Good Sam (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Butt of the Joke

1 Previously on Good Sam GRIFF: You're supervising these doctors.
You're above them in knowledge, rank and skill.
Act like it.
SAM: I'm second in command here, and he shows me no respect.
I think I'm gonna take the Cleveland offer, Caleb.
It's not about me.
Dad! My father can never be replaced, but I vow to carry on his legacy to the best of my ability.
You've earned this.
And I say that as your chief medical officer, not your mother.
I'm Sam, by the way.
I'm Malcolm.
I'm the new director of finance.
VIVIAN: Sam! Mom.
It's your father.
He's waking up.
You were shot six months ago.
: How long till I can work again? VIVIAN: You have to be proctored.
I'll do it.
I'll supervise him.
What, do you have company? And since you brought up Lex, the next time you want to help me, don't screw my best friend! My dad is here.
MALCOLM: With my dad.
SAM: The chairman of the board.
He's trying to go over my head, skip to the end of his proctorship.
You all asked me to step in as chief.
And now my father is awake and you are asking me to step aside.
And I can't do that.
Because I am a better chief.
May the best Dr.
Griffith win.
This man's appendix lasted 75 years before it blew.
We should all be so lucky.
Look at that ascending colon, - Dr.
- Beautiful.
ANNOUNCER: Thank you to Elaine Hart for her generous gift.
Baby Nowhere to hide ANDERS: Now, it can only be one of you.
The other gets to head down to the lobby at the donor event.
Who wants the appendectomy honors? - I want it.
- I want it.
You got to clip that aneurysm in neuro yesterday.
While you assisted on a triple bypass.
Also, Sam's at that donor event.
Low blow.
Still true.
You better go.
- I'll do the appy.
- Fine by me.
Better hurry before Malcolm beats you to it.
You look Like I'd rather be wearing scrubs? Not what I was gonna say.
- Please welcome Chairman of the Board Byron Kingsley.
BYRON: Please, applaud yourselves.
Each of you make Lakeshore what it is.
This is my first big schmooze event since I've been competing with my dad for the chief position.
I have to impress the board.
Well, just be yourself and pretend you're wearing scrubs.
That's terrible advice.
I don't get to cut any of these people open.
Do you have a vision for the department? Do you believe that you are the best person to run it? I do.
Then tell them why.
Thank you, for your generous gifts.
All right, you ready? What? No.
I was gonna work my way up to your dad.
No, no, trust me Now's the time.
He's always in a good mood after he gives a speech.
Come on.
Would you stop? You look like a lion hunting a gazelle.
I can't believe that Sam's still going through with this.
There's no way the board's gonna choose her for chief over me.
She's starting a war she can't win.
I know I can't talk either of you out of this competition, but she's my daughter.
Don't hurt her.
She's my daughter, too.
It's the last thing I want.
Not with your cholesterol.
Your new husband know you've still got a thing about my cholesterol? Go eat a vegetable.
All right, Dr.
Shah, we'll have this guy back on the tennis court in no time.
Here I go.
Slow and steady.
- What the hell? I can't see anything.
He's hemorrhaging.
- What did you do? - Uh, I don't know.
There was some resistance.
Maybe adhesions.
How can What can I do? Converting to open.
10 blade.
NURSE: Yes, Doctor.
Suction, Dr.
- Large bore suction here.
- Yeah.
Set up another cell saver.
Over here.
There's no visualization.
It's coming too fast.
Over here.
Over here.
Give me that clamp.
Activate massive transfusion protocol.
I-I can't get source control.
The tissue's falling apart.
: We're losing him.
: We're losing him.
Call it.
Great speech, Dad.
- Thank you, son.
- You remember Dr.
Thank you again for considering me for the position.
I'm eager to see how it all plays out.
I'm eager to tell you about the innovations I have planned for my department.
Virtual and augmented reality training tools enhance performance and lower Put me back in a coma.
- Thought this was a party.
- Hey.
- How you doing? - Big man.
I got a tee time with Waxie on Saturday.
- You in? - Waxman.
He may own two planes, but his backswing has seven.
Well, if you're around tomorrow, I would love to tell you about my plans.
Oh, hey! You say hi to Gina? No, I haven't.
I need to.
Mm Outwitted by a golf joke.
MALCOLM: Mm, a golf joke about Waxman.
- Our biggest donor.
- Yeah.
MALCOLM: What is that? Hmm? Oh.
That thing you're doing with your fingers.
It's the, um, chromatic scale.
I just need something to do with my hands when I'm stressed.
What if you try this? That help? It does, actually.
I'm sorry to interrupt.
Uh We lost the patient.
In a routine lap appy? Isan's taking it pretty hard.
His hands were in the body.
FEMALE VOICE: Please record your message.
Isan, it's me.
Caleb told me what happened.
I'm so sorry.
I If you need to talk, I'm here, okay? Call me anytime.
You were always so competitive.
When we played Candy Land, you were out for blood.
But you weren't great at losing.
The board sees me as a contender, even if you don't.
I'm talking to you as your father.
I'm trying to spare you the humiliation.
What you should do is back out gracefully, before you get hurt.
I don't want to see you lose the respect of your colleagues and the board.
No, you just want your job back without having to fight for it.
If I have to fight you, I will, but Sam, it's gonna end badly for you.
I disagree.
And I am not backing down.
So be it.
Consider yourself warned.
This is Tracy Reynolds.
40 years old.
Chest pain, headache.
No family history of heart disease.
It's not a heart attack.
I really don't have to be here.
Tracy, honey, if it hurts there, you come here.
Right, Doctors? That is right.
Tracy, hi, I'm Dr.
We're gonna start you with an EKG.
Thank you.
: Maybe-maybe one of my implants ruptured? Those aren't real? Uh, B-Baldwin and-and I are new - Dating apps.
- No stigma anymore.
- Mm.
Last night was our first time together.
- SAM: Yeah.
- And it'd been a while.
- Things - Mm-hmm.
Things got a little intense.
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
We got it.
- We'll check it out.
- Okay.
Oh, and, uh, also, one of One of my knees hurts.
Next time we'll stretch out first.
What? Large inferior Q waves.
Tracy, have you ever seen a doctor for chest pain before? Yeah.
Once, a f-few years ago.
He said it was anxiety.
I'm guessing he didn't do an EKG.
This is showing us that you've had a heart attack before.
How can I have had a heart attack and not known? [SCOFFS.]
It sounds like you did know but you weren't diagnosed correctly.
Let's get her a stat echo.
How bad is this? I'm gonna find out what's going on.
PYNE: What'd you want to talk about? In a nutshell, life is easier when my ex-husband and daughter are not at war.
Have you been doing the breathing techniques we worked on? Let's do one together.
- Come on.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- In through the nose.
Out through the mouth.
See? This is why I married you.
Okay, I have to go.
Busy day.
Where, hopefully, I won't run into Griff.
But if I do, I will breathe.
- And - Mm-hmm.
if that doesn't work, try boundaries.
Those, I've got.
Had a feeling I might find you out here, Isan.
Bereavement packet? I have to return the patient's things to the family.
Have them sign papers.
I don't know how to explain what went wrong.
Didn't Anders already talk to the family? Yeah, I mean, for me.
I need to go over it again.
If I made a mistake, I need to know, so I can make sure it never happens again.
Good luck.
I have news.
And an ask.
- I scored a Whipple later today.
- Oh.
Baum requested me in general surgery - after I aced that chole last week.
- Hmm.
I'm assuming the request is to study for it? If that's okay.
I mean, I could still be with you.
Mm, yeah.
Tell me how it goes? Yeah, I will.
Maybe over a glass of wine later? Uh I'm not there yet.
I'm sorry.
I'm trying.
And I really appreciate you pushing me to fight for this position, but there's you, and then there's my dad, and then there's you and my dad, and it's I really want for things to get better between us, but But? N-No, no.
Multiple butts.
Excuse me.
Hello? Oh, uh, I've got to get to another delivery, but I set up the first few for you.
What? Uh Do you have any idea why these were delivered here? I didn't ask because I didn't want to butt in.
- It wasn't funny the first time.
- Okay, sorry.
I-I didn't mean to be cheeky.
Dear God, make it stop.
You're right.
No more cracks.
I think this is the packing slip.
Thank you.
Uh, okay, they're medical teaching tools, used to hone prostate exam skills.
This is the cardio department.
Why are they "Deliver to Dr.
Sam Griffith.
" Huh.
I don't suppose you have any idea why three dozen units of nonrefundable prostate equipment were delivered here to me today? My understanding is that these are very advanced training devices.
SAM: This is a prank, and a very elaborate one.
So what is this really about? Well, it's obviously a mistake.
But, well, it's the kind of thing that comes across the chief's desk all the time.
You want me to make some calls? No.
I think you've done enough.
Well, either way, I win.
I know my dad.
This is more than just a joke.
I mean, is he trying to distract me? Maybe it's simpler than that.
Maybe he's just trying to embarrass me in front of everyone.
These are medical devices.
And we are all adults.
There is nothing embarrassing here.
- I - Dr.
Griffith? Mr.
Thank you for taking time out of your day.
I was looking for my son.
Is this the new tech you mentioned? No.
This is a mix-up.
- A mix-up? - I didn't order these.
I actually think that my father did I've always said a good leader takes responsibility for everything that happens on their watch.
- I'm about to handle it.
- Great.
Let's talk when you're done with that.
Find me when you're free.
Of this.
Yes, sir.
Look, I know.
He's tough, but he is also fair.
He's open to a conversation.
He-He'll hear you out.
Except that his last memory of me will be of the time that I greeted him from inside a sea of butts.
I have to get these out of here.
How did my dad even get these in here? I'm so sorry for your loss.
I don't understand.
People get appendectomies all the time.
Every surgery carries risk.
The doctor last night said that Dad hemorrhaged.
He didn't say why.
Do you know? The reason isn't always clear.
But I'm gonna find one.
I promise.
Thank you.
Geez, what's wrong? Am I dying? We're just concentrating.
It's probably nothing, Tracy.
They're just being extra careful.
Stop right there.
Multiple wall motion abnormalities.
Is that bad? That sounds bad.
Trulie, schedule a cath lab and tag Joey in so you can study.
Thank you.
So, the echo is telling us that you didn't just have one heart attack.
You've had many.
SAM: Tracy, you might have felt pressure in your chest or your arms.
Maybe you felt tired or dizzy.
Panic attacks.
Cardiac events.
- Okay.
- The symptoms were mild enough - to be mistaken for Oh.
- No.
Okay, hey.
- Tracy, Tracy, Tracy.
- Tracy, try to calm down.
Whoa, oh.
Sick people have heart attacks.
Old people have heart attacks.
No one in my family has ever had a heart attack.
- Tracy.
- Tracy.
- Go prep the cath lab.
I got her.
Tracy? There's my son, working so hard, he forgets to find me.
Or eat lunch.
I'm sorry.
- The boss is in town.
- Mm-hmm.
Heard he was a hard-ass.
Only if he sees you making a mistake.
Ooh, that is a record.
I haven't even opened my sandwich yet.
I saw you seem to have a personal relationship with Sam Griffith.
I do.
It I mean, it's it's new, but, uh, yeah.
I'm not trying to interfere in that part of your life, but we came up with a plan for your career: you climb till you succeed me.
Well, that will be a weird day.
That'll be a great day.
And I don't want you getting distracted or derailed on the way there.
Do you not like Sam? I don't like her pulling you into her family power struggle.
No, that that's not what she's doing.
Are you sure? You led her straight to me at the donor event.
And this morning I found you right in the middle of her mess.
Just looking out for you, son.
Worst Netflix and chill ever.
Doesn't matter how many times I see it, how much I slow down or freeze, I can't tell what went wrong.
Well, you can't control everything.
Yeah, "leave it up to the universe, I can't control it"? That's how guys like you get by with no accountability.
Oh, why stop talking on my account? Go on, get it out of your systems.
"Lex and Griff," - "Griff and Lex.
- "We weren't talking about you.
It's just, everyone else is.
Oh, no, don't get me wrong, we did, when it first came out, but we're over it.
I mean 20 people have probably slept with each other around here since your news came out.
This isn't helping.
I'm asking the family to approve an autopsy.
JOEY: Did you rule out a burst implant? We did, but after we clean out this vessel blockage, we'll have a conversation with her plastic surgeon.
Who is it? Is it her? Please tell me so I can prepare.
Nobody's getting ahead of me on this one.
Plastics is all me.
GRIFF: Plastics is a waste of time.
Your fetish for interdisciplinary medicine - is not relevant in this case.
- Push the dye.
Is that what this is all about? You're protesting my interdisciplinary approach by littering my surgical lounge with prostate devices? I have no idea what you're talking about.
SAM: I'm sure you don't.
I don't see the blockage yet.
Well, there's all kinds of blockages, aren't there? Stubbornness, pride, ambition.
- It takes many forms.
- Ugh, give me a break.
The dye is all the way in.
GRIFF: Her coronary arteries are clear.
How did she have multiple heart attacks with perfectly clear arteries? I don't know, but if we can't see what's wrong, we can't fix it.
Let's get her to the ICU.
Okay, we know Tracy fainted, but does she have a history - of fainting? - It's not in her charts.
Chest pain after sex.
Unclear if they're related.
- And she had knee pain.
- Yeah, that sounds more like the kind of sex, not the sex itself.
Doesn't explain the heart attacks.
Transient spasm in the large coronary artery? That's a lot of spasms.
Maybe it's coronary microvascular dysfunction.
JOEY: Or maybe it's a spontaneous tear - in the artery.
- RHONDA: Maybe it was Professor Plum in the library with the wrench.
It is her.
Bad enough you had to call plastics in.
Did you have to call Rhonda? Zip it, you pompous gasbag.
I pulled Dr.
Glass in because she is the chief of plastics.
RHONDA: I also did all of Tracy's previous surgeries, which were impeccable, by the way.
Glass, uh, my name is Joey Costa.
May I just say, I'm such a fan of your work.
Are you gonna tell me what's going on here, Jerry? Um y-yes.
The patient has no family history of cardiac events, yet she's been having trouble - Long pedal on the right.
- I'm sorry? Speed it up.
I'm familiar with her backstory.
Down to where she lost her virginity and when she smoked her first cigarette.
The former Behind a Walgreens in Dearborn, the latter Bowie's Glass Spider Tour.
The woman is a talker.
: Oh, coming from you I started at Lakeshore a glorious five weeks before his overbearing ass appeared.
He resents my seniority.
Always has.
- 1987.
- Hmm? Bowie's Glass Spider Tour was in 1987.
- Right.
- If Tracy - is 40 - Hmm.
she would have only been six years old then.
She lied about her age.
- She told you she was 40? - [LAUGHS.]
Why would anyone lie about their age? Asked no woman, ever.
Do know if she ever found a boyfriend? Yeah, online.
There's your answer.
Guys on dating apps, they're interested in two numbers: your dress size and your age.
Either of them doesn't meet with their approval, they're swiping left.
This changes everything.
We have to run a battery of new tests.
I mean, Tracy's real age elevates her risk factors for multiple conditions.
Well, she just made it harder on herself by not giving up the game to start with.
She's trying to win at a game where the odds are not in her favor.
I, for one, don't blame her.
- Hey, Sam.
- Hi.
I did some digging into how Griff bought those devices.
All right, he still has signing authority on the Lakeshore account.
What? How? - Well, nobody ever revoked it.
All right, not even after he fell into his coma.
- N-No Can you revoke it now? - Look, Sam, I like where we are.
- I do, too.
- Good.
It's just, I'm starting to find my professional footing here.
And-and you and I working together and dating look, it's complicated.
No, no, no, I-I'm not saying I want to stop.
- Okay? I don't.
- Good.
It's just on this one, I think you need to bring it to your mom.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I will go talk to my mom.
I know, I know.
I'm on it.
No more signing authority for your father.
Why did he even still have it? It was an oversight.
I didn't think about revoking it because he barely ever used it.
Well, today he used it to litter my department's lounge with a bunch of useless equipment right when I am trying to prove that I am a fiscally responsible department head.
Okay, there.
Listen, when your father and I were building Lakeshore, he wasn't part of the financial equation beyond donors.
I mean, he would schmooze on the golf course, that's it.
I managed all his paperwork, I balanced his books, I cleaned up his messes.
And that is how CT came to be the powerhouse it is today.
I know, but now, it's a pow Now it is a powerhouse with a balance sheet full of butts.
I know.
It's brilliant.
You know, if I say "My dad did it," I look like I can't control my personnel.
And if I say that I didn't know about it, I look like I'm clueless about my own department's finances.
All right, let's look up the contract.
Okay, we're gonna fix this.
I already have a plan to save $10OK, which is a start.
How much were the devices? What? $2 million?! Well, hello.
I thought I was the only one who haunted the lab waiting for test results.
I was hoping to talk with you.
Much as I enjoy my ringside seat to you and your father's cage match, you're never gonna beat him.
Not like this.
What do you mean? You're gonna have to get a whole lot dirtier.
I know where the bodies are buried.
Why would you help me? 'Cause you're the only Griffith I can stand.
You want my dad out of the picture.
Don't you? N-No.
I-I'll pass.
This isn't about digging up dirt, this is about who's best to lead the CT department.
Here's your results.
Thank you.
Tracy's estrogen is high.
Especially for someone in menopause.
Or perimenopausal at least.
She must be taking hormone replacement therapy.
Which could be prothrombotic.
We've got to get her off the estrogen and onto an anticoagulant.
Nice doing business with you.
- Mm-hmm.
- If you ever want to do any other business, you know where to find me.
We could just wait for pathology.
We're here now.
There are other patients upstairs, and they're alive.
Well, it's been a while since I've done an autopsy.
I'm not as cavalier as you might think.
If you need to do this for peace of mind or pride or whatever, I'll help.
It's not like a patient has never died on my watch before.
It was Anders, the way he looked at me.
When he called the time of death Well, he was upset.
We were all upset.
It was regret.
- No, Isan.
You're wrong.
- I'm not.
I've seen it in my dad's eyes my whole life.
He's in family practice; thought I should be, too.
Not because he wants me to be his partner; no, because he doesn't think I'm good enough to be a surgeon.
So, you have to prove you are.
Um D-Do you want to pass me the forceps? What did you find? No, nothing.
What? I nicked the iliac.
That's why he bled out.
I killed him.
GRIFF: Isan? Isan! Do you need something, Dr.
Griffith? Uh Yeah, sure.
Uh, so, my golf clubs are up north.
And I would usually send Isan to get them, but he's not answering his texts and I am playing tomorrow.
Ergo, I am in the market for a shiny, new set.
This thing is keeps giving me an error message.
It's broken.
It's not broken.
Your payment was declined.
That's not possible.
It's a Lakeshore card.
It's not working.
Maybe just use a personal card.
That's a great idea.
You have one? I meant, your personal card.
: My personal card, for a business expense.
The packing slip says the devices are nonrefundable and I can't find a loophole in this contract.
Is there anything on the website? No, there barely even is one.
The company must be new.
There's only a splash page.
Well, what about a phone number? Yeah, the same one we've already tried.
Nothing but automated customer service.
Yeah, I can't tell a recording that I need a $2 million refund.
Breathe, and stay calm.
It'll defuse the situation with Griff.
Thank you.
GRIFF: Vivian! I need you! Griffith.
You're looking well.
You're looking exactly the same.
I don't know what that means, but knowing you, it's probably an insult.
I always forget how your generation is just so sensitive.
I never forget how yours is not.
What is wrong with my Lakeshore credit card? What a stupid question.
What do you [INHALES.]
It has been revoked.
And I need an explanation for the $2 million that you've spent.
Good lesson for Sam.
A lesson? Who orders a bunch of stupid [EXHALES.]
Why does he sound like he's transitioning to active labor? My new husband has some techniques to help me deal with my old husband.
Oh, millennial medicine.
That's cute.
I find it helpful.
: If you don't want to do the breathing, - try boundaries.
Have a serene afternoon.
God, you're a fool.
- Oh - A shortsighted fool, because even if you do manage to get your old job back, your department's gonna have a $2 million deficit.
I can make it up on the course.
I've got a plan.
Just involves a new set of golf clubs.
No, you have money.
You buy your own club.
That doesn't make any sense.
They're a legitimate business expense.
Besides, that limited edition copper set I bought? What, four grand with the engraving? It's seven years ago.
$2 million amortized over time, that's less than a penny a club.
That is not what "amortized" means.
I want those devices returned and refunded.
All right, Vivi, I hear you.
I'm not in the business of making anyone's life more difficult.
Give this to Sam.
It's the sales rep that I dealt with.
Th What, this is an actual, live person? Bit of a dud, but he's alive.
He did the deal, I don't know if he wants to undo it.
Nobody wants to refund $2 million.
- We'll see about that.
- Thing is, there is a way you could thank me for giving you his number.
Still with the stupid clubs.
They're actually smart clubs.
They compensate for hooks and slices Fine.
Get back to work.
Ready for the Whipple? - Please, don't.
No, no, no - Can I help? - Come on.
What? - [SIGHS.]
What Hey.
It's a conversation.
It doesn't matter.
To you.
You know, it's different for me.
They see me as your mistress first, doctor second.
That's not true.
You have no idea.
All right? It was already hard enough for me to be taken seriously before.
Now I have to work double just to get my credibility back.
SAM: Hello, everyone.
- Thank you.
- Hey.
Thanks again for giving me the time to study for this Whipple.
- It's a lot.
- Mm-hmm.
Look, Sam, this is harder than I thought.
It's like every time I'm anywhere near Griff, all people think about is, you know, that.
Well, maybe you shouldn't curl up on a bench with him and whisper.
I'm still thinking about it, too.
GRIFF: Tracy Reynolds is having another heart attack.
What? Push 150 of amio.
Push 70 of roc and 20 of etomidate.
SAM: Do it.
7-0 tube to me.
Do you see that? Look like lesions.
Viral? She's stable for now.
Let's get a sample of this to the lab ASAP.
This might be what's causing all her problems.
CALEB: Are you gonna be okay? Isn't your shift over? I'm fine.
You can go.
You don't look fine.
And that makes sense.
I mean, it's hard to look at your mistakes.
Own up to them.
They call it a "fearless and searching moral inventory.
" - Who calls it that? - People in recovery.
You know, like, accepting the things you cannot change.
Do you really think appropriating 12-step mottos is gonna help me feel better? It helps me feel better.
What do you mean? I got sober a couple months ago, right after Sam and I broke up.
I made a lot of mistakes.
And now I'm just trying to do better one day at a time.
I had no idea.
I was good at hiding it.
Nobody knows yet.
It's new.
I think if you can accept that you did all you could for this patient, it'll be best for the patients who still need you.
MEG: Prelim path is in.
Your guy had a malignant mass.
It's pretty advanced appendiceal cancer.
His tissue was falling apart.
That's why the sutures wouldn't hold.
Well, I still hit the iliac.
Yeah, but if he hadn't had cancer, you could have fixed it.
I know that you don't normally permit refunds, but this is a unique circumstance.
Uh I'm not saying that the charge was fraudulent, I'm just "Cause"? Oh, come on.
The cause is that no one needs this many plastic butts.
This is for Tracy Reynolds.
Can you put a rush on those, please? Sir, I need you to connect me to your boss.
Sir? Sir? Oh DOCTOR: Looks like it's gonna be a late night.
There's a Whipple in the OR ahead of me.
DOCTOR 2: Hope they got a good assist.
Which one is that? The hot one, third year, braids.
Apparently she "assists" Griff.
DOCTOR 2: Oh, right, the Griff girl.
DOCTOR 3: Explains how she got the Whipple.
- Oh, boy.
Oh, wow.
I know you were not insinuating that a tremendously talented surgeon got into an operation for any reason other than her skill.
No? If I can get past Dr.
Trulie's recent personal choices, you certainly can.
And the only thing you need to think, let alone say about her is that she is an incredible doctor.
And if she got an opportunity earlier in her career than any of you, that is on your lack of skills.
Not on her.
JOEY: Labs got nothing.
It's not a virus.
Glass, can you walk us through all of Tracy's cosmetic procedures, please? Mm-hmm.
Breast augmentation, that was the start.
Lower rhytidectomy after that.
Blepharoplasty a year later.
Laser skin resurfacing, she gets that done fairly often.
Where? Just her face? Mostly.
Few times on her legs.
Varicose vein removals.
How often did you do her veins? More than most.
It's not Tracy's age.
- It's a disease.
- She was trying to smooth out her skin but it wasn't age spots.
Joint pain.
She said her knees hurt.
Arthritis, headaches, oral lesions.
Superficial venous thrombosis.
Tracy has Behcet's syndrome.
Blood vessel inflammation exacerbated by the estrogen supplements.
GRIFF: None of which you caught while doing every procedure under the sun.
Oh, can it.
Women get work like this done every day.
You want me to screen them all for rare autoimmune disorders? She's right.
Damn right I'm right.
I didn't invent beauty standards, even though they do pay my mortgage.
Start her on a gram of methylprednisolone.
That'll knock out the inflammation for today.
And then we are gonna get her a team of specialists to tailor her medications to her specific symptoms.
I have to go.
Come on That won't get it here any faster.
The devices.
They're for teaching, right? The contract specifically says that they represent a "typical human body," except they are all the exact same.
They represent one body type, and it is young, thin and white.
To call it "typical" is biased and discriminatory.
And it implies that there is a standard.
And that is a standard that my patient nearly killed herself trying to live up to.
Which nobody wants to argue in the court of public opinion.
Exactly! Which is why they are gonna let me return all of those butts for a full refund.
VIVIAN: Boundaries.
I mean, deep down, he knew what he was doing he was wrong.
He just needed to hear it in language he could understand.
Now, of course, he also needed a new set - of golf clubs, but - [CHUCKLES.]
- That sounds like Griff.
You know, he just handed over the information Sam needed to cancel the contracts.
- Asher, it was just - That sounds less like him.
Want to help me pack up some butts? Only a fool would say no to that.
So, you called them and you got them to give you a refund? Yeah, that's what they say.
I'm still waiting on the confirmation email.
Well, so might you say you butt-dialed them? [LAUGHS.]
: No.
I-I really needed that.
Thank you.
You always made me laugh so much.
I still could.
How's Isan? Uh, he's you know, it's a tough day, but he's on the other side of it.
Ugh, please, please, please.
There's the email.
Butts refunded in full.
What is the company called? [STAMMERS.]
Uh, I think it Emoti-Med.
This says that the $2 million refund is coming from "The Waxman Corporation.
" Well, that's okay it's probably the parent company.
No, no, no.
Waxman? Oh, my God.
Gerald Waxman.
Oh, Sam.
It was never about the devices.
I walked right into his trap.
Of course he didn't care about the golf clubs.
He just needed you to think that he wanted something, that this was a trade.
Gerald Waxman, multimillionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist.
Lakeshore's internal says he's given a ton of donations.
SAM: Way more than the two million his devices cost.
VIVIAN: This month, Waxman pledged to give Lakeshore a new donation.
How much? [EXHALES.]
$12 million.
Waxie just called.
Apparently, he was counting on that sale to raise the profile of his new company, so when you canceled the contract, he canceled the donation.
You let Lakeshore lose an eight-figure donation? And pinned it on me.
I did tell you that the lesson was gonna hurt.
- Hmm.
- But class is done.
We can put all this behind us and move forward.
Here's what's gonna happen.
I'll go down to storage where they boxed up my stuff when I was shot and unconscious and you stole my job.
And somewhere down there is a bottle of 50-year-old single malt.
I'll take it to my office It's Sam's office.
You finish with your patients, do what you have to do and come to see me.
We'll have a drink, and negotiate your surrender.
Thanks for sticking around to chat.
Look, I respect what you said, but I can't sit this one out.
I'm on Sam's side.
Not because she needs me, but because she doesn't.
She is the better leader.
Sam Griffith just made a mistake that cost Lakeshore a lot of money.
And I am sorry to hear that, but it doesn't change my mind.
She will find a way to turn the tide.
You don't sound very neutral.
And you are? Man, who are you kidding? All this golf with Griff? That's my business, son.
And Sam is mine.
Do what you want.
But I can tell you from experience, making alliances too early in your career can lead to disaster.
SAM: You are gonna feel so much better once the immune-modulating medication and the steroids kick in.
And your heart will be healthier, too.
You must think I'm so stupid.
Tracy, I'm one of two women in my department.
We're both battling how we're perceived every day.
Baldwin left.
He said it wasn't my age, it was the fact that I lied.
Can I offer you my professional opinion? You know, as a doctor? Baldwin does not deserve you.
You're probably right.
But it's hard to find someone, you know? Someone you really gel with.
I'm sorry.
I'm gonna come check on you later, okay? Okay.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How was the Whipple? Slayed it.
But that's not why I'm here.
Thank you for what you said earlier.
I know it's hardest for you with the whole me and him thing.
When those idiots were talking about you, I wasn't thinking about that.
I was just thinking about my friend.
The wine thing? Let's do that sooner than later.
I would love that.
Me, too.
Shall we go tonight? Mm, unfortunately, tonight I have to drink with someone else.
Excuse me.
Are you Dr.
Isan Shah? I am.
Can I help you? You've been named in a wrongful death lawsuit.
You've been served.
Tell me how to hit him.
Happy to.
But like I said my help comes with a price.
Rhonda, if it's less than $12 million I'm in.

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