Good Girls (2018) s02e01 Episode Script

I'd Rather Be Crafting

1 Previously on "Good Girls" Are we going to lose this house? I mean, I don't know.
Nancy and I are suing you for custody.
I would suggest that we put Sara on a list for a transplant.
- How much is in the vault? - 30 grand.
So when do you want to do this? Ladies and gentlemen, this is a robbery.
Why does a grocery store even have this kind of money? Because it's hella shady! Why don't you stop worrying about my business and start figuring how you gonna pay me my money back? We have a business proposition to clean your fake money.
Let us do it right here.
Fake money in, real money out.
Do you want all this back on the card? Cash is fine.
You want to bring other people into this now? The more you buy and return, the more money you're going to make.
I don't know what you've gotten me involved in, but it's something super shady.
She's extorting us to tune of $10,000! Annie I mean, girls like that they want that kind of attention.
Is that why you tried to rape her? No! I saw this guy.
Whatever they're into, he's involved.
I'm just wondering where a nice lady like you meets an inner-city gangbanger.
Maybe we should turn ourselves in.
He's the one who should be in jail, not us.
All we have to do is get the vault open, and the cops will do the rest.
Annie, put all that money back now.
There has to be something that you want.
The Feds and the DPD took his gang down last night because these two women robbed the place a couple nights ago.
- I did it for us.
- I'm a cop.
What the hell am I supposed to do? Sadie needs you, too.
That is exactly what I needed to hear.
We just did in two seconds what they pay lawyers for in blood.
You're trying to put me away and all, you must got big plans.
Oh, my God.
What happened? Uh, hi.
Who steals a stop sign? Oh.
I know.
Stupid kids.
Not mine, thank God.
Yours are angels.
That's a strong word, Elaine.
Which one made a mess this time? Me.
Juan y María van a la playa.
Juan and Maria go to the pool.
Ah, señora Cohen would be so disappointed.
I heard she got hit by a bus.
Greg No, I-I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
She was really cool.
No, no, it's This is cheating.
No, no, it's not.
This is.
Oh, my God.
Why have you forsaken me? - Ow! Greg! - Oh, sorry.
We were doing so good.
I know.
I know.
We were, like, for-real adulting.
Yeah, but, you know, the thing is that we got, like, a kid together.
So, what, it's like a tricky gray area? Kind of.
We're we're just hammered, right? I'm not actually that hammered.
I'm barely buzzed.
Harry's down.
He was making a poster for Sara but got tired halfway through.
It says "welcome ho.
" Hand me those.
Really? Oh, yeah.
Make sure you get up early so he doesn't see you.
I'm not lying to my kids.
- Okay.
- That's your M.
What do you want here, Ruby? Hmm? You want to act like nothing's wrong? You want to cuddle? You want to watch reality TV? Well, guess what, baby.
I'm living it.
- Stan - No, the things you did - We needed the money.
- Everybody needs money! Everybody, but normal people good people, they don't do what you did.
All those nights you slept like a baby right next to me with your shady lying ass.
A street gang was going to kill us.
Well, then you come to me! I didn't want to involve you.
And here we are.
- What are you doing? - What? Why are you doing that? Because you and your girlfriends thought you could put a gang away.
They made bail.
Hey, honey.
We're home.
Come on, Beth.
I thought you wanted to be me.
I mean, that's what all this is, right? You trying to put me away and all, you must got big plans.
But see, you didn't think things all the way through.
It takes balls to do what I do.
You want to be the king, you got to kill the king.
This stuff's medieval, darling.
Please don't do this.
Please don't kill us.
I ain't I ain't gonna kill nobody.
You are.
So what you think? You got what it takes? Do it, Beth.
Please shut up.
- Just shoot him.
- Shut up! How do I know it's loaded? Oh, you can tell by the weight.
You know, a full clip adds a pound.
Or you could just pull the trigger.
Dean, shut up! What are you doing? Oh, you thought you could skip this part, huh? See see, that's that's your problem right there.
You want to get down in the dirt so bad, but you want to keep your hands clean, huh? Do it, Beth, please.
You sit back down.
- Do it, Beth.
- Sit! What are you doing, Beth? What are you doing, Elizabeth? I don't know.
I just want it to be over.
Yeah? Okay.
Let's end it.
For real.
It's all right.
It's okay.
You did your best.
Now we're good, darling.
Where'd you get that? Mm.
Off one of those little carts.
That's for a patient.
The cafeteria was closed.
You stole a sick person's food.
The cafeteria was closed.
Honey, you want to get up and stretch your legs a little bit? Mm, mm-hmm.
Time for a pee break.
Mm Okay.
I'm so I'm sorry.
Oh, my God.
I am so sorry.
Yeah, let's, uh Oh, wait.
Are we laughing or crying? I don't know.
- Are you happy or sad? - I don't know.
It's just the idea that, like I couldn't shoot the person that, by all accounts, deserved it I mean, the violent gang leader.
And then there's just poor Dean, he's just sitting there.
And then, like, all of a sudden, like I mean, talk about a drive-by.
- A drive-by.
- Okay.
I guess that's kind of funny.
Come on.
I hope your loved ones are okay.
I do.
She's really upset.
Your husband is going to be fine.
Another half inch to the right, the bullet would've nicked his aorta.
We'd be having a very different conversation.
He's not dead? No, he has a long road ahead, but his his vitals are stable.
I didn't kill my husband.
- Look at that.
- So good.
He's going to kill me.
Talk to me.
What do we got? Um, a green bean.
Could be edamame.
Bag it.
Ooh, and a and a pacifier.
Bag it, tag it.
The cops already did this, Leslie.
I don't know what those girls promised you or how much you got paid, but we both know you sold out here big-time.
Got it? Y-yes, Mr.
Now get back down there and find me some justice.
I'm on it, Mr.
Hey, hey! This is a crime scene.
Behind the line.
Are you kidding me, man? How you been, Jimmy? - Do you know what time it is? - Who is it? It's a work thing.
I got it.
Didn't know you had a roommate.
What are you doing here? You might want to round up your team ASAP and let them know they missed some stuff.
It's just I watch "The First 48," so I know You don't show up at my home like a crazy person unless you're a crazy person.
Are you crazy, Leslie? Huh? 'Cause if you are, things are going to go down a whole lot differently.
I'm not going to be so reasonable.
You feel me? Those girls they are playing you.
They are right under your nose laughing their asses off.
Get out of here.
Time to take your pills.
- No, please, no.
- Yes, please, yes.
Hey, little people.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Hey, how was your day? Hey, how did Uncle Dean get shot? Uh, he was downtown late at night, and someone robbed him.
- Did you know the guy? - No.
Absolutely not.
It was completely random.
I mean, honestly, these things kind of happen all the time.
- They do? - Well, I mean I mean, not all the time, no.
But, I mean, you never know.
What'd they take? Nothing.
You just said he got robbed.
Take your pills, woman.
Take your pills.
Who wants pizza? What if it's the bad guy? Bad guy don't ring doorbells.
Have you had a week.
Forensics found a pen cap in the store.
What kind of pen? The kind that matches the ink on the envelope that you left for the Feds.
- We were really careful.
- Oh, yeah? How careful? Gloves and masks 'Cause there's lipstick on it.
So just, like, be me for a second, okay? I'm looking over the list, right? Picture my damn face when I see that you were a hostage in the very robbery that took down the gangbanger that you had a little, you know, uh Playdate.
Playdate with.
What a small world.
- I buy a lot of milk.
- Is that right? It would be weird if I wasn't there.
Boland, I would love for you to stop by the station.
I already gave my statement.
You did, but now I need your DNA sample.
I think I'd like you to leave.
That's probably a good idea.
And I'm calling a lawyer.
Even better.
You're going to go in there, and you're going to give them everything.
You want me to turn myself in? - I'll go with you.
- Why? Because the first in gets the best deal.
Baby, that's the way it works.
We'll be Babe, they don't care about you.
They just want that gang, you know? They just want to build their case, right? So you go in there, you tell them everything.
You hear me? All of it.
You tell them what you did, how you did it - And who you did it with.
- You mean Beth and Annie? Babe, they got DNA.
This is over.
- Beth was my maid of honor.
- Look, nobody said this was going to be pretty and fair, Ruby.
- I used to babysit Annie.
- Excuse me, you made this bed.
- Oh, my God.
- And you made it well.
I mean, it's got pillows, it's got throws, it's got duvets in it.
- Oh, my God, Stan.
- But you but you did it for us, though, right? You did it for you did it for me, you did it for Sara, you did it for Lil' Money.
I mean, that's that's what you said, right? Then you get out of it for us.
I don't understand why you would use your mouth to take off a pen cap.
Because I had a gun on a bunch of people.
My hands were full.
Yeah, but it's just so amateur.
Yeah, we are amateurs.
Well, what does Stan say? - About what? - About what we should do.
You guys, I got to go.
Now? Yeah, I got a-a thing.
Oh, here these are for Sara for while she's laid up.
Oh, that's so sweet.
Yeah, I got a little something, too.
Oh, please don't.
I made it from all her old baby clothes - the ones you handed down.
- Wow.
And then I thought, "Wouldn't it be cool if there were quotes from all her favorite authors?" So I Who are you? You can't just go to a store? - That's too much.
- It's not a kidney.
But, you know, we would've done that, too.
Thanks, guys.
There's a van, and it's, like, some sort of courier service, and they take the evidence from the station to the lab, right? So we wait till this guy makes a stop, and we snag ourselves a pen cap.
I can sense you have some questions.
Well, how do you know it hasn't already been sent? On "SVU," they don't send the evidence until they have something to match it to.
But that's not what they do on "CSI.
" What do they do? Well, the lab is their office, you know, - so they just - Yeah, but that show's been on for so many seasons, that could've changed.
I'm telling you, that cap's not going anywhere until you give your sample.
Or I could just go down to the station, throw you all under the bus, and cut myself a sweet deal.
- Yeah, please.
- As if.
Well, "SVU" has been on the longest.
Come on! Out Look at us boning in a bed.
I feel like you should be a little bit more excited about that.
I'm going to leave Nancy.
That's not funny.
I'm I'm not joking.
Why? Uh, why do two people leave each other? Well You know, I don't know, Greg.
Why don't you tell me? Things just aren't working out anymore.
No, no.
That cannot be it.
- Why not? - Because you got married.
- Yeah, I - You you have to have a very long list of very good reasons why, and then, maybe only then, can you Okay, what if what if you were on it? - On what? - My list! Am I? Yeah.
Um You know, you're such a dick! - What? - You you always do this.
You you never respect my schedule! Well, you know, maybe if you actually kept some kind of schedule, then I would be able to respect it.
You know, maybe if you weren't such a D-bag loser What are you guys doing? - We didn't know you were home.
- Yeah.
Why was the door closed? We just didn't want to bother you.
You didn't know I was home.
- We should watch a movie.
- Are you hungry? I'm I'm good.
- See ya.
- Yeah.
So, um so am I, like, top of the list, or am I sort of more in the middle? Oh, you're, like an idiot.
- Mm.
- Mm.
Hey, you know, honestly, it's an honor just to be nominated.
Busy day? I picked up Sara's homework.
By the way, I talked to Miss Allegra about the spring play again.
She wants to do "Lion King," fine, but I'll be damned if our son is playing a shrub.
How's tomorrow looking? Well, I have 300 doughnuts to dip for Rotary Club.
Yeah, what about next month? - What? - Next year? I don't know.
You just let me know when you think you're going to have a minute.
I went to the station.
You know armed robbery is a Class A.
I tried.
I couldn't go in.
That's at least four birthdays.
Sara in March, Harry in September.
You add in felony firearm, and that's, um That's eight birthdays you miss.
- We used toy guns.
- You think they care? Plus, you did it twice, so now we're up to 16.
They pin you on that counterfeit and, God forbid, that kidnapping for the manager that you hid in the tree house that's that's more birthdays than I can count.
I mean, Lil' Money's going to be 50.
You think on that when you're drinking rosé with your besties.
Stan Their kids have birthdays, too.
Could you not? I can't go to jail.
Yeah, me neither.
No, but I really can't.
Things are finally starting to not suck for me, you know? When's Deansie coming home? Tomorrow.
What are you going to say to him? Check it out.
Two o'clock.
Have you ever seen a clock? All right, awesome.
Thank you so much.
Have a nice day.
Next in line, please? Ooh, that's me.
Hi, how can I help you? Hello, Jan.
Um, why don't you tell me a little bit about your menu? You said you knew how to do this.
It's a delicate art, all right? Come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
Every lock is different.
I work by feel.
I had no idea the myriad of dairy techniques.
So what you're telling me is they froth the milk for a cappuccino, but they steam it for a latte.
More or less, yeah.
So wait.
So what's an espresso? Just a really strong coffee.
What will those Italians think of next? You see you know what I'm saying? All right.
No, you shh! It says draft, and I thought that was Did you think it was I really I thought that was beer.
That's so funny.
But it's just the cold brew.
The cold brew's new, right? Do you want one? Yes, I want something.
I don't know exactly what I I'm sorry.
Are those teas back there? - Yep.
- Oh-ho! You just changed the game! Why can't it just say pen cap? It seems like everything's coded.
I mean, what are these numbers? Do you take Apple Pay? - Yes.
- Amazing.
Okay, now how do I download that? Oh, my God.
I will pay for you.
I mean, why is there so much crime? Okay, okay.
Remember when we did that 23andMe thing a while back? Yeah, wasn't Dean, like, 90% Neanderthal? Ye yes, but you had to keep the swabs cold, or the DNA would, like, immediately start breaking down and it wasn't viable.
It is, like, 90 degrees outside today.
Let's do it.
Next in line.
- What can I get for you? - Just a coffee.
I can't unplug it.
Oh, God.
We have to go.
We have, like, 30 seconds.
- I know, it won't - Beth, Beth, wait! What? Oh, my God.
I mean, they never actually get around to these things.
Right? Oh, my God.
It's not like anybody believes in science anymore.
Oh, my God! I got a breakfast thingy, cheese plate, travel mugs, a Maroon 5 Holiday CD, and Red Velvet Fraps.
You got to try this thing.
It takes like like a cake Slurpee.
So what's up? You get it? You got it, right? 'Cause we're talking game over, like, for real now, so How could you not get it? There were rape kits in there.
I'm surprised you called.
Thanks for coming.
I couldn't find a sitter.
Oh, I drive anywhere for cake.
This is a buckle.
Sorry? See, a cake rises.
With this, the fruit makes the middle sort of buckle.
If you wanted a crisp, you would put streusel on top.
And if you were making a cobbler, you would use biscuit.
If you wanted a Betty, you would actually put I am good with cake.
My husband, um We're going through a lot right now.
Yeah, I heard he got mugged.
How'd that happen? Wrong place, wrong time.
That's the story of your life.
I really need to focus on my family right now, and and I'm sure you have much bigger fish to fry than a mother of four.
Oh, come on, you are way more than that.
No, I'm pretty boring.
What's boring about working for a dangerous gang? It was never just a playdate, was it? - I am so sorry.
- Mm.
My mom used to say, "Sorry don't cut it.
" I am asking you to please just let this one go.
No can do.
What do you want? Do you want to throw me in jail? Hmm.
Because I used a pen in a grocery store.
Oh, lock her up.
You think a jury's going to buy that? I've never even had a speeding ticket.
You robbed a grocery store, Mrs.
I did your job for you.
Excuse me? I gave you a gift.
I handed you that gang with a big bow around it.
You should be thanking me.
And you know what my mama used to say? Hmm? "You get what you get, and you don't get upset.
" Now get out of my house.
No, I've already been Hello? This bitch did not just transfer me again.
Welcome to Stars & Stripes Health Group.
Let's get started.
What can I help you with today? Speak to a representative.
I'll need more information before I connect you with one of our trusted health-care professionals.
- I'm sorry - They're trying to bill us for the anti-rejection meds, which are supposed to be Re-pre-sent-a-tive.
Good evening, this is Carl.
Who am I speaking with? Claims.
Hello? Hello? Kyrie eleison, down the road that I must travel Kyrie eleison, through the darkness of the night Kyrie eleison, where I'm going will you follow? Kyrie eleison, on a highway in the light Drink up.
What do you want from me? You were right.
- About what? - About it all.
What is that? Come on, man.
Pull it together.
Come on, Leslie.
It's just It's been a really long road.
Yeah, okay.
Okay, okay.
You're okay.
Just breathe.
So listen, Leslie, I'm gonna take these women down.
Yes! Yeah, but I'm gonna need your help, all right? What's in it for me? Civic pride.
I was thinking more money.
Yeah, okay.
Or I just arrest you.
Yeah, right.
For what? Oh, Leslie, you're trying to tell me there's a store manager that doesn't know exactly what's going in and out of his own safe? How much did they pay you to look the other way? - I accept your terms.
- I thought you might.
Okay, I made all your favorites roast chicken, potato casserole, apple pie.
It's 9:00 a.
I know, but I just thought, you know comfort food.
I'm just gonna put it here.
Did you see what the kids made? They really wanted to stay home from school, but I made them go.
What happened to the stop sign? I don't know.
Probably some kid took it.
I've seen, like, five cars just blow through it.
Somebody's going to get hurt.
Dean, I Do you want me to turn on the TV? - Not right now.
- Okay.
- Let me know.
- Mm-hmm.
All right, all right, all right, check this out.
I've got an H and an S here.
- Look at that.
- It looks more like an 8.
Yeah, 'cause the batter ran over a little.
- So that's why - That looks like a snowman.
It kind of looks like Grandma.
What? Oh, that is your mother.
Ew, in that sundress, right? For sure.
You all better stop talking about my mama.
All right, fine.
You know what? I'm going to eat these.
I'm gonna call her and tell her you said that, Lil' Money.
Maybe we can play cards later.
Thank you.
I did it for them.
- Hi! - Hi.
Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on! - What? - I just I've been I've been thinking a lot about this, and we should go skydiving.
Like, jump out of a plane? No, like to the mall.
You know they got those big wind tube-y things, and you can just fly.
I have a secret.
- What is it? - I'm not supposed to tell.
Dude, come on.
Well, now you have to tell me.
- What is it? - Nancy's pregs.
She just found out this morning.
She was crying and then laughing, and then she barfed all over the counter.
Wow! It's good, right? They've been trying a long time.
I mean Wow.
You keep saying that.
Yeah, I'm just, uh I'm just really happy for them.
So Do you want to go? - Where? - To the mall.
- To the mall! - To the mall! Skydiving! Go away.
I said I don't want to talk to you.
I'm going to call the cops.
Ask for my boy, Jimmy.
He's the one investigating those bitches you're in bed with.
How do you know that? I'm his key witness.
Well, I don't know anything, so Okay.
I mean, they kept me out of it.
I Well, good.
I mean, 'cause they're in real big trouble.
Like jail or I'm just Did you take money from them? No.
Well, then you're cool.
I took a little I took a little money.
How much? It wasn't not a lot.
Oh, Mary Pat.
But I have kids.
Leslie, I I wish I could help you.
I do, uh Please.
No, please don't tell them about me.
I am going to be under oath.
You know, I got to tell the truth, so help me God.
I can't go away for this, Leslie.
I ca I mean, I ca Please.
Can you just leave me out of it, and then and then I can stay with with my boys? Please.
Please, Leslie, please.
Please, please.
Okay, okay.
Thank you.
Thank you.
What are you doing? Well, a husband can't testify against his wife.
Hey, don't forget to order for everybody.
Oh, God.
K-Bear's in it for himself.
Order for your sisters! Yeah, and your favorite auntie! - Uh-oh.
- Uh-uh.
Really? - That's all the money.
- I gave him ten bucks.
Yo, what about my frog pop? We had a deal! That grifter got four scoops.
I'm telling you.
That kid's shady as hell.
We should go.
Nah, let the kid eat.
What's up? You miss me? No.
So crazy thing turns out we got a mutual friend.
That's you're homey, right? No, he's not my homey.
I don't know why everybody keeps He's talking to the Feds now which could be bad for all of us.
So, yeah, I'm gonna need you to take care of him.
That's insane.
Is it? Why? - Because we don't do that.
- Yeah, that's not what we do.
Besides, don't you have anyone who's a little more experienced in that particular arena? Sure, but it ain't on him.
It's on you.
- Daddy! You said five minutes.
- What's up, pop? You're right, no.
I did, I did.
Hey, what's that thing I always tell you when you make a big old mess? That I got to clean it up.
That you got to clean it up.
All right, come on.
No more grown-up talk.
That's for you.
What is it? What is it, Beth?