Good Sam (2022) s01e12 Episode Script

The Griffith Technique

1 Previously on Good Sam Your proctorship is over.
I'm back in surgery.
I slept with someone else.
I feel really awful about this whole Tim thing.
It was you.
You want my job? Come and get it.
I plan to.
I just wonder if any part of you is hoping I'd keep a job search local.
Don't put this on me.
My mom found a field report from the accident.
It says your dad was drunk that night.
I actually thought we were starting to put this behind us.
My mom's not gonna let that happen.
Tina knows my secret, so now you need to know the truth.
He's doing this for us.
Today you were the man I married, not the man I divorced.
Oh, no.
Oh, no! No! Oh.
Wake up, Griff.
- Griff! - No! Oh, good morning to you.
I can't believe we slept here.
I think I lost my mind.
Think I lost my pants.
How could I let this happen? What am I gonna tell Asher? Tell him the truth.
You had a few drinks, you slept at the office.
You don't have to tell him the whole story.
He can never know the whole story.
No one can.
I can't have my whole life blowing up over some mindless indiscretion with my ex-husband.
Oh, you were always so good at pillow talk.
Griff, listen to me.
This is serious.
I know.
You know I do.
I have my own relationship to think about.
I don't want anyone to get hurt.
Then we have to put this behind us and forget it ever happened.
Let me get that for you.
Oh, thank you.
You are in a hurry.
Yeah, the board made a decision about my dad's drunk driving thing.
I want to get in there 'cause we're expecting a phone call any minute.
Uh, I guess they're deciding his punishment - before they get to my mom.
- What do you think they're gonna do? Mm, I think they're gonna take away her board seat.
They can do that? They can if one of their members is caught taking kickbacks.
Look, the board has zero tolerance for her misconduct.
She would've sold this place if we hadn't stopped her.
Ah, but we did stop her.
You and me.
Can you hurry up? Yeah, it's one leg at a time, Vivian.
- That's how pants work.
- Mom? Okay.
Hello? - It's Sam.
It's Sam.
It's Sam.
- Uh Yup.
Sam! Hey, we were just, um I know what you were doing.
I've been doing the exact same thing.
Just going over it and over it in my mind, trying to think about what the board is gonna say.
You know, no matter what it is, Dad, I just want to say, I'm proud of you.
Telling the truth was the right thing to do.
I second that.
This is it.
Rob Griffith.
I've been waiting for your call.
No, I understand.
Oh, thank you, and, uh thank the board for me.
There's to be no disciplinary action against me.
What?! I was off the clock.
There's no arrest, police records, no need for further action.
- What a relief! - Oh.
That's great news, Dad.
Now I'm ringing.
The board is taking a hard line with Tina.
I thought they might do the same with you.
Well, she's an active board member.
I guess they had to make an example of her.
I just want to get back to work.
I think we all do.
- Yeah.
- I don't think we all can.
The board's been discussing my role in the accident.
You weren't on duty that night, but I was, and when I took the paramedic's report, I violated my terms of employment.
They are required to take action.
What kind of action? I've been relieved of my duties as CMO.
They cannot do this.
They-they can't suspend you for a violation from 20 years ago without hearing your side.
Well, they'll hear my side when they formally - review the case in a few months.
- Ugh.
- A few months? - Yeah.
- At the next staffing session.
- No.
We have to make it happen sooner.
I'm gonna keep calling Byron, find out where he stands on this.
I will gather signatures, and I will get letters from every department head in this hospital.
We will keep the pressure on until they call a hearing.
Who's gonna run your department? Dad.
His proctorship is done.
It's about to be official, the vote is next week, and we all know he's ready.
A transition period might be a good thing.
Yeah, it could be great for the team.
All right.
Thank you, both of you.
Morning, everyone.
Starting today, Dr.
Griffith is officially moving back into his role as chief, and I know we will all do our best to make it a smooth tran Where's the other one? - Excuse me? - There's usually one more.
Has anyone seen Isan? He mentioned taking a personal day.
What is a personal day? This is because I lied to him about the hospital sale.
I'll keep calling and apologizing until he calls me back.
Welcome back, Dr.
Tucker, are you also taking a personal day? - No.
- Then maybe you want to prepare for rounds instead of reclining like a renaissance nude.
Hey, it's me.
I just really want to talk.
I Dr.
Shah, if you don't want to be here, there's a long line of people waiting to take your place.
Suit up and show up, or all your days will be personal days - 'cause you will be out of a job.
- Hey - Okay.
- This is not a wellness retreat.
We're not here to talk about your feelings.
Because you don't care about people's feelings.
New chief is the same as the old chief.
He doesn't care about anybody else but himself.
Hey, hey, hey, what was that all about? It's over, Griff.
Okay? We are done.
Hey, just-just talk to me.
Talk to you? Okay.
I saw you last night with Vivian.
Look, I I didn't know how to tell you Didn't know how to tell me? There is nothing to tell.
I was there, and I saw you! Lex? Stay out of my way today! What's wrong with Lex? Why would you assume I know? Are you saying you don't know? I'm saying that's personal, this is professional, and I'd ask you to keep the two things separate.
- Dad - Please, Sam.
Keep them separate.
First day back in charge.
I need to focus.
This is Tanya White.
She was referred to us with shortness of breath.
And I get tired really easily.
I feel like I could pass out from hardly doing anything.
- Hmm.
- She always had so much energy.
She's the reason we bought a vineyard.
- A vineyard? - Mm.
Six acres in Italy.
It's our retirement plan.
- Oh.
- The idea was we'd tend it together, but lately, Tanya barely has enough energy to go get the mail.
No family history of heart disease, cholesterol and blood pressure within normal range.
What could explain the fatigue and lightheadedness? Dr.
Tucker? Cardiomegaly worsens with age, and causes symptoms like these.
It's also more gradual than the onset of these symptoms.
Costa? Symptoms of cardiomyopathy can appear suddenly even if it's been present for some time.
An echocardiogram would be a good next step.
We're gonna run some tests.
Pretty color.
Oh, thank you.
Yeah, it's better than what's going on underneath.
My nails look like I've been working in the vineyard and we haven't even gotten there yet.
Your nails look like they're dirty even when they're clean? Exactly.
Any cracked nails? How'd you know that? Okay.
Need a cardiac MRI, and that polish needs to come off.
- Why? - Uh, what looks like dirt could be something called "splinter hemorrhages.
" Debris thrown from inside the heart that collects in the extremities.
What causes that? A mass, usually.
M-Mass? L-Like a tumor? Are you saying my wife has a tumor in her heart? It's too soon to say without imaging.
We will get her in there as fast as we can.
How did we get in here so fast? There was a long line when I checked the radiology schedule.
I bumped her up.
- We can do that? - Chief can.
Sam never did.
Sam never had one of these.
Oh Gentlemen, the atrial myxoma.
I've never seen anything like that.
And you never will again.
It's the Loch Ness monster of tumors.
Zoom in on that? A tumor like this is big news.
The network of blood vessels feeding the mass is incredibly complex.
How do you remove it? Most of the time, you don't.
Not successfully, anyway.
We need to strategize.
Tucker, find any case history you can on tumors of this magnitude.
Costa, I need a 3D model reconstruction of this heart in the SIM lab right away.
All right, let's get some measurements on this baby.
Brian Jenkins, 11 years old, blunt chest trauma - after a skateboarding accident.
- Do you know if Tim and Joey worked things out? I wish I'd known they were together.
I wish I didn't know anything about this.
One, two.
- Three.
Here we go.
- All right.
You said he's having problems breathing? He fell, and when he got back up, he wasn't breathing right.
Okay, I'm gonna listen to your heart, kid, okay? He's not moving much air.
All right, start him on continuous nebs and give him a dose of steroids.
Where's Mom? She's on her way, Bri.
His heart rate shot up to 200.
I need six milligrams of adenosine.
You say that he fell off of a skateboard? N-No, he was running.
Climbing, actually.
A fence.
Adenosine, six milligrams.
Does your brother have a heart condition? No.
Why? Because whatever this is, it did not come from climbing a fence.
Oh, hey.
I can't get anywhere with the board.
- Another Griff mess.
- Well, I think he was trying to do the right thing.
He couldn't know - how the board was gonna react.
- That's not what I meant.
You know, the thing about boundaries is, if you don't enforce 'em, then they don't exist.
You can't cross a line that's been erased.
What? Asher.
Where were you last night? Well, like I like I said, I-I was working late, and I know what you told me, and I didn't buy it then, and I especially don't buy it now that I see those two empty glasses over there and that guilty look on your face.
That's Griff's favorite whiskey, isn't it? Close the door.
You okay, Donna? - Why do you ask? - I don't know.
- You seem a little - I don't like gossip.
See, that's where we differ.
But I also don't like the idea of any of you being mistreated, especially Dr.
What'd you hear, Donna? - Hey.
- Hey.
Um, I heard what happened with your mom.
- Ah.
- Is she okay? Yeah.
She's gonna fight this.
I mean, that's actually what I've been doing Gathering all of these letters of support.
- Mm.
- What about your mom? - Did the board revoke her seat? - Ah, yes.
And they found her replacement.
Is it you? It's you! I know this place the people and the finances.
I told them it should be me, and they agreed.
Malcolm, you're on the board.
How does it feel? You know, I'm getting my head around it.
But maybe some good can come out of what happened with my mom.
I think you're gonna do a lot of good around here.
Well, yes.
But first, I need to get your mom back.
If I can finally get this clinic approved, I need her to see it through.
Well, I was just looking for someone to give these letters to on my mom's behalf.
And now that you're on the board, maybe that someone is you? I will see what I can do.
Thank you.
I'm all caught up on Tanya.
Sorry I missed the MRI.
Where's my dad? In the SIM lab working on a plan to extract the tumor.
- He asked us to join him.
- But we didn't.
We don't think he should be chief.
Why not? Lex is our friend, and we're not following him after what he did.
What did he do? - So it's true.
- Oh.
This thing with the two of you this happened? It was a lapse of judgment, but in the heat of the moment, one thing led - to another - Please stop.
This is a private and personal matter.
That everyone in this hospital knows about.
My residents are upset because you hurt their friend.
Nothing you have ever done - has been personal or private.
- We have an atrial myxoma of unprecedented size and complexity to deal with.
We have no viable plan to remove it.
That's all anyone should be thinking about.
They're people, Dad, not robots! They have feelings, and their feelings do matter.
- Not to that tumor.
- That tumor didn't sleep with Mom last night! Uh They don't want to follow you.
Then order them to.
- Excuse me? - You're still the chief, technically.
Get them in line.
Everyone needs to put their personal feelings aside and get to work, including you.
Sam Malcolm is working on getting you a hearing.
You should prepare your argument.
You know what? This-this thing - between me and your dad.
- No.
Don't, Mom.
I said that I would help you fight this because you did not deserve what happened to you.
But Lex did not deserve this, either.
So, my father hears your concerns, and hopes that we can put aside our personal differences and respect his authority for the greater good.
Respect his authority for the greater good? Mm.
I think Mussolini said something very similar.
Joey, how about you go down to the ER? They're always short-staffed and could use an extra hand.
And keep an eye out for Lex in case she needs someone to talk to.
Happy to jump ship before it sinks.
Looks like it's just you and me.
And Griff.
He never deserved you, you're better off without him, he's dead to me.
- Guess the word is out.
- If you need a good cry, I'm here for you.
In fact, I will join you.
I don't.
And I'm trying to make a good impression - down here, okay? Move.
- Mm-hmm.
My boss does not like drama.
Got it.
So maybe we'll schedule that cry for later tonight.
And while we're at it, can you help me take these braids out? Mmm, new 'do, new you.
I'm in.
Whatever helps to move on.
Well, I can't move on until I find out who Tim cheated with.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Look, I know Hmm?who Griff was with, and trust me, - it doesn't help.
- It'll help me.
He told me it actually happened at a work party, so I'm gonna go investigate, round up a list of suspects.
Brian? - Cameron? Uh - Mom.
You were supposed to watch out for him.
Hi, honey.
Hi, Ma Okay What happened? Uh, he had trouble breathing and developed an arrhythmia.
Does Brian have any allergies that you know of? No.
Uh, Cameron does He carries an EpiPen But n-not Brian.
He's healthy.
So was Dad.
Their dad passed a couple of months ago.
They said his heart just stopped.
Sorry to hear that.
Ma'am, did Did he happen to have a heart condition? High cholesterol, blood pressure? No.
No, the doctor said something about an abnormal EKG once, but-but he was fine.
And then he was gone.
- Sudden cardiac death.
- Could be a lot of causes for that.
- Brugada syndrome - We need an EKG.
W-What's happening to me? That's what we're gonna find out.
Okay, Brian? We're gonna take good care of you.
Stay strong.
Isn't it beautiful? Sure.
In a life-threatening, nearly inoperable way.
The tumor is encroaching in Koch's triangle.
If we take too much tissue, we'll destroy the architecture of the most critical region of the heart and she'll die.
And if you're even slightly off, you destroy the AV node and doom her to abnormal conduction issues.
Still, a radical resection is our best approach.
Well, that's the traditional approach.
Which is appropriate in this case.
You'll never get all the tumor.
Whatever you leave behind will grow right back.
Well, what about endovascular interventions? - Not aggressive enough.
- We could try - to shrink it first and - There's not enough time.
The tumor's growth rate is too rapid.
What we need is the Griffith technique.
What is the Griffith technique? It's not a technique, it's a theory.
It's a theory about a technique.
- He came up with it in med school.
- I came up with it in med school.
Liquid nitrogen.
Kills the tumor while avoiding the risk of taking away too much tissue.
Has it ever been done? Only in his mind.
You can't really run a trial.
But if we replicate the surgery in a virtual environment, you can have as many shots as you want.
Beam me up, Dr.
Don't you think we should also be strategizing a conventional surgical approach? If you can chart a course through that AVM without killing her, let me know.
I see nothing.
Haven't turned it on yet.
You're good to go.
Oh, uh, Doctor, one more thing.
Double ristretto.
No sugar.
Ooh Oh.
I'll get him his coffee.
Oh, and apparently, he also needs a snack.
"911 muffin.
" Look, we can do this.
We've done it before.
Yeah, that's the thing.
We know where this road goes.
And we did it before because we didn't know there was a better way, but now we do.
You showed it to us, Sam.
Do you really want to go back to the way it was? I need to get my mom's job back.
- So I need him to take over - Dr.
Tucker, a Dr.
Quintero called, says you were supposed to meet with her an hour ago? Yeah, I forgot, I got wrapped up in the case.
Uh, is it okay if I Yeah, I'll go check on my mom.
I'll meet you in SIM lab? - Okay.
- Okay.
How'd it go? Uh, the board will hear your mom's case on one condition.
What's the condition? The interim CMO has to sign off on her appeal.
What interim CMO? Rhonda? What can I do for you, Doctor? Well, board didn't waste any time, did they? Ah, someone has to mind the shop while your mother's case is pending.
About that I need your help.
The board's decision to remove my mother was Was purely political.
Your father made the mess.
She was just the straw man.
So you agree, it's unfair.
Of course.
But fairness was never a priority for your mother.
Rhonda, look, I know you have personal differences with my mom, and frankly, right now, so do I.
But the board won't hear this appeal without your support.
Vivian abused her power for too long.
Maybe it's not fair that this is what unseats her, but frankly, it could have been a hundred things before this.
It's time for a change.
I'm not getting anywhere with the tumor or my mom's case, and I'm thinking that it might be time for a plunge.
A plunge.
- What, now? - Yeah.
What do you say? Okay, so you know that doctor that was trying to get in touch with me, Dr.
Quintero? Um, she works for Harbor Memorial.
They have an opening in their residency program.
She's here to interview me.
Why would they interview someone who didn't apply? - I don't - Sam, I did apply.
Caleb do you want to leave? I don't know, Sam.
With your dad in charge again, feels like we're going backwards.
Don't let me hold you up.
Sam No, have a great interview.
I've ruled out two paramedics and an orderly.
But I think he's a prime candidate.
What do you think? If you want to talk about Tim's cheating, talk about it with Tim.
Somebody help! - What's happening? - He's in unstable V tach.
Get the pacer pads on him.
We got to shock him out of it.
Is this the Brugada syndrome? No, it's not Brugada.
It didn't work.
He's back in V tach.
Another 150 of amio.
Increase to 200 joules and shock again.
He's maxed out on antiarrhythmics.
I have an idea.
Double sequential external cardioversion? Took the words right out of my mouth.
Ready? Clear.
One, two, three.
He's back in sinus.
It worked.
I mean, yeah, but his pressure's still low.
Let's get him on an epi drip.
Somebody want to tell me what I'm missing? Acute heart failure.
Her tumor is obstructing the valve.
Get the intra-aortic balloon pump ready.
I know she's out, but sedate her anyway.
Should I page the rest of the team again? I think I'm it.
Let's get this catheter into her femoral artery.
Ready? I'm into the aorta.
Ultrasound? Confirming the balloon's position.
It's in place.
Turn it on.
- What are you doing? - The balloon should reduce the workload of her heart and allow it to pump more blood.
It's working.
- You got this? - Yeah.
The device is working, but it's gonna take hours to reach maximum effect.
When are you going to take the tumor out? As soon as I know that we can do it safely.
But it hasn't been done successfully, though, has it? That's what the reporter said.
What reporter? According to this highly flawed video game, I just killed the patient 18 times.
Did you call a medical journal about our patient? I called about the tumor.
I said nothing about the patient.
We do not alert the press to patients currently in our care.
The tumor is a significant medical finding.
What's the problem? You are, Dad.
Do you really not see that? Mom lost her job because of you.
- Well, I'll - Patient feels violated because of you.
Caleb is interviewing for another job.
- Well, that - Joey is hiding in Trauma.
And Isan will not call me back.
The department is falling apart.
The department is fine.
No one thinks this is fine.
The chief does.
You stepped aside, remember? Yes, because I didn't like who I was becoming.
Because I'm a better chief.
I never said that.
No, I'm saying it.
And what I say goes.
Because I'm the chief.
Good luck not killing her a 19th time.
What are you doing? I'm jumping into a tub of ice water to clear my head.
I have a better way to do that.
Can I wear my robe? If you want.
Uh, though, you will need a pair of socks.
Has anyone ever told you that bowling is deeply uncool? That cool enough for you? I stand corrected.
You're up.
Can't wait to follow that.
Do you have any tips? Uh, yeah, don't do that.
Thank you.
Something is different about you.
You have a little spring in your step.
Must be the bowling shoes.
I don't think it's the shoes.
I think being on the board suits you.
You know what? It does.
Which is weird.
Why is that weird? Well, I mean, nothing's really changed since I got the board seat, but everything feels different.
Think about your day.
Oh, no.
I'd really rather not.
- Just a classic overcorrection.
- Yeah.
How many things in your day are decided by somebody else? Uh Your dad calls a press conference, you got to deal with it; your mom's in trouble, you got to deal with that; Rhonda doesn't want to help you, now you got to deal with that.
Now that I am on the board, I realize that I don't want to have to deal with other people's decisions, I want to make my own.
It's like I went from being the pins To being the ball.
And it feels good.
Okay, so is there another board seat coming up for me, or? See, that's the thing.
You don't need a board seat.
You just need to decide that you're not gonna let anybody else run the game.
Stop being a pin.
"Stop being a pin.
" Our relationship was a pin.
You know, we kept getting hit by things that were out of our control.
It's like we never had a chance.
I see what you mean.
I think if things were different around here, they'd be different for us, too.
Your turn.
So, the epi drip isn't helping Brian's heart.
Vega had to call a CT consult.
Who? Me.
I just answered the page, I'm not trying to Patient is 11 years old, came in with respiratory distress and developed a persistent arrhythmia.
Yeah, also, his, uh, his name is Brian.
It was you.
- Whoa.
- I talked to Tim.
And I'm gonna take something that belongs to you.
Guy, what are you doing? Don't like how it feels? Maybe you shouldn't have slept with my fiancé.
- Stop.
- I'm gonna keep this.
No, you're not.
Give me that.
And this is not the place, Joey.
Wait, you told him? - You knew? - Wait - You're just as evil as he is.
- Hey, watch how you talk to her.
Don't tell him how to talk to me.
I told you to stay out of my way.
I don't want to see you, and I don't want to hear anything out of your mouth.
What? We done? Out of my ER.
Griff? Vega.
Patient's in 7.
Trulie, you know I don't like drama.
And since you got here, I like it even less.
We've repleted his electrolytes and put him on an epi drip.
Should we max it out? Nope.
He's decompensating too fast.
We need to get him on an LV assist device now.
Ma'am, we're gonna take him up to surgery.
I'll be back to talk to you soon.
Okay? You, stay on the floor.
He's in good hands.
You know, of all the kids who've come into this ER after a fall, your brother's the only one I've ever seen without so much as a scraped knee.
What are you saying? I don't think Brian fell.
I don't think he was skateboarding or running or climbing a fence.
I-I know you were trying to look out for your brother, and I bet that's hard, especially with your dad gone.
But right now, if you really want to look out for him, you need to tell me what actually happened.
What were you two doing? Joey, is my dad with you? He got called to the ER for a consult? Yes, and he stirred up a bunch of trouble down there, for which I am being punished.
Is he with you or not? Not.
He's headed for surgery with Vega.
Okay, well, so are we.
The tumor in Amy's heart is blocking her tricuspid valve.
Since when? It grew since she's been here? Yes, and it's gonna keep growing unless we get it out of there.
Will you tell them to prep an OR, please? We need to move.
Stop the epi drip.
Go on.
The boys were vaping.
When Brian couldn't breathe, his brother thought he was having an allergic reaction.
We gave him the epi, but it didn't help.
'Cause it wasn't an allergy.
Catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia.
- It's a genetic condition.
- Mm-hmm.
Vega's running tests to confirm.
I think it's what killed their father.
Right, I'll put him on a temporary assist device - till his heart recovers.
- Okay.
I'll let the mom know that we're doing a different procedure.
Uh, Lex.
I blew it.
What we had was good, and I blew it.
You know what was good? What Sam and I had.
That was good.
Lex, I I doubled down on us and it cost me my best friend.
So, yeah.
I'm the one who blew it.
Ten blade.
Let's get Tanya to her vineyard.
Ooh, okay.
There's the AV node.
We're almost there.
No, no, no, no.
No, no.
Long scissors to me.
Come on, Tanya.
Stay with me.
Her cardiac output is falling.
Increase the pump to six liters per minute.
We can do this.
Hemoglobin dropping to 9.
Infuse her with two more units of PRBCs.
I can't get the rest of the tumor.
It's not your fault.
There's nothing left to do.
Yes, there is.
What, your dad's technique? He could never get it to work in the SIM lab.
I did.
Couple times.
You didn't tell me that.
Just needed a little modification.
Get me 5cc's of fibrin gel matrix.
For ortho reconstruction? Exactly.
We'll freeze the remaining tumor, and then reinforce the healthy tissue around it.
I'll use the gel matrix to create a connective tissue scaffolding.
Well, that's a really good idea.
Well, here's hoping it works.
Have the cryoablation catheter ready.
More exposure, please.
- There it is.
- Mm.
I hear we have an atrial myxoma resection.
They're not resecting it.
What are they doing? The Griffith technique.
The remaining tumor is neutralized.
All the tissue is frozen.
The surrounding structure appears intact.
Let's put it to the test.
Taking her off pump.
Oh It worked.
Let's close her up.
That was incredible.
You were incredible.
- Fibrin gel reinforcement? - Yeah.
That's brilliant.
What made you think of that? It was just an idea that I had.
And I was tired of waiting for my dad to come up with something.
I was tired of being a pin.
It's-it's this thing that Malcolm said.
I need to change things instead of waiting for them to change.
- Malcolm said that, huh? - Yeah.
I also think that this might help with my mom's case.
You know? Like good press would be a feather in the cap of an interim CMO.
I wonder if Rhonda would support her appeal in return.
Yeah, sounds like a good deal to me.
Yeah, I mean, you know, press is normally more my dad's speed, but, like, I could make an exception for her.
- What's wrong? - Nothing.
Um, but when you're done with your press and the fanfare, I just need a letter of recommendation, for the Boston job.
So, you're going if you get the job.
If I get the job.
And even if you don't, we're not I mean, "we're done" is what you're saying.
I need to change things instead of waiting for them to change.
Just like Malcolm said.
- Schedule's out.
- Hmm? Hmm.
That was not my drama you saw today.
But since we're sharing, my personal life did take a hit today.
A big one.
But I kept it in check.
And if you had any idea how hard that was, you might appreciate that I still gave it everything I had today.
Now, that might not make you like me, but at least you wouldn't put me back on nights.
Whose drama was it? I speak for myself.
Other peoples' personal lives are their business.
- You prefer days.
- Yes.
Weekdays? Ideally.
Kace can have nights.
Thank you.
Look, I didn't mean to interfere with your marriage.
Then you shouldn't have slept with my wife.
See, I have spent enough time with you lately to know what's behind your bloviating and bravado.
People look at you and they see many things.
A renowned surgeon.
Pathological narcissist.
But I know the truth.
I know that what you really are is a petty, weak, insecure little man clinging onto things he has already lost.
And everyone knows it but him.
- Hmm.
- Oh.
Successful cryoablation on an atrial myxoma.
That's one for the books.
One for the medical journals, anyway.
Rhonda wants me to do interviews, so I am gonna talk about the procedure, and she is gonna talk to the board about Mom.
My procedure.
Your procedure repeatedly killed a virtual patient.
Mine saved an actual life.
You're not really gonna turn this into a turf war, are you? You're not really gonna take credit for my technique, are you? I performed the surgery.
Which you could never have done had I not first Excuse me, fibrin gel reinforcement was my idea.
So you're going to steal my technique like you stole my job.
It is never gonna change, is it? We will just keep doing this, and things are never going to change unless I change them.
I'm taking the department back.
- It's all yours for the next week.
- No.
I am taking it back for good.
Hey, I heard you got Rhonda to talk to the board.
I'm ready to be the ball.
Oh, really? What are you gonna do? I'm gonna be the chief.
And you're gonna be on the board.
And things are gonna change around here.
I like the sound of that.
Then let's do it.
Let's do things differently.
I'm in.
- Sam.
- I can't stand the thought of you going through a breakup alone.
How are we supposed to talk about it? Uh How do we talk about him? I think we call him Barry.
- Barry.
- Yeah, 'cause we can talk about Barry.
I'm so sorry, Sam.
How could I let Barry ruin our friendship? He didn't ruin our friendship.
He helped it.
Lex, there were all sorts of things we never would've talked about if it wasn't for Barry.
Things that needed to be fixed.
So our friendship isn't ruined.
It's getting better.
It is.
Barry is still a jackass, though.
Oh, yeah, he is the worst.
The worst.
Do you want to get those braids out and talk about it? - Can we sip on some wine first? - Yeah.
You always go in with a plan.
But then things change.
So then you have to change the plan.
Maybe you have to make a whole new one.
I still don't know what to do.
You said if I told you that it would help.
Lex was right.
Knowing who it is doesn't help.
I'm still so angry.
So then why are you down here? It's complicated.
There's not always a clear right answer.
Sometimes you just have to make a decision and hope it's the right one.
In this case, it was.
My method to neutralize the tumor succeeded.
What's Dr.
Barry gonna think about that? Oh, just wait.
I will continue to champion this kind of innovation, so that more doctors can have more success stories like this one, and more patients can live longer, healthier lives.
And I will do that as the permanent chief of my department.
I don't think Barry's gonna like it.
Not even a little bit.
This victory is all of ours.
But the technique is mine.

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