I appreciate it.
Thank you.
Hey! Hey.
What the hell happened? - God, that bastard is practically daring us to prove that he did it.
- But are you all right? - [sighs] Yeah, I'm fine.
I just hate them.
- Well, we're one step closer.
- What? - When a company goes public, they have to disclose all preexisting shareholders.
SEC guys just slipped me a draft of their initial filing.
- What? Leonard Crouch? - He received 100,000 shares of DestiNation stock.
Look at the date of the grant.
- May 12th.
Isn't that right after Dylan assaulted Holly? - 100,000 shares, offering price of 80 bucks a share.
You asked why Crouch would cover for Dylan? We just found 8 million reasons.
- Nice work.
[dog barking distantly] You must have felt so betrayed.
You knew that it would be Dylan's word against yours, and at least Professor Crouch would have your back.
He did, at first.
- And we know why Professor Crouch changed his story.
He did it in exchange for a piece of the company.
- What do you want from me? - We think Dylan is using his own app to abduct these women.
We need you to come forward and tell the truth about what he did to you.
- I'd like you to leave now.
- Listen, you could really help us here.
- Staying silent has only hurt you and made Dylan rich.
- So what? So he gets rich.
Why do people care so much about money? God, you sound like Stephen.
[footsteps depart] [soft music] - How long have you and Stephen been engaged? - Two years.
[sighs] - So before that day at the lab.
You know, when I was a kid, something really bad happened to me.
And when I came home, my dad couldn't get over it, and it broke his heart.
- [voice breaks] Stephen still loves me.
I know that.
But the trust we lost the intimacy.
- When something like this happens, the victim isn't the only victim.
- I offered to let him out of the engagement.
He wouldn't do that.
But he can't go through with the wedding, either.
Last week, there was a story about how much money Dylan would be making in his IPO.
Stephen just snapped.
"This is his punishment for raping you? This--this is what he gets for ruining our lives?" - Holly How did you and Stephen meet? You met in college, didn't you? Stephen is a computer engineer.
- [sobs] - [sighs] - We're tracking Stephen's phone now.
- I don't understand.
If these women weren't the target, who was? - DestiNation was.
Stephen didn't really want to hurt those girls.
That's why he let us find Zoey.
- And he wanted to get back at Dylan by destroying his company.
Then Amy died, and things started to spiral.
He's panicking right now.
- Got him.
Stephen's off Route 31.
[suspenseful music] [woman gasps] [whimpers] - I'm so sorry.
- [crying] [dramatic music] - Clear.
- Bishop.
- [breathing shakily] [crying] - That's far enough.
- Please.
[gun clicks] Don't do this.
- Don't look at me.
- Stephen! Hey.
- I--I was only gonna hold them, then I was gonna let them go.
But then that girl jumped out of the car.
- I know, Stephen.
- Stop! I--I just-- I want it to end.
- So let's end it, but not like this.
Look, Holly loves you.
Don't do this to her.
- I only did it for Holly.
- No, Stephen.
Holly never wanted you to do this.
- You weren't there, okay? When she took a whole bottle of pills, and I had to drive her to the ER.
She nearly died.
You have no idea what that bastard took from her.
From us.
- He hurt her.
Right? But what are you doing right now? - I am nothing like him! What I did is different.
- How? Stephen, look at Jenna.
Look at her.
- [sobbing] - Stephen.
Think about Holly.
No, no, no.
Give me the gun.
- [crying] - Okay.
- [sobbing] - You're safe now, okay? - [sobbing] [gentle music] - I can't believe he did this.
I mean, maybe-- maybe if I'd been able to get past what Dylan did, he would've-- - No.
No, no, no.
This wasn't your fault.
Okay? None of this was your fault, but if you really want to move past what Dylan did, then you know the first step.
- Mr.
Bender, what do you have to say about the charges against you? Do you have anything to say at all? - Holly lost her career, her fiancé.
- She'll be okay.
[indistinct police radio] - Bender's partner and a former professor have also been arrested as part of a plot to cover up the victim's claims by granting the professor company stock.
The charges have led to other women coming forward, wreaking havoc with the company's IPO.
Reporting live at DestiNation's headquarters, I'm Kristine Sorensen, Channel Ten News.
- Drink? Frank keeps a pretty decent stash back here.
- [chuckles] No, I'm good.
- You knew it was Stephen.
You understood what he and Holly were going through.
- When you go through what Holly did, nothing's ever the same.
You know, I lost five years of my life to Mel Foster, and another ten recovering.
And the kids that I grew up with now, they're getting married and having kids and careers and just being around all these college kids the last few days has kind of made me think about what could have been, you know? - Hmm.
- [sighs] - I graduated third in my class from West Point.
I thought I knew it all.
Two days in Afghanistan, I realized I didn't know jack.
You know, what you went through, you have lived more, you've seen more, you've overcome more than any of these college kids ever will.
You should be proud of that.
- Let's see that ink.
- Oh.
[chuckles] 59th Military Intelligence Brigade.
- Ooh.
- My old unit.
- Up from the ashes, huh? - [laughs] Something like that.