Good Trouble (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Playing the Game

1 Previously on Good Trouble This is Mariana Adams Foster.
- For real? You're an engineer? - Yes.
We'll get you started on some data entry.
MARIANA: I was hired to develop software.
I'm team leader.
I assign the work and the time that it takes.
I've been trying not to say "I'm sorry" as a feminist.
- Is it someone's birthday? - My best friend, Sumi.
- MARIANA: I thought that was your girlfriend.
- We're engaged! I want you to be my maid-of-honor.
I just happen to be still in love with her.
This is Rebecca, this is Ben.
Fellow clerks.
CALLIE: You're angry that the judge gave me the Jamal Thompson case.
I don't allow empathy to distort my judgment, and I have no use for clerks who do.
You told your friends I'm clerking the Jamal case? MALIKA: Was I not supposed to? CALLIE: No one's supposed to know what cases I'm working on.
I could get fired! You're on the master list And you ain't ever gonna Get up off of this stage You're gonna be exalted just like a queen Get used to this face Don't go fading out Oh, you're fading now - Mariana - Sorry.
You shine Brighter than all the others Good night! - CALLIE: Mariana! - MARIANA: Sorry.
So, on a scale of one to ten, how deep is the shit we're in? A shit-ten.
Get it? Like shit-ton? You sure you can handle another? I can drink any Harvard grad under the table.
(BEN SCOFFS) We'll see about that.
We knew how to party at Yale.
Harvardians are notoriously boring.
You'll always be ranked number two to our number one.
Have you ever seen the judge that angry before? - No.
- Nope.
Could you imagine being his kid? Probably a reason they're both studying abroad.
His son's not.
How do you know? The judge said he's doing a semester at sea.
Well, he's not.
I met him.
- What? - When? That was awkward.
You think? - You didn't have to rub it in.
- Me? Wait a minute.
I forgot my phone.
You need to get a grip on that thing.
You don't want to miss another important call.
We'll wait for you out here.
Maybe down the street.
Yeah! Yeah, that's true (KNOCKING) Sorry, I left my phone in the bathroom.
Come in.
We still have company.
Sorry, I thought they were gone.
Pa-pa-pa, pa-pa-pa, pa-pa Pa-pa-pa, pa-pa-pa, pa-pa And then we'll find our peace of mind You and me, bel ami Pa-pa-pa, pa-pa What about Justice John Marshall Harlan? The "Great Dissenter?" You realize he argued against segregation for blacks, but agreed that Chinese were so different from whites that they couldn't become U.
So, not so great.
Guess they didn't teach you that at Yale.
What about a case like Gideon v.
Wainwright ? Too easy.
Harlan's not easy? BEN: How about Lieutenant Watada? He refused to deploy to Iraq in 2006, 'cause he thought the war was illegal.
Interesting how someone with no political convictions, chooses Watada, who stood up for his.
BEN: My political conviction is to get Wilson to feed me to an appellate judge and then the Supreme Court.
So you can change the world? (SCOFFS) So I can write my ticket to any law firm in the country and get rich.
- Of course.
- Some of us weren't born with a trust fund.
How do you know I have a trust fund? You don't? What about Jamal Thompson? You don't have to keep reminding us you got the case we all wanted.
I wasn't.
Sometimes the last thing you think of is the thing that's right in front of you.
All right, I will see you all tomorrow at my house.
I'm gonna barbecue.
Oh, and, uh, just so you know, I've never been stumped, but don't let that stop you from trying.
Remember, case or legal figure.
We're at holiday, and we have to spend it at his house playing twenty questions.
BEN: Speaking of questions, I have one for Callie.
Remember that girl who entered the courtroom late? The one Jamal's mother waved over to sit next to her? Do you know her? Why would you think I know her? It's just the way you were looking at her.
I saw her on the courthouse steps protesting.
So, yeah, I recognized her.
But you don't know her.
Asked and answered.
All right.
DAVIA: All of my friends from home are married, and a few are even the good kind of pregnant.
On purpose.
I just don't know what I'm doing here.
I never even wanted to be a teacher.
Then why are you? Because Teach for America helps pay your student loans, and I thought it would give me time to figure out what the hell I want to do.
I still have no clue.
Maybe I should have stayed in Fitchburg, maybe I'd be married and have a house and a yard.
Oh, so Jeff's in town.
- Who's Jeff? - A friend from high school.
- BRYAN: A friend with benefits.
- Okay.
And she only talks about moving home when he's visiting, so Yes, he's in town.
In fact, I have to run.
We're getting drinks.
Well, have him join us.
I want to meet this guy.
Yeah, me too.
He's very corn-fed.
I love corn! Don't worry.
We'll be nice.
Okay Oh, I ordered us Veuve, on me.
Okay, Champagne Mami , I see you! - BOTTLE SERVICE: Thank you.
- While I may hate working at Speckulate, I do love those fat paychecks.
- Cheers.
- Cheers! Uh, Mariana, could you respond to the group chat about the Digital Planet account? Oh, yeah, sorry.
Doing that now.
(LAUGHTER) - Jeez! - Very funny, Alex! Wow, Mariana, I don't think I have to tell you this is very inappropriate workplace behavior.
You know, I could take this to H.
Oh, so could I.
This could be considered sexual harassment.
Raj, do you feel harassed? (LAUGHS) Yeah, a little.
I'm just curious: why my boy, Raj? (INDIAN ACCENT) Hmm? Because he's the most eligible bachelor - from Pakistan? - Dude, I'm Indian.
(INDIAN ACCENT) Would you like to charm his snake? - (ALEX LAUGHS) - You think you're being funny? Talk about harassment.
Come on, Raj knows I'm kidding, right, Raj? It's fine.
(INDIAN ACCENT) This snake can't be tamed! (LAUGHING) There it is.
See, not everybody's so sensitive.
If you wanna be part of the team, you gotta learn to take a joke, Mariana.
So we can add racist on top of sexist and overall douchiness.
- Ugh.
- At least you're making bank, girl.
I'm hardly getting by.
So where's your sister tonight? Don't you mean, where's Gael tonight? No, and I know where he is.
- Mmm.
- He went to see his parents.
Okay, well, don't put her in the middle.
Don't worry.
I'm Sweden.
Yeah, I think you mean Switzerland.
Well, she's working as always.
Not always JEFF: Hey there, beautiful.
DAVIA: Hi! MEERA: So my brother's gonna be my "best man," and then we're gonna share bridesmaids.
I want a big traditional wedding.
Anything Baby wants Aww Oh, Alice, what are those flowers you always get me? - he ones I love so much? - Peonies.
I want those.
Oh, and there's this wedding planning site called ITheeWed.
biz, which is supposed to be really helpful.
Okay, yeah, I'll check it out.
There's a registration fee.
I'll Venmo you.
Don't worry.
I got it.
So we are trying to figure out where to get married.
- What do you think? - How about you get married up your stupid little ass, you bitch? - What do you think? - Maybe a beach wedding might be nice.
Or we could get married here on the roof.
I mean, it's beautiful at sunset.
And we could have, like, gardenias floating in the pool.
- Hey, babe, we gotta go.
- Oh, great, okay.
- Love you! - Love you, too.
- Don't even say it.
- Why are you doing this? It's like exposure therapy, okay? If I help her plan this wedding, then I'll be numb to the fact that she's not marrying me.
And if she's a total bridezilla, maybe I'll even end up hating her.
Hey, Alice, the WI-FI's still real spotty in my loft.
I just had this guy install this extender last week.
Yeah, well, the signal still sucks.
So, look, I think it's only fair that I don't pay my part of the internet bill anymore.
Yeah, that, um, sounds reasonable, I guess.
Oh, um, we're out of toilet paper, too.
I'll take care of it.
Okay, so I drew a penis and balls with sharpie on the white board.
And then with a dry-erase pen, I drew a tail and floppy ears, eyes, whiskers so it looked like a dog.
And when Mrs.
Hillebrand went to wipe it off Only the penis was left.
The look on her face was priceless.
You can't complain about being a teacher ever again.
- (PHONE BUZZING) - Yeah, karma's a bitch.
- Oh, that's weird.
- What? My house alarm just went off.
Probably nothing, it's probably just the dog.
I'll be right back.
- Okay.
- Okay.
So, he's fantastic.
And so into you.
Are you sure this is just friends with benefits? Ohhh, maybe more.
Okay, well, I have to pee.
- Order another round on me.
- Absolutely! Yeah, if it was the motion sensor in the living room, it was probably the dog.
No, I'm actually out of town right now.
Did you try my wife? Okay, you should have her cell phone on record.
Okay, thanks.
You're nothing till you're not Are you a big shot Are you all about the play? I want to be played Is this gonna be, like, a nightly thing? - What? - Going out? Drinking? It's not like I have a demanding job.
Also, I heard you went out with Jamie the other night.
Thanks for sharing.
Who told you that? Bryan.
He said he and Gael saw you out.
Was that, like, totally awkward? Why is Bryan talking to you about me? I don't know, I guess he's just curious about you and Gael, but I told him I'm Sweden.
Oh, wait Switzerland? Where are you going now? Getting dressed for work so I can just roll out of bed in the morning.
It's not like you to just give up on your job.
I'm not, I'm biding time.
Being patient, blah blah blah Oh, I need your advice on something.
Like you'll take it.
I take your advice.
Anyway Davia's been hooking up with this guy from her hometown when he's in L.
on business, and I overheard him on the phone talking about his wife.
He's married! And Davia's talking about how she's falling for him and how she wants to move home to Wisconsin.
- Should I tell her? - No.
It's always the messenger who gets shot.
Just stay out of it.
Mariana? Mariana! Can you come with me, please? Uh, yeah Am I in trouble? Oh, no no We'd like you to be in the photo for our new career page, highlighting our engineers.
Well, I've only been working here for a couple weeks.
No worries, we want to show our fresh new faces, too.
(PHOTOGRAPH SNAPPING) We've worked hard at Speckulate to nurture a diverse and inclusive workplace, where everyone has equal opportunity to participate and rise in a safe and supportive environment.
I think you'd fit in great.
Wow, that sounds amazing.
- When do I start? - (ANGELA LAUGHS) ANGELA: Now, uh, if you'll just jump on in there Then later this afternoon, we'll do the on camera interviews for digital.
Wait, uh, interviews for what? Just how great the culture is.
You know, that kind of thing.
MARIANA: The culture sucks! So does this so-called "diversity.
" Most of our engineering staff are white guys, but who do they cherry-pick to put on the jobs page? The handful of women and people of color.
So what else is new? Every company, every school tries to advertise as "diverse.
" Doesn't it bother you? (SCOFFS) Does it bother me that eighty percent of tech execs are white and fifteen percent of engineers are women? (SARCASTIC) Um, yeah! Well, you know what? I got sold a bill of goods in my interview, and I'm not gonna help perpetuate a lie that this is a female-friendly, diverse workplace.
Okay, so, what are you gonna do? Tell it like it is.
- Do you know Claudia in engineering? - No.
I'll tell you why She told it like it is and suddenly left to seek other opportunities.
And her male colleague? Yeah, he got promoted.
Am I frustrated that I have to work twice as hard to get half as far as white men? Hell yeah! But blowing up your career is not gonna change the culture around here, Mariana.
You can vent to me anytime, but I would hat for us to lose another talented Latina engineer.
See you in a bit.
So great to finally meet you, Callie.
Rebecca and Ben just arrived.
CALLIE: Hey, are you guys bringing anything tomorrow? - I'm not.
- Me either.
Oh, these flowers are gorgeous, Ben, thank you! And Rebecca, I can't wait to open this lovely bottle of Château Margaux.
Welcome! Well, I hope you're hungry.
I'm grilling steaks.
I'm so happy to finally meet you all.
I always insist that he invite his new clerks to the house, but we've been so busy.
I'm curious to learn what you've chosen to try to stump me with.
Now Curtis, don't talk shop the whole time.
In this house, I'm the judge and jury.
Your Honor, permission to approach the bench? Proceed.
I'm gonna go put these flowers in some water.
Well, I think I have chosen a very challenging case or legal figure for you three to guess.
Uh, we're playing, too? Of course! And I've added a twist.
Whomever guesses first, if anyone guesses at all, gets to steal a case of their choice from another clerk.
So, how do you like your steaks cooked? (GIGGLING) I've sifted through a desert In my heart - DAVIA: I've been thinking - JEFF: Mm-hmm? DAVIA: about maybe moving back home.
Be closer to my family, closer to you.
I love my kids, they're bright and they want to learn, but my classroom's too big.
Each kid's at a different level.
They only gave me six weeks of training before I started.
They deserve a real teacher.
They're lucky to have a teacher who cares.
It's hard not to care too much.
They don't have the resources they deserve.
Without support, I see why teachers burn out, you know? What would you do back home? Hmmm, get a less stressful job, like a bomb defuser.
- Ooooo.
- (LAUGHTER) We could see more of each other.
- Mm-hmm.
- Is that something you want? It's something that I'd very much want.
You are so good to me LIBBY: So Ben, where are you from? Denver, born and raised.
- You must be a Broncos fan.
- Yes, ma'am.
So how do you feel about the NFL fining players who kneel during the anthem? I think a private employer has the right to set standards of conduct and enact reprisals if need be.
I don't find it appropriate that they disrespect the anthem when there are other methods to getting their point across.
I think the NFL is right in punishing them.
Sounds like the senator from Texas speaking.
Do you ever break ranks with your grandfather? Not if I want to stay in the will.
(JUDGE WILSON LAUGHS) Fair enough Callie? I think it's a clear violation of the First Amendment.
I'm so tired of liberals misinterpreting the First Amendment.
As opposed to conservatives using it to allow corporations to buy off political candidates and discriminate against gay people? Technically, freedom of speech only protects citizens from government censorship.
When the President of the United States is pressuring a private employer to adopt a punitive workplace rule, that is government censorship.
Not to mention the NFL changed their terms of employment without consulting the players' union, which is a violation of good-faith bargaining, and against the law.
- That's a stretch.
- Yeah, agreed.
- I disagree.
- See? Ha.
I don't like the kneeling during our national anthem, but Callie makes a compelling argument for why this expressive conduct should be protected.
So what do you all do for fun? Your husband doesn't give us much time to have fun.
I sing in a quartet.
Oh, that's interesting! - Callie? - When I have spare time, I usually spend it having casual sex with a guy in my building.
I like photography and art.
What about you and the judge? We play golf, see friends WILSON: Yeah, with the kids away at college, it's nice to have her to myself.
What colleges do your kids go to? Oh, they both are studying abroad at the moment.
LIBBY: Allison's at Smith, but she's doing a year in France.
And Tate's at Berkeley, but he's doing a semester at sea.
Oh, Berkeley, that's a pretty liberal university.
Mmm, so was Stanford, but I came out okay.
So? Are we ready to play the game? Hmm? Who wants to go first? BEN: I'll go.
- Is it a legal character? - No.
So it's a legal case.
Was it heard by the Supreme Court? - Yes.
- Was it a split 5-4 decision? - Yes.
- Was it politically controversial? Yes! Is it Bush v.
Gore ? Are you a mind reader? Wait, so we never needed that extender? No, you need a new router.
Can I at least return the extender? It's a refurbished one, so no.
Well, we can't afford a new router right now.
Okay, then Service call's ninety bucks.
You misdiagnosed the problem last time.
Why should I have to pay another service call? Because I got a wife with cancer, a child with a disability, - and a dog with - Okay, okay, okay, just Jeez! I'm sorry.
Wow, sorry.
Let me know if you want me to install that new router.
Can I just ask, is that gonna be another service call? Well, yeah.
Did he pimp our WI-FI? No, I wish.
The Coterie's out of money this month.
Oh, hey Alice, we're out of toilet paper.
I just bought more this morning.
But if the Coterie's out of money, how are you paying for all this toilet paper? Don't worry about it, okay? It's I've got it covered.
Out of pocket? Look, I made a commitment to serve this community.
And as ridiculous as it may sound, that includes providing free toilet paper, okay? For everyone, okay? For you, for me Just people rely on me, and I'm not gonna I'm not gonna let them down.
- Okay? - Okay.
Let go.
You want to pray about it? So I guessed it.
Bush v.
Gore .
No! No, do you really think that I would choose such an obvious case? - Was this a 21st century case? - Yes.
- Was Justice Scalia on the court? - Yes.
- Did Scalia write the dissenting opinion? - No.
Was the petitioner an individual or a corporation? Yes or no questions only.
- Individual? - I'm sorry, you lost your turn.
Was the petitioner an individual? Yes, multiple individuals.
Can we take a time out? I need to use the restroom.
Hand over your phone.
You calling me a cheater? I'm not calling you a saint.
How about we just finish the game after dessert? Let's make some room.
So listen, the case is Glossip v.
I hate it when Curtis pits his clerks against each other, and I like you best, so Just wrap it up and put an end to this.
(MOTOR REVVING) Oh, early day? No I have to change for a work interview.
This is too wrinkly.
Maybe if you didn't sleep in your clothes It buys me ten extra minutes of sleep.
What's this interview about? (SIGHING) They want me to talk about how great it is to work at Speckulate.
I feel like a total sellout.
Why aren't you at work? I called in sick to spend the day in bed with Jeff.
He wants me to move back to Wisconsin.
I feel like I have to tell you something.
I overheard Jeff talking on the phone about his wife.
He's married, Davia.
I know.
How long have you known? Since I sang at their wedding.
(SCOFFS) They're not happy.
But still How can you date a married man? How can you say how great it is to work at Speckulate? You do it for the big fat paycheck I do it for the sex.
And because he gets me, and he makes me feel good about myself.
So you do you, and I'll do me.
Who did this? Who who clogged the toilet with a shit-ton waste of paper? Are you kidding? We're supposed to be sharing resources, not just flushing it down the toilet, okay? I'm not gonna drown every ounce of toilet paper and Mother Earth down the drain, okay? And someone else can do it for once! I'm not gonna do it! You get one more question each, then you have to guess.
- Was it a 2nd Amendment case? - No.
Did the case deal with administrative law? No.
Was it a civil or criminal case? I just told Rebecca yes or no questions only.
Sorry, you lose your turn, and you have to guess first.
What's my case? LIBBY: Glossip v.
Are you Hill v.
McDonough? No.
WILSON: Rebecca? Are you Burwell v.
Hobby Lobby? I am not.
Two down, one to go.
Are you Glossip v.
Gross? I am not.
I'm Hollingsworth v.
You're welcome to turn over the card if you don't believe me.
Of course, I believe you, Your Honor.
So What do you three geniuses have for me? You look nice.
I mean, uh, did you change? Are you doing this interview? Yeah, we sort of have to.
And you're fine with saying how diverse and inclusive the culture is here? Aren't you sick of putting up with people like Alex and Sam? I mean, don't you ever want to say something? All the time! But if I do, you know that'll just make things worse.
Well, you may be able to play that game, but They want to know what it's like to work here, I'm gonna tell them.
And if I get fired, then at least someone had the guts to speak up.
(ALICE GRUNTS) Why are you doing that? Who else is gonna do it? No one as long as everyone knows you will.
Can't believe I lost it over toilet paper.
I'm an awful person.
You know, if you were an awful person, I'd still be living in my car.
Come on, that was nothing.
Nothing? You split your loft for me.
You gave me a safe place to live where I had friends and support.
That was not "nothing.
" But you also set boundaries.
You gave me three months to get on my feet, get a better job, and pay the rent.
Or else I'd have to go.
- I said that? - Yes.
- That's so mean.
- I'm gonna smack you.
You were much nicer back then.
That's because I didn't know you, now we're family.
You gotta stop letting people take advantage of you.
I have commitments, okay? You are not the Mother Teresa of ass-wiping.
You don't have to give people free toilet paper or plan Sumi's stupid wedding.
Sometimes you gotta break your commitments to take care of yourself, Alice.
(UPBEAT ROCK MUSIC) Oh, good, come on in.
Please give us your name and position.
My name is Mariana Adams Foster.
I'm an engineer.
And tell us what it's like working at Speckulate.
CASEY: Blowing up your career is not gonna change the culture around here, Mariana.
You can vent to me anytime, but I would hate for us to lose another talented Latina engineer.
Tell us what it's like, working at Speckulate.
It sucks.
The culture is sexist and racist, and it's a big boys' club.
It's great! It's a real meritocracy.
There's a lot of opportunity for growth.
- Am I considered a conservative figure? - No.
- Am I a defendant? - No.
- Am I Hayward Patterson? - No.
- Am I Dred Scott? - No.
- Am I on the Supreme Court? - No.
- Am I a president? - No.
Did I ever work for the United States government? - No.
- Am I a well known activist? - No.
- Am I considered a jurist? - No.
- Do I apply the law on behalf of clients? - No.
- Am I a U.
citizen? - Yes.
- Am I a man? - Yes.
- Am I from the South? - Yes.
- Have I ever been accused of committing a crime? Yes.
Am I John W.
Terry? No.
You're down to your last two questions.
Only two? Are you sure? Maybe you're about to get stumped for the first time.
Are you mocking me, Ben? (CLEARING THROAT) Uh, no, no sir.
Have I been involved in a high profile case within the last decade? - Yes.
- Last question.
I'm aware.
Was the case tried in Florida? Yes.
Who are you? Am I petitioner Terrence Jamar Graham? You are not! (LAUGHING) Is this a joke? How is Hulk Hogan considered a legal character? - Because of his suit against Gawker.
- Yeah.
I can't say that your choice was terribly clever or completely legitimate, but I'll concede defeat.
Thank you for coming.
I know you have work to do, seeing as you're all behind on your casework.
See that you're caught up by Monday morning.
So much for my Norma Rae moment.
It's an old movie.
My moms love it.
My grandfather's favorite movie was Rocky.
(INDIAN ACCENT) Every champion was once a contender who refused to give up.
I made the mistake of imitating him once, and now Alex thinks it's okay for him to put on an Indian accent and make jokes.
Why do you laugh? I guess to make them feel more comfortable with me being different than them, and prove I'm not too sensitive.
Why do we make them comfortable when we're the ones getting hurt? To get ahead, we have to fit in to succeed.
Okay, don't laugh, but In high school I dyed my hair blonde so I would make the dance team.
(RAJ LAUGHS) I just said "don't laugh.
" Sorry, I'm not laughing at you.
I dyed my hair, too in high school.
Frosted tips to fit in with my skater friends.
Wow! I thought, after school, we'd be done with all that.
Thought it'd be different in the workplace.
Me, too.
Alex and Sam are lucky they can just be themselves.
As a woman, I can't even wear a dress to work, because people won't take me seriously.
Well, I take you seriously.
And the next time we go out as a team, you're coming with.
Honestly, I really don't want to hang out socially with Alex or Sam.
Honestly, me either.
(BOTH LAUGH) Well, maybe we can just get a drink one night.
RAJ: Anytime.
How about tonight? Sure! I wish you could fly out in the morning.
I know, me too.
I've got meetings.
So listen, I've been thinking You should extend your contract to Teach for America.
I think you're idealizing home, just because you're struggling here.
I envy that you left, and you live in this cool place in this great city.
I wish I'd had the courage to leave.
I think I'm just saying to just give it more time before you decide to move home.
You were always meant for more than just Fitchburg.
You're right.
I'll be back in a few weeks.
- I'll call you then? - Sure.
I dreamt of the vast empty I dreamt it was the sea I dreamt that you'd sing me to sleep, A nd in the morning touch my cheek and say Wake up You been dreamin' The day away, the day away Here's to being the first clerks to ever stump Wilson.
Which we're all gonna pay for.
- Another round? - Not for me.
We have a lot of work to do before Monday.
I'll take a rain check on drinking you under the table.
I still can't get over the judge hiding his son upstairs.
You get any idea why? We still have company.
Sorry, I thought they were gone.
You, uh, showed a lot of character today.
I know Libby told you that the case was Glossip v.
You could have cheated tonight, but you didn't.
To me that earned you the right to keep your case.
I expect that information to stay between us.
Of course.
Thank you.
Good night.
Uh, I know that you've all come to depend on me.
Not to say that I'm not Not that I'm not dependable.
I'm very dependable.
(EXHALING) I feel horrible, you know Because I know I made a promise.
But after lengthy deliberation and input from some Coterie members that shall remain nameless, um I am s sor (SOTTO VOICE) Dammit.
Um I'm not pleased to announce that I will no longer be providing communal toilet paper.
Okay Is that all? Yes, uh I'm happy to take questions.
- All right, whatever.
There's there's chips! I made salsa.
- Self-respect.
- Yeah.
- Doesn't it feel good? - Mm-hmm.
Guys, this is my co-worker, Raj.
- Hi.
- Hi, how's it going? MARIANA: And this is Davia, and this is Bryan.
- RAJ: Hey.
- (GASPING) Quick, Mariana! Look over on your far right.
- Gray jacket.
- (GASPS) Oooo, yes! One hundred percent.
That is so my type.
I would climb him like a tree.
(LAUGHTER) Oh, fudge! SUMI: Alice, are you in here? Yeah.
SUMI: I wanted to talk to you about bridesmaids dresses.
Okay, uh, I'll be right out.
Love you.
(SNIFFLING) I love you, too.
What is happening here? Are we all about to disappear? (CRYING) Are we holding in our hands the last chance? I can go it alone from here.
I don't mind.
You, uh, shouldn't walk alone at night.
Anyway, if I was wrong about Glossip v.
Gross, why not turn over the index card? Unless I was right, and the judge didn't want me to win.
Why? Maybe he didn't want me to steal your case, which I never would have done, by the way.
I just don't know how to get Wilson to like me.
I mean, I'm a likable guy, right? Maybe if you didn't just say what you think he wants to hear.
Look, I'm not the counter-clerk, all right? That's your job.
This is me.
Oh, you, uh, live in a theater.
- Yeah, the top floors are lofts.
- Nice.
You, uh, got anything to drink up there? I'm beat.
Yeah, no worries.
Maybe maybe another time.
Thanks for the walk home.
No problem.
Good night.
You okay?
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