Good Trouble (2019) s01e09 Episode Script

Willful Blindness

1 Previously on Good Trouble I'm Jesus.
Can I buy you a drink? No, but I'll buy you one.
I actually made plans with that girl that I met the other night.
I thought I could do this casual thing with you, but I don't want to share you with anyone.
BRYAN: Gael, just a friend? GAEL: I just like to know who I'm up against.
CALLIE: I'm just afraid that - I won't do what I need to do if - You're seeing me.
DOM: Mom is sick.
For real this time? ALICE: If I help her plan this wedding, then I'll be numb to the fact that she's not marrying me.
- Hi, I'm Kate.
- I'm Callie.
- Who's your judge? - Judge Wilson.
Judge Handelman.
Handelman? Becca, did Handelman sexually harass you? If he's doing it to Kate, she's gonna have to come forward herself.
BECCA: I'd appreciate it if you didn't tell anyone about our conversation.
CALLIE: Your honor? Can I ask you a favor? It's about Judge Handelman.
(MUFFLED, DISTORTED) I'm sure selling your sexuality You have no idea what it's like.
- ALICE: Insensitive? You're the one - MALIKA: I am not sorry! (MUFFLED DISTORTED ARGUMENT CONTINUES) (RINGING STARTS, GROWS LOUDER) (DISTORTED AUDIO CONTINUES) (WHOOSHING) (EXHALE) Pa-pa-pa pa-pa-pa, pa, pa Pa-pa-pa pa-pa-pa, pa, pa And then we'll find our peace of mind You and me, Bel ami Pa-pa-pa, pa, pa (OFFICE PHONE RINGS) CALLIE: Morning.
So, I'm not planning on seeing your brother again.
Yeah, no.
- I mean, he lives in San Diego.
- Right.
- And we're just - I get it.
- I didn't know he was - I know.
- (COMPUTER MOUSE CLICKS) - Talk about a small world.
It's very small.
I don't know if Rebecca will say anything to the judge, but she's probably figured out that we don't just live in the same building.
Of all the girls your brother could have hooked up with - in L.
- Right?! (DOOR OPENS) Don't we have court? - Yeah.
- Yep.
So, Rebecca, six more weeks.
How's the job prospect going? I'm considering a few offers.
Offers? What are they? The Lassiter Group, for one.
BEN: The Lassiter Group? They're an underknown, underfunded non-firm - in Denver.
- They're small, but they do some work for the RNC, and it'll give me a chance to make a bigger impact there.
Still, a little disappointing, I'm sure, if that's the best you could do after clerking for a Federal judge.
I also have an offer from McClellan, Peterson & Cole, in D.
Congratulations, that's one of the best firms in the country.
Your hard work really paid off.
(ELEVATOR DINGS) Hey, uh, Kate, right? Yes.
Hi, Ben.
Judge Handelman in court this morning? KATE: He is.
A boring minor injury case.
Good morning.
Sorry, we thought you'd already gone down.
- No worries.
- Hi.
- Oh! Judge Wilson, this is Kate - Nguyen.
She's Judge Handelman's new clerk.
CALLIE: Your honor? Can I ask a favor.
It's about Judge Handelman.
I've heard he's been inappropriate and he's not supposed to hire female clerks anymore.
Where did you hear that? I'd rather not say.
Last night, I met his new clerk.
Her name is Kate.
Oh, nice to meet you, Kate.
(ELEVATOR DINGS) BEN: See you around.
KATE: Hope so.
Maybe we should just go with a DJ? - ALICE: Save money.
- But we said we wanted live music.
Baby wants a band.
I'll see if I can get Coldplay.
Yeah! Oop, I'm late for work.
- Don't forget tomorrow - Lunch with your parents.
- I'll see you tonight.
- 'Kay.
Hey, so, I was thinking maybe we could throw Sumi a surprise shower.
We could - we could, yeah.
- MEERA: Great.
Maybe we can get together while Sumi's at work one day.
Of course! Yeah.
Great, I'll just text you.
Sounds good.
Yeah (BITES INTO TOAST) They'll be married soon, okay? And then Sumi will live with Meera, and this whole experiment in torture will be over.
What about lunches with your parents? That's forever.
They love Sumi.
But they don't know that she's your ex? Ex-roommate, best friend.
But if they did know, they probably would have chosen her in the break-up.
I don't believe that.
Trust me.
They would.
How'd you know where I work? I may have stalked your Instagram.
Everything okay? It's all good.
So you just missed me? (CHUCKLES) Mom asked me to give you this.
What's in it? Suspicious white powder? She wants to make amends.
Sounds like AA speak.
She's clean.
And she's not doin' that well.
Here, just read the letter.
I mean, it's the least you could do.
JUDGE WILSON: The question is do I, or do I not give a willful blindness instruction to the jury? To be convicted of a crime, the jury has to find that Mr.
Alvarez had the specific intent to participate in a drive-by shooting.
The jury could find Alvarez guilty, if he took deliberate actions to ignore that his friend had a gun in the car.
So knowing someone might be intent on harming or harassing a potential victim, makes you complicit.
I guess it depends on a situation.
But, in this instance, Alvarez knew what his friend intended to do, not what he might do based on his past actions.
- (REBECCA SCOFFS) - Good point.
What if someone's not directly involved, but has knowledge of a perpetrator's past actions, if he re-offends, is that person, especially if they're in a position of power, guilty of willful blindness? As far as I know, no complaints have been filed.
Can the judge, with knowledge of his actions, file a complaint with the Chief Justice? It would be inappropriate for a judge to do that without a victim willing to come forward.
I think we're getting far afield of the case at hand.
Thank you for this lively debate.
I will be issuing the jury instruction.
Did you tell Wilson what I told you about Judge Handelman? I told him I'd heard rumors about Handelman and I asked him to do something about it.
Rumors he knows came from me.
Look Rebecca, I know how hard it is to come forward.
Okay? And how triggering it must be, and I get the issue with your grandfather and your family.
But it could be happening to Kate.
And she doesn't have a grandfather who can get her transferred to another judge.
If it's happening, she can file a complaint on her own.
And lose a prestigious clerkship? - (REBECCA SIGHS) - That she's worked very hard to get? I was just trying to get Wilson to do something.
These judges shouldn't be covering up for each other or turning a blind eye.
The only oversight they have is over each other.
What'd he say? He said that he can't issue a complaint against Handelman without a victim willing to step forward.
You have pretty loose lips for someone who has secrets of her own.
(STREET NOISE) (DOOR CREAKS) Hey, um, I have forms for Jazmin to fill out for the change of name and gender petition.
- Thanks, um, can you just - Yeah.
(SINK TURNS ON) Uh, she can also apply for a fee waiver.
She just needs to check the box, and she needs a letter from her physician.
I'll make sure to tell her.
I really appreciate you doin' this, Callie.
Yeah, I'm happy to.
BRYAN: Postmates arrived.
Hey, Callie was just droppin' off the forms for Jazmin.
Ah By the way, um Jamie's reached out to a couple of attorneys who might take her case against the catering company.
So I will check in with him tonight.
So if we organize one protest on the first day of the trial, - we'll get a huge turn out for Jamal.
- Okay.
If we try to get people out every day of the trial, we'll have fewer people, but we'll have a daily presence.
And what do you suggest? I say we go big day one.
I mean Get a lot of media attention and then hopefully, we'll inspire a lot of people to show up after that.
I can't thank you enough for doin' all this.
Oh, you don't gotta thank me.
I mean, it's not just Jamal we're doing this for.
It's for all of us.
If I had a daughter, I'd want her to be just like you.
(LAUGHS) Well if I could've picked my mother, right back at'cha.
Have you heard from her lately? My brother dropped off a letter she wrote me.
What'd it say? I haven't read it.
All I want is a relationship with Dom.
You know, when I first lost Jamal, I learned sometimes you have to go out in the world to find your family.
You got your friends.
You got me now.
Am I gonna see you at the hearing next week? Wilson's gonna be ruling on Officer Griffin's personnel file.
I hate to ask you this but it would be a lot better for me if you didn't sit with Jamal's mother in court.
I'm sorry, I won't be able to come to the hearing.
I'm on days all week here.
Oh, I understand, honey, you gotta pay rent.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) If I don't help pack the gallery, they're not gonna ask me back.
You could have a huge following if you put yourself out there.
Especially the queer community.
Come on, your work is super sexy, and so are you.
Seriously, you need to brand yourself.
Use social media to promote your art, and that beautiful face.
(SCOFFS) I don't think I wanna brand myself as a queer artist.
I mean, I don't label myself a Latino artist and I don't want to use my face to get people to look at my art.
Maybe just your body then.
(BOTH LAUGH) Hey, listen, you know I'd be happy to take some hot pictures of you.
In fact, I may already have some.
Oh, wait those might be too X-rated.
(LAUGHS) Yeah, and for your eyes only.
("DISAPPEARING MUSIC" BY MINT MILE PLAYING) Hey you're an incredibly talented artist.
But it's not enough to just let the art speak for itself.
And you don't have to brand yourself as queer to reach out to the queer community.
I've got plenty of contacts.
Just say the word.
Look how pretty Sumi looks.
Why you not wearing the makeup I bought you? Kylie Jenner.
(IN MANDARIN) I'm have tinted moisturizer on.
Why is your hair so greasy? Look at Su, her hair is so nice like Rachael Ray.
(IN MANDARIN) - Good talk.
- TREA: You talk to your brother? (IN MANDARIN) With a shower.
(IN MANDARIN) Why are you always making jokes? When you going to get a real job? Sumi is practically a doctor.
Freelance is not a real job.
Your brother is getting serious with Susan.
Finally, one of my children is going to make me a proud grandmother.
(IN MANDARIN) I am dating! Someone sort of.
Who is he? What's his name? Joey.
So, I was wondering where we stood on that second date? Why don't you come do my show? By "your show" you mean the live one? The one that real people listen to? I have, like 10 listeners, it's not NPR.
JOEY: It'll be fun.
What does Joey do? Is he Chinese? I don't know, I'm not sure.
You don't know if he's Chinese? Let's just can we change the subject? Why have you been so sneaky? (CLEARS THROAT) Well, I have news.
I'm engaged! (CHUCKLES) TREA: You're engaged! - Mm-hmm.
- What's his name? Meera.
ALAN: Meera? Isn't that a girl's name? Have you ever met a boy named Meera?! I'm gay.
Alice are you gay? Yes.
(IN MANDARIN) I'm engaged.
(LIGHTLY CHUCKLES) TREA: You're engaged! What's his name? Myron.
TREA: Your parents must be so proud.
Does he have a brother? (PIANO PLAYING) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) DIANA: What's new? REBECCA: Judge Handelman hired a new female clerk.
Is that so? I thought he wasn't supposed to be able to have any more female clerks.
I thought that was the deal Grandpa made, to keep it quiet.
Well, you know how it is with these judges and their lifetime appointments.
They get away with murder.
What if he harasses the new girl? Well, that's none of your concern.
It isn't? I mean shouldn't it concern us all, as women, if we know someone's being harassed? First of all, we don't know that.
And frankly I think that women have taken this whole "me too" thing way too far.
You know, back in the day, when I was a working girl, I had a boss who was all hands, and not just with me.
That's not okay, Mom.
Your generation is so sensitive.
You can't handle any aggression of any kind.
Men will always be men.
We're so thrilled about your offer with McClellan, Peterson & Cole.
Write your grandfather a note, because he pulled strings to get you the job.
I'd like to think I had something to do with it.
I did graduate from Yale Law at the top of my class.
Don't be defensive.
We're very proud of you.
I haven't accepted the offer yet.
Don't be ridiculous.
Of course you're going to accept it.
You are well on your way with this job.
Don't make a stink of this whole Handelman business.
Your grandfather got you out of there, and we don't want any scandal blowing back on him.
You're lucky you were born with a family name that opens doors.
Be grateful that you didn't have to earn everything the way your grandfather did.
So, do you wanna talk about food? Uh, yeah, let's, um, let's keep it simple, you know? The booze is what really matters.
And no toilet paper games.
I like that you know what you want.
Yeah, well, if you're gonna be with Sumi, someone's gotta be decisive.
Yeah and strong.
She always has an excuse when it comes time to carry anything.
Well, that's 'cause she's tired from all the yoga classes.
No, the yoga is a workout for her soul.
The aerial silk classes, that's what really wears her out.
(LAUGHS) You're really funny.
I am? Yeah, I I wish that I could make Sumi laugh the way you do.
It's, like, one of the things she loves most about you.
Well, it's what my parents hate most about me.
No, for real, like, your Instas are so funny.
You should do stand-up or something.
I'm actually supposed to go on a friend's radio show tonight.
A radio show? What, like KROQ? Uh, no, I'm not ready for FM.
It's KFGT.
A small AM station that gets, like, 10 listeners.
But even that makes me so nervous I could throw up.
Well, I'm sure they're gonna love you.
Just be yourself.
Oh, hey, how's your photo shoot? - GAEL: Very funny.
- (DAVIA AND MARIANA LAUGH) Sorry, your house is made of glass.
Uh-oh, what's wrong? Do you ever feel weird putting yourself out there? On your Instagram? Uh I feel vulnerable sometimes, you know but "coming out" as who I am, as someone who loves her body how it is, has been empowering.
Why? Bryan thinks I should take "sexy" pictures with my art to get attention.
DAVIA: If you're not comfortable showing your body, you don't have to.
MARIANA: Although people may come to check out your bod, - but stay to appreciate your art.
- DAVIA: Ugh, it happens to me all the time.
(LAUGHS) He also thinks that I should, like, reach out to the queer community.
And that's something you're not comfortable doing? I think it's more about saying I'm one thing or another.
MARIANA: What if you reach out to the Latinx community? As a multi-talented, multi-medium Latino artist in L.
You're an inspiration.
Seriously? Yeah! Look at Frida Kahlo.
Worked for her.
And then, you don't have to brand yourself as one thing.
MARIANA: But, it's better if you define your work before someone else does.
Especially before your show.
Thanks, guys.
Helps a lot.
Ugh, I'm so good at giving advice lately.
Girl I just wanna be your friend JOEY: Welcome back to the show.
I am super excited to have my awesome, hilarious friend, Alice Kwan, here with us tonight.
Hey, Alice, say hi.
Hi! (NERVOUSLY LAUGHTER) What do we do, do we just talk to each other? Yeah, just a normal conversation.
- Like, what's on your mind? - Um Well what's the deal with frozen yogurt, right? It's not like we ever eat warm ice cream.
Why did God create cockroaches? Or the Kardashians? There's s-so many of them.
Running around the house.
When you think about it, you know, a-a uterus is like an escape room for babies.
"Get me out of here.
" They don't know what to do.
If I had a nickel for every single time I woke myself up with my own farts, I'd have 13 cents.
I'm not a big fan of cheese.
(STAMMERS) I always wonder why our sexy parts are in the same place as our poopy parts.
ALICE: I'm the worst, okay? I bombed so bad.
JOEY: Uh, just need to - breathe, just relax.
- No, I I need to leave, okay? I'm sorry I ruined your show.
- Please don't go.
- I'm not funny.
Okay? You are funny when you talk about yourself.
Come on, the song's almost over.
Just be you.
And we are back.
Alice and I were just, uh, chatting about her day.
So, tell me about it.
Well-well, um, well, today I had lunch with my ex-girlfriend and my parents.
Ex-girlfriend that I'm totally over.
Like, I don't even dream about her anymore or anything.
Except my parents are still in love with her, so that's a problem.
Seriously, like, my mom would marry her if she had the chance.
But, she's getting married to someone else.
And thank God it's not me.
'Cause she's kinda self-involved.
You know, last week, I caught her looking at her own reflection in a fork.
(LAUGHS) And she's one of those people who always gets song lyrics wrong.
Like you know that song, "We Built This City" on rock 'n' roll? She thinks the lyrics are "We built this city on sausage rolls.
" (LAUGHING) What?! ALICE: I mean, they deserve each other, you know.
I mean, they both think Elvis is still alive, and the earth might be flat.
(JOEY LAUGHING) You were so funny.
You were great.
A friend of mine who has a weekly comedy show, she texted me to see if you'd be on it.
(SCOFFS) Really? Yeah, it's kind of a big deal, too.
Sometimes they replay the sets on KCRW.
It could get you a lot of attention.
Well, could I get a second date? ("MUSIC MACHINE" BY GABRIELLA COHEN PLAYING) I'm playing gigs In the music machine In the music machine In the music machine MALIKA: My brother, Dom, dropped off a letter from my mother.
I don't know if I should read it.
I just wish she'd stop trying to get me to see her.
You know, my birth mom contacted me on Facebook when I was, like, 15.
MARIANA: Said she wanted to see me, but really she just wanted money for drugs.
MALIKA: Yeah, sounds familiar.
Dom says she's clean, wants to make amends, but MARIANA: You know, it's actually kinda funny because I wanted to give up on Ana, but my brother, Jesus, wanted to give her a chance to get it together.
And eventually she did.
And I have to say, it was really healing for all of us.
But you don't have to do anything you don't want to do.
(KNOCK ON DOOR, DOOR OPENS) I filed a sexual harassment complaint against Judge Handelman.
I just wanted to let you know since you were involved in my transfer to your office.
I suspect the internal investigation will go nowhere.
Who's going to believe a clerk over a tenured judge? But, it's something I needed to do for myself, as well as for any new clerks who might be vulnerable to him.
I commend you coming forward.
I know it takes a lot of courage.
Well, if you know if something wrong is happening, and you don't do something about it especially if you know someone else might be victimized? You're as responsible as the perpetrator.
Even more so if you're in a position of power.
Right? (KNOCK ON DOOR) DOM: Yeah? I came to see Mom.
You came.
My baby girl, let me get a good look at ya.
(MUTTERS) Yeah I'm sorry I can't get up, I got this, uh, swellin' in my feet, and neuropathy I can hardly move up out this chair.
Doctors can't get my meds right.
You have no idea how I've suffered, Mika.
But your brother knows.
He's been a good son.
He takes care of me.
(KEISHA SNIFFLES) So, I'm doing good, Mom, thanks for asking.
Well, you sure look good.
You must be makin' money to dress like that.
I'm bartending and going to school, so money's actually pretty tight.
You read my letter? No.
Thought it might be better for you to say whatever you want to me in person.
KEISHA: I see Well I don't know how much longer I have on God's green earth.
- Oh.
- DOM: Stop talkin' like that.
KEISHA: The point is, before I die, I just want you to know Malika that I forgive you.
I'm almost done with the invites I heard your radio show.
Uh what'd you think? I think you suck.
Honestly, what if Sumi had been listening to that? How could you be that insensitive?! Especially considering what a good friend she's been to you.
(SCOFFS) Okay, after what a good friend she's been to me?! - Yeah.
- Really?! I'm sitting here, planning her wedding and her bridal shower.
And talk about insensitive.
(MUFFLED ARGUMENT) Will you get over that?! We were not broken up when you guys cheated on me! I did not cheat on you! She did! Okay, and I do not think that the world is flat.
What's going on? Uh just arguing.
Yeah, I know about what? Um, about what games to play.
MEERA: We, uh, were gonna throw you a surprise bridal shower.
Heh, surprise! SUMI: I'm so excited! Oh, oh, oh we have to play the toilet paper game.
(SHRIEKS) - It's a classic.
- Yeah.
Where are we throwing it? I have ideas! (PANTING) KEISHA: Malika I forgive you for doing what you think you had to do.
And for all the pain it caused me to lose my babies.
I forgive you.
Thank you for forgiving me, Mom.
I'm working on forgiving you, too.
Well, I appreciate that.
KEISHA: I know you and me never did quite get on.
But I always loved you, Mika.
And you know why I started with the drugs.
I was working two full-time jobs, to put a roof over y'alls heads.
I needed something to help me focus workin' around the clock.
So, what about when you lost those jobs? Because you were showing up high, - or not at all? - Why you gotta go there? It's okay, Dom.
You don't know how hard it was as a single mother.
But I was getting myself together when you called the Child Protective Services.
I had a job lined up I don't think you remember that.
But the utilities weren't paid.
That's why they took you, why they said the home was unfit.
They never said I was unfit.
And I fought to get you both back, I did.
But and I'm not blamin' you, but when you called them on me, it just made it that much harder.
But that's all water under the bridge.
And I think if we can both admit we were wrong, and say to each other we're sorry maybe we can start over.
I'll go first.
I was wrong, Mika.
And I'm sorry.
I was wrong and I'm sorry, Mom.
That's my girl.
KEISHA: Thank you for comin'.
I hate to ask, but your brother's supportin' us and he sure could use some help from his sister.
Don't be a stranger, now.
DOM: Thanks for comin'.
- What're you still doin' here? - Beer.
Hey, what's in the bag, Dom? Oh, let me guess, Honey Jack.
She's in a lotta pain, okay? - You said she was sober.
- I said she was clean of the drugs.
If I'm not out there getting the booze for her, then she gonna be out there tryna get it herself.
MALIKA: (MUFFLED, DISTORTED) You said she was sober.
DOM: (MUFFLED, DISTORTED) I found her So, all of that in there, that apology, that was to get money out of me? - No! - For this?! No, no, she wants a relationship with you.
She wants us to be a family.
No, that is all bullshit, Dom! They didn't take us away because she couldn't keep the lights on.
They took us away because she was strung out and unfit to take care of us.
What'd you say you were sorry for, then? For you.
We weren't safe, and I am not sorry that I called CPS.
I am not sorry! - DOM: Chill! - MALIKA: She is guilting you into taking care of her! Enabling her, just like she did when you were little.
- She's the only mother we got! - That is not true! You can find other mothers out there.
- What do y - People who will be there for you.
Giving birth to you, that doesn't make her your mother.
Taking care of your kid, that's what does.
(DOOR OPENS) Dom? Don't go in.
Come on, Dom.
I'm just here to pick up the forms for Jazmin.
Uh, yeah, sure.
So, when can I expect to see your abs for sale on Instagram? (SCOFFS) Yeah, did Mariana tell you about that? Yeah you know I'm a pretty decent photographer.
Might even have a better eye than Bryan for that kind of thing.
What's that supposed to mean? I don't know.
- Just that - Why'd you come up here, Callie? To pick up the forms.
Really? 'Cause it kind of feels like you just came up here to flirt with me.
I mean, I could have brought 'em down to you.
Remember why you broke things off? You kept comin' up here, 'cause I was the distraction.
And now it's some papers.
I'll text next time.
It's interesting how the second you're done playing out your Latino lover fantasy, you have time for good ol', All-American Jamie.
Wasn't I also a distraction in this equation? From all the art you're supposed to be working on? I mean, Bryan seems to be here a lot.
Is he helping you with that? Yeah, actually, he is.
Bryan cares about me and my feelings.
He doesn't just sneak up here in the middle of the night to use me for sex and then try and hide it from everyone.
I'm sorry I made you feel that way.
I'm sure selling your sexuality on Instagram will make you feel much better.
Look, you have no idea what it's like navigating the world as a queer person of color.
But then you only see the world according to Callie.
Rebecca left the job early.
Why? Morning.
Callie, a word? (OFFICE PHONE RINGS) (MESSAGE SENT ALERT) - - We gotta talk (MESSAGE SENT ALERT) (MESSAGE ALERT) - - Something's off (MESSAGE ALERT) - - It's not me, it's not you It's not me, it's not you - - (MESSAGE ALERT) We gotta talk It's not you but I was wrong Something's off Rebecca filed a complaint against Judge Handelman.
I also have filed a complaint against Handelman to the Chief Justice asking for his removal from the bench, not just a censure.
Is that why Rebecca left early? No, she asked to leave early because she's accepted a job with The Lassiter Group in Denver.
Wanted some time to spend with her family.
You're very persuasive, Callie.
It's a great quality in a lawyer.
I hope my bench memo has persuaded you to allow Jamal's attorneys to see Officer Griffin's personnel files.
I'm still deliberating.
I'll rule on it this afternoon at the hearing.
Get to work.
("SWAN SONG" BY HUMAN TOUCH PLAYING) Two for two But I was never counting If it's for you You never have enough REBECCA: Callie I'm sorry for leaving without saying goodbye.
But you know I'm not exactly the sentimental type.
I'm making an exception with this note, but don't worry, I'll keep it short.
You were right.
Kate doesn't have a grandfather who can get her a clerkship with another judge.
But before you get too proud of yourself, that's not the only reason I filed a complaint.
I realized that as long as I allow my family connections to get me jobs, and open doors, no one will believe I deserve to be where I am.
That I've ever earned anything.
I won't be my own person until I have the courage to stop being who my family wants me to be.
I never thought I'd say this, but thank you.
For challenging me.
In so many ways, but mostly, to be a more independent thinker and to define myself on my own terms.
I still disagree with you on your liberal politics (CHUCKLES) but I admire your conviction and your ethics.
Which is why your secret is safe with me.
I know you won't cross the line of what's appropriate, in spite of your intimate living situation.
Tell Ben goodbye and to go to hell for me.
And if you're ever in Denver, let's have a drink.
Yours Truly, Rebecca.
I didn't get a letter.
All rise for the Honorable Judge Curtis Wilson.
Oh, look, your friend's here.
(WHISPERS) Thank you for coming.
- (FOOTSTEPS) - (WOMAN CLEARS THROAT) (MAN COUGHS) I'm happy to show up for the people who show up for me.
JUDGE WILSON: Thank you.
I've reached my decision concerning the defense's motion to redact Officer Griffin's personnel records.
That motion has been granted.
The records will remain sealed.
Wilson's son is facing charges in Berkeley.
And the new chief has strong ties to that department, and the D.
I don't think you can prove that Wilson is feeling pressure to go easy on the LAPD as a result.
Unless the new chief didn't want a big ruling against the LAPD the first month of his job, you know, he could use Tate's situation to lean on Wilson.
You think Wilson can be bought?
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