Gone (2018) s01e04 Episode Script


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- I've got two offers on the table, Norine.
If your clients want this house, they're gonna have to step up.
- Let me see what they can do.
- Hey, Dad, can we stop for an Iced Blended on the way to school? - Uh, man, what's that word I'm looking for? No.
Let me know, Norine.
The seller wants to move fast.
- Eric, don't talk to anyone without checking with me first.
[crash] - Oh, come on.
- Eric? Hello? - Some idiot just hit me.
- Sorry, man, I didn't see you.
- How could you not see me? We weren't even stopped.
- I was texting my wife.
- Texting, do you--? What are you, some kind of moron? Do you have any idea how dangerous--- - Dad, Dad! - Get off me! - They're hurting my dad! Dad! - I'm gonna call the police! - Chris, Chris! - Dad! - Chris! - Dad! Dad! [grunting] - Chris! [eerie music] [rock music] - She is One of a kind in another time He is 18 miles from another world We are Ones who believe we can never be crossed and They are Ones who believe we can never stop - Weight training 101-- always have someone there to spot you.
- I would've gotten it.
[sighs] - No doubt.
You ever been to Cincinnati? - [panting] Okay, I'll get my stuff.
[engines hum] - This is Eric Hale and his son, Chris.
They were on their way to dropping Chris off at school when they were abducted.
A realtor was on the phone with Eric.
Said they had been rear-ended.
So Eric gets out of the car to talk to the driver.
Few seconds later, Chris was heard yelling "They're hurting my dad.
" - And that's his wife? - Lindsey Hale.
Cincinnati PD's been trying to reach her, but her phone's been off all morning.
- A coworker places her in the office just before 9:00, but nobody's seen her since.
- So wife's MIA too.
- The whole family.
- This is the route Eric took before his cell was shut off.
It's called a hard out.
The last known location your cell transmits data before it shuts off.
- How did you get this? - I accessed Eric's webmail then tapped into location services running in the background apps on his phone.
Okay, the apps on your phone, Facebook, Instagram, "Candy Crush," they track your location via GPS.
I used that data to follow Eric's movements right up until the phone was shut off.
- He hacked his phone.
- Ooh, hacked is such a loaded term.
- Okay, what about Lindsey's phone? Can you track it the same way? - I'm working on it, but the bank where she works has some crazy encryption software on there.
- Lindsey Hale works for a bank? - Yeah, she's the senior manager at Edgewood Savings and Loan.
- Okay.
Let's start at the bank.
- Wait, why the bank? Why not where they were taken from? - Call it a hunch.
[dramatic music] [mumbling] - You used to live here, didn't you? - I moved here right out of Quantico.
- Mm.
- My first abduction case.
It's not my favorite town.
You better get going.
[siren wailing] - I got here around 8:30, and I saw Lindsey in her office.
She comes in early to unlock the vaults and stock teller drawers.
Then she makes coffee and eats her same muffin every morning.
- Sounds like a creature of habit.
- Yeah, but not today.
Today, she took her briefcase and walked right past me without saying a word.
It was weird.
- Hmm.
She never made coffee.
- That's usually on that shelf over there.
- She moved it.
She was thinking about her family.
- Can we see the vault? Do you have a key to the cage? - Well, corporate only gives those to senior branch managers.
Lindsey's the only one with the key.
Well, we can get a locksmith down here.
Or, better yet, do you have a drill? - Drill? I don't think that's a good idea.
Wait, hold on, what are you doing? Wait, please, stop.
[clanking] - 11 seconds, you're slipping.
- How did you do that? - Uh, this is a Benson 726.
They recalled the locking mechanism a few years ago.
Faulty pin tumblers.
You should upgrade.
- How much cash is in here? - Fluctuates, depending on the week.
Maybe two million.
- We're gonna need to see that footage.
- I don't believe this.
Lindsey's a good person.
- Good people can make bad decisions when they're forced to.
- You think this has to do with the kidnapping? - I think if Lindsey's motive was to rob the vault, she would've turned off the camera.
She wanted us to see this.
Someone's communicating with her.
[phone ringing] - Hey, you're on speaker.
- Hey, so you remember those GPS pin drops I sent you? I finally cracked the encryption software on Lindsey's phone.
I track her cell to 1441 Liberty Street.
- That's our address.
- Okay, I'll call you back.
Bishop, look.
- Yeah.
Can we pick her up on another camera? - Yeah.
- She left something.
- Something she wanted us to find.
Someone sent Lindsey a text.
- I guess we know why she robbed her own bank.
- A tiger kidnapping.
Comes from the Irish Republican Army of the 1970s.
Here's how it goes-- a bank manager comes home to an empty house and a ringing phone.
It's her husband.
He's got a gun to his head.
If the bank manager doesn't take X amount of dollars to such and such a place, they'll kill him, and if she calls the police, they'll kill him.
- So to save her family, the bank manager becomes a bank robber.
That's what these guys prey on.
How far will you go to protect your family? - That's why you wanted to go to the bank first.
- We had a case like this when I was with the CIC in Afghanistan.
The Taliban picked up the tactic from the IRA.
- It's called a tiger kidnapping because the kidnappers conduct a surveillance on their victims before they strike, a lot like a tiger stalking its prey.
- The lives of Eric, Lindsey, and Chris Hale for the last month.
First, the kidnappers surveilled the bank to identify their target and ascertain security measures.
- Lindsey was the first person in the bank every day.
- Next, they scouted the family's routines and behavior patterns.
- These guys are good.
They used a burner phone and scrubbed the photo's metadata.
There's no way I can trace the coordinates of where that picture was taken.
- Pros.
- If these guys are staking out the Hales - Maybe the neighbors saw something.
- [sighs] Frank - Hmm? - Look, you brought me on to help catch predators.
This--this is a whole different kind of hunter.
- So? - So I just-- I don't really know what I bring to the table.
- Let me ask you something.
Do you think the Hales care why they were taken? The fear that they are feeling, assuming they're even alive, do you think it's any less because these guys wanted money? There's a family out there.
They're alone, they're scared, and they are praying for someone to find them.
Now, you've taken down a few wolves.
How about taking down a tiger? - No security cameras.
- Hmm.
It looks like the neighbors aren't so trusting.
Okay, hold on.
See that? - Yeah, same van, two days in a row.
- All right, go back another 24 hours.
- Uh, yeah.
- Is that the neighbor's security footage? - Yeah.
- Who has their gardener come four days a week? - Gardeners who never get out of their van.
- Ooh, I can't make out the license plate with that trailer in the way.
- What is that thing on the trailer there? What does that say? - Uh, it's a bumper sticker.
A little logo.
A D and a B.
- No, it's an R, DR? - It's a P, PR.
Planet Rental.
My boyfriend and I rented an RV from them for our cross country road trip last summer.
- Well, let's find out if Planet Rental has a local outlet.
- Yeah, looks like we rented that van two months ago, license plate 6, Victor, X-ray, 9-5-4.
Guy named Terry Fickett.
Here's his social and his rental agreement.
- I'll have James run the name and the plate.
- Okay.
Can we see the footage from that security camera from two months ago? - It only goes back two weeks.
- Okay, what about the rep who rented the van to Terry Fickett, is he here? - You're talking to him now.
- Um, do you remember what this guy looked like? - Lots of people come in here, you know? And it was two months ago.
- Well, how'd he pay? - MmVisa.
I've got it right here.
I can print it out for you, Miss? - In a hurry.
- So Terry Fickett is an 82 year old man living in a retirement home in Battle Creek, Michigan.
- Great, stolen ID.
- Well, it's not all bad news.
James got a hit on the plate.
About six weeks ago, a school safety officer reported seeing a suspicious person in that same van parked outside of school.
Now, he called the plates in to police.
The driver took off before the cops got there.
- So they're stalking Chris Hale's school.
- Well, see, that's just it-- Chris Hale goes to a private middle school.
This van was seen parked outside a public elementary.
- Different school.
- Yeah, so who else were they stalking? - Uh, it didn't have a trailer like the one in your picture, but it was parked right over here.
At first, I thought it was some kid's parent, but they never picked up a kid.
I got a weird feeling, so I told the principal.
He sat on it, so I finally called in the plate myself.
[phone ringing] - Thank you.
- Hello? Yeah.
James got a hit on the credit card.
It was used to rent a storage unit last week.
[tires screech] - Take a right when you enter.
Now left.
Left again.
- Clear! - Three containers down.
[clang] [creaking] .
- The man said he had Eric and Chris.
He said that if I didn't steal $500,000 from the bank, he would - You were protecting your family, Mrs.
We understand.
- They had me take the money around the corner to the alley.
They were waiting when I got there.
- Can you tell us what these guys look like? - They came out of nowhere.
They must've hit me.
I blacked out.
- What about you, Mr.
Hale? Did you get a look? - It all happened so fast.
Average height.
Full beard.
I was in the Navy.
I trained for high-stress situations.
I should've done better.
- When I woke up, I was blindfolded.
I was in a car.
They tied me up and left me here with my family.
- We begged 'em to let Chris go, but all they said was "Shut up, it'll all be over in 24 hours.
" - Mr.
and Mrs.
Hale, we're gonna get you and Chris to the hospital.
- Thank you for saving us.
- You should thank your mom.
She helped us find you.
- "It'll all be over in 24 hours.
" - These guys are planning another hit.
The next victims may not be so lucky.
Let's move on it.
- Yeah, we need to alert every bank within 100 miles.
Tell them their employees could be compromised.
- I'll get James on it.
- Wait, if they wanted more money, why wouldn't they just have Lindsey steal it? Why would they rob another bank? - Well, that's what tiger kidnappers do.
They rob banks.
- Well, maybe there's something else they're after.
- Why was their van parked outside that elementary school? Chris Hale doesn't go to school there.
Maybe they're planning another kidnapping.
- Maybe it already happened.
Let's go back to that school.
Find out what these guys were after.
- Yeah.
- Gary, thought you had the day off.
- Ron's not feeling great.
I told him I'd take his shift.
- Truck 12.
She's all yours.
[phone beeps] - I did what you asked.
Where's Jason? - [grunts] - And what we need is a list of students who were absent around the time that van was parked outside.
- That is confidential information.
- We're talking about a kidnapping here, sir, and you're worried about confidentiality? - This all strikes me as very irregular.
- You know what strikes me as irregular? Not calling the police when your own safety officer tells you about a suspicious vehicle.
- I have a lot of responsibilities, Agent Bishop.
- Well, if you took that responsibility more seriously, if you'd done your damn job, maybe a family wouldn't have been kidnapped today.
- Six weeks ago, you say? A list of all the students who missed school.
- The week of March 12th.
- Here's a list of every student who was-- absent the week of March 12th.
- Thank you.
- Look, I just sent you a list of students who go to Hillridge Elementary.
We need to know what their parents do for a living.
- Okay, either you're working out some deep-seated childhood anger about spending too much time in the principal's office or you're letting what happened to that family get to you.
Afghanistan, the other tiger kidnapping.
Didn't end well, did it? - The family got massacred.
We never caught the guys who did it.
[scratching] [scratching] [rip] - Go.
Get the police.
- I'm not leaving you.
- Just go.
Before they get back-- just go.
- All right, we got a dentist, a trainer, a psychotherapist, four stay-at-home moms, and a dog walker.
If I knew dog walker was a real job, I would not be here.
- Did any of these people report being a victim of a crime in the last six weeks, or were any reported committing a crime? - Yeah, working on it.
And I'm in.
So Lisa Margolin is a psychotherapist at the VA, or she was.
She was busted six weeks ago for stealing drugs from the hospital where she works.
- Really? No priors? - Our kidnappers were seen outside her daughter's school the day before Lisa stole the drugs.
- The same week her daughter missed two days of school.
- Go talk to her.
[sighs] Never trust a psychotherapist.
- Speaking of, you know, there's a couch right back there.
- Yeah, I do know.
So? - You know.
- I don't know.
Come on, Kennedy, cut it out.
- What? I can't ask you about your first case? - It was a long time ago, and I'm over it, okay? - Well, I hope not.
It's what makes you you.
You never get over it, good outcome or bad.
See, the trick is not to get over it but to live with it and stay sane at the same time.
- Is that in your book? - Yes, it is.
- All right, well, I'm gonna go read it.
- Okay.
- I made a mistake, okay? I racked up some debts.
I stole the drugs so I could sell them.
- Which would make sense if you stole a bunch of opioids.
You stole a six-month supply of Torsemide.
See, I gotta believe the street value for a rare kidney failure drug is a pretty niche market.
- Look, I told the police everything I have to say about this.
Now, I need to finish dinner and get my daughter to bed.
- Where'd you serve? I was with the CIC in Jalalabad.
Then the 59th Military Intelligence Brigade.
- You saw some crazy action.
I was in Kandahar with the 227th.
- Wow, you saw your share of crazy too.
- Yeah.
I met my late husband in that unit.
Joe would kill me if he knew I'd been dishonorably discharged and got my benefits revoked.
- But they can't revoke your benefits until you stand trial.
When's your hearing? - Here you go.
The one you always have.
Oh, Mr.
Melvin, I forgot to feed you.
Here you go, enjoy your tart and cupcakes.
- Oh, she's so cute.
What's your name? - His name's Mr.
- Oh, no, I'm so sorry about the confusion, Mr.
I'm Kick.
Nice to meet you.
- What's her name? - I'm Hayden.
Melvin doesn't talk.
He's a stuffed animal.
- What? Oh, that's right.
I do see that now.
That's okay.
I can talk to you, right? - Yeah.
- Oh, this looks like fun.
Are these your friends? - Yeah, they're in my class.
I'm in first grade.
- Cool.
Do you like school? - Uh-huh.
- Yeah? You missed school a few weeks ago, right? Were you sick? - I only missed a few days, but the man said I should tell people I was sick.
- What man was that? - The man who picked me up from school.
He came with his friend.
He said I was lucky to get better so fast because his brother's always sick.
- Uh, Hayden, did this man have a name? - What are you doing? I didn't say you could be down here.
- I'm sorry, I was just asking her a few questions.
- Get out of my house! Get out! - Lisa, I know you're scared, but we believe that the people who took Hayden are planning something else.
We can protect you.
- Just leave now.
Get out.
Talk to the police.
I told them everything I know.
- I'm sorry.
- Go! You okay? - Lisa's terrified.
- Yeah, can you blame her? I mean, she thinks they're still being watched, and, for all we know, she's right.
Hayden was with these people for two days.
She said one of them had a sick brother.
- That must be who Lisa stole the medicine for.
Our hunch was right.
These guys are up to something more than a bank robbery.
Where? We gotta go.
[sirens blaring] [dramatic music] Bureau.
- [mumbling] I knew it, I knew I shouldn't-- [crying] [radio transmissions] - What happened? - Our tiger kidnappers just became killers.
[camera shutter clicks] [camera shutter clicks] .
[somber music] - All right.
- I guess this isn't what you signed up for.
- Frank told me this is how a lot of these cases end.
I guess it is what I signed up for.
- That's Gary Pleva.
He drives an armored truck.
And that was his boyfriend of six years, Jason McKinney.
And Gary got a text just like Lindsey Hale.
Delivered a truck as instructed, and they tied him up and brought him here.
At some point, Gary escaped.
He ran to a convenience store, came back here with a cop, only to find this.
- These guys didn't want to kill Jason, but when they realized Gary got away, they didn't hesitate.
Gary, I know what you're going through, but, if you can, tell us what happened.
- He--he said to take the truck from work.
I drove where he told me, and then that's when they grabbed me.
I don't remember a lot after that till we got to the warehouse.
We--we were tied up.
They were in the other room.
And I was just trying to break the ropes.
And I broke free, but Jason told me to go.
I shouldn't have left him.
I didn't want to leave him, but I did.
- What was her name? - You've been talking to Kennedy.
- No, I'm just--I know you.
I know there's something bothering you.
- [sighs] His name was Mark.
It was my first case.
He and his brother used to ride their bikes to school every day, and one day, Mark wasn't feeling well, so he left school early.
- And what happened? - He was abducted.
See, when a kidnapped victim turns up dead, that's bad.
But in a case like Mark's, where the victim's never found, that's much worse because you always hold out in hope.
And that little sliver of hope lives in you forever.
That principal never should've sent that kid home.
- Yeah, well, if you took that responsibility more seriously, if you'd done your damn job, maybe a family wouldn't have been kidnapped today.
How much money was in the truck? - That's the crazy part.
It was empty.
- So they didn't want the money.
They wanted the truck.
- God, man, if I hadn't left, Jason might still be alive.
- Gary, when you go through something like this, it helps if you have someone to talk to.
We're here for you.
- It's okay.
I have somebody.
I did.
She got fired.
- Who got fired? - My therapist at the VA.
- Lisa Margolin.
- You know her? [knocking] [thud] - Eric Hale, U.
Navy Reserve.
Gary Pleva, 101st Airborne.
Those names sound familiar, Lisa? - All this time, we've been looking for a connection between these kidnappings, and it's you.
- Please--they said they'd kill Hayden if I said anything.
- Well, that's what they told Gary.
Now his boyfriend's dead.
- Oh, my God.
- We can protect you, Lisa.
Both of you.
- I was at work when they texted me the photo.
It was Hayden.
They had her.
My phone rang, and the man said that if I didn't do what he said, he would kill her.
We'd just got a shipment of Torsemide in, so I--I stole the drugs, and I took them to the park like they asked, and the man got out of the car and took the drugs and left Hayden.
He said if I call the police, they'd kill us both.
- Lisa, this man, can you identify him? - Maybe he never-- I never saw him before.
But the other man, the one who called, I--I think I recognized his voice.
A man who came to my group therapy session a few times last year.
- Garrett Despain, he was in Lisa Margolin's group therapy session with Gary Pleva and Eric Hale.
- Yeah, we've got him up now.
- Hey, Bishop, it's Frank.
Listen, the sheriff told me Despain was a suspect in a bank robbery two years ago, but he never got charged.
His accomplice, however, Peter Gomes, was convicted and sent away.
- Despain and Gomes were in the same unit in Iraq.
The cops suspected them and another army buddy of pulling the bank job, but Gomes wouldn't give up his pals.
- The sheriff told me the two were very close.
They called each other brothers.
- Hayden said that one of the man's brothers was sick.
- Uh, yeah, according to Gomes' prison file, he's been diagnosed with kidney failure.
- That explains the Torsemide.
- What prison is Gomes at right now? - Loretto--Federal Pen.
- Not for long--he's been scheduled for a transfer to Elkton to be closer to his medical care.
It's happening today.
- They're busting him out.
[tires squeal] - Parker, get me the warden at Loretto.
- What are you smiling at? [phone ringing] - Hello? - This is Frank Novak of the FBI.
I want you to listen to me very carefully.
[crash] .
[tires screech] - They're on 264--you're close.
- Get ready.
Keep your head down.
Aim for center mass.
[click] [gunshots] [grunting] - [grunts] Took you long enough.
Get these shackles off me.
Where are we headed? - Canadian border.
We've got 500K and enough of your meds to last us six months.
[tires screech] [gunshots] [glass shatters] - Stay here, get down.
- Okay, brother.
[gunshots] [gunshot] [gunshots] [gunshots] [gunshots] [ping] Ah! Driver's hit--I'll cover you.
- Ahh! [gunshots] - Go, go, go! Kick, come on, go! [gunshots] [gunshots] [gunshots] - Okay, okay, come here.
Give me your arm.
- Ahh! Okay, hold on, all right, okay.
Gonna need you to hang on to this for me, okay? - My partner's hit-- he's in the back.
I think he's hurt.
[gunshots] - [panting] [gunshots] [gunshots] [panting] - Look out, Kick! [gunshot] - Ahh! - [grunts] - [grunts] [grunting] - Bishop, stop, come on, come on.
Bishop! [grunting] Bishop! Come on, what are you doing? - [panting] I gotta give it to 'em.
These guys--they stood by their brother.
They didn't know if they'd ever see him again.
They stood by him.
- He seriously did that? - Yeah, yeah, he really did.
- Oh, my God.
- Mm-hmm.
- I would hug him, but I know it would freak him out.
Also I like gingers.
- Hug who? - Bishop--he called one of his Pentagon contacts.
He got Lisa's honors and benefits reinstated.
- Adult beverage? - Uh, I could be persuaded.
Kick? - Oh, no way.
Unless it's a vitamin water, she is not down.
- Ah.
["Control" by Natalie Taylor plays] - Twisted, you can't turn your mind off Every thought is a lost cause It pushes and pulls Takes everything till you're broken How do we get through? How do you we live like we're supposed to? Till we're gone And do we find out What life's about when we let go of control Let go of control Let go of control - What's up? - Deal me in.
- All right, sit down.
I don't know if I wanna take your money.
- Don't have much.
You can take what I've got, if you're lucky.
- Holding it in Losing yourself - Seven card stud.
Feeling lucky.
- How do we get through? How do we live like we're supposed to? Till we're gone And do we find out what life's about When you let go of control Let go of control