Good Trouble (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

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1 Previously on Good Trouble His only crime was being a black kid in a white neighborhood.
CALLIE: Maybe we should MALIKA: Steer clear of each other.
- Where were you? - (SIGHS) MARIANA: I don't see why you guys have to sneak around.
CALLIE: Everybody knows everybody's business here.
I don't want 'em knowing mine.
That's a thing, right? The customizable filters was my idea.
Great minds right? MARIANA: While I may hate working at Speculate, I do love those fat paychecks.
You know what they say about all work and no play.
CALLIE: Yeah, I'm a pretty dull girl.
BRYAN: I don't believe that.
GAEL: I don't like playing games.
BRYAN: I don't like being lied to.
Wait 'till we're running out of time (PANTING) Why do I always do this to myself To myself Wait 'till we're running out of time (TRAFFIC NOISE) (ELEVATOR MUSIC PLAYING) Maybe they're having a hard time finding somewhere to park.
Oh, Alice and Davia offered to cook a big dinner for Moms tomorrow night.
Maybe we should go out.
You know how everyone can get sometimes.
I'm sure everyone will be on their best behavior.
You need to chill.
Moms aren't exactly thrilled about this whole communal living thing.
And I want them to have a good impression of The Coterie.
(FRENCH POP SONG PLAYING) How's it looking? It looks amazing.
Oh, but there's like a little bubble there, you see it right there on your left? - ALICE: Yeah, got it.
- Perfect.
Hi! Just right over there by that fireplace.
- Hi! Thank you.
- ALICE: You guys need help? Um, just right over there is perfect.
- (RINGTONE) - (HAMMERING) What about Gael? What kind of impression do you want Moms to have of him? What do you mean? How are you gonna introduce him? As your secret lover? Not introducing him as anything.
It's like we're in a relationship.
Take it off, take it all off I wanna see what's underneath Maybe we're weren't made for each other But that don't mean we can't love one another Spend another night under all these covers With me You ever afraid you won't be able to live up to your potential? All the time.
No sleep for us till daylight comes Between you and I, you're my only one CALLIE: The longer she's been gone, the harder it is to remember her.
I was only 10 when she died.
GAEL: What was foster care like? CALLIE: A nightmare.
I think you are a really talented artist.
And I will love you tonight CALLIE: We're so lucky Stef and Lena found us.
I wouldn't be who I am today without them.
Might not even be here at all.
GAEL: Thank God you are.
So, do you think Gael's still seeing Bryan? I don't know.
How could he? You're up there every night.
Not every night.
(ELEVATOR HUMMING) Okay, so it's important that we are excited about their first apartment.
We trust them, and we're not overly protective or critical.
Got it.
If their hair's on fire, just smile and say nothing.
Do you ladies know where I can find - the manager of this place? - (DOOR OPENS) Um, that would be me.
- Something wrong? - (ELEVATOR DINGS) We got an anonymous tip that this place is a fire trap.
Fire trap? What? - You're here! Hi! - Yay! - Hi! - Hey.
- Missed me? - Yeah, beautiful girl.
Look at you.
How was the drive? - Is everything okay? - Yeah, of course.
- Hi, hello.
- Oh! Alice.
These are our moms, Stef and Lena.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- You guys have amazing hair.
- Nice to meet you.
INSPECTOR: I can see one problem right away.
There's lights out on an exit sign.
ALICE: I think it's just dimmer in the daytime.
Uh, let's show you The Coterie.
- What's going on? - This way.
Um, hey ladies, can anyone just come up on this elevator? 'Cause we just (WHISTLE) you know, right up here.
Oh, well they lock the lobby doors after 10:00 PM at night.
MARIANA: Which is annoying if you forget your key.
Especially when you wake me up at 3:00 AM to let you in.
Why are you coming home at 3:00 AM? Uh, you know, just on the weekend.
(CHUCKLE) Here, lemme help you with this.
So this the grand foyer! (THEME MUSIC PLAYING) And then we'll find our peace of mind You and me, Melanie LENA: My goodness, this is very grand.
This is absolutely gorgeous.
Okay, what about The Coterie door? - There's no lock on - Oh, we have locks on our lofts.
INSPECTOR: How often do you change the batteries on the fire alarms? ALICE: Uh, every six months.
You know when we fall back and spring forward.
Um, so this is the bathroom.
CALLIE: Over here.
Okay, go see the bathrooms.
There's no wall.
STEF: Wow.
You guys do know everyone that lives here, right? - Yeah.
- MARIANA: Definitely.
Hi! Uh, these are our moms.
Hey, Moms.
I'm Aria.
- Yes, Aria.
- MARIANA: That's right.
It's okay, we haven't met.
I don't live here.
- Right.
- We knew that.
I'm Dennis.
I do live here.
It's nice to meet you.
- Oh, hi.
- Hi.
- No.
- Okay.
Let's keep going with the tour.
Hey, we got an improv class later, - if you're interested.
- Cool.
Oh! And I baked some cookies.
They're on the kitchen table.
- Have fun.
- Hey, you too.
So, that's the kitchen, that's the lounge.
Oh, and look.
Here are the cookies.
Oh! Thank you, sweetheart.
I'm starving.
When was the last time the fire extinguisher was certified? Uh, recently? I think.
Davia had bangs, I remember.
CALLIE: Right this way.
Callie, sweetheart, what is So, this is like, the library.
This is amazing.
Where are the fire extinguishers, anyway? Uh, and our loft.
CALLIE: Ta-da! Oh, this is absolutely gorgeous.
Look at these amazing windows! Wow, where'd you get all this furniture? Uh, Mariana's been on a shopping spree.
You know, just Craigslist and sales.
Well, it's all very tasteful.
Thank you.
Picked it all out myself.
Um, I got you these.
Shampoos and toothbrushes and toilet paper.
- STEF: Wow.
- Yeah.
- Sweetheart, amazing.
- How long are we staying for? The toilet paper used to be free, but Alice had this huge meltdown because everyone was over-wiping.
(CHUCKLE) Aw, poor Alice.
Um, speaking of the bathroom.
Who's that guy Dennis? What's his story? Oh, uh - He's definitely the oldest person here.
- Mmm.
I don't really know what he does for money.
But we wants to be a rock star.
Uh, he's a really nice guy.
Yeah, totally.
He's just a little intense.
So, how are your jobs going? - Really good.
- Great.
Yeah? I mean, I know you can't talk about what goes on in chambers, but any interesting cases? (MUSIC ON RADIO) CALLIE: Hey.
Can I come in? (SHUTS DOOR) Um I just wanted to let you know that our moms are coming to stay this weekend.
And I haven't told them about the Jamal case.
Or that I'm clerking it.
I won't out you.
(CHUCKLE) And I can make myself scarce.
No, I want them to meet you.
I think they'd really like you.
I just don't want them to feel like things are weird between us.
- I'm sorry it's weird.
- Me, too.
Hopefully once the trial's over, it won't be.
A few.
But like you said, I really can't talk about them.
STEF: This is tempered glass, right? 'Cause it's, you know Right over I don't know who sleeps here.
But who's bed is this? - Um - What's this for? Um, oh, that.
Um That is our chamber pot.
Um, just in case you don't want to run to the communal bathroom in the night.
You pee in it.
But you don't poop in it because, um Okay.
I asked you to do one thing.
I'm sorry I forgot to hide the pee pot.
Did you have to mention all The Coterie drama? Are you purposely trying to freak Moms out? You're the only one that's freaking out.
Moms are fine.
It's not just about where they are living, it is who they are living with.
What is up with this Dennis character and the young girl? For all we know, he could be a predator that is trying to get our daughters in the showers.
- They take showers together! - Would you stop? - Calm down and sit.
- But Just stop.
Lena, remember our one-minute meditation? Okay, a one-minute meditation - is not gonna change - Shush.
- Please don't shush me.
- Shush.
- I'm upset and - Shush.
Close your eyes.
A minute is just a moment with handles on it.
A beginning, a middle, and an end.
I'm gonna finish my cookie while we do this.
Just breathe.
These are really good.
I feel like Mama's okay, but Mom seems anxious.
You think her anxiety's back? I think you're projecting.
You know, you could've splurged on a more expensive bottle of wine.
I'll leave the splurging to you.
So, this is the roof.
Callie spends a lot of time up here.
STEF: Wow, look at that view.
LENA: And the pool.
- Oh.
- Oh.
STEF: Hi there.
Hi! Hi, Gael.
- Really nice to meet you.
- I'm one of the moms.
Nice to meet you.
- Blegh.
- I'm sorry.
Didn't mean to get you wet.
I bet you say that to all the ladies.
Look at the color of the sky right now.
STEF: Wow.
It is beautiful.
You're right, baby.
Uh, this is Bryan.
- Yeah, sorry.
- Hi.
It's the other guy.
- How are you? - Oh, no, I won't Get you wet.
Why not? That's not fair.
(GIGGLING) LENA: So, where do you guys live? BRYAN: Well, I don't live here.
Why are there so many half naked people who don't live here running around here? This is my loft.
- STEF: This is your loft? - Yeah.
- So you do live here? - Yeah.
Was this a greenhouse? Yeah, used to be in the old days.
You must get amazing light.
I have always wanted to live in a greenhouse.
(STEF MURMURS) LENA: I think I was a plant in a former life.
I think I was Cleopatra.
(GIGGLING) - You guys wanna check it out? - STEF: Can we? Yes, please.
'Cause she wants to see the loft.
(JIGGLES HANDLE) Oh, I'm sorry.
Oh, my God, I'm so sorry.
It's a push.
You gotta push to get in here.
(GIGGLE) Look at the way the golden light of day's end washes over these walls.
Is this a working tub? It is so big.
Like, two people can fit in here.
STEF: Have you ever done that? - (GASP) - Oh, my God, my wrinkles.
Are Moms drunk? They've had, like, a half a glass of wine.
Did you do this? Yeah, I did.
I think I see the shape of a bison in there.
No way, baby look at this.
It's like a maze.
Ooh! These textures.
Do you see? I see a pickle.
(LAUGHING) Okay, maybe we should get you guys something to eat.
(GASPS) I want chips.
- Okay.
- And beef.
- Bison.
- Yes.
LENA: Like a bison burger.
STEF: So, is Bryan Gael's boyfriend? - CALLIE: I don't know.
- MARIANA: They're dating.
Like, casually.
I think.
- What do I know? - Nothing.
You sure you don't wanna do some improv? - LENA: Oh, no, no, no.
- STEF: Yeah.
What? (GIGGLING) It'll be fun.
Let's do this.
Here I go! I'm in! Yes! Alright.
- Please don't touch me.
- Okay, I'm sorry.
DENNIS: Suggestion from the audience.
- STEF: Chocolate.
- This is gonna be a disaster.
This is gonna be hilarious.
(LAUGHING) (MIMICKING POWER WINDOWS) DENNIS: How long you been driving a taxi? It's not a taxi, it's a (GIGGLES) It's a It's a spaceship.
- (IMITATING BEEPING SOUNDS) - (LAUGHING) - Gonna go to Jupiter - Yeah, okay so I'm sorry, I just have to stop for one second.
Um, in improv We always say, "Yes, and " So you never negate what you've been given.
STEF: So are going back in now? - Yeah, let's start over.
- Okay.
- So - (GIGGLING) - How long you been driving a taxi? - Yes, and (LAUGHING) He died too young.
But he lived like a rock star.
I heard he wanted to be a rock star.
ARIA: He taught me how to do downward dog in the dark.
(WHISPERING) How old are you? Old enough to know true love.
(WHISPERING) I'm serious.
How old are you? Do your parents know that you're here? - ARIA: It's I'm okay.
- I'm really afraid Who invited the mom? (LENA LAUGHING) Do you know why I've called you into my office? Yes.
Yes, I do.
And I'm not gonna let you - lick my feet anymore.
- (LAUGHING) I'm gonna have to report you to HR then.
You mean H.
Pufnstuf? H.
Puffy stuff? No, Pufnstuf.
Pufn Like puffin' on a joint.
Oh, he's a giant puppet from a 70s kid show.
DENNIS: Well, she happens to be a friend of mine.
STEF: I seriously doubt that because you see, she's over 25.
(EVERYONE LAUGHING) Okay, you need to call your mother right now.
'Cause I know that she is worried and concerned.
(CLEARS THROAT) Let's just get back to the I hope you're 18.
- Okay.
Even though you could see like, all of his junk.
- Yeah.
- Oh, by the way, did anyone try those cookies Aria made? No.
I didn't.
Oh, my God.
I'm so stoned right now.
Ohhhh! Where's Mama? (BELL RINGS) (LAUGHING) WOMAN: We don't want your kind here! No negroes! No colored people! (PEOPLE YELLING) This looks great.
This looks really great.
So when we're done here, I'll just Maybe start on that end.
I'm gonna start right here, and just aim for like, 50 emails.
Thank you.
Hi, I'm Lena Adams Foster.
I'm running for State Assembly, and I was wondering, do you have a Okay, thank you.
I'm Lena Adams Foster.
I'm a Democrat running for State Assembly.
And I believe we can end homelessness by making housing a right.
Do you think that We should get the bums off the street.
I'm sick of the eyesores of these tent cities.
Well, I wanna sponsor a bill that will force developers developers to build affordable housing.
You lib-tards are all about the handouts.
And you lazy blacks are the worst.
Okay, thank you for your time.
You know, you people wanna divide this country with your "Black Lives Matter" bullshit.
(ECHOING) Well they don't.
You want your lives to matter? Go get jobs.
You people want to divide this You lazy blacks Black Lives Matter Go get jobs.
- (SPITS) - (GASPS) (SIGHS) - Who are you? - CALLIE: Mama! Are you okay? I feel funny.
- Sorry, sorry.
- DAVIA: That looks amazing.
Hey, you two aren't supposed to lift a finger! STEF: Ah, no, no, no.
It's okay.
We don't mind.
Kinda miss cooking for a big family.
Hint, hint.
(CHATTER, LAUGHTER) Oh, my gosh, that smells so good.
LENA: Ooh! Hot baklava.
ALICE: Hey, where you going? Uh, to get a bite.
Join us.
The Moms are here.
We're celebrating.
We have plenty of food.
You sure? Listen, um My moms are coming to stay with us this weekend.
And They don't know about us.
If they did, they'd probably, like, out us to everyone.
It's not like we're in a relationship.
So I just wanted to let you know that I'm not, like, gonna introduce you as anything.
Um, yeah.
No, yeah.
No problem.
I get it.
- Night.
- Night.
- You sure? - Yes.
We're sure.
But we're not gonna beg.
How can I help? ALICE: Uh, light the candles, please.
So, Malika, why social anthropology? I've always been fascinated by different cultures and social relationships.
Have you seen the CosmoLearning documentaries? Yes, I love those.
Did you see the one that's coming up next month? - Yeah.
- So good.
That's exactly why I wanted to make Ethiopian food tonight.
I really wanna study abroad, too.
- LENA: Amazing.
- Yeah.
That would be such an opportunity.
I mean, what would happen if the judge found out we knew each other? I'd probably be taken off the case.
And he'd give it to Ben or Becca.
MALIKA: Would that be so bad? CALLIE: They won't challenge him.
So, uh, what's it like living above the Palace Theater? Do they still have shows? CALLIE: Yeah, they do.
BEN: Do you know everyone who lives there? No, I don't.
Why? No reason.
(WHISTLING) I'm the clerk.
Now that I know that he wants me to spar with him, I might win an argument, or at least, make him consider something he might not have.
Look, um I'm not that tight with Jamal's mom.
I mean, I did those T-shirts for her.
I can do my thing from a distance.
Maybe it's not okay for me to ask you to do that.
Look, Callie, if you think you can make a difference, (MUSIC ON RADIO) then go do it.
(DOOR SHUTS) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) LENA: So, Gael Mariana tells me that you guys work together at Speculate.
Yeah, I'm a graphic designer.
STEF: Yeah, how do you like that? I like it.
I'm actually an independent contractor, so my hours are a little bit more flexible so I can work on my art.
Oh, and how's that going? Your art.
I mean With all the people you're dating, how do you find the time? (KNOCKING) BRYAN: Dav, I'm really into him.
DAVIA: I know.
It's hard competing with Callie when she lives here and she can just sneak up to his place whenever she wants.
Now he says he's working on his art.
But I don't see any new pieces.
Yeah, well His art sucks anyway.
STEF: Why don't we all sit? Look like we're ready.
Enjoy the fruits of our labor here.
So, Davia, the girls tell me that you are a teacher.
Well, I mean if it counts after six weeks of training.
But, how long did you teach for? LENA: For 10 years before I became Vice Principal of Anchor Beach.
And knows she's Principal.
She's also on the San Diego Board of Education.
- (MURMURING) - Oh, Mama, what happens if you win the election? Yeah, can you be on the Board - and the State Assembly? - I'd have to resign.
But I think I may be dropping out of the race.
- CALLIE: Why? - MARIANA: Why? Well, there are a lot of candidates crowding the field, and there's some concern from party members - about splitting the Democratic vote.
- (DOOR CLOSES) Sorry we're late.
DAVIA: Oh, great.
Since we made dinner, you two can clean up.
Sorry about the improv thing.
Your girlfriend made those cookies and I had one - and - She's not my girlfriend.
Okay well, whatever she is.
I ate one of her cookies and they were pretty strong.
- She's a good cook.
- Look, it's fine.
Alright? You just said what everyone else is thinking.
That I'm the creepy old guy that dates younger women and still thinks he's got a shot at being a rock star.
It's nothing personal.
It's just we Care about what our daughters are doing, where they are, who they're living with, which seems to be, apparently, a lot of people.
Just concerned that they're safe.
And I do not know what my girls have told you, but I used to be a detective in human trafficking, so please forgive the stereotype but whenever I see An older man with a younger girl, it kind of sets me off, to be quiet honest.
Or, you know, it could just be me having a hard time letting go, uh Accepting that maybe they don't need us anymore.
Or it could be perhaps that I'm still a little stoned.
Anyway Someday if you have kids, maybe you'll understand.
(CLEARS THROAT) I had a kid.
You had a kid? A son.
We lost him when he was 6, rare cancer.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, I had the big house, a corporate job.
After Jacob died, I just couldn't play the game anymore.
Couldn't be what my wife needed me to be.
Um After our marriage fell apart, I thought Why not do what you always wanted to? Play music.
So, I moved in here where everyone is too young to have a kid, and too self-involved to ask what my story is.
(CHUCKLE) Look, I know I'm not gonna be a rock star.
I just I just need something that can fill me up a little.
Jacob would've been 8 this week.
His birthday (SOB) (SNIFFLE) So I guess I haven't asked Aria to leave because I don't wanna be alone.
I don't think you're alone here.
A lot of people really care about you, from what I can see.
Just ask, you know? I feel like I'm always alone.
Look (CLEARS THROAT) I'd appreciate it if you didn't tell your daughters about this.
Okay? I don't need people feeling sorry for me.
I don't I'm perfectly fine remaining the creepy old man - of the group.
- Okay.
That's not a problem.
I know you got a reputation to uphold.
(CHUCKLE) You're not that old.
A little creepy, but not that old.
Fair enough.
DAVIA: Oh, no.
Aria, do you have a place to live? You know, besides here.
Davia What? I'm just saying if she's gonna move in, Dennis needs to pay more rent.
She's not moving in.
Okay well, I believe the rules are that if someone stays more than a night at The Coterie, they have to get permission.
Did Callie and Mariana ask permission for their parents to stay? Maybe I should go.
Stay for dinner.
Yes, Aria, you can stay for dinner but you can't stay forever.
Why are you being such an ass tonight? I'm just saying what everyone else is thinking.
And everyone's thinking about who I'm dating.
I'm sorry, Gael.
But Bryan is my friend and I'm protecting him.
Okay, Davia.
You need to chill.
- Don't.
- What? I'm protective of you, and everyone knows that you're hooking up with Gael.
- It's not a big deal.
- CALLIE: Mariana! ALICE: Uh, you know what? We need to get a picture of the girls with their moms.
For our party picture wall.
DENNIS: Great idea.
We have a party picture wall? ALICE: Not yet, but I think it's a good idea.
- Come on, squeeze together.
- You're on fire, Alice.
ALICE: Trust me, you'll thank me later.
Okay, let's do it.
One, two Big smiles.
- Three.
- (SHUTTER CLICKS) What a nice tradition I just started.
(DOOR SQUEAKS) MALIKA: I'm not that tight with Jamal's mom.
I'm sorry to interrupt y'all's dinner.
(HEAVY BREATHING) Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh (DOOR CLOSES) (SINGING CONTINUES) GAEL: So, when's the show start? CALLIE: Already did.
Not sure what I thought of the girl who stormed out of the dinner scene though.
She's a little dramatic.
I think, considering the circumstances, she didn't really have a choice.
(SINGING CONTINUES) I know living here with Malika can be complicated for you.
Living here with you is, too.
Hurt seeing you with Bryan.
I'm sorry.
No, it's okay.
We see other people.
And I guess it hurt me when you said you didn't wanna introduce me as anything to your moms.
I know we're not in some committed thing, but I don't think we have to be exclusive to admit that this thing isn't just casual.
Not for me.
It isn't for me, either.
I should've called.
I was at the courthouse, so I thought I'd stop by and pick up those T-shirts.
It's okay.
She knows it's wrong Well, um I guess I'll let you get back to your dinner party.
I'll see you at the next protest.
Let me know if there's anything you need in the meantime.
Thank you for these.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Well, the good news is she left her phone behind, and she can't be away from it for too long - without spontaneously combusting.
- (DOOR SQUEAKS) See? (DOOR CLOSES) Sorry I had to take off like that.
We understand.
Come sit.
Mariana told us that you're the clerk on the Jamal Thompson case.
Mariana! What? They're our moms.
We can tell them anything.
How about I tell them that you're $20,000 dollars in debt? You looked at my credit card bill? You leave your shit everywhere.
Of course I was gonna see your credit card bill.
How on Earth are you $20,000 in debt? Look around.
All she does is party and shop.
Okay, I'm sorry.
You didn't seem to mind when I furnished our entire loft.
I never asked you to.
This is all your taste, Mariana.
Not mine.
You furnished this for you, not us.
Well, maybe if you actually spent some time with me, we could have done this together! Maybe if you took your job a little more seriously, you'd be busy working, too.
- Well, I hate my job.
- I hate mine, too! Hey, hey.
Okay, okay.
Hold on.
Miss Thang come sit.
Come sit.
How come you guys didn't tell us that you were struggling with your jobs? We didn't wanna worry you.
You already have so much to deal with.
We're supposed to be adults.
Well, being an adult is hard.
And that's why it helps to be able to talk to someone who's done it for a long time.
- Yeah, like you're good ol' moms.
- Mmm.
We didn't wanna bother you.
Oh, my goodness, please bother us.
We miss you girls so much.
We do.
Do you know that your Mama has me listening to Ted Talks? (LAUGHING) And minute meditations.
Okay, did you guys know that minute is a moment with handles at both ends.
- Okay, wow.
- No, no, no.
Breathe with me, breathe with me.
- This will help you ladies.
- You must miss us.
Oh, you have no idea.
We miss you crying on our shoulders.
And forgetting to make your bed.
Clean your rooms and picking up after you.
- Let's not go too far.
- (LAUGHING) We don't stop being your mothers just 'cause you grow up.
Bring it in.
Put your arms (ALL GIGGLING) You know what I need? What, sweetheart? $20,000.
(ALL LAUGHING) STEF: Well, from my prospective, Cal, yeah, I think that you should disclose your relationship with Malika to the judge, I do.
Before he finds out about it from someone else.
And Miss Thang, getting yourself in debt, that is, that is, that is not good.
That is bad, all bad.
- I know.
- Mm-hmm.
I'm just so frustrated at work.
I didn't realize how much hostility there would be because I'm a woman.
And a Latina woman.
I'm just buying things to make me feel better.
Things aren't gonna fill you up, sweetheart.
And I know how hard it is to face discrimination.
And going from being such a superstar in college to being on the bottom rung of the ladder when you get out into the working world.
Especially being a woman and a minority.
Well, you are gonna climb that ladder so fast.
Like, people's heads are gonna spin.
They're gonna be like, "Oh, whoa! Where'd she come from?" - Can't say it isn't.
- And you don't give up.
And don't you get so frustrated that you get discouraged and you stop trying.
I won't.
MARIANA: Promise.
Sorry to interrupt.
I just wanted to say I had no idea Jamal's mother would drop by like that.
It's okay.
It's hard because I wanna be there for her and I wanna be here for you.
Well, that sounds like another reason to disclose, huh? Wanna sit? Yeah, come.
- Have a glass of wine.
- Yeah, join us.
Uh, I didn't bring up a glass.
It's okay, you can have mine.
I drink out of the bottle all of the time.
Oh, okay.
That's new information.
MARIANA: Did I say that out loud actually? - I'm so sorry.
- (CHUCKLING) You better change the subject fast.
Okay, new subject, new subject.
Are you really dropping out of the race? We sold our house so you could run.
CALLIE: Yeah, who's telling you you should drop out? There are some party leaders who think I'm too progressive, too black - Too lesbian.
- to win.
And they think that the Dems in San Diego who voted for this president are going to want a more centrist White.
(SIGHS) Candidate.
Screw the party leaders.
- That's bullshit.
- Yes.
You know, when I wandered into your loft, stoned, sorry.
It's okay.
I was just memorized by that photo of Elizabeth Eckford.
It takes a lot of guts to look at that everyday.
MALIKA: I have to.
It reminds me that we still gotta fight.
If a 15-year-old girl can brave a crowd like that, then I certainly can.
This man spit on me when I was campaigning.
Told me my life didn't matter and he called me the "N" word.
(SIGHS) It's 2018.
And some things have changed, but racism hasn't.
It's still as ugly and pervasive as it ever was.
That's why you can't drop out of the race, Mama.
You can't let this minority of ugly people in this country win.
And we don't need more politicians who are trying to play it safe in the middle.
We need people who are willing to fight for what's right.
MARIANA: And who better to reform education MALIKA: And fight against discrimination - CALLIE: The right to healthcare - The right to choose - Racial income equality - And protect our love - because LGBTQ rights are under attack.
- Fight for foster kids - CALLIE: For transgender rights - Better wages for people, - not tax cuts for corporations.
- Immigrants and their children who are being detained in cages.
CALLIE: To be out and proud.
- To be kind and caring.
- To do what's truly right.
STEF: And never let anyone tell us we're not good enough.
MARIANA: Even if you don't win, think of all the people that you'll inspire.
MALIKA: I never get to vote for people who look like me, and understand the issues I face.
CALLIE: We're Adams Fosters and we don't give up.
Our mamas taught us that.
I am in it till the bitter end.
And I will drink to that.
- (LAUGHING) - MARIANA: Me, too.
- To Mama.
- Cheers.
Way to go.
(SINGING CONTINUES) You wanna see a movie? You don't have work? Or Gael? I'd like to spend the day with my sister.
MARIANA: What do you wanna watch? - Uh, what do you wanna watch? - No sci-fi.
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