Good Trouble (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

The Coterie

1 Previously on Good Trouble Welcome to your new home.
I can't believe you moved us into a commune.
MARIANA: Gael! I'm so gonna smash him.
I'm a terrible person.
CALLIE: I had sex with Gael.
I forgive you.
MARIANA: I just got a job at a tech startup.
Okay, well we'll get you started on some data entry.
MARIANA: She's working as a clerk for a federal judge.
REPORTER: Police shot 19-year-old Jamal Thompson.
Who's going to clerk this case? I'll decide after I read your memos.
I'm clerking the Jamal Thompson case.
(CHEERING) (LMFAO'S "PARTY ROCK ANTHEM" PLAYING) Let's go! Party rockers in the house tonight Everybody just have a good time And we gon' make you lose your mind We just wanna see you Shake that! MARIANA: Alright.
What do you think? Left Or right? Right.
- Those are cute.
Are they new? - Yeah.
Ooh! I also got you something.
For work.
Do you like it? I love it.
How much did you spend? A lot.
So I expect you to kiss my ass for about a week.
I don't want you spending money on me.
It's fine.
You know, you could show your appreciation by going to the party.
I have to work.
It's called having fun.
You should try it sometime.
I don't have time for fun.
'Cause in addition to the Jamal Thompson case, I have like, 50 other cases I'm supposed to be clerking.
And I have no idea when I'm supposed to find the time to study for the bar.
Where do you think the judge is leaning? On the Jamal case? Do you think he's gonna dismiss it? I don't know.
And I'm not supposed to discuss it.
To be honest, I could even get in trouble for telling you I'm the clerk on the case.
Come on! You worked all day, Judge Wilson gave you the night off, just have a couple drinks with me.
I have to be careful about who I'm seen partying with.
I just can't wind up on someone's Instagram surround by people who are taking body shots, and like, smoking weed.
(MUSIC PLAYING) I have to avoid any appearance of impropriety.
(MUSIC CONTINUES) Are you sure that's all you're avoiding? Are you sure you're not hiding out in here from Gael? I'm not avoiding Gael.
(MUSIC CONTINUES) Don't you think he should have told you that he's bisexual? If it were me, I'd be super insecure dating a guy who's into both sexes.
Knowing that I couldn't give him what another guy could, that would just drive me crazy.
Well, it's not an issue because we're not dating.
Don't hold back on my account.
I don't have time to date.
Well then, just have sex with him.
Come on! - (CHUCKLES) - Get dolled up.
Let's get wasted.
Come out of your cave.
And maybe tonight you'll get laid.
I can't get wasted.
I have work tomorrow.
(RECORD SCRATCHES) Every day I'm shufflin' ' (LMFAO'S "PARTY ROCK ANTHEM" CONTINUES) Shufflin', shufflin' - I gotta pee.
- Me too.
- We just wanna see - You shake it now! Now you wanna be Hey! Better not be checking your email.
(GIGGLES) Hello again.
Great party.
See you out there.
What did he say to you? (SIGHS) Nothing.
(GASPS) Oh my god.
This is my song.
Come on! (BOTH GIGGLING) (PHONE VIBRATING) Pa-pa-pa pa-pa-pa, pa, pa Pa-pa-pa pa-pa-pa, pa, pa And then we'll find our peace of mind You and me, bel ami Pa-pa-pa, pa, pa Everything okay? Yeah, fine.
You sure? You seem kind of standoff-ish.
I'm just trying to get my work done, Rebecca.
If I said or did something It's clear you're the one with the problem.
I am? Yeah, you're angry that the judge gave me the Jamal Thompson case.
Because I said you're the counter clerk? I was just pointing out the obvious.
That I'm just being used by Judge Wilson to shoot down the liberal argument.
It's not really a victory for me at all.
No, no.
I didn't mean it like that The judge just said we can go.
And take tomorrow too.
A night off, amazing.
Not for me.
I have summations on two precedents still.
- Want help? - No, thanks.
Have a nice weekend.
Rebecca doesn't play well with others.
It's not you, you know? She and the last clerk were like (HISSES) Yeah, I think it's a girl on girl thing.
She's not like us.
Elite political family.
She's had everything handed to her.
It's not like you didn't go to Harvard.
Yeah, and I have a mountain of debt to show for it.
Why don't you let me take one of those summaries? Everybody needs a night off.
Thank ya, thank ya.
- Sorry.
- I thought you had plans tonight.
- I did.
To come to this party.
Mariana made me swear not to tell you.
Yeah, she's determined to get me out there.
It's probably why she invited your favorite brother.
How are you doing? How's the dorm this year? It's better.
And you're studying? Yeah.
Trust me, I don't want to lose my scholarship, so So you're okay? (SIGHS) Yeah, I am.
Okay, so seriously We're not gonna like, hide out in here all night, are we? (GIGGLING) Ooh! What are we drinking to? Davia just got written up as top body positive Instagram influencer.
And the trolls are on the attack.
Like this bitch.
"Why don't you stop drinkin' n hit da gym u cow?!" (GIGGLES) It's not even clever.
To all the closeted chubby chasers.
Why else would they be stalking my Insta on a Saturday night? I agree.
Stop watching the door.
I just want to be ready with the cake.
Ooh! Is it someone's birthday? Yeah.
My best friend, Sumi.
You met her the other morning.
I thought that was your girlfriend.
(BLENDER WHIRRING) (ALARM PLAYING) Shoot! I'm late for my circus class.
Clean up for me? Sure.
Oh! Can I borrow a 20 from your wallet? Yeah, it's in my room.
- Great.
- Is that my hoodie? You gave it to me.
No, I didn't.
You should.
Love you! ALICE: She was my girlfriend.
It's a lesbian thing.
Everyone's besties with their exes.
Because lesbians are more mature than straight people who just break up and never speak to each other ever again.
I don't talk to my ex.
But than again, he cheated on me, so Oh, didn't Sumi cheat on you? (CLEARS THROAT) Excuse me.
I have to check on the cake.
It needs to be served at room temperature.
She totally won't admit it but she's still in love with Sumi who, in my opinion, is a selfish bitch.
(GASPS) You got Callie out of her work cave! CALLIE: Wasn't that your plan? Kinda.
I see you're wearing my clothes.
Yeah, I had nothing to wear.
(GIGGLES) Are you sure you're not dressing up for a certain someone? - What's this? - Nothing.
There's no one.
Are you seeing anyone? No one special.
Maybe someone not so special? I'm gonna grab a beer.
- You want one? - No, I have to work tomorrow.
Margarita it is.
- Hey, do you think that's him? - Who? The guy we saw hooking up with Gael the other night.
Mistake - Your next mistake - I'm ready to be I'm ready to be your next mistake (PBEAT TECHNO PLAYING) He's super cute.
You don't know if it's him.
Yeah, not with his clothes on.
What are you toasting to "Davi-bo-hefty"? Diabetes? Drink! Mariana, come on! - This is a good one.
- Coming.
We're drinking to chubby chasers.
I'll explain later.
You gotta have fun See who can scream the loudest (LAUGHING) Here you go.
JUDE: So Are you making any new friends? Not really.
Not yet.
Hey, Callie.
GAEL: This is Brian.
You are beautiful.
Uh, this is my brother, Jude.
Nice to meet you.
- Brian.
- JUDE: You guys live here? He does.
I don't.
I haven't seen you around much this week.
Have you been avoiding me? Oh God.
Work's been crazy.
That looks good.
You want one? Not right now.
I'm gonna make my own.
You have a heavy pour.
It was nice meeting you.
You too.
He's hot.
Which one? Well both, but the gay one.
Which one's the gay one? Brian.
Hey, do you remember in Turks you said you hooked up with a lot of guys with girlfriends? Do you think those guys were Like, bisexual or Really just gay and in the closet? They were gay when they were with me.
I don't know why you're so uptight about my sex life.
I'm not.
Haven't you ever just hooked up with a random guy? I try not to make a habit of it.
We should hang out with Mariana.
Oh, I left my phone in my loft.
Be right back.
- Not a rapper.
Prove me wrong.
- Excuse me.
He raps sometimes.
Can we at least all agree that the best Drake covers are sung by women? Yes! Yes! Hey.
I heard about Judge Lawrence.
Why didn't you tell me that your judge got Jamal's case now? I'm not allowed to talk about it until it's in the public record.
Well, Jamal's mother tweeted about it today so it's out there.
She also tweeted that Judge Wilson has never ruled against the police.
There are some special circumstances.
So he's gonna dismiss the case, isn't he? - I don't know.
- What do you think? I can't talk about it.
Well, are you even talking to him? Because you said that you took this job with a conservative judge so that you could influence him.
So what are you doing? Ooh! I got one.
From VegLover2.
They said, "If you didn't put yourself out there like this you wouldn't be attracting all of this negative attention.
" ALICE: Well, that's not even mean enough to drink to.
You're gonna have to do better than that, vegetable lover.
JUDE: Seriously.
You know what? I'm over this.
- Oh my god! - What? Laser tag? (ELECTRONIC NOISES) Seriously? That's why they're missing the party? And you invited those assholes? So team, come on.
Talk to me, where we at? Uh, we are working on a new gif feature - that allows users to create - Uh Actually Hey, Josh.
Mariana's not up to speed.
We decided to move forward with a re-factor on client side code before we add any new features.
Sounds good.
Alright, give it to me as soon as it's ready - and I'll pass it up to Evan.
- (INDISTINCT GRUNT) Okay When did we decide that? Last night.
Uh, I think.
Last night? At the King's game? Team night out? Yeah, I saw your Instagram.
We didn't think you'd want to go to a hockey game.
I didn't even want to go to a hockey game.
I love hockey.
- Oh.
What's your favorite team? - The Ducks.
The San Francisco Ducks.
- Yep.
- The Ducks play for Anaheim.
- (SNICKERS) - Okay.
Alex, can I talk to you for a second? Look.
I am really trying to be a part of this team - and have my voice heard but - I get that.
And we want to hear from you.
But, to be honest, sometimes you're a little abrasive.
Look, you're new here.
If you come off as too ambitious, you might, like, rub people the wrong way.
You know what I mean? I thought, like, if we could all get drunk together, that maybe they would let me join their stupid little club.
DAVIA: You wanna get these bro-holes here? I got you.
DENNIS: Hey, guys.
This is Rain.
Hi Rain.
Perfect timing.
Do you want to get in a picture with us? Oh, um.
Hey, you! With the boobs! Come get in a picture with us.
You know, you're setting feminism back like, 30 years.
Yeah, well feminism doesn't bring all the boys to the yard.
- You too.
- I'm good.
Pretend like you're having the best time ever.
And if you could look like you're totally open to getting laid by some nerds, that would be great.
No, no, no.
Turn around.
This way.
This way.
Oh, yeah.
Say "cheese".
There you go.
Work it.
(CAMERA CLICKS) (FAKE LAUGHING) JUDE: You're having a great time.
So much fun.
- (LAUGHING CONTINUES) - (GROWLS) (SCREAMS) JUDE: What is happening? It's the Coterie anthem! (LMFAO'S "PARTY ROCK ANTHEM" PLAYING) (CHEERING) Let's go! Party rock is in the house tonight - Come on Gael! - Okay.
Show me those moves, baby! And we gon' make you lose your mind Everybody just have a good time Party rock is in the house tonight So, does your sister have a boyfriend? Uh, no.
She's all about work right now.
BRIAN: Yeah.
Looks like it.
- We just wanna see you - Shake that! (ELEVATOR DINGS) So much for a night off.
So much for trying to have a date.
You had a date? Dressed like that? Yes.
I have a personal life, Ben.
Also, who files an exparte motion on a Saturday night? Someone who thinks the police are about to destroy evidence, apparently.
This is Callie's case.
Where the hell is she? Maybe she hasn't gotten the message yet.
Yeah, well She's not gonna want to miss this one.
(MUSIC CONTINUES) Hey, Coterie! Does this belong to anybody? I found it in a bathroom stall.
Uh, mine.
Callie is one drink away from being white-girl wasted.
She needs a break.
If a hangover's the way she's gonna get it, so be it.
And maybe she'll hook up and stop obsessing about my sex life.
What do you mean? She just wants to know about the straight guys I hook up with.
What about them? If they're actually bi, or just in the closet? Aww.
What? It's not about you.
Can you get me a refill? (GIGGLING) Ooh! Damn.
We see you got a new groupie, Dennis.
Oh yeah, do we have to hide all of our stuff from this one too? You can't prove that other girl stole your sweatshirt.
Then how come I saw her wearing it on Instagram? - Exactly.
- Dang! This cake is busted.
It looks like something straight out of "Nailed It".
Hey, don't What wrong with you? Don't touch that.
- Sorry! - Malika! Teach your friends some manners, okay? - Wow.
- Is your name Sumi? Is it your birthday? I don't think so.
Are you kidding me? What's wrong with them? Malika.
That's your friend.
She trippin'.
JUDE: Excuse me.
(GROANS) So These straight guys you hook up with who have boyfriends.
What do you think? Are they bi or really just straight? Where's Mariana? I'm gonna kill her.
(CHUCKLES) Look, I shouldn't have said what I said about the straight guys I hook up with really being gay.
They may have been bi.
Or pan.
Fluid, questioning.
Or, drunk.
(CHUCKLES) So do you like this guy? Yes, I like him.
JUDE: But But I don't know how I feel about having sex with a guy who has sex with other guys.
And I'm not bi-phobic.
- I just - It's new.
Bisexuality is a hard thing for some people to wrap their head around.
I mean, why do we have to put ourselves in boxes when it comes to who we want to be with? Shouldn't it just be about the person? Were you like, born a wise old man? Kinda.
Someone had to be the mature one.
Is this bitch not even gonna answer our texts? She's probably asleep buried under all those summaries.
She's not.
I helped her finish them.
I thought she didn't want any help.
From you, I guess.
She's actually pretty smart.
I wouldn't be surprised if she could pull a few liberal decisions out of Wilson.
I doubt it.
Well, he obviously sees something special in her.
Like you said, you have seniority and yet he gave her the only constitutional case he's likely to get while we're here.
You know what? We can't wait for Callie.
Let's just write this memo ourselves.
We already pulled the precedents, - it's really a one person job.
- Fine.
I'll do it.
(CHUCKLES) And get all the credit? No.
Why don't we flip for it? - We're not flipping - Head or tails? Heads.
It was heads.
You win.
It was your idea.
You write the memo.
I could use a good nights sleep.
WOMAN: I don't know.
I don't think I'm ever going to date again.
He is fine.
Who is that? - Hey.
- Hey.
I didn't think you'd come.
Is there somewhere else we can talk? Yeah.
Okay, now they're at a strip club.
It's like they're mocking me.
Time to go Insta-Live.
Let's fire it up.
No, I'm over them.
Go big or go home.
You want these boys to respect you? Let's show them how the big girls get down.
Let's go.
'Sup, fam? Ha! Look what's going down at the Coterie.
We're getting lit and not taking shit.
Look at.
How dumb are you to not come through? Alex, you giant asshole.
- Dude! - What? Alex is like my boss.
So? You didn't say it.
I did.
Okay but he's gonna know that you said it because I said it.
Well, take it down.
He already saw it.
I am so fired.
So all we have is some hipster beer.
Hope that's okay.
It's fine, thanks.
It's the only picture I have of us.
It's been a minute.
You look good.
Still got that baby face.
You still don't.
Well, it's not my fault nobody ever believed you were my big brother.
You know, with your hair so high, it always make you look, like, a foot taller than me.
Okay, that's why you're short - 'cause my hair.
- You know what? Don't even go there.
(CHUCKLING) (CLICKS TONGUE) You wanna see the roof? It's beautiful up there.
MALIKA: Where you been living? What you up to? Look, I ain't really come here to chat.
Mom is sick.
For real this time? Why you gotta be so hard on her? How many times has she played us? I shouldn't have come here.
You cut her out of your life a long time ago.
No, I was protecting us.
No, you should've let me protect us.
- You were 11.
- And we were okay.
No! We were hungry.
We were hunting for change in the couch so that we could get chips at the corner store.
- You shouldn't have called CPS.
- Why didn't you call? I was 10 and I knew we weren't okay.
DOM: Was the system any better for you? 'Cause it sure as hell wasn't for me.
I thought they would keep us together.
Just do what you want, Malika.
You always have.
I still think you should see Mom before it's too late.
Maybe you could come through again? I don't know.
I hope I didn't make things weird with anyone.
What do you mean? Callie.
Are you hooking up with her? - Did Davia tell you that? - No.
It's just that two pretty girls moved into the loft.
It's none of my business.
We're not hooking up.
'Cause I wouldn't blame you if you were.
She is gorgeous.
I'm not your date tonight.
You could be.
I've got another party to go to.
Maybe I'll text you later.
- Hey! You Callie right? - Yeah.
Girl, Malika has told us so much about you.
You're clerking for the new judge on Jamal's case.
I just wanna say it feels so good to know that we got an ally on the inside.
Sorry about that Insta.
My friend's wasted.
Oh sure, throw me under the bus.
ALICE: You deserve to be under the bus.
He's writing back.
SUMI: You guys! You guys! I have something to tell you.
ALICE: Oh my god.
Sumi's here.
Out of my way.
Uh Damn.
- Maybe I should call him.
- No, don't call him.
The bigger deal you make of this, the bigger deal it will be.
Hey, Alex.
Um I'm not sure if you saw my text.
(STUTTERING) I just I wanted to explain about my friend Davia Uh, who You know, actually, I hardly know at all.
I think she might be on molly.
Or shrooms.
(STUTTERING) You know, I have no idea why she said that.
SUMI: You guys, you know how it's my birthday? So, Meera took me to my favorite restaurant and this happened.
We're engaged! (CLAPPING) (KNOCKS SOFTLY) MARIANA: Can we come in? I'm not sharing the cake.
You know that joke? What does a lesbian bring on the second date? A U-Haul.
Well, what does she bring on a first date? (SNIFFLING) Her ex-girlfriend.
I went with Sumi on her first date with Meera.
Except I didn't even know it was a date until she started making out with her right in front of me.
I had to order for them.
I mean, I felt bad for the waiter.
He was standing there.
What about feeling bad for yourself? You know, she is my best friend.
I just Also happen to still be in love with her.
Just tell her.
I can't! Okay? I don't want to make things weird.
Honey, things are already weird.
Maybe you should draw some boundaries.
I will, okay? I promise.
SUMI: Alice! What are you doing in here? You missed the big announcement.
We're engaged! (GIRLS GIGGLING) Oh my god! Wow.
No, that's that's amazing.
That's amazing.
And I want you to be my maid of honor.
Sure, sure, sure.
Of course.
Of course.
You told your friends I'm clerking the Jamal case? Was I not supposed to? No, no one's supposed to know what cases I'm working on.
Okay, I'm sorry.
- But you're like our only hope right now.
- No, I'm not.
I'm not gonna have an influence on this judge.
It's not why he hired me.
- Then why are you there? - Because I can't quit.
It would completely ruin my career.
So you think you can just stand by and watch your judge let two more police get away with murder? WOMAN: Callie! You know about this? What? The police are refusing to hand over the 911 calls on the night that Jamal was killed and now his family is afraid that they're gonna destroy them.
- When did this happen? - I guess tonight.
Jamal's mamma tweeted it out.
She filed some emergency motion to stop it.
You may run Did anyone see a phone? For a long time Oh my god! For a long time (VOICE MAIL BEEPS) Hey, Alex.
Trying you again.
Just Call me when you get this.
Have you seen my phone? Why? 'Cause I need it.
I need to check if someone from work called.
What's it doing in your pocket? Someone found it in the bathroom.
Oh my god! Judge Wilson called like hours ago.
Why didn't you bring it to me? - I forgot I had it.
- No you just didn't want me to work.
What's going on? Mariana might have just cost me my job.
No, you missed that call all on your own.
'Cause you forced me to come to this stupid party.
Shit! - JUDE: What are you doing? - Going to work.
JUDE: That is a bad idea.
You are really drunk right now.
- I could get fired.
- If you show up drunk, you definitely will get fired.
He's right.
You can't go in like that.
(EXHALES SHARPLY) - Cause you may run Cut you down, down, down Cut you down, down, down - Cut you down, down, down - - - You may run Down, down, down Let me tell you, God's gonna cut you Down, down, down Let me tell you, God's gonna cut you down Hey.
You okay? No.
I screwed up.
What happened? I missed an important call from work tonight.
I don't even know why I took this job.
Or how I'm supposed to keep doing it.
I'm not allowed to talk to anyone about it.
I mean I don't think the place is bugged.
You can talk to me about anything.
I saw you having sex with a guy the other night.
- (VOICE MAIL BEEPS) - Hey, Alex So I'm sure you realize that my friend said that because I was venting.
- (VOICEMAIL BEEPS) - I have a lot of good ideas.
Like, I had this thought that we could incorporate photo filters in the eGIFany app.
Yeah, I'd love to talk about this more.
Um - (VOICEMAIL BEEPS) - I invited you to my party so we could you know, have like a couple drinks Users could I had this thought I'm actually, like, really fun to hang out with.
You know I didn't call you an asshole.
(VOICE MAIL BEEPS) Sorry about all the calls.
If you don't want to call me back, you can just We can talk Monday.
(PHONE BEEPS) What do you think? Did I sound too desperate? You might want to think about closing your curtains.
Is that why I haven't seen you all week? I just didn't know what to say.
Does it freak you out? That I'm bi? No.
I was just surprised.
Yeah well, you wouldn't be the first person it's been an issue with.
I don't think it's an issue.
GAEL: I really like you.
And I wasn't cheating.
Brian and I aren't It's new, casual.
How many new and casual people do you usually see at a time? Not many.
GAEL: But we aren't seeing each other anymore.
Right? 'Cause of Mariana.
CALLIE: Actually, I.
Told Mariana about us.
She's cool with it.
Really? Yeah.
It's just my head is everything's spinning.
I think I really drank too much.
Yeah then, maybe we should get down from here, right? Come on.
I'm heading out.
I love you.
I love you too.
MARIANA: Bye, Jud-icorn.
JUDE: Bye.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
If it's any consolation, I might be fired too.
Sorry I went postal on your boss.
- I was in a pissed off mood.
- It's okay.
Those trolls gotta get to you at some point, right? It wasn't them.
VegLover? The polite troller? That's my mother.
Even when I was a kid and I'd get bullied, she'd always ask what I did to deserve it.
It doesn't bother me that she thinks I'm fat, I just Wish once in my life she would stand up for me.
I heard Sumi got engaged.
I'm happy for her.
She always wanted to get married.
I mean, of course, you know, I wish she was getting married to me.
Where's Storm? What do I look like? The weatherman? (LAUGHING) And it's Rain, okay, Alice? Close enough.
Hopefully she's not ransacking the place.
Oh, no, no, no.
She ran off with some guy in his 20s, so ALL: Oohh.
(ALICE SIGHS) Classic Storm.
I'll be in soon.
BOTH: Love you.
- Night.
- Night, guys.
You say that it's alright I must be tripping 'cause it's alright You say I'm out of my mind You saying things I ain't seeing right But I see you Kissing her And I see you Feeling her And I see you Touching her I see you giving up Cause I'm not And that's why I'm crazy in love That's why I'm crazy in love That's why I'm crazy in love That's why I'm crazy in love
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