Good Trouble (2019) s01e01 Episode Script


1 - (HORN HONKING) - (MARIANA SCREAMING) MARIANA: Whoo! (ON CAR STEREO) 'Til I fly (MUSIC GETS LOUDER) I'm gon' make you remember me - I'm gonna dance - 'Til I die - I'm a hot headed - Gold machine I'm gon' do it how we do it Like I do it I'm gon' do it like that CALLIE: I ain't scared to let go I ain't scared to say no Hey, guys! It's Mariana.
We just made it to LA.
- Say hi, Callie.
- (SCREAMING) - - I like it when you do it like that You like it when I do it like that - - And I know when we're moving like that Ain't nobody else do it like that Hey, you single? Oh, my God! Stop! - Okay, eyes on the road.
- Yes, ma'am.
I just got a job at a tech startup as a software engineer.
- Making six figures! - Callie! Anyway, heads up you "bro-grammers," you're lookin' at MIT's Beerio Kart champ, class of 2018.
- - MAN: Yay! Okay, so I just graduated from law school.
- MARIANA: Summa cum laude.
- Magna cum laude.
Okay, well, regardless, it's a laude, and she's working as a clerk for a federal judge which is a pretty big friggin' deal.
- We're so lit.
- We're pretty lit.
- (BOTH LAUGH) - BOTH: We're straight up fire! MARIANA: Yay! Whoo! And I know when you do it like that - $250? - You parked in the yellow.
Commercial vehicles can park in the yellow.
U-Haul's not a commercial vehicle.
Okay, are you sure we can park in the yellow? - Yeah, positive.
- (SEATBELT UNLATCHES) MARIANA: Commercial vehicles can park in the yellow.
This is it? The Palace Theater.
- We're gonna live here? - Right? Cool.
- (POLICE SIREN CHIRPS) - (REGISTER DINGS) Uh, hello? Where's your credit card? Uh, you're the one who was positive we could park in the yellow.
I can't believe you're not paying half.
CALLIE: I can't believe you moved us into a commune.
I did not move us into a commune exactly.
Okay, so, uh, manager's name is Alice.
(BUZZER SOUNDING) (LONG BUZZ) What's a Sad Girl Party? I don't know.
It sounds perfect for you.
She knew we were coming.
Why don't you call your friend who lives here? He's not my friend.
He's my soon-to-be co-worker slash future boyfriend.
And I don't want him thinking that I'm some kind of stalker 'cause I'm calling him the second I move into his building.
Oh, 'cause moving into his building in the first place isn't stalkerish at all.
He's the one who told me that this loft was available.
Oh, well, then - (LINE RINGING) - "The Coterie at the Palace - is an intentional community.
" - (LINE CONTINUES RINGING) - Intentional community? - (DOOR OPENS) Oh, hold up.
Hey! Give me a second.
Give me a second.
Are you Mariana and Callie? - BOTH: Yes.
- Ugh! I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
I mean, I'm not sorry.
I've been trying not to say I'm sorry.
As a feminist.
- (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) - As women, we're just raised to apologize left and right, you know? Finally.
I had to wipe with the cardboard roll.
Oh, sorry.
- See what I mean.
It's hard.
Come on.
Let's go upstairs.
- (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) You know, I thought that free toilet paper would be a nice perk, but, oh, ugh, I had no idea how much people would over-wipe.
You wouldn't believe it.
- Hope you guys are eco-friendly.
- (DOOR CREAKS OPEN) ALICE: Oh, and the plastic's for the leaks.
(HAIR DRYER WHIRRING) This is our communal bathroom.
(URINAL FLUSHES) You going to work? Hardest-working man I know.
Not the cleanest though.
Hah! Our communal kitchen.
Huh? Pretty nice, right? - Which one of y'all swiped my cold brew again.
- Was your name on it? Y'all don't need my name on it to know it's not yours.
Malika, meet our new Coterie members, Callie and Mariana Adams Foster.
Don't leave anything you wanna keep in the fridge.
She needs her caffeine.
(CHUCKLES) Especially in the afternoon, you know.
I'm sure he used hand sanitizer.
DENNIS: Ha! Now I don't even need to read the book or see the new motion picture based on the book because I know you're the book thief! ALICE: You're in for a treat.
He's really good.
DENNIS: Look at me when I'm talking to you! You just couldn't help yourself.
That's why you stole the books.
- WOMAN: Yes.
- This is our lounge where we all hang out unless there's, like, a salon or improv class scheduled.
You know, you'd probably be good at that.
You MAN: Next.
Can we see our loft now? Welcome to your new home.
Let it marinate.
CALLIE: So, we don't have our own kitchen or bathroom? ALICE: Oh, no.
I mean, none of us do.
You can always get one of those chamber pots, you know.
But don't poop in it 'cause we kinda have a mouse problem.
It's just they might, you know, eat your poop at night.
Depending on your diet of course.
Just stay away from anything that has flavor.
Okay, um, just let me know if you need the Wi-Fi password or anything like that.
I had no idea about the whole communal living thing.
Okay, look, right now, it's empty and dusty, but the windows are fantastic.
And as soon as we clean it up and put all of our stuff in, it's gonna feel like home.
At a price you can afford.
- Me? - Yes.
You can only afford to pay 800 bucks a month, and you didn't want me to pay more because of the "balance of power.
" Let's make the best of it.
There it is.
What the Pa-pa-pa pa-pa-pa, pa, pa Pa-pa-pa pa-pa-pa, pa, pa And then we'll find our peace of mind You and me, bel ami Pa-pa-pa, pa, pa MARIANA: It could be worse.
We have our mattresses.
And our health.
Your health is in serious danger right now.
Can I get a shot of tequila please? - Ooh, me too.
- Yep.
- Hmm.
He's hot.
- Seriously? When's the last time you got laid? (SIGHS) And that's your solution to all this? That's my solution to everything.
Can we talk about the fact that everything we own was stolen and we have nothing to wear to work tomorrow.
Well, now we have an excuse to go shopping.
- No, no, no, no, no.
- (LAUGHING) I feel like I'm on one Banging on to someone Before it comes undone If this doesn't scream first day on the job, - I don't know what does.
- Oh Lord I understood No more brick wall I'm brash, I'm good (SCREAMS) It's not about you Shut up It's not about me either I am my sister's keeper Sorry.
How cute would this be? No.
Those ruffles.
(YELLING) Twerk, twerk, twerk.
(SCREAMING, YELLING) What's happening Mang We make your world bang Too much of a good thang It's time to drop Oh, my god, it's you! - She's precious.
- Mm-hmm.
- (LAUGHING) - Oh.
It's you.
It is! It's not about you (TRUCK ENGINE REVVING IN DISTANCE) Shit.
Mariana, get up.
- (MARIANA MUMBLING SOFTLY) - Mariana, get up! We're late.
Come on.
Why did I think that this dress was a good idea last night? Because we were hammered.
But you shouldn't have to conform to some dress code - to prove you're smart.
- Right.
You're right.
Okay, what about me? How dated does this suit look? The shoulder pads are a little 1980s Dynasty, but they're making a comeback.
It's Mariana.
I met you the other day when I interviewed at Speckulate? GAEL: Right, yeah, that's right.
How are you? Hey.
MARIANA: Oh, thanks for the heads-up on the loft, by the way.
We just moved in yesterday.
This is my sister Callie.
CALLIE: Nice to meet you.
(MOUSE SQUEAKING) (SCAMPERING FOOTSTEPS) (DISTANT SIREN WAILING) Heavy You pull on my heart To a lonely scene Tell me I'm more than just half More than in between - (DOOR OPENS, CLOSES IN DISTANCE) - All the signs Lead to sweet LA Take my hand and hold it like you know me You're not all you seem Maybe I'm better alone Hey.
Do you live here? I Yeah, just moved in today.
I like your slippers.
They're my sister's.
I'm Gael.
(MOANS) (WHIMPERING) Nice to meet you too.
So today's my first day at Speckulate.
That's great.
Maybe I'll see you there.
You have a nice day.
(CYCLE BELL RINGS) Okay, is he not the hottest man to grace this Earth? I'm so gonna smash him.
All right, have a good first day.
Who's the fool in California's dream? Your credentials and your key card.
Keep in mind that whatever happens within these chambers is confidential.
You don't talk about the cases outside these walls.
You don't tell anyone which cases you're clerking.
- (CARD READER BEEPS) - Be careful what issues you tweet about and what posts you like.
The point is to avoid any appearance of impropriety that could reflect poorly on your judge.
ANGELA: So, as you'll recall from your interview tour, we have massages available every day.
Our gym on the third floor is open 24 hours.
And that is our meditation and yoga room.
BARBARA: This is Rebecca.
This is Ben.
- Your fellow clerks.
- Hi.
Nice to meet you.
- Hi, I'm Callie.
- (DOOR OPENS) Callie, welcome.
- Hey.
- Glad you're here.
Give me one second with Barbara, then walk me to court.
BEN: So where'd you go to law school? UCSD.
San Diego.
- Oh.
- CALLIE: What about you? - Yale.
- Harvard.
We have a full-time coffee and tea barista, our kitchen is fully stocked with snacks, sodas, kombucha, craft beers on tap.
- And we offer a catered lunch.
- Wow.
And Whiskey Fridays are a fun time to get to know each other.
Judge Wilson's about to hear a motion to suppress, and he's gonna ask you how he should rule.
Don't be tempted to impress him.
Just say you're not comfortable giving an opinion without a thoughtful analysis of the case.
Rebecca? Excuse me.
Is that Evan Speck? WOMAN: Uh, yes.
- MARIANA: Can I meet him? - Eventually.
But he's very busy.
And he doesn't like being approached.
Right this way.
Don't listen to her.
I'm not saying she has an agenda, but being a clerk is all about trying to impress your judge.
So when you get an opportunity, take it.
Don't be intimidated by Rebecca and Ben just 'cause they went to Ivy League schools.
Which they're gonna remind you of every chance they get.
I always choose one state school grad to clerk in my office.
I'm honored to be here.
So, we've got a criminal defendant moving to suppress the seizure of ten kilos of cocaine found in a warehouse.
Now, he's arguing that the cocaine is inadmissible as evidence because it was found due to an illegal wiretap of his phone in which he told his buyer where to find it.
REBECCA: Don't be tempted to impress him.
JUDGE WILSON: an informant after the fact.
So how should I rule? BEN: When you get an opportunity, take it.
Based on the "fruit of the poisonous tree" doctrine, any evidence found through that illegal wiretap should be inadmissible.
Therefore, I would grant the motion to suppress.
No, the informant's tip, even after the fact, would have provided cause for a lawfully issued warrant.
Which falls easily within the exception for "inevitable discovery.
" (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) Never give an uninformed opinion, Callie.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER AND LAUGHTER) MAN: Yeah, just, just play it.
(LAUGHTER) - Alex.
- (LAUGHTER) - MAN: Look at that expression.
- Alex! (INDISTINCT) Oh, hey, Angela.
What's up? This is, uh, Mariana Adams Foster.
- She's joining your team? - Oh.
Oh, yeah.
Okay, then I will leave you to it.
(CHUCKLES) So (EXHALES) - Uh, this is Sam - What up? - And Raj.
- Hey.
Uh, welcome to the team.
So, I've done my homework and I'm really excited about all of the apps that you're developing.
And I have a few ideas that I'd love to pitch to you when the time is right.
So, for real? You're an engineer? Yes.
I just graduated from MI where my main focus was artificial intelligence - and machine building.
- Cool.
ALEX: Okay, well, we'll get you started on some data entry.
Data entry? Yeah, data entry.
Uh, you can work over there.
The data folder's on the desktop.
Rebecca and Ben each gave you a third of their cases.
Since they got to choose, I assume they're the most tedious.
From now on, you get every third case that comes in.
And you need to read this.
How'd it go? (SIGHS) Let's just say, I wish I'd taken your advice.
But you took Ben's? What did he say? That you couldn't trust me? That I only got this clerkship because my grandfather's a US Senator? He is? That's not why I got this job.
And Ben's not your friend.
What're you talking about? Case assignments.
I didn't give you all my boring ones.
GAEL: So you from LA? No.
San Diego.
What brings you to La La Land? You an actress? - You a model? - Um, no.
I'm a doctor.
(LAUGHS) I'm just kidding.
I'm a lawyer.
(CHUCKLES) Oh, you're serious.
Afraid so.
That's cool.
So what do you do? Are you an actor? No.
Uh, graphic designer.
By day.
Crime fighter by night? Artist.
Or at least trying to be.
I do my studies in clay then cast in bronze or copper.
I tried to get into the art program at UCSD before I decided to go to law school.
Art and law seem like worlds apart.
What's that one quote? "Law is reason free from passion.
" I guess everyone saw Legally Blonde.
(LAUGHS) Nah, it's just I don't know, art seems all about passion.
What's this one called? "In Stasis.
" It's beautiful.
GAEL: The idea was to achieve a sense of stillness in the midst of chaos.
I know a lot about chaos.
It's been a while Since I felt this way I'd like to see some of your work some time.
Since I've felt You got this way about you You got this way about you You got this way about you You make me melt You make me melt Those eyes are greener than the trees That give me oxygen to breathe Yet leave me breathless You make me feel a way inside That reminds me of the tide (CELL PHONE BUZZING) (CELL PHONE CHIMES) (PEOPLE CHATTERING) (CELL PHONE BUZZES AND CHIMES) - - (REBECCA TYPING) It's a one bedroom.
And it has a kitchen and a bathroom.
- How much is it? - $3,200.
- $3,200! You can't afford that.
- Yeah, but you can.
What happened to "balance of power?" You can have the bedroom, and I'll sleep on the couch.
The Coterie is not that bad.
- We can't live there, Mariana.
- Why not? (CELL PHONE RINGS) - It's Mom.
- It's Mama.
Okay, don't mention the U-Haul, all right.
It'll just worry them and make it look like we can't handle being on our own.
Okay? Definitely.
- Hey, Mom.
- Hey, Mama.
I'm fine.
- Yeah, don't worry.
We've got this.
- No, no, I'm, I'm fine.
- I just miss you guys is all.
- Everything's gonna be great.
BOTH: She wants to talk to you.
- Hey, Mom.
- Hey, Mama.
- Yeah.
No, no, she's fine.
- No, I told Mama, I'm fine.
- Don't worry.
I know.
- No, she is.
- I love you too.
- It's just Mariana being Mariana.
You know how it is.
Okay, love you too.
I'm sorry.
I just heard her voice and I cracked.
Are you sure everything was okay at work today? Yeah, no, it it was great.
Ain't got no job Ain't got no money Everything to me Is always funny I wrote a song Shakin' my maracas Looking at the waves from under my umbrella Totally dumb, bangin' on my drum Sleepin' on velvet, drinkin' rum Something in the air, slick my hair Hey.
Hey, I didn't see you there.
I was just looking for a place to sit.
Oh, you could sit with us.
GAEL: Hey, guys, this is, uh, Mariana.
- She's our new software engineer.
- Hi.
So why aren't you sitting over there with the geniuses? Oh.
Well, I mean, it's, it's not high school, right? I don't have to sit with the cool kids.
- Not that you guys aren't cool.
- What was that? You guys are cool.
How do you two know each other? - We live together.
- (LAUGHTER) Not like together, together.
- At least not yet, anyway.
- (LAUGHTER) - Do we have a flat white? - Yes.
I'll have what she's having.
I'm Mariana.
It's my first day here.
I'm Casey.
- Are you an engineer here? - Uh, yeah.
- Oh, me too.
- Oh.
I'm glad I'm not the only one.
- Woman.
- Ah.
What are you working on? My team is developing a lifestyle app.
- Oh, you're a team leader? - Mm-hmm.
That's amazing.
Can I ask how you did it? Was it almost impossible? Came up with a good idea, pitched it to Evan, he liked it, and he let me run with it.
It's good to know that there's opportunity here.
You know, I'd love to pick your brain sometime, ask your advice.
First piece of advice? It's annoying, but, um you'll be taken more seriously if you don't dress like that.
And don't be afraid to sit with the boys at lunch.
Right? You're an engineer, speak up for yourself, and take your seat at the table.
Alex, can I have a word? Yeah.
What's up? Okay, look, I know today is my first day, but I was hired to develop software and I'd really like to create some prototypes or write some tests, review code even.
Yeah, okay.
Um, review the code on the launcher app - for the eGIFany app.
- Look, I just Oh.
Uh, great.
- Okay.
Uh, thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
MALE VOICE: Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-boobs.
(SIGHS) MARIANA: So overall, it was a really good first day.
- Good.
- ALICE: Hey, ladies.
You're just in time.
Dennis just made vegan chicken adobo.
You're welcome to eat with us.
World's best vegan chicken adobo.
ALICE: Look.
- Thank you.
Um - Yeah, thanks.
- I'm, I'm not - GAEL: Hey.
You guys gonna join? Yeah, we'd love to.
- Okay.
Family dinner.
- Hey, you got them.
- Yes.
- DENNIS: Family dinner.
(LAUGHTER AND CHATTER) It's not as bad as you think WOMAN: And I had - Guys are getting ball cancer.
- WOMAN: What? (ALL LAUGHING) DENNIS: From cell phones in their pockets.
(LAUGHTER CONTINUES) Cell phones are an addiction.
Like drugs, alcohol, and sex.
I'm sorry, did you say "sex" addiction, Dennis? I haven't brought a girl home in two weeks.
You're practically celibate.
- Oh.
- WOMAN: Oh, no.
And let yourself go - I'm not gonna take this anymore.
- (DAVIA LAUGHS) - You guys done with this? - GAEL: Yeah, take it away.
Not to mention, they promote anti-social human interaction, Malika.
Oh, I bet you miss the rotary phone, Dennis.
And mix tapes.
You know what? I do miss mix tapes.
In fact, I'm gonna make you a best of Bob Dylan.
Okay, if social media was invented in the 60s, Odetta would have been way bigger than Bob Dylan.
- GAEL: True.
- MALIKA: I'm just saying.
ALICE: Can you imagine Twitter in 1968? Oh, my god.
The Civil Rights Movement with the unfiltered truth.
Social media for social justice instead of showing off what you had for lunch.
- Hear, hear.
- DAVIA: Hey, my new post just got 500 likes.
DENNIS: Can't have a single dinner without a phone.
Davia's a body-positive Instagram influencer.
DAVIA: I see these girls that I teach starving themselves.
I used to be anorexic.
And I want them to love their full figures and see that a healthy body - doesn't have to be a skinny body.
- MALIKA: Amen.
- Mmm.
- Are you kidding me? Meet the latest son of a friend of a friend that my mom's trying to set me up with.
- GAEL: Whoo! - Can you mom give him my number? - Can't she give him my number? - This is embarrassing.
When're you just gonna come out to your parents? - MALIKA: Yes.
- Never ever.
Are you kidding? I'm, I'm already this huge disappointment to them.
What're you talking about, girl? You manage this building.
Can you imagine how lesbian would go over? Oh, our moms are lesbians.
But you're sisters? Yeah, we were adopted.
When we were foster kids.
I was in the system.
Never got adopted though.
- I'm sorry.
- MALIKA: It's okay.
I survived.
So you're clerking for a federal judge? - Yeah.
- Not Judge Lawrence? Uh, no.
Why? Lawrence is working the Jamal Thompson case.
You heard about it? - I don't think so.
- MALIKA: Yeah.
Just another police shooting of a black man.
It's been five years, so with a new shooting every week, it's hard for people to remember these things once they finally get to trial, if they do at all.
Well, should I get another bottle of wine? - Oh, sorry.
Did anybody want that? - (OVERLAPPING CHATTER) So how'd you guys hear about The Coterie? Oh, um, actually through Gael.
We're working together at Speckulate.
Um, I met him when I was interviewing.
No, thanks.
Oh, Callie, that reminds me.
You need to sign the communal living contract and pick an activity for community service.
For example, I help a group that rescues guinea pigs.
- DAVIA: No, not again with the guineas.
- What about Mariana? Oh, she signed the contract when she applied for the lease.
Oh, you signed the communal living agreement when you applied for the apartment? - You knew what this place was.
- (DOOR CLOSES) I knew that there were common spaces, - but I didn't - You lied.
As usual.
Okay, I didn't lie.
I omitted certain details because for $1,800 a month, this was the best that we could do.
And you wanted to live in the same building as your co-worker slash future boyfriend.
Okay, you know what? I can afford my own kitchen and toilet, so I'm the one making the sacrifices here.
No one told you to follow me to LA, Mariana.
Excuse me? You did.
- You invited me to be your roomie.
- Yeah.
Because you can't be alone! Well, you know what? Being alone would be a lot more fun than being with you.
Because you've got a giant stick up your ass.
At least I'm not a liar and a stalker.
I am not a stalker.
And how do you know that Gael didn't tell me - about this loft because he's into me? - I don't want to live here.
Well, I do.
Then I'll get my own place.
Well, good luck with that.
Have fun living in a cardboard box! My darling When love's gone sour - Even around me, you're so shy - (DISTANT SIRENS WAILING) (KNOCKING ON DOOR) Hey, uh, can we talk? (ROCK MUSIC PLAYING ON STEREO) So, when we I didn't know you worked with my sister or I never would've I think it's better if we don't again, and, uh, it's definitely better if Mariana doesn't find out we did, 'cause I never want a guy to come between us.
(MUSIC CONTINUES PLAYING) I'm a terrible person.
The worst.
We really can't do this again.
Why would I be in between you and your sister? 'Cause Mariana kinda has, like, a crush on you (INHALES DEEPLY) which I didn't know and now I do (EXHALES DEEPLY) So this can't become a thing.
And I I get it REPORTER: In this footage released by the police department, you can see several officers in pursuit of 19-year-old Jamal Thompson who they say was involved in a local robbery.
Believing Thompson was armed, the police shot him seven times - (GUNFIRE ON VIDEO) - After he made what they call "an aggressive move" towards them.
It was later discovered police mistook his cell phone for a weapon.
Jamal Thompson died on the scene.
SANDRA THOMPSON: My son was a good, kind, sweet soul.
He had no criminal record.
He had never been in any kind of trouble.
His only crime was being a black kid in a white neighborhood.
And that made him a target for the police.
When is it gonna stop? When is a young black man or a woman gonna be able - to ride in their car or - (VIDEO STOPS) Guessing the officer wasn't charged? Are they ever? These guys are straight up getting away with murder.
It's not the same as a criminal conviction, but at least his family can try suing them in federal court.
I read that the city's trying to get the case dismissed.
Well, at least we've got Judge Lawrence.
First off, he's black, which is bomb.
And he usually sides with victims of police brutality.
So, I feel like Jamal might actually have a shot at justice.
This is why I went to law school.
Stuff like this can't happen.
So why're you clerking for Judge Wilson? I looked him up.
Nominated by George Bush, he's got to be pretty far to the right.
Well, I figured maybe I could have a progressive influence on a conservative judge.
You really believe you can make a difference? I'm gonna try.
That's what we all got to do, so It's nice to feel like we've got a chance for once.
Justice for Jamal's family.
Well, good night.
Good night.
(ALARM BUZZES) Excuse me, Mr.
Speck? Yes.
I'm Mariana Adams Foster.
I'm a new software engineer here, and I I don't mean to ambush you or anything but um, I have this idea for an app that I would love to run by you.
I'm not good with names.
- Oh, I can put my info on your ph - No.
Oh, uh, sorry.
What's your name again? - Mariana Adams Foster.
- Mari Marry, get married, Ana, married-Ana, marry-Ana.
Adams, John Adams, second president of the United States, Foster.
- Foster - Foster Freeze? Got it.
I'll have my assistant contact you.
- The first hearing will be the motion to dismiss.
- (DOOR OPENS) - Sorry, am I late? - No, you're just not early.
We don't have much time to get up to speed, so, uh, I'm gonna have each of you, in addition to your other case work, write up a bench memo and tentative order for how I should rule.
- Have it on my desk by 5:00.
- Who's going to clerk this case? I'll decide after I read your memos.
Now get to it.
Hey, what's going on? Judge Lawrence had a heart attack last night.
The court's reassigning his cases to other judges.
He's going to recover, not that Ben would care.
I care, about clerking this case.
- I've been here the longest.
- BEN: This is a meritocracy, my dear.
- So what's the case? - It's the Jamal Thompson police shooting case against the officers and the LAPD.
In addition to excessive force, as a violation of his constitutional rights, they're alleging that he never received prompt medical care after he was shot.
Yeah, they let him lie there bleeding for 15 minutes - before they let the EMTs in.
- Well, they thought he was armed.
With a cell phone.
You think Wilson will dismiss it? Based on his previous rulings, he's willing to give the benefit of the doubt to police officers.
But Wilson's never dealt with the critical care angle.
We don't know where he stands on that.
Wilson doesn't have the time to wade through the liberal opinion on this one.
So just stick to the facts and legal precedent.
You don't want to get fired from a clerkship on your second day.
Or ever.
It can ruin your career.
So maybe take my advice this time? (INDISTINCT CHATTER) - But it's actually your job.
- No, it's your job.
- Then how's it not your responsibility? - SAM: You made it.
MARIANA: Excuse me.
And I guess we're just making room.
So, I found a few changes to improve latency in the code review.
I'll get that back to you after lunch.
ALEX: Hmm? You found latency issues? - In my code? - Yes, Alex.
- Mainly in the big boob file.
- (SNIGGERS) - MARIANA: Perhaps you were distracted.
- Yeah, so distracted.
(ALL SNIGGER) Excuse me.
Who do you think you are? It's your first week, and you've got the nerve to bother the CEO of the company with some stupid app idea? - Well, no, I was just - Oh, you think you're special 'cause you went to MIT? Well, everyone here went to MIT or Stanford or Berkley.
You're not special.
If you pull something like that again, you're gonna be unemployed.
Woo! (PEOPLE SNIGGERING) WOMAN: What time does he need the report? Let me just My mother says when you gonna live your life right Oh, mother dear we're not the fortunate ones And girls they wanna have fun Oh, girls just want to have fun WOMAN: All right.
Thank you.
(CELL PHONE BUZZES) The phone rings in the middle of the night (PHONE BUZZING) Oh, daddy dear, you know you're still number one Hey, I can't talk right now, Mariana.
(MARIANA CRYING) Hello? - You okay? - MARIANA: No.
(SOBBING) I need you.
I can't leave work right now.
Can we talk later? CALLIE: I'm sorry.
(SOBBING) Oh, it's okay.
It's all right.
I'm here.
Why would Evan Speck tell me he was gonna reach out and then sic HR on me? It was so humiliating.
And in front of those bro-holes.
I can't go back down there and face them.
I I have to quit.
I know how you feel.
Judge Wilson pretty much humiliated me on my first day.
Really? Why didn't you tell me? Seemed like everything was going really great for you.
So both our jobs suck.
But we can't quit.
We are Adams Fosters.
We don't give up.
We don't give in.
We fight.
And we have each other.
We're not alone.
Look, if you hate The Coterie we can move.
I don't care where we live, as long as we're together.
"Tatum versus San Francisco.
" So, you made the liberal argument.
You're making things harder on yourself.
Yeah, that's kinda my thing.
Rolling like a disco ball Throw the stars on the wall - Better than a work - (INDISTINCT CHATTER) I sent my review to you.
And I made some adjustments to the "Assets" folder.
ALEX: Let's see.
- FEMALE VOICE: Boobies! - Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Aren't those your boobs, Alex? - They certainly are! - (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Shimmer like a disco ball Throw the stars on the wall Better than a work of art - 'Cause we are - Callie? Judge Wilson wants to see you.
CALLIE: You wanted to see me? JUDGE WILSON: You made a very passionate argument in your bench memo.
I'm not impressed by passion, Callie.
Why did you take this clerkship? Because you're a highly regarded jurist and I thought I could learn a lot from you.
And maybe you thought you might have a progressive influence on a conservative judge? I wouldn't assume that I could influence you but I did think that maybe you hired me because you wanted to hear from a more left-leaning clerk.
Well, let me disabuse you of one notion.
I don't consider myself a conservative judge.
Because I don't believe in judicial activism.
My job is to apply the law, not to make it, which is why I rely on precedent and a neutral reading of the facts.
I don't allow empathy to distort my judgment.
And I have no use for clerks who do.
- Oh! - Hey! - ALICE: Callie! - Hi! Everyone donated all this furniture.
Isn't it amazing? Oh, it was really Malika's idea.
- Thank you.
- Oh, yeah.
I just put the word out.
It's no big.
So? Do you still have a job? Yes.
And I'm clerking the Jamal Thompson case.
Let me know if you need any help.
I'm sorry.
I don't know why he gave it to me.
I know why.
You're the counter-clerk.
He hired you to make the progressive argument so he was prepared to knock it down.
Makes sense.
Especially for this case.
But considering your liberal politics, I'm not sure this a win for you.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Judge Lawrence had a heart attack last night.
He's okay, but he's off the Jamal Thompson case.
My judge has it, and I am pretty sure he's gonna dismiss it and there's nothing I can do to stop him.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, yeah.
I just put the word out.
It's no big.
So people donated towels and sheets and clothes, but it looks like your work wardrobe is limited to suits.
(CHUCKLES) Anyway, like I said, it was a group effort.
Come on.
Hop in.
- It's cozy.
- I wasn't planning on it, but okay.
- (SIGHS) - Seriously! (ALL CHATTERING) Light, light, light - Light found her alone - ALICE: Come on.
She said "I am made of bone" It's really nice of Malika and everyone to give us stuff.
Yeah, I know we said we'd move, but besides the whole communal bathroom thing, everyone's really nice.
What do you think? Should we give it a chance? I had sex with Gael.
- My Gael? - At the time, I I didn't know he was the guy from work that you were crushing on.
Wait, so you had sex with him the night we moved in? I couldn't sleep, and so I came up here to get some air and he was getting out of the pool, and you said I needed to get laid, so I'm really sorry.
- So, you really didn't know? - I didn't.
That time.
There was another time? I had sex with him last night, but I told him that's it.
Okay, I swear.
(DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) I forgive you.
Stop! Go around
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