Good Trouble (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

Byte Club

1 Previously on Good Trouble Tell us what it's like, working at Speckulate.
MARIANA: The culture sucks.
You always have the best ideas.
Do you really think trying to kiss me wouldn't make you look like you're full of crap? I thought I could do this casual thing with you, but I don't want to share you with anyone.
JENNIFER: Excuse me, do you know Dennis? I'm Jennifer, Dennis' soon to be ex-wife.
You told your friends I'm clerking the Jamal case? No one's supposed to know what cases I'm working on.
BEN: Did you see the way Callie was looking at that girl? I think they know each other.
JAMIE: Tate Wilson was arrested a few weeks back charged with DUI and assaulting a police officer.
But it happened up in Berkeley, so no conflict of interest with the police down here.
Coffee, coffee, coffee.
WILSON: You realize the compromising position you're putting me in? Professionally, not to mention the grief that you've caused me and your mother.
TATE: What about the grief you caused me? WILSON: What the hell have I ever done to you? Beyond putting a roof over your head or, or food in your mouth.
Not to mention paying for private schooling.
Every little thing that you ever wanted.
Well, maybe what I wanted was a father who was there.
Who wasn't working all the time.
I worked to provide for my family.
No, no, you worked for this.
For, for a lifetime appointment to play God.
It wasn't enough.
You judged every little thing I ever said or did.
You needed a stage to impose your intellectual and moral authority on the world.
Right, right, right.
So while I'm to blame for you partying your ass off in college and failing out, not to mention getting arrested for a DUI.
(SHOUTING): And taking a swing at a police officer! That is all my fault! Isn't it? Forget it.
TATE: No, you were a perfect father and I'm just a screw-up.
Sorry you have to work for an asshole.
(DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) Here now Hold it down I'm here now I hope you like milk and sugar.
Yeah, any coffee's good coffee.
Especially when my barista's so hot.
Thank you.
Here now Pa-pa-pa pa-pa-pa, pa, pa Pa-pa-pa pa-pa-pa, pa, pa And then we'll find our peace of mind You and me, Bel ami Pa-pa-pa, pa, pa H-He He would tell me about sex dreams that he had about me and what we were doing in them, what I was doing to him.
He would brush up against me, stand too close.
I asked him to stop and he said he was just kidding and that I shouldn't be so uptight.
And then I finally reported everything to Human Resources and a few days later, I was let go.
With no explanation.
REBECCA: She has no case.
You don't believe her? It doesn't matter if I believe her, she can't prove the harassment, or that she was retaliated against for reporting it.
The company has evidence that she doctored her timecards and was late to work multiple times.
Then why didn't they fire her until after she reported the harassment? Don't you think the timing's a little suspicious? Not according to Brooks v.
City of San Mateo, which I'm going to cite as precedent in my bench memo.
As a woman, don't you think you owe her the benefit of the doubt? As the clerk on this case, I owe the judge a recommendation based on the law.
Not as a feminist.
Ha, you're a feminist? Yes, conservative women can be feminists.
While working toward limiting women's rights? Let's not go there.
Okay, so, you ladies going to Clerk Cocktails tonight? Callie, you're kind of expected to go, - represent your judge.
- Where is it this time? Some bar called "Douro.
" Douro? That's funny, I was there last night.
It's nice.
I'm scared enough Feel like I'm sinking so deep MARIANA: Glad you got to see my office before you leave tomorrow.
This is ridiculous.
You're telling me that you're allowed to have whatever you want whenever you want it? Like, there's full-time baristas here? Oh, you've got a ping-pong table! You got the, the sliding thing that's for rich people.
You got a rock wall! How do you even do work with a VR headset on? Okay, look, it's great if you can ignore the racism, sexism, and general oppression.
Well, just tell me whose ass I'm kicking first.
You're not kicking anyone's ass although I'd love to watch.
Alex, Sam, Raj, this is my twin brother, Jesus.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Hey, man, really nice to meet you.
Oh, firm handshake there.
ALEX: So, Jesus, what do you do? Oh, I'm a contractor.
- Wait, you build stuff? - Mm-hmm.
- With your hands? - JESUS: Yeah.
Very cool.
Yeah, yeah, very cool.
Hey, they don't seem that bad.
ANGELA: Excuse me.
ALEX: Ah, Angela, what brings you by? Well, something has been brought to my attention and I need to speak with you, Mariana.
Right now? Yes.
Welcome to the first meeting of the Women of Tech Fight Club.
Or as I like to call it, "Byte Club.
" Get it? Like B-Y-T-E.
No, too cute? Okay.
Um, anyways, thank you all for coming.
So what kind of place is this? It's like a commune? No, it's an intentional living space, not a commune.
Anyways, the purpose of this club is to have a safe space to vent and discuss ways in which we can support each other So, everyone shares a bathroom? Yeah.
So, who would like to start? (CRUNCH) Maybe we should open some wine first? (POP) So, after pretending he needed my help, and telling me how smart I was, he tried to kiss me! TOGETHER: Was it Josh? I'm not naming names, but thank you for the heads up on Josh.
(CHUCKLING) My first year at Speckulate, they called me "Double A.
" For "Affirmative Action.
" Anytime I identify a problem, they tell me to calm down.
"Don't get hysterical.
" - "Will you take notes?" - "Man up.
" "You should smile more.
" - "Tidy up.
" - "Oh, don't be so bossy!" "Are you sure you can handle that?" - "Shrill.
" - "Ambitious.
" It's like they literally can't hear me speak.
Exactly! And that's it for Blue Team.
Um, actually, I have an update Read Team, what do you have? No, excuse me.
I have I have an update.
Is there more from Blue? - Yes.
- No, we're all good.
JOSH: Moving on! Yellow Team, what do you got? MAN: We were able to manage peak performance better by prioritizing.
(EXHALES SHARPLY) This was such a great idea.
Yeah, it feels good to vent.
And it's not that I don't love my job, it just sucks watching dudes who play video games all day get credit for your work.
- And probably paid more.
- Hmm.
So, let's do more than just vent.
We need to find a way to be heard.
A way to fight back.
I need to speak with you, Mariana.
- Right now? - ANGELA: Yes.
Uh, can we talk in your office? No, I want everyone to hear this.
My buddy, Wyatt and I build tree houses, but work is kinda slow.
Moms actually think that I should go work for another contractor.
Well, maybe you should.
You know, until things take off.
No, I like working for myself.
Sometimes you have to start from the bottom, and work your way up to the top.
Why? I say "Stay true to yourself.
" Don't compromise, man.
I did that my whole life.
You know, did what was expected.
I went to college, got the corporate job.
You had a corporate job? Yeah, and I hated it! And look where you are now! Davia! This is Jesus! - Oh.
Hi! - Hi.
Look, I may not have much, but I'm following my bliss and I got everything I need.
Bliss don't pay the bills.
JESUS: You know what? I actually have an idea.
I wanna build tiny houses.
Cause there's this housing crisis in California, right? And San Diego is allowing contractors to build four tiny houses on one lot.
Makin' a ton of money, too.
I would love a tiny house.
For my shoes.
- (DAVIA CHUCKLES) - JESUS: The only problem is that I would need a really big loan.
Or like an investor to come and buy property and all the materials.
Jesus, you've never built a house before that wasn't in a tree.
Yeah, I know.
But I think I could figure it out.
Once the coconut's on straight into the oven.
Voila! - DAVIA: Ooh! - DENNIS: That is raw.
I'm on a raw diet.
So, why are we baking? Oh! I have a presentation tomorrow, and if I bring in baked goods, the men's attention will be on me right away.
Or you could just not wear a bra.
So, who wants to get a drink? - I wanna check out LA.
- Yeah.
I have to work.
Yeah, it's getting kinda late, but you guys go ahead.
Are you sure? - Course.
- Yeah.
All right, we'll go down to my loft, grab my jacket, down a couple of shots.
I'm in for the night, but thanks for asking, Dennis.
(CHUCKLES) So, Callie what happened with you and Gael? Why are you asking? Well, according to Bryan, they're exclusive now.
(DAVIA CHUCKLES) Oh, like "married" exclusive? Like your boyfriend? I gotta work.
- You had that one coming.
- I didn't know she had it in her.
The layout is is really open.
So, it doesn't even feel tiny.
Okay, there's no patio, but if you put a living roof up on the top, then you have an outdoor space.
You know I might know a guy who'd be interested in this.
- Really? - From my days in finance.
He funds a lot of entrepreneurs.
That would be awesome.
- Let me text him.
- Sure.
Please! (TECHNO MUSIC PLAYING) Mmm! These are delicious! Thank you! JOSH: All right, all right, all right! Let's get this bitch started.
Okay, Blue Team.
What's the word? ALEX: All systems go on the social network project.
Should have some preliminary code to you by Friday.
Good, that's what I like to hear.
Red Team! - And, um, I'm sorry, but, I, uh - Please.
JOSH: Red Team, what's the word on development? When speaking in a meeting, no "um's" or "sorry's" allowed.
Get to the point, and if you speak with authority, they won't be able to ignore you.
MARIANA: Excuse me, Josh, I have an update on maintenance that I'd like to share.
We need to improve our connections model, and dig into image/audio recognition, and rank possible connections based on Yeah, our connections model review can wait until the next scrum, at which time, we'll How do we deal with the "man-terrupters"? I read that if you sit up straight or stand, that sort of non-verbal assertiveness is non-threatening.
- JOSH: at that time - Actually, Josh, our connections model needs immediate attention, because we are losing hundreds of users a week to competitive apps.
You know, I was thinking we should look into our image/audio to improve recognition.
And maybe rank our connections based on content quality? JOSH: That's a good idea, Sam.
What do we do about the "himitator?" The guy who says what you just said, and everyone thinks it was his idea? MARIANA: Yes, Sam.
Thank you so much for agreeing with everything I just said.
- What? - No, I don't think you understand what he meant.
He's pitching working on connections as a whole.
Not just invitations.
I understand what Sam was pitching, because it was my idea, and I'm in charge of maintenance.
JOSH: Okay, we'll look into it moving forward! Good work, Blue Team.
Okay, but what about when you've done all that, and you're still not getting credit for your idea? Amplification.
- Oh, yes! - Yep, amplification! Yeah! Yeah, when we're in meetings together, we need to speak up, and we'll give each other credit.
Can Mariana repeat back her great idea? I just wanna make sure I get it in the meeting notes.
Good work, Mariana.
Yeah, and these coconut bars are insane.
Whoa! Dennis! - (CHUCKLES) - Wow! - Good to see you, man.
Wow! - You, too.
This is Jesus Adams Foster.
Ah, nice to meet you.
- Thanks for taking the time.
- Yeah! Of course.
Have a seat.
Been a long time! Dropped off the face of the Earth! Understandably.
How you holding up? I'm good! - Good.
- Doing well.
So, Jesus has a fantastic concept that I thought you might be interested in.
Ah! Yes! Let's get a couple of not-so-tiny drinks, and you can tell me about these tiny houses.
- Absolutely.
- All right.
Hey, I thought your idea was great.
The first time you said it.
And listen, I'm sorry.
I didn't think about how trying to kiss you would make you feel like I don't respect you.
You're a brilliant engineer, and I wasn't just saying that because I wanted to sleep with you.
I swear, I asked for your help because I really needed it.
- I still do.
- Look.
Alex doesn't want me to work on the project.
And I'm not gonna work on it anonymously.
It's hard enough getting credit for my own ideas around here.
I get that.
If there's anything I can do to help I'll let you know.
BEN: I'm eyeing the Appellate Court, then the Supreme Court.
Would be nice to have a good case on my resume, though.
Not all of us get handed a huge case in our first week.
Some people are just lucky.
No matter what conflicts come up, things keep working out for them.
- (CLEARS THROAT) - Excuse me.
I'm gonna get a drink.
A rosé.
How 'bout we drink every time Ben says "Supreme Court?" No, thanks.
I like my liver.
(CHUCKLES) So, uh, of course, he told me about the girl who lives in your building.
Wilson doesn't think it's a conflict.
- Odd.
- Really? Do you interact with everybody that lives in your building? Hi! I'm Kate.
Do you, um ? Do you know that guy you were just talking to? Why? What did he do? Nothing! I just think he's cute.
Wait 'til you meet him.
His name's Ben.
He clerks with us.
I'm Callie.
- Hi.
- Rebecca.
Who's your judge? Judge Wilson.
What about you? Judge Handelman.
Handelman? Yeah! I mean, I've only been with him for a few weeks.
Still trying to get the lay of the land.
Rebecca, didn't you use to clerk for Handelman? Uh, it was more of an internship before I got the clerkship with Judge Wilson.
How was that for you? Working with him? Fine.
Excuse me.
- Hi.
I'm Kate.
- Ben.
Um I see a colleague.
I should probably go say hi.
She's kinda weird.
She thinks you're cute.
Really? By the way, it wasn't an internship.
Rebecca was Handelman's clerk, before she got her grandfather, the esteemed Senator from Texas, to pull some strings and get her transferred to Wilson.
What was wrong with Handelman? He's just less respected.
Older, not moving up.
It's better to have a judge with a good reputation and a future on your resume.
Like Wilson, who's a Supreme Court contender.
(DING) Why do you think she's so sensitive about having "earned" this clerkship? Because she didn't.
It was just another opportunity handed to her on a silver platter.
Callie! Hi! Uh, this is, uh I'm sorry, I I didn't get your name.
TOGETHER: Rebecca.
We clerk together for Judge Wilson.
I am due for a re-fill.
It's nice meeting you.
Well, what are you doing at Clerk Cocktails? Besides hitting on pretty blondes.
(CHUCKLES) Uh, I didn't know it was clerk cocktail night.
I am actually meeting a client.
Why? Are you jealous? No.
I'm just playing by the rules you set up.
How's your artist? - He's fine.
- Mm-hmm.
I have calls in about his sister's case.
Should have an update soon.
Thank you.
I really, really appreciate it.
Think Judge Wilson will rule on the motion yet? To suppress the officer's personnel records, in the Jamal case? CALLIE: No.
The hearing's not 'til next week.
So, do you think the new Police Chief poses a conflict of interest? I was gonna ask what you think.
I dunno.
I think it's a gray area.
Yes, Wilson's son is facing charges in Berkeley, and the new Chief has strong ties to that department and the DA, but I don't think you can prove that Wilson is feeling pressure to go easy on the LAPD as a result.
Unless, the new Chief didn't want a big ruling against the LAPD the first month of his job.
He could use Tate's situation to lean on Wilson.
You think Wilson can be bought? I don't agree with his view of the law, but I respect him.
I think he's ethical.
I mean, I hope he is for the sake of Jamal's family.
And yours.
Like it or not, your career is tethered to his now.
(PHONE VIBRATES) My client's running late.
How late? Move Bodies in a room We're just bodies in a room Everybody's getting loose Only one thing left to do - (GLASS SHATTERS) - (BOTH LAUGHING) - Just this - CALLIE: Your pants are buzzing.
(PHONE VIBRATING) (GROANS) My client's wondering where I am.
Gotta try too hard It was, uh, fun bumping into you! in them hot tubs We ain't got to tell no one Where we are Between me and you (DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) (EXHALES SHARPLY) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Hey.
Hey, what are you guys doing here? - We're crashing! - Mm-hmm.
She may have said something about meeting a cute law clerk.
Ooh! Who's that? No! That's Ben.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
Hey, uh, Dennis is gonna meet us.
So if you guys want to grab a table, I'll get the drinks.
Hey, you never mentioned how hot Ben was.
You cannot date my coworker.
There have been hard times And dark days But we won't let the past stand in the way Look to the future, the bright lights Raise your head up and hold it high (VOCALIZING) (TECHNO MUSIC PLAYING) - Hi.
- Hi.
I'm Jesus.
I'm Becca.
Can I buy you a drink? No.
I'll buy you one.
JESUS: Okay, I got one.
What was the worst pick-up line that you've ever heard? Um Hm.
This one's embarrassing.
Okay, go.
He asked me, "Did you just fart because you blew me away?" - Stop.
- Yeah.
- (LAUGHS) That's really bad.
- I know, it's really bad.
Oh, my goodness.
Okay, um, give me your best pick-up line.
Oh, I don't have I don't have one.
Come on.
Okay um What do you do for a living? - Seriously? - I told you I have no game.
I don't believe you.
Give one to me.
So Excuse me.
My, my buddy is really embarrassed.
He wants to get your phone number 'cause he wants to know the best way to get ahold of me in the morning.
You said you have no game.
(CHATTERING) (POP MUSIC PLAYS) I can be the new wild girl with the wild, wild hair (CHUCKLING) What, is this the only place you drink? I could ask you the same.
I'm from out of town so this is the only bar I know.
I'm sorry I didn't text you.
It's been crazy busy.
No worries.
I'm here with my sisters, um, are you going to be around for awhile? I might.
Okay, well maybe I could buy you a drink.
My coconut bars buttered those bros up before the meeting and I used all of my tips from the Fight Club and guess what? Josh actually acknowledged that I had an idea.
So did he put you on the new project? Well, no, but I'm sorry.
Oh, I'm sorry.
How does you baking brownies and then thanking someone for stealing your idea count as a victory? You take what you can get in the real world, Jesus.
Doesn't really sound like you, Mariana.
You've never been one to settle for scraps.
See, this corporate bullshit is exactly why I dropped out.
Okay, well not everyone can quit, Dennis.
And neither of you know what it's like in a work place where all of the bros have the power, and they only use it to help each other.
Well, I have some good news.
Listen, Jesus, I like your idea.
Let me think on it a beat and I'll get back to you.
- All right? - Thank you.
- Sounds amazing.
- Great.
Uh, excuse me.
I gotta go to the bathroom.
All right.
- Nice kid.
- Yeah.
I think he's a real hustler.
I've actually been meaning to reach out to you.
I ran into Jennifer a couple of months back and, probably should have asked first, but we've been seeing each other.
She wanted to tell you, but I wanted you to hear it from me.
I appreciate that.
She says the divorce is almost final.
I hope, you know, we're still cool.
Long as Jenn's happy.
Good man.
Come here.
Great seeing you.
JESUS: Uh, Dennis and I met with his friend today.
Oh, you guys used to work together.
Anyway, he's a venture capitalist guy which means he invests in entrepreneurs, and he really loved my tiny house idea.
- Seriously? - Yeah.
We like, really hit it off.
And then he said, "Oh, I'm gonna think about it.
" And then he called me like an hour later and said that he's in.
He's gonna back me.
Um Good for you, Jesus.
I'm tired, I think I'm gonna go home.
(SIGHS) Uh, what's with her? She's just really struggling.
Nothing's coming easy for her and it's Mariana, she's not used to that.
Should probably go talk to her.
No, you stay.
I'll, uh, talk her down.
So, I was gonna take off but I'll stay if you want to buy me that drink.
Uh I do.
But I actually gotta go talk to someone.
You know how it is Yeah, I'm sure you can relate No, no, let me pick up this round Wow.
(SCOFFS) - I'll buy you a drink.
- No thanks.
We'll sit a while (ELEVATOR DINGS) Okay.
Obviously, you're mad at me.
I don't know what about.
But whatever it is, I was probably wrong.
Look, I'm not mad at you.
Okay, fine, I'm not gonna keep asking.
Okay, look, it's just I've been working at Speckulate for four months, and getting acknowledged for that one idea in that one meeting was the first real win that I've had.
And you kind of just shit all over it.
- Sorry, I didn't mean to.
- And after bro-ing it out with Dennis for two days, you've already got a V.
throwing money at you.
It just sucks because I have to work so hard.
Yeah, I work hard too, Mariana.
At being a guy that girls love and guys love and everything comes easily to.
Oh, you think that it's been easy, having a TBI? No, but I'm not as smart as you, Callie, or Brandon.
You guys went to college, and now you're out there killing it.
The best I could do was get my contractor's license, and I had to bust my ass to pass that test.
Nothing in my life has come easy to me.
(DOOR CLOSES) Look, it makes me sick how these guys are treating you at work.
I want to kick their asses, but I know you.
And no one can kick their asses better than you.
Yeah, he's not wrong about that.
I might not know how the corporate world works, but I love you, Mariana.
And all I meant was that I didn't want to see you have to play down to their level.
You know, especially since you're, like, hella smarter than any of these guys.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) I love you too.
- Come here.
- Come in here.
- Oh, my gosh! - (CHUCKLING) Knocked me out.
(ALL LAUGHING) It was a love tap.
(ALL LAUGHING) I think I'm gonna have another concussion.
- No.
- (LAUGHTER) (INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) What's up? We're approaching this all wrong.
We don't need to navigate the culture here, - we need to change it.
- How? Well, for starters, closing the gender pay gap.
Yeah right, how do we do that? The end of the year performance reviews are coming up, right? Let's walk in there and demand the raises that we deserve.
Well, yeah, okay, but how? We share our salary info.
Find out what they're paying the men, and then demand the same.
Wait, sharing our salary information? We signed non-disclosure agreements in our contracts.
Look, if they even hear about this, they can fire us.
Then we do it anonymously.
We make sure that they don't find out.
Hey, so if you're serious, I know a way you could help me.
A few of the women and I are putting together a spreadsheet to collect data on what everyone's making so that we can negotiate better salaries for ourselves.
Uh, you know about the NDA, right? Yeah, it's all going to be anonymous.
I could get fired just knowing about this.
Look, I'm I'm not gonna tell anyone.
No one's going to know that you shared your salary information.
We just need to get guys on board, or else it's not gonna work.
Yo, Mariana.
Are you telling people that I tried to kiss you? What? No.
I-I never said that you tried to kiss me.
Because you didn't.
You heard that, right? I never tried to kiss her.
'Cause you're a witness, now.
Look, I I told some of the girls that someone at work tried to kiss me and they all assumed that it was Josh because, well, apparently he's tried to kiss a bunch of them.
But I never said that it was you.
Probably didn't need to.
I'm sure they'll figure it out.
Will you think about the spreadsheet? Raj, are you waiting for me? I need to talk to you.
Come on in.
(WHIRRING) Take my hands Steer my feet Take my tongue So, um, regarding Elizabeth Rodgers' sexual harassment suit.
I know it's not my case, but I planned a precedent that would allow the judge to rule in her favor.
Westendorf vs West Coast Contractors awarded the plaintiff damages because she wasn't told why she was fired until after she filed suit.
Change my name You're right.
It's not your case, Callie.
Pull my pride - Piece by piece apart - (DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) Hey, what was that? She's probably just pissed that she keeps getting lame two-day bench trials, when the whole reason she got Gramps to transfer her out of Handelman's office was so she could get more high profile cases.
- Ben, Judge would like a word.
- Yeah.
Don't take my sin Um, that's not why Rebecca was transferred.
No, no, no, no, no Judge Handelman's nickname is "Judge Handsyman.
" I'm just saying.
I'm sorry if I overstepped.
Guess I'm just a little sensitive about this case.
I was raped.
And my rapist didn't face any consequences.
It was when I was in foster care.
I had no power, and he ended up doing it again, to another girl.
Becca, did Handelman sexually harass you? Wasn't as bad as what happened to you.
All abuse is bad.
It started with a few inappropriate comments.
I figured, you know, (SIGHS) different generation.
Maybe he didn't mean anything by the "sweethearts" and comments about what I was wearing and my figure.
Then he started touching me.
Hands on the small of my back as he'd walk by.
Lingering hugs.
(SCOFFS) Pressing up against me.
I had no one to complain to.
These judges they don't have bosses or an HR department overseeing them.
The only choice I had was to tell my family.
So my grandfather pulled some strings, but I still had to interview with Wilson to prove I was up to the job.
No one doubts your ability, Rebecca.
Does Wilson know about Handelman? I'm assuming everyone does.
Look, all I know is that my grandfather told me to take the job with Wilson, keep my mouth shut, and they'd make sure Handelman wasn't assigned any more female clerks.
Wonder if it's happening to Kate.
Maybe if you went public I can't.
My family would kill me.
Look, I know it's hard.
I didn't want to come forward either, but if Kate's being harassed by Handelman I admire that you came forward, but if I accuse a federal judge, it'll be all over the news.
And if the press found out that my grandfather knew about Handelman, that could ruin him, politically.
My family would never speak to me again.
So as much as I wish I could, I can't.
If he's doing it to Kate, she's gonna have to come forward herself.
Well, you know that she won't 'cause she doesn't have a powerful family to protect her.
If she comes forward, she won't be transferred, she'll be ruined.
There's nothing I can do about that.
I'm sorry.
ANGELA: Something has been brought to my attention and I need to speak with you, Mariana.
Uh, can we talk in your office? No, I want everyone to hear this.
I understand that you are being excluded from working on the new social network project, which was assigned to this team, and when something gets assigned to a team at Speckulate, it means the entire team.
Got it? Alex, you got it? Yeah, sure.
I - I was just thinking - Great.
ANGELA: Great.
I'll let Josh know.
The deeper the better The deeper the better The deeper the better Seriously, Mary-anna? - You bitched to Angela? - Hey.
I didn't say a word.
I swear.
Then how did she find out? I told her.
Mariana has great ideas, and she codes faster than all of us, even you, Alex.
We need her on this project.
Okay, Raj.
She can work with you.
But maybe that was your plan all along, huh? I need a kombucha.
Et tu, Brute ? JESUS: That was a savage move, dude.
I should have done it sooner.
And send me that spreadsheet.
So I wrote it in favor of Elizabeth Rodgers, using your precedent.
But I'd appreciate it if you didn't tell anyone about our conversation earlier.
Sorry you have to work for an asshole.
(DOOR CLOSES) Sorry, I didn't know anyone was here.
Can I ask you a personal question? Sure.
You had a tough childhood.
Foster care, juvie.
How did you end up going to law school without screwing your life up? Well, I was adopted by my moms.
And they made me feel wanted and like I could do something with my life.
Yeah, but it's not just about good parenting.
What What's inside you that drives you to want to succeed? I don't know.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) My son has no respect for me or his mother, or himself.
He had too much privilege.
No one ever truly appreciates that which is not earned.
(SIGHS) Many ways I blame myself.
But sometimes I think character is just something you're born with.
Or not.
You have character, Callie.
Try not to compromise that as you go forth in your career.
Situations can get more complicated.
Grey areas are not as easy to navigate.
I'll be expecting your memo on the defense motion for the Thompson case on my desk by Monday.
It was really nice having you here.
JESUS: Oh, you sure? (CHUCKLES) - (DOOR OPENS) - Oh! Uh, it's good, 'cause I'll be back in a few weeks for a meeting with Nathan.
Also, Brandon's couch sucks! - It does.
- I am so sorry.
I had to work all day.
Can we grab dinner before you go? Um, I actually made plans with that girl - that I met the other night.
- Ooh.
I asked her to meet me here.
Is that okay? - (DOOR OPENS) - Yeah.
Hey, Becca.
Uh, these are my sisters.
- Mariana and Callie.
- (DOOR CLOSES) Your Honor.
Can I ask you a favor? It's about Judge Handelman.

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