Good Trouble (2019) s01e03 Episode Script


1 Previously on Good Trouble REPORTER: The police shot him seven times.
You really believe you can make a difference? REBECCA: You're the counter-clerk.
He hired you to make the progressive argument so he was prepared to knock it down.
You told your friends I'm clerking the Jamal case? No one's supposed to know what cases I'm working on.
That's the only picture I have of us.
- Mom is sick.
- For real this time? Why you got to be so hard on her? Who do you think you are? You've got the nerve to bother the C.
with some stupid app idea? Pull something like that again, you're gonna be unemployed.
- MARIANA: Hey, do you think that's him? - CALLIE: Who? The guy we saw hooking up with Gael the other night.
What a shame you can't hear me (CHANTING) Black lives matter! Black lives matter! Black lives matter! Black lives matter! Black lives matter! Black lives matter! Black lives matter! Black lives matter! Black lives matter! Black lives matter! Black lives matter! Black lives matter! Black lives matter! Black lives matter! BAILIFF: Please rise.
The United States District Court for the central district of California is now in session, the Honorable Judge Curtis Wilson presiding.
Calling case number 18-50189, Jamal Thompson versus police officers Amir Turani, Lawrence Griffin, and the city of Los Angeles.
You may be seated.
I'm prepared to rule on the plaintiff's ex parte motion to prevent the city's destruction of 911 calls.
And the defense's motion to dismiss the case against the officers for excessive use of force in the shooting and death of Jamal Thompson.
REPORTER: The police shot him seven times - (GUNFIRE) - after he made the fateful and aggressive move towards them.
Jamal Thompson died on the scene.
(POLICE SIRENS FADING) So what's the deal with these 911 calls? Jamal's family thinks that there might have been some other calls that night that weren't turned over.
Calls that didn't describe the suspect as a black man, which could show that the police targeted Jamal because he was a black man walking through a predominantly white neighborhood.
Why are they destroying the 911 calls at all? They call it a "routine purge.
" Well, if they didn't have anything to hide, why not turn them over and then purge them? Right? (SIGHING) Of course this new judge might rule to dismiss the case entirely, so Morning.
So do you know Jamal's family? Girl, no, we don't all know each other.
I'm just gonna grab a yogurt.
So what's the story with this new judge? MALIKA: Umm Historically, Judge Wilson has always sided with the police.
I understand emotions are running high, (DOOR OPENING) and after the protests at City Hall this week, I expect everyone to comport themselves in a manner appropriate to a court of law.
KELLY: Do you know Jamal's family? MALIKA: Girl, no, we don't all know each other.
(LAUGHTER) Now, let's begin Pa-pa-pa pa-pa-pa, pa, pa Pa-pa-pa pa-pa-pa, pa, pa You and me, bel ami our peace of mind Pa-pa-pa, pa, pa Where were you? In the bathroom.
All night? GAEL: Like it? I do.
But ? It's a little phallic.
Maybe you just have a dirty mind.
Maybe I do.
A dirty mind's a terrible thing to waste.
What's it called? - "Nurture.
" - CALLIE: Is that meant to be ironic? Yeah, well, that's the point.
That the masculine can also be nurturing.
You sure you like it? CALLIE: Yeah.
Good, 'cause I'm casting it in bronze this week, and it is not cheap.
So once it's done, it's done.
How much did it cost? Like two grand.
(CALLIE EXHALING) Oh, my God! Wow.
And I have to finish three more pieces - before the show that I'm in.
- Show? Where? It's a group show in a small but pretty legit gallery.
That's exciting.
Sun's coming up.
I should go.
But you want to stay.
I'm talking to you clearly But you're clearly killing me I don't see why you guys have to sneak around.
I'm sure everybody knows everybody's business here, but I don't want 'em knowing mine.
You think they know about Bryan and Gael? Davia must.
She's Bryan's friend.
No idea.
MARIANA: And you're cool with just being casual? I don't have time for a relationship right now.
Unless, of course, I get fired today.
You're not getting fired.
Judge Wilson gave you the night off, it's not like you're a doctor and you're on call.
Yeah, well, when Rebecca tells him that she wrote the bench memo, at the very least he'll take me off the Jamal case.
Yeah, well, maybe it's for the best.
It'll be less awkward with Malika.
And if anyone's getting fired You can't get fired 'cause Davia called Alex an asshole on Instagram.
On my Instagram.
Well, those guys have done much worse to you, so if Alex is a jerk about it, just go to H.
Remember, you've got a lawyer, and I will cut you a very good deal.
You haven't passed the bar yet.
Thanks for reminding me.
I expect you to represent me pro bono.
Ha, ha! Well, historically, Judge Wilson has always sided with the police.
Too bad we lost the other judge.
Oh, I gotta run! - Everyone have a good day! - You, too! BOTH: Whoa! - Hey.
- Hey.
See ya later.
So that's a thing, right? Oh, they're totally hooking up.
Yeah, that's what I mean, that's what I thought.
Sure you can be seen with me? As long as we don't talk about the case, and you keep that jacket on.
(CELL PHONE BUZZES) So was that your brother at the party Saturday night? Jude? Yeah.
You seem tight.
Were you in foster care together? Yeah, six years until we were adopted.
Y'all ever get split up? No, we were in a bunch of homes, but they always kept us together.
Except when I was in juvie.
Wait, hold up.
You were in juvie? Three times.
It's a long story.
One I want to hear.
What about you? You have any siblings? Yeah, a brother, Dom.
But they split us.
Were you guys close? Not really.
He's close with our mom.
Says she's sick, wants to see me.
Are you in contact with her? Try not to be.
SANDRA: Martin Luther King, Jr.
said, "True peace is not merely the absence of tension: it is the presence of justice.
" - See ya later? - See ya.
SANDRA: We got no justice for my son, Jamal, who was shot seven times in the back for doing nothing wrong.
The D.
refused to bring charges against the officers who murdered him.
So now, our only hope for justice is in federal court.
Judge Wilson, do not allow those 911 calls to be destroyed and do not dismiss this case.
Do not dismiss another mother who has lost her child, her only child for no other reason than for the color of his skin.
- It's clear you're the one with the problem.
- I am? Yeah, you're angry that the judge gave me the Jamal Thompson case.
Don't listen to her.
I'm not saying she has an agenda, but being a clerk is all about trying to impress your judge, so when you get an opportunity, take it.
CALLIE: Judge Wilson called, like, hours ago.
I could get fired! I appreciate you all coming back in Saturday night.
It's a well-written memo.
Who wrote it? We all did.
It was a group effort.
Well, nice teamwork.
MARIANA (ECHOING): Hey, Alex! Hey, Alex! Trying you again.
Umm, I wanted to explain about my friend Davia.
How dumb are you to not come through, Alex? - You giant asshole! - Dude! MARIANA: I think she might be on molly.
Give me a call when you get this or 'shrooms! I have a lot of good ideas.
I didn't call you an asshole.
I'm not sure if you saw my text.
really fun to hang out with.
We can talk Monday.
I'd love to talk about this more.
Sorry about all the calls - Hi, Alex! - Hey, Mariana! Have a nice weekend? Uh, yeah.
I your party looked rad.
I really wanted to come.
Yeah, it was it was poppin'.
Sorry we didn't make it.
Alex was really into the whole Guys' Night thing.
So like every other night? Well, Sam passed out.
I'm starting to think he's narcoleptic.
And, uh, Alex dropped a bunch of sad pick-up lines all night, so So, yeah, yeah, pretty much.
JOSH: Blue team, blue team, blue team, let's scrum here today.
Let's do this.
Hey man, what's up? What's up! Hey, how's it going? So Evan wanted me to start by giving my man, Alex here, a little shout-out.
Dude, Evan's legit stoked about your user-customizable photo filters app idea.
We could incorporate photo filters in the eGIFany app.
It's gonna rock the new app so hard.
Thanks, man.
We'll get started refactoring the code and improve build time and testing through a three-week sprint.
JOSH: I love it! Evan's gonna love it! You guys rock! Get back to work.
Okay, uh, we'll divide between Sam and Raj the back-end classes.
Mariana, you handle front-end.
All right? Go blue team! - Ah! - Yeah boy! Blue team! - Hey, Alex? - Hey, Mari-anne-a.
- Mari-ah-na.
- Oh, sorry.
The customizable filters was my idea.
- You sure? - Yeah.
I pitched it to you in the voicemail? During my party? Huh, you left me a voicemail? A couple.
That's weird, I didn't get 'em.
Great minds, right Mari-anne-a? Now let's get back to work.
You know, I wish the press would use that photo of Jamal, but I'm not surprised they don't.
Why they got to make him out to look like a criminal in every picture when he's the victim? You're the girl that's been tweeting about the case all week.
- You got all these people here.
- Some of them.
I mean, people are good with the retweets, but showing up - that's not so easy.
- I know.
When Jamal first got killed, people took to the streets.
But it's been five years, and with a new shooting every month, people forget by the time the case gets to court.
If it gets to court.
I won't forget.
Thank you.
(INAUDIBLE) I can see there's four paladins.
- I see you.
- Why aren't you the dwarf? - I'm the mage.
- You're, well - Why aren't you the dwarf? - Because I'm a paladin.
RAJ: I'm telling you, there's four dragons around.
ALEX: Well, no, you hold on SAM: Fireball! ALEX: Can you hold on two sec ? Can we actually plan out something, please? Well, why are there dragons charging in? - (EXHALES SHARPLY) - (CHATTER CONTINUES) Need to borrow my invisibility cloak? Why didn't you tell Wilson you wrote the memo? Because, in spite of what you think, I'm not a backstabbing bitch.
I don't think that.
Isn't that what your best friend, Ben, told you? I couldn't be trusted because I was born with a silver spoon up my ass.
That's not exactly how he put it.
Look Ben turned the last clerk against me, and it would be nice if we could have each other's backs, right? Yeah.
Thanks for having mine.
Well, don't be too grateful.
I wrote a conservative opinion recommending against the injunction on purging the 911 calls.
Which is exactly what I would have written.
- Really? - I'm not gonna be the counter-clerk.
I'm not gonna be used to knock down the progressive argument.
I'm only writing from his perspective from now on.
Makes sense.
Judge wants to see me.
D did you really accost Evan in the elevator? I did not accost him.
Umm Excuse me? Mr.
Speck? I just asked him if I could pitch him a few app ideas.
Your second day on the job.
Look, you have to pay your dues.
Eventually, you will get your chance to impress Evan.
I already did.
Apparently, he's super stoked about an idea that I had, but Alex took credit for it.
At least you had an idea that was worth stealing.
You gotta be patient.
Work harder than the boys, and eventually you'll get noticed for it.
And, hey, in the meantime, make a few allies.
Not every guy here is a jerk.
Mystic Mango? Isn't that your favorite? Yeah, um, it is.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Hey, um, everything okay with Alex over there? Yeah, fine.
Thanks for asking.
Here comes the future, it's calling Close the door, please.
Am I to believe that you had anything to do with the writing of this memo? - I - Got bulldozed? By Rebecca and Ben? Or just gave up? When I instructed you to write your bench memos without empathy clouding them, I didn't mean I didn't want to hear your point-of-view.
I chose you to clerk this case, because I want to hear the liberal opinion.
So rewrite this memo from your point-of-view.
Have it on my desk by tomorrow morning.
Yes, Your Honor.
One second.
MARIANA: Oh, hey, you're home early.
Well, you didn't actually get fired, did you? No, I have to rewrite this memo, so I'm working from home all night.
Well, you look like you could use a drink.
Uh, no, I shouldn't.
BRYAN: Oh, come on, one drink.
I'm having such a good time with your sister.
I need to know more about you.
Yeah, I guess, like, half a glass.
Famous last words.
So Mariana's been venting about the broholes at her job.
How's the legal business treating you? It's challenging.
She works all the time.
Well, I mean, not all the time.
Anyway, um, like I was saying, we could easily get through all three phases of our build in a week, but they just keep screwing around.
Honey, you are getting paid a lot to do next to nothing.
What's the problem? I could do so much more.
Then do it! As long as your boss looks good in front of his boss, then he's gonna think you're a rock star.
And maybe he'll stop treating you like crap.
BRYAN: Callie, what do you do for fun? Not much lately.
You know what they say about all work and no play? Yeah, I'm a pretty dull girl.
Oh, I don't believe that.
Hey, what's going on? Just having a drink.
Actually, I'm gonna be late.
- Where are you guys going? - 71 Above.
(DAVIA GASPS) That high rise restaurant? Damn, money moves! Enjoy yourselves.
I'll see ya.
- See ya.
- Have fun.
Oh, I will.
I want it I've got it I want it I own it I have a lot of work to do, so Thank you for the wine.
Sure! I own it I want it Just got it Yes, I want it (PIGEON COOING) (COOING CONTINUES) Are you here alone? You've got eyes on the exit sign Do you wanna go I can't let you leave me behind You were first to open your mouth JAZMIN: I haven't seen you since you was showing your face off at Pride, telling people you were Rainbow Dash.
(SIGHING) Thanks for reminding me.
That was, like, forever, right? I know, between work and my art Yeah, well, your art should be your work.
So, how is your job? You know, just making customers uncomfortable.
It's whatever, I mean I'm applying other places and looking for something better.
Didn't you have, like, the highest sales in the store there? Yeah, well It only takes one indignant person to ruffle feathers, right? I got the message.
I mean, they don't want me there.
Especially my manager, and he's a gay guy.
Apparently, "T" is optional when you're LGB.
I'm sorry, Jazmin.
Um Look I know you.
You got your own ish.
But um I'm kind of behind on rent.
Shouldn't you ask Mom or Dad? You know that's not an option for me.
If they knew that you were in trouble? I don't want their help.
I'm done tolerating intolerant people.
How much do you need? Eighteen hundred dollars.
All my life I was waiting for you Now, I've got - Something to lose - All my life I was waiting for you - - Now, I've got - Something to lose - (MUSIC FADES) Hey, free for a drink? (JAZZ MUSIC PLAYS) - Hey, you! - Hi, Jamie! It's so good to see you.
How's L.
treating you? I mean, it's no Turks and Caicos, but it's better seeing a familiar face.
I'm glad you called, then.
I went ahead and ordered us drinks.
(CLEARS THROAT) I, uh, don't know what kind of dive bars you went to at UCSD, but this isn't gonna cover it.
Not that I'd let you pay.
Thank you.
But I hope it's enough to cover your friends and family rate, because I need a lawyer.
I'm ready to run He picked you to clerk a high profile constitutional case? That's huge! Except that I'm the counter-clerk.
Counter-clerk? He chose me to help him anticipate the progressive argument so he could shoot it down and make sure his decisions are appeal-proof.
Is that what he said? Rebecca told me.
Your competition.
This conversation's covered under attorney-client privilege, right? Yes.
Cause I can't talk to anyone outside of chambers and I don't know what to do.
Look, if Judge Wilson knew how he was going to rule, why is he delaying? How do you know he's not on the fence about the 911 calls and that's why he asked you to write this memo? - Oh! Oh! - Whoa! Oh, my I am so sorry! Are you okay? Yes.
Are are you okay? Yeah your white shirt, um It it's just coffee.
Um, or is that bad? It's just a shirt.
- Oh.
Ow! - Ow! Ouch, uh Here, let let me get it.
Oh, no.
It's okay.
I'm really sorry.
I know.
Let's bend the rules - Okay.
- (SHOES SQUEAK) Ghost town, lace bound Follow the sound of my voice I'll take a drag of your love Pass, pass, baby, puff, puff YOUNG MALIKA: Why are they taking him away? Why can't we stay together? SOCIAL WORKER: I'm sorry, honey, we have a a family who'll take you.
DOM: You shouldn't have called C.
- MALIKA: Why didn't you call? - SOCIAL WORKER: It's not right.
YOUNG DOM: Why'd you call them? SOCIAL WORKER: People don't want to take in black boys.
MALIKA: I thought they would keep us together.
DOM: Was the system any better for you? YOUNG MALIKA: Dom! DOM: 'Cause it sure as hell wasn't for me.
YOUNG MALIKA: (CRYING) Dom! Dom! Oh Oh, oh, oh Oh, oh - Oh, oh, oh - - - Oh, oh Oh, oh, whoa ho Oh CALLIE: Think I need to disclose that she lives in my building? Unless Malika's involved with the actual case or she's close to Jamal's family, I don't think you're in any danger of ethical violation.
Look, Callie, as your lawyer and your friend, don't underestimate yourself because some competitive clerk got in your head.
Trust your ability to make a compelling argument and you might just have an impact on Judge Wilson.
So write the memo? Write the memo.
I'd better get to it.
Thank you.
Anytime Uh, and maybe we can grab dinner sometime.
Without attorney-client privilege.
I'm not sure I have time for a personal life.
Ah, I get it, uh The first year out of law school is brutal, but if you need more legal advice, consider your dollar my retainer.
Won't you let me be So for eGIFany, we'll stay with the colors users associate Speckulate with, but create 2-D vectors the engineers have asked for.
Oh, look who's here Our fearless leader.
All right, everyone.
Uh, good work and, oh, congrats to blue team for completing all three phases of the code refactoring.
Alex, your team is killing it this week.
Who's the man who's the man? Uh, I guess I am.
That's right.
Everyone else take note, Alex is raising the bar for the other team leaders.
Okay? So let's get out of here and, uh, get back to work.
- Sorry, Raj.
- All right.
- What happened to your phone? - Dropped it.
Isn't that the girl I told you about in the elevator? I thought she had an app to pitch me.
Yeah, yeah, uh I reached out to her.
She never got back to me, so Hey, you completed all three phases? Yeah, I finished my work, so I thought I'd take the initiative.
Oh, you thought.
Now they're going to expect us to deliver this fast every time.
Well, we can.
This time, yeah, maybe.
What happens if we get a more challenging build next week, huh? - We're screwed.
- Yeah.
Look, I don't give a crap if you think I'm an asshole or what you tell your druggy friends about me.
I'm team leader.
I assign the work and the time that it takes.
He's the leader.
Maybe I need to go to Angela and tell her you can't take direction.
Huh? Hey, sorry about those guys.
Those guys? What about you? You go along with his bullshit all the time.
You know, being a nice guy behind his back doesn't make you a hero.
Thank you for the opportunity to rewrite this, your honor.
I think I managed to keep emotion out of it.
What's your recommendation? To grant the plaintiff's motion for an injunction against the destruction of the 911 calls.
No surprise there.
On what basis? The doctrine of spoliation should prevent the destruction of potential evidence.
If the court finds it as a duty to preserve the evidence.
In Brookshire Brothers v.
Aldridge Which was reversed by the Texas Supreme Court.
Only for the harshness of the verdict, not the merit of the argument.
Which is in relevance to this case.
They refused to turn over all the security footage to show the conditions of Aldridge's injury.
Video footage.
The bodycam footage in the Jamal Thompson case isn't in question.
- Yet they haven't turned it over.
- Well let's not get ahead of ourselves, the video footage will provide conditions of the shooting of Jamal Thompson.
The 911 calls are tangential.
In Smith v.
Superior Court Superseded by Cedar Sinai v.
Superior Court.
Your Honor, if you're not gonna consider my arguments, am I just here to help prepare you to shoot down the progressive argument? What do you mean? Did you hire me to be your counter-clerk? (CHUCKLES) You think I need a kid straight out of a five-year undergrad UC law school to prepare me for the liberal argument? You're here because I like to spar and teach young legal dilettantes how to formulate well-reasoned arguments, regardless of your misguided politics and belief that the Constitution is a living document you can manipulate into making law instead of interpreting it.
Uh, so you can relax.
You're in no danger of arming me with some liberal legal kryptonite that I wouldn't already be well aware of.
Oh, and, uh the simple recommendation is to have me listen to all the 911 calls and cameras you assess if relevant evidence is being withheld.
And even though you failed to present that option, I'll consider it in my ruling this afternoon.
FEMALE REPORTER: The judge is going to rule on the 911 calls first.
If he rules against the plaintiffs, it would indicate he doesn't believe there's merit to the case.
And many legal experts predict he'll then rule on behalf of the defendants to dismiss the case.
MALE REPORTER: If he does, with protesters outside City Hall, the police are on high alert, hoping to prevent the crowd from erupting into violence.
JUDGE WILSON: Upon reviewing the plaintiff's ex parte motion I rule to deny their motion to prevent the destruction of the reported 911 calls due to lack of relevance.
- What are we celebrating? - Not being at work.
- You want some? - No thanks.
You're going out? Yeah, Davia invited me to a jazz club.
Don't you have work in the morning? Mm-hmm.
But since no one wants me to do any actual work, I'm just gonna take the paycheck and have fun.
Hey, what happened in there? Thought you were bronzing that piece.
I needed the money for something else.
It sucked anyway.
It was a little phallic but maybe that's why I liked it.
What was that about yesterday? What? With Callie.
I know.
Davia told me.
I don't like playing games.
I don't like being lied to.
I wasn't seeing her when you asked.
I mean, I was before, but I thought it was over.
Okay We're not exclusive.
Does she know about me? Yeah.
And it's not that you can't come to see Davia, it's just It's awkward.
'Cause Callie lives here.
- Talk about home court advantage.
- It's not a competition.
But if it was, I would totally win, right? (POTS CLANKING) (CALLIE SIGHS) As to the defendant's motion to dismiss this case And the dealer he folds But he can't and he won't walk away motion is denied.
- Court is now adjourned.
- We got a trial.
First constitutional case It's gonna look great on your résumé.
Wilson isn't using me as the counter-clerk.
But thanks for getting in my head.
Did you see the way Callie was looking at that girl sitting next to Jamal's mother? No, why? I don't know.
I think they know each other.
We heard a gunshot They put their hands up I know you had a lot to do with those people out there today.
Yeah, I just tried to put the word out.
You did.
I saw you tweet the video of my speech.
Thank you.
We're gonna have people at the house tonight to celebrate.
I'd love you to join us if you don't have plans.
Gonna runaway until they understand (CROWD CHEERING) I thought you didn't know Jamal's family.
I didn't.
It just sort of Sandra really liked my t-shirt and that I've been working to get people out there.
I can't know about anything she might tell you.
And maybe we should Steer clear of each other.
Maybe for a little while, yeah.
It's just kind of tricky for me until the trial's over.
Got it.
Maybe then, you and I can get that drink, and you can tell me all about how you became a hardened juvenile delinquent.
I'm glad he didn't dismiss the case.
Me too.
- GAEL: Don't worry about this.
This is gonna be on me.
- BRYAN: Oh, I know.
(LINE RINGING) DOM'S VOICEMAIL: This is Dom Leave a message, and I'll call you right back - probably.
- (BEEP) MALIKA: Hey, D, it's Mika Sorry about tonight.
I just couldn't with Mom.
But I want you in my life.
I really do, I just can't let her back in.
I hope you get that.
I love you.
The point was to show the nurturing side of masculinity.
But Okay, technically, maybe it was a phallus.
A phallus without malice? GAEL: Yeah, exactly.
BRYAN: So what's going on with the show? JAMIE: So glad you could find time for me in your busy schedule.
A girl's gotta eat.
Our table should be ready in a couple minutes.
JAMIE: Oh, you know that guy? Yeah, he lives in my building.

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