Good Trouble (2019) s02e07 Episode Script

In the Middle

1 - So it's over with Jeff? - Yes.
But would you ever date a woman who was plus-size? Sure.
Have you ever dated anyone who's over, say, a size two? (PHONE DINGS) JAMIE: I didn't want Gael to feel weird, but I bought one of his pieces.
You sure it looks good there? Yeah, it looks great.
GAEL: So, this is the first piece in a series I'm gonna do based on the piece that I sold in the previous show.
"Bold AF L.
artist everyone will be talking about if they aren't already.
" GAEL (LAUGHING): Are you kidding me? In Black Lives Matter, we understand it's a whole system.
MALIKA: Well, I really wanna be a part of the transformation, not just the response.
I don't have time to reign in the ego of a young lawyer who's got something to prove because she failed the bar.
I wanted to talk to you about dating.
What if I helped you set up your profile? We cannot afford to have another Amanda situation.
I just asked if you would spend the night with Jamie.
Yeah, maybe I'll move in with Jamie.
- Go right ahead.
- Okay.
- Stop! - (SCREAMS) So, why don't you? What? Move in with me? Where do we go? I love you Where do we go? I love you Where do we go? I love you I can't wait until we can be together like this every night.
Where do we, where do we go? Where do we, where do we go? I love you Where do we, where do we go? Where do we, where do we go? Where do we go? I love you - Hey.
- Oh, glad you made it.
Yeah, what's going on? You said you wanted to be part of an action, right? - Yeah.
- Oh.
We've been hacked before.
All right, y'all, so let's get started.
So, I know some of you are wondering why we're here, and we apologize for the secrecy.
But we're planning a disruption in the next couple of days.
Love you, we go In order to pull the plan off, we have to keep the plan under wraps, even from some of you.
So, you're gonna get details on a need-to-know basis only.
Now, new folks We gonna need you on the front lines for this one.
Police don't know your faces the way they know some of ours, and so you will be given more access.
If you are uncomfortable with this in any way, you're absolutely free to leave.
I love you Good Trouble 2x07 In the Middle Pa-pa-pa, pa-pa-pa, pa-pa Pa-pa-pa, pa-pa-pa, pa-pa And then we'll find our peace of mind You and me, bel ami Pa-pa-pa, pa-pa Here's all the research on landlord retaliation in California.
Uh, since the law isn't settled, did you get a chance to look at the Nevada case I sent you? Yep.
- Hope it was helpful.
- Uh-huh.
I just wanna say, um If there's anything else I can help with, in addition to research, I'd love an opportunity to do more.
Actually, I'm going out in the field today for the expungement clinic.
Can you sort these files by expungement type and review them for potential eligibility by end of day? - Sure.
- Thank you.
I thought we agreed to take the first deal in the Rivera case.
Yeah, I think we can do better.
- And if we don't? - I'm just gonna - Then it's on me.
- And me! - It's my case, Teresa.
- And this is my office, Marcus.
Are Mommy and Zaddy fighting again? What is the deal with them? I heard Marcus was up for a promotion at another legal aid office, and Teresa put the big kibosh on it.
Yeah, well I heard Teresa's on her way out, and Marcus is getting her job.
I thought maybe they had a thing.
- Oh, that too.
- Oh, for sure.
MARCUS: We'll finish this conversation later.
Hey, Cary, I could use some help in the field today.
- You wanna come? - Sure! Let's go.
Callie, since Cary's out, how would you like to do a client intake today? Um, I'd love to, but Marcus needs these files sorted ASAP.
Don't worry about Marcus.
He works for me.
(MOUTHS) EVAN: In light of the negative publicity surrounding the gender pay gap at Speckulate, the board thinks that launching an activism app before the end of the quarter would be some good PR for us.
- When is the end of the quarter? - Ten days.
Ten days? That's gonna be tight.
You can do it.
Black women are trendsetters and brand loyalists, and yet, so many companies ignore us in their marketing.
And that is why I love what you are doing here at Panoptic Threads.
We're all about inclusivity.
We want our clients to be every woman, every race, religion, socioeconomic group.
- Binary and non-binary.
- True.
You don't have to identify as female to find your fashion here.
That sounds amazing.
TIANA: What would you be doing there? I'd be a marketing analyst advising the company on cultural awareness and how to avoid promoting harmful stereotypes and imagery.
Like blackface turtlenecks.
(CHUCKLING): Exactly.
For my college thesis, I did a case study on unconscious bias in hiring.
So, when I was applying for jobs I sent identical resumes to 20 different companies, half with my real name and half with the name Melanie Watson.
"Melanie" got three responses right away.
Of course she did.
Whereas you're the only company who responded to Malika Williams.
I love that you did that.
This is exactly the kind of bias that we want to eradicate with our brand.
And I want to be a part of that mission, and this company.
We need to discuss it with the team, but you're exactly what we're looking for.
I just I really hope I get it.
Not that I don't get how important the invisible work we are doing here is, but I miss being on the front lines like I was during Jamal's trial.
The charge you get when you can feel you're stirring things up.
I think I could get that feeling every day at this job.
That's dope.
I do not get that feeling working at the Department of Water and Power.
(BOTH LAUGHING) THOMAS: This is where they would like the piece to live.
They want something abstract using earthy materials, which is why, when I saw that piece on you in the KickinLA profile, I wanted to bring you in.
Thanks, man, I appreciate it.
Um, I've never done anything large scale before.
- So you're not interested? - No.
Very interested.
Uh, when would you need to see some sketches? Well, we're moving quickly.
Could you present something to the client at five o'clock tomorrow? Tomorrow? Sure.
- Are you cooking? - No.
I miss your cooking.
Well, you shouldn't have taken away my mini-fridge.
Sorry, dude, people were complaining about the electric bill.
- You look tired.
- Thanks.
I'm having breakfast for dinner, so I made coffee.
Oh, thank you.
Um, has anyone seen my mug? It's pink and - Ah.
- Oh.
Sorry, I didn't realize it was your mug, being that this is communal living and all.
It's got my name on the bottom.
Is it magical or something? No, it's just better for my tea diffuser.
- It's fine.
- Great.
I have to run anyway, so The other 50 mugs aren't good enough for Elsa? Was it something I said? He's mad I took away his mini-fridge, (WHISPERS): and I feel bad lying about it.
Yeah, but I really appreciate it.
He needed to get out of his loft.
You're awfully concerned about him lately.
No, I'm not.
Your song at Malika's birthday was incredible.
If I didn't know any better, I'd think you two are in love.
I'm kidding! - No.
You're not in love.
- (SOBS) You are in love? - (CRYING) - He's in love, and you're in like? - (CRYING) - It's not you, it's him? (CRYING) It's not him, it's you? It's me? So, you do love Dennis? But you never broke up with Jeff? Because he finally left his wife for you, and now you feel bad for dumping him when his life is a mess? No? I was on a roll there.
That's what I told myself.
But the truth is I didn't break up with him, because I didn't think that anyone else would ever love me.
Well, how do you know Dennis doesn't love you? (SNIFFLES) I know that he loves me.
As a friend.
(SNIFFLES) But let's face it, I'm not his type, you know? He dates girls with waists the size of my thighs.
- First of all, you're beautiful.
- Well, duh! I said I was fat, not ugly.
Just because I learned to love my body doesn't mean that Dennis ever could.
- Jeff does.
- (SIGHS) Sorry.
Sorry, I just meant that your body is - obviously lovable.
- (SNIFFLES) (CRYING): Jeff's in town.
Well, if you don't love him, you have to tell him.
(CRYING): I'm so sorry.
I never saw this coming.
- If I had, I never - Would let me blow up my entire life? I lost my house my dog, all of my friends.
- I know.
- My family hates me.
I'm sorry.
But I didn't ruin your marriage.
You weren't happy with Lily.
And with or without me, you needed to end things.
(CRYING): You're an amazing man.
And you deserve someone who loves you and makes you happy.
- And when you find that person - Just get out.
- Jeff - Just get the hell out! Okay.
That was hard.
But you survived.
I mean, what do you have to lose by telling Dennis? His friendship.
(SNIFFLES) - When do we celebrate? - Well, I didn't get the job yet.
Uh, yes, you did.
Stop frontin'.
Also, what is their policy on boyfriends? Can I still hang out and watch you work? Aw.
I am gonna miss these drop-ins.
Seems like the only way I can catch you these days.
I'll find a way to make time for us.
I promise.
Seriously, though, I'm I'm proud of you.
Thank you.
TOLU: Yo, what's that company's name? Panoptic Threads.
Why? Some chick from there just liked one of your tweets that I'm tagged in.
Which one? "Club goin' up on a Tuesday" with a pic of us and Rick.
MALIKA: Wait, that's old.
They are deep diving into my socials.
Oh, Malika, that just means they're interested in you.
Well, I'm interested in, uh, who's Rick.
- Calm down, that's just Tolu's bong.
- Rest in peace.
(BOTH LAUGHING) And it means I need to do some scrubbing.
I am everything I need I am everything I want I am, I am - Hi.
- Hey! We weren't sure you'd make it.
I got you a drink, but I drank it.
(CHUCKLES) Yeah, well, I wasn't sure I was gonna make it ether.
(GASPS) Oh! Sorry, I wear orthotics.
- What? - They make my shoes squeak.
(SHOES SQUEAKING) People usually hear me approaching.
Uh, well, sorry.
Uh I must've I'm really deep in it with, you know, ten days to launch and all.
About that.
So, I want you to create a chat feature to keep users in the app longer and boost ad sales.
You mean like further down the road after we've launched? No, I mean now.
But don't worry, you can have until end of day tomorrow to show me something.
Tomorrow? That's not much time.
You can do it.
- Well, with everything that we already have - You can do it.
- It's just, it's gonna be pretty - You can do it.
CLAIRE: I hope you said we can't do it.
I didn't.
But I am.
I'm just gonna tell him no.
Good luck with that.
Evan Speck? Yeah, he doesn't take no for an answer.
- Who is she? - That's Amanda.
She used to work at Speckulate.
ALEX: You remember the other pretty engineer girl? - Amanda.
- SAM: Amanda, right.
Evan took an interest in her, - and then, poof! - Her app was toast.
That's Amanda? I am everything I want I am, I am The bartenders have been ignoring this side of the bar for like 20 minutes.
I'm in too deep, but you can save yourself.
(CHUCKLES) No, I think we're in this together now.
(CHUCKLES) We didn't really meet.
I'm Mariana.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Amanda.
I know.
You used to work at Speckulate.
- But you quit.
- No.
I wish.
I was fired.
Fired? So what happened with Amanda? Amanda quit.
But not because Evan did anything.
- May I ask why? - Honestly, I have no idea.
She took advantage of his mentorship.
Developed her app, and she got a better offer and left.
I really thought Evan liked me.
And my app.
He was always really supportive.
The only thing I can think of is that I told him I couldn't do everything he wanted and still meet the deadline.
And the next thing I know, I was called into HR, and Angela was telling me that they were letting me go.
Even though she burned Evan, he didn't want to sue her.
He got a lot of crap from the board of directors, which is why he can't let it happen again.
I'm so sorry.
At least they let me keep my app.
But I haven't been able to get any investors interested, and I still don't have another job.
This just doesn't sound like Evan.
Yeah, that's what I used to think.
But it's his company.
I wouldn't have been fired if that's not what he wanted.
Looks good.
You can look at it when I get a copyright.
(CHUCKLES) Never letting that one go, are you? I'm just saying.
Inspiration is not appropriation.
I don't remember getting an inspired-by credit on your college thesis.
You really trying to go there right now? No.
Thanks for being cool about staying in tonight.
Of course.
This commission could be huge for you.
It's barely any money.
I'll probably end up spending more on materials anyway.
It's not about the money.
It's about the exposure.
Think about all of the potential clients that will walk through that lobby every single day and look at art with your name on it.
I'm not gonna let you downplay this.
It's huge! (CHUCKLES) Okay.
- (GAEL SIGHS) - What's up? Come on, we gotta go back to work.
- Why? - We're adding the chat feature.
- - (GROANS) - Now, let's go, come on! - Now? Mariana needs graphics for a new feature to the app by tomorrow.
Tell her no.
You have sketches to finish.
- It's my job.
- Your day job.
Well, my day job isn't making art.
I have to.
It's fine.
And I can get it all done if you stop distracting me.
- Go! - (LAUGHS) Yeah, I have some work I have to finish, too.
(WATER RUNNING) So, that song you sang with Davia? So intense.
Very nice.
If I didn't know any better, I'd think the two of you were in love.
Okay, look, I don't have time for this BS.
Do you have feelings for Davia? Maybe, just maybe, you should keep your cup in your room.
Well, then Mariana will just take it.
I thought living with four siblings on top of each other was hard, but there are people drinking out of my cup and pissing on the toilet seats that I don't even know.
You could move in here.
Where there's only one person pissing on the toilet seat? (LAUGHING) I am very careful, and I have excellent aim.
You haven't put it back.
So glad you could join us, Mariana.
Sorry, sorry.
Let me just Finish this Done.
Wow, this looks delicious! Either Jamie cooked or Callie ordered in.
- I can cook.
- (JAMIE LAUGHS) Okay, fine, I ordered in, but only because work is crazy.
How so? - (INFANT FUSSING) - So, Lisa, you said you received an eviction notice for being in violation of the nuisance abatement code of conduct for unapproved guests? My brother was crashing with me for a couple of days.
Him and his girl was going through some stuff, so I offered him my couch.
Did you know about this code of conduct? Sort of.
We got a letter a few weeks back talking about how the city filed a lawsuit against the apartment complex for gang activity.
And is your brother in a gang? No.
Neither am I and neither are my neighbors, so I don't know what the hell they're talking about.
Are me and my kids gonna be homeless? This intake report looks really good, Callie.
Thank you.
I actually did some digging, and Lisa's not the only tenant in her building they're targeting.
I've already found two others from the same complex.
I was wondering if we could file a petition to intervene.
Unfortunately, the matter's already been settled in court.
We can organize a know-your-rights event, but there's not much more we can do at this point.
You remind me a lot of myself, especially at your age, just out of law school.
People dismiss your enthusiasm, tell you you're naive to think you can make a difference.
Don't believe them.
We make a difference here every day.
And when you pass the bar next time, I hope you'll let me hire you here as a lawyer.
It felt so amazing to do actual legal work with a client.
- Not just the Constitution.
- Yeah, that sounds exciting.
Oh, I'm sorry you have to hear about my work for once.
For once? - You always talk about work.
- When? When I was a clerk, I couldn't talk about my work.
How many hours have I spent listening to you talk about the broholes at Speckulate and the spreadsheet and your socially awkward boss? Okay, he is not that awkward.
How's it going with his dating app? It's just Jamie.
Who's he gonna tell? I'll remember that next time I tell you a secret.
Look who's talking, Worst Keeper of Secrets Ever.
So, has he been on any dates? Not yet, but he's driving me crazy.
This woman seems to like cats.
Should I tell her about toxoplasmosis? What's that? The disease that makes people go insane from contact with cat feces.
Please don't.
So, what we're proposing is a laddering system where salaries are leveled by specific skill sets and job responsibilities, eliminating gender and race bias.
- So, as you can see - (KNOCKING) Excuse me a moment.
Um This woman wants to know what I'm wearing, so do I say shirt and pants? Or is this code for something like "Down to sex.
How do I respond to a GIF of a turtle? Well, you're the one who volunteered to help him get laid.
Maybe I'll just do it myself.
- I'm kidding.
- Wow! You better not let Raj hear you talking like that.
Well, now that he knows I had a sex dream about Evan Hey, maybe it wasn't an anxiety dream.
Maybe you want him.
Maybe I should say good night before we start improv-ing again.
Thank you for dinner.
It was delicious.
By the way, Raj is coming over tonight.
- I've been banished.
- Yeah, right, look at this place.
I mean, the TV's bigger than my bed, there's an espresso machine built into the wall, and this view is insane.
Why would you want to come back to our loft? You do need something on that wall, though.
Yeah, I just haven't gotten around to it yet.
Why didn't you want Mariana to see it? Um, because she really can't keep a secret.
Why does it need to be a secret? I don't know, you're the one who bought it anonymously.
Well, because I didn't want Gael to feel weird about it.
Like I had some ulterior motive.
Did you? No.
No, I just, I I liked it.
What did you like about it? I don't know.
I guess I liked the way the male and female arms hold each other.
Like a lifeline in a crumbling world.
- That's deep.
- Oh, shut up.
Do you really think Gael will care that I bought it? It just really boosted his confidence that he sold a piece.
I don't want to take that from him.
Like you said, he might think you had an ulterior motive.
Fair enough.
So, uh, you brushed over it earlier.
Have you given any more thought to moving in here? - I have thought about it.
- Mm-hmm.
And I would love to move in with you.
But? I think it might be too soon.
As much as Mariana drives me crazy, this is probably the last time in our lives we're gonna be able to live together.
I like that the Coterie feels like a family.
I didn't know you were that close to anyone besides your sister.
I'm close with Malika.
Close-ish with Alice and Davia.
I just I like how it feels like home.
You never came to bed.
I had to get this all done.
I know you're not gonna let me see, but are your sketches ready? Yeah, I think so, but I'm just gonna have to e-mail them to the client, because we're presenting this chat feature to Evan at five.
Wait, are you crazy? This meeting could be the turning point of your career.
You need to go in person and sell your work.
If they're good enough, they should sell themselves.
(SCOFFS) You think that Emma Stone shops off the rack? She doesn't wear my dress on the red carpet because she thinks it's cool.
She wears it because she thinks I'm cool.
You gotta sell them on you.
And you can't do that in an e-mail.
Well, what am I supposed to do? Just leave Mariana hanging? Sometimes to take care of yourself, you have to let people down.
She's also my friend.
Even your friends.
Hey, do you have those files for me? Uh, I'm working on them now.
Sorry, I was helping with an intake.
TERESA: Relax, Marcus, I asked her to.
That's not her job.
Well, you took Cary into the field.
That's not his job.
Got it.
Uh, Teresa, can I have a second? Yeah, what's up? Um, I know you said we couldn't file an intervention into the nuisance abatement suit.
- Mm-hmm.
- But it looks like the owner of the apartment complex is actually a big development company, and they've been doing this with other apartment buildings around the new coliseum, trying to gentrify the neighborhood by whatever means, legal or otherwise.
I was wondering if we have grounds for a class action suit.
TERESA: What they're doing is horrible.
Unfortunately, we don't have the resources to fund a class action.
But I admire your passion.
Keep up the good work.
(YAWNS) Okay, six fully loaded lattes.
(YAWNING): Oh, thank God.
Thank you for pitching in.
- Oh, of course.
- Uh, guys.
Gael just e-mailed that he can't make the presentation, but he put everything in the shared folder.
What? Is it loading for you? No.
- How are you? - Good to see you again.
- This is David.
- Nice to meet you.
I've heard good things.
Can't wait to see what you got for me.
Just so we don't keep you in suspense We'd like to offer you the job.
(LAUGHS) That's amazing.
Thank you.
- We're really excited.
- So excited.
There's just one issue regarding your social media.
Yeah, I wanted to tell you that I went ahead and removed anything that might reflect poorly on me or the company.
All the evidence of my partying days is gone.
It's not the partying posts.
It's the Black Lives Matter ones.
As a brand that celebrates inclusivity, we don't want to exclude any of our customers.
- Exclude? - Polarize.
We have no problem with you being a BLM member.
We love it.
We just ask, as an employee and brand ambassador that you not post or retweet anything BLM-related.
Davia! So, big news.
Dennis loves you.
I'm pretty sure.
I slept on it, and I'm pretty positive.
Oh my God, what did you do? Do you love Davia? As more than a friend? A simple yes or no will do.
(GARGLING) Who wants to know? Inquiring minds? The point is, he didn't say no.
Just think about it.
Don't worry, I didn't say it came from you.
I'm still keeping the mystery alive.
It could be anyone.
Could be me.
He doesn't know that.
Well, it couldn't be me.
And Callie's taken.
So is Mariana.
MARCUS: Can I have a word with you? In my office? Sure.
I'm interested in that case you and Teresa are talking about.
Oh, um Teresa said Legal Aid can't take on a class action suit.
I disagree.
With the right partners, we could fund it.
Well, maybe you should talk to Teresa? Look, Teresa's good with the day-to-day cases, but she's afraid to take on the big stuff.
But this is important.
Low-income families are being kicked out of their homes with nowhere else to go.
And these developers just move in and destroy their neighborhoods and their businesses.
Don't you need Teresa's approval? Not on a case like this.
I just need to get our director to sign off, and I will.
But we need to keep this between us until then.
You said you wanted more to do.
I'm gonna need a right hand on this.
GAEL: It went great.
And you were right, it was really good.
I presented my work in person, so I could answer their questions.
You think you got it? I think I'm in the running.
Yeah, they said they're gonna make a decision in the next day or so.
(PHONE BEEPS) Aah shit.
I gotta take this.
Let me call you back.
- What the hell? Where are you? Um, sorry.
- Something came up.
- Something more important than your job? The file that you sent isn't opening for us.
All right .
I'll resend it.
And I'm on my way now.
I need the thumb drive with the event archives on it.
Gael, hold on a second.
I need to find this thumb drive.
I think I left it at Jamie's when I was there the other night.
- Maybe I can get Callie to let me in.
- Come on, come on, come on! Yes! Okay, Callie can let us in, but I don't have time to go get it.
I can get it.
Okay, um, I will send you the address.
Blue thumb drive.
I think it's on the dining room table.
I don't know how to work for a company that sells itself as being socially conscious, but doesn't want to be too political or polarizing.
Especially when it comes to black liberation.
I know.
And pretty soon you'll be in a place where you won't have to.
But right now, you just have to play the long game.
You know how many crappy companies I worked for before I started my own? (SCOFFS) I feel you.
It sucks.
Feels like you're shrinking yourself to make them feel comfortable.
I know.
But, baby, you have a chance to make a real change with this job.
And to succeed after everything you've been through? I mean, that's an act of rebellion.
That's protest, baby.
Hey, no worries - It's a pink sky at 4:30 - I'm in no hurry - So the deadlines get more blurry - As I go, as I go Make this up as I go (PHONE DINGS) He just resent it.
- (COMPUTER BLOOPS) - It's still not opening.
What the hell, Gael? Ready to show me what you've got? No, we're not ready.
Look, I'm sorry, but I can't launch this app in ten days and add a last-minute chat feature and chair the grievance committee and help certain people with their personal life.
I just I can't do it all at once.
So, either learn to take no for an answer or fire me like you did Amanda.
How do you know about Amanda? You know, people talk.
Well People don't have the facts.
(SHOES SQUEAKING) Are you a friend of Jamie's? Uh, not really.
All this ice on my head, got a brain freeze (MUTTERS): Damn.
In a white Volkswagen, bet I whip it like a phantom You get so high, you can't come down You lost your mind up in the hills Left your hometown for Hollywood Yeah, you get so high, you can't come down You lost your mind up in the hills When you gonna slow down? Bright lights are gonna burn out - When you gonna slow down? - (COMPUTER CHIMING) Bright lights are gonna burn out When you gonna slow down? (COMPUTER CHIMING) Bright lights are gonna burn out Bright lights are gonna burn out (FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) Well, I think I'm probably getting fired.
We both might have to move in with Jamie.
Hey, can I talk to you? No, you're still dead to me.
I meant Callie.
- You look nice.
- Mm.
I'm going for casually sexy.
Open for business but not desperate.
- What do you think? - Who's your customer? (SIGHS) Dennis.
I'm gonna tell him how I feel.
Oh my God! Because of me? I mean, I think it's great, you know? Because like I said, you know, I'm pretty sure he loves you.
I mean, I can't guarantee, you know, but I'm almost positive that he does.
Of course he does! (CHUCKLING): Obvi, you know? But sometimes you can get like a false-positive.
But not in this case.
This is 100%.
(LAUGHS NERVOUSLY) You're good to go.
That's, um That's a great pep talk.
MELINA: So, we know that the work that we do is not just about some concept of justice.
This is spiritual work.
This is sacred work.
These are about real people, our people, whose bodies have been stolen but whose spirits remain.
And when we call their names, we summon in that spiritual energy.
And so we never want to forget why we're doing the work that we're doing.
And so we're gonna call the name of Christopher Deandre Mitchell.
- Can we say his name? - Say his name! ALL: Christopher Deandre Mitchell.
Let's call Wakiesha Wilson.
Say her name! ALL: Wakiesha Wilson.
Let's call Jamal Thompson.
Say his name! ALL: Jamal Thompson.
Say his name! ALL: Jamal Thompson! Say his name! ALL: Jamal Thompson! - Ashay.
- ALL: Ashay.
All right, so let's get into it.
You ready for this? I'm so ready.
You don't even know my name Don't tell me yours, I don't want to know it either Just keep dancing It takes a hold and it pulls me forward I'm stayin' out late 'cause I wanna Staying out late 'cause I catch no breaks Staying out late it's my hideaway Sunrise Stayin' out late So I have something I need to tell you.
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