Good Trouble (2019) s01e10 Episode Script


1 Previously on Good Trouble - I misread all of the signals.
- What are you doing? Seriously, Mariana.
You bitched to Angela? - I didn't say a word.
- I told her.
Mariana has great ideas.
I ran into Jennifer.
Dennis's wife.
Sorry, ex-wife.
We've been seeing each other.
DENNIS: So, Jeff's in town.
Nobody here feels sorry that your married boyfriend won't leave his wife.
Paul, shut up and take me.
The second you're done playing out your Latino lover fantasy, you have time for good ol' all-American Jamie.
I thought I could do this casual thing with you.
But I don't want to share you with anyone.
CALLIE: Eliza and Brandon.
What were you and my sister talking about? I want you to do what you're passionate about.
- Really? - Well, all's fair in love and basketball.
If I help her plan this wedding, then I'll be numb to the fact that she's not marrying me.
(KNOCKING) - Who Who is it? - Sumi.
I got in a huge fight with Meera.
Could I get a second date? (DRAMATIC OPERA PLAYING) (OPERA CONTINUING) - Party's over! - (ALL HOLLERING) Oh, shit.
They really did it.
GROUP: Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday, dear Davia Happy birthday to you - Love you.
- Okay, happy birthday, queen.
Good morning.
It's my birthday.
You know, this is gonna be more than just my birthday.
This is going to be my re-birthday.
Because I'm making big changes.
You know, now that it's over with Jeff, I am going to start respecting myself.
I mean, I deserve a boyfriend who isn't married.
- Right? - (WOLF HOWLS ON COMPUTER) I'm going to be a quarter-century old.
This is going to be the year of me.
And the year I find my true passion in life.
And find my true love.
You know, someone who make me feel like I'm special.
You know, not just a booty call when he's in town.
If he even tells me he's in town.
And even though all of my birthdays are important, this re-birthday is going to be the biggest and best of all.
- (GROWLING ON COMPUTER) - (WOMAN SCREAMS ON COMPUTER) But I'm not gonna make it entirely about me, which is why everyone gets a plus one.
Uh, not you.
No offense, I just don't want anyone at my birthday who needs a fake ID.
(GIGGLES) And the plus one's are mandatory because we need five players for each team.
Okay, I have to go.
I have a lot of "Drivia" questions to come up with.
Get it? Trivia with a "D," for Davia.
(GIGGLES) Oh, my God, I am so excited for my birthday.
Can I please be your plus one? Meera's out of town and you know how much I love playing games.
I do.
Hey, guys.
Guys! Shut up! Okay, so since everyone complained last year about having to wear Davia T-shirts, this year, I got buttons.
Do we really have to wear that? Uh, yeah.
Be grateful, okay? One year we had to wear Davia masks.
Yeah, I had to spend all night in white face.
- Uh-uh.
- Yeah.
That's when I found out I was allergic to latex.
Hives everywhere.
MARIANA: Okay, it's just You know, this is a new blazer, and I don't wanna poke a hole in it and ruin it.
Oh, yeah.
That's fine.
I mean, you know if your new blazer is more important than my 25th re-birthday, in which I am newly single and heartbroken Okay, okay, okay.
I'll wear it.
Yeah, damn straight you will.
Okay, so since Mariana's already been pinned, she's Team Kiwi captain.
The rest of you, come up here and pick your buttons.
There's pink and green.
If you pick a green one, you're Team Kiwi.
Pink, then you're a Strawberry.
I'm Team Nobody.
Well, that's 'cause you're not a very fun person.
Ooh, this is so much fun.
I hope we're on the same team.
Yeah, me too.
What happened with Joey? Nothing.
It's not happening.
- I'm a strawberry! - Yay.
Okay, first Drivia question: Why did I pick kiwi and strawberry? - 'Cause they're your favorite fruits.
- (IMITATES BUZZER) 'Cause they're your favorite daiquiri flavors.
Ding-ding-ding-ding-ding! BRYAN: I knew that.
I I I had Too slow.
MALIKA: Sorry about all this.
Nah, it's fun seeing you with your friends.
Don't be asking them about me.
That's why you kept me away from here for so long.
You're afraid I might learn something real about you.
Yes! Were are going to crush the Kiwis! What do you think of Callie's new boyfriend? Um, I don't know that he's her boyfriend but he's a nice guy.
They seem perfect for each other.
Oh, no! Wait, can we trade buttons with people? You could.
If it was your birthday.
But it's not.
It's mine! Looks like you're on Callie's team.
Okay, everybody.
Get together with your team.
- Ooh, Kiwi! - Strawberry! Let's do this.
- Kiwi! - Go, go, go.
Oh, welcome Jamie.
Okay, okay, okay.
Hey! The answer to this Drivia question is the first bar on our crawl.
Whichever team gets there first, gets 10 points.
Is there a prize for the winning team? Good question.
Isn't celebrating my birthday prize enough? (AWKWARD CHUCKLES) Yes, of course there's a prize.
What is it? The prize is (MUTTERS): We get to lose these buttons? - What was that? - Nothing.
The prize is a secret.
- Hmm.
- So.
- There is no prize.
- No.
Okay, is everyone ready? Order your cars.
- Oh, hold on.
- Okay.
Okay, okay, okay.
Okay, which bar serves my favorite butt burners? - (GASPS) I know this.
I know this.
- Go, go, go, go! - I got it, I got it! - Go, go, go! - She knows! - Go! Go! Go! ALICE: Aah! They got the fast elevator! I was not hoping that it was a text from Jeff if that's what you were thinking.
Why would I be thinking that? Because you're cynical and you don't think I'm really over Jeff, but you're as wrong as that shirt you're wearing.
I like my shirt.
(ELEVATOR DINGS) Ha! We beat their elevator.
Let's go! (GIGGLING) Oh, there's our car! Wait, wait, wait.
I should wait for Isaac.
What? He's not even on our team.
He can only take four people anyway.
So I'll catch up.
(GASPS) Oh! Here, they're coming.
Come on! - Here, get in.
- (CARS HONKING) - God! - Come here.
Las Perlas on 3rd and Main.
DRIVER: Hey, you're not "Alice K.
" - BOTH: Brandon? - ALICE: Hey! This is our car! - This is my Coche! - Go! Brandon, go! - Seriously? - Step on it! Oh, Eco-not-so-friendly! Pa-pa-pa Pa-pa-pa, pa, pa Pa-pa-pa pa-pa-pa, pa, pa And then we'll find our peace of mind You and me, Bel Ami Pa-pa-pa, pa, pa CALLIE: When did you start driving for Coche? MARIANA: And why are you driving for Coche? How do you know each other? CALLIE/MARIANA: He's our brother.
Sorry, this is Raj and Gael.
- Hey.
- Good to meet you, man.
So? I I just started driving, actually.
I just wanted to make a little extra cash and Yeah.
It's no big deal.
- What are you guys doing? - Oh.
We are on a re-birthday bar crawl, amazing race, trivia challenge sort of deal.
As you can tell, Miss Thang is very into it.
Hey, I need a win.
How are the three assholes at work? So, what do you think they're ship name should be? Uh, Rajiana or Maraj? Hm.
You know, that's a tough one.
You know, both are so adorable.
- Right? - It's hard.
Now there's just two assholes.
I was the third asshole.
But I'm reformed.
- (CAR HONKING) - (YELLING) Hey, can you please stop driving like an old man and step on it? See! That's what they get for stealing our car.
Nice driving, Joe.
Yeah, pull out some Fast and Furious moves.
Yeah, I've never seen a Fast and Furious movie.
Don't worry.
I only saw the first one.
And even then, I only remember Michelle Rodriguez in a tank top.
Hey, we watched that when we were together.
I thought we were allowed celebrity crushes.
JAMIE: So, do you live at the Coterie? No.
My boyfriend does.
Oh, who's your boyfriend? Gael.
Gael? Like, officially? When did that happen? Like three weeks ago.
I told him I wanted to be exclusive and he chose me.
Bold move.
I don't think I'd have the guts to tell someone to choose me.
In case they didn't Who wouldn't choose you? You! When you dumped me for Meera! Who wouldn't choose you? No idea.
Oh! It's right here.
Sir, at the corner.
Still not checking to see if Jeff texted? Yes.
You know, even if I was, it's not because I'm not totally over him.
But he could have liked my birthday Insta.
We were friends.
Well, maybe he's not in such a friendly mood since you sent him an after-sex selfie with some random dude.
Well, that's because he lied about being in town.
He lied.
He is lying to his wife, he lied to you.
He's a liar.
And he's not your friend.
(ELEVATOR DINGS) Oh, hey! I'm Jeff.
I'm a friend of Davia's.
I flew in just to surprise her for her birthday.
I know she's still at work, but do you think it's okay if I just wait for her in her loft? No.
What? You're right.
You're right.
He knows how much my birthday means to me.
The fact that I haven't heard from him all day confirms that he doesn't love me.
Probably never did.
I'm not hating on Nicki, but, I mean, Cardi B, Princess Nokia, they are bringing feminism to female rap.
They don't need the attention of men to make themselves feel worthy.
Oh, yeah, okay.
Yeah, that makes sense.
What makes sense? You being a little on defense when it comes to courtship.
Courtship? Are you courtship-ing me? Damn woman, I'm trying to.
But you don't make it easy.
I brought you to the biggest and best birthday party ever.
Well, good thing it's not a Malika trivia game because I would fail miserably.
You know stuff about me.
I mean, I know your favorite movie, your favorite female rapper.
What do I know about you, intimately.
Oh, you don't know me intimately? Huh? I know your body.
What about your mind? Okay, what man wants to know a woman's mind? This man.
I have an idea.
Let's make this a competition between you and me.
If I get the most Drivia points, I get to ask you three personal questions of my choosing.
And, um If I win, what do I get? You get to not answer those questions.
Yeah, I don't know.
And you know you love a good competition, so Yeah, you know, I do.
I do.
- What's this? - (SCOOTER BEEPING) - What are you doing? - First one there gets 10 points.
Really? MARIANA: I don't see the other team.
Maybe they took a wrong turn? Oh, no.
There's Jamie.
They beat us.
Okay, uh Everybody out.
- What's the rush? - I'm working, Mariana.
Oh, right.
Well Oh, hey! Maybe we can keep requesting you all night? - That'd be fun.
- A blast.
Is everything okay? Yeah.
So you're hanging out with Jamie, huh? - Yeah, is that cool? - Yeah.
Can you just maybe not tell him I'm driving for Coche? Why? MARIANA: Callie, come on! Just don't tell him, okay? Please.
Callie, come on.
We're gonna miss the next challenge.
Come on! - You all right? - Yeah.
How come you're not inside scoring points? It's hard enough scoring points with you.
Go, one, two, three! Thank you.
(RANCHERA MUSIC PLAYING OVER SPEAKERS) How was your ride? - Delightful.
- I got you a drink.
You are delightful.
I wish we were on the same team.
But then again, you've always played for both teams.
SUMI: Oh, look! There's a worm at the bottom of that bottle.
Remember when you ate that worm in Mexico? - Yeah, the ayahuasca worm? - Okay, that's not a thing.
The tree was talking to me, in Mandarin.
You were so drunk.
We laughed our asses off.
Yeah, that was fun.
We always have fun.
DAVIA: Excuse me.
I'm gonna need you guys to clear it.
It's my birthday and my grandma died.
It's a whole thing.
So you stole our car and we still beat you.
Karma's a bitch.
Okay, you know what? It was an honest mistake.
And don't report our driver because he's actually A nice guy.
A very nice guy named Carl.
Yes, Carl.
The Coche driver.
Okay, guys, sit down.
Sit down, sit down.
Okay, hi.
Can everyone pay attention please? So, is this best birthday party ever? - Yes! - (CHEERING) I know.
You're welcome.
Okay, so for the next challenge, since it's my 25th birthday, whoever can eat 25 of Antonio's famous butt-burner jalapeño wings in three minutes will receive 25 points for their team.
I love this.
This challenge was made for me.
- I love spicy food.
- Me too.
I had phall curry for breakfast.
Oh, is that right? Well, I've got hot sauce in my bag, swag.
Well have you ever done the dynamite challenge at Jitlada? No.
Well, I should take you out there sometime.
Where I take all my friends.
DAVIA: Here they come! Smell the heat.
(CHEERS) MALIKA: I smoked your ass, and I still look good.
You didn't, and sweat is sexy.
Who told you that? Because you're a little A point a wing? - You're on.
- Come on.
Oh, you're doing this? I like a challenge.
All right then, me too.
- Thank you, Dennis.
- You're welcome, Callie.
I think I'm gonna let Jamie take this one for the team.
I don't need the heartburn.
I think I do.
Oh, I guess we're in for a gassy night.
Yes, you are.
ALICE: Gael, take my seat.
I don't think I can do this.
You know how spicy food give me the Asian flush.
Don't worry.
I got this.
- Yeah? - Mmm-hmm.
Team Strawberry! Okay! - Is everyone ready? - ALL: Yes! All right, turn around, take your seats.
Come on.
Let's do this.
- All right.
- Hey! Three DAVIA/DENNIS: Two One! - Yes! - Stuff your faces! Go, go, go! - (SCREAMING) - (LAUGHING) Go, rush! Rush, rush! Come on, come on! Go, go, go! Faster! Faster, faster, faster! - Go, go, go! - Ten seconds! - Go! - DENNIS: Five DAVIA/DENNIS: Four! Three, two, one! - DAVIA: Time! - DENNIS: Put the chicken down! - Yes! - And the winners Sumi and Gael! (CHEERING) Amazing! Kiwi team, baby.
Come on, give me some.
Whoo! Hey, how many points do I get if I eat this worm? Twenty.
But you have to chew it.
All right.
I'm doing it.
- (SCREAMS): No! - Whoo.
Ugh! - (SCREAMING) - (GAGGING) - Oh! Aah! - (LAUGHING) Oh, my God, I love you so much! Aah! Hey.
How's it going? Brandon, why don't you want Jamie to know you're a Coche driver? MARIANA: He didn't just start driving.
He has hundreds of reviews.
And he doesn't want Jamie to know.
Do you think there's trouble between him and Eliza? Why did you lie to us? What's going on? Hey.
Do you mind if we catch a ride with you? Well, we didn't hear the next Drivia clue.
The Reserve, Spring between 6th and 7th.
Isn't that cheating? A blow out's no fun.
The Kiwis need to catch up.
Okay, well, you heard the woman.
Oh, gross.
(INDISTINCT CONVERSATION) Um, I'll catch up with you guys.
(GASPS) Oh! Jamie's here.
CALLIE: Okay, bye! Hi! Come this way.
How much to drive me around the block a few times? Need a breather.
(HOUSE MUSIC PLAYING) So, you cool being in a place like this? Yeah, why wouldn't I be? - Oh.
- (CHUCKLES) - One of my brothers is gay.
- Oh.
And I don't "still" accept him.
'Cause I don't expect him to "accept" me for being hetero, and I hate the term straight.
Just assumes everything else is bent.
Uh, have you spoken to your sister recently? Uh, maybe a couple weeks ago.
Yeah, she's on the road a lot.
- She's good? - Yeah, as far as I know.
Why? Just checking in on my in-laws.
Well, since we're checking in Why didn't you tell me you're not seeing Gael anymore? Okay! Davia birthday disciples.
Thanks, girl! Next challenge: Each team member will get 10 points for kissing a total stranger.
Or someone you've never kissed before.
Does it have to be a member of the opposite sex? Hello! We're in a gay bar.
(CHEERING) - (LAUGHING) - (CHEERING) All right! All right, all right, all right, all right! It's my birthday, but it looks like you got the present.
It's expensive too.
USC School of Music, that's impressive.
Yeah, unfortunately, a master's in film composition doesn't guarantee you a job.
Yeah, it's tough out there.
Not for my wife.
She got an offer from LA Phil before she even graduated.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
She's insanely talented.
I'm really proud of her.
I'm sure she's proud of you too.
She's doesn't know I'm driving.
Why not? She doesn't want me to work.
She just wants me to focus on writing music.
But I don't know.
I just wanna make my own money, you know? Yeah, I know.
And there's this master class with Hans Zimmer that I'd love to take, but it costs $2,500 bucks and I just, I don't feel right asking my wife for Her money? I get it.
JENNIFER: I wish you'd reconsider.
I'm good.
Half our assets are legally yours.
I don't I don't want anything.
(SIGHS) You're living in a glorified dorm with a bunch of entitled millennials.
What happens when you run out of money? Well, I'll just have to make some more.
Doing what, Dennis? Playing music in dive bars for free drinks? (CHUCKLES) I'll be fine, Jen.
Let me ask you this.
If you were bringing in all the bacon, and your wife wanted to take a class, would you think she'd need to ask permission? - Well, no.
We'd discuss it.
- As equals.
As, "what's mine is yours and yours is mine.
" That would be if you're the one providing.
You know what that makes you? An ass.
- I'm coming.
- No! - No! No.
Don't even think about it.
- (CHEERING) (CHEERING CONTINUES) Geez! Now I need something to clear my palette please.
GAEL: Oh, thanks a lot! - (GASPS) - Oh.
- Um - There.
All clear.
I was thinking more like a beer or something.
I'll go get you one.
Get over here.
What the hell are you doing? What am I doing? She's the one that's like Stringing you along like she always does.
What isn't it happening with Joey? You're into her.
I don't know, okay? I'm scared that she'll find out I'm not out to my parents, and she won't be into me anymore.
You don't know that.
You have to let her in and then let her choose for herself.
I'm I just don't want to get rejected, okay? Again! I know.
But if you don't risk getting hurt, you're gonna be alone your whole life.
- I know.
I know! - Okay.
I'm watching you.
- Shut up! - (LAUGHING) I didn't say anything.
DAVIA: Okay, so that's it? No more takers? You know, we've actually never kissed before.
And we do need points.
Also true.
But we don't want to make things weird again.
Equally true.
Oh, what the hell? Could I kiss you? - (CHEERING) - (SCREAMING) ALICE: What is going on tonight? Hey, is there any other way to get points? Uh Ooh! I'll give you 20 points if you dance with a a go-go boy.
Do it! Do it! We need it.
I think I can do that.
- (CHEERING) - Okay.
Yes! We're winning.
- Oh, oh! - (CHEERING) - We're winning.
- We're winning.
Oh! Uh.
With your shirt off.
- Seriously? - My birthday, my rules.
(POP MUSIC PLAYING) - (SCREAMING) - (CHEERING) DAVIA: Yeah! Boy just for tonight Just for tonight Don't think too much Whoo! (CHEERING) Whoo! Boy for tonight Just for tonight He is hot! Who knew? Oh, I knew.
Yes! I only wanna have a good time Do you wanna be my boy for tonight? Just for tonight How 'bout it? Sure.
Just for tonight I only wanna have a good time Let's have a good time Do you wanna be my boy for tonight? Just for tonight (POP MUSIC PLAYING) (CHEERING) - Having fun? - Yeah.
Best birthday ever.
- Where's Gael? - I don't know.
I think he left.
Why? 'Cause you kissed Callie? That was fun! Honestly, now that I've kissed her, I really don't know what the fuss is about.
Don't get insecure.
He chose you.
GAEL: Who'd you come up here, Callie? You remember why you broke things off? You kept coming up here because I was the distraction.
Do you feel left out? Nah, who wants to hang out with AuggieDaBomb? Who? Only one of the top-ranked gamers in the world.
You know what? We need to win this.
Yes, well, according to my calculations, the Kiwis and Strawberries are currently tied.
What are they up to? Come on.
We need a new challenge.
Something that doesn't involve spreading diseases.
Um What should we do? I don't know.
Something easy.
Um Okay, I'll give 50 points to the person who steals that disco ball.
- We got this.
- Totally.
Yeah! We can't all go for the disco ball.
I have an idea.
Who are you? Who invited you? No.
No button, no booth.
Get out! This is my house.
Go! Hey, you surprised me up there.
Yeah, you don't know all my moves.
I look forward to seeing more.
- You do? Hm.
- Mm-hmm.
Okay, I didn't tell you about Gael because it's irrelevant.
To what? To us.
What are we? What we need is a ladder, or BOTH: Isaac! Excuse me, hi.
I thought I should let you know that those girls over there by the bar, I overheard them saying that they're trying to steal the disco ball.
And you know what they say? See something, say something.
Okay, now what? Okay, uh Can you get me on your shoulders? - Uh I've been to Coachella.
- Great! Wait, really? (CHUCKLES) Yeah.
It's a simple question.
Simple questions are always the hardest.
Look, if you want my legal advice, and a confidant, let's be friends.
Okay? 'Cause friends with sometimes benefits on your terms, when you want it's not working for me.
I don't know who told you we were after your disco ball.
I mean, that'd be like stealing Christmas.
You know? Which we'd never do.
- I love Christmas.
- Yeah, even more than Chinese New Year.
I love Chinese New Year.
(FAKING ACCENT): No speak-y English.
First time in America.
- Coachella! Coachella! - No, no, no.
- Other leg.
Let's try the other leg.
- Okay.
- Whoa.
- Okay, okay - Okay, okay.
- On my shoulders, sorry.
- I just Okay.
- Go to the right, go to the right.
- Wait, wait.
- Get the ball - It's over there! - Sorry, I just I just Very impressive, sir.
(PHONE RINGING) Hello? How long were you married? Almost 10 years.
Look, I don't know how to make a marriage work, obviously.
But I do know how to screw one up.
The keeping secrets Not talking Retreating into your own corners when things get rough Letting all those little resentments build up.
It's all (IMITATES EXPLOSION) I better get in there before Davia comes looking for me.
Good talking to you.
Yeah, you too, man.
How could you do that? I needed a re-birthday break.
How could you not tell me Jeff was in town? What did you say? No, what did you say to make him go away? Not much.
How could you let me suffer all day? And make me think he didn't care about me? How could you do that? - How could you ruin my birthday? - Okay, okay.
- (CHEERING) - MARIANA: Party's over! (ALL LAUGHING) Oh, shit, they actually did it.
BRANDON: Hey, hey, hey.
What are you doing? - I I - Seat belts, everyone! I can only have four passengers.
Stop being such a rule follower, go! (SCREAMING) You wanna know what I told him after I hit him? You hit him? I told him that you're trying to move on.
I told him you're trying to learn to love yourself, respect yourself.
Believe that you're worthy of love, fully and exclusively.
Davia, because you are.
God! I told him if he can't be that person if he can't give you everything that you need, then he should leave.
Which he did.
(CHUCKLES) And what do you know about love and self-respect? You hate yourself, Dennis.
How about I start treating myself with respect when you do? So, I want you to have this.
Why? For being my plus one tonight.
Well, it was mandatory, right? And if they file a police report, you have the stolen property.
- Oh.
- (GIGGLING) Also for sticking up for me with Alex and Sam.
And losing them as friends.
I'd rather be your friend.
I had fun tonight.
Me too.
More fun than I'm sure they had.
Should we give them something to talk about? Yeah.
(CHUCKLES) (CAMERA CLICKS) (BOTH LAUGH) Personally, I like Maraj for our shipper name.
Maraj it is.
Who invented ice cream? King Tang of Shang.
It's true.
The first ice cream was eaten in China.
Well, of course.
All good things are made in China.
Tonight reminded me of how much fun we used to have.
Um Well, good night.
Why don't you just tell Eliza you want to work? Driving for Coche? Callie, she's gonna think I don't trust her or that I'm not fully committed if I don't feel like what's hers is ours.
Well, she has a point.
Brandon, I know that you have a hard time not being the caretaker, but I'm sure you take care of her in ways far more important than making money.
Jamie tells me she's on the road quite a bit? Yeah, I mainly drive when she's working or gone.
So you're alone a lot? Yeah, I like to drive.
You know, it's nice to have people to talk to.
So tell her that.
Tell her you want to drive because you get lonely.
And you have me and Mariana.
Yeah, but you guys are busy with your careers.
And I don't want to bug you.
Brandon, we are family.
It's no bug at all.
And you're welcome to hang out here.
There is always someone to talk to and plenty of drama.
As you saw tonight.
Any of that drama involve that Latin demigod, in the backseat? - What was his name? - Gael.
Maybe a little.
Must be tough, living in the same place together.
I mean, it's not like we can just avoid running into each other.
But this talk is about you and Eliza.
- Talk to her.
- I will.
Speaking of, I better get going.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
(DOOR OPENS) Oh, hey.
I know my way out.
I'm gonna say good night to Mariana.
- See ya.
- See ya.
I'm sorry.
I never meant to make you feel used.
You weren't just a distraction.
And it wasn't just about the sex.
Which probably scared me.
And I'm sorry I made it all about me.
Which is something I guess I have to work on.
Yeah, well, we can't all be perfect.
We never really got to know each other.
Sex can be the easy part.
Maybe we could get to know each other as friends.
Yeah, I'd like that.
Good job on those wings.
I overheard you and Callie arguing the other night.
I know she broke up with you.
So what I need to know is, if she hadn't would you have chosen me? All right, even though I won, you get to ask me three personal questions.
- Hm? - Mm-hm.
You close with your brother? Mmm, no.
I wanna be, but he doesn't.
What about your mother? She is an alcoholic.
And a drug addict.
Former drug addict.
I don't know.
Father? I don't know where he is.
- But you - And that's That's three.
One more? Last one for the night.
Can I kiss you? Mmm Okay.
Look, I don't wanna play the "what-if" game.
I did choose you, Brian.
And I don't regret it.
Look, if you can't trust that, then this won't work.
Hey! Joey, it's Alice.
Leaving a message.
Obviously, so VOICE MAIL: If you have finished your recording, please Sorry, your voice mail cut me off.
The reason why I couldn't do your friends comedy show VOICE MAIL: If you have finished your recording, please hang up or Me again.
I'm not sure how much of that you got, but it's not because I'm not over Sumi, okay? I'm 100% totally over her.
But I'm not over wanting that second date with you.
VOICE MAIL: If you have finished your recording - Please hang up or press one.
- Dammit.
Maybe I should just text this, but the reason why I couldn't do your friend's show is because I'm not out to my parents and I hope that's not a deal breaker.
VOICE MAIL: If you have finished your recording, please hang up or press one for more options.
All I ever could want Truth and the light All I ever could need Strength to be me Believe in me It's all around I missed you so much.
Oh, babe, it's after midnight.
Your birthday is over.
How's 25 so far? Seems like 24.
I can't do this anymore.
I can't be in a relationship that's going nowhere year after year.
(STAMMERING): You need to go.
What if I told you I'm leaving my wife?
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