Gone (2018) s01e05 Episode Script


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[Sleep Machine's "Cover Me in Gold"] [crowd commotion, cheering] - Cover me in gold Don't you bury me in dirt [cheers and screaming] - Hi! Hi! - We love you, Sabrina! - We love you, Sabrina! - I love you guys, too! [cheering and screaming] - Oh, my God! Sabrina! - Hey, guys! - Background singers, I've got you in vehicle three.
- Melissa! Over here! You guys know Melissa, right? Did she crush it tonight, or what? [cheers and screaming] See you back at the suite? Save me a spot at the mini-bar.
[cheers and screaming] - Come on, you know you miss this.
- I don't miss the sequins.
- Well, yeah, that's kind of a thing.
- They look great on you.
- Bree, honey, we should get back to the hotel--we have an early flight.
Sorry, sweetie, but it all goes to hell if we get off schedule.
School's good? - I'm graduating next month.
You guys will be there, right? - Yeah.
- Wouldn't miss it, Sare Bear.
- Sara, Ari will drive you home.
- One sec.
Family photo? [cheers and screaming] - Gotta get in here.
[all laughing] - Love you.
- I love you, too.
See you soon.
- Okay.
- Miami wants to add two dates, and I told them, "Let's do it.
" - I thought we were taking next month off.
- You're selling out these venues, hon.
It's the next step.
- Bye, baby.
- Know my worth I know my worth [car horn honking] [line ringing] [phone ringing] - You miss me? - Tell me about college.
- What do you want to know? - Anything.
- Oh, well, it's not as exciting as what you're doing.
Butlook, Bree, I know you're stressed.
But just remember this is what you've always-- [gunfire] [screams] - Sara? - [screaming] - Sara! - What's happening? What happened? - What was--Sara! - [continues screaming] - Mom! - Jay! - Sara! - Jay, get David on the phone.
- Mom, it sounded like a gunshot.
- What? - Sara! Sara, what's going on? Sara! Sara! [dramatic music] - Upon entering the residence, Kit Lanigan encountered an armed suspect, putting herself at significant risk of injury or worse.
- They were holding a boy, Katherine.
In a box.
- She's not trained, Frank.
Which was the whole point of why we brought her on.
- She was brought on as an advisor, not a field agent.
- She's valuable in the field.
She sees things, things that you can't even train.
- I still have a problem with it.
Well, why don't we ask that Carter kid's parents how they feel about it? Or Senator Rusk, who put together my team's budget? Did you read the great press that he got when we saved that kid? - All right, you made your point, Frank.
I'm not gonna tell you how to run your team.
But just know this.
If you get Kit Lanigan killed, it's on you.
And I don't mean in a professional way.
I mean it will be on your conscience for the rest of your life.
Can you live with that? [dark music] [pop music] - Missed you before I ever met you You know I stay up late - One double-shot nonfat macchiato with non-dairy creamer and what you ordered.
- It's called coffee.
It's what normal people drink.
- Ooh, normal as in obsessing over a game tile, normal? - I'm not obsessing.
Look, the network that Frank told me about-- he's--he thinks that Mel-- - I'm gonna stop you right there.
Frank didn't bring you into this so you could spiral-- - I'm not spiraling.
- Into the past.
- I'm not.
- He did it so you could put it behind you.
You're gonna make yourself miserable.
And my advice is, save that for the things that should make you truly miserable, like me playing matchmaker.
Say, isn't that your friend Noah? [bangs table] - I am going to kill you with artisanal coffee.
- Come on, give the guy a chance.
He's nice, he's good-looking, he has no criminal record.
- You ran a check on him? - Blew up his phone, dug into his financials.
He is not gonna make you rich.
But he just might make you happy.
- Oh.
- Terrifying, I know.
- Oh, hey, Kit.
James, you were right.
Best coffee in the Burgh.
- Oh, shoot.
I forgot a stirrer.
- You've stirred up enough.
- Figured this was a set up.
But I came anyway, because I wanted to talk to you.
So, the foundation I started working for just secured funding.
They were going with this big water rights project which Wow, that may be the most boring sentence anyone's ever said.
Anyway, I was thinking maybe we could celebrate tomorrow night.
Go for a drink? - Oh, yeah, I don't-- I don't drink, so-- - Do you eat? - [laughs] - Come on, what do you say? - Uh - I promise I won't talk about my water rights project ever, ever again.
[jet engines roaring] - Sara Moreland, 21 years old.
She was kidnapped last night after a concert in New York.
Her sister is Sabrina Moreland.
Also known as the only singer me and my mom could agree on.
- The sisters used to sing together.
Had a couple miner hits, a short-lived cable show-- - Oh yeah, "Spring and Summer.
" I used to watch that show all the time.
God, I'm getting old.
- I've got T-shirts older than you, James.
Go ahead.
- Sara quit the business to go to college, which is when Sabrina started blowing up as a solo act.
- So, Sara's SUV was found on the East Side.
The driver was killed.
No sign of Sara, no witnesses.
- It's not much to go on.
- Okay, Kick, you and I are gonna talk to the family.
You guys go to the crime scene.
Let's move.
[dramatic music] - Make sure the floor is secure.
I don't want any lookie-loos.
- There's nothing new, Bree.
- [sniffles, shaky breaths] - You should get some sleep.
[knock on door] - Mrs.
Moreland? My name's Frank Novak.
This is Kit Lanigan.
We're with the FBI.
- All due respect, I don't care who you're with.
I just wanna know what you're gonna do to get Sara back.
- Whatever it takes.
- David Sobol, head of security.
- What happened last night? - Our safety protocol is always the same.
- Which is what? - I put Sara in an SUV to take her back home.
- What about the driver? - Ari and I were in the Israeli Defense Force together.
He was a pro.
- First thing I gotta ask is, do you know anyone who would want to hurt Sara? - No, not Sara.
Sabrina, sure.
There are stalkers.
Weird marriage proposals.
Last year we got, what, 20-some restraining orders? - I read about you in "People.
" You're the girl who got kidnapped.
[somber music] You know what it's like.
- Let's go over here.
- Tell me, what is she feeling right now? - [sighs] She's scared.
And she's confused.
But she's counting on you to be strong for her right now.
Okay? - Yeah.
[sniffling] [police radio chatter] - Driver was Ari Mayer, 33.
Killed by a single gunshot wound.
What do you got? - The way I see it, one assailant approaches the vehicle, fires through the window, killing the driver.
Assailant two opens the rear door, pulls Sara out.
Must've been wearing gloves.
They left no prints.
- Huh.
They did leave tire marks.
V-shape on the interior.
Large block on the outer rim.
Car peeled out here, but they were in a hurry-- Clipped the bumper.
Sweet paint transfer.
- Sky blue.
- It's more of a Smurf blue, actually.
Looks like we have part of a headlight casing from the matching plastic shield.
Okay, so we're looking for a blue car with asymmetrical directional tires and a broken right headlight.
- I never made you for a gear head.
- My dad had a shop.
I changed my first carburetor before I had my first kiss.
- I put out an alert on that vehicle you sent me.
- Any luck with the traffic cam? - Nothing on the intersection where Sara was taken.
But that theater has cameras out the wazoo.
I want you to say hi to a friend of mine.
[beeps] Doesn't exactly scream, "Sabrina fan," right? Serving you more of a Kid Rock moment.
Now watch this.
[beeps] - He was there all day.
- And the day before.
So I decided to play a game of facial recognition and put him through the database.
Trent Mannion.
Convicted last year of felony stalking.
Served nine months in Bergen County, then was sent to an in-patient mental health facility.
Currently resides at a boarding house on Stanton Avenue.
[tense music] - Trent Mannion! FBI! - Oh, my God.
- [panting] - Oh, my God.
- Clear.
- Oh, my God.
- These are all Sara.
Personal photos.
Old publicity shots.
- This is sick.
- Gun! Don't--Don't move! [both grunting] - Get your hands behind your back.
- [whimpering, groaning] - It's a flower.
[dark music] - Okay, Trent.
Where's Sara? What did you do with her? [tense music] - Why would I hurt my own daughter? - Yourdaughter? - Sabrina's her mother.
Sara's our little angel.
- Nice little family, is that it? - Me, Sabrina, Sara-- we're destined to be together.
- We took that house apart.
There's no sign Sara was ever there.
Plus crazy here doesn't own a car.
We know the kidnappers were on wheels.
- Looks like he's not our guy.
- No.
[cell phone rings] - Novak.
We'll be right there.
Kidnappers just made contact.
- Sabrina, if you wanna see your sister alive, it'll cost you $2 million.
Start putting the money together.
We'll be in touch.
- Mom, Dad, I wanna come home! - [crying] - [crying] - [sighs] She livesshe dies.
It's up to you.
[Sara crying] [static hisses] .
[dramatic music] - We will pay whatever they want.
It doesn't matter.
- Well, I'm afraid it's not that simple.
- You heard what he said.
They're gonna kill our daughter.
- There is no guarantee that paying that ransom is gonna bring Sara back.
If you do pay, well, then we lose all our leverage.
- I'm calling Sabrina's record label.
They keep that kind of money in petty cash.
- [sighs] While they're getting the money together, let's have James drill down on that video.
Maybe those guys left a clue.
And let's, uh, take a look at the family.
The whole inner circle.
- Wait, you think that that family had their own daughter kidnapped? - Well, even a ransom case, we start on the inside, work our way out.
- No one's off the table.
[elevator dings] - Mom.
What are you doing here? - Sabrina's publicist is a friend of mine and asked me to be the family spokesperson until, uh, Sara is found.
So I got on the first flight here.
Can we talk about a statement? - No statements.
- Well, the family is going to make a statement, Frank.
I mean, I'd prefer to do it with you, but I'm perfectly prepared to do it without you.
What exactly-- - You're giving attention to a case when we're trying-- - Frank.
Can I talk to you for a second? Excuse us.
[sighs] As much as I hate to admit it, I think she's right.
When I was with Mel, I thought for sure I was gonna die.
And then one night, I heard my mom on TV.
Just hearing her voice just made me think that maybe I could get through it.
Andwhoever has Sara, they're probably watching the news right now.
And hearing her mom and hearing her sister, it could be everything.
[somber music] - Okay, okay.
- All right, thank you.
- Paula You can make a statement.
But any questions about the investigation, I do the talking.
Deal? Okay.
- Can you tell us if you've heard from the kidnappers? - I ask you to hold all questions about the investigation till the end.
Agent Novak will be happy to speak with you then.
- Sabrina, how are you doing? - Sara's not just my sister.
She's my best friend.
To my fans and followers, if there's anyone out there who knows or saw anything, please call the FBI.
Call the police.
Sara means everything to me.
[overlapping questions] - This is harassment.
- No, this is me being nice.
- [grunts] I got legit press creds.
I'm working for Buzzline.
This Sabrina story is huge.
- Then why's your camera pointing at Kick Lanigan? - You mean Kit Lanigan, don't you? This is the second time Kitty's been neck deep in a kidnapping case.
So tell me, what's a former abduction victim doing working with the FBI? - If I see you again, you won't see me coming.
Okay? - Bishop told me that that photographer's been poking around again.
- I've been fooling myself.
[sighs] I can't escape my past.
- What are you talking about? Beth Foster, that whole part of your life, is gone.
- Yeah? Why don't you try Googling her sometime? [melancholy music] It's just like with Sara.
You can try to have a normal life, but there's always a Trent Mannion or a Neil Pruitt to pull you back in.
- You know, I brought her on the team because I thought it was the right thing for the Task Force.
And right for her.
And now I'm not so sure.
Maybe Moss was right.
Maybe this is doing more harm to her than good.
- Wellthere's always gonna be crazies.
But there's always gonna be Beth Foster fan sites whether she's on this team or not.
- Yeah.
I just don't wanna get her killed.
- Well, there are no guarantees, Frank.
But you know that.
She's holding her own.
- I hope so.
- Kick.
[knocks] We got something.
[suspenseful music] Well, the paint transfer and tire pattern of the kidnappers' car matches to a 2012 Ford Focus.
- Well, that doesn't really narrow it down.
There's gotta be thousands of those in the city.
- Hmm.
Wanna show the man? - Mmm-hmm.
[keyboard keys clicking] Separated out the audio from the ransom video.
Now, airline engine noise gave me a distance to LaGuardia.
Ship noise cross-referenced me to the East River, and three different sources of construction noise Finally I triangulated those source coordinates, which means this video was shot in the Bronx.
Somewhere in this area here.
- Okay, everyone.
We're canvassing a ten-block radius.
I wanna see traffic cams, satellite imagery.
Let's find that vehicle.
- Hey, hold it.
Blue Ford Focus.
- Uh-huh.
Broken headlight.
That's the one.
- Uh, 9190 North Avenue.
It's an old machine works.
- Be careful.
- Chair matches the video.
- This is where they filmed her.
- Must have switched vehicles.
We missed them.
- They still have Sara.
[dramatic music] - We can test the glasses for prints, can't we, Frank? - Absolutely.
- Yeah, we're gonna test them.
- Well, if they didn't leave prints on the SUV, I doubt they got sloppy now.
- Well, someone tipped these guys off.
All right, someone who knew we were coming.
- You got anyone in mind? - Well, we finished the deep dive on the inner circle.
David Sobol, head of security? - If he's security, they're all in trouble.
- Well, he's bounced around between celebrities.
Aside from that ponytail, he seems legit.
- What about the backup singer? - Melissa Baldwin.
She checks out, too.
She's signed to a long-term contract.
Been with the family for years.
- What about the family? - Trish, well, she draws a paycheck as Sabrina's manager.
Which brings us to Jay.
- Oh? - Yeah.
- Sit down here.
[sighs] So, tell me about the money.
- Called the record label.
They're putting it together.
- No, no.
Not that money.
The $900,000 that's missing from Sabrina's bank account.
Tell me about that.
- [laughs] Okay.
Okay, that's not the way it looks.
- Boy, I hope it's not that way, because it looks like you've been spending your daughter's money.
Maybe you were having her ransomed so the record company can pay off your debts.
- No, that's not how it is.
- How is it? Tell me.
- You know what I was doing five years ago? I was laying roofing tiles.
Trish, she was cutting ladies' hair.
- Mmm-hmm.
- The cash started rolling in.
Fame, travel, the life.
It just, you know, got away from us.
Last year, we started a record label.
We're hoping to break new bands.
Poured a fortune into it, it bit us in the ass.
I'm working to make it right.
But not--not like that.
You can ask Trish.
I love my daughter.
I want her back.
- We're looking for her.
I have to tell you, I'm pulling on this string and I just hope you're not at the other end of it.
- We still haven't heard anything.
- But Sara never wanted this.
She didn't want the spotlight.
- It's not your fault.
- That's easy for you to say.
You get to sing every night, and no one bothers you.
You get to go home to Gatlinburg, and no one stalks you.
No one takes naked pictures of you and threatens to sell them on the Internet.
Yeah, that happened.
We had to pay to get the photo back.
- Sabrina do you still have this picture? - It's called GeoTagging.
It's a fancy word for geographical data encoded in digital photography.
- Last year, the family paid someone $100,000 for a photo of Sabrina naked in her dressing room.
- Yeah, the demand arrived via text sent from a burner phone, same as the ransom demand.
- Well, why didn't the family tell us this? - Well, Sabrina gets these kind of threats all the time.
The difference here is the blackmailer had such close access.
- And that screams inner circle.
- So you guys are saying that the blackmailer may be the kidnapper.
He got a taste, he got greedy, then went back to the well for more? - Right.
- The image is pixelated 'cause, you know, classy.
Usually when you GeoTag a photo, you do it to find out information about where it was taken.
But it can also tell you about who took it.
This photo was taken with a smart phone, and that smart phone belongs to Jeffrey Alan Gibson.
- He knows them.
- Gibson's current whereabouts are unknown.
But most recently, he was a roadie on Sabrina's tour.
- Okay.
Kennedy's with the family? - Yeah, they're at their hotel.
They've got the money together.
They're just waiting on the call.
- Have her bring them down here.
Find out what's up.
Good job, guys.
- Jeff took that picture of me? This can't be right.
- What can you tell us about him? - Well, Jeff was with us from the start.
It was all church picnics and mall openings back then.
- But he left the tour last year, correct? - He was going through some stuff.
And we love Jeff.
But he had a substance abuse problem.
We had to let him go.
- Yeah, well, his problems have gotten worse.
- Assault, possession with intent, drunk and disorderly.
All pretty smalltime, until we noticed a co-defendant on the assault charge.
Jesse Tucker.
Two strike loser.
Grand theft auto, assault with a deadly weapon, forcible entry of an occupied dwelling.
- Also known as home invasion.
Not so smalltime.
Now, do you have a number for Jeff Gibson? All right.
Let's track him.
- Okay, we got a hit.
Jeff's currently location is Wichita, Kansas.
Oh, no, wait, that's not right.
He'sin Croatia.
And now he's in Japan.
And now he's going to Switzerland.
- Well, he's using a track blocker.
- What's he hiding? [cell phone rings] - It's her dad.
What do we do? - [screaming, thumping] - Shut up.
He can't trace the phone.
See what the man wants.
- Jeff, it's Jay Moreland.
- Jay, uh, I saw the news.
I'm sorry about Sara, man.
- Listen, listen, I've been talking with the FBI.
They think you might somehow be involved in this.
I'm not saying you're a part of it.
But if you are somehow we can do this without the feds.
Without Sara getting hurt.
I just want Sara back.
I've got the money.
Just tell me what to do with it.
- Yo, you wanna see Sara alive? Here's where you take that money.
Prospect Park, 4 p.
We'll call you then.
[heavy music] - They said they'd contact me when I got to the park, tell me where to drop the money.
- That means they'll be watching you.
All right? Follow their instructions.
There's a GPS tracker in the bag.
Once they retrieve the money, we'll track them right back to Sara.
[soft music] - Your kid has a dream.
You do everything you can to make it come true.
I planned every detail.
Except this.
- Well, I don't think any parent can plan for this.
- Your daughter, Kit, how long was she gone? - Almost six years.
- How did you get through it? - I tried not to feel sorry for myself.
And I kept my focus on my daughter.
On her predicament.
I knew she needed me.
- I--I I don't know if I can do that.
- You can.
You have to.
Just promise me one thing.
When she comes home, just focus on her.
Notall of this.
But just on her.
[dark music] - That's it.
Keep moving.
- You're doing good, Jay.
- Now you got five more of these.
Breathe, breathe.
Breathe on the way down.
[continues indistinctly] [cell phone rings] - Hello? - Listen closely here, Jay.
See the monument? - Yeah.
- All right, now look for the trash can on the other side.
That's where you're gonna drop the money.
Now get moving.
- That's it.
That's right.
Keep walking.
- Can you see him? - Yeah.
- All right.
- He's good.
He's right by the monument.
- All right.
- Good.
- All right, he's passing.
- He stopped.
- Jay, keep walking.
You're very close to the garbage can.
Jay? - I don't see him.
- All right, something's wrong.
- Jay? - Let's go.
- Yeah.
The tracker.
They got the money.
- Oh, God.
- Jay? - Oh.
- Jay.
- Are you all right? - I'm fine.
- Oh, my God.
- Which way did they go? All right, we'll get you some help, okay? Stay right here.
- Stay here, okay? It's the gardener.
[exciting music] [thud] [tires screeching] .
- Anything on Gibson's phone? - Core processor's toast.
Sim card's confetti.
Sorry, guys.
This phone is dead.
- Tucker must be figuring out the money drop was a bust.
- Wait.
[beeps] Gatlinburg? Jeff Gibson is from Gatlinburg, Tennessee, the same town as Melissa Baldwin? - The backup singer.
[dramatic music] - Sabrina, do you know where Melissa is? - I haven't spoken to her.
Why? - Well, we think she may be involved in Sara's kidnapping.
- What? - Melissa and Jeff Gibson are from the same small town.
- Did you guys know that? Jay? - We thought they met on tour.
- No.
We checked.
They went to high school together.
- Melissa's my friend.
Why would she do this? - We think because of this.
- Personal services contract for Melissa Baldwin.
- Now, you agreed to release her album last year.
- On the new label.
Uh, I told you, it went belly up.
I mean, we told her it wasn't gonna happen.
- Oh, my God.
She came to me a few months ago.
She was gigging at a club, and some A&R guy said he wanted to sign her, and she asked me to release her from her contract.
- What did you say? - She made a five-year commitment.
Her place was backing you up.
It wasn't about her.
It was about us.
- Damn it, Melissa! What the hell are you doing here? Where's your boyfriend? - He's dead.
[sobbing] - Where's the money? - There is no money! This has gone too far! You killed the driver.
That was never part of the plan! Now Jeff-- [grunts] [groaning] - [screams] - Melissa's financials.
Three days ago she rented a van from Prestige Truck Rental in Jamaica, Queens.
- I can't imagine Gibson and Tucker had great credit scores.
- We need everything on that van.
Make, model, and VIN number.
- Boom, VIN number.
Now, New York City has a Lo-Jack system.
I should be able to get a real-time location.
Oh, come on, come on, come on.
It's not working.
They must have blocked the transmitter.
- Sabrina We could use your help.
There is a good chance that Sara is in that van.
And if you get the word out to your fans on social media, maybe they can help us find her.
- Tell me what the van looks like.
- "Brina saw a van just like that at Garfield and 8th.
" - Uh, "Having lunch on 6th Avenue.
The van was just at the red light across the street.
" - "I'm on 4th.
Van heading north on 16th.
" - He He's heading toward the Prospect Expressway.
He's trying to get out of town.
[tires squealing] - We're on him.
Both in position.
[fists slamming] [tires squealing] - I'll stay on him.
He's cutting through the alley.
[car horn honking] [sirens wailing] [tires squealing] [intense music] - [screaming] [cell phone rings] - How you doing, Jesse? - I-I'll kill her, man! I swear! - Well, it's not gonna get you the money.
It's not gonna get you out of here.
All right, so let's talk about this.
- Hey, don't--don't move! Don't come any closer! - All right.
- Step off, man! - Jesse, relax.
- Step off, man! - All right!! - I'm calling the shots, got it? - I got it, Jesse.
You're calling the shots, all right? - Tell your people to let me through.
- That's not gonna happen.
- It is if you want this bitch to live! - Okay, all right, you win.
You win, Jesse.
I'm just gonna tell my people to move, okay? I'm gonna tell my people to move right now.
- [screaming] - Hey! [gunfire] - [grunts] - [screams] [heavy breathing] You're okay.
You're okay.
You're okay.
You're okay.
You're all right.
Let me get this off you.
Help me.
- All right, you're good.
You're okay.
You're all right.
You're okay.
You all right? [background chatter] - I have news.
We got her.
- You did? - We got her.
- Oh, thank God.
[both crying] [emotional music] - Sara, I'm so sorry.
- It's okay.
- No, it's not.
It's not okay.
[sniffing] Look at you.
We're going to spend time together.
I promise.
- I'd like that.
[sniffing] [cell phone rings] - This is Paula.
"The Today Show?" An exclusive with the two sisters? I'm sorry.
The family's not interested.
Thank you.
- NYPD found Melissa in Brooklyn.
She's in the hospital under arrest.
- Okay, we should celebrate.
Is anybody hungry? I know a really cute little Italian place in town.
- Uh, well, we gotta get back to Pittsburgh, so - Sure, I've got an early flight back myself.
This is good, Kit.
What you're doing here.
- Mom.
Uh I don't know if you want a ride back with us, but there's plenty of room here.
- Wow, this is almost like flying private.
- Mmm.
- Yeah, Frank.
Where's my warm hand towel? - You play poker, Paula? [uplifting music] - What do you think, Elvis? - Hmm.
- Watch out.
She counts cards.
- [laughs] Who's in? - You know I'm in.
[pop music] - See your light where you are Magnetic touch magnetic heart I've felt I've felt too much I've had it all and not enough Expensive love expensive heart Mmm Is it any wonder that our love grows stronger Is it any wonder that I need you now More than ever before I keep fall, fall, falling falling for you - When you said you had a second job, I had no idea that was what you were talking about.
- Uh, yeah.
It's not a big deal, really.
- Kit, you took something bad that happened to you and you use it to help people.
That's freaking amazing.
Here we are.
- Looks nice.
- Oh, come on.
Give me more credit than that.
It's, uh [Eastern music] "The Big Boss" and "Enter the Dragon.
" First time ever on the same bill.
- Wha-- Bruce Lee's my favorite.
- I know.
- [laughs] I named my dog after Bruce Lee.
- I know.
- Wow.
You did good.
- I know.
Ticket? Let's go.
- Is it any wonder that our love grows stronger Is it any wonder that I need you Now more than ever before I keep fall, fall, falling for you Fall, fall, falling for you Fall, fall, falling for you Fall, fall, fall