Good Girls (2018) s02e02 Episode Script

Slow Down, Children at Play

1 Previously on "Good Girls" So what do think? You got what it takes? Do it, Beth.
Just shoot him.
I just want it to be over.
[screams] When's Dean-sy coming home? Made all your favorites.
What happened to the stop sign? The things you did - Hand me those.
- Really? Wanna act like nothing's wrong? I'm gonna leave Nancy.
I have a secret.
Nancy's pregs.
I'm going to take these women down.
I'm his key witness.
I can't go away for this.
What are you doing? Well, a husband can't testify against his wife.
Turns out we got a mutual friend.
He's talking to the Feds now.
I'm going to need you to take care of him.
That's insane.
What is it? What is it, Beth? [Spanish music] You had to bring it? I wasn't going to leave it at home.
All right.
Let me see it.
Come on.
- [whistles] - Really? Put it down.
All right.
How's Tuesday? Sara has a doctor's appointment.
Well, Wednesday I have Sadie.
Thursday? I guess Thursday works.
- Wanna whip out your iCal or - No! You know, I'm just trying to be proactive here, okay? Good news is, we have the means.
Now we just have to find someone to do it.
I say we look on the dark web.
One "The First 48" they always hire, like, a gym trainer or something.
- How do we get on that? - I don't know.
That's why it's called the dark web.
It's not meant for us.
Am I the only one who doesn't want to do this? - No.
- He's a rapist.
- He's a person.
- Who rapes.
God, I can't have this conversation.
I'm gonna be sick.
[bell jingles] Welcome to Dandy Donuts, I'll be right with you.
It's 2 A.
Who needs a frickin' donut? Why did he ask us to do it, anyway? To torture me.
Maybe if we wait he'll get ants in his pants and he'll do it himself.
Yeah, and then he'll do the hokey pokey and he'll turn himself around and then you know what he's gonna do? Us.
You know what this is? A gang initiation.
Son of a bitch.
Blood in, blood out.
Son of a bitch.
It's a thing.
Trust me.
Excuse me? Can I order? So then the doctor writes the gender on a little slip of paper and you bring that slip of paper to a bakery and they make a cake that has either blue or pink Wow, hey.
Sadie! Chop chop.
I mean, obviously, who cares.
You just want a healthy baby, blah, blah, blah.
Did you do it naturally? Uh, well, I pooped her out in the bathroom at prom, so Is she coming down or [stutters] - Hey.
- Hi.
Oh, uh, did you get my message? About what? Uh, Sadie wants to quit piano.
Well, I actually think that's a good idea.
Well, I actually think that she should stick it out.
Well, not if it's not the right thing to do anymore.
You don't quit something just because it starts to get hard.
Yeah, you can.
Because sometimes it's just the end of the road, Greg.
Yeah, and you got to deal with it.
How about if she finds another instrument? Yes, Nance gets it.
Can you please tell her that she has to come? Oh, no, no, no.
Uh, if Um, yeah.
You should Come.
Good sell.
You really should.
You're the only other person on the planet who has been here, you know? Where's that? Pregs with Gregs.
[uncomfortable laughter] Sadie, please! So, how is Sara doing? - Oh, she is way, way, better.
- Oh, goodness, so much better.
And what about you guys? Is that a new Jesus? Oh, yeah, yeah.
You like him? Yeah, word, he's got the whole So, how are you doing? God has put you two through quite a bit.
Um Well, you know the truth is we've been having a rough go of it lately.
It's my fault.
I broke a vow.
More than one.
- You were unfaithful? - I wouldn't say that.
Why not? I mean, you lied, you snuck around, you climbed in the bed with a whole bunch of shady people.
- Okay.
- Did things I would never do.
- All right.
- This was betrayal, for sure.
And infidelity is one of the biggest tests a marriage will face.
It's like I can feel the distance and it's on me but I don't know how to fix it.
What do you think about what Ruby just said? I mean, listen, you know I love her, she's the mother of my children, - she's my best friend - Ah, say it to her.
[sighs] You're my best friend.
You're my road dog, and honestly when I look at you right now, I don't know who I married.
Is it over? Is what over? The affair.
Yeah, it's over.
God is good and he forgives, and in time Stan will, too.
[indistinct chatter] Friend's giving his deposition in the morning.
What the hell? He's not my friend.
So, how are you going to do it? I don't know.
Well maybe you should figure that out, huh? I can't just murder someone.
I'm not a psychopath.
Not easy being the boss, huh? I need to pick up my kids now.
Oh, yeah.
You gotta hustle if you wanna make it to Scouts, huh? Do it tonight.
[dramatic music] Did you see that shot? That guy is incredible.
Can we watch "Minions" now? It's the playoffs, my man.
Oh, come on! Oh, my God.
Right there.
I want "Minions.
" Now if I'm going to be your Daddy, Son, you gotta learn to listen.
Listen to your Daddy, okay? All right, it's your lucky day.
- Yay! - I gotta run for a bit, okay? Okay.
[whispers] Turner.
Turner? Jimmy? Jimbo? Get on your knees.
[chuckles] Oh, what is this? "The Craft?" What are you going to cast a spell on me? Just get on your knees, Boomer.
So you can shoot me with a squirt gun? [gun cocks] Whoa.
Okay, hey.
Just do it.
What's going on? Don't let him talk.
Just do it.
No, please.
No, no, no, no, no.
Hang on.
- Beth, pull the trigger.
- Hang on.
- Shoot him now.
- No, please.
Beth, trust me.
Don't let him talk to you.
- Just shoot him.
- Come on.
No, come on, please.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
[sobbing] Please.
Oh, God.
You are not going to give that deposition.
What are you doing? Because she's going to kill you! Beth! You are ratting out a gang.
You think they're going to let you talk? Wait, who is going to kill me? You guys or the gang? We are! Beth, do it! Come on! What are you doing? Give me the gun, give me the gun.
- Annie.
- Ruby.
Make her give me the gun right now.
I can't, I don't know what I can't help you.
Jesus, Ruby, come on.
Beth, pull the trigger.
So I'm gonna go now.
How much? Come on, everyone's got a number.
But you got to disappear for good.
Oh, my God.
Beth, come on.
- Deal.
- Sweet Jesus.
Well that's twice now.
No, it's a stop sign.
It's not damaged, it's missing, and we live on a street with, like, a million kids, so you know somebody, somebody is going to get killed.
Where's the refrigerator? The medical bills alone are - Not to mention the mortgage.
- Why didn't you tell me? Because you just got out of surgery.
- I can do something.
- What are you going to do? What are you going to mow lawns? You can hardly even walk.
And that's on me.
So just let me figure it out, okay? Is that it? I put the dishwasher on Craigslist and I've got a lead on the patio furniture.
That's not what I'm talking about.
It's about him, isn't it? - No.
- Have you talked to him? - No.
- Have you seen him? No! I'm just trying to keep us above water.
It's gonna take a bit of work Oh-ho, work Now that you're here Whoa-ho, work [vocalizing] [sighs] I feel dirtier than a truck stop ho.
And those late fees, they're worse than an STD.
- That's it? - Are you for real? Literally the only thing left of value that I have are my eggs.
Okay, lets sell those.
Takes a full menstrual cycle, but thanks.
- Well, we're short.
- How much exactly? $16,927.
Well, gotta go.
- Seriously? - Yeah, I got a party.
- Seriously? - Hey.
I would have shot him.
I'm not sure I have the right address here.
I'm looking for Leslie Peterson.
He's my fiancé.
Is he home? No.
Will you tell him Jimmy stopped by? - With the FBI.
- He's right here.
Yeah, I've been a little under the weather.
You ever hear of IBS? It's a chronic thing.
- It flares up.
- We had a deal.
We're building a case, Leslie.
Look, I just need a couple of days.
I swear.
And then I'll be back to regular.
Did they get to you? - Who? - Come on, man.
Oh, no, come on.
No one got to me.
If somebody's trying to shake you down I need to know.
It's just a condition.
So I'll get with the DA then? Yeah.
Let's do this.
Thank you everyone for coming out tonight.
I am so excited.
Okay, so, how many people think blue? - Okay.
- Okay.
How many people think pink? How many don't give a rat's ass? - Let's find out, okay? - Yeah.
Let's go.
[exhales] Take a deep breath, okay.
Three, two, one.
Oh, my gosh I'm so nervous.
I can't wait.
- Is it ready? - Ah-huh.
It's a Wait, what is it? - I think it's kind of pink.
- No, it's nothing.
It's nothing, it's marble.
- Okay, uh - Great.
Well, party ruined.
No, no, no, it's not.
What do you want me to do? - I'll do anything.
- I wanna know the sex of the baby, Greg.
No, I right.
- What'd you get her? - Oh, a bottle of wine.
- You? - The Moo Mama, you know that pram? Damn, aren't those like a G? Oh, no, I got her the good one.
Head up, eyes woke, nothing you could do To correct my flow, my feet don't get broke I'mma keep it moving till the day I go Hey, nobody said it would be easy And I don't need it like that Hey, nobody said it would be easy And I don't even want it like that Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, bounce back What are you doing? Looking for my phone.
In someone else's purse? - If you must know.
- Sorry.
Just trying to keep the mystery alive.
[chuckles] That ship has sailed.
Really? Like when? - Oh, I could tell you exactly when.
- When? It was when you Dutch Oven'd me in high school.
[chuckles] You loved it.
[laughing together] Did you call? Yeah, um, it's a boy.
- Wow! - Yeah.
You excited? Yeah.
But look, this doesn't change anything about how I feel about us.
It changes everything.
So, I'm gonna, um I'm gonna put this inside me now.
Yeah, just in there.
Okay, got your 17 grand and then some.
- The hell is that? - It's a frick'n Tesla, dawg.
- [car beeps] - Took it.
- You stole a car? - Oh, I didn't steal anything.
I'm not stealing someone else's car.
Yeah, you're not shooting anybody either, are you? I made a decision in the moment.
Well you made it for all of us and guess what? It was the wrong one.
Take the keys.
[scoffs] Okay.
I'm sorry, if you have another way of getting, like, 20 grand by tomorrow then please, go with god.
Take the keys, Beth.
Next time, I hold the gun.
Hey, where where is the beer? In the cooler in the basement.
Well, that'll only take me an hour.
Where can I sell a car for parts? - We're not selling our car.
- It's not our car.
- Whose is it? - It doesn't matter.
- Well, I'd like to know.
- I don't know.
What is this, "Fast and the Furious?" It is, isn't it? I don't have a lot of time.
What does he think he's Vin Diesel all of a sudden? - I'm not an idiot.
- You're just going to have - to trust me, okay? - Trust you? I have a bullet lodged a half inch from my spine because you can't stop seeing this guy.
Oh, but I'm supposed to trust you.
I'm supposed to trust that you have a great idea what to do - with everyone - Let me help you.
I got it, thank you! I said I've got it! You should talk to Dominic in Service.
He's been around.
What kind of car is it? A Tesla.
You can't sell a Tesla for parts.
Why not? It's like a giant iPad.
Next time, go for the Honda.
Soon as I woke up I knew something was different My intuition says I'm on my way to winning Guess I've been playing all my cards right, yeah Oh, baby, baby, oh, baby, baby - What do you want? - Oh.
- Tequila? - Top shelf on the left.
Did you not want a boy or? - It's a boy? - Whoops.
Oh, my God, this is so messed up.
[sobbing] Hey, do you want me to go grab one of your friends, or They're not my friends.
They're just bitches I follow on Instagram.
Well I'll I'll get Greg then, okay? I don't think he wants a baby.
What? He's been really weird.
Like he's not there.
You know, like, he's like, there but he's not, like, there, there, you know? What was he like when you were pregnant? I mean freaked out.
- Yeah.
- For sure.
But you know, we also had finals and teenage onset acne.
- [laughs] - So.
What if there is something really wrong? You know, I think you should just Just talk to him.
Yeah, because maybe, you know, it's just nerves.
It's probably that.
Can you Can you stay for just a minute? Sure.
[deep breathing] You guys buy a lot of quinoa.
It's a really good source of protein.
[sobbing] I gotta ask you something.
Is Stan good with you, now? I mean, in what With the cheating and lying, all of it.
Are you ever going to look at him the same way you used to? It's different.
That's not an answer.
When Dean cheated and lied, he did it for Dean.
You did it for your family.
And besides, I don't know that I've ever looked at Dean the way you look at Stan.
Sorry 'bout the wait, ladies.
- Is there a problem? - I mean, we'll take it.
Hell yeah, we'll take it.
- So this isn't your car.
- It is now.
Wait, what what car do you drive? A Tesla, baby.
We're about to hit the club.
[laughing together] Come on, I'm really slammed here.
Fine, the Honda.
- Civic or Accord? - Accord.
Black or silver? Black.
- It's only half.
- You'll get the other half when we know you've left the country.
Whoa, no.
That was not the deal.
The deal was we kill you.
Want to go back to that? How will I get it? We'll mail it.
You'll need my address.
Yeah, it's kind of how mail works.
I'm not going to compromise my location.
We'll Venmo you.
Oh, and have the IRS up my ass? - Fine.
- It's the same problem.
- Yeah, that works.
- Done.
I'll leave first thing in the morning.
I meant what I said.
If it's not us it will be them.
I'll drop you a postcard.
I got an early shift, so you're on car pool.
Couches are for cheaters, Stanley.
Did you cheat? - Nope.
- Neither did I.
What do you want here? I want you to come back to bed.
Well I can't ask like this didn't happen.
So maybe we can just give it back then.
[sighs] What are you talking about? The kidney.
Maybe we can return it.
Yeah, okay.
That's just crazy talk now.
What's crazy is that you can't even look at me.
You know what? You lied to my face.
I saved her life.
It wasn't God or the church or any of those thoughts and prayers.
It was me.
You say you don't know who I am.
Well let me introduce myself.
I'm the crazy ass bitch that robbed a grocery store to save her child and protect her family.
Your child and your family.
I'm that bitch.
Nice to meet you.
And you're welcome.
Nana! [knocking] Nana, it's me.
Open up.
[knocking] Leslie, what time is it? Oh, it's late, Nana.
I'm sorry.
I fell asleep during "Wheel".
Why don't you come back tomorrow? Uh, no, we gotta do this now, okay? - What's that? - Oh.
It's a phone, Nana.
I already have a phone.
Well, but, you can't call long distance.
I don't call anyone out of town.
Well you might need to, and this way you can.
It's unlimited.
Oh, and, uh, here, check this out.
Huh? See, now we can see each other any time we want.
But you're right around the corner.
- Yeah, but what if I wasn't.
- But you are.
But what if I wasn't! Is everything all right, Leslie? Yeah.
Are you in any sort of trouble? No.
Mildred's grandkids got her one of these.
I think it was so they didn't have to visit.
Oh, yeah? Did she use it? For about a week.
Then she died.
I can't waste my time learning a whole new gadget.
How about milk and cookie, huh? That be good? Yeah, sure.
[percussion rhythm] Hello? How about a little customer service here, huh, guys? [all exclaiming] What's going on, Janet? Ron, Gary? - Hey, welcome back, man.
- What are you doing here, Mr.
B? Last time I checked we had some cars to sell, am I right? Look guys, I just want to say, um, it's real nice to be back.
- Are you okay? - Yeah, oh yeah, I'm great.
What is it the kids do? Oh! Hey, what is that Vette still doing here.
Oh, that? Deal fell through.
- Somebody's wife.
- Well.
By the end of the day that bad boy is mine.
You mark my words.
It is on, gentlemen.
All right guys, let's let's get out there and just have a - let's have an awesome day, huh? - Let's do it.
- Right.
- Good to see you, man.
Welcome back, welcome back.
Hey, Mom, watch.
You're doing great.
- Kid's got a lot going on.
- We like to keep him busy.
Oh yeah? That's what he like? He's 11.
Yeah, but if he doesn't want to do something he ain't going to be any good at it.
You're parenting my kid now? Nah.
No, I'm just saying not everybody could be good at everything.
So that's it? So how'd you do it? You want details? Oh, please.
I googled the cleanest way to kill somebody.
There's a part of the brain called the light switch in the back of your head.
I had tarps and coveralls from painting Emma's nursery.
Hey, Mom, watch me! Hey, I'm watching! We made him turn around and put him on his knees.
He cried like a baby.
Then we turned out his lights.
And what did you do with the body? Put it in a duffel with bricks.
We rented a boat and took it out as far as we could.
And you cleaned the boat? Of course.
Wow, so you must have not had much sleep then, huh? Well, I'm a mother of four so I'm used to it.
That's a hell of a story.
Thank you.
Yeah, I just wish it was true.
You see, you can't shoot someone if you don't use any bullets.
[chuckles] Hey, Mom! I'm gonna dive.
Oh, you should watch.
This will be good.
It's 455 horse power.
0 to 60 in four flat.
Damn, that's lit.
Oh, man.
It is lit.
Hey, you okay? You look a little hot there.
Yeah, standing next to this baby, anybody looks hot.
And look at that, rolling on twenty-twos.
Yeah, uh, you got a little Only car in the world that compares to this one, in my opinion, is the Ferrari.
And it's what it's five times as expe as expensive, and it's not made in America, so Yeah, you know, you've got some blood right there.
You know what? We sh we should just go in Yeah, I'm gonna you know, I'm gonna come back.
I can't I can't I can't promise that this is still gonna be here.
I really think you need to see a doctor.
Can we get a little help? We need a little help here! Hey, what's with the pity party? Oh, she's picking out her wedding cake.
Hold up, she's getting married? Yeah, people say that Mr.
Peterson knocked her up, but, uh, I think it's true love.
Have a Fine and Frugal day.
I I can get that.
Big news.
Can I try the lemon next? So, how did he propose? Poem? Song? Rape? I don't have a choice, okay? He's talking to the FBI.
Look, he's not talking to anybody.
He is long gone by now.
What? He's probably in Canada because it's, like, the only other country he's ever heard of.
He's not in Canada.
Okay, maybe Mexico but He just booked our reception hall an hour ago.
And he paid in cash, right? He's invited my entire church.
[tires squealing] [both gasping] I've been calling and calling about that sign.
I know.
No one's ever going to fix it.
Hey, Carl? Remember when you needed time off for your kid's play? And I made you work overtime.
And then I didn't pay overtime.
Instead, I docked you.
Because someone left the meat locker open? Well That someone was me.
But I couldn't tell you because I knew you would be pissed.
How pissed are you, Carl? [knife clatters] There were like, three or four of them.
I mean, they just they came out of nowhere, man.
This won't happen again.
If I got to deliver you to the court house myself I will.
- Appreciate it.
- You have my word.
All right? Let's get somebody in here to clean you up? Give me the gun.
I don't have it.
What do you mean you don't have it? I gave it back.
Why would you do that? I have children.
I don't want a gun in the house.
- Then I'll just use Stan's.
- He's a cop, Annie.
[tense music] Let's just go to a Walmart and I will literally just buy one, like, over the counter or whatever.
- Oh, really? - Yeah, really.
You gonna wait the seven days for the permit? Dammit.
I'm gonna kill him! Stupid, whiny, little face.
Little Ah! I'm gonna kill him, I'm gonna kill him in his entire face.
[tires squeal] You okay? The dark horse rides Beth? [Beth shouting] I don't even understand what's happening.
[knocking] - Hey.
- I talked to him.
And? He said there's someone else.
Okay, just start pulling the anchor up.
Hauling anchor.
Actually, Conrad, just take over the anchor, and Joao you can come into the bridge.
Copy that.
Something I need to know.
Is Captain Sandy still giving Conrad a hard time? She's jamming him up good.
Now see, that woman needs to calm her ass down.
She let Joao dock the yacht.
- What? That's Conrad's job.
- I know.
I know.
That's just plain mean.
[sighs] You turn it up a little bit, please? You need your hearing checked.
What's that now? [sighs] [indistinct chatter on TV] You know, I bet it was one of those Pharma sluts that he works with.
Their short skirts.
You know, they're always trying to land doctors.
Greg's not a doctor.
Yeah, he sells boner pills.
Something bad was bound to happen.
It's really not your fault.
I just feel so stupid.
Do you want the honest to god truth? The second you see that little kid's face nothing else matters.
I heard you split so wide you could park a food truck in there? Oh, it looks like a sleeping bag with the zipper torn off.
[feigns dry heave] - 100%.
- Ugh.
[laughing] And do not get me started on your nipples, my friend.
[knocking] Mine look like sausages already.
Is that normal? Now just picture that you put them in a food dehydrator for, like, seven weeks and then you feed them to your dog and They were out of cinnamon, so [guitar music] [drill running] If only My body Could allow The whiskey If only My body could allow The misery I can't do this anymore.
What's that? The lying.
I lie to my family.
To my friends.
To the FBI.
To you.
I can't even keep it straight And I can't hide.
Not from you.
And I can't kill somebody either, so.
I'm just so tired.
I don't think I've gotten a full night's sleep in over two months.
Knowing you is like having a newborn.
Are you going to kill me? I'm gonna teach you.
Oh, shake baby, shake, shake off the leaves Shake baby shake, shake off the leaves Shake baby, shake Mm-mm-mm-mm, ah Shake baby, shake, shake off the leaves Shake baby, shake, shake off the leaves