Good Sam (2022) s01e11 Episode Script


1 Previously on Good Sam - Trauma still chasing you? - Actually, the ER will be my home base.
Malcolm? If you can't get serious with me because you still have feelings for him, I just need to know.
Casual's just where I am right now.
- I slept with someone else.
- What? I know what you did.
Stealing my surgery.
I didn't steal your surgery.
When I was a kid, he was driving, I got hurt, I had to have surgery.
The reason he didn't come into the ER that day is because I wouldn't let him.
I was drunk.
- Dad, I love you.
- I love you, too.
Rob Griffith shouldn't be a part of this hospital at all.
There's the truth.
You decide whose place it is to do something about it.
New baby, new baby, new hip.
How are there no cards that just say "congratulations"? I've never seen so many dangling cats.
It's like a whole greeting card subgenre.
My dad is getting his credentials back today.
We cannot give him a dangling cat.
We go from cataracts to colonoscopies to condolences.
Nothing we can use.
Oh, I could use condolences for the death of my relationship.
Joey, I'm sorry.
Have you talked to Tim yet? Does "You're sleeping on the couch" count? Distract me.
What did a happy couple do this morning? Well we're not really a "couple.
" - Exactly.
- Oh, right, you're "keeping it casual.
" Yeah.
I mean, labels just complicate things.
So does cheating on someone right before you agree to marry them.
- Hey, Joey? - Mm-hmm? Hang in there.
Guys, come on, anything for my dad? Hey, what about this? "Wishing you a speedy recovery.
" What is he recovering from? Not being the boss? Sold.
- Day two in the ER.
- Mm-hmm.
Looking forward to it? I like it down there.
I just don't like being the rookie.
- Oh.
- Oh.
Keep your head down.
Pay your dues.
You'll hit your stride.
You're right.
Hey, who knows, maybe I'll graduate to chicken pox today.
That's the spirit.
Getting called to the principal's office.
Okay, well, I, um It's so weird to think I'm not gonna see you until tonight.
You never know, an acute myocardial infarction might bring us together sooner than you think.
Keep talking dirty to me.
The selection was better with balloons.
My dad's gonna love these.
They aren't for him.
Getting your dad through this proctorship was not easy, and you're leaving the department better than you found it.
Thanks, Caleb.
Things were really good around here, - weren't they? - Yeah, they were.
Well, until I found out that my fiancé is a cheating, lying snake, anyway.
Sucks, doesn't it? When someone you should be able to trust turns out to be a backstabbing parasite who sabotages coworkers and steals their surgeries.
- Isan, come on.
- What? You're taking his side? - I'm not taking sides.
- You assigned the surgery to me.
He stole it.
All I did was tell the truth.
Your patient died on the table.
It's a fact.
He's the one who threw a cake tantrum in the worship room.
Would you mind? Okay.
I need to take this.
Will you start rounds without me, please? And the two of you, we have a living donor lung transplant today.
Please put your differences aside and focus on the patient.
I'll be sending you the dry cleaning bill for the cake on my shoes.
He dry-cleans his shoes? I received your summons.
- Am I in trouble? - On the contrary.
Thank you, Dr.
My pleasure, Dr.
What's this, some kind of weird foreplay thing - you got going on because - I have been reviewing the requirements for your proctorship this morning.
In particular, the surgical steps that must be performed successfully, and it's a long list.
I have been doing surgeries, a lot of them.
Not as primary, but Being primary is not one of the requirements.
What? It was a surprise to me, too, but the guidelines are clear.
If you have done the surgery, you've met the requirement, whether you were primary or not.
And now that Dr.
Pyne has submitted your recommendation for return to surgery without restriction It's over? Is that what you're telling me? - It's over.
- Congratulations, Doctor.
I'm back in surgery? As soon as you walk out the door.
Okay? That's all you're gonna say? Your proctorship is over.
If you were expecting a happy dance, I'm sorry to disappoint you.
I should get to work.
What was so important that you wanted to talk in person? - ETOH.
- What? Uh, medical shorthand for ethyl alcohol.
No, I-I know what it is.
Why are you Uh, paramedics use it in their field reports to describe intoxicated subjects.
Look, my mom found a field report from the accident when you were a kid.
It says your dad was drunk that night.
That he was ETOH.
I know.
You do? Yeah.
My mom took the report.
She's been hiding it.
Not well, apparently.
- How long have you known? - Couple of weeks.
This is the personal thing that I told you he's been dealing with.
Sounds like you've been dealing with it, too.
Look, I - I wish I would've known.
- It's okay.
But I actually thought we were starting to put this behind us.
My mom's not gonna let that happen.
Hey, you came back.
- You didn't think I would? - Oh, I thought maybe all the scut work and night shifts might make you reconsider leaving CT.
I don't scare that easily.
Good, 'cause you're about to do your first shift with the big boss man.
Vega? Okay, what can y'all tell me about him? Don't ask him how his weekend was.
- He doesn't like small talk.
- Okay.
Or feelings.
He doesn't like feelings? He doesn't like talking about his feelings.
He considers them a distraction.
- He does not like distraction.
- Or drama.
Okay, no distractions, no drama, no small talk.
Got it.
Anything else I should know about the great and powerful Nicholas Vega? Just that he's right behind you.
Tell radiology to repeat this MRA, would you? And have Dr.
Lieberman call us about the Lyme disease case.
- Dr.
Vega, Lex Trulie.
- What's she doing? - Introducing herself.
- Why? Well, it's a custom when two people who don't know each other first meet.
You're joining my department? Yes.
I was a medic in the Air Better stop talking and start moving if you're gonna keep up in here.
Johnny Dean, 54.
Blunt facial trauma secondary to mechanical fall.
There's severe edema surrounding the eyeball.
Johnny, how are you? My name is Dr.
- Do you mind if I take a look? - No, it's okay.
Look straight ahead.
Can you close your eyes? IOP's at least 40.
We need to relieve this pressure.
On it.
Lido, two percent with topical tetracaine.
Thank you.
Little sting.
Stay still.
Forming a lateral canthotomy to get the blood flow back to the eye.
Uh, shouldn't we check for pupil irregularity - or a prolapsed iris? - I already did that when I assessed his intraocular pressure.
If this ER moved at your pace, this man may have already lost his vision.
Just breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe.
Have you heard from Tina Kingsley? - What? - She has the accident report.
What if she uses it to block your reinstatement? She's been looking for a reason to get rid of me since she got here.
Well, we gave her one.
I'll talk to her.
Hi, Chloe.
Hi, Sam.
Hey, Griff.
So, how are you feeling, Chloe? Finally getting a lung transplant, or a lobe, anyway.
It's the best day of my life.
You've been waiting a long time for this.
- Mm-hmm.
- I'd still be waiting if it wasn't for Yolanda.
- Okay.
- So Let's check vitals and order pre-op labs on both patients, please.
So, you two, uh, grew up together? Uh, yeah.
We were next-door neighbors.
Our bedroom windows faced each other.
As my cystic fibrosis got worse, I couldn't do normal things, like school, parties.
If I ever felt lonely, I just looked out my window, and Yoli was always there.
When I realized how bad her lungs had gotten, I told her, "If I'm a match, we're doing this.
" And here you are.
How soon can we do it? I'd say that depends.
On what? On whatever's causing Yolanda's fever.
It's 102.
I haven't been feeling great, but I thought it was just nerves.
Yolanda, we can't take you into the OR with a fever, so we're gonna need to run some tests You're saying the surgery's not gonna happen.
No, Chloe.
I'm just saying it's not gonna happen today.
Hang in there.
What you doing up here? Trying to get out of a hole I dug for myself with my new boss.
You? Uh, wishing Tina Kingsley would fall into a hole.
She's still coming for you? Come here.
- You completed your proctorship today.
- Mm-hmm.
- That's huge.
- Right.
You should celebrate.
Don't let her rain on your parade.
You're right, you're right.
Thank you.
So, what'd you do to get down in a hole? Vega thinks I'm too big for my britches.
- Nicholas Vega? - Mm-hmm.
Isn't that the pot calling the kettle a pot.
He's right, actually.
I overstepped.
Forgot I was the new kid.
I know there's a pecking order.
He'll be the head pecker, all right.
Trash-talking me to another patient? Running bloodwork, actually, which you should know because Sam wants all of us on this one.
I'll get on when you get off.
I'm not getting off.
Well, I'm not working with you until you answer for what you did.
Sam's not gonna come to your rescue on this one because, deep down, she knows you shouldn't have gotten that surgery in the first place.
I did her a favor by taking it.
Oh, so you admit you stole it.
The patient changed her mind.
Because you poisoned her against me.
I'm not gonna lose any more surgeries to you.
Everyone's looking for an edge.
Well, then step up your game instead of sabotaging me.
I didn't sabotage you.
I told the truth.
If you don't like people to know that you're killing patients, try not killing your patients.
I didn't kill anyone! - All right, don't - Hey.
Hey! Stop it! Stop it! What is the matter with you? There are patients around the corner.
The two of you should - be working together.
- No, not with him.
You got to pick one of us.
It's him or me.
I have already lost Lex to Trauma.
I am not going to be understaffed on a complex surgery because the two of you have issues.
You're both on the lung transplant.
Get it together and get to work.
- Beautiful.
- Uh, can we talk? Uh, yeah, if you talk fast.
I'm headed to a meeting.
All right, look, whatever our differences, or whatever I've done to incur your wrath, going public with this report, dragging my reputation through the mud, won't solve anything.
I don't want to go public.
- You don't? - No.
I just want you out.
Step down, Griff, once and for all, and I'll forget I ever saw that report.
- If I don't? - Well, this will end you.
Not just here, but wherever you sought work, and that's assuming you aren't stripped of your credentials along the way.
Doing this quietly is so much better for you.
Okay, and why is it better for you? The last thing I need is a scandal.
Might interfere with the sale.
What do you mean Tina Kingsley's not taking the report public? She still wants me to leave.
She just wants me to leave quietly.
- Why does that matter? - Because of them.
This is all Brazilian acacia, by the way.
It's a private equity firm.
What are they doing? Shopping.
She's selling the hospital.
Mary's says to fax employment inquiries to this number.
Donna, do you know how to send a fax? I do.
Just because the hospital's for sale, there's no need to panic.
Yeah, if they don't tear the place down, and build condos.
Apparently, this equity firm is known for cost cutting.
Another word for layoffs.
Good luck finding a job somewhere else with your track record.
Okay, everyone.
I know you have questions, and I am sure the administration will have answers about this potential sale soon, but right now that's all it is.
It's potential.
And what's very real are the patients entrusted to our care today, so let's put our focus on them, hmm? Wait, Donna, is this your résumé? They come for the nurses first.
Arterial oxygen's at 50.
- Acute hypoxemia.
- I can't breathe.
I know.
Don't worry.
We're gonna help you.
- Oxygen stats still plummeting.
- We're gonna have to intubate.
- No.
- It's gonna keep you alive.
When people like me go on those things, they don't come off.
Most people like you don't have a lung donor in the next room.
Did you did you figure out what's wrong with Yolanda? It's gonna be okay, Chloe.
Has my fever come down? Yes.
Now it's too far down.
She's hypothermic.
Let's get a Bair Hugger and warm IV fluids right away.
I ruined Chloe's surgery.
You didn't ruin anything.
We are gonna get your core temp up and go from there.
There we go.
Um Look, I-I was just about to send the financial reports over to your office.
I haven't seen you around Lakeshore since You told me you don't need me here bossing you around.
I assumed you weren't speaking to me.
Thought the same thing.
I guess we can thank this sale for clearing that up for us.
You have any idea why these buyers are so motivated? Maybe they see a big profit upside.
I don't see how.
Not without a massive restructure.
Well, they want to close it fast.
They've waived every contingency, except for one.
Let me see that.
Mystery solved.
I know why Tina wants me out.
Your propensity for ruining private moments? Cardiothoracic surgeon Dr.
Jack Hendricks.
And who is cardiothoracic surgeon Dr.
Jack Hendricks? Exactly.
According to Byron, this whole sale hinges on this nobody being instated as head of Lakeshore's CT department.
Why would Tina want to replace you with an unknown? Because she's my nemesis.
You know, Griff, most people don't have a nemesis.
It's usually a little more nuanced than that.
Is it possible you have a part to play in this conflict? Don't shrink me right now, Pyne.
You're off the clock.
He is, which is why we were enjoying a rare moment of each other's company in the peace and quiet of his office.
I'll use yours.
I got to dig up as much dirt on this quack as I can.
Is that hummus? That's very, very good.
Little too much lemon, maybe.
And you're just gonna let him keep doing this? Yolanda Harris's core body temperature is back up.
- Ah.
- That's a good sign.
Yeah, but fever followed by hypotension could be an indicator of septic shock.
There have to be risk factors that we're not taking into account.
I want to talk to her.
You have something else you want to tell me? So, you know how some of the residents - are sending out their résumés? - Uh-huh.
You, too? No, but my friend in Boston caught wind of the sale and had a recruiter from Harbor Memorial Hospital reach out.
Harbor Memorial.
In Boston.
But, you know, they're just asking the question.
Well, they're one of the best, so I'm not surprised they called you.
Must be nice to be wanted.
Uh, Sam.
I've been looking for you.
Got a sec? We're in the middle of a personal conversation.
- I'll talk to you later.
- Okay.
How's Chloe? She is fighting as hard as you are.
Yolanda, have you traveled anywhere unusual lately? Your temperature fluctuations could be caused by an infection.
If we can narrow down to where you might've picked it up - I haven't been anywhere.
- What about crowds? Concerts, weddings? Anywhere where you might've been exposed to someone who was sick? When I found out that I was a match for Chloe, my roommates threw a party for me.
I ended up making out with some guy that I didn't know.
Maybe it was him? It could be.
I didn't mean to jeopardize everything.
I never wanted to let Chloe d I-I know.
- Whoa, okay, all right.
- Okay.
We need two milligrams of IV lorazepam in here now.
All right, all right, all right.
The ophthalmologist says that your emergency lateral canthotomy was impeccable.
You should make a full recovery.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
You're most welcome.
Vega made you fill out the discharge paperwork, didn't he? Yep, but to be fair, his hands are busy patting himself on the back.
What are you doing down here, Joey? Oh, I'm just here to wish one of my dearest friends - a happy first day.
- It's my second day, we're not that dear, and you're down here looking for your fiancé.
Have you seen him? Has he been around? Yeah.
I heard the wedding's off.
- Did you hear why? - Yes.
How am I supposed to trust anything he says? You know, this morning, he went out for a jog.
I snuck out and followed him on an electric scooter.
I almost died in a collision with a garden gnome.
Okay, obsessing over his whereabouts isn't good for you, Joey, or the garden gnome.
Somebody help! Johnny! Johnny! We were just going to the car.
The ambulance came.
I turned around, - and he'd collapsed.
- Mr.
Dean, are you okay? I Back up, back up.
I-I don't know.
I don't know.
Eric, let's bring him inside.
- Yep.
- Oh, God.
- Here we go.
I got you.
- Johnny.
You discharged him.
This is on you.
Happy second day.
Let's do a pronator drift test.
Can you tell me again how you hurt your eye? H-He fell.
The grandkids were over, and I assumed he tripped over one of the baby's toys.
You stand up suddenly? I really don't remember.
Um, honey? - I-I didn't see it.
- You know, transient ischemia - could explain it.
- And his blood pressure's been borderline.
Hypotension could be to blame.
Yeah, a lot of things could be to blame.
Wait, look at this.
- Swelling around the ankles.
- That could be from the fall.
Yeah, but it could also be a symptom of heart disease.
Let's do an MRI to confirm.
Confirm what? I-I thought he tripped.
When it comes to falls, the-the cause is a diagnosis of exclusion.
We got to rule out everything that didn't happen first.
Let's get him to imaging.
Excuse me.
Yolanda's blood pressure is dropping, and her heart rate is frenetic.
Her white blood cell count suggests an infection, but what kind? She said she made out with a guy at a party.
Mono is common among college kids.
- And so is MRSA.
- But her oropharynx was clear and her lymph nodes were normal.
Have we spoken to her partner? Is he exhibiting any symptoms? No, she didn't get his number.
And are we sure they just kissed? It could be chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis.
Can never be too careful who you trust in your bed.
Let's order an STI panel.
What about meningitis? Could be a possibility.
We'll do a lumbar puncture to confirm.
- I'm on it.
- Okay.
Meningitis was my idea.
I'll do it.
Well, I think Sam just made her decision.
I can't get through a differential without the two of you going at it? We have a patient on a ventilator.
It is too late for her to get another donor, so if we do not figure out what's going on with Yolanda, Chloe will never come off that vent.
I want new labs run on her by the time we finish the LP.
Everybody move.
- My God.
- Are you really okay with what he did? No, I'm not.
But I don't have time to get into it because we are working and there is a lot going on.
Yeah, like all of us getting fired? - What? - The rumor that the new owners are gonna replace Griff and cut the residency program? Is it true? Because I don't look great on paper right now, and if I'm losing this job, I Isan, it's just a rumor.
I know you can't tell me officially, but I'm asking you as a friend.
Is this Jack Hendricks guy taking over the department? I've never heard of Jack Hendricks.
So they're not talking about hiring a new chief? Not that I know of.
Everything's gonna be okay.
- They're on edge.
- Yeah.
- And I can't get them off it.
- Mm-hmm.
Well, it's this sale.
Everyone's on edge.
It's not just the sale.
It's Jack Hendricks.
Dad told me all about him.
I mean, can the new owners really just make him chief? I think they can do whatever they want.
What do we even know about this guy? We've been doing a deep dive.
He's never practiced in Michigan, but your father tracked down his records from Arizona, where he runs a department a third of the size of Lakeshore's.
What? Why would anybody want this guy in such an important position? Because he's the son of Simon Hendricks and Eleanor Ponsonby.
- As in Ponsonby Capital.
- Mm-hmm.
He is the nephew of one of the senior partners of the equity firm that wants to buy this hospital.
Okay, so they're getting the hospital and giving some relative - a promotion? - Mm-hmm.
Do you think that Malcolm knows about this? This is gonna help us figure out why you keep falling.
We're gonna get you in and out, okay? - Okay.
- All right.
You sure you don't want to give him a neck massage first? Waste another ten minutes? It's cold in there.
If he starts shivering, the motion artifacts will render the images useless, and we'd have to start the MRI all over again.
I saved us time.
I have a weighted blanket at home that I find very comforting.
It puts me right to sleep.
- You agree with the blanket? - I do.
So do you.
- I do? - Yeah.
But you're also concerned that Dr.
Trulie is taking too many liberties given that she's so new, but she totally respects the hierarchy, and she is just trying to help, so Start the test.
That was a good talk.
His heart rate is skyrocketing.
Johnny, are you okay? Johnny.
He just passed out.
You just had a seizure.
You need to be in bed.
I let her down.
She says I was always there for her, but I wasn't.
I was out partying.
Doing drugs, making out with randos.
What kind of drugs? - Ecstasy.
- Which wouldn't show up on normal tox screens.
Why didn't you tell us about this sooner? I didn't think it was relevant.
It's not like you can get meningitis from ecstasy.
- C-Can you? - No.
No, no.
But MDMA withdrawal can cause severe fluctuations in body temperature.
It wasn't an infection causing your fever, which is why the antibiotics didn't reduce it.
Antibiotics do reduce the seizure threshold.
High fever.
Fluctuations in your blood pressure and your heart rate.
All these are signs of nervous system irritability.
And this constellation of symptoms in the setting of MDMA usage makes me think - Serotonin syndrome.
- Serotonin syndrome.
- Is it treatable? - Very.
But we have to run some tests to confirm, and if we're right, we can start treatment right away.
So we can still do Chloe's surgery? If we're right.
You're in a good mood.
- Money has that effect on me.
- Mm.
I see.
Why didn't you tell me you were planning on selling this place? I wanted to get the offer first.
And, by the way, have you seen it? - It's very aggressive.
- It is.
It's also a conflict of interest, isn't it? Uh, the candidate being a relative of one of the partners at the equity firm? So you did your homework.
Uh, actually, Sam did.
I thought that story was over.
From what I can tell, she's moved on to someone else already.
- Don't change the subject.
- Okay.
The conflict of interest clause applies to the hospital's board members, not the buying entity.
So it's not a deal breaker for the board.
And what about you? I mean, you-you spend so much time being worried about Griff running the department.
Now you're just gonna hand it over to somebody's nephew? The offer was already in the works anyway.
But throwing the nephew a bone sweetened the deal considerably.
Sometimes concessions must be made.
Right, but these concessions could impact a lot of people here.
I mean, do you really think it's fair to them? There's no such thing as fair.
There's either you have the power or you don't.
Your father taught me that.
You know he's not gonna let this happen.
He's not gonna have a choice.
I spent way too much time being overruled by him, silenced by him.
And-and the terms he set for the divorce? It was all I could do to hold on to my own board seat.
And then I wasn't allowed to attend the meetings.
He left me with no money, Malcolm.
No voice.
And finally, I'm evening the scales.
What does that mean? It means this deal is so good, the board has to take it.
And your father will know what it feels like to be overruled.
So this is all about revenge.
Y-You're doing all of this just to stick it to Dad? - Malcolm, it's what - No, no, no, no, no, no.
You said You-you said you wanted to fix things with us.
You said the reason - that you were here - It is one of the reasons.
- But this is business, Malcolm.
- This is not business.
What-Whatever this is, I want no part of it.
- Can I help you? - Yeah, I was just looking for Sam, - and - Right.
Everything okay, bud? You know, we're not cool, all right? You and me.
You get that, right? We're not friends.
- You talked to your mom? - Yeah.
What happened? I trusted the wrong parent.
That's what happened.
Look, she doesn't care about this hospital, and she never did.
She says my dad stiffed her in the divorce settlement and that she's selling this place to get back at him.
Wait, what? Yes.
Look, she's-she's had her own agenda this whole time.
She says this deal is just business, but revenge for a bad divorce settlement seems pretty damn personal to me.
Do you think she's telling the truth? What, about the settlement? I-I have no idea.
Why? Revenge is one thing, but it's hard to believe there isn't something in this for her financially.
So, you're thinking she's getting kickbacks for brokering the sale? I think if she's not sitting on a pile of money from their divorce, she has to get it from somewhere.
Which is a conflict of interest that the board cannot look past.
- If we can prove it.
- Well, I mean, if she's cashed a check, then there's a record of that transaction.
I know a real good money guy.
So, your MRI doesn't show any evidence of a stroke.
- That's good news, right? - It is.
But unfortunately, it still doesn't tell us why you're having these symptoms.
So, what do we do? We just go home? You guys aren't going anywhere.
We have a lot more tests to run.
And a few more questions to ask about your medical history to see if you - His heart rate is shooting up again.
- Johnny! Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- You're okay.
You're okay.
- Wh-What happened? Just lean back.
You just blacked out.
The first time he fell, you said there was a baby there? Our granddaughter.
And when he fell outside, - there was an ambulance siren.
- Let's hear it.
His episodes happen around loud sounds.
They could be triggering severe vertigo.
Which is causing him to vagal.
Which makes it appear cardiac.
And it has nothing to do with your heart.
The problem is in his ear.
Yolanda came through for her friend after all.
Looks like it.
I am placing the vascular clamp distal to the middle lobe artery.
Tucker, I have a lung lobe with Chloe Mitchell's name on it.
Look at that.
Shah and I will close.
Needle driver.
I'm starting the bronchial anastomosis.
And I like what I'm seeing here.
Glad I saw the fever when I did.
You want a round of applause, for taking her temperature? Well, it's more than what you did.
- Don't even talk about - Stop it! You're both wrong.
Costa, we all lose patients, and for you to weaponize that tragic event against another doctor is inexcusable.
Shah, you are far too comfortable playing the victim.
You care too much about what other people think of you.
Get over it.
If you both cannot get past this, you have no place in my OR, and you are free to go.
I hope I make a better impression on the new chief, whoever that is.
The new chief will be me.
- What about the sale? - Not gonna happen.
And that Dr.
Hendricks was way out of his league.
So the rumor was true? You said there was no other chief.
I I asked you as a friend.
And I was Isan.
- Dr.
- No.
Suction, Dr.
Your mother's gotten so many consulting fees from that firm, they should have put her on payroll.
Calling them kickbacks would've made them easier to find.
- How did you find these? - She's been running the payments through the foundation.
Now, I have access to most of the accounts, but I've had no cause to look at them.
It's the least I can do.
What do you mean? Look, you tried to warn me.
I thought I knew better, but you were right.
She saw a weakness, she took advantage, and now I'm Hope is not a weakness, son.
I-I just I feel like I let you down.
You wanted to believe she could change 'cause you're a good man who sees the good in others.
You didn't let me down.
You made me proud.
You think you can stop her? I'm gonna try.
I'm sure Isan's around somewhere.
You just got to talk to him.
And say what? I lied to him.
And that's not gonna change.
I'm gonna have to keep lying.
Even if we stop the sale, my dad's secret is still there.
And now it's my secret, too.
Lying is my new normal.
I'm more like him than I thought.
You can't kill this deal because of a few bank statements.
We're killing it because of your conflict of interest.
It's not a conflict.
I told you, my financial relationship with the firm is aboveboard.
Then why didn't you disclose it? I motion to decline this purchase offer.
I second.
All in favor.
Disciplinary action for the misconduct of our fellow board member will be determined at a later date.
This is a closed meeting, Dr.
It's all right.
We were just about to adjourn.
Before you do, if I may? You all know that Tina had reasons to push this deal forward, but you don't know how she was able to put it in motion in the first place.
She convinced the buyer that by the time the deal went through, I would be gone and they would be free to appoint their guy as chief of my department.
She knew I would agree to it because she knows my secret.
It's a secret I have kept for a long time in order to protect my reputation, my career.
My family.
But it is, in fact, hurting them.
So now you need to know the truth.
Deal is dead, Griff.
It's over.
Not for me.
Not till you hear this.
I can't believe he's doing this.
They've already stopped the sale.
It's not about the sale.
He's doing this for us.
Brazilian acacia.
I bet you didn't know I picked out the wood.
The stain, too.
I didn't.
But then again, there's a lot I don't know about you.
Is it gonna be another 12 years before I see this face? This is goodbye for now.
That's all I know.
This didn't go how I'd planned.
Oh, no, you didn't plan this well at all.
Two wrongs don't make a right.
- That's what you used to say.
- Did I? That's not very original, is it? I take your point.
I hope you do, Mom.
For your sake.
It's called superior canal dehiscence syndrome.
I'll take your word for it.
The bone flap in your ear canal? It's eroded.
This makes you vulnerable to loud sounds like babies and sirens.
They overwhelm your system, and cause a shutdown.
Yeah, it's like a power blink.
That's why you've been falling.
We have an ENT surgeon on the way.
She's gonna fix you right up and get you back to your normal routine.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
When I was an intern, my attending told me if I needed praise, I should go teach kindergarten.
That sounds like something Griff would say.
It was Griff.
He was never happy with anything I did, but he raved about you.
Me? Called to recommend you.
If you're half as good as he says you might make it down here.
You know Griff called Vega about me? It's a good thing, isn't it? Yeah.
I'm still gonna kill him.
I've never seen you walk out of an OR.
And I know it may not seem like it right now, but we are on the same team.
What about us? Please tell me we can get past this.
I can't.
I'm not ready to.
Then I'll wait.
I'll be here when you are ready.
You did great today.
I hate admitting when I need help, but I needed it today, so thanks for helping me through it all.
Yeah, anytime.
You know, I actually could use, uh, - just a little bit of help myself.
- Mm-hmm.
I feel really awful about this whole Tim thing.
Who knew a hookup on a lark would turn into such a mess.
Tim? It was you? Doctor? Board officially passed on the offer.
And my mom left.
- I'm sorry.
- Ah, no, Sam.
This is a good day.
My mom may not have changed, but your dad stepped up today.
You know? Telling the board the truth like that? It's a win.
And here I thought I was coming to cheer you up.
No, but you did.
Look, I could've felt really alone today, and I didn't.
So thank you.
Forget about the recruiter.
That sale's off.
That's great.
Nobody has to go anywhere.
Right, but let's say I did.
Would you have any opinion about where I go? S What do you mean? Harbor Memorial is a great hospital.
It's also in Boston.
You barely reacted to the idea of me moving halfway across the country.
I just wonder if any part of you is hoping I'd keep a job search local.
If you're asking me to weigh in on your future plans No, I'm just asking the question.
I asked you that question once.
You weren't ready to answer it then.
You know I'm not ready now.
- Don't put this on me.
- I wasn't planning to, but then things happened today that-that But they're not happening.
We don't have to worry about this.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Good night.
Lakeshore lives to fight another day.
Remains to be seen if I do.
- Oh.
- But whatever the board decides, it had to be done.
To freedom.
And to you.
Today, you were You were the man I married.
- Mm.
- Not the man I divorced.
Well, here's hoping my key card works tomorrow.
Let's, um Let's worry about tomorrow tomorrow.

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