Good Trouble (2019) s02e08 Episode Script


1 ALICE: If I didn't know any better, I'd think you two were in love.
I'm kidding! No, you're not in love.
You are in love? I have something I need to tell you.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Amanda.
I know, you used to work at Speckulate.
But you quit? No, I was fired.
Josh tried to kiss me.
Who all here has Josh tried to kiss? Is that Lindsay Brady? - AVERY: Where? - ALICE: They followed me.
- It's a major promotion, you know? - I just don't trust them.
THOMAS: They want something abstract using earthy materials.
Which is why, when I saw that piece on you in the KickinLA profile, I wanted to bring you in.
Does he know that you paid for that review? No, and he's not going to because I paid for his, too.
Have you given any more thought to moving in here? I think it might be too soon.
Do you really think Gael would care that I bought it? It just really boosted his confidence.
I don't want to take that from him.
Hey, can I talk to you? Sure.
Why didn't you tell me Jamie bought my piece from the art show? All around you Inside you AVERY (ON MIC): So, my girlfriend's been on this whole DNA kick recently, right? It started with our dog, who surprise, is 34 percent Jack Russell.
Which I ALICE: So, Lindsay got me a spot.
I'm gonna do my tight-five.
I'm impressed they actually came through.
When? Actually, I don't want you to come.
AVERY (ON MIC): She says "Babe! We should do our ancestry.
" Yeah.
You already know where this is going.
For her, it was a blast.
She found out that she was 35 percent French, two percent Cherokee, which, you know, people love finding out that they part Native, make 'em feel like they've been through something.
You know what I'm saying? Oh, and Play, play, shame, shame Play, play, heart We told Amanda that Evan was pulling the plug on her app and letting her go.
We told Evan that she was leaving, alleging inappropriate behavior on his part, and for legal reasons, he should have no contact with her.
We need to tell Evan the truth.
But if we do, I will be the one getting fired.
Wherever you are I miss you I please you Inside you MELINA: We're planning a disruption - in the next couple of days.
- You're gonna get details on a need-to-know basis only.
You ready for this? MALIKA: I'm so ready.
Above Inside - - Around you Wherever you are ISAAC: I wouldn't mind if you just, just took a little break from all this activism stuff.
Around you, wherever you are Michelle Green.
Thank you.
Play, play, heart, heart Play, play, game Around you, wherever Around you, wherever you are So I have something I need to tell you, I have something I need to tell you, too.
Around you, wherever Jennifer and I are going to try and work things out.
Around you, wherever Around you Good Trouble 2x08 Disruptions Pa-pa-pa Pa-pa-pa pa pa Pa-pa-pa pa-pa-pa pa pa And then we'll find our peace of mind You and me, bel ami Pa-pa-pa pa-pa (LAUGHING) Oh, my god! Did you win the lottery? I just got the art commission! Oh.
The one you were meeting for when you were supposed to be here doing your job? Congratulations.
Hi, I'm Callie Adams Foster, I'm with Public Legal Aid.
- (BABY CRYING) - Um, I'm not sure if you're aware, but this building was recently purchased by a C.
Hastings Development Corporation.
They're using these nuisance abatement orders to try and evict tenants in order to tear down your homes and build luxury apartments and retail shops.
(KNOCKING) But you have rights.
(LOUD MUSIC PLAYING) Is there an adult home? What? LISA: I got five tenants who are in.
- Eight.
- Seven.
Well, we only need twelve to file a class action.
- So, we're good to go? - Not quite.
We need to find a legal partner to fund this thing.
So, when do we tell Teresa? Today.
Time to decide, are you in or out? (INDISTINCT CONVERSATION) WOMAN: Legal Aid.
You got a minute? PATRISSE: Let me tell y'all why we do disruptions.
It's one of many tactics we use, non-violent direct action, to challenge the business-as-usual attitude from our local government.
So, on the day of the action, you'll get a secure text from us with a time and location.
Do not share that information with anyone.
Not your mama, not your bae, your boyfriend.
It's top-secret and come alone and inconspicuously.
Should we be prepared to get arrested? MELINA: So, this is a low-risk action.
We're not planning any arrests, but we never know.
So, we're gonna have you write our lawyer's number down on your arm, just in case.
Does that work for everybody? TIANA: That works.
Meeting's over.
TIANA: All right.
- TIANA: Hey, girl.
- MALIKA: Hey.
TIANA: Come over here for a second.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So, we have a special job for you, if you're up to it.
Yeah, of course.
What is it? We need someone to live stream the action from our BLM accounts.
It's super important, because we need to get as many eyes on this action as possible, but we also need it for our safety.
So, that means you can't stop filming, no matter what, no matter how hot it gets up in there.
Are you good with that? Absolutely.
Whatever you need.
Come play with us.
DENNIS: I can't.
I gotta go to work! Will you come to the movie later? I'm sorry, I gotta miss it.
You miss a lot.
I know.
JENNIFER: He's gonna grow up and be gone before you know it.
DENNIS: You think that I want to work all the time and miss everything? But who's gonna pay for this house and the cars and the private school and the boxes that show up here every single day? Look, I'm just saying DENNIS: I know exactly what you're saying, and I feel guilty enough as it is, but you wanted this lifestyle.
I'm not doing this for me.
It's not like I'm happy.
- Hi.
TERESA: If you choose to assist Marcus on this class action, you'll still be expected to fulfill all your research responsibilities, and we don't pay overtime.
I understand.
You should also be aware of how these things work.
Since you haven't passed the bar yet, you won't be listed as one of the filing attorneys.
Which means you get no credit for your work, and because these firms we partner with dump all the heavy lifting on us, we're talking a lot of unpaid hours.
Which is why I choose more than just the merits of a case.
I consider the return on the time commitment and the emotional toll that it takes on your personal and professional life.
I'm sorry.
You were not a shitty husband or father.
I was just angry and trying to hurt you.
Well, I put my work before you and Jacob, and I wasn't around.
JENNIFER: You were when it mattered.
No, it all mattered.
- Daddy, please.
- DENNIS: Jacob, damn it! I said go back to bed! It all mattered, every second of it.
I should have known.
How? It was not your fault he got sick.
You loved him to the very end, and he loved you.
I shouldn't have pushed you away after he died.
I just needed someone to blame.
We pushed each other away.
I still love you.
I still love you, too.
(CHUCKLES) That was like a hundred and thirty-eight.
What? - Sixty-nine, twice.
- Oh, my god, you're so funny.
(CHUCKLES) You should be a comedian.
Oh, and give up my dreams of plunging the toilets around here for the rest of my life? Well just in case you change your mind.
What's this? (BOTH LAUGHING) Okay.
Business cards? Well, you have to have something to hand to bookers and people who are going to help you get gigs.
Mm, that's like the sweetest thing ever.
I want you to know I believe in you.
Thank you.
So, Lindsay thinks I'm ready to go up.
I will say that I'm incredibly sexy.
Seriously, I am.
Watch this.
Not funny? How about this? I think it'd be funnier and, honestly, more surprising, you know, if you did actual sexy, instead of, like, mock sexy.
You know, something like you did, that dance at your friend's party.
(CHEERING) Just for the record, I didn't post any of that myself.
(CHUCKLES) Why not? You looked super cool and it was hella hot.
So, are you going to tell them that I'm your partner? Should I? I mean, do I need to disclose it? I mean, it feels kind of random, until they ask me if I have a partner.
Yeah, I guess you you're better off not mentioning me.
So, can I ask you why you're being so nice to me? I'm not nice.
I just like helping queer comics, you know.
It's hard enough getting along in comedy without being a cis dude, you know.
Or a circus comedy cat.
(CHUCKLES) That's an actual thing.
You should look it up.
Millions of views.
See, you're totally ready.
- Oh, hey.
- Hey, Tess.
This is Alice, that comic I was telling you about.
- Oh, yeah, nice to meet you.
- You too.
She's ready to go up, can you get her a spot? - Sure.
- Great.
Thank you, so much.
(CELL PHONE BUZZING) Ah, I have to meet the plumber.
Toilets are giving me trouble, you know.
Day in the life.
(CHUCKLES) Okay, see you at the show.
Yes, I'm very excited.
- So that's Joey Riverton's new girlfriend? - Yep.
And you want to help her? Sure, why wouldn't I? (SIGHS) MARIANA: It's just being tasked with heading the grievance committee, which is an unpaid position, and being a team leader, which I am so grateful for, and helping out with dating advice, which, you know, I don't mind.
it's just the emotional labor of it all is taking a toll, and I should have just told you.
I was wrong to snap at you.
I was wrong to ask so much of you.
Well, I'm sorry.
Me too and thank you.
You're welcome.
Thank you.
(CHUCKLES) You're welcome.
Um thank you.
Okay, no, we're, we're good.
And don't worry about the chat feature, we can launch without it, and I sent the salary laddering proposal to the board for approval, so that's off your plate as well.
That's amazing! Thank you.
It's the right thing to do.
And I won't bother you with dating advice anymore.
I've deleted the app.
Why? Well, it's pretty obvious that I don't know how to relate to people.
You relate to people.
You just apologized to me.
After you yelled at me.
It should be more intuitive.
That's why I hired Josh to help me manage people, but I read him all wrong and Amanda.
I-I don't know what you heard, but Amanda didn't get fired.
She quit because of me.
Because of something inappropriate that I said or I did, and I didn't even realize it.
So clearly, I am just better off alone.
ANGELA: I was complicit.
There is no way I get to keep my job if Evan finds out.
Mariana, I risked my entire career to give you that salary information and we have to finish what we started.
If I tell you something, will you promise not to fire Angela? I have you to thank for this.
If you hadn't reached out to that blogger, I never would have gotten this review, and I never would have gotten this commission.
You earned that review and the commission.
I just hope you can start believing in yourself.
Getting there.
I found out who the anonymous buyer of my piece in the art show was.
Who? GAEL: Why didn't you tell me Jamie bought my piece from the art show? 'Cause I didn't know until after he bought it, and he bought it anonymously.
Does he know that you helped me make it? - No.
- You didn't tell him? CALLIE: Because there's nothing to tell.
I helped you make your piece.
That was all.
That was all? I didn't do anything wrong.
Why did he buy it? - Because he liked it.
- No, don't, don't do that to me.
Don't patronize me more than you already have.
I'm not patronizing you, and neither was he.
You really believe that? Is that why it's in the laundry room? Laundry room? Of Jamie's apartment.
I went to pick up Mariana's flash drive and I saw it stored away in there.
It's usually in the living room, he put it away to do some paint touch-ups.
You think it doesn't make him hard seeing my piece on his wall and know that you chose him? I didn't choose Jamie until Until you failed the bar and panicked and went with the safe guy with the money and the penthouse apartment.
- Okay, Jamie is more than that! - I don't give a shit what he is, Callie.
You were the one that I trusted.
The one I thought had my back, but you're just as full of shit as he is.
You chose the right guy, 'cause he's perfect for you.
Do you still have feelings for her? No.
You know you can trust me.
I know.
Wait, you didn't tell him? I changed my mind.
Why? Jennifer and I are trying to work things out.
When did this happen? Recently.
Well, if that's what you want then I wish you the best of luck.
I just realized I haven't taken the time to process breaking up with Jeff, and I don't want to leapfrog from one man to the next.
How do I know my feelings for Dennis are even real? They seem pretty real.
(SHUSHES) (BEEPING) (BEEPING) I'm not using your mug.
See? It's fine.
You can have it.
But your name's on it.
Now it's no one's mug.
I mean, if she doesn't want it.
You told him the truth? Well, he promised he wouldn't fire Angela, and what if Evan and Amanda are meant to be and we're just standing in their way because no one's being honest? Don't worry.
Not staying.
Just grabbing some stuff for Jamie's.
Oh, no.
It's not a Raj night.
You can stay.
Gee, thanks.
So nice of you to give me permission to sleep in my own bed.
Anyway, I told him that if he reached out, she'd probably be receptive.
Sure about that? The way she was talking about Evan, I'm pretty sure the feelings were mutual and still could be.
What? You think I should have stayed out of it? RAJ: I think, you know what happens to the messenger.
They get thanked in the wedding toast? Hopefully.
Callie, what do you think? Why don't you ask your Coterie Biatches? Callie, what do you think? Huh? Oh, I wasn't listening.
What's with her? I wanted to invite you to my dad's birthday dinner.
You know, finally meet the family.
If, you know, you're cool with that.
I'd love to come.
(CHUCKLES) Bring Dom, too.
Dom? Yeah, I, I want both our families to meet.
- Okay.
- Yeah? - I'll ask him.
- Cool.
I'll, uh, pick you guys up here around six? Okay.
- Okay? - Okay.
- Hmm.
- Round two.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) Two hearts in love below Cannot contain control What we have never known What was felt but never shown We intertwined and flow Silence on my telephone Stolen moments every now and then Still I wouldn't change a thing Sometimes DAVIA: Oh, hi.
So, Dennis told me that you are trying to work things out.
That's great.
I think maybe you misunderstood.
We actually just signed the divorce papers.
Nice to see you.
Yeah, you too.
GAEL: You were the one that I trusted! You were a mistake.
I never should have gotten involved with you.
And to see your lying face every day.
I wish you didn't live here.
Each accusing the other You can do what you want I'm making my own JAMIE: So, now that you've slept on it, any idea what you're gonna do? About what? The class action? It's a lot of work, and I'm gonna piss off Teresa.
And what about having time to study for the bar? Well, I'm not sure I would have any.
Isn't that the priority? There'll be plenty of other great cases.
How long do you want to be stuck as a research assistant? No, you're right.
Passing the bar should be my first priority.
I don't want to get stuck in this job.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) - Speaking of which - Hmm? - bye.
- Bye.
(CELL PHONE CHIMES) Can we keep to each other? You can do what you want (CELL PHONE BUZZING) Hey, Thomas.
How's it going? THOMAS (OVER PHONE): Not great.
We're pulling our offer on the commission.
- Why? What happened? - THOMAS: Check your inbox.
We can't be associated with any controversy.
I'm sure you understand.
Best of luck.
Uh? What? I lost the commission.
GAEL: Did you pay for my review? EVAN: I wasn't sure what to wear.
I brought a few things from home.
And by few, you mean your whole wardrobe? Well, just one of my closets.
Oh, okay.
Um well, I, I think I'd stay away from anything with animals on it, and, actually, you know what, maybe this section all together.
Sorry, I don't mean to criticize your style.
No, it's not my style.
I have an online personal shopping assistant.
Her name is Sheila.
Oh, well, (SMACKS LIPS) Sheila has interesting taste.
Uh, maybe we'll try this.
Oh, okay.
You didn't mean now? No, it's fine.
Man, you look like you could use a drink.
And a toilet.
I feel like I'm gonna throw up.
That's a good sign.
All right take a sip.
Take the cap.
Put it in your back pocket for good luck.
- Come on.
- Okay.
Is this a thing that comics do? Yeah, I mean, everyone needs a ritual before they go on stage, you know.
What's yours? (MARCUS MUTTERING) Hey.
So, um, I've given it a lot of thought and I MARCUS: Hold on a second, Callie.
- Sariya! Thank you for coming to us.
- SARIYA: No problem.
It's nice to get out of the office.
It's my dream to work for the ACLU.
SARIYA: Once you pass the bar, I don't see why we can't make that dream come true.
- Callie.
- I remember.
So, are you working here? Uh, yeah, as a research assistant.
MARCUS: Callie brought this case to my attention.
Well, good eye.
These big developers are gentrifying the only affordable neighborhoods left in LA.
I mean, we've seen homeless districts explode in our city.
This is why, we have a humanitarian crisis in our own backyard.
ACLU's interested in partnering with us on this one.
SARIYA: Yeah, well, someone's gotta fight for affordable housing, right? We couldn't agree more.
Why don't we meet in the conference room? Right this way.
You coming? I hope you'll open your heart again and find someone who, who really appreciates you.
She said you're my Baby And you don't need to worry about me DENNIS: So, it's over with Jeff? Yes.
This life Doesn't turn out how it's meant to be Mm mm Mm mm I know you're tired most of the time You've lost the white (KNOCKING ON DOOR) (DOOR OPENS) JEFF: I'm sorry to just show up here, but I just, I don't understand.
I left my wife for you.
All these weeks you've been telling me that you want me to move to LA, to be together.
We'd just made love, and then you decide to tell me that you don't love me anymore? What the hell, Davia? You're my baby And you don't need to worry about me - What's wrong? - Uh, I was just fired! Wait, no, he promised me he wouldn't.
Who? Evan.
I told him about Amanda.
I'm so sorry.
Are you ready? Do I look okay? Very handsome.
Maybe just mess up your hair a little bit.
May I? Please.
Go and get her.
Amanda? Right.
Okay, well, have a good time.
You promised me you wouldn't fire Angela.
- I didn't.
- Oh, really? Well, then who did? Mariana, this is Kendra Zahir.
Mariana, it is such a pleasure to meet you.
- I have heard so much about you.
- You have? Uh, I mean, it's nice to meet you too.
Kendra is here to oversee daily operations.
What does that mean? Well, um, in light of some of the recent issues, I'm just here to douse any little fires and to keep Speckulate on track.
So, you doused Angela? Considering many of the issues were personnel related.
Angela was working to rectify those.
Rectify issues largely of her own making.
Well, I'm pretty sure that Josh had a lot to do with that.
And apparently, he was sexually harassing a number of women who made complaints that Angela failed to bring to anyone's attention.
She knew? KENDRA: I want to assure you that I'm here to remedy the race and gender pay gap and to encourage more socially conscious apps, like your Act-tivism.
Well, that sounds pretty positive.
KENDRA: Yeah, we'll fix all of these issues internally.
But what we can't abide is anyone stealing information and exposing us to public scrutiny.
Which is why I'm launching an investigation into who was responsible for publishing the men's salaries online.
And in the meantime, Mariana, we need you to step down as team leader of your app.
Why? Uh, that's not your call.
It's my understanding from the board that it is.
Well, your understanding is incorrect.
This is my company.
You have some issues of your own to deal with, Evan.
What issues? You're being sued by a former employee for wrongful termination.
- Who? Josh? - KENDRA: No.
Amanda Phillips.
MAN: Most forced arbitration clauses require the consumer to waive their rights, while allowing the corporation to sue in court, - (CELL PHONE BUZZES) - and consumers often must pay steep filing fees just to initiate a case and pay their share of the arbitrator's hourly charges.
In addition, forced arbitration clauses often allow - the corporation to choose the location, - - (CELL PHONE BUZZES) - regardless of how inconvenient or costly travel will be for the consumer.
Since only businesses are repeat users of an arbitrator, there is a disincentive for an arbitrator to rule in favor of a consumer if he expects further retention.
All right, guys.
That's my time.
Y'all have a great night! (PATRONS CHEERING, WHOOPING) Okay, give a hand to our next comic, she's a virgin to the stage.
Welcome, Alice Kwan! (CHEERING, APPLAUDING) Oh.
Uh (CHUCKLES) Uh, I was expecting you to say I rub my belly, or I listen to Beyonce or something, but you're just out here kissing.
I I don't know why I did that.
- I'm s I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
It's just, it's just that I have a partner.
Someone you know, actually.
Joey Riverton.
I knew that.
You did? Yeah, I feel ter I'm so sorry.
I can't, uh Man, and now I just did to Joey what they did to me.
What did Joey do to you? Joey had an affair with my girlfriend.
They broke us up.
(CHEERING CONTINUES) (EXHALES FORCEFULLY) TERESA: I need these intake interviews typed and input into digital files by Monday.
Hope you're not doing anything this weekend.
(CELL PHONE BUZZING) Why would you send Gael to Jamie's apartment in the first place? I was desperate! Why'd you keep the whole thing a secret? I was trying to protect Gael.
You know, I think you were just trying to protect yourself.
Why else did you hide it from me? You knew that keeping it from Gael was wrong.
No wonder he's upset.
I don't blame him! I'm on his side! Of course, you are.
'Cause you are never on my side! - What are you talking about? - You're my sister, Mariana! You're supposed to have my back! (CLEARS THROAT) Everyone pays for publicity.
That's how you build a brand.
By exploiting my sister and her cause to make yourself out to be some kind of hero? I didn't tell them what to write! What harm did it do? "What harm did it do?" I just lost my commission! Which you wouldn't even have been considered for without the review.
Are you not worried about how this is gonna affect your business? The integrity of your brand? Yeah.
Oh, oh, it's not great, but it's, it's not a huge scandal.
Nothing sticks to anyone anymore.
So, that makes it okay? Just because everyone does it and gets away with it, that we could just throw our ethics out the window? Sometimes compromise is the price of success.
Compromising your principles might be the world's idea of success, but it's not mine, and it's not who I want to be, and it's not who I want to be with.
Wh (CHUCKLES) What're you saying? Are you What? You're saying we're done? You told me I could trust you.
So yeah, we're done.
And you (DAVIA SOBS) - You're a fierce tiger.
- What're you doing? - Please get up.
- You're a Komodo dragon.
(LAUGHS) Can take my wealth BONNIE: But would you ever date a woman who was plus-size? Sure.
Have you ever dated anyone who's over, say, a size two? But you Can take my will Can take my soul Can take my heart You sat before me on my knee You're my best friend.
You are here for all my days From life to death and beyond the grave JENNIFER: There's something else I need to tell you.
I'm pregnant and Nathan and I are getting married.
Can give me fame Can make me know You will be here with me From the cradle to the grave (PEOPLE CHATTERING) MAN: If I could have your attention again.
Our guest speaker this afternoon is well known to most of us, He's one of the great legal minds of our time.
He's just been nominated by President Trump to the United States Court of Appeals.
It's my great pleasure to welcome the Honorable Judge Curtis Wilson.
(APPLAUDING) MELINA: You can't stop filming, no matter what, no matter how hot it gets up in there.
You good doing that? (KNOCKING ON DOOR) Callie? On and on CALLIE: Mariana I decided to move in with Jamie.
I'll cover my part of the rent for the rest of the lease or until you find a new roommate.
I'll get the rest of my stuff this weekend.
It feeds us even though We'd only know it All we want Is love All we want Is love
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