Good Trouble (2019) s02e17 Episode Script

Truths and Dares

1 Exes shouldn't date their ex's friends.
But you did ask me for Lindsay's number in there, my friend.
I can't go there.
I get it.
Davia, I love you.
- We can do this.
- Oh, yeah.
One! - What's the verdict? - Broken wrist.
We have some internships open, and I wanna offer you one.
That sounds amazing! You got arrested at a BLM action.
They've offered a plea deal.
Taking this plea would mean you can no longer protest outside of public buildings.
I will take my chances in trial.
It sounds like you were very persuasive.
Where I was persuasive was in convincing CC Hastings to double the money they're offering the tenants.
They're being taken advantage of by powerful companies lining their pocket.
I'm sorry I blindsided you, but I tried to do right by those people.
- - What manifesto? "If women engineers were qualified, "they wouldn't have to get special favors from their boss "to bail them out of an app failure like Mariana Adams Foster and her activism app.
" I think that we have feelings that are more than professional.
So these feelings.
We just don't feel them anymore? We can't.
Y'all ever notice that, uh, porn sites have share buttons these days? Oh, come on, you prudes! You know what I'm talking about! Okay, so, think of me as your wing woman reporting for duty.
And I'm sitting there thinking to myself, you know who would love to see this? My Aunt Jane, and my Uncle Bob Her.
What do you think? Subtle.
And I'm not looking.
Do you mind if I hit her up, then? I thought you were my wing woman! I'm Lindsay Brady.
Thank you so much.
So good! Thanks, you guys, for coming.
Thanks for making us come.
Look at you.
Always flirting, but never actually going out with me.
What? What did I say? Hey, why aren't you going up tonight? I just haven't been feeling very funny lately.
Ever since Joey broke up with her.
Pro tip.
Whenever I'm feeling creatively stuck, I always just draw from what's going on in my life.
Which is nothing, in my case.
Are you kidding me? You manage a communal whatever, with batshit crazy tenants.
It's comedy gold.
You know, I don't think they'd appreciate me making fun of them.
"Everything is copy.
" Oh.
She's on the move.
Hey! Sorry to fan girl.
I, uh, I just wanted to say you were great tonight.
That's very sweet.
These are my friends, Sumi and Alice.
Alice Kwan.
I caught your set a couple of weeks ago.
You're hilarious.
Really? I mean, thanks.
Flashback You and me I close my eyes, now I can see Flashback Suddenly I'm falling fast in the sea Flashback Me and you Hey, Jerod.
Um, I didn't have time to grab you a coffee.
- Thank you.
I appreciate it.
- Yeah.
God bless you.
Jerod? I need it.
Where did you put it? Why'd you take it from me? It wasn't yours to take.
- Jerod, you're in my home.
You have to leave.
- Where is it? Where did you put it? Where Aah! I need it, I need it! I need it! It wasn't yours to take from me.
I just need it back.
Where's the bed? Where'd you put all my shit? - Ah, will you answer me! - Jerod, I'm telling you again, you need to leave my apartment right now, or I'll have to call the police.
Stop it! What are you looking at? You and the feds.
Go away! I'm not your puppet! Nurse, nurse, nurse, please! Please help me! Please, please, please, please, please help me! - Yes.
- Please.
Yes, I'm your nurse.
I'm your nurse.
Where's my bed? Oh, hey.
Good morning.
But is it? Your comedy mentor and your ex? Are you good with this? Yeah.
It was her idea.
My last girlfriend went back to her boyfriend when we broke up.
I've never even dated a guy.
But you've had sex with one.
I'm a gold star.
I don't even look at men.
- What are men? - What are men? - Those two should get a room.
- Yeah.
A padded one.
To be honest, I just want to talk to you.
- Hey.
- Oh! Um, so, I was thinking, if you really wanna date Lindsay, go for it.
What? What about respecting boundaries? It's okay, as long as we give each other permission, right? Um, I don't know.
Ruby is hot, and I think she's into me.
Well, I think she might be into Lindsay, so if you don't act fast, they're gonna hook up, and this offer will expire.
But you do not have permission to be friends with Meera.
She's dead to me.
This is exciting.
What should I do? Just go up to Lindsay and ask to talk in private.
You know.
I can do nonchalant.
So this was your idea.
Maybe I'll join next time.
Communal living.
You know, rent includes water, power, and spontaneous orgies.
Hey, I wish.
See? Material all around you.
All over.
There's a reason they call it a "man" -ifesto.
Why is no one else talking about this? - Are they really gonna ignore it? - Are you surprised? What are you doing about this manifesto? I can't do anything.
We all know this is what the men around here think.
- Someone just wrote it down.
- But we were making a difference.
We got the salary laddering.
Yeah, and this is what you call a backlash.
So we just grin and bear it? Evan needs to do something.
It's the board.
Okay, they were looking for good PR.
Not this.
Okay, well, what about an internal statement condemning the manifesto and supporting the women of Speckulate? Why dignify it with any response? I know how valuable the women at Speckulate are.
That's all that matters.
All that matters is that we prove that we're as good, if not better than the male engineers.
We can't let this stupid manifesto distract us.
Success is undeniable, so let's just get to work, and figure this out.
- She's right.
- Yeah.
We need to focus.
Okay, so first I was thinking that we reach out to grassroots organizations.
It must have been Alex who wrote it though, right? Oh, totally.
The question is, who told Alex? I told Alex.
I have no idea who told Alex, and we don't know that it was him.
Actually, uh, you guys keep pitching.
I have to take care of something.
Are you okay? So, um, my friend, Davia, the woman that's been coming here with me, so I'm in love with her, and I want to tell her.
Well, it's hard in a state of grief to know the difference between love and need.
That's why it's best not to start any new relationship too soon.
How'd that happen? Um, accident.
It was a work thing.
Your mother told me you quit your job.
She also said you need money.
I didn't say that.
I said money is tight right now, well, because, well - And you don't have insurance anymore.
- I do.
It's just catastrophic, which has a crazy-high deductible.
You didn't think of that before you quit a high-paying job.
I wanted to focus on art.
That's a hobby.
I'm not saying don't dream, but you've still gotta pay your bills.
I'll write you a check.
Thank you.
You can work it off at the store.
Dad, we've been through this.
Come on.
Come work with me.
In the family business.
I don't want to work there.
You need some help? Please.
More importantly, do you really want a PB&J? The price is right.
I'm gonna make you a real sandwich.
So, how'd you get hooked into all of this? Oh, uh, Patrisse.
She introduced me to Lex.
She thought I might be interested in the work, since my father was incarcerated.
Yeah, I have family in the system, too.
- So, are we, like, the only interns? - I think so.
I guess you're my competition.
Oh! So now we're competing.
- You better enjoy second place.
- Okay.
Yeah, whatever.
- We'll see.
We'll see what happens.
- Yeah.
- Hey, y'all.
- Wow.
- Malika, I see you've met Zion.
- Hey.
- Yeah.
- Hey, Auntie.
What's up? I'm good.
You settling in? Yes.
Thank you again for this opportunity.
You're welcome.
Uh, Zion, can you give us a minute? Oh, yeah, sure.
No problem.
So, our BLM lawyer is gonna talk to you about what to expect.
before and during the trial.
Have you told your family that you're not taking a deal yet? Um, no.
Not yet.
I mean, you got me.
You got BLM and DPN.
But you're gonna need your family.
Okay? I have no idea how he got in the building, or, um, or up here.
I, uh, I left the door open.
I was bringing in groceries.
And there he was.
Where's my bed? They're getting your room ready.
- Okay? - Stay away.
Stay away! Stay away! Stay away from me! - Stay away.
- I will.
I will.
I just thought We could, uh, sit down, and, and talk while they get your room ready.
I can't sleep.
The feds are listening.
They implanted something.
They put something in my head.
They're tracking me, and listening.
Where's my bed? Well, you can you can sleep here on the couch until your bed's ready.
- Really? - Yeah, you can lay down.
It's okay.
And I can keep you safe.
- Do you promise? - Yeah, I'll keep you safe.
I promise.
'Cause I'm not, I'm not gonna let the feds in here.
Okay? Come on.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay, Jerod.
'Cause you can trust me.
You're safe now.
It's okay, yeah.
You didn't need to throw him on the ground like that.
On the floor! On the floor! Hands! Let me see your hands! Hands! He's having an episode! No, he's not violent! - He wasn't complying.
- We were following protocol.
No, he's not violent! He's ill! Stop! No, he's not violent! He's not violent! No, please don't hurt him! - And he could have hurt you.
- He wasn't gonna hurt me.
You don't know that.
I don't wanna press charges.
Can you let us talk about this before you make any decisions? Here's my card.
Let us know was soon as possible what you want to do.
Thank you.
Thank you so much, uh, for everything.
So, I talked to Alex.
Did you write the manifesto? No.
Though I can't disagree with some of its salient points.
You were the only one I told about Evan and the money.
- I might have told - Sam? - Yes, and Sam told - Jeff, in design.
And he told Trent on orange team, and you know how chatty the orange team is.
I told you in confidence.
I told you in confidence.
Okay, so basically, anyone could have written the manifesto.
But you know, if Evan wanted to get to the bottom of this, he could He has the board to deal with.
Of course.
He could do no wrong.
He's not the reason I was singled out in the manifesto.
Should I be worried that every time we have a fight, you're gonna run and spill to the nearest douche? No.
Look, you don't have to worry.
You can trust me.
Gotta get back to the team.
I have to make this app successful.
It's the only way to fight back.
I'll make this right.
I promise.
I need a glass of water.
We all make mistakes.
Especially when we're hurt, we can do, or say the wrong things.
Um, I don't know if she'll ever forgive me.
She will forgive you.
She loves you.
'Cause you're an amazing guy.
Okay? Mm.
That's the best sandwich I've ever had.
- It's a tuna melt.
- Well, it's amazing.
So what do you do around here all day? I mean, now that I can't work, I am going crazy.
You get used to it.
What do you do for money? Are you, like, a day trader? No.
- You have, like, a trust fund? - I wish.
- Go for it.
- No, it's all you.
- No, you can - No, you made the sandwich, so I'll tell you what.
It's yours, if you drink the brine.
- All of it? - I mean, unless unless you can't handle it.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Um.
- Cheers.
Yeah, at room temp.
Oh, yeah! Oh, it's so green Ha ha ha! The little chunks! Is that all you got? Oh, I'm just getting started.
Ooh, yeah.
- You gotta lick the hair in the drain.
- No, man! You know half of it's yours.
Come on.
Drink from the fountain.
No, no, no.
- Oh, no.
- Oh, my God.
Okay, so you're gonna get a book from the highest shelf.
Without a ladder.
Oh, you said bring it on, I mean, but if you don't have the stomach for it Oh, dude! I can't believe you did it! Oh! - Climb on, baby.
- All right.
- Oh, those shelves are bending.
- Oh, great.
- Ooh, boy.
- Don't they look pretty? Three two One.
Oh, you got me.
Oh, yeah! Bingo.
- I got - Oh! - Jeez.
- Whoa.
I'm good.
This is, aah! Ah-ha! Why are lesbians obsessed with Chris Hemsworth? Kristen Stewart? The movie Carol? Well, Chris Hemsworth has long, silky, flowy hair, and he makes out with all the beautiful women.
And his sandal game is on point.
We stan.
Cable viewing suggestions knew I was gay before I did.
I mean, once you watch Carol 30 times Their algorithm totally knows everybody's sexuality.
They gave me an entire section dedicated to Kristen Stewart.
It's always awkward kissing someone for the first time.
Someone new.
How much tongue do you use? How much teeth? Just the top row? Aah.
I'm a serial monogamist, but it's not really working out so great.
So I'm just trying to have fun.
Who knows? I'll probably die alone.
Being single forever gets a bad rap.
For instance, you never have to delete your search history.
At least I won't die alone tonight.
Why do they call it a one-night stand? You're supposed to do it standing up? 'Cause usually I'm just laying down.
Face down.
Ass up.
I don't have I don't have an ass.
Can I kiss you? What are you doing? Um, I don't think I'm gonna stay the night tonight.
I kind of feel like I need to be alone.
- Do you have anxiety? - I'm not crazy, Malika.
I shouldn't have told you, 'cause now you're gonna think everything's about that, and you know, I just I just have a lot of work to do.
I get needing your space.
It's fine.
Do you want me to be here? Are you meeting with your lawyer tomorrow? I mean, it's gonna be a lot with Dom and my dad there, but I got it.
Uh, thank you for dinner.
It was good.
I'll call you later.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Hey.
- Hi.
So Oh, my God.
What happened? I opened a window, and a bird flew into the mirror.
Oh my, God.
Is the bird okay? Yeah.
No, um, it was just stunned, so I put it on the ledge and it, it flew away.
I'll pay to fix the mirror, though.
- No.
No, we can split it.
- No, it was my fault.
It's my mirror.
Let me pay for half.
So, how are you and Raj? Are you still mad at him? Uh I don't wanna be.
Yeah, I get it.
It was a betrayal.
And what, every time he gets mad at you, he's just gonna throw you under the bus? Exactly.
Raj is a great guy.
Maybe it was just a mistake.
Or maybe it's a red flag.
Yeah, but she's always defending Evan.
And would he use his own money to bail out any of our apps? Would we question their relationship if Mariana was a guy? - You're right.
- Okay, but, if they are really close, why is she letting him sweep the manifesto under the rug? I mean, whose back does she really have? Aah! No, no, no! Don't hurt him! - Aah! - It's okay, Jerod! Malika told me what happened.
You did the right thing.
The problem is, the police tend to ramp up the conflict.
They're not trained to deescalate them, especially when someone's having a mental health episode.
So, I have no idea where they took him.
Is there any chance you could help me find him? We found out they released him.
But he needs help.
People don't get well in a cell.
Couldn't they take him to, like, a mental health facility? There aren't enough beds, and some of those places are just jails by another name.
We just fought to get the board of supervisors to cancel a contract to build a 3,000 bed mental health prison in Koreatown.
But don't we need more beds? And won't they get help even if it's locked down? Not if it's run by the sheriff's department.
They're not trained professionals.
They're trained as guards.
And people who are mentally ill shouldn't be treated like criminals.
The city needs to allocate funds for smaller, community based facilities, run by mental health experts.
So they took all of Jerod's things? He doesn't have anything to come back to.
That's another thing.
They do these sweeps where they throw away all these people's belongings.
Precious family photos.
Sometimes the medications they need.
Why does it seem like it's gotten so much worse? Because it has.
If we don't do things like raise the minimum wage and protect renters' rights, it will only get worse.
Do you still want to keep Speckulate from going public? Yes.
Then why are you staying silent about this whole manifesto? Why not attract more bad PR? - How? - Make it a story.
Find out who wrote it and fire them.
You'll be doing the right thing while hurting your public trading value.
It's win-win.
I live with roommates.
I'm sure a lot of you can relate.
They're annoying.
And they're my parents.
Are you okay? I've never seen you like this before a show.
They're a little nervous.
There's a scout from Comedy Be TV who's gonna be in the audience tonight.
They have this whole diversity program.
I've known a couple comics that have gotten it.
They've got comedy specials and TV development deals.
It's big.
But don't be nervous.
I mean, if they're here, they already want you, you know? So, just go out there and kill it as usual.
But seriously, I'm thinking about looking into one of those, like, communal living sort of situations, you know? I'm just looking for the ad that says, "Rent includes power, water, spontaneous orgies.
" Communal living.
You know, rent includes water, power, and spontaneous orgies.
The WiFi password is "orgy"! $1250 and under.
Somewhere around there.
So, the city attorney doesn't want this trial.
She's willing to drop the "no protesting" condition of the deal, and drop a month down to two weeks in jail, and this whole thing goes away.
Whatever you want, we got you.
Yeah, I say do it.
Get this over with.
Don't risk something worse.
Dad? I realize before, I was telling you to lay down.
Just accept your fate.
But that's not you.
They don't want a trial.
I think you call their bluff.
- Of course.
- Dom What, you think doing time is some type of badge of honor or something? - No.
- I mean, you do realize you going to jail was the worst thing that happened to our family, right? Matter of fact, you know what? Mom would probably still be here if she never even met you.
But you wouldn't.
How about a little respect? Yo, you don't deserve my respect.
- I'll show you what you deserve.
- No, Dom, come on.
Settle down.
No, I got this.
You wanna come for me, son? - No! Stop, now! - Let's do this.
- I don't even know why you're here! - Stop! I thought this was family business.
Your sister asked me here.
Maybe you should go.
Y'all both need to go, now.
He should stay.
- I'll go.
- Dad.
It's all good.
I'll talk to you later.
That's a pleasant surprise.
I aim to please.
- And you do.
- Ooh.
So, I talked to the building security manager today.
Some delivery guys left the lobby door open, and Jerod came up from the service elevator, which apparently, anyone can access.
Or could.
Until I read 'em the riot act.
Did you see they cleared all his stuff out? Well, that's not such a bad thing.
Where is he supposed to go now? There are shelters.
Which are full.
Most of them.
We have a real problem with people living in tents in this city.
No, we've got a real problem with low wages and lack of affordable housing.
Not to mention addiction and mental illness, and the fact that a lot of these people don't want to be housed.
They need help.
They need to be willing to accept help.
And frankly, I'm not sure the city should let them pitch tents wherever they want.
It just makes it easier for them to stay on the streets.
So we force them into subsidized housing? Look, I don't know what the answer is.
All I know is some homeless guy having a psychotic episode followed you home to our apartment and could have hurt you, - whether you want to believe that or not.
- He's out there tonight.
Without shelter.
There's nothing we can do about it, Callie.
See, that's the problem.
As long as we all think that there's nothing we can do about it, then there's nothing we will do about it.
So, a lot of people see sex as a way to connect with people.
I kind of see it as, like, signing a lease.
This might not be your forever home, but you're definitely here for at least a year.
I had fun last night.
Me, too.
Maybe we can do it again some time.
You know, have more fun.
Nothing serious, of course.
Uh I really like you.
A lot.
And that's the problem.
I think we'd have too much fun, and then I'd be back in a relationship, and I'm really trying to not do that right now.
I really need to be single for a while.
Good point.
Me, too.
But thanks for a great night.
You know, I'm sowing my wild gay oats.
I'm doing it.
I mean, who needs a sense of emotional security or to be loved? I'm getting laid! All right, I'm Alice Kwan.
Thank you so much.
- Ruby, hey.
- Hey.
You were great.
I should have asked you before I used our hookup as material.
Uh, it's fine.
Everything's copy.
That's what I hear.
Unless someone copies your copy.
Um, would you like to join us for a "just friends" drink? Hi! Actually, I would.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Hi! - Hi! Good to see you again.
Nice to see you, too.
- Lindsay, you were on fire tonight.
- Thanks.
How would you like to audition for the Comedy Be TV diversity program? You're the scout? I like to keep a low profile.
I don't wanna make anybody nervous.
So what you do think? Wow.
I mean, I'd love to.
And Alice, what about you? Would you be interested in auditioning, as well? - Me? - Yeah.
Um, sure.
Of course.
Oh, my God.
That is so great for the both of you.
Yeah, um, how many spots are open? Unfortunately, just one.
Still great.
Ooh! Retired porn star.
Retired? Thanks a lot.
- Telemarketer.
- I hate talking on the phone.
Are you sure you're not the eccentric heir to the Dennis family fortune? I don't know your last name.
- Cooper.
- Denn Dennis Cooper! Ha ha! That's giving me witness protection vibes.
You know, whatever you do, I want in.
I gotta figure out how to chill at the Coterie and still make rent.
My dad offered me a loan, but only if I work for the family business.
Seems fair to me.
I just don't want to get stuck.
I said I'd pay him back.
Why can't I do that on my own terms? He might want to spend more time with you.
Then why not just say that? Maybe he doesn't know how.
We always think that we have time, you know? Be a better father.
A better son.
You never know when time's gonna run out.
You ever work on commission? Hey.
Are we okay? Yeah.
I traced the source of the manifesto.
Who was it? Are you sure you want to know? Yeah, why wouldn't I? It might not be who you think.
Just tell me.
The email came from Raj.
Um, no.
Are Are you sure about that? Yeah.
It wasn't easy to trace it.
He used an encrypted account in Switzerland with multiple gateways.
Why, why, why would he do that? I don't know.
Maybe he's jealous.
Of your success.
This is my son, Jacob.
He, uh, died when he was six.
I I did this, but I know that looking at it every day is not good for me.
I can't take him down, but I thought maybe you could turn him into something beautiful, you know, like he was.
Something I could live with.
That I can look at without hurting so much.
It's okay.
Maybe it's, uh - Maybe it's not a good idea.
- No, it's just, I Can I think about it? Sure.
What is so special about this particular building? I don't know.
Why don't you ask your boyfriend? I know how it feels, trying to hold everybody together.
But you've got to take care of yourself first.
I don't think I'm gonna stay the night tonight.
What are you doing? How long have you known they're planning to build a mental health jail on the South Solano apartment site?
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