Good Trouble (2019) s03e04 Episode Script


1 Someone who had access to privileged information tipped off the activists on a case being brought by Legal Aid, where my live-in girlfriend works.
Whether you meant it or not, you ruined me, Callie.
I've been offered first chair with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in Amsterdam.
- Oh, my gosh.
- What! I want everyone to know about you.
You don't have to come out to your parents for me.
If you want to go to Venezuela, you have my blessing.
I want you to have your new chapter too.
You're pressing charges against Jerod? I was doing it to protect him.
GINA: White supremacists, they're using our app to spread their hate.
Go back to Mexico.
- We can't shut it down.
- It's your company.
But I can't be a part of it anymore.
Okay, maybe you're right.
Maybe I I shouldn't be here.
I have to be there.
Brandon and Eliza are going away for a year.
And it might be the last time I see Mom - before she goes to Venezuela.
- Right.
Of course, I have no idea if Jamie's parents know that we broke up or why.
If they do know why, they're gonna hate me.
I don't even know if I'm welcome.
It's not like they loved you before.
What if Jamie lost his job because of me? - Would you regret what you did? - No! But I know he's angry.
And so am I, by the way.
If he hadn't pressed charges against Jerod, he never would've been beaten in jail, or be facing a felony.
Wait, does Jamie know about that? I have no idea.
But he's gonna know when I tell him.
Maybe you're right.
Maybe you shouldn't go.
No, you have to go.
We're already here.
(SIGHS) Who cares who knows what or what anyone thinks? We're two grown-ass women, okay? We don't have to answer to anyone.
But FYI, don't tell Moms or anyone that I'm dating Evan.
(DOORBELL RINGS) Verwelkoming! Pa-pa-pa pa-pa-pa-pa-pa Pa-pa-pa pa-pa-pa-pa-pa Then we'll find our peace of mind You and me, bel ami Pa-pa-pa, pa-paaa So in honor of Brandon and Eliza's Amsterdam adventure, I thought a Dutch theme was in order.
How fun! I love your clogs.
Oh, thanks.
Your costumes and clogs are in Jim's study.
Our costumes? Yes! We're all dressing up.
Right down the hall.
Go get changed! So, when are we gonna drop this bomb? At the very last minute.
My mom went to so much trouble.
As much as I'd like to ditch these costumes, I don't wanna ruin her party.
Hey, so before everyone gets here, I wanted to tell you I made a big decision.
You're coming out to your parents? Not that big.
I applied to transfer to UCLA and got accepted.
We don't have to do this long-distance thing anymore.
I love you too.
Connor? What are you doing here? I'm working the party.
But I thought you lived in LA.
I go to UC Irvine.
I got a baseball scholarship here.
- What are you up to? - Uh, I'm at UCLA.
UCLA, that's cool.
Uh, what are you doing here? Oh, sorry.
Uh Carter, uh, this is Connor.
Brandon married Carter's sister.
And this is their parents' house.
That's cool.
Um Can I get you guys something to drink? I'll have a beer.
- Same.
- Got it.
By the way, I like the hair.
Where do you know him from? Uh he's just a friend from middle school.
DIANE: Oh, so perfect! There you are.
Don't you all just look adorable! (INDISTINCT CONVERSATION) (SOFTLY) Um You could've warned us.
We were afraid you wouldn't come.
(DOORBELL RINGS) Oh, that must be Lena and Stef.
And on time.
- Jim? - Yes.
I can't wait to see their faces.
And their costumes.
So, um, Diane obviously doesn't know that Jamie and I broke up.
Actually, she does.
Hence, the warm welcome.
Well, she obviously doesn't know why you broke up.
Hence, the warm welcome.
Um, did you warn Moms at least? There is no way in hell I'm dressing up like a Dutch milkmaid.
It's for Brandon and Eliza.
It's for Diane, and you know that.
I swear, one of these days, I'm gonna tell that woman exactly what I think of her.
Not this day, please.
I don't know about this.
Oh, I think you look very handsome.
Sweetheart, you do not have to wear this, you know that.
Yeah I do, it's for Brandon and Eliza.
Hey, can I talk to you about something? What's up? (GASPS) Oh, my God! Corey! Hey! MARIANA: What? - Oh, you're so tall! - What's up? - I've missed you, bud.
- I miss you too.
- You're so big! - I know! Hey, he was supposed to be the surprise.
But look at this! Ah! You all look darling! And, Stef, I heard about your back surgery so I wasn't sure you'd be comfortable in clogs so I got you a pair of Staphorsts.
Thank you, Diane.
Yes, it was very thoughtful of you.
Oh, and I've got another special surprise later.
More special than this? That's Thank you.
Anyone like a Genever cocktail? Oh.
Moms, you remember Connor? Oh, my God.
(EXCITED CHATTER) - I barely recognized you.
- So grown up.
So, how do you all know Connor? Oh, he was Jude's first boyfriend.
Where is everybody? Mom took everyone on the tour.
Of course she did.
And, yes, Callie's here.
DIANE: which, you'll see, sparkles like gold at sunset.
Ah! There he is.
Or at least, I think that's my son behind all this facial hair.
I see you've outdone yourself again, Mother.
DIANE: I've got a costume for you too.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- You look all right.
- Yeah, I know.
Thank you.
- Hey, man.
Good to see you.
- Good to see you.
This is Corey, our former foster son.
Yeah, we met at Brandon and Eliza's engagement party.
- Good to see you, man.
- Good to see you too.
- Hi, guys.
- Hi.
Nice to see you.
Ooh, a double hug! - Hi.
- How are you? Good.
Well, now that we're all here, why don't we take a seat at the table? What about Jamie's costume? Oh, he can change later.
You okay, seeing Connor again? Yeah.
What a coincidence, huh? Or fate.
Well, you never really get over your first love.
That mean you're not over Max Steinbrecker? (CHUCKLES) You were my first real love.
Gah! Don't I wanna hear.
You know, I remember how heartbroken you were when he left.
I wonder if he's single.
Maybe you can get back together? It's not gonna happen, okay? DIANE: Everyone, please find your place cards.
I've assigned seating.
(TRADITIONAL DUTCH MUSIC PLAYING) (INDISTINCT CONVERSATION) LENA: How's the weather all the way down there? (ALL LAUGHING) You look like a '70s porn star.
(LIGHT LAUGHTER) What do the partners at your law firm think of that thing? Well, I don't know.
I don't work there anymore.
What do you mean? What happened? I quit.
Why? I wasn't happy with the track I was on.
So I'm looking for new opportunities.
Such as? I don't know yet.
- Hey, can you take five? - (MUSIC STOPS) Please, thank you.
Son, you never quit a job without another offer in the wings.
Maybe he doesn't know what he wants to do next.
So you don't quit until you do.
Well, you know, I I just quit my job.
And Callie just quit hers.
DIANE: You quit your clerkship? Sorry, I was talking about your other job.
Well, how many jobs have you quit? Um, well, I decided to leave my clerkship early to work at Legal Aid.
And now I'm working for a very highly regarded defense attorney.
When did this happen? Recently.
I was, uh, gonna tell you guys today.
JIM: Mariana, why did you quit? Didn't you just launch an app? That, uh You know, that activism thing.
What was it called? It was overrun by white supremacists, so Mm.
Anyone I know? (CHUCKLES) I am kidding of course.
You know, it's actually not funny.
Um, those people verbally attacked Mariana and yelled horrible things at her.
I'm sorry, when did this happen? It was nothing.
Is everybody ready for snert? - Yes.
- Yes.
STEF: Snert, what is that? DIANE: It's Holland's version of pea soup.
It's more of a stew actually, with pork and celery, onions and leeks.
JIM: Mmm.
So, I'm transferring to UCLA.
No? No.
- Can we talk about it? - No! No, you are not transferring from an Ivy League school to a state school.
Could we sidebar this conversation until later? And why the hell UCLA? They have a good film program.
- Film? - Really, now is not the time.
This is Brandon and Eliza's going-away party.
Oh! And yours too, Stef! In honor of your adventure, we're having flan as one of our desserts.
Yeah, I'm not paying for my son to study film.
Jim! It's always about money.
Oh, my! Could we please just enjoy our snert? Snert is delicious, Diane.
Thank you, Lena.
(TRADITIONAL DUTCH YODELING) DIANE: So, we've been eating stamppot and bitterballen.
Stamppot is potatoes mashed with vegetables, and bitterballen is fried meat balls.
Well, the Dutch sure do love a hearty meal.
- Mmm.
- DIANE: I just love sampling new cuisines.
Jim and I are using this as an excuse to go to Europe for a month.
First stop, Amsterdam, to see Eliza in the Concertgebouw, of course.
Jim's been working so hard this year.
We're really looking forward to it.
So, uh, Stef, when do you leave for Nicaragua? Uh, Venezuela.
And, um, I leave in about 10 days.
You're so brave venturing out all alone.
I can't even imagine.
Well, I'm actually very excited to start this new chapter of my life.
JIM: You're not worried? With, uh, you know, the economic disaster in Venezuela? I've heard it's very dangerous for foreign travelers, especially Americans.
What if you get kidnapped for ransom? Jim! Don't scare her.
Well, maybe she should be scared.
STEF: Well, I I appreciate your concern, Jim, I do.
But the whole point in going is the country is in crisis.
You know, there's a million kids whose parents were forced to migrate out of the country to find jobs and leave them behind.
You know, that is what happens with socialism.
Of course, so-called progressives want to bring that failure here to America.
You mean, like Social Security and Medicare? DIANE: No politics at the table, dear.
Hey, no, no, no.
I'm only stating facts Please, Dad.
Not now.
Why not? You're a proud Republican.
Oh, I'm actually an Independent now.
Huh! So, Lena, what are you working on in Sacramento? Housing and homelessness are the big issues statewide right now.
JIM: What about this proposed wealth and exit tax bill - I'm hearing about? - DIANE: Jim! LENA: Well, that's for people who earn 30 million or more.
The idea is that they amassed most of that wealth - while in California.
- - JIM: Well, it is unconstitutional.
- You know, you're a prisoner of California - if you, uh, even after you move out.
- LENA: Well, with so many people amassing wealth in the state, - it's shrinking by billions.
- It's like a hit and run.
JIM: You know, it's also like the "Hotel California".
You can check out any time you like and you can even leave, - but you'll never stop paying taxes.
- So, it's no wonder that people and businesses - are leaving in droves when - - they're, you know, - trying to raise our personal taxes - and income taxes - - to 16.
8%, you know? - Not to mention the sales tax.
- DIANE: I think you've made your point.
- Could we please put our phones down and enjoy the conversation? CARTER: What's to enjoy? See? Change the subject.
Okay, okay.
Uh So, uh, Callie, why the switch to criminal law? JUDE: Wasn't it because of that homeless guy that walked into your apartment? I'm sorry, a homeless guy went into the Coterie? No, um, it was Jamie's apartment.
- What? - CALLIE: It wasn't like a criminal thing.
You know, this guy, Jerod, he was having an episode.
He's fine when he's on his meds.
But he's in jail, right? He got arrested, and he got beaten in jail.
He refused to come out of his cell because they weren't giving him his medication, so they pepper sprayed him and started hitting him.
And he struck a guard back, uh, in self-defense.
So now they're charging him with a felony.
- That's messed up.
- CALLIE: I know.
So this attorney that I'm working for, um, she's one of the best in LA.
Uh, she agreed to take his case if I would come work for her.
You know, I really admire that your family seems called to serve.
When we washed homeless people's feet at the commune Christmas party, I found it very enlightening.
Thank you.
When you think about homeless people, you never think about the wear and tear on their feet, you know? Yeah.
We don't.
It's very very good.
- (KNOCK ON DOOR) - It's Stef.
Come in.
Oh, my goodness.
Argh! The best thing about leaving the country is not having to see Jim and Diane.
What is that hat? What the heck is this? So you're not just, uh, escaping me? What? I'll come see you, you'll come see me.
Is that really why you think I'm going? No, but we've never been apart for such huge chunks of time before.
That's why we should have as much sex as possible before I go.
(SIGHS) What? Oh, wow, big sigh.
Should we worry about our kids being quitters? Quitters? What are you talking about? Callie has quit two jobs in the last six months, and a relationship.
Mariana's quit her job.
Brandon quit his internship to go with Eliza.
I mean, is this just like a millennial thing or Are they millennials or Gen Z'ers? - I'm not I don't know.
- I have no idea.
- I'm so - (KNOCK ON DOOR) - It's Mariana.
- BOTH: Come in.
Hey, what's going on? BOTH: Taking a break.
So Why didn't you tell us about the white supremacists? Um, I just didn't want to upset you.
What exactly happened, honey? A bunch of guys asked me if I was from Brown Lives Matter and told me to go back to Mexico.
- But it wasn't a big deal.
- Honey I know you wanna be strong, but words hurt.
You did not deserve to hear that.
Trust me, I know.
You know, you were absolutely right to quit Speckulate when your boss wouldn't shut down the app.
Sweetheart, okay? What's wrong with that guy? Well, you know, to be fair, I didn't tell him what personally happened to me and, you know, he has to answer to his board.
So It's no excuse, honey.
No excuse.
He was wrong.
(KNOCK ON DOOR) - It's me.
- ALL: Come in.
What's going on in here? ALL: Taking a break.
So, how is it, seeing Jamie? Fine.
- LENA: Mm-hmm? - Mm-hmm.
Well, you did not exactly tell us why you and Jamie broke up.
CARTER: So, you don't want me to transfer to UCLA? Is that the deal? JUDE: No, it's not.
I just don't want to feel like I'm the only reason why you're transferring.
Well you're not.
They have a great film school.
It's not like we can't still hook up with other people if that's what's freaking you out.
I'm not freaking out.
Oh, uh, sorry.
It's fine.
Why don't you two catch up? So, you and Carter You guys, like, a thing? Um, yeah.
But he's not out to his parents.
That's rough.
I remember how hard it was for me.
And I also remember I couldn't have done it without you.
How are things with your dad? Eh, okay.
Took a while.
I'm really sorry that I hurt you when I moved to LA.
I just had to get away from my dad.
I know.
It was just hard back then.
Yeah, and the long-distance thing was hard too.
I just wish we hadn't broken up the way we did.
I should have handled the whole thing better.
Me too.
Maybe we can be friends again? I'd love that.
So even when you think I'm hazy Just be there, just be there Just be there When everything gets blurry vision's all unclear It starts to make sense when I come right back to you So I'm coming back to you You know, they were lying to the tenants, and I I felt like I had to tip them off, and Jamie lost the deal.
And maybe his job.
Though he said he quit.
- Do you think what I did was wrong? - No.
Do you? - Maybe.
- No, you don't.
Let your sister speak for herself, Miss Thing, please.
- Thank you.
- Fine.
I thought what I was doing was right, but if I'd have known that it would end the relationship I don't know.
Honey, we can tell you that you did the right thing, and I think you did, but it's not gonna make you feel any better unless you feel that way as well.
Obviously, it's not 'cause it keeps coming up.
But I'm not talking.
STEF: It's really difficult, sweetheart, to be in a relationship with someone who's so different than you are.
That's why you have to decide what you're willing to compromise on and what you aren't.
Tell me about it.
Are you having trouble with Raj? Oh, um We broke up.
What Is Is everybody breaking up? What the heck is happening? No idea, but Brandon and Eliza have some big news.
(KNOCK ON DOOR) - BRANDON: Hey, it's me.
- ALL: Come in.
- What's going on? - ALL: Taking a break.
Okay, all right, jeez.
For future reference, there is a guest house outside.
That's usually where I hide.
Good to know.
So, B, I hear that you have some big news.
So, do you think there's any connection between Carter transferring to UCLA and his friendship with Jude? I don't know.
Well, didn't you have any gay friends in college? (SIGHS) What are you getting at? Do you think Carter might be gay? And would it matter if he were? Yes! Yes, it would.
It would matter a lot.
(SIGHS) Well, we don't have time to talk about this right now.
Where is everybody? (SCOFFS) I'm going to see you soon, okay? - Okay.
- All right, be good.
I love you.
I will.
I love you too.
What are you doing over here by yourself? I just had to call someone.
What's going on? Ah, there you are.
- Oh! - Oh! I'm sorry.
You okay? What were you all doing in there? - BRANDON: They were lost - We were washing our hands.
Oh, well, now that I found you, my special surprise is here.
Meet Fleur.
(IN DUTCH): Hallo! DIANE: Fleur is going to teach us a traditional Dutch folk dance.
(SOFTLY): Where's that guest house? What did you say? I I said it was I love being a guest in your house.
- CALLIE: Oh, yeah.
- BRANDON: Mm-hmm.
(IN DUTCH ACCENT): Now, who is the invalid, please? Oh, that's Stef.
You? Uh, so you will play the bodhran.
(GRUNTS) You hold like this.
And you play with the cipin, like this.
(LAUGHS) (LAUGHS HESITANTLY) I wish I was invalid.
FLEUR: Now, we begin.
On the count of three, we'll take one step in.
Een, twee, drie And step! Very good! And step together.
Step together and back No, no, no, no.
You especially, no.
Step and touch so-so.
Four, five, six, seven, and grab.
And stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp.
Without question.
Oh! - Delicious boterkoek.
- Thank you.
And, everyone, please help yourself to some bossche bollen.
Hey, uh, Moms I think you should talk to Corey.
- Why? - What's up? His little sister is going into foster care.
Corey Come have some dessert with us.
So, Fleur, our lovely daughter Eliza is going to be guest first chair at the Royal Concertgebouw as an artist exchange from the LA Phil.
Oh, my! You must be very talented.
Oh, well, thank you.
She is.
Actually that fell through.
What do you mean? The exchange isn't happening anymore.
So they had to rescind the offer.
What? Is that even legal? Can they do that? How should I know? It's okay.
I mean, honestly, I'm relieved.
Relieved? When were you planning on telling us you weren't going to Amsterdam? Actually, we're still going to Amsterdam.
Brandon got a job with a composer there.
So I am taking a year off from the LA Phil.
A year off? Honey, what if someone else takes your spot at the Phil? All I've done since I was eight years old is play the cello.
I need a break.
We're going to explore Europe and focus on Brandon's career.
And you can still come visit us.
The whole point of us going to Europe was to, you know, see you play in the Concertgebouw, so That was the whole point? What? So much for saving our marriage! STEF: Think she'll mind if we burn this? - (WHISPERS) Will you stop? - (STEF LAUGHS) I had no idea that there were cracks in her and Jim's marriage.
They always seem to be on the same tone-deaf page.
All marriages have cracks.
Even ours? Well, we've had our moments, but when the foundation is strong, you can fill those cracks.
It's a very architectural way of putting it.
- (LENA LAUGHS) - So romantic! Well, I've been working on my metaphors, since I'm a politician now.
Very beautiful politician.
Oh, thank you.
You're welcome.
- Hmm, I love you.
- I love you.
I I should have knocked.
Oh, you look so much better! I know! That's what I'm saying! Hey, listen, don't be mad at Jude, but he told us about your sister.
- Okay? - Hey.
Come on, have a seat.
Tell us what's going on.
Um Her grandma can't take care of Ka'maya anymore.
- Okay.
- And since she's not my mom's kid, they won't let her live with us.
Okay, but but why didn't you tell us, sweetheart? Well, I know you're excited about going to Venezuela.
- Yeah.
- And you're in Sacramento.
I guess I was just afraid if I told you, you'd feel like I was asking you to take her.
You know, to be her foster moms.
And I didn't want to put you on the spot like that.
(SIGHS) It's okay.
Me and your mom are just, uh We're just going through a rough patch.
I've been working so much, and she, uh She was really looking forward to that You know, that trip to Europe.
So You can still take her if it makes her happy.
Is going to Europe a huge sacrifice? Doesn't always have to be your way or the highway.
Okay, let's, uh Let's talk about UCLA then.
It's fine.
I changed my mind.
Why? Hey.
Son, what is going on? Jude, uh Jude doesn't want me to transfer.
What does (CLEARS THROAT) What does it matter what Jude wants? (WHISPERS) Come on.
Is Jude your boyfriend? I don't know anymore.
Um I think he's breaking up with me.
I'm sorry.
- I love you, son.
- Love you, Dad.
(CARTER SOBBING) JIM: I'm so sorry.
(CONTINUES SOBBING) We've already adopted and fostered four kids.
We've earned the right to be done with parenting.
She's four years old.
That's 14 more years until she's 18.
Frankie wouldn't be much older than Ka'maya is now.
Hmm? I can't quit the State Assembly, which means that you would have to be home.
And you wouldn't get your next chapter.
Wouldn't I? This is a new chapter too.
Don't you think? The whole point of going to Venezuela is because there are children that need help.
If there's a child here that needs help, isn't that also the point? Hmm? Hand in glove Chip off the block flock together Hey.
Can we talk? rushing a fortune Deep in the woods Ooh, ooh, ooh Hand in glove Chip off the block flock together Favor rushing a fortune Following the fools As they wander Deep in the woods I'm really sorry about Jerod.
I know.
It would help if you drop the trespassing charges.
Of course.
Did you really quit your job? Yes.
And no.
After they took the Anwei account away, I was pretty much forced to negotiate my exit.
I'm sorry.
I never meant to hurt you.
Just professionally? What did you think was going to happen to our relationship after that? I thought you would be mad, but we'd be able to work through it.
And that's why you were waiting for me with your bags packed? I think you knew what you were doing would end our relationship, but you did it anyway.
You made a choice.
You were lying to the tenants.
I was representing my client.
Call it what you want.
It doesn't make it okay.
You know, you once said that we shared the same values where it counted.
And that counted.
And the tenants knowing the truth counted.
So, yeah, yeah, I made a choice.
I need someone who will choose me, Callie.
Choosing you shouldn't mean compromising my morals.
That's not love.
Truth is you always felt like you were compromising yourself to be with me.
And you're right, that's not love.
I'm sorry.
This was a mistake.
It should never have happened.
You okay? I just came out to my dad.
Wow! That's Should I hide? Depends.
Are you still my boyfriend? Why wouldn't I be? I saw you and Connor kissing.
Uh I'm sorry.
I I don't know why I did that.
It's okay.
I've thought about you so many times.
But I'm with Carter.
You'll always be my first love.
And I do hope that we can still be friends.
Me too.
That was like the goodbye kiss that we never had.
I don't want to hook up with anyone else.
I want us to be exclusive.
If you want to.
I do.
So why don't you want me to transfer to UCLA? My first year at college was awful.
But then I got my shit together, I started making real friends, and I, like, finally found myself.
I just I want to have my own college experience.
And I think that we both should.
Can you understand that? Yeah.
NYU has a great film department.
I think I'll apply there.
I have some people I want you to meet.
- Hi, Ka'maya.
- Hi there.
This is Stef and Lena.
I used to live with them when my mom couldn't take care of me.
I hurted my finger.
Oh! Honey, I'm so sorry that happened.
But, you know, I got to tell you, my favorite color is purple.
Just like on your bandage there.
Me too! I love your pigtails.
Thank you.
I like your hair too.
It's really big.
You have no idea, honey.
It gets bigger every day too.
She's so cute.
BRANDON: Well, thank you so much for this party.
I hope we didn't ruin it.
We will see you soon in Amsterdam.
- So we're going? - Of course, we are.
- That makes me so happy.
- Aw, me too.
- JIM: Safe travels.
- Thank you very much.
- DIANE: Congrats on the job.
- ELIZA: Love you, Dad.
- STEF: Bye.
Take care, honey.
BRANDON: Take care.
- LENA: Take lots of pictures.
- BRANDON: I will.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) So, I was going to send you off with the flan, but apparently Fleur took it.
I knew that woman had sticky fingers.
(JIM LAUGHS) And, uh I apologize for my outburst earlier.
Not at all.
We're family.
- Well, thanks.
- JIM: Well, in that case And you too, Stef.
"We're family"? Well, like it or not.
So, San Diego's a whole lot closer than Caracas.
Can't wait to meet Ka'maya.
I knew that nest wouldn't stay empty for long.
So, did you get your answer tonight? About Jamie? Uh, yes.
I made the only choice I could.
Well, we're proud of you for being true to yourself.
LENA: We're proud of both of you guys.
For taking such strong stands in your lives.
Okay, I'm I'm dating my ex-boss.
That's why I didn't tell you about the white supremacists.
I didn't want you to judge him for not shutting down the app.
Or judge me.
I'm not like Callie.
I can't ignore my feelings for my principles.
Evan's doing the best that he can, and honestly, I'm okay with that.
You're being true to yourself.
- That's all we can ask.
- Really? Of course, sweetheart.
Were you really that scared? No! - See you later.
- Yeah, see you too.
- Bye, honey.
- Bye.
COREY: Y'all stay safe.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) Text us when you get home, all right? And the whole time thinking 'bout you I don't know about you, but I'm so looking forward to dealing with four-year-old problems.
You're all, you're all, you're all I want - Bye.
- See you later.
Day in and day out And the whole time thinking 'bout you
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