Good Sam (2022) s01e04 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Good Sam" You were shot six months ago.
VIVIAN: You have to be proctored.
I'll supervise him.
I spoke with the board.
They're not just gonna hand you the reins at the end of this.
They're gonna choose between us.
Chairman of the Board Byron Kingsley.
Thank you again for considering me for the position.
BYRON: You seem to have a personal relationship with Sam Griffith.
I do.
I don't like her pulling you into her family power struggle.
You always made me laugh so much.
I still could.
(GROANS) You had to call Rhonda? She is the chief of plastics.
He resents my seniority.
Always has.
You let Lakeshore lose an eight-figure donation? And pinned it on me.
I did tell you that the lesson was gonna hurt.
Tell me how to hit him.
My help comes with a price.
Why would my dad keep - a bovine heart specimen? - (SCOFFS) No idea.
His stuff was moved down here when you took over.
All his files and furniture.
- Whatever that is.
- Oh.
Amphibian hearts only have three chambers.
They diffuse oxygen through their skin We're not here for frog talk.
Can you help me move this, please? Yeah.
(GRUNTS) Rhonda, what exactly are we looking for? Donor records.
Hmm? You want the chief position? Revenge for your father costing you that ten million? Here's what you do.
You win over his biggest donor.
You find the head of the snake.
You woo 'em to your side, I guarantee you, the rest will follow.
So, what, I'm supposed to cold-call these people and ask them for financial support? Mm, it's not quite that easy.
You got to find them first.
Sure, Waxman had his name on the wall, but he was the exception.
Your father had more anonymous donors than any other department.
So? (CHUCKLES): So? Donors like attention.
That's why we name all these walls and wings after them.
That much anonymous money coming Griff's way tells me something's up.
"Something's up"? That's your theory? Call it more of a hunch.
MALCOLM: So she actually said "head of the snake"? (CHUCKLES): She's not subtle.
(CHUCKLES) You find anything down there? Just my dad's address book.
If I were to give you a name, could you tell me if it links to a hospital donation? I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm - Just forget I asked.
- Sam, I can track a donor for you.
Are you sure? Yes.
- Okay.
- (CHUCKLES) So, in 2009, anonymous donations to my department shot through the roof.
That same year, my dad supervised a clinical trial for Fletcher Pharmaceuticals.
Now, the company's owner is this woman, - Helen Fletcher.
- Mm-hmm.
And she's in my dad's address book and all over his calendar.
And look at this.
She's worth billions.
Here, let me see? - Helen Fletcher.
- Mm-hmm.
- (SIGHS) - I will see what I can find.
Thank you.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) This is a nice pen.
SAM: Hmm.
Med school graduation gift.
" I am going to assume that's "cardiothoracic"? Caleb Tucker, actually.
You know we used to date? I do now.
Oh, mm-hmm.
Med school, huh? It's where we met.
And you dated the whole time? No, we were on and off for a couple years.
Y-Years? Re Okay.
It's not Hmm.
What are you doing? I just don't want to be holding another man's pen in your bed.
- Oh.
- Hmm? But whatever will I write with? If you want a pen I got one for you.
- Oh, really? - Yes, yes.
It is time to take some notes.
Viv! Why aren't you answering my calls? Because I don't want to talk to you.
My badge won't open the parking garage.
- It's kind of - Oh, my God, talk to security.
A call from you would be so much more meaningful.
I don't help people who hurt my daughter.
That was not my intention.
This is her reputation, Griff.
Everyone knows about that donation she lost.
What they don't know is you tricked her into losing it.
I didn't start this war.
Well, you need to finish it.
And until you succeed, my door is closed.
(PAGER BEEPING) How'd you get down here so fast? I just got the page.
Donna gives us a heads-up.
That's why we bring her donuts every week.
And yet, Joey still gets here first.
Adriana Simpson, 30 years old, single vehicle crash.
Chest wall injury with metal impalement and left arm traumatic amputation.
Ten of morphine given en route.
What, did he ride in the ambulance with them? - Lift! - (GRUNTING) SAM: Let's start the primary survey.
Where? Where? The arm is still at the crash site.
They're trying to get it out of the wreckage.
(ADRIANA GROANING) Breathing sounds compromised.
Adriana, I'm Dr.
And I need to listen to your lungs, okay? They're not looking hard enough! It's all right, we're gonna find your arm, okay? No, no, not my arm! - Where's Beth?! - Beth? She's my best friend! She was with me! (SOBBING): Help me, I can't breathe! We have crepitus over the chest wall.
Need to decompress the chest.
It's lateral to the major vessels.
SAM: And about the right size - for a 32 French cath.
- Uh-huh.
(ADRIANA MOANING) Let's do it.
Everybody, on three.
One, two - three! - (INHALES) SAM: There we go.
CALEB: Ultrasound looks good.
Fast is negative.
ISAN: Central line is in.
Let's pack her up and get her to imaging.
And somebody please find out what happened to her friend.
- (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) - (GRUNTS) Using the impalement site for the chest tube, it was nice.
Look, Sam it gives me no pleasure to see your reputation take a hit, especially after I've invested so much time building it up.
(SCOFFS) Are you seriously trying to take credit for my reputation that you are actively working to sabotage? Mm, your ego belongs in the Smithsonian under glass.
Okay, well instead of continuing to fight this war, what do you say to ending it? And how would we do that? With a succession plan.
After my proctorship is over, I'll take back my job back, and I will teach you everything I know.
The ins and outs of donors, politics, money All the things that you have no experience with.
Then when you take the reins in ten, 12 years, you'll be ready.
What do you think? Why would I agree to that when I plan on winning the board's vote in three months? (SMACKS LIPS) Given the eight-figure donation you just lost the hospital, I think your confidence is somewhat erroneous.
Unless you know something I don't know.
I know everything you know.
What are you doing with my address book? (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) Got to go.
Griffith? Donna! Yeah (STAMMERS) I was just looking for my ex-wife's number.
Maybe you could help me navigate the directory or? It's ringing.
You want it? No.
Maybe you could just pass on a message.
What message is that? Tell her I have an urgent matter to discuss with her, and if she could please stop being so dramatic and unreasonable and answer my calls.
Sorry, Dr.
Katz, wrong number.
Trauma patient's injuries will heal over time.
And Dr.
Glass will spearhead the reattachment surgery once the arm lands.
Plastics it's not all eye lifts and implants, baby.
It's a big surgery and she is asking - for residents to assist.
- Me.
Oh, no, no, no, I've never been in one of those before.
Yeah, 'cause they never happen can I go? I got it.
One of me is worth two of them.
Relax, the three of you will go.
And Dr.
Glass will choose who she wants to be her primary.
What are you doing? (STAMMERS) I might ask you the same thing.
You're on the arm.
With Rhonda? Come on.
Why don't I help Dr.
Shah prepare his lawsuit? He needs me more.
I do? Arm reattachment, go.
(COUGHING, WHEEZING) You're having trouble breathing, Noah? Yeah, it's getting worse.
I hear crackling.
Which means that you likely have fluid on your lungs.
Your chart says you've been diagnosed with congestive heart failure? He's also a stubborn ass, put that in his chart.
I'm his brother, I should know.
He can't get up the stairs.
Listen, it's just a little hard to breathe.
- All right? That's all.
- He's sick as a dog.
And still working on that farm that we should've sold - years ago.
- Look, our pops worked that land - well into his 80s.
- And he'd be the first one to say that soybeans aren't worth dying over.
Rash on the lower extremities.
Swollen joints.
Are you in pain? (COUGHING, WHEEZING) (SCOFFS) He's always in pain.
His legs go numb some days.
Just tell them.
Look, it's-it's the breathing I need help with.
And that's all.
Let's order a chest X-ray, and then we're gonna get you on a diuretic to take this fluid off your lungs.
That's what they usually do.
"Usually"? How many times have you been to the hospital for this? CALEB: Six times in six months? That is an unusually rapid rate of decompensation.
Also, for someone who's been here so much, there's almost nothing in his chart.
You would think someone would've ordered a workup.
Maybe they sent him to outpatient for follow-up? Well, he clearly didn't go.
All right, just put the order in.
Add an infectious disease panel grain crops can breed fungus and blastomycosis would explain the joint pain and the rash.
And let me know when the labs are back I'm going to lunch.
Wait, you don't go to lunch.
You barely stop to eat lunch here.
Well, today I'm doing both.
So while Dr.
Glass sutures the radial artery, I'm going to be holding down the fort with the median nerve right over here.
Do I really need help prepping for my lawsuit? Nah, they always drop residents out at the last minute.
Is that my trail mix? No, it's communal, but, um you can have it anyway No chocolate left.
You know Rhonda might not pick you, right? (LAUGHS) Please.
I was made for this.
I dream of severed limbs.
Plus, I got there first.
You got there first because you have a man on the inside.
Oh, I thought I detected a spark in the ER.
Costa, you rake.
You get his name? That handsome paramedic? My boyfriend's name is Tim.
Hmm, boyfriend? Well in fairness to me, I was in a coma for six months.
They've been together for, like, five years.
You might have noticed that if you'd peeked your head out of your self-absorbed cave.
Well, it's "talk to Griff like he's a resident" day, apparently.
I miss that.
They found the arm and the friend.
She was thrown from the car into the woods, probably killed instantly.
All we can do is try and make this patient whole again.
Thank you so much for meeting with me today.
I know you're very busy.
What I am is confused.
I agreed to have lunch with Dr.
Griffith, but you're not the one that I know.
How did you get my information? On a confidential list of hospital donors.
And why am I here? Because I think that you and I could have a very productive partnership when I'm made permanent chief of my department.
Permanent? Your father said you were just a temp.
The board has yet to make their final decision.
I assume you're looking for financial support.
Among other things, yes.
My last donation to Lakeshore was seven million.
I'm willing to double that.
I'm sorry, did you just say 14 million.
But I need you to do something for me in return.
What could I do for you? Give up this pursuit of your father's position.
You're asking me to step aside? Let him resume his role as chief, and the money's yours.
Hey, did you actually leave the hospital for a meal? Uh, it was a working lunch.
One of Dad's donors just made me a very weird offer.
"Weird offer"? What would you say to someone who wanted to pay you not to do your job? If she's anonymous, how'd you find her? It was Rhonda's idea, she's got this whole theory that Wait a minute, Rhonda Glass? Oh, Sam be careful, that woman can't be trusted.
"Be careful"? My own father is trying to take me out right now.
The hospital is talking about the public embarrassment - that he set me up for.
- I'm just looking out for you, Sam.
Whatever your issue is with Rhonda, I trust her more than I trust Dad.
It's my first solo case with Sam in forever today it's fate.
It's also the rotation schedule.
They drove in together today.
Her and Malcolm.
The universe put us together because I got to do something.
Before she's cleaning out a dresser drawer for the guy.
She can give her drawers to whomever she wants.
Hey we have too much history, we're undeniable.
I just got a find a way to talk to her.
It's fate.
It's the rotation schedule.
(PAGER BEEPING) Noah! CALEB: Chest X-ray showed a large right-side effusion and his blood pressure just shot up.
Flash pulmonary edema.
Let's get him on a nitro drip.
Caleb, get me a thoracentesis kit.
What's wrong with him? The diuretics aren't taking the fluid off his lungs fast enough.
We're gonna have to do it manually.
18 gauge needle.
Here we go.
That's it.
Almost there, Noah.
Take a deep breath for me.
Better? Okay.
SAM: Diphenhydramine should've reduced that rash.
He's a mixed bag with his CHF and a fungal pneumonia.
Should we start him on antifungals? Not until we have his tests results.
Antifungals can be cardiotoxic.
I can't risk it.
Want to talk about it? What? Whatever stress is inspiring the piano hands.
I'm guessing it's Griff-related.
I just need his test results.
How come I can still feel it? Your nerve endings are still sending signals to your brain.
Phantom limb? Mm-hmm.
I thought that was sci-fi.
No, it's real.
Where's Beth? No one told you? ADRIANA: Told me what? You've been through enough and you're still here.
So I know you can handle the truth.
She did not survive the crash.
What? LEX: She's gone.
I'm sorry.
ADRIANA: She can't be gone.
We were together.
How can she be gone? I don't (ADRIANA SOBBING) She can't be She can't be gone She can't be she can't be - Hey.
- Hi.
Your mom have anything to say - about this whole Helen Fletcher thing? - (GROANS) Turns out she's not gonna be a lot of help on this one.
But I'm gonna find out what's behind that offer.
Hey, did we get those labs yet? Not yet, but Bernie said he'd put a rush on it if we went to his stand-up comedy show tonight.
- "We"? - I mean, if I'm going, you're going.
We have dinner plans tonight.
That is true.
No problem.
Have you two been officially introduced? Not formally, but I know who you are.
Why don't we go find Bernie? I need those labs.
- CALEB: Well, he really doesn't like me.
- What? It's like, okay, we got it, you have plans tonight.
- He was just reminding me.
- Uh, he was reminding me.
Bernie! I'm looking forward to tonight, bud.
I don't have your results.
- Why not? - What? The labs were never run.
What Where are Utilization review board rejected the tests as "exotic" and "not clinically indicated" - for congestive heart failure.
- "Exotic"? I ran this panel on three other patients today and they all went through.
Does Noah not have health insurance? No.
I had no idea he let his insurance run out.
I mean, I knew the farm in trouble, but We've made an appeal to the financial review board.
How long will that take? We don't know.
If you don't help him, he's gonna follow our father's footsteps right into the grave.
I'm not gonna let that happen.
(SIGHS) Noah doesn't meet sepsis criteria.
Mm, he does now.
You're altering his data.
Doctors buff charts all the time.
Some doctors, sure, but I've never seen you do it.
Those criteria exist to protect hospital finances.
Which took a hit because of the donation that I lost.
I am not gonna let Noah suffer for my mistake.
I think you just need to clear your head.
The old-fashioned way.
If you're talking about the lake Oh, I'm talking about the lake.
(CHUCKLES) I'd rather go to Bernie's comedy show.
Besides, the last time I checked, there's no lake inside this hospital.
If I could find one are you in? Give it up, Griff! - It's important.
- That thing you're feeling is called boundaries.
Get used to it! Sam was in the storage locker.
She has my address book.
And the only place she could've got it is the storage locker.
She's been helping Sam.
We have to get down there.
I just hope your address book is the only thing she's found.
SAM: I found something! These are the results of the Fletcher Pharmaceuticals clinical trial, and my dad's signature is all over it.
Yeah, I found one, too.
Did they run multiple trials? I don't know but even if they did, it wouldn't explain Helen's loyalty to my father.
What? Nothing.
Okay, earlier with Caleb.
He thinks you don't like him.
Oh, well, he probably shouldn't have asked you out on a date - while I was standing there.
- That wasn't a date.
Oh, are you sure? It kind of sounded like it.
- Uh - Uh, hey, given your history.
- It's a work thing.
- (LAUGHS) All right, well, do you want to go with him? Do I want to go to Bernie's comedy show? No.
But would it be a problem if I did? - Oh, no, not for me.
- Okay.
Unless there is something there.
There is nothing there.
All right, well, then there's no problem.
- Okay.
- Okay.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) Well, uh - Hey, wait, wait, whoa, hold on.
- Hmm? MALCOLM: Look at this.
Well, what is that? These are the same trial results, but they're different.
Three test subjects suffering adverse side effects.
This report lists them and this one doesn't.
(STAMMERS) This is the report that they sent to the FDA.
They scrubbed it.
Helen Fletcher is so loyal to my father because he doctored the results of her drug trial.
My father conducted a clinical trial and then altered the results of the FDA report.
He omitted three reports of serious side effects Heart murmurs, palpitations, intermittent arrhythmias Because he knew that those side effects would mean a required warning label.
Which can mean billions in lost revenue.
He buried evidence, and Helen compensates him with donations to this hospital.
Sam? The trial was over a decade ago.
The drug's not even on the market anymore, no lawsuits were filed.
Anybody we take this to, they're gonna want more evidence.
Like the testimony of the three people in the trial.
Well Except all the participants were anonymous.
Yes but you found Helen Fletcher.
All right? If you can find her, you can find the rest of them.
Blastomycosis is a no whoops! I thought you were alone.
- You got the labs? - It's not a fungus.
But his RPR test is positive.
- Syphilis? - It could've been dormant for years, and it can lead to heart failure.
We have to get him on targeted antibiotics right away.
I have to okay.
Nothing there.
- (DOOR CLOSES) - (MALCOLM CHUCKLES SOFTLY) ISAN: I looked into it and if Lakeshore settles, it's like saying I'm guilty.
I'm not guilty.
That's way too harsh.
And Are you even listening? I'm studying for the arm surgery.
- What? - Who takes meetings in the lounge? I'm feeling a little exposed here.
I've covered our tracks.
Tell that to your daughter.
She found me.
Took me to lunch, and informed me she's going for your job.
Well, that was she she should not have done that.
I'm launching two new drugs next quarter.
A scandal right before a rollout - is a PR nightmare.
- I understand.
But that drug trial is ancient history.
It could still sink me if it got out.
Don't worry, I'll be chief again very soon.
Get your daughter under control, Robert.
There's, like, a million lawyers online who help doctors fight malpractice suits.
Quiz me.
Come on, ask me Dude, read the room.
What innervates the bicep.
The C5 and C6 fibers of the musculocutaneous nerve nailed it.
You're literally quizzing yourself.
And winning.
Can you stop angling for the surgery for one second? That patient lost her best friend.
And her arm, and I can only help her with one of those things.
I guess you'd have to have friends to imagine what it would be like to lose one.
I have friends.
(SCOFFS) I have many friends.
Hi, friends.
They didn't hear me.
I understand you've been reaching out to my donors.
They might not be "yours" for much longer.
Does that mean you're gonna take Helen's offer? It might even be good for Lakeshore.
I found everything, Dad.
"Everything"? The drug trial that you altered for Fletcher Pharmaceuticals.
Your patient.
The one with no insurance.
Is there any chance that you got those labs approved by doing a little data tampering yourself? (LAUGHS) I helped a patient at the mercy of a broken system.
You helped a billionaire the system is set up to favor.
So spare me the false equivalency.
You don't have the stomach for this, Sam.
Just take Helen's offer and let me handle the money.
(PAGER BEEPING) (MONITOR BEEPING) I'm here! What's wrong? - He's going into cardiogenic shock.
- What? Increase his nitro drip and add another pressor! Why is he getting worse? Remove the damaged tissue.
- Rejoin the bone ends, repair - The muscles.
- What is this, surgical Mad Libs? - We're prepping for surgery.
Oh, thank you, but I got it.
I know you're not into team sports, but you can't do this surgery by yourself.
I don't plan to.
Glass and I are going to be - shoulder to shoulder and before - Not today, Jerry.
(QUIETLY): Joey.
RHONDA: You want to impress me try building the backbone it takes to deliver bad news as well as good.
While you were busy showing off, Dr.
Trulie here took one for the team.
That's how you make yourself indispensable.
Lead assist's yours.
The rest of you get in there and try and learn something.
Except you, you can watch from the cheap seats.
Let's go put a lady back together.
Any advice for nerves? Yeah.
Reattach them all.
Ah, remember that ER patient who had a complete heart block and crashed in front of you? Yeah.
Well, the attending didn't have the nerve to run that pacer wire down to her heart so you did it.
As an intern.
You got this.
RHONDA: What's the total ischemic time? - Estimated five hours.
- Gotta hustle.
If we wait any longer, the reperfusion injury will be too great and the arm won't take.
- Dr.
Shah? - Vessels are cleaned and ready.
Okay, Dr.
This is your moment.
Nice and delicate.
Make sure that anastomosis is tight.
We can't afford any more blood loss.
You have fans.
Oh, let's hit a home run.
If we take these clamps off and we've done it all right, that arm should go pink.
Moment of truth.
Three, two (ALARM BEEPING) What's wrong? You back-walled one of the sutures.
Happened to me my first time, too.
Don't panic.
Take it again.
Me? Shouldn't you just This is you, Dr.
(EXHALES) RHONDA: I think we got it.
Take two.
Trulie remove the clamps.
- We have a pulse.
- (LEX EXHALES) Well done, Dr.
Confirmatory test for Treponema pallidum was negative.
So it's not syphilis.
Something else caused the RPR to be positive.
Could it be TB? Malaria? Maybe pneumonia? I mean, all have been linked to false positives.
Autoimmune disorders as well.
So we broaden his antibiotics to cover our bases.
Even if it is autoimmune, we put him on steroids, then we're gonna weaken his immune system.
Which will only make him sicker.
We got to increase his pressors and prep him for dialysis.
I mean, if we can't control his fluid output, - this guy's headed for ECMO.
- Chromatic scale? Oh, harmonic minor, actually.
Oh, harmonic minor means you're really stressed.
- (CHUCKLES) - Hey.
You know you can talk to me, right? If there's something on your mind.
Thanks, I don't need to talk.
I just need some answers.
- I just keep hitting - (PHONE BUZZING) wall after wall and This might be the answer that I need.
Hi, this is Sam Griffith.
Thank you for calling me back.
Did it work? That's what we're here to find out.
Trulie? Can you wiggle your fingers? (EXHALES) That's what I'm talking about.
(EXHALING) Beth is still gone.
I know.
I'd give up my arm just to see her again.
Even even just to say goodbye.
I Hey, you did great.
That was quite some surgery.
That's not why I texted you.
I just reattached all those tiny nerves, and I kept thinking about how she never stopped feeling her arm; even after she lost it, she could still feel it.
The phantom limb thing.
I get it.
I wish I didn't, but I miss you, too.
I know.
Oh, you do? - Well, how could you not? - (LAUGHS) It doesn't change things, though.
Okay, so uh, why are we in the closet? Because we can be.
That patient did not get a chance to say goodbye to her friend and I just (EXHALES) I'm glad you're not dead.
Well, that's one of the most romantic things anyone's ever said to me.
- Shut up.
- That surgery really brought out your sentimental side.
Okay, I'm going.
So, go.
Who is this? She did what? It's so unfair.
I studied, I prepped.
I was ready for that surgery, but, what, I don't get to do it because I don't "take one for the team"? Like, where's that class in medical school? And how's the patient? Oh, just peachy.
Lex did a great job.
So it's a win for everyone.
(SIGHS) Not you, too.
Residency is a competition.
We're not a team.
Okay, but you did miss out on a major surgery, and if you don't find a way to play nice, it's not gonna be the last one.
Also, I love you, but I can't be the only one that you connect with.
You need friends.
I need you to have friends.
(GROWLS) (LAUGHS) (SIGHS) How? A friendly gesture? (CHUCKLING): Friendly gesture I have an idea.
Hey! - (GROANS) - Stop cold-calling the patients.
I'm only calling patients who came into the hospital around the time of the drug trial.
With symptoms like in the report that you buried.
If there are patients out there, - I'm gonna find them.
- Oh, you found one.
You scared the hell out of him.
He called me.
No one I've spoken to has confirmed they were part of your clinical trial.
That's because they They don't want to violate the terms of their agreement.
What agreement? Look.
I signed off on the trial before I found out about the three patients who had adverse reactions.
By then, it was too late Fletcher were not gonna retract the report, they were not gonna publish an addendum.
You could've gone public.
How would that've helped the patients? No, instead, I got Helen to pay them a lot.
Hush money.
You silenced those three people, and what about the rest who I made the best out of a bad situation.
They got set up for life, but you keep going down this road, you're gonna ruin it for them.
That money is the only good thing that came out of that nightmare.
Leave it alone.
(EXHALES) - Hey, are you okay? - Hmm? Ooh, that's a no.
Oh, yeah, it's a no.
I am in an impossible situation.
I want to help people, but if I help them, I am gonna hurt them.
And if I take this money, I'm gonna lose my job, and if I don't bring money into the hospital, I'm gonna lose my job anyway! Whoa, whoa, I'm lost.
I am damned if I do, and I am damned if I don't.
And it is all because of him! I didn't expect that to happen.
You know what? You're coming with me.
- What? - Yeah.
- I should - No, no, no, leave it.
- I can't believe you picked that lock.
- It was open.
I won't tell if you won't.
(WHIMPERS) I just remember the lake being roomier.
Well, it's the best I could do on short notice.
Oh Oh, God, oh, God.
(LAUGHS) Okay Oh, okay.
- Ready? - (EXHALES) BOTH: Now! (BOTH GASPING) - Oh, my - (BOTH SHUSHING) (SAM LAUGHING) (EXHALES, CHUCKLES) (BOTH LAUGHING) Ooh (BOTH CHUCKLE) What were we thinking, jumping into lakes? We were thinking it felt good.
Now I'm remembering what we did after.
Caleb, I didn't mean to give you the wrong idea.
You didn't and I'm not Sam, I know you're with Malcolm.
And if that's what you want, I'm happy for you.
But I'm still crazy about you.
(BREATHES DEEPLY) Caleb, what we had was good, but it feels like another life.
I I can't go back to that.
I don't want to go back.
That's what I want to tell you.
I don't want to get our old thing back.
I want us to make a new thing.
"A new thing"? Us 2.
I'm sorry.
I have to go.
(SNIFFLES) - Ow! - Oh! Hey, you okay? Oh, yeah, no.
I'm-I'm-I'm okay, I'm fine.
I just, my legs are numb from the cold Noah.
The numbness in his legs.
Meet me upstairs.
Joint pain, rash, fatigue; they're all nonspecific symptoms.
But then you told us that your brother's legs go numb when he's working.
And that made it a whole lot more specific.
It's called claudication.
SAM: It's a decrease in blood flow to the lower extremities during exertion.
Now, we thought this could be caused by an infection.
But radiology proved us wrong.
It's large vessel arteritis.
What the heck does that mean? You have an autoimmune disease.
But it's a treatable one.
We've already started you on an IVIG infusion.
I don't even know what to say.
Say you'll finally sell the farm.
Farming is all I know.
What the hell am I gonna do with myself all day? If this treatment works as well as I think it will, you can do whatever you please.
GRIFF: So your decision to alter your patient's chart paid off? It shouldn't have to be that way.
No, but it is.
And you did, and you made the best of a bad situation.
Don't do that.
We are not the same.
I did what I did to cover my patient's care.
And you did what you did to cover your ass.
Okay, well, just remember that it wasn't those labs that saved your guy, it was Helen.
Her money paid for his care.
It's got to be worth something in the end, right? I mean, we can agree on that.
Actually, yes.
On that, we agree.
I was glad to get your call.
Your father said that you would come around.
Sounds like him.
He did help me make the decision to accept your donation on Lakeshore's behalf.
But I'm not stepping down.
And you're gonna back me instead of my father.
Excuse me? Your drug trial? With the adverse side effects.
And the payouts.
My father didn't tie up your loose ends as well as he may have led you to believe.
I have the records.
Why should I trust you? Because I'm sitting here with you right now instead of with the press, and it'll stay that way, as long as the $14 million you pledged comes in.
I think you have a real shot at beating your father.
With your donation in my plus column, I'm inclined to agree.
I'll have the money wired over first thing tomorrow.
Lakeshore thanks you.
Hey, how'd it go - with, uh - You were right.
About Caleb.
There is something there.
Um is this the part where you tell me you're still into your ex? - Mm.
- Mm-mm.
This is the part where I realize that you wouldn't care about what Caleb feels if you knew how I feel.
I'm in this with you.
Like, in in.
Well, good.
Me, too.
I wouldn't exactly call an old ambulance a surprise.
Joey, what is this? I call it a friendly gesture.
I give you "the ambulounge.
" Dumb name.
But I like it.
I've been lost and found No one comes here, so this is our place.
And check this out! Trail mix.
(LAUGHTER) (CLEARS THROAT) Uh, it's come to my attention that perhaps I have trouble connecting with patients and you guys.
So maybe I need a little less competition and more, uh Friends.
The term is friends.
Yes, sure.
It's like when two people connect - on a deeper level.
- I know what it is.
- (PHONE CHIMES) - Could you please elaborate? Guys, Lakeshore finished their internal report.
They're saying I am not at fault for negligence.
What a relief.
LEX: Cheers to Isan! CALEB: Cheers! - Cheers.
- Yeah! Mom, I'm sorry that I snapped at you about Rhonda.
I know that you were just trying to protect me.
And I know that I can always trust you, so Sweetheart, I just I worry for you, I mean - Rhonda - Has her own agenda? Yeah.
You don't need to worry, my eyes are wide open now.
(EXHALES) Crisis averted.
She found my donor list, but she didn't find this.
That was too close a call.
I don't like keeping this secret from Sam.
Well, we agreed it was best a long time ago.
It's just so much to carry.
You're not carrying it alone.
(SIGHS) Congratulations.
Everyone's talking about the massive, anonymous donation made to the CT department in your name.
Thanks in part to you.
I assume you're here to collect on our agreement? Only fair, right? I knew your help came with a price.
What exactly do you have planned for my father? No.
This isn't about your father.
It's your mother we need to talk about.

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