Gone (2018) s01e11 Episode Script


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[pop rock music] I feel the wind rush through my skin - Hey, excuse me! Hey, hey, would you mind taking my picture? I want to send it to my girlfriend.
- Every touch you give - Just, uh, right here? - Yeah, yeah.
And maybe, uh, get the fountain in the background.
- Uh, maybe just a little bit to the left there.
- Okay.
- Uh, a little closer.
- Johnny.
- So high - [grunts] - [gasps] - [groans] Oh, my God.
[groans] No! No! Help! Somebody please help! Help me! Somebody help me! No! Somebody help! [dramatic music] Somebody! Please help! [Craig Erickson's "One More Shot"] - Ahh.
- Kelly.
- What took you so long? - You gave me ten Our Fathers, and then you gave me ten Hail Marys.
- [chuckles] You haven't been to Mass in months.
Consider yourself lucky.
I am thinking about the pastrami.
- Yeah, well, the roast beef's good.
And it comes with a salad.
- Pastrami it is.
So now that we've dealt with your venial sins, what's up? - [sighs] Kick found out about me and her mom.
- Oof, yikes.
- Yeah.
And then to make matters worse, the Bureau is all over me about her acting as a field agent.
It's a disaster.
- Hmm.
Before you decide this whole thing is a disaster, let me ask you.
How many people did she have a hand in saving? Right? It doesn't feel like a disaster to me.
Or to them, I bet.
[smacking, woman grunts] - [grunts] [door bell chimes] - One more.
Mmm-hmm, nice.
Yaw! You're hurting my hands now, girl.
- I want to keep going.
- Well, save it for the tournament, 'cause we're not coming in second this year.
- All right.
- All right? - Yep.
- Good work.
- Thanks.
- Thank you, Kick.
- Thanks, Susan.
All right, I'll see you Thursday.
- All right.
[door bell chimes] - [sighs] - You gonna talk to me? Are you ever gonna talk to me? - Mom, I don't have time for this right now, okay? - Okay, great, I'll just sit and wait until you do.
- [scoffs] [dramatic music] - [sighs] - When you were gone, Frank was there for me in a way that your father couldn't be.
- Well, that's clear.
- Nothing happened until you came home.
- Mom, it's fine, okay? You don't have to apologize to me.
It's-- - Well, I'm not apologizing, not for what happened.
But I am sorry that I didn't tell you.
Look, your dad and your memory of your dad are not the same guy.
From the day he left to the day he died, how many times did he call you? - I don't know.
- None.
Look, Frank-- he is no saint.
But he's--he's always been there for you.
So, if you want to blame anyone for your dad leaving, blame me.
It's fine.
But don't blame Frank.
[door bell chimes] - Kick, we got to roll.
- I was just on my way out.
- Good to see you, too, Paula.
[door bell chimes] A man was abducted in downtown Pittsburgh this morning.
- Look, um my head's not in the right place.
Maybe it's better if I sit this one out.
- Better for the man who was taken or better for you? - [sighs] - What have we got? - Just after 8:00 this morning, a man was abducted while riding his bike through Point State Park.
- The victim's name? - Can't give you that.
Can't pull up a picture either.
- We have no idea who this guy is.
The only reason we even know we have a victim is because a witness saw it happen.
- Surveillance footage? - No cameras on the Point.
The nearest camera's on top of Mt.
That's too far away to see faces.
So here's what we got-- a victim with no name and no face.
- Our mystery victim was riding his bike along the waterfront.
According to a witness, two men pulled him into a boat and took off, headed up river.
[dramatic music] Some of the bridges further up river have cameras.
Now, if one of them picked these guys up, we may be able to get some identifying markers on that boat.
- Pittsburgh P.
is waiting for you two.
I got to go talk to the media.
- Mm, you love talking to the media.
- Yeah, well, I need all the help I can get identifying this victim.
- So there's probably a family out there who doesn't even know he's missing yet.
[indistinct chatter over police radio] [camera beeps, shutter clicks] - Could you excuse me right now? - No problem.
- You Agent Bishop? Michele Hodiak, Pittsburgh P.
- Hodiak, Kick Lanigan.
Walk us through it.
- Victim was attacked over here.
According to the witness, perp number one flagged down the victim.
They exchanged a few words.
Then our perp hit him with something.
She just saw him fall.
He pulled him into the boat, and perp number two was the driver.
- Prints on the bike? - Two sets-- one adult on the handlebars, one a child.
- The victim and his kid? - Most likely.
We ran the adult, got no hits.
So, whoever your victim is, he doesn't have a record.
- The witness get a description of these guys? - I have her sitting with the sketch artist, but I wouldn't expect much.
She didn't have her glasses on.
She did hear them call the victim Johnny.
"Hey, Johnny.
" That's it.
- I'm glad her hearing's better than her eyesight.
- Excuse me.
- Yeah.
That should narrow it down.
They targeted him.
During the day and out here in the open.
These guys are either stupid, crazy, or highly motivated.
Either way, they're dangerous as hell.
- Hunters.
[cell phone ringing] [cell phone beeps] - Yeah.
- Good news, bad news.
A motorboat was found drifting near the Fort Pitt Bridge.
- What's the bad news? - Harbor master towed it in.
He and his guys put their hands all over it.
- We'll be right there.
They dumped the boat.
Witness said they hit him.
A nail.
Tip's blunted.
- Wait, this boat's compromised, right? - From an evidence perspective, totally.
- What are you doing? - I want to see what Johnny saw.
[grunts] [grunts] [breathing heavily] - You all right? - Bishop.
He wrote something with the nail.
- Mark S.
If Johnny's our victim, maybe Mark S is our perp? [camera shutter clicking] Our victim may have known his kidnapper and ID'd him for us.
- Boat belongs to Trent Harkes, 68, no record.
Got stolen from his dock in McKeesport ten days ago.
- Where are we on Mark S? - Well, I plugged the name into the database.
Even narrowing the criteria to violent crimes, there are over 9,000 Mark S's in the system.
- [sighs] What if you limit it to the Rust Belt? - Ah, still looking at 1,200 names.
- Great.
1,200 names and no description of the suspect.
- Bishop.
- Yeah? - You remember that kid from Ohio the one that got taken by Legion's network? - Gabriel Carter? - Right.
You went into the house to save him.
You took down a suspect.
- Yeah, Harold Leigh Taylor.
- [snaps fingers] Right.
Pull up his sheet.
Scroll down to distinguishing marks.
He had a tattoo.
There's got to be a photo of it.
- Mark V.
Any relation to Mark S? - It's not Mark S.
It's Mark Five.
They're both Mark Five.
One's a Roman numeral.
One's Arabic.
- What's Mark Five? - Gospel according to Mark Chapter five.
Verse one.
"When Jesus arrived, He was met by a man "with an unclean spirit who lived among the tombs.
"His chains had been torn apart and his shackles broken.
"No one was strong enough to subdue him.
"And Jesus commanded, 'Come out of him, "unclean spirit, and reveal thy name.
' "And the demon said to him, 'My name is Legion, for we are many.
'" - Legion took Johnny.
- But Legion's network traffics in abducted kids and runaways.
Why would he take this guy? - So the police got Johnny's prints off the bike, right? - Yeah, I got them right here.
- And we ran them against the criminal database.
We didn't get a hit.
Let's try them against missing children.
- Oh.
[beeps] Oh, my God.
- Kevin Spencer.
Date missing, August 6, 2000.
Date recovered, October 1, 2002.
This guy was abducted once before.
- Yeah.
And Kennedy and I are the ones who found him.
- [sighs] So it was a month after we rescued you.
We raided this house in Hampton Township.
The house belonged to a guy named Charles Hanna.
He went for his gun, we took him down.
We found Kevin in the basement.
- He'd been with Hanna for over a year.
But we had it on good evidence that Hanna wasn't the one who abducted him.
Mel Foster was.
- So Mel took both of us? - That's the theory.
- Mel was a procurer for Legion.
- Or he wasLegion.
We could never be sure.
All we know is the network went dark after Mel went to jail.
- Just as Mel called you Beth, they called this guy, Kevin, Johnny.
- That's what his kidnappers called him this morning.
- Mm-hmm.
- So whoever the new Legion is is connected to the old network somehow.
- Yeah, but why would this new Legion kidnap one of the old network's victim's? - Copycat.
- If it's a copycat, then every past victim of the network's in trouble.
- Okay, so what do we do? - Kennedy.
Let's you and I dig a little deeper on Charles Hanna.
I think we just wrote him off as a customer of the network.
Let's take another look at him.
- Kick and I'll look into Kevin.
Start with his family.
[dramatic music] - It was a totally justified shoot.
For all you knew, Hanna had a gun in that drawer.
- [scoffs] I just wish I'd clipped the bastard, not killed him.
Then we could talk to him and get some answers.
- Kevin owns a bike shop.
He's the only one there on Mondays.
He's been gone for hours, and no one even knew.
- We knew.
We've been looking for him all day.
- Mrs.
Spancer, we think Kevin's abduction may be connected to his previous one.
- But that was 15 years ago.
What does that have to do with his life now? - That's what we're trying to find out.
- He's worked so hard to put all of that behind him.
He's a dad now.
He has no enemies, no one who'd want to hurt him.
- Well, can you think of anything that might help? Has he brought up his abduction recently? - Kevin doesn't remember his abduction.
- He was with Charles Hanna for over a year.
- He doesn't remember anything about his-- His time with that man.
- Melanie, uh the same man that took your husband took me when I was a kid.
And there are a lot of foggy memories, and there's a lot of things that I've blocked out, but are you sure he doesn't remember anything? - Look, intellectually, Kevin knows he was abducted, but he's had years of hypnotherapy to suppress all of that.
His psychiatrist says that we all cope in different ways.
This is Kevin's.
[indistinct chatter] [children laughing] - [speaking indistinctly] - Kick? - Yeah? We're gonna find Kevin.
I promise.
- Zach, baby, can you come inside? - Hey, Zach.
You know, the day my brother, uh My mom took me aside, and said, "We're gonna find Mark.
I promise.
" And I get it--she was trying to make me feel better.
But never say "I promise," Kick.
Not on these cases.
- I knew him.
I didn't even realize it until I saw his son, but I knew him.
He was my friend.
- Are you sure? - [exhales sharply] I knew Kevin.
- Right there.
It's right next to the cemetery.
[door opens] Excuse me.
What's the matter? Did you talk to the wife? - I want to talk to Mel.
- Frank, just listen to me.
I knew Kevin.
There was a Fourth of July party, and they were all there-- Charles Hanna and Linda and Mel.
And Kevin-- Kevin was there.
I-I didn't remember until I saw his son.
But it's true.
- All right, I get this.
This case is stirring up a lot of things in you.
But you know from your therapy that you cannot trust these memories.
- Frank.
You and I both know that this is connected to the network.
And if anyone can tell us why, it's Mel.
- But Mel's not gonna talk to you, Kick.
When we brought him in, I interrogated him for weeks, and he said nothing.
- Well, he said nothing to you.
- Yeah, well - But he would talk to me.
How many years has he sent me letters? He's still obsessed with me, and I can use that.
- "Use that"? - Yeah.
- You're talking about Mel.
He's a master manipulator.
He'll get into your head.
I don't want to see that happen.
- I can get into his head.
I can.
You--you're the one that told me that I know how a wolf thinks, right? - I can't let you do it.
- Frank, you're not my father.
[sighs] I'm sorry.
You're better than him.
[dramatic music] He left, and you didn't.
You were always there for me.
[sighs] - Even when you didn't want me to be? - Yeah [chuckles] Especially then.
[sighs] Look when I was at Kevin's house, I had this thought.
He's been through what I've been through.
And he has this whole life now.
He's married, and he has a kid, and he has a house, and I thought maybe I can have all that.
- Of course you can have-- - I can't have it until I do this, Frank.
I can't have it until I stare him down once and for all.
- Kick.
- You know I'm right.
- Kick.
- You know this is what I need, Frank.
- This is Mel we're talking about.
- I know.
And I can do it.
[gate buzzing] [indistinct chatter over walkie-talkie] - Right this way.
[man shouting indistinctly in the distance] [indistinct chatter over walkie-talkie continues] - Uh, this is Sister Helen Ross, Mel's spiritual advisor.
- Frank Novak, FBI.
- Nice to meet you.
- This is Kick Lanigan.
- It's a real pleasure to meet you, Miss Lanigan.
- Spiritual advisor? You advise Mel how to keep cool in hell? - I know what he did to you is monstrous, Miss Lanigan.
But after a lot of prayer and self-reflection Mel knows that, too.
I think you'll find him a changed man.
- Men like Mel don't change.
- It was lovely meeting you all.
Excuse me.
- Thank you.
- [breathes deeply] Kick.
I'm gonna be right here watching you.
If anything goes wrong, if he starts to get under your skin, you stand up, you walk out, okay, clear? - Clear.
- You all right? - Mm-hmm, I'm fine.
- He's gonna try to rattle you.
He knows your triggers.
Remember, you're in control.
And stay focused on Kevin.
- Don't let him pull me out.
[indistinct chatter over walkie-talkie] [door buzzes] - [chuckles] - [sighs] - [inhales deeply] [exhales deeply] Hello, Beth.
I'm sorry.
I understand it's Kick now.
- A man named Kevin Spencer has been kidnapped.
- My gosh, that's terrible.
Is he a friend of yours? - He used to be.
I'm sure you remember.
There was a party at our house.
- Our house.
[chuckles] - Kevin Spencer.
- I-I don't remember a Kevin.
- [scoffs] How about Johnny? - Oh, yes.
Yeah, now I remember him.
We did have a party.
All your friends came.
[indistinct chatter] Yeah, perfect.
[sentimental music] Look right at the butterfly, okay? There you go.
Hey Johnny, do you want to go next? - Oh, my God.
Frank was right.
You were Legion.
- He could never prove it.
- Yeah, but it's true.
Isn't it? - When Frank told me that somebody had relaunched the network and taken on my old name, I was angry.
How dare they? [chuckles] But, you know, now I consider it flattering.
- So who's the new Legion? - I have no idea.
- Why would they take Kevin Spencer? - So that's why you came here? You want me to help you find Kevin? [scoffs] Is that it? [dramatic music] In 15 years You never came to see me.
You never responded to a single one of my letters.
You abandoned me.
And now you want my help.
[scoffs] I raised you better than that, Beth.
- My name is Kick.
- Here's what I don't get.
I mean, if you're-- [laughing] Looking for Kevin, why don't you get Frank to find him? He can figure it out.
[chuckles] Ah I guess it's beyond his grasp.
You know what you should do, Beth? Check my old network files.
All the answers are right there.
Oh, wait.
You auto-nuked them.
- Don't take the bait.
- [scoffs] You're a monster.
- And you are an ungrateful little bitch.
[chuckles] You think saving Kevin, saving anyone is gonna make you forget me? You will never forget me.
I will never forget you.
- [crying] I hate you.
- How can you work for him after everything I gave you? - [scoffs] Gave me? Everything you gave me? You took me! - From a family who didn't care about you.
Do you know how easy it was to take you? Mommy at work, Daddy sleeping off a hangover.
- I'm gonna pull her out.
- No, she can handle it.
- You don't remember, do you? The day I saved you Daddy was drunk.
Wasn't ten feet away.
I could see him through the window.
He could have saved you if he wanted to, but he didn't care.
I am your father, Beth, not Frank, not that drunk.
I taught you.
I molded you.
I gave you a family.
And you repay me by working for the man who took you from me? Who killed your mother? I was a fool to trust you, like Hanna was a fool to trust that boy! - Wait, how did--how did Charles Hanna trust Kevin? What did he trust Kevin with? - She's got him.
- Yeah.
- A secret a secret-- something that the new Legion wants to know, right? That's why he took him.
- We're done here.
Guard! - You know what? Hey, you know what? You were never my father.
You are a sick, evil man.
And you can't hurt me anymore.
- Okay, so Kevin Spencer knows something from his time with Charles Hanna, and that's what the new Legion wants.
- Well, whatever it is, Kevin may not even know he knows it.
He had years of hypnotherapy.
He doesn't remember anything about his captivity.
- Guys.
Guys, look at this.
Okay, so this is our friend Charles Hanna, right? He kept bees for a living.
- Beekeeper? That's unusual.
- And this is Charles Hannah with an H.
- Same guy.
- Now, he was an accountant.
Graduated top of his class and worked in a big accounting firm until he got pinched transporting a minor across state lines.
- Mm.
- Now, his big accounting firm fired him, and I'm gonna go out on a limb and say they didn't give him his two weeks' severance.
[dramatic music] - You know, these networks they rake in millions in cash.
- Yeah, ATF raided a house in California last year, found $22 million under the floorboards.
- When we took down Mel, we ripped that farm house apart.
But we didn't find anything.
Now, I got to believe that Mel's network was worth millions.
- Right, so, if Charles Hanna was the network's bookkeeper, maybe he knew where the money went.
- And maybe Kevin does, too.
Or at least that's what the kidnappers are hoping.
- Let's follow the money.
- Yeah.
- Hey, you.
- Huh? - So you finally faced him down.
How's it feel? - [sighs] It feels good.
I'll feel better once we find Kevin.
- Kick.
- Yeah.
- Check it out.
- What? What is it? - Look, even after he was fired, Charles Hanna hung a shingle every tax season.
No accounting firm would touch him, So he earned extra money filing returns for mom-and-pop shops.
Rented a storefront in Monroeville.
- All right.
Let's go.
[dynamic music] [car alarm chirps] [knock at door] - Oh, it's about time you got here.
I called you guys, what, ten hours ago? - Well, you're still waiting.
We're working a kidnapping.
- Kidnapping? Jesus.
- What'd they take? - Well, that's the crazy part.
They left a '62 Fender Jazzmaster right there, Louis Vuitton bag.
- They wanted something else.
Hey, you got any cameras? - Ha! Yeah, right.
- Kick.
Ceiling tile.
[dramatic music] Uh, may I? - Yeah, sure.
- Insulation's disturbed.
Somebody came up here.
- What the hell for? '62 Jazzmaster not 20 feet away.
[camera shutter clicks] - Yeah, we got a hit on that print.
Belongs to Louis Spitz, multiple convictions-- assault, felony stalking, predatory abduction of a minor.
- All right, so how do we find this guy? - Well, we can look up his DMV records and find out if he's the registered owner of a 2013 F-150, then ping the GPS to an address in East Liberty.
- Send us the address.
There's Spitz's truck.
Door's open.
[muffled shouting] Hey.
- [muffled talking] We're gonna be okay.
The doorbell rang.
Uh they forced their way in.
I thought it was UPS.
Tied us up.
Gave me this.
- How many were there? - Three.
Uh, two of them were pretty rough.
Uh, prison tattoos, the whole thing.
- And the other one? - He was with them, but he--he didn't want to be.
He was as scared as we were.
- They dragged him around and punched him.
"Where's the money, Johnny? Where's the money?" They kept yelling that over and over.
- They tore the place apart.
Um, they tried to say for a while that we took whatever money they were looking for, and I said, "Do we look like millionaires?" - How long have you lived in this house? - Uh, 15 years.
- Do you remember who you bought it from? - Hanna was his name.
Odd guy.
- So that's what they're doing.
They're--they're taking Kevin to all of Hanna's old haunts, trying to jog his memory.
- How long ago did they leave? - A couple hours.
Uh, yeah, Johnny must have told them whatever they wanted to hear, because when he did, they took off with him.
- This is very important, Mr.
Did you hear what Johnny said? - Um, something about a hive, like a--like a beehive.
- [sighs] All right.
We're on our way.
That was Kennedy.
There's an old farm outside of town.
It's been closed for years.
Charles Hanna used to tend to the bees.
- So that's where the money is.
That's where they took Kevin.
- Yeah.
[engine turning over] [tires squealing] .
[dramatic music] - Let's go.
- Give me that.
- I'm gonna go around back.
I'm gonna circle around.
- Okay, I got it.
- Quick, we're moving.
These damn things are heavy.
- Ah, there's only a couple more.
What about Johnny? - What about him? - [chuckles] Nice knowing you, Johnny.
- Please.
I have a family.
Come on.
- FBI! Drop your weapon! [tires squealing] - [breathing heavily] Kevin.
- [crying] - Oh, God.
- [crying] - You're safe.
You're safe.
[car door closes] - Look who it is! [both gasping] - [exhales deeply] - [crying] - What? - This was really hard for me.
I couldn't have done it without you.
- No, you couldn't.
[chuckles] - They said they were gonna kill me.
They wanted to know every damn place Charles ever took me.
Hey, they took me to this house.
Those people, are--are they-- - The Fromins, they're okay.
- They tore the place apart.
"Where's the money, Johnny? Where did Charles hide it?" I couldn't remember, and that just made him madder.
- The man I shot? - The other one.
He never said his name, but he was leader.
- Legion.
- Then I remembered the farm.
Charles--he used to tend to the beehives.
One day he got a call.
A friend of his had been arrested.
There were all these plastic crates in the car.
Charles said we had to bury them.
- When Mel was busted, he had Charles Hanna hide the money.
When Hanna died, he took the location of the money with him.
- For years, I didn't remember any of this.
I guess I just buried it along with everything else that happened to me.
- So we're gonna need to talk to you about that other man.
But for right now, spend time with your family.
- You seem so familiar.
Have we ever met? - No, I don't think so.
- [sighs] - It's almost $2 million.
There had to be a dozen more crates Legion got away with.
- Who is this guy-- some sicko following in Mel's footsteps? - Guys? You got to see this.
- Okay.
- Now, there were no useable prints on the money.
But our techs found a couple interesting things in Louis Spitz's truck.
Hold out your hand.
- What is that? - A subcutaneous digital tracker.
Gets injected using this.
- Oof.
- I think there was one of those in the house where we found Gabriel Carter.
- What does it track? - People.
- By either radio frequency or GPS.
There was just a case in Illinois.
Trafficking networks are using these chips to tag their assets.
- Sick.
- It's lucky.
If Legion can use them to track his victims, we can, too.
- Guys, we just got a lot of hits.
[beeping] - Come on.
- Hey, buddy.
Is there anyone else in here? All right, come on.
I'm taking you home.
Come on.
You're all right.
- Okay? - Hi.
Hey, what's your name? - Catherine.
- It's okay.
We're going home.
Kick! Yeah! Other side.
Kick! Yep.
[door bell chimes] Nice.
Good one.
Hey, let's take five, okay? - All right.
- I had a dream the other night.
I remember where I knew you from - Hmm.
- Who you are.
- I'm sorry this is what it took for us to meet again.
- Yeah, it's been hard, going back to the past.
All these years, I just wanted to forget what happened to me.
You know, maybe now I'm making peace.
- You've built something really special.
And you have a lot to look forward to.
- You too.
- [sighs] All right, break's over.
[smacks gloves] Come on.
Come on back.
Show me what you got.
Mmm, point it, yep.
Shoelaces, shoelaces.
Whoo! Get it.