Gone (2018) s01e03 Episode Script


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[bell jingles] - Hey, Delilah.
- Well, hey, Greg.
Almost didn't recognize you without your uniform on.
- Yeah, off duty today.
How's things? Pete feeling better? - Well, he sure is, thanks for asking.
How's Cathy, and when's that baby due? - Six weeks from today.
- It'll be here before you know it.
- Yeah.
- You got the nursery ready? - Just finished painting yesterday.
- You must be so excited.
- I am over the moon.
- [laughs] - Actually, Cathy's down at the clinic right now getting her sonogram.
She doesn't know I'm here.
Thought I'd surprise her with some flowers.
- I got just the thing.
I know that she loves lilies.
- Dee, you read my mind.
[bell jingles] [dramatic music] - Cathy.
- Greg! - Cathy! - Come on, come on! - Greg, Greg! - Come on, come on! - Cathy! - Greg, Greg! - Come on! - Hey, stop him! - Come on! - He's got my wife! - [screams] - Come on.
- Greg! - He's got my wife! - Get in! Get in the car! - Ah! [car door slams] [grunting] - Ahh! [groans] [engine revs] [tires screech] [rock music] - You should know I'm not pulling any punches this time.
- [chuckles] Is that right? - Right.
The day we met, I took it easy on you.
- Well, I hate to break it to you, but I took it easy on you.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
[grunting] Hey, now.
- Good morning.
[laughs] You all right? - Oh, I'm fine.
- Just swing at the one in the middle.
[grunting] - Oh, here we go Oh, here we go Oh, here we go, oh, here we go Oh, here we go - [grunts] - You all right? So what the hell was that? Where's your head at? - Um, it's my anniversary.
- Oh, I know.
You were rescued 15 years ago, and that's got you, what, depressed? I thought you'd be popping champagne.
- I just--it just dredges a lot of stuff back up, I guess, and I wanna move on, and everyone just wants to keep talking about it.
[distant siren wailing] - Paula, how is Kit doing today? - My daughter is a real fighter, Jean, and she's really proven that over the last 15-- - Kick, you know how most families spend the anniversary of their missing kid being found? Laying flowers at a grave.
Look, I get it.
You didn't ask for this, but you're here, right? You're alive.
And kicking.
Or getting kicked.
- Can I get that rematch? - [laughs] - Sorry to interrupt whatever this is.
Frank called.
He wants us on the plane in 30.
- All right.
- Looks like the Thrilla in Manila will have to wait.
- Yeah, I guess so.
James, you're with me.
[creaking] - Kit Lanigan! [camera shutter clicks] Where are you headed on your anniversary? - This is private property.
- Actually, the alley is city property.
- Well, congratulations, you got a picture of me eating a bagel.
[camera shutter clicks] Don't spend the 50 bucks that some scumbag paid you in one place.
[camera shutter clicks] Look, you and I have never met.
[camera shutter clicks] What's your name? - Neil.
- Neil, I should tell you something about myself.
I have a pretty well-defined sense of personal space - Mm-hmm.
- And right now, you're in that space.
- Mm.
Okay Oh.
- Kick! - [grunts] - Kick, stop! - Give me your keys.
- Ow.
- I'll drive.
- [coughs] - Come on.
- [groans] - Are you kidding me? - He grabbed my arm.
- You can't just a punch a guy.
- Well, he can't just come up on me like that.
- I can't bail you out again.
I can't.
- Okay, maybe it wasn't the smartest thing to do.
[plane engines whining] - This is Cathy Kleckner.
She was taken from a street in Brookhaven, Rhode Island in front of her husband and 12 witnesses.
The suspect dragged her into a gray sedan and drove off.
- Any surveillance? - No.
- Security cameras? - No.
- Cathy was coming out of a women's health clinic when she got abducted.
- Women's health clinic? - Seven months pregnant.
What happened there? - Oh, I was breaking in a new speed bag.
- A new speed bag, huh? - Yeah.
- What was it made of? Concrete? James, put it up.
- I love you.
- Wait, put what up? [sighs] - Okay, everyone, I just need one minute with Kick.
I want the rest of you to gear up.
We land in 20 minutes.
- I'm sorry, I-- - What the hell is that? You punch out some lowlife photographer? Is that gonna solve anything in your life? - You know what? It actually did make me feel a little bit better, to be honest.
- Let me tell you something.
Fight or flight-- 90% of the time, flight is better.
It keeps you alive and it keeps you out of the press.
- Yeah, well, it doesn't keep scum like that out of my life.
- It's been a tough day for you.
Wanna sit this one out? - No, I'm fine.
I promise.
- Okay.
What a shot.
- Thank you.
[bird squawking] - Did you see the license plate? That's the first thing I looked for, but this guy must've taken them off.
If I had been in uniform, if I had my firearm, maybe I could've stopped him.
- You did everything you could, Greg.
- Greg, can you tell us what this man looked like? - Yeah, Hispanic male, 6'2", 200.
He was wearing a hoodie, so I couldn't really see his face.
- And what was your wife wearing yesterday? - A blue top and a scarf.
- Greg, is there anybody who'd wanna hurt Cathy? - No, no, no, she's the sweetest thing you ever met.
- All right, but, as a deputy, you probably have some folks who aren't big fans.
- I mean, a couple of meth heads out on Route 9, but they can barely tie their high tops, and this guy--this guy knew what he was doing.
- How about friends? Most people are abducted by someone they know-- love, even.
- Cathy's shy.
She doesn't have many friends.
Most are from her birthing class.
Check 'em out, but I can't imagine any of them had anything to do with this.
- How's your marriage? - It's fine--it's great.
- Every couple has issues.
- Wh--do you think I hired someone to kidnap my wife? - That's not what I asked.
- I love my wife, and I had nothing to do with this.
Look, do whatever you need to do.
I just want her and Jake back.
- Jake? - He's our son.
We're having a boy.
- Thanks.
- Hi.
- Greg, I'm so sorry - What do you think? - Wife goes missing, I look at the husband first.
- I thought I was cynical.
[dramatic music] - Greg's banking records look normal.
No large withdrawals, no sign he hired anyone to do this.
- And no record of domestic troubles.
Neighbors hadn't reported any fights.
- How did he seem? - Desperate.
Desperate to get her back.
His eyes were bloodshot, and he's a wreck.
He's heartbroken.
- Mm, this morning, state of mind before the crime? - Well, according to the sheriff's report, Greg was buying Cathy flowers just before she was taken.
- Let's talk to the florist.
- Yeah.
- I like gardenias, if you feel so inclined.
- Yeah, don't hold your breath.
- All right.
- Well, we chatted for a few minutes.
He was excited about the baby.
- Now, did he seem nervous at all? Checking his watch? - No, he seemed his normal, happy self.
- Thank you, Delilah.
- You're welcome.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
[sighs] - So has your faith in true love been restored? - No.
Sort of.
Not really.
Sheriff Rush.
I'm afraid we don't have any updates just yet.
- I'm not here about the Kleckner case.
Look, I'm sorry about this.
- What's that? - It's a bench warrant from a judge down in Pittsburgh.
For you.
- Katherine Lanigan, I'm placing you under arrest for the assault of Neil Pruitt.
- I have a firearm.
- You have the right to remain silent - Look, is this necessary? - Anything--it's procedure.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
- It'll be all right.
- You have the right to an attorney.
[buzzer blares] [gentle music] [clang] - For your hand.
- I'm fine.
Maybe that other kid could use it on his face.
- Hmm.
Well, the family has decided not to press charges, so - I'm sure my mother's relieved.
- [sighs] Five years.
Five years today.
Seems like yesterday.
- For you, maybe.
- Look, I--I haven't been around much lately, and I'm sorry for that.
- It's not your job.
You're not my dad.
I don't even know why you're here.
- I'm gonna help you.
- I don't need more help.
Talk therapy, drug therapy, hypnotherapy-- you name a therapy, I've had it.
- Yeah, well, I had something a little different in mind, kiddo.
I mean, if you're gonna kick someone's ass, you may as well learn to do it the right way.
Come on.
- [sighs] [clang] - You're free to go, Ms.
You made bail.
[buzzer blares] - Hey, I brought your "just made bail" burger and fries.
As I recall, that was your favorite.
- Did Frank call you? - Apparently, he just wanted to let you sit in jail.
It was the other agent.
You know, Mr.
One Name.
- Bishop? - Is this a thing now? You're working with Frank? - I'm just helping him out.
- On abduction cases? You really wanna go back there? I'm just trying to protect you.
- Really, Mom? Is that what you were doing on TV yesterday? You're just protecting me? [tires screech] - Ugh.
- Hey, Paula.
- Did you get a haircut? - Trying to clean up my act.
- Bye, Mom.
[dramatic music] - Okay, new theory.
Cathy has no enemies, no ransom demand has been made, so what if Cathy wasn't the target? What if her baby was? - These cases come in two flavors.
Type one, the motive is profit.
The pregnant woman is taken to a remote location.
Another state, sometimes another country.
She gives birth, and, if she's lucky, she's let go, and her baby is sold for a small fortune, usually to a couple with a lot of money but not a lot of scruples.
- And what's the other flavor? - Type two, the motive isn't profit.
It's personal.
The kidnapper's often a woman who's lost a baby.
Broken hearts make people do crazy things sometimes.
- Just ask my ex-boyfriend.
- Or mine.
- Okay, okay, okay, we got two lines of investigation.
Let's work 'em both.
- All right.
- Okay.
[phone ringing] - I'm John Bishop.
I'm with the FBI.
We need to see personnel files for all your employees for the last five years.
- Is electronic okay? - How was she? - Perfect.
- Cathy seemed a little nervous yesterday, but nothing unusual for a woman six weeks out.
- I have to ask, have you had any moms that have lost their babies recently? - Full term babies? We've been lucky.
The last few months, it's only Charlene.
- Mm, and does Charlene know Cathy Kleckner? - They're friends.
Cathy was there for her when she lost her baby.
- And when you're done with those, can you make sure you go back and clean up a little bit? - Excuse me, we're looking for Charlene Bayfield.
Do you have any idea who'd wanna take Cathy? - Cathy's such a good person.
I can't imagine who would do this.
- We visited the clinic earlier, and the doctor there said that you and Cathy are close.
- We met last year.
She came in to use the computer and look for some baby books.
I told her I was pregnant too, and we just hit it off.
I'm the one who told her about the clinic.
- Now, we understand you lost your baby.
That must be difficult-- you losing your child, but your friend about to have hers.
- You think I had something to do with this? Because I lost a baby, that makes me a bad person? - No, no, I don't think you're a bad person, but we did look into your husband, and he's had some unfortunate run-ins with the law.
- I don't have a husband.
He left me after our baby He blamed me for what happened.
- I'm so sorry.
You didn't have to do that.
- What, ask her a question? - Poke at a scar.
- Oh, you think I get off on hurting grieving mothers? Cathy's missing.
The clock is ticking.
That's all I care about.
- Charlene's husband moved back to Tampa two months ago, and he was on his job site all day yesterday.
- If Charlene was behind this, she got someone else to help her.
- Hey, I got something.
I plugged the details of Cathy's case into the database to see if there were any similar cases.
Two years ago, a pregnant woman in Delaware was abducted coming out of her OB's office.
Picked up by a Hispanic-looking male.
Daniel Agosto was a file clerk at the OB's office at the time.
The woman was never found, and Agosto was never considered a suspect.
- Well, don't tell me this guy works at Cathy's clinic now.
- Daniel Agosto? No.
But, until last month, Daniel Ramos was.
- Well, hello, hello.
- Mm-hmm.
- Same guy.
- Where are we with this guy? - Ramos was born in Monterrey, Mexico.
He's a dual citizen.
Travels back and forth a lot.
- Well, these baby theft rings, they're a real problem down there.
- And, in the last five years, he's worked for three women's health clinics and a children's hospital.
Ideal hunting ground for a guy who runs a baby theft ring.
- You know, that Delaware case, the woman who was taken from her OB's office, police think she met her kidnapper online, lured by an ad for free baby clothes.
- So maybe this guy reached out to Cathy the same way.
- We need Cathy's computer.
- Here's Cathy's laptop.
- Okay.
- You guys have any leads? - Our investigation's proceeding in due course.
- What the hell does that mean? Come on, I'm a cop.
You can tell me.
- I'm sorry, Greg.
It's an active investigation.
We can't discuss.
- Look, we know what you're going through right now, and, as soon as we have anything, you will be the first to know.
- You know, as a cop, that's the kind of thing you say to a family member all the time.
Your husband got shot.
Your kid got hit by a car.
We're sorry.
We know what you're going through.
But we don't.
Not really.
Well, you, though, I guess you do know, don't you? I saw you on TV.
- Thanks, Greg.
Let's get this laptop back to James.
- [sighs] What, are you stalking me now? - I think we got off on the wrong foot.
Totally my fault.
- Who is this guy? - Neil Pruitt.
- Look, I'm not gonna ask you again.
Leave me alone.
- I'm guessing that you could kill me with your bare hands in at least ten different ways.
- Yeah, at least.
- Here's the thing, Kitty.
You're facing assault charges, and, after all that time that you spent as a prisoner, I'd hate to see you locked up again.
Now, I'll drop the charges, if you give me an exclusive photo, eh? - You better step off.
- I got this.
You need to go, right now.
- Fine, fine, but if you decide to swallow your pride, let me know.
- Boss, there's someone here to see you.
- Who is it, the IRS? Send 'em to my ex-wife.
She's got all the dough.
- It ain't the taxman.
- Well, just send 'em in.
- Right back here, Ms.
Good luck.
- Paula.
- Sorry to just show up like this.
I know it's been a while since we really talked.
- Well, I guess since George W.
was president.
Drink? Bar's open.
- So what are you trying to do? Get her killed or just recommitted? - Oh, boy, here we go.
- She's come so far.
After all this progress, you're willing to just throw it all away for some case? - She's come along, but she still has a ways to go.
- Yeah, and how long have you been working together? Did she call you? - What does it matter? - What does it matter? What does it matter? I'm her mother, and she won't talk to me, Frank.
- Paula, please, have a drink.
- [sighs] - Come on.
- [sighs] We have to make these charges go away, Frank.
She can't go to jail.
- No judge is gonna send Kick to jail, a kidnap victim, for punching out some lowlife paparazzi.
- But you don't know that.
Is it really worth the risk just to teach her some lesson? - And what are you teaching her? That Mom and Dad will save the day every time? - You're not her father, Frank.
- [sighs] Paula, this is what she needs.
Working these cases, facing her demons.
- Yeah.
- I don't want her regressing back to that angry, impulsive kid.
I've worked too hard to get her this far.
- I made sacrifices too.
There were things I wanted, but I put those things aside to do what's best for my daughter.
- Okay, just tell me what you want.
- How are your contacts with the Rhode Island State Police? [siren wails] [radio transmissions] Hi, Neil.
Paula Lanigan, big fan of your work.
- Uh, likewise.
- So here's how this is gonna go.
You're gonna drop the charges against Kit.
Otherwise, Trooper Moffitt back there, super nice guy, by the way, is going to give you a breathalyzer test and search your car.
- I just had one drink.
There's no way I'm gonna blow.
- Maybe, maybe not, but the open bottle underneath your seat is not a very good look.
You know, you really should lock your car, especially when you're parked outside of a dive bar.
- You bitch, you planted this.
- Oh, God, and now your fingerprints are all over it.
So what's it gonna be, Neil? - Okay, what's on Cathy's laptop? - Well, nothing to suggest she got lured by her abductor.
Then Kick remembered Cathy's friend, Charlene.
- The librarian.
- She told us that Cathy would use the computer at the library sometimes.
- I swung by the library.
Strange concept.
Books, I think they're called.
This is the computer Cathy would use.
The thing belongs in the Smithsonian.
According to the user history, Cathy K.
logged in a dozen times over the last few months.
- Yeah, you too.
- How you doing? - Good, good, your computer's free.
- Oh, really? Okay, thank you.
- Yeah, yeah.
- She did some online shopping.
Stretch pants, yoga mats, white lady stuff.
Here's what I found interesting.
She logged in to Novo Diem half a dozen times in the last month.
- Novo Diem, anybody? - It's an online virtual world where users create avatars and communicate anonymously with other users.
Or so I'm told.
- Cathy logged several meetings with another user.
A guy called, ready for this? Danny X.
- Danny Ramos.
- I've been searching through her activity all day.
- Any idea what they talked about? - No.
I found out Novo Diem doesn't keep records of their user communications, but I was able to determine that she made several payments to a group called Rising Sun.
Danny X is the group's leader.
- Well, what kind of payments? - PayPal categorized them as charitable donations.
- Rising Sun.
Let's find out more about them.
- That's right.
Rising Sun.
We need a list of all current members.
- Rising Sun isn't listed as a charitable organization by the IRS.
- Kara Lynn Mounts and Jocelyn Reyes.
- I got a list of all women who gave Rising Sun money via PayPal electronic check.
- I've got the sheriff of Lake Tahoe.
Kara Lynn Mounts went missing in 2013.
Four women who gave money to Danny Ramos' sham charity have gone missing in the last three years.
- He got whatever money he could out of them, and then took 'em.
- Which would make our baby theft ring theory look pretty good, if it wasn't for one small problem.
Two of those women weren't pregnant.
- Why would he take them, then? - Danny Torres! That's Danny Ramos' alias now.
I traced it back through his PayPal account.
He signed a lease on an office space last month, two miles from here.
- Text me the address.
[tires screech] FBI! - Oh! No dispares! Por favor, no dispares, por favor! - Okay, está bien.
No te preocupes.
- Ay, Dios mío.
- Tranquila, ven aca.
Ven aca, no te preocupes.
Vete pa' alla.
- Sheriff? - Ay, Dios mío.
Ay, Dios mío.
[radio transmissions] - Clear.
[thudding] [click] - Driver's licenses.
[sirens wailing] These--these are the women that went missing.
There's Cathy's.
- Trophies.
There's more of them than we thought.
We could be dealing with a serial killer.
- [sighs] [sirens wailing] [dramatic music] Packaging for a SIM card.
This guy's using a burner phone.
- [sighs] [phone rings] - Joe's Bar and Grill.
- I've got SIM card packaging, but no SIM card.
Can you still trace the phone? - Uh, yeah, look on the back of the packaging.
You should see a 10-digit number.
That's the serial number.
- 5877122167.
- Give me two minutes.
- Kennedy.
- Make it quick.
- Look.
Doesn't that look like Cathy? - Bishop.
- Kendra Mayfield.
Another victim? - Look closer.
That's Cathy.
He made her over.
- Why? Why would he do that? - Well, our other theory, the baby theft ring.
If Ramos goes back and forth to Mexico, he could be trying to get her across the border.
- Charlie, let me through.
Charlie, let me go! - Greg, you can't be here.
I heard the dispatch, and I wanna know what is going on-- That's Cathy.
That's Cathy.
What the hell did he do to her? - Greg, Greg, we're still processing the scene.
- It's okay, it's okay.
- Oh, my God, Cathy.
- It's okay, it's okay, Mr.
Kleckner, it's okay.
- Cathy! - Come on, I got him.
I got him.
- What did he do to her? [phone ringing] - Yeah.
- Hey, you know that cell you were looking for? I have a current location.
[tires screech] - Go ahead.
[knocking] - Water and power.
- Again.
[knocking] - Someone's in there.
[crash] - FBI! - Get the hell out of here! - Hey, drop the bat! - I will call the police! - We are the police! All right, all right, let's take it easy.
Take it easy.
All right, let's put the bat down now, okay? All right? Where's Danny Ramos? - You better get the hell out of here right now.
- What's your name? - Rachel.
- Rachel, let's put that bat down, okay? - Wait, you're--you're Lily Andover.
- I won't go back.
- Look.
You changed your hair, but this is you.
- No, my name is Rachel.
- Lily, I know this is you.
And those bruises on your arms--somebody hurt you.
But it wasn't Danny Ramos, was it? - Danny told me not to say anything, okay? Not even to the police.
- Wait, Danny's been helping you.
He set you up with a new identity.
- Yeah, after my husband nearly killed me.
- Danny is setting women up with new lives.
- Helping them escape their abusive husbands.
He was helping Cathy.
She would've gotten away, but Greg surprised her with flowers.
- Hey, stop him! [tires screech] - Cathy didn't report her abuse to the police because Greg is the police.
- The cops wouldn't have made any difference.
I had two restraining orders against my husband, and he still put me in the hospital.
- Cathy used a computer at the library to keep Greg from finding out she was leaving.
- And the donations were to help her set up her new life.
- Danny saved me.
He put down my security deposit.
He got me a new phone, ID.
That explains all the aliases.
I can imagine all the abusive husbands who'd love to break Danny Ramos' neck.
- Lily, do you know where Danny is now? - [sighs] He said he had to take somebody to the airport.
- It's Cathy.
Thank you for your help.
- Airport security, this is Officer LaForte.
- This is John Bishop with the FBI.
I need a law enforcement expedite.
I need to know if a passenger named Kendra Mayfield is flying out of your airport today, and, if so, what airline.
- Are you the person who called earlier? - Excuse me? - It's just that you're the second officer to call with an expedite on that passenger.
- Wait, Greg saw Danny's laptop.
He knows what name Cathy's traveling under.
- Yeah, we gotta get there.
- Well, security checkpoint's right up there.
- You know, I think I can take it from here.
- Are you sure? - Yeah, I'm good.
I have everything I need thanks to you.
- Good luck, Kendra.
- Thank you, Danny.
Thank you.
[ominous music] [hyperventilating] .
- Greg is gonna try to stop Cathy from getting on that plane.
- Wait, Greg her husband? - Yeah, he was abusing her, and Cathy was trying to get away from him.
The other women that Danny Ramos took--he was helping them escape too.
- Like an Underground Railroad.
- Yeah, we called TSA, but Cathy looks different now.
Look, we're ten minutes out.
- No, no, no, no, we're at the airport.
We'll meet you at the terminal.
[click] - Which one's mine? - Have you fired a gun before? - Does "Call of Duty" count? - No.
- [mumbles] [chatter] - All right, you're gonna go up to that floor.
I'm gonna go over there, okay? James, listen to me.
If you see him, if you see Greg, do not engage, okay? - Okay.
- Greg, can we just talk about it? - Oh, man, okay, okay.
Excuse me, excuse me.
- It wasn't easy finding you, Kendra.
FBI doesn't like sharing information.
- How did you find me? Greg, please.
- You'd always threaten to leave.
You finally got the guts.
You really think I'd let you leave? You really think I'd let you take my son? [dramatic music] - Um, excuse me, this is my bag.
- What, what? No, you're wrong.
- It's definitely mine.
It was a gift from my aunt.
- Let go of the bag.
Let go of this bag.
- The authorities will be able to settle this.
Officer! - Let go, now.
- Whoa.
- Oh, my God.
- Drop the gun! - [gasps] - Get back, get back! - Drop the gun, Greg! Greg, let's settle down, all right? Hey, nobody needs to get hurt here.
- Please - Uh-uh-uh, stop moving! Stop moving! - It's Jake.
Right, Jake? He's your little boy.
We don't wanna hurt him.
So let's just put our guns down.
- That's enough! - Please.
Oh, my God.
- I know what you're thinking right now.
Fight or flight? - Shut up! - Listen, flight is usually the right answer.
- Yeah.
- Flight keeps us alive.
But sometimes, you just gotta fight.
- I said shut up! - I wasn't talking to you.
- [grunts] - Get down, get down! [gunshot] - Ahh! - [gasping] - Take her, take her! - Back! - I got you.
- [gasping] - You got him? - Cathy are you okay? Are you all right? - I'm - You all right? - Yeah.
- Are you all right? Everything's okay, Cathy.
- Everything's okay.
Clear the area.
- Cathy, it's all over now.
- Oh, my God.
- Everyone stay back.
- You're all right.
- For so many years, I just accepted everything he did to me.
But I--I couldn't bring Jake into that.
I guess it wasn't as easy to escape my past as I thought it would be.
- [sighs] It's not easy.
- What do I do now? I mean, am I just supposed to go back to being Cathy again? - No, you can be whoever you wanna be.
Let's go.
- Okay.
[clanking] - Interrogation one.
- Yes, sir.
[buzzer blares] - Thank you.
Good evening.
My name is Sister Helen Ross.
I'll be your new spiritual advisor.
I understand that this is a difficult time of year for you.
You lost your wife.
- My family.
It's true--it's been a hard anniversary in the past.
I had a lot of anger and a lot of hatred for the people who took my family from me.
[clinking] - And now? - And now I say "Forgive them, Lord, they known not what they do.
" [plane engines whining] - The other women that Danny helped are still out there.
So what's the protocol? They're still considered missing persons, right? Do we have to call the police? - Screw protocol.
We let 'em be.
- All righty, here's your protein shake.
Here's my protein shake.
You got your protein shake? - I've got mine.
- 15 years.
I'm proud of you.
By the way, I heard from Pittsburgh PD.
Neil Pruitt has dropped all the charges.
- Thank you.
I can't believe he did that without a little bit of coaxing.
- Well, I'm not the one you should be thanking, but I know someone you should be thanking.
- Kit.
- Hey.
- What are you doing here? - Well, I know you're here every Sunday morning.
- Well, the church doesn't burn enough calories.
- True.
[chuckling] I brought you something.
- Oh.
- Open it.
I looked it up.
Crystal is the traditional gift for a 15th anniversary.
And supposed to be healing.
- I love it.
- Yeah, I thought you would.
- How's that? - Because I hate it.
- Oh, no.
Oh, so, you wanna have lunch or something? - I have a class that I'm teaching in a little bit, so, maybe next time.
[gentle music]