Good Trouble (2019) s01e11 Episode Script

Less Than

1 Previously on Good Trouble What the hell are you doing? ALICE: I'm totally over Sumi.
But I'm not over wanting that second date with you.
- (CALLIE CHEERING) - He is hot! - Who knew? - Oh, I knew.
Why didn't you tell me you're not seeing Gael anymore? Let's walk in there and demand the raises that we deserve.
We signed non-disclosure agreements.
Then we do it anonymously.
SANDRA: With a new shooting every month, people forget by the time the case gets to court.
I won't forget.
Thank you.
You know stuff about me.
ISAAC: What do I know about you intimately? - Uh, who's your judge? - Judge Wilson.
What about you? - Judge Handelman.
- Handelman? Becca, did Handelman sexually harass you? BECCA: I wonder if it's happening to Kate.
I filed a sexual harassment complaint against Judge Handelman.
We still have company.
TATE: Sorry, I thought they were gone.
JAMIE: I don't think you can prove that Wilson is feeling pressure to go easy on the LAPD.
We could use Tate's situation to lean on Wilson.
You think Wilson can be bought? WILSON: I've reached my decision.
Officer Griffin's personnel records will remain sealed.
(DOG BARKS) So, don't mention The Coterie.
Or Malika.
Or anything having to do with the Jamal case.
In fact, try to avoid politics all together.
And religion.
And anything controversial.
We're controversial.
What? You're running as a progressive.
Don't worry, sweetheart.
We will be on our best behavior.
We're full of compromises these days.
I'm not sure that I can do this anymore.
MARIANA: What's going on? - Nothing.
- Nothing.
Please come in.
- Hi.
- Hi.
(ALL EXCHANGE GREETINGS) - How are you? - Hello.
- Nice to see you.
- Hi.
Well, we are so delighted you're here.
Judge Wilson and Mrs.
Wilson Oh, please call me Libby.
Uh, these are my moms, Stef and Lena.
- Hello.
- Hi, I'm Stef.
- Nice to meet you, Libby.
- Pleasure.
Hi, nice to meet you.
- STEF: Nice to meet you.
- And my sister, Mariana.
- Hi.
- Hello, welcome.
- I've heard so much about you, Judge.
- Your Honor.
Well all good things.
- (GIGGLES) - I highly doubt that.
(LAUGHING) And this is Jamie.
- Hey, Jamie.
- Honor to meet you, sir.
Well, I'm so glad we could do this.
My husband is quite fond of Callie.
I highly doubt that.
(LAUGHING) Well, we are quite fond of her as well.
LIBBY: Let's all go into the living room.
- (CHUCKLES) - What's everyone drinking? Nothing for you.
This is our our son, Tate.
- Oh, hi.
- Hello.
WILSON: So I'm to blame for you getting arrested for a DUI and taking a swing at a police officer? Sorry you have to work for an asshole.
Callie, I don't believe the two of you ever formally met.
Nice to meet you.
Pa-pa-pa pa-pa-pa, pa, pa Pa-pa-pa pa-pa-pa, pa, pa And then we'll find our peace of mind You and me, bel ami Pa-pa-pa, pa, pa They managed to find cause to excuse six potential black jurors.
And then they used one of their three peremptory strikes against the one black juror they couldn't find cause to excuse.
I don't see why Jamal's attorney didn't raise a Batson Challenge.
Because lawyers are trained in bullshit race-neutral excuses that make it almost impossible to prove discrimination was intentional.
Better not let your corporate clients - hear you talking like that.
- Ooh, yeah? That kind of talk turn you on? Maybe.
It's not like Wilson would rule in our favor anyway.
The plaintiff's favor.
I never thought being a clerk was going to be this hard.
CALLIE: Even for a conservative judge.
You're an advocate.
You're not meant for the judiciary.
Just remember you're not gonna be a clerk forever.
Taking the cure, feeling the pain - (LAUGHING) - (MOANING) CALLIE: I just want to be able to do something.
JAMIE: You're constantly in Wilson's ear.
CALLIE: Yeah, well a lot of good that's done.
And he wouldn't let any of us see what was in Officer Griffin's personnel files.
What if he is siding with the police to protect his son from going to jail? JAMIE: Do you really think if Wilson favors the defense in this trial, that the new police chief will use his connections in the Berkeley PD to get the charges against his son dropped? Or reduced? You think I'm some crazy conspiracy theorist? (CHUCKLES) I think the constraints of clerking are frustrating.
But don't kick the hornet's nest and blow up your career.
Get through this, then go to the ACLU, or wherever you can to make a real impact.
WOMAN: We'll now resume day two of jury selection.
Had you heard of Jamal Thompson before today? - Yes.
- Can you explain in what context? I heard about him in the news.
Do you know anyone who's currently incarcerated for a crime? Are you a fan of rap music? Have you ever been in a gang? Have you ever smoked marijuana? How's the secret spreadsheet going? Oh.
Well, we've got more women on board but yours is the only male salary that we have and we need more than one to prove that there's an actual gender pay gap.
I did, however find a pay gap among the women based on Race.
I know it's touchy but although we were able to disclose our salaries anonymously, I was able to discern a race pay gap between us.
I was hired around the same time as another white female engineer, who shall remain nameless.
Everyone knows we were hired at the same time.
As I said, not naming any names.
But, it's just another example of the discriminatory culture at Speckulate and in tech in general.
So I think that we should add a race column to the spreadsheet to point out that gender is not the only pay gap issue.
Personally, like For me, I always thought we were fighting for all women.
Is that column necessary? Well, yeah, when some of us are getting left behind.
CLAIRE: 100%.
But shouldn't we address the gender pay gap first and then race? We don't want to confuse things.
CASEY: I agree.
One issue at a time.
She's the only other woman of color in Fight Club and she totally caved.
What's up with that? Wait, is that Raj and Mariana or am I seeing a "Miraj?" (CHUCKLES) Wait, I don't want to know.
Well, Alex, something you might want to know is I found a glitch in your part of the new app build.
Oh, is that so? Yes, you're not storing a saved state.
So when I leave the app and go to another one and come back, my GIF is gone.
Okay, well duh.
(SCOFFS) I would have caught that but since you have time to check everyone's work why don't you stay late and fix it yourself? Your Honor, we'd like to use our second peremptory strike to excuse juror number 426.
I'll allow it.
Your honor, at this time we would like to raise a Batson Challenge.
They're wasting their time with the Batson Challenge.
It's almost impossible to prove.
(SIGHS) Oh, hey.
(SOBS) Your Honor.
(DOOR CLOSES) If you're here to argue for the Batson, can you wait until they present their brief? Actually, I wanted to talk to you about Judge Handelman.
I'm sure you heard he's resigned.
I did.
Handelman's clerk, Kate, is out of a clerkship now.
That's unfortunate.
Would you consider hiring her as Rebecca's replacement? You pushed Rebecca into coming forward and me to publicly censure Handelman, and now you want me to take in the collateral damage? You have a lot of nerve.
Look, I'm sorry that she lost her clerkship, but Handelman's a liberal judge with liberal clerks.
I can't handle two of you.
- JAMAL (ON PHONE): Stay tuned.
Stay tuned.
- (DOOR OPENS) Callie, these old videos from Jamal just surfaced.
JAMAL (ON PHONE): Black women be less than.
I don't want nothing black but a black on black whip.
A drop top.
A'ight? Man, dark women make darker days.
Ain't nobody got time for that, you know what I'm saying? JAMAL (ON PHONE): Plus I'm with this Japanese girl right now.
You know, 'cause Blasian babies are fire.
So, uh (CHUCKLES) Stay tuned.
Stay tuned.
I would like to propose a toast.
When Callie told me My parent's are in town.
I wondered if I could leave early tonight.
Oh, well, why didn't you mention this earlier? I'd love to meet your parents.
I was hoping that we could invite you over for dinner.
- But - We have reservations.
Cancel them.
Bring them over to the house for a home-cooked meal.
See, I can't cancel them 'cause - (NO DIALOGUE) - WILSON: She explained that her boyfriend was taking you out.
So I finally got her to agree to - Drinks.
- Drinks? Yeah, before dinner.
See, my sister's also coming.
Bring your sister and your boyfriend.
I always enjoy getting to know my clerk's friends and family so Welcome, one and all.
- (CHUCKLING) - Here, here.
Stef and Lena.
You've raised a very impressive young woman.
I hope you're proud of her because you have every right to be.
- Aw, thank you.
- STEF: We are.
Kudos to you.
(CHUCKLES) Callie, you didn't grow up with privilege like my children.
You lost your parents at a young age, you went into foster care, passed from home to home, and in spite of being a juvenile delinquent, you turned it all around and you made something of yourself and your life.
You're truly an inspiration and an example.
And I'm honored to be an early mentor in what I expect to be a very successful career.
(ELEVATOR DINGS) (ROCK MUSIC PLAYING) ALICE: What? Okay, so I have a personal policy that I don't date people who aren't out.
Especially not to their family.
You could have just ghosted me.
Save yourself the trip.
I wouldn't have I'm not ghosting you.
I'm breaking my rule.
Because something tells me that you're worth it.
- I am? - Yeah.
Lesson learned (MUSIC CONTINUES) SUMI: Oh, hey.
I didn't realize you had company.
What's up? I just wanted to, uh, return this hair tie.
And I'm cooking dinner tonight for Meera and you should both join us.
Um well, we - Sure.
- Great.
See you at eight.
(CLEARS THROAT) Yeah, mine are more elastic-y.
- Mm.
- So she likes these.
Jamal really got me feeling - some type of way right now.
- Mm-hmm.
I mean, his case in the middle of jury selection.
How is this going to affect that? First off, you'd be lucky if you get any black jurors.
But see, I don't think they're gonna hold this against Jamal.
And they better not 'cause if those cops walk, all they gonna do is kill more of us.
And it's nothing new.
I used to hate when my mom would make me wear cornrows to school.
- Yeah.
- Kids would make hella fun of me.
Especially the one black boy in class.
- Justin.
- Of course.
He used to say that I would be so pretty if I just had long, blonde hair.
I bet none of the matches on your phone look like me.
Well, let me just You said it yourself, you're more of a Kate Hudson guy.
But real talk I'm here for the cause but do we have to support this black guy? Mmm.
- Yes.
- Yeah.
Malika, how's his momma? I mean, where's her head at? What's she think about all this? Did you talk to her? Not yet, but I mean, Sandra is a badass and if anyone can handle this, it's her.
- Well, you know what? Cheers to that.
- Cheers.
And to Jamal.
- What the hell? - Oh, no.
'Cause if you don't want to kiss my big black lips.
- Okay, come on with it.
- You know? You can kiss my big black ass.
- Okay? - (CHEERING) - You can kiss that big black ass.
- That's it, girl! - Kiss that big black ass.
- Kiss it! My big black ass gonna fight for your big black life.
- Preach! - Put some respect on your name.
- Put some respect! - Black women did that.
- Who raised you, Jamal? - ALL: A black woman! - Who's fighting for you right now? - ALL: A black woman! - Okay, here we go.
- Yes.
- To kissing black asses.
- Yup! - Yes.
- Amen.
SANDRA: I can't stop reading the tweets and the comments about him.
And me.
The things people say.
You shouldn't read all that.
That I wasn't a good mother.
That I was probably working too much.
Wasn't around enough.
That I moved into a white neighborhood and I put Jamal at risk.
MALIKA: Don't do that.
- Don't - (SOBS) (SOBBING) SANDRA: Jamal had these posters in his room and I didn't know who these women were but they were never black.
I could have asked him about them.
I could have said something.
I can't stop thinking he must have hated me too.
(SOBBING) MALIKA: They don't know you.
They just want someone to blame.
(SNIFFS) Maybe they should blame me.
I have to go.
Um Work called on the way over here and they need me to close, so Oh, okay.
You can't stay? - I can't.
I'm sorry.
- Okay.
Wow, um, everything looks so nice.
- Are those? - Gardenia scented candles.
Your favorite.
And I made panzanella.
What's panzanella? It's like bread salad, basically.
So, I heard you and Sumi just had the best time at Davia's birthday.
I didn't say the best time.
We've had so many fun times together.
What do you do for fun, Joey? MEERA: Oh, she has a radio show.
- Oh, really? - Yeah, in fact, Alice was a guest on it.
Isn't that right, Alice? - Um - Oh, my gosh.
Why didn't you tell me? How was she? Uh funny.
Well, duh.
She's like the funniest person I know.
When are you gonna start doing stand up? Well, I Um I You know, maybe you could use some of those hysterical bits you used on the show.
Wait! You heard it? Why didn't you tell me? Well, because I've barely seen you.
I wanna hear it.
Just tell me, like, one joke.
I mean, they weren't jokes technically, you know, I was kind of - going - More talking about you.
Me? What did you say? Um I don't remember.
- No.
- Oh, there was the one about how you caught her looking at her reflection in a fork.
(GIGGLES) I totally did that.
(LAUGHING) I didn't want to go to the bathroom just to look in the mirror and that fork was so shiny.
What else? Hey.
Just saw the tweets.
Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
I've got work to do.
Wait, you're not You're not still going through with the protest? After all that shit Jamal said? KELLY: Well, I'm not going 'cause I stand with black women.
You were never going anyway so don't use this as a convenient excuse.
(SCOFFS) I was going.
Yes, I am still doing the protest.
I am still marching and fighting for Jamal.
- Okay? - I just don't understand why you'd work so hard for someone who thought so little of you.
Would you still march for a white guy who said those things? If he was unjustly gunned down by the police, then yeah, I'd still think he'd deserve justice.
Or do you think Jamal deserved what he got? No, of course not.
So the point is you don't get it.
- Well, then explain it to me.
- Why? Why is it on me to educate all my white friends? You went to Brown.
Read a book, Davia.
- Do some research.
- ISAAC: Okay.
Here's what it is.
What Jamal said was messed up but that doesn't matter right now because those are two separate issues.
We need to focus on justice for Jamal Yeah, so these issues are not separate.
We need to focus on all of it.
And not leave behind the most marginalized in our group which happens to include black women.
Isaac is just trying to explain because you won't.
I think you're getting, like, way too emotional you just need to calm down.
- Wow.
- No.
Tell me why every time I end up in a conversation like this, somebody tells me to calm down.
(CHUCKLES) What the So, when we first met, it was in a lesbian club and she claims that somebody ran into her and she spilled her entire drink down my shirt, and she started dabbing at my chest with napkins and then she said "Now that we're at second base, can I get your number?" Uh, so how did you and Meera meet? Oh, that's a boring story.
- (CLEARS THROAT) - For the record, uh, someone did bump into me.
SUMI: The point is, I've always accepted Alice for who she is and supported her decision not to come out to her parents until she's ready, if she's ever ready.
What are you talking about? How is that the point of anything? (LAUGHING) Okay, settle down.
No, I'm sure that Joey doesn't want to hear about your romantic first meeting with Alice and our story is not boring.
Why are you being so hostile? Why are you licking Alice's ass? So! (CLEARS THROAT) Bread salad.
Who knew? - You okay? - (SNIFFLES) Um, can you No.
Can you not touch me, please? I didn't mean those tweets don't matter.
The why'd you say it? Okay, I'm sorry.
I'm just trying to support you.
When I met you, you were swiping left on dark skinned girls, remember? I'm not Jamal.
I think I've shown that by now.
I-I wanna help with the protest.
You know, maybe I don't need your help if you can't fully understand these issues.
I don't understand? I'm not woke enough for you? - (SCOFFS) - Honestly, it feels like you're taking those Tweets out on me.
Well, if you can't handle that then maybe you can't handle me.
Well, how am I supposed to handle you when you won't let me know how? I like a strong woman but there is such a thing as being independent to a fault.
You don't have to do everything alone.
Malika do you even want me around? (SNIFFLES) (WHISPERS): Okay.
So I'm your boyfriend.
I was trying to get us out of this.
You didn't tell him we're also meeting up with Jude, Brandon, and my sister for dinner? No, I thought Mariana was enough.
So, what do you do? Nothing.
Since I dropped out of college, and wrapped my car around a tree.
What kind of car? So, um Mariana need a refill? Of my sparkling water? I could use one, if you don't mind.
So, uh, you a lawyer too? I am.
Looked like you could use a refresher.
Thank you.
So Jamie, I know a lot of the partners in your firm.
How's Eggert Jr.
doing? He's trying to follow in his father's footsteps.
- That's a good boy.
- Yeah.
His dad and I play golf now and then.
- Do you play? - I do.
Ah, I'm a member at the club in Toluca.
- Lakeside? - Yeah.
- Just applied for a membership.
- Ah.
I'd be happy to write a letter of recommendation.
Yeah, we should play a round sometime.
WILSON: What do you shoot? (WILSON AND JAMIE CONTINUE CHATTERING) So is, uh, is Jamie really her boyfriend? Uh no.
I don't think so.
- What happened with Gael? - I don't know.
He's exclusive with Bryan now.
I don't really see her with Jamie anyway.
I think he's perfectly nice.
I didn't say he wasn't.
They probably have a lot in common, is what I'm saying.
I was just offering a personal opinion.
Guess I'm not allowed those either.
Okay, seriously, what is going on with you two? STEF AND LENA: Nothing.
- Excuse me.
- Mm! Oh, thank you so much.
Lena, I understand you're running for state assembly.
Yes, yes I am.
Oh, is this your first foray into politics? Actually, I'm on the San Diego school board.
- Curtis has run for state judge a few times.
- WILSON: Mm-hmm.
LIBBY: I don't know about you, but I don't miss all the glad-handing.
And it doesn't end after they're elected.
I appreciate all the sacrifice you've made for me.
- Like keeping my mouth shut? - Mm.
(CHUCKLES) Curtis and I don't agree on all the issues.
I don't see why you should have to keep your mouth shut.
Voters should understand that it's the candidate that's running, not their spouse.
They should understand that, but they don't.
High life Living the high life You down? You think they're still fighting? Oh, for sure.
They do this on the daily.
We caught the 8:00 p.
But they'll be more in love than ever tomorrow.
I don't know.
I'm over Sumi.
I hope that you can see that.
Yeah, I did see that.
I also saw that she's not over you.
Every time I hear you knocking at my door What? That girl is still in love with you.
You make my heart shine So you're a country club guy? Yes.
I like golf, okay? Don't hold that against me.
- Yeah.
- (LAUGHING) So, uh how did you end up in juvie so many times? Bad decisions.
Recidivism's a bitch.
It's gone.
They uh took it off when they dropped the charges.
Perks of being privileged and all Tate.
Can you clear away the food? Our guests have a dinner reservation to get to, right? STEF: Yes, we do.
LENA: Thank you so much for hosting us.
LIBBY: Oh, our pleasure.
They dropped the charges? He took a swing at a police officer.
STEF: That was lovely.
- Very, very lovely.
- Thank you for coming.
Thank you.
Did the plaintiff's attorney submit their Batson Challenge? - Yes, they did.
- And how is it? Cursory.
Still no proof of any pattern of discrimination.
I'll send it to you.
Judge for yourself.
All right, you two.
Sit down.
- What? - You made us do it.
Whatever it is, we can talk it out and don't say that it's nothing.
You heard the lady.
Sit down.
Well, would you like to start or shall I? Mom gave an opinion during an interview that contradicted mine.
And her campaign manager, Cindy flipped out.
And your mother did not stand up for me.
That is not true.
I discussed the issue with Cindy.
You and Cindy.
Not you and me.
You discussed it with Cindy.
It's always the two of you talking about your political future which affects our personal lives, by the way.
And I don't even I don't even have a say.
I would never do anything that affects us without you.
You already are, Lena.
It honestly feels like she's your partner in this.
Campaigning together and strategizing together and I'm just the wife that's asked to stand by with her mouth shut if I ever am asked to stand by because, "Oh, we certainly don't want the former cop wife to scare off the progressives.
" Okay, let's try to fight fair here.
And what is this outfit? She's asking you to straighten your hair and wear these suits.
You look Who are you? That's definitely not fighting fair.
Here comes Here comes the night Here comes the night Run for office, I want you to, I do.
Run for president for all I care.
You can do it with Cindy.
She can be your partner because I am out.
Okay, that works so much better when you two play the parents.
(DOOR SLAMS) I'm really sorry.
I didn't realize you felt so cut off from this campaign.
It's not the campaign, Lena.
I feel cut off from you.
Do you wanna be my campaign manager? - Uh, no.
- (CHUCKLING) No, I'm serious.
I don't know the first thing about running a campaign.
(SIGHS) Sometimes I say the wrong things.
And I'm probably going to continue to do so.
I'm sorry.
You have a right to your own opinion.
And you are the one who encouraged me to to stay in this race and to be myself.
So I can't ask you not to do the same.
If you win this, and I I want you to so very much, you're gonna be spending a lot of time in Sacramento.
We're gonna be spending a lot of time apart.
For the first time, and we We have to be stronger than ever to stay connected.
I know.
My heart is bound We'll find a way Aww.
You guys made up? Yeah.
Come here, Miss Thang.
Thanks for trying.
It sucked.
You know, I've been thinking about that spreadsheet you told us about and the race column.
And I think you need to be true to yourself.
It's not fair for you to fight for all those other women if they're not willing to fight for you.
Yeah, but how do I convince them? Mariana, when you want something, there's no one more convincing.
- (CHUCKLES) I mean, you're not wrong.
- Mm.
I should have been the lawyer.
Heard that.
What are we talking about? Um, fighting for what you believe in.
And for the people that you believe in.
- Including yourself.
- Mmm.
I love it when you come to visit.
- (GIGGLING) - Me too.
What's all this? Self care.
In a form that I can afford.
And why you always coming to my room and standing in the door? Come in.
You can sit down.
(CLEARS THROAT) So how are you feeling about Jamal? (SCOFFS) Well, what Jamal said isn't anything new.
It's not anything I didn't think about myself when I was a kid.
You don't know what it's like to be a kid and not see yourself on TV or in books.
And (CHUCKLES) The little I did see, uh, it took me a long time to see myself as worthy or valuable.
Jamal never got there.
He hated black women because he hated himself.
- Aren't you mad? - Yeah, I'm always mad, and I'm always disappointed, and tired and frustrated.
And I wish I didn't have to organize a protest for someone who can't see the beauty in his own people but I have to.
I have to be there for everyone because we all should be the for each other.
Who's there for you? You're here.
Thought maybe I scared you off the other day.
I'm really sorry for how I reacted.
I mean, what Jamal said was not your fault.
And we all have our moments, right? I mean, last night I broke up with my We can't afford to have our moments.
We have an uphill battle to fight.
Not just for Jamal, but for all of us.
Let's go to court.
MARIANA: I called this impromptu meeting to readdress the racial pay gap.
I thought we decided one issue at a time.
But they're not separate issues, they're intersectional.
Look, we can't say that we're fighting for women when we're leaving those among us who are struggling the most behind.
Which is women of color.
Over time, the wage gap gets worse for women like me.
And if you do get that raise, it's based on the initial lower salary.
So, in 10 years, I will have lost around $82,000, say compared to Claire.
And in 20 years, I will have lost 164,000.
True, the average white guy engineer will have made roughly half a mill more than me by then, but the average white woman will have left me behind as well.
And that's not right.
Guess I never thought about it like that.
- I'm in.
- Same.
Well, impromptu meeting adjourned.
You know we're the only women of color engineers, right? So if we check that race box, there goes our anonymity.
What's that? My Batson argument.
I spent the weekend combing through all the voir dire transcripts, and I believe I clearly proved a pattern of discrimination based on racial bias by tracking the amount of times that white jurors who gave the same answers as black jurors were seated, when the black jurors were dismissed.
You proved? Jamal's attorney's may not have the time or resources But you do? Judges do their own research.
It's not our job to litigate.
Our job is to interpret the law based on the facts and evidence.
You crossed a line.
Maybe lines need to be crossed if justice is going to be served equally.
If your son was black and tried to punch a cop, do you think that he would be alive today? Would his charges have been dropped? You need to get back to work doing the job that you have been given the honor of doing.
MARIANA: So, as the only woman of color checking this box, I'm pretty much outing myself if Angela or anyone else gets their hands on it.
Give me that.
Pretty sure I'm the only Indian guy who works here.
ALEX: Hey.
We have a staff meeting.
So if that's all the housekeeping we've got Uh, I have an announcement.
Due to his excellent leadership, Josh is going to pitch the new app to investors for the first time.
- (CHEERING) - (APPLAUSE) - Come on! - Woo-hoo! Josh, Josh (CLEARS THROAT) Don't worry guys, I plan on crushing it.
Uh, hey.
Before we break, we're dealing with a glitch similar to the one that Team Blue reported.
Can they share their solution? Actually, I believe you cracked that Alex, right? Yeah, let me check my notes.
And we'll uh circle back.
Actually, you know, when I flagged the issue, my solve was to store user's state locally and update the instant state whenever they leave the app.
If the user is online, I update the db with the current GIF draft and start there whenever they come back.
Good job.
JOSH: Okay, then Meeting adjourned.
Mariana, can you stay? Angela, Josh, you too.
I'm confused about something.
Mariana, you seem to be very motivated.
So when I agreed to hear your new app pitch, why didn't you follow up? Well, um Angela was correct to point out that I should be more respectful of your time.
Who told you to point that out? I, uh, was told to give Mariana a heads up about protocol by Josh.
- I see.
- Okay, look, if every employee that wanted to pitch you an app - got a meeting, that's all you'd do.
- That's my call.
This is my company.
Mariana, my assistant will set up an appointment for next week.
I will hear your pitch.
Thank you.
Angela, do not admonish employees who want access to me.
And Josh I've decided to pitch the new app myself.
(WHISPERING) Concerning the plaintiff's Batson Challenge, I've read the written arguments and see no proof of discrimination.
Challenge denied.
However I would like to take this moment to rebuke the defense's questioning and striking of black jurors.
If this persists, I will reconsider my ruling.
DAVIDSON: Yes, Your Honor.
We're prepared to seat this jury as is.
KATE: I can ask you? - Yeah, you can ask me.
- Okay.
Looks like we'll be clerking together.
- Judge Wilson hired you? - Yeah.
Thank you.
I-I know it was all you.
Can I speak with you? Yeah.
Thank you so much for hiring Kate.
Oh, it's the It's the right thing to do.
It's an easy decision.
Unlike the one that I'm about to tell you.
You're off the Jamal Thompson case.
(INAUDIBLE) You've lost your sense of objectivity.
My keeping you on would be reckless.
I'm sorry.
Kate will be replacing you in the case.
I hope you understand.
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