Good Trouble (2019) s02e18 Episode Script

Trap Heals

1 What are you doing about this manifesto? "Why the women engineers at Speckulate aren't equal to the men"? The email came from Raj.
So you have feelings for me.
But I have a boyfriend who I really love.
- Please.
I can explain.
- I'm sure you can.
You're the best con artist I know.
How would you like to audition for the Comedy Be TV Diversity program? And Alice, what about you? Maybe we can do it again sometime.
I really need to be single for a while.
So the city attorney doesn't want this trial.
- I think you call their bluff.
- What, you think doing time is some type of badge of honor or something? - How about a little respect? - Yo, you don't deserve my respect.
You don't need my approval to do kids' parties with Isabella.
You're an amazing guy, okay? Sometimes, uh, my chest gets tight.
Have you ever talked to anyone about anxiety? I don't think I'm gonna stay the night tonight.
I kind of feel like I need to be alone.
God bless you! - Hands! Let me see your hands! - No, no! No, no, no, he's not violent! At the last minute, they asked me to step in on this negotiation today.
The development company is giving them cash vouchers to voluntarily move out of their homes.
This is a whole lot better than what they're gonna get.
It's still wrong.
Trap Heals is about reshaping social ideas that honor and heal the tribes we come from.
We exist to create dope events that celebrate our culture, our music, and promote healin.
What are you doing? Security to blue team, please.
Thank you.
Can I have your attention? How long have you known they're planning to build a mental health jail on the South Solano apartment site? That's just one of the proposals on the table, along with the condos.
The Trap is a place where both the buyer and the seller were caught with their fists in the jar.
Easy entries, impossible exits.
We've done an internal investigation into the source of the recent manifesto that was sent to the company Slack.
And Raj, you're fired.
What? I didn't do it.
- I didn't do anything.
- You need to leave the building now.
Are you kidding me? Is this a joke? This is bullshit! I Please leave that here.
We'll have your property sent to you once it's wiped clean of all Speckulate work product.
Is this for real? - No way.
- Whoa.
Can we talk about why you're going through the files in my briefcase? I'm sorry.
I was just curious why Anwei doubled the payout offer to the tenants.
You could have asked me.
I did.
You didn't tell me the truth.
Heal the trap within to heal the trap without.
It was Raj? You don't know about us Nothing But you got so much to say Guns and goons, jazz and blues STL, where my roots grow We're all crabs in buckets tryna get out Dying to get rich, 'cause nobody showed us how They focusing on last night, that was past tense And if somebody want what he got, better ask him To be honest you've never known me It's funny how you give orders like you own me Are you sure that we should be here? Because I don't want to insert myself into something that's not meant for me.
White people are uncomfortable in black spaces, because we live in a social environment that insulates us from race-based stress.
You really need to read White Fragility.
Hey, what are you guys doing here? - Oh, my God.
- Hi.
Malika invited us.
What are you doing here? I love trap music, and I love Trap Heals! Yes! - Yeah, right.
- Peace, Kelly! Peace, Damon! Oh, my God! Oh, it's so good to see you.
- Come here, come here.
- Yes.
Damon, this is Davia and Dennis.
- Peace.
- You guys, this is Damon Turner.
- Hi! - He's the founder of Trap Heals.
- Oh, thank you so much for having us.
- Of course.
She's our friend.
Yeah, Malika.
- Wow! - She invited us, so we came.
And it's like, way dope.
Yeah, the, the team killed it.
- Let me know if y'all wanna spark up.
- Ooh! - Okay.
- Uh, thank you.
- I'm first on rotation, bro.
- 'Course you are.
Listen, y'all have fun.
Let me know if you need anything.
- All right.
- Will do.
- Peace.
- Yeah.
What was that about being uncomfortable in black spaces? I'm not.
- I need a drink.
Do you want anything? - No, I'll be right here.
This is my son, Jacob.
I told someone else I live with about Jacob.
This is why I don't tell people.
They get weird.
Or judge how I've been living my life.
How can I smile, or laugh, or do anything? How Are you sure that's them, or you? Maybe this is why you isolate from people.
You project your judgments onto them, - and that's painful.
- I wasn't a good father.
Damn it, Jacob! I said go back to bed! Dennis, everyone loses patience with their children.
Can I give you some homework? Can you try to remember the times you were a good father to Jacob? Okay, so we write wishes.
Or confessions, or affirmations? Yeah.
Whatever you want.
You have feelings for your boss? That is a private confession.
- That everyone can read? - Strangers.
Not people you know.
Okay, so, these feelings for your boss.
Where does that leave Raj? Sam? What did you do? You told me to make sure it couldn't be traced back to us.
I didn't tell you to frame Raj for it.
What are you so mad about? He's a great cover.
He's on the women's side, you idiot.
You know what? "You're a classic example "of the inverse ratio between the size of the mouth, and the size of the brain.
" How dare you use "Doctor Who" against me! - "Allons-y!" - Listen, just, if you shut up about it - Good call.
- If you shut up about i- - "Doctor Who.
" - If you shut - The tenth.
- You shut up.
What are you talking about? - Hey.
- Hi.
I should go.
- Maybe get some acupuncture, you know.
- Sure.
- Ha ha ha.
- Aah! What's, uh What's with her? No idea.
You know Raj.
Hi, Raj.
- Hi.
- I brought fresh drinks! - Oh, that's okay.
- Oh, no.
I can get another one.
What? Just hello.
I'm gonna go get that drink.
We've been waiting so long Look at Mr.
- You're getting me all hot and bothered.
- Okay.
All right.
Hey, come meet my team.
Yeah, yeah, in a in a bit.
I I need to chill for a bit.
Grab a drink.
You know, if you really wanna chill, they've got some amazing healers here.
They got acupuncture and Reiki.
Um, we'll see.
Where you going? To celebrate this healing with my friends.
I'm really trying to be here for you.
I know you are.
But you can't be here for me if you're not taking care of yourself.
Look, I love you, and I'm not going anywhere.
But I can't count on you or my family to be there for me in the states y'all are in, so just have a drink.
It's okay.
Ridiculous Ridiculous Wait, so this is gonna align me? No, I really can't feel anything.
I'm into it.
Oh, my Oh, my gosh.
Hi! I thought that was you.
Well, must have been the needles in my face.
Not an easy look to pull off, but I like it on you.
You do? So, I never heard back from you.
Well, you made it pretty clear that it was a one-time thing, so About auditioning for the comedy program.
Okay, so when it comes to brushing teeth, harder is not better.
That's what she said.
- Plaque is soft and loose.
- Like your mother.
Okay, well, just so you know, an unhealthy mouth can increase your risk of a heart attack.
Now I have to go save lives.
One molar at a time.
- Hmm.
- She's a damn hero, that Sumi.
Hey, can I give you some advice? - Floss regularly? - Yeah.
I don't think you should audition for the CBTV program.
Ruby thinks I should.
I mean, she also just hooked up with you.
She probably felt bad about asking me and not asking you.
- You know? - Hmm.
You're so new.
You just started.
And these judges aren't gonna see you and think, like, "Oh, she's got room to grow.
" They're gonna see you and think this is you at the top of your game.
I was thinking maybe I'm not ready.
You know, I kind of just started comedy, so.
Well, the whole point of the program is to help you grow.
Be mentored by professionals.
Well, Lindsay's kind of my mentor, and they're - You know - Threatened by you.
What? No.
Well, they should be.
You're a star in the making, and if you ask me, they know that.
Well, wow.
Thank you.
Let me know if you change your mind.
Yeah, and let me know if you change your mind about that second night stand.
Definitely not off the table.
Oh! Okay.
Uh, all right.
Okay, then.
- I should probably get these out of my face.
- Yeah.
Trap Heals replicates green spaces not always available to us in our communities.
But we can come together to celebrate and heal.
- You wanna come for me, son? - No, stop! Now! - I don't even know why you're here! - Stop! Here's something you need to know though Nobody likes a no-show Press 1 to hear a true testimonial.
In August of this year, my son, who suffers from severe bi-polar disorder, was arrested by police during a manic episode.
No, no, no, he's not violent! He was physically and verbally abused by multiple officers.
I have always been honest with you.
Well, are you gonna be honest with the tenants? I don't think we need to muddy the waters with scenarios that might not happen.
What about all the low-income housing you're promising? Uh, not to sound cynical, but I think their votes are gonna be based on the money.
Which is a lot more than we're required to offer.
And wouldn't a mental health hospital be better for the community than luxury condos with ten low-income units? Better for someone like Jerod, who can't find a bed in LA? He was put in a cell without a blanket, or a mat.
He had to sleep on the concrete floor.
A lockdown facility run by the sheriff's department is not a hospital.
It's another jail.
Well, there needs to be some security.
Like it or not, some patients are a danger to themselves and others.
It is very difficult for me to talk about what happened, because I was deeply disturbed to see my son helpless.
A lot of these people who need help aren't willing to accept it.
Or willing to take the meds they need.
That's one of the reasons there are so many mentally ill people on the streets.
So, we just round 'em up, and lock 'em away.
Mentally ill people are not criminals.
Malika's non-profit just shut down a contract for a place like this.
And that's a shame.
'Cause I just read about a mentally ill woman who refused to go to a facility where they had a bed for her, and a few days later, they found her dead in a pile of garbage.
Some people need to be forced to get help.
Now, may I have my files back? They saw me on the television, now they flocking Hey, hey, I know you know I know I get it poppin' Straight base to the face, no other option If I want it I'll be sure to go and cop it, eh They saw me on the television, now they flocking Hey, hey, I know you know I know I get it poppin' Straight base to the face, no other option If I want it I'll be sure to go and cop it There have been over 554 victims killed by police, or while in custody, in Los Angeles County since January 2013.
These are about 94 names of those victims who are black.
This is an amazing memorial.
Something else.
It is.
Thank you for coming.
It was nice of you to ask.
After that business with your lawyer - I'm sorry about all that.
- I know you are.
I saw that your brother's here.
- Yeah.
I invited him, too.
- Hmm.
And I wanted to give you this.
It's the present that you gave to me on Christmas for Dom.
I don't feel like I should hold onto this anymore.
If you want Dom to have it, you need to give it to him yourself.
I thought maybe you could turn him into something beautiful.
You know? Like he was.
Something I could live with.
That I can look at without hurting so much.
Can I think about it? Sure.
Make it hard, okay? - 'Cause I'm having fun.
- Hey.
- Hey, girl.
How are you? - I'm good.
I was wondering, is there any way someone could say they were building condos, but change their plans to make it a jail, as a way of not calling attention to a project? Not sure, but these days, anything's possible.
Have you ever heard of Anwei International? A sector of Anwei International is building the majority of prisons, jails, and detention centers here in the US.
Remember that old Cutlass I used to drive? - I remember how much you love cars.
- Yeah, I was kid.
Every place I go, every face I see Open it.
It's not gonna bite you.
Mustang GT Fastback.
We saw it at the car show.
It was your favorite.
I couldn't find it in red.
Remember what I taught you to do whenever we saw an old Mustang on the road, for luck? Son, I'm I'm sorry, for not being there.
For not trying.
I I never forgot about you.
Just After 10 years in prison, I forgot how to be a father.
How to be close to anyone.
I I know you don't have any reason to, but I'd like it if you'd give me a second chance.
Just, you know baby steps.
Uh Thank you for this.
You should have got the red one, though.
I know, I know.
May I talk to you? Depends on what you have to say.
I'm sorry I bailed on the party thing.
I loved being Nerddor.
It's Neldor.
Not Nerd-dor.
Neldor doesn't really fit Elver syntax, you know, in the Tol - Mm-hmm.
- So that's not the point.
The thing is, I want to explain why.
If I don't stunt today then I won't see tomorrow Hi.
Do you know someone on the memorial? No.
Uh, and I'm ashamed I don't know more of their names, or, or more about what happened to them.
All right.
Well, why don't you come say their names with us? Come.
Let's say their names.
Say his name.
Kendrec McDade.
Kendrec McDade.
Say her name.
Kisha Michael.
Kisha Michael.
Say his name.
AJ Weber.
AJ Weber.
Say her name.
Wakiesha Wilson.
Wakiesha Wilson.
Say his name.
Albert Ramon Dorsey.
We say their names.
We summon their spirits.
We pour in their honor.
And we say "ashe.
" Ashe.
Here you are.
Oh, are you okay? Yeah.
I got some homework to do.
Need some help? Yeah.
Actually, I do.
Thank you all so much for coming out tonight.
You look amazing! Listen, we live in a world that tells us that we are less than.
This is a song to remind us exactly who we are.
- Let's do this, DJ.
- Yeah! N, you're a god Oh my goodness N, you're a god Oh Oh my goodness - G-O-D, O-M-G - Yeah N, you're a god I'm feelin' like Jesus of Nazareth No one can come to the Father Unless they first realize that God is in every man So what you sayin' then, N, you're a god I roll with the murderers With those that would murder you I shop with the hustlers selling that salt to the snails And the dirt to you vegetables I'm a Northside From the place where the hog's quick to hog tie I'm a Big Mac, you a small fry Elevate your mind, lil You're a god Oh my goodness - N - We a god I was working at home.
Trying to meet some stupid deadline.
Daddy, will you come lie down with me? - I can't.
I'm working.
- Daddy, please Damn it, Jacob! Go back to bed.
I can't forget the way that his little body flinched when I yelled at him.
I think he was already sick, and we didn't know it yet.
What else do you remember? I tried to put him to bed, like, four or five times.
Jen was out, and Jacob just kept getting out of bed.
Okay, so he was trying your patience.
What happened after that? I went up to him with my guitar.
I wrote a song for him when he was born.
And I used to play it for him at bedtime.
Okay, sing it.
- Mm, no.
- Come on, sing it.
- Mm? - Homework.
Sing it.
Sing it.
Oh, man.
Won't you be my little moonsailor And sail off to the moon Up we'll fly through the starry skies In our dream machine balloon While the world is silently sleeping And up up up we'll soar And hand in hand our balloon will land On a sleepy, starry shore Oh, won't you be my little moonsailor And sail off to the moon Up we'll fly to the starry skies In our dream machine balloon Oh Oh I love you, buddy.
You can't tell me that someone who wrote that song for their son was a bad father.
How was last night? - Uh, very inspiring.
- Yeah? Do you work for the sector of Anwei that builds prisons? Is that why they brought you in on this? Not-for-profit prison, yeah.
All prisons are for profit.
Corporations make millions off of food contracts, and phone calls, and, and prison clothes, and all the cheap labor they profit from.
And, and this concept of, uh, mental health jail is just particularly cruel.
It is a temporary fix to a crises here in Los Angeles.
This is just It's one area where we're gonna have to respectfully agree to disagree.
So Jamie and the other lawyers are meeting with the tenants today, and they have no idea that they might build a jail instead of condos.
Would it make a difference if they did? I don't know.
But I think they should have all the facts.
What could you do? I could tell Malika.
Wouldn't that sort of be betraying Jamie? Professionally, I guess.
Look, is it worth potentially blowing up a relationship with someone you really love? Well, I guess there's always an excuse not to do the right thing.
Love being high on the list.
You're in a really hard position.
But I think that whatever you choose should be what you believe in the most.
And I wouldn't blame you either way.
Thank you for coming over.
Thank you for calling me.
Yeah, well, I needed to talk to my best friend.
I miss you, and I wanna be best friends again, too.
I read you confession at Trap Heals.
Of course you did.
So I am dating this girl, and she lives in one of those communal living spaces.
If you're not familiar with a communal living space, they're kind of like the movie "Hostel," but with slightly more blood, and group sex.
That's so funny! I love being in your jokes.
- Oh, thanks.
- What's this? Oh, I'm just, uh, working out some new material for the audition.
New material about the Coterie? - Yeah.
- I thought that was my thing.
My comedy goldmine.
Well, I mean, now that I'm dating somebody that lives here, it's kind of my thing, too.
Well, I'm working on material about managing the Coterie, so - For what? - For the CBTV audition.
Oh, you're doing it! Yay! - Not yay.
- What? Why not yay? Yeah, Lindsay.
Why not yay? Look, I'm just trying to look out for you.
I think you're looking out for yourself.
Where is this coming from? It's coming from you trying to kiss me right before I went on stage for the very first time.
Is that true? Look, you're always building me up to take me back down.
You know, I, I won't let my jokes and my life be appropriated by you, and that includes my ex-girlfriend.
To be fair, you did give me permission.
Which I regret, okay? I thought I was getting more than a one-night stand out of it, so my bad.
You know what? You do your Coterie, and I'll do mine.
May the best woman person them win.
You kissed Alice? You were right.
Not the whole time, but I have had times where I have feelings for Evan.
And I didn't want to, because I love you.
And I don't want to, 'cause I wanna be with you.
Thank you for being honest.
And I have feelings for someone, too.
The reason I bailed on doing the parties with you is because You have feelings for Isabella? And I'm not sure I don't want to.
Well, yes, he told me, but I didn't say anything back.
Why not? I mean, if you don't return his feelings, why not say so? Well, I didn't wanna humiliate him, I mean - Really? - Yes.
Because now that I look back on a lot of things, I'm pretty sure you let him fall for you.
I only ever tried to smooth things over for you.
And you're the one who told me to help Raj with his magic, and maybe, maybe you threw him at me so you wouldn't feel so bad about being hot for your boss.
Hmm? You know what? Whatever the case is, we can't live together anymore.
Well, I've done nothing wrong.
I signed a lease.
And I'm not leaving my home.
So, the tenants turned down our offer.
Some activists showed up, and told them that we might build a mental health jail, and convinced them to fight us.
I'm assuming you already know all about this? Yeah.
It's okay.
So listen, I was honored when you asked me to do something with your photo of Jacob.
But I I was scared that I'd screw it up.
And, um, I couldn't think of what I could do to it.
But I had an idea, and I want to show you.
I was inspired by Trap Heals.
I thought we could lay these pixels over the image of Jacob.
Create something beautiful you could look at every day without the pain of seeing his face, but with the comfort of knowing he's in there, and everywhere.
What do you think? I think it's perfect.
Glad you like it, man.
So, when were you gonna tell me? Tell you what? - You saw that? - Mm-hmm.
Look, it's no pressure.
- But, I'm just saying.
- I heard you.
And I hear you.
- And I'm gonna talk to someone.
- Good.
Because I have to tell you something, and I don't wanna stress you out.
They're not backing down.
They're taking me to trial.
- What about the deal? - They took it off the table.
But it's okay.
You know, I'm not scared.
Well, maybe I am a little.
But I got this.
I got this.
No, ma'am.
We got this.
Come on.
Come on.
I mean, she did sign a lease.
I can sleep on the couch until I find a place.
I want you to move back in.
So, are you and Raj over, or We didn't break up.
I think he's just confused.
Maybe I'm being too hard on Isabella.
It's not like she did anything wrong.
Actually What? What are you doing here so late? I think I need to move out.
Yeah, I think you do, too.
- You live here? - Yeah.
I just moved in with my sister today.
- Again.
Sort of.
- Mm-hmm.
- Can I come in for a second? - Sure.
- What's up? - Um I need to tell you something.
I love you.
And, and I've been told that I can't trust my feelings right now.
Of course.
Yeah, but I I think that's bullshit.

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