Gone (2018) s01e12 Episode Script


1 .
- "The Lord is my shepherd, [gate buzzes] "I shall not want.
"He lieth me down in green pastures, "he leadeth me beside still waters.
"He restoreth my soul.
"He leadeth me to righteousness "in His name's sake.
"For thou art with me, O Lord, thy rod "and thy staff, they comfort me.
[gate buzzes] "Thou preparest a table before me "in the presence of mine enemies.
"Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me "all the days of my life.
And I will dwell in the house of the Lord, forever.
" - Think you can hide behind that book? - [sighs] - God hates sick bastards like you.
[alarm blaring] [indistinct yelling] - Close it up.
- What's going on? - Stay here.
- Open it.
Open it! [dramatic music] He's dead.
Check Foster's pulse.
- [gasping] - [whimpering] No.
- Stay here.
- Wait, he needs last rites.
- Get in.
[intense musical build-up] [siren wailing] - Male victim in transit, puncture wound to the left torso.
We're about 15 minutes outside of your facility.
Requesting a trauma team on standby.
[sirens wailing] - "Yea, though I walk "through the valley of the shadow of death, "I shall fear no evil [grunts] For though art with me.
" [muffled yelling, grunting] [tires screeching] [intense music] - Officers need immediate assistance.
Route 6 near Elmhurst.
I've got three people down.
Mel Foster has escaped.
[upbeat jazz music] - I can remember When I [indistinct chatter] - Thank you.
Now let me propose a toast.
How about that? - Okay.
- [groans] - Come on.
- No.
- To Kit and Noah.
Old friends in a new town.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- [chuckles] Kit, I just want to say how great it is to see you doing so well, considering everything you went through after you came home and before.
You know, I prayed for you every day that you were gone.
- Thank you, Mrs.
That's--that's really kind.
- Call me Tracy, and it's true.
We're so happy for you.
- Okay, come on.
- For both of you.
- Trace--Trace, they got a jukebox here, help me pick something, come on.
- His way of telling me to change the subject.
I hope I wasn't out of line.
- No, no, no, you're okay.
You're fine.
- She had to bring it up.
- It's fine.
- It's really not.
- No, it is.
- Really not.
- It's fine.
Look, six months ago, maybe I would have gotten up and walked out, but right now, I'm fine.
- Yeah? - Mm-hmm.
They're really cute together.
- Yeah.
[cell phone ringing] - Oh, um Sorry, this is - No, no-- - Just Frank.
It's gonna take a second.
Just be right back.
- Yeah.
- Frank, hi.
What's up? This better be good--I'm with Noah's parents right now.
[signal breaking] Frank, I--can you say it again? I can't hear you.
- Mel Foster escaped from prison four hours ago.
[tense music] - More lights on the way.
[police radio chatter] - How'd it go down? - Mel had an altercation with an inmate.
That inmate is dead.
Then Mel got stabbed.
Loaded into an ambulance.
Now we have this.
Driver, the EMT, and the guard are all dead.
- The fight was a set-up.
- Looks like he's been planning this for a while.
And he had some help.
You remember that "spiritual advisor," Sister Helen Ross? - Yeah.
- She rode in the ambulance.
Now she's gone.
- Maybe he took her hostage.
- Her fingerprints are on the syringe.
She jabbed the EM with a fatal dose of fentanyl, then Mel overpowered the guard and stabbed him and the driver to death.
- What about Mel's stab wound? - Oh, it's legit all right.
His blood's all over the bed.
- He knew.
He knew he was going to do this when I saw him in prison last week.
- We're gonna find him.
We're gonna end this.
- Yeah.
Come on.
- To recap our top story, Mel Foster who infamously abducted six-year-old Kit Lanigan 20 years ago has escaped from prison.
[cell phone ringing] - Hi, I--I'm okay.
- [exhales] Where are you? - I'm with Frank.
I'm okay, but I got to go.
Are you okay? - [stammering] Yeah, I'm fine.
Go--go do your thing.
- All right.
I'll call you later.
[sighs] - You good? - Yeah, I'm fine.
- Okay.
So we all know why we're here.
Pittsburgh field office is coordinating this manhunt, but because of our knowledge of Mel, they've asked us to participate.
Let's start with what we know.
- Helen Ross.
That's a legal name change.
Born Marguerite Cousins.
Former Silesian nun, she left the order to pursue a career counseling inmates.
- She's got legit creds-- degrees in theology and criminal psychology.
- That's a hell of a twin bill.
- Yeah, well, she's no longer affiliated with any religious order, but she kept her title.
She started counseling Mel four months ago.
- He must've turned her.
- But four months isn't much time, even for a master manipulator like Mel.
- Maybe she got turned before she met Mel.
By Legion.
- All right, James, you, Kennedy, and I are gonna focus on Sister Helen Ross, find out who she really is.
And if she did plan this with Legion, let's find out how.
You two guys go back to the prison.
Maybe Mel left a clue.
- No, he wouldn't do that, Frank.
He's too smart for that.
- Yeah, he's smart.
But don't forget, we caught him once before.
[dark music] - He's not done with her.
- And he never will be.
[man speaking indistinctly over PA] - He liked the classics.
- He could quote all kinds of books.
- And a lot of our books are donated by colleges.
Law books are popular, but we get medical books, too.
I'll leave you to it.
Excuse me.
[suspenseful piano music] - Bishop.
- He shouldn't have had this photo.
- No, he knew I'd see it.
He knew that I'd be standing right here after he escaped.
[sighs] Bishop remember when you told me that I was in a box and there wasn't any lock on the dooranymore, but I was in a box? - Yeah, I was being-- - No, no, you were right.
I was.
But these last six months, working these cases with you guys, I feel like I got out.
But what ifI was just lying to myself? What if I was only okay because I knew that he was in here? - Come here.
- [sniffling] [somber music] - Mel dog-eared this page on puncture wounds.
Between the eighth and ninth ribs on the left side-- It's the only place in the torso you could suffer a stab wound and miss the heart, liver, and lungs.
- Right there.
He really studied that.
He found a place to stab himself where he'd get the most blood and the least damage.
[cell phone ringing] - Cassie, what's up? - Last week, when I saw you, you said I couldn't hurt you anymore.
- [breathing heavily] - I'm just curious, Beth.
Do you still think that's true? [tense music] .
- She called me from the bus stop.
She said that you had texted her about meeting at the gym after school and she was gonna walk over.
- I never texted her.
- They cloned your number.
Made it look like you were texting her.
- The gym's so close to the bus stop.
It's such a busy street.
It seemed so safe.
I never thought - We'll have James check the cameras at your gym.
- This man, Mel Foster what does he want? - I never told you this, but I read your mom's book.
I know what he did to you.
- Look, we won't stop till Cassie's back home.
We'll be in touch.
- Okay, there's Cassie.
Time stamp puts her at the gym at 3:13 p.
- She's checking her phone.
- She's probably wondering where I am.
Mel only targeted her because of me.
If it wasn't for me, none of this would have even happened-- - All right, hey.
Get your mind right.
All right? Cassie needs you 100% focused on finding her.
- Wait, hey, she's talking to somebody.
- Who she talking to? - I can't see, they're just out of frame.
It looks like she followed them into the alley.
- There's no cameras behind there.
- They surveilled her place.
Knew exactly where to stand to avoid the cameras.
- I don't get it.
Mel and Legion had the network's old fortune, right? So why not go to Southeast Asia or South America, live like kings and reboot the network there? - That's probably their plan after they're done.
- Done with what? - Me.
- Kick.
Give me a minute.
- Yeah.
[sighs] - I think Mel is trying to set a trap for you.
I want you to sit this one out.
- No.
No, Frank.
Cassie needs me.
- Yeah, well, this is not your run-of-the-mill predator.
- I know.
But I have to do this.
And you of all people know what that feels like.
- Go on, get out of here.
Do it.
- Thank you.
- This is from their last meeting.
- "If one wished to contend with Him, He could not answer him, one time out of a thousand.
" - What does the 51st Psalm mean to you? - Well, for me, it's about forgiveness.
- It's all just prayers and parables.
If these two were planning a jailbreak, they must've used ESP, because they did not talk about it.
- And I'll see you tomorrow.
Okay? - Yeah.
- No, wait.
Go back ten seconds.
[keyboard clicks] Now throw this clip on a different screen.
Go back to where Sister Helen first arrived.
- How are you feeling? - Good.
- Damn.
You know, play both clips again, side by side.
Now zoom in.
[dark music] - And I'll see you tomorrow.
Okay? - Yeah.
- She took his Bible.
- And he took hers.
- Their plan's in here.
In Mel's Bible.
Now we just have to find it.
[cell phone ringing] - Hello? - Hey.
It's Neil Pruitt.
No, don't hang up.
- Neil, no.
I don't have time for this right now, okay? - I heard about that girl that went missing.
I saw something.
- If this is some sort of a sick joke, I swear to God-- - No, no, it's not.
Meet me at your gym in 20 minutes, all right? Okay, there's no easy way to say this so I'm just gonna say it, but don't freak out.
For the last few months I've had a camera set up behind your place.
- You son of a bitch.
- The camera has a motion sensor hooked up to it.
It takes a picture every time someone passes through the alley.
- [breathing heavily] Show me.
- The Sabrina case.
That's when I knew you were working with Frank Novak.
"Famous Abduction Victim Working with the FBI, Cracking Cases?" I mean that's the kind of story that gets you out of working for the Buzzlines in the world and into the "People" magazines.
The photos push to my phone.
That's how I knew.
- All right, I'm gonna need this.
- Yeah.
- [breathing heavily] Okay.
So you said this has been back behind here for a couple of months, right? - Mm-hmm.
- So, this man, he's been staking my place out.
Maybe you have another picture of him? - Well, when the memory card's full, it backs up the oldest photos to a hard drive back at my place.
I'll check, but it might take a while.
I--I have a bunch of these cameras all over town.
That's a lot of photos to look through.
- Right, of course.
You know, I--I hope-- I hope it was worth it.
I hope you got that "People" magazine gig.
- Actually, "People" passed.
It's probably for the best.
Besides, I like being my own boss.
Better to Rule in hell than serve in heaven.
Right? Now, if you want to give me an exclusive on this story - Yeah, I'll do whatever you want.
Okay? I'll do photos.
I'll do an interview.
I'll do anything.
If we find Cassie.
- Done.
- Hey.
- Kick-- - So Neil Pruitt planted a camera behind my apartment.
Go through the footage, let me know what you find, all right? - Kit.
- What? [heavy music] What's up? - Kick, this is Deputy Director Moss.
- Hi.
Nice to meet you.
Uh, can I--can I talk to you for two minutes please? - Kick.
We have a problem.
- Ms.
Lanigan, last week you and Agent Bishop engaged a suspect at a farmhouse outside of town.
You discharged your weapon.
- Yeah, I did.
At a suspect who was discharging his weapon at my partner.
So, Bishop laid him out.
- Which was the finding of the preliminary report, but the full ballistics have come back now.
Agent Bishop did not kill that suspect, Ms.
You did.
As I told Agent Novak before, you were brought onto this team as an advisor, not a field agent.
The Director has ordered a full review of the shooting.
Pending those results, I'm afraid that, effective immediately, you're off this task force and off this case.
[dramatic crescendo] .
- No.
No, no, no, you--you can't do that.
- I-it's done.
- Frank-- - I'm gonna need your firearm, and this agent will escort you home.
- Frank, can I please talk to you for two minutes? Two minutes, please? - Kick, I can't.
- Frank, we promised Cassie's mom.
All right? Please, just give me a minute to talk to you.
Come on.
- Katherine, can you do me a favor? - Two minutes.
- Let's go.
- You can't do this.
- Listen--listen to me.
My hands are tied.
This is coming from the Director.
- Frank.
You don't understand.
You can't do this.
- [muttering] I saw this garbage in the army.
- You have something to say, Agent Bishop? - Yeah, I do.
- John.
- No, you had no problem putting Kick's ass on the line when she was saving a kid or taking credit, I bet.
But now your ass is getting heat, and you're shocked she fired her gun? - This task force may be Frank's brainchild, but I'm responsible if anything goes wrong.
That shootout last week, that man who was killed, it could just as easily have been Kick.
Do you ever think about that? - Every day, Deputy Director.
But she doesn't need to be protected.
That might be what you want, hell, it might even be what I want, but it's not what she needs.
- So you're a psychologist now? - No.
Just her partner.
- Now I'm gonna need your firearm.
- [exhales sharply] [tense music] - I don't need a chaperone.
- You're getting one.
[locks door] - Our daughter Cassie was taken from us earlier today.
She's 11 years old, brown hair, brown eyes, and she means the whole world to us.
Please, if anyone is watching this and they know anything about what happened to her, please contact the FBI.
- What are you doing? - Coding.
- With a Bible? - Okay, we know Mel and Legion were using this Bible to pass messages back and forth.
If we can break the key, we can break the code.
- How do you do that? - We start with numbers.
As in the Book of Numbers.
So, James figured they'd try a substitution cipher.
And sure enough, you see these highlighted verse numbers? - Mm-hmm.
- Mel and Legion are telling each other which words to read and which to discard-- we're assuming from another book in the Bible.
- How do we know which one? - We don't.
The Bible's huge, there are too many combinations.
We need the computer for that.
It's cranking now.
With any luck, we should have the code cracked within the hour.
- This is brilliant.
Where'd you learn this, Quantico? - East Village.
[computer pinging] Whoa--or less than an hour.
Frank! It's a polyalphabetic cipher.
Much trickier than a monoalphabetic.
- English, please.
- I found a key to their code in the Book of Numbers.
Now I know where to apply it.
- Revelation.
[ominous music] - "My name is Legion.
" "May I earn the glory you once brought to the name.
" [ominous music] - [sighs] Bummer they took my gun, huh? [dog whines] Good boy.
Love you, Brucey.
- Hey.
It's Neill.
I found a bunch of new photos.
I had to put them on a thumb drive.
I think you're gonna want to see these.
I'm gonna call you on your landline.
[phone ringing] [phone continues ringing] [suspenseful music] - What took you so long? - Shut up.
Did you bring it? [cell phone rings] - Moss.
- She's gone.
- What? Find her.
Kit Lanigan just broke out of protective custody.
- [sighs] - You ready? - Yeah.
- Yeah? - No, no, I don't--[chuckles nervously] I don't know.
- Kick.
You're ready.
- Bishop.
Whatever happens to me I can still kick your ass.
Okay? - If I let you.
- No.
- Watch your back.
- I got to go.
- See ya.
[dialing beeps] [phone buzzing] - Hey.
- She got it.
- Understood.
[disconnect beep] .
- We decoded 11 messages Mel and Legion sent each other over the last few months.
- The first few messages are love letters, Legion saying how great Mel is, how he hopes he can make Mel proud.
- Okay.
So Legion's a fan of Mel's.
- Well, things changed after we rescued Gabriel Carter.
Legion's tone goes way dark.
- An earlier message mentioned busting Mel out of jail.
Now it becomes an obsession.
The goal is to bust Mel out and rebuild the network, bigger and better than ever.
- Which is gonna take a lot of money.
Which is why they kidnapped Kevin Spencer.
To get to Mel's fortune.
- And now they have that.
So, what's the plan now? - Get out of Dodge.
Somewhere with loose law enforcement where they can run the network without interference.
There's just one thing they want to do first kill Kick.
Along with the man who rescued her.
[tense music] - [sighs] Okay.
I hate guns.
Sometimes I--I wonder how much you remember about before.
- I remember that.
It was Easter, and you and I colored those eggs.
And then we wrote our names on it in white crayon.
- Yeah.
- One for you, one for me, one for Dad.
You know, Mom, for the first time, I feel like I understand what you went through.
I mean Cassie's not my daughter, but I get it.
Mom, Frank found me, but you saved me.
[cell phone ringing] Yeah, it's Kick.
- Hey, it's Neil.
I got him.
The man you're looking for.
Two weeks ago in the alley with the same woman.
You can see his face plain as day.
- Okay.
Yeah, um, text me the address, and I'm on my way.
- All right.
[disconnect beep] - Can I use your car? - Yeah.
Yeah, uh [keys jingle] Okay.
You know what I'm gonna say.
Um - You're gonna say "Be careful.
" I love you.
- I love you.
[soft music] - Thank you.
- [exhales deeply] - You guys religious? - Uh Mom's Catholic.
My dad's nothing.
- What about you, Kennedy? You're a Methodist, right? - It's been a while.
- I went to Jesuit school.
I used to have this priest.
He said that within each of us is a good dog and an evil dog.
And that these two dogs are forever battling each other.
- So Which dog wins? - Whichever dog you feed the most.
I've seen a lot of cases.
A lot of bad stuff.
No matter what I saw, I always fed that good dog no matter what.
But then along comes a guy like Mel, and he just makes me want to feed the bad dog.
He just makes me want to end him.
- Guys.
I got something.
- This is Bill Baker's Mel Foster file.
It goes back 30 years.
- Bill Baker? - The agent who was on the Mel Foster case before Frank.
- I haven't seen this in years.
- It's hundreds of pages long.
Look at this notation Baker made.
Three kids who were abducted in the early 90's-- Michael Parra, Joseph Spivey, Marisa Betances.
- Mel was in the vicinity when those kids were taken, but Bill never had enough evidence to charge him.
[knocking rapidly] - Hey.
- Hi.
- Come on in.
- You have the pictures? - Yeah, yeah, I got them.
- I ran a search on each kid.
Marisa Betances turned up in '05 in Seattle.
She had been arrested for soliciting.
She's been in and out of jail ever since.
Michael Parra was never found.
Joseph Spivey turned up in 2001.
He was 19.
He'd been living on the street.
Now, here's what's weird.
Last year, Spivey vanished off the grid, gone.
Like he wanted to disappear.
Last known trace of him was in 2015.
He listed himself as self-employed as a photographer.
[unsettling music] - Okay, don't look at me.
Look right here.
Okay? Look at the butterfly.
[camera clicks] - [groans] .
[suspenseful music] [chair thuds lightly] - Welcome home, Beth.
I can only imagine how you must be feeling.
- [panting] - I see you sitting there, and I see your friend.
And all I can think is "What's past is prologue.
" I taught Kit Shakespeare.
All the classics.
She was a quick learner.
I bet you will be, too.
- Maybe this one will be more loyal, more appreciative of everything her father does for her.
- Yes.
- So what's your name? Hm? Not the name that Mel gave you when he took you.
But your real name.
Your real name from before.
- Mel always did say you were smart.
- I know what it's like to have him in your head and to think that you'll never be free.
- OhI'm free.
- No.
You're not.
'Cause if you were free, you would have killed me when I joined the team.
- [chuckles] - Or when we found Kevin Spencer last week.
But you didn't.
Because it's not what he wanted.
Mel wanted this.
- [breathing heavily] - Shh.
- [sniffing] [whispers] You're about to see how free I really am.
- [whimpering] - Joseph was his name when I took him in 1993.
After I was arrested, we lost touch.
But a few months ago, he reached out.
Said he was thinking about me.
Thinking about getting the family back together.
He and Helen had a plan.
I was touched.
You know, he's been laying flowers at your mother's grave all these years.
- My mother's name is Paula.
- Helen.
Would you be so kind as to take a picture of Kit and send it to Paula? Let this be the way she remembers her.
[camera lens clicks] - Ah, let's send two.
Huh? Before and after? - Neil.
- What? - I have waited a long time for this.
- You just let him talk to you like that? What happened to "Better to rule in hell than serve in heaven"? - Better to rule in hell than serve in heaven, right? - That's when I knew.
- He liked the classics.
- He could quote all kinds of books.
That's when I knew.
I didn't know when.
Or where, or how, but I knew that he'd taken you.
And I knew you were with Mel.
And that's what I told Frank.
You don't understand.
You can't do this.
Neil Pruitt.
And then we came up with a plan that I'd let you take me.
And you'd take me right to Cassie.
[sniffles] Injecting people with digital trackers It's pretty sick.
Did you bring it? [dark, suspenseful music] But guess what? I didn't walk into your trap, Neil.
You walked into mine.
- Stupid boy! - No.
Aaahh! [yelling] - Kill her, Neil! [dramatic music] - [groaning] - [grunting] [thudding, crashing] - Drop it! [groans] Ah He's on the stairs! - Come on! - Freeze! Frank! He's coming down.
[both grunting] [blows thumping] - Hey.
Get back.
- Come on.
- [grunting] Cassie! [gunshot] - [yells] - Lord, I am not worthy to receive-- [dark music] - [groaning] - Frank! Frank.
Oh, my God.
- We need an ambulance at Homestead.
- Where are you hit? Where are you hit? - Kick, where's Pruitt? - He's in there! - No, he's not.
- Oh.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
[Frank mutters] - You look like your brother.
- What'd you say? - Mark, right? [screams] - What the hell did you say? - Pruitt.
[Mel screams] Get Pruitt.
- [groaning] - Give me my gun.
- [panting] - Go.
Go, go.
I got it.
I got him.
[distant sirens wailing] - [groaning] [foreboding music] - Frank.
Frank-- [groans] Aah--aah--aah-- - Missed.
[door slams open] - I got one body down.
- Front entrance clear.
- Over here.
Got two more bodies down.
- Frank.
[indistinct chatter] Hey.
- Don't lift me.
- Okay.
Don't lift me.
- Frank.
Over here! Okay.
You'll be fine.
- I can't breathe.
I can't breathe.
[intense music build-up] [both panting] [dark music]