Good Trouble (2019) s03e05 Episode Script

Because, Men

1 To never having to work with dumb-ass tech bros ever again.
What about us? I really want you to kiss me right now.
But no one can know.
There's this tech incubator that does open pitch events twice a year.
They have one coming up in two weeks.
We're really excited about this idea.
What do you think? I think it's a bad idea.
Start with something small, like a game app.
Maybe we start simpler? Like a game app.
You're pressing charges against Jerod? Is this you getting back at me? Callie, if that was the case, I could just press charges against you for stealing privileged documents from my briefcase.
Did you really quit your job? Pretty much forced to negotiate my exit.
The truth is you always felt like you were compromising yourself to be with me.
This was a mistake.
It should never have happened.
I just need to know when I can go home.
What does the big lawyer say? What is your real best offer? Three months, plus time served.
Thank you, Marc.
But we're gonna take this one to trial.
We have the potential for a lawsuit.
Shouldn't we at least take the 30-day deal to Jerod? No.
Absolutely not.
Her name's Yvonne Byers.
And they keep changing her dates to appear at the last minute until she's missed them because she doesn't have childcare.
Is there any way you can help her? I need to tell you something.
I love you.
Hey, have you seen Dennis? I can't come back to the Coterie.
I think I've been trying to find a way out of this, when I need to find a way through it.
We should get a drink.
I'm kind of seeing someone.
This is Capoeira.
I wanted to share this with you before court today because this practice helps me feel strong and resilient.
It's okay.
I got this.
Almost there! A little to the left! Oh, you're so close.
Yes, yes, yes! Go deeper, go deeper! Yes, yes, yes! You got it! That was very satisfying.
Thank you.
You know, it's just a prototype.
We need money to actually develop it.
I thoroughly enjoyed it.
It was smart to start with something small.
I know you want to set yourself up for success.
Not dive in already over your head.
That was really good advice.
Hey, mind if I grab something to eat? Uh, of course.
Uh, what about in-app purchases? For breakfast? Do you want some socks? The floor is cold.
No, I'm good, thanks.
Well, as I was saying, in-app purchases They account for 48.
2% of all mobile app earnings every year, over 37 billion dollars.
Spoons? The second drawer to the right of the refrigerator.
The more in-app purchases, the more rewards.
It all leads to a massive dopamine release, which in turn leads to more in-app purchases.
But is it ethical? Well, you'll be hard-pressed to find a VC willing to invest in an idea that doesn't commit to maximum revenue.
And a massive waste of people's money.
I'm gonna get you some socks.
Don't want you to catch a cold.
What you smiling at? Oh, um, I'm in this competition with Dyonte.
Every year, our interns come up with their own mini-campaign that complements the larger work of DPN.
So you both should be thinking on what you want to do.
In the meantime, we have a town hall meeting coming up.
I need each of you to make at least 50 calls from our call list.
- Got it.
- On it.
I'm gonna make 100 calls to your 50.
Ooh! Okay.
You're on.
But what do I get if I win? You won't.
I didn't realize, uh, the non-profit world was so competitive.
Well, I mean, they only choose one of the interns to be a full-time organizer each year.
Sounds kinda cutthroat.
Kinda like trying to get in a shower around here.
You, uh You given it any thought? Us moving in together? Um have you talked to your therapist about that? Moving in with someone can be stressful.
Speaking of which I noticed you haven't really been sleeping well at night.
Oh, yeah.
I'm good.
But you know, a lot has happened.
And it's over.
They dropped my charges.
So I'm a free woman.
I know.
I'm just talking about in your life.
You know, maybe you should talk to someone too.
I don't need to.
My work is my therapy.
You know, you don't always have to do for everybody else.
You can ask for help.
- You said that.
- I know.
Hey, girl, what's up? Hey, girl, can you do me a favor? Can you watch my kids for a couple of hours this morning? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
For sure.
I got you.
Ahh, thanks, girl.
I'll see you soon.
Did I wake you? It's okay.
How you doing? I'm just checking in.
I wanted to say good morning.
I'm doing okay.
I've been spending a lot of time in nature, taking hikes, going to the beach.
I think this is just what I needed.
That's good.
I miss you.
I miss you too.
Hi, uh, my name's Callie Adams Foster.
I'm trying to track down a family member of Jerod Murphy's.
I believe you're his sister.
If you could just return my call on this number or, uh, my office I'd like to discuss his situation with you.
Thank you.
What was that about? Uh, the ADA offered Jerod a plea deal in which he could be out in 30 days.
Now that Kathleen smells money, she suddenly wants to go to trial which means that Jerod could be stuck in jail for over a year just waiting on a court date.
Well, what does he want? I don't know.
She doesn't want me to tell him about the offer.
Can she do that? No.
I mean, not ethically.
Her whole argument is that Jerod's not capable of making the right decisions for himself.
Which is why I'm trying to track down a family member.
Does she know that you're trying to find his sister? No.
I'm sure she wouldn't be happy about it, but I don't know what else to do.
Sounds like you don't trust her.
You know, when I quit Legal Aid, Marcus told me that she left her old firm under shady circumstances.
And the whole reason I took this job was to help Jerod.
I mean, what if I made a huge mistake? Thank you so much for this.
The kids don't have school and my mom got called into work.
It's no problem at all.
She's off at noon and she'll come get them.
It's all good.
I love kids.
You be good for Malika, okay? Okay.
Bye, honey.
Be good too.
Bye, girl.
Thank you.
No problem.
So What do you all want to do today? I've got to go potty.
Can you, uh, watch Shine while I take your sister to the bathroom? I'm not the babysitter.
How's it going? Ugh, Gael's running late.
Well, you just missed a very awkward and off-key singing of Happy Birthday for Principal Solomon.
Oh, thank God.
But the cupcakes weren't that bad.
So I brought you one.
I hope you like vanilla.
I love anything that's sweet and frosted.
Thank you.
Hey, guys.
Sorry I'm late.
Hey, uh, Gael, this is Matt.
He teaches math.
He is fine! Why you think I got us kicked out of class? Well, I should go teach some algebra.
Ooh, have fun with that.
This internship is kicking my ass.
It's supposed to be at night and he's got me doing all of his errands during the day.
Well, tell him no.
I can't.
I gotta pay my dues.
Oh, also you forgot your lunch at home on the kitchen counter.
Thank you.
Did you hear that? They live together.
No way a guy that fine is hooking up with someone as fat and as basic as Ms.
I know you're not talking, Jessie.
It's not like your fat ass is anything special.
Yeah, Jessie.
How about you go find some clothes that fit? And deprive you of all this? You wish you could get with a girl like me! Hey! That's enough! All of you! What is wrong with you? Hey, so, how do we feel about in-app purchases? Shouldn't be too hard to add it into the pitch deck before tomorrow.
But is it right? With ACT-ivism, we were trying to do something good in the world.
This Is necessary.
No VC's gonna invest if we're not maximizing profits.
We need seed money, and then we can focus on developing the big ideas that we actually care about.
- Did you know that Evan Speck was - one of the co-founders of this app called Day Trader? - I read an article where they admitted - that they knew nothing about the stock market, but they thought it was a big idea.
So they pitched it, and they figured it out after they got funded.
Really? Mm-hmm.
Oh, yeah.
Because, men.
Because, men.
It was smart to start with something small.
I know you want to set yourself up for success.
Not dive in already over your head.
Does the question mark mean, how does that sound to me? Or is it meant to be sarcastic? Are you mad at me? Uh Don't send.
Why would she be mad at me? Ah! Hi, I'm calling from Dignity and Power Now.
We're having a town hall meeting Is she okay? A little help Oh, no, ma'am, not you.
Shine! Shine! I'm sorry.
Can I call you back? Thank you.
Gotcha! - I'm so sorry.
- She's a bad person.
- I'm not a bad person.
- Let me go.
Let me go! Is this apple juice? No, no, no, honey.
This is grown-up juice.
Okay? Hey! - Hey, how's it going? - Good.
Listen, my mom just got asked to do a double.
I hate to ask but would you mind keeping the kids until I'm off work? - I should be there by 6:00.
- 6:00? You don't know how much I appreciate it.
- No problem.
- Thank you.
No, no.
It's fine.
We'll We'll see you later.
- Okay, bye.
- Okay.
Don't tell me.
Something's come up and she's dumping us with another stranger for the rest of the day? But I'm not a stranger.
We don't know you.
Oh, No, no.
Give me that.
Thank you.
You suck as a babysitter.
You know, you could help out.
You sound like Yvonne.
You mean your mother? - Wish she wasn't.
- Hey! You need to check your attitude and stop being such a little shit! She's doing the best she can.
Why don't you color? I have all these art supplies.
I wanna go swimming! Yeah! Swimming! Swimming! Okay, okay, okay.
Hey! Uh, are you busy right now? Heard you're going to trial with that case you brought in.
Possible settlement.
Way to kill it, Impulse Buy.
Hey, so, any idea why Kathleen left the firm she built? I think she just got tired of representing rich people.
So you just followed her blindly, no questions asked? A friend of mine was fired from his job when he transitioned.
No one would represent him at the firm because he couldn't pay.
Kathleen took his case pro bono and won.
So you owe her.
I'm not here because I owe her.
I'm here because I want to be her.
She's brilliant.
And she cares.
What about you? I don't do anything blindly.
I want to learn from the best.
Why'd you take this job? So she'd represent my client.
Well, then, your client's lucky to have her.
Oh! You do need help.
A man to the rescue.
Of course.
Wow! Watch out! Kiara, you sure you don't want to come in? I'm sorry I snapped at you earlier.
That was more me being a little shit.
All I had was my mom growing up, and she wasn't around a lot either.
She was always working or doing other things.
I wanted her to do stuff with me.
We were supposed to go shopping today.
It's like she's never home, but when she is, she's tired.
It's tough.
But your mama loves you, and she's doing everything she can to take care of you and your brother and sister all alone.
I know it doesn't feel like enough right now, but she's really trying her best.
I'm not really a little shit, you know? I know.
Me neither.
I was gonna go put my feet in the pool.
You wanna join me? - Who is it? - It's Gael.
Come in.
I just wanted to see if you're okay.
Yeah, I'm fine.
I can imagine that it's hard not letting those kids get to you.
No, it's not about them.
It's It's Dennis.
I'm in love with him.
And he told me that he loved me and then we And then the next morning, he took off.
What if he realized, after we had sex, that he doesn't love me, you know, like that.
You've seen the girls he dates.
What if I'm too thick for him? No, Davia, don't do that to yourself.
You are beautiful and sexy.
Okay, no offense, but the hot guy reassuring the big girl that she's beautiful is sort of gag inducing.
All right, don't take it from me.
Take it from her.
Yeah, she's a fat bitch Got older learned to love my body Lookin' in the mirror at a certified hottie Confident, strong did I mention I'm That woman is confident, sexy, powerful, and hot as hell.
She's pretty hot.
And I am so turned on by that woman.
That woman is you.
Okay, now you're making it weird.
I just thought I was past all this shit.
You know, then I hear my mother's voice in my head telling me that I could have any guy I wanted if I just lost weight.
Or how lucky I am to have any guy love me.
Who cares if he's married? I'm supposed to be the body positive girl.
And you are.
Davia, you're also human.
Dennis hurt you.
I don't think he meant to, but he rattled your confidence.
Made you forget who you are for a second.
Have you told him how you feel? No, I can't.
He's already so fragile.
I'm just scared I'd make things worse or push him away.
I get that, but you can't always try to protect his feelings.
'Cause then who's gonna take care of yours? Well, I'm tough.
If I can handle a room full of eighth graders, I can handle anything.
Yeah, that's true, but you don't always have to be tough.
Thank you.
And thanks for helping with the kids.
Hey, what are friends for? And as your friend, I'm telling you, you can't work 12 hours a day for free.
Unless, you know, one of those hours is for me at school.
You know, but seriously, this artist guy Yuri Ellwin.
He's a big deal in the art world.
Yeah, well, he doesn't mean shit in my world.
So, he has no right to take advantage of you.
Even if you are paying your dues, you need to set some boundaries.
So let's break all the rules Thanks for showing up for me today.
No worries.
I'm glad you called.
I had an ulterior motive.
If I couldn't make calls, I didn't want you to either.
Well, I am aware.
And apparently, I'm not as good with kids as I thought.
That's not true.
Looks like you broke through with Kiara.
She reminds me of myself as a kid.
I was pretty angry with my mother.
She struggled with alcohol and drugs.
And she let us down, a lot.
Got to the point, I called child services, and me and Dom ended up in foster care until we aged out.
I feel you.
I moved around a lot, lived with aunts and my grandmother for a time.
When you have family in the system, it all hits harder for the moms, I think.
They have such little support in the community, no safety net.
That's why this work is so healing.
It is.
But it can also bring up past feelings, you know, trauma.
Doesn't hurt to talk to someone.
Like in therapy? I mean, what have you got to lose? My money.
I'll think about it.
I can give you a number or two.
- You see a therapist? - A couples counselor.
In the past? In the present.
So, you're in a relationship? So, what, you've been hustling me this whole time? Trying to flirt with me so I could be your side piece? Oh, so you think I've been flirting with you? Okay.
For real? I like you.
I think you're passionate and smart, not to mention beautiful and sexy, and I just feel you.
- You just said you're in a relationship.
- I am.
But we're not exclusive.
So you're in an open relationship? Not open.
We don't just play around.
In fact, she has another boyfriend.
So the real question is why have you been flirting with me? You ready for this? Drill Down Baby.
We got this.
Well If it isn't Spartacus, Spartacus, Spartacus, and, uh, Spartacus.
What are you doing here? We're pitching an idea.
Ah! Heard you staged a melodramatic walkout at Speckulate.
It's probably PMS.
I heard that it spreads between other women.
My mom calls it, uh, "Syncing cycles".
Why are you talking to your mom about periods? Why wouldn't I? Well if you'll excuse us, we have glass ceilings to shatter.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Good luck.
Though I doubt they'll be looking for any more female content.
We just sold an AR app that's gonna redefine interior decorating for the everyday woman.
Curtains, ladders to hang blankets on.
Balls of twine in a basket.
Books arranged by color.
You know, stuff normal women like.
Do you even know any women outside of work? - Besides your mom.
- I love my mom.
I know women make more in-app purchases than men.
- Yeah.
- We'll figure out the rest.
Well congrats.
Thank you.
That's very gracious of you Mari-anna.
They'll "figure out the rest"? Of course they will.
Because men trust that men will figure it out.
Oh, no, but they think that we need to start small, that we shouldn't get in over our heads, that we should eat dinner at 11:00 You know what? Screw it.
Let's pitch Bulk Beauty.
We don't have a deck prepared.
And that was my fault.
I made us all afraid to pitch the big idea.
Meanwhile, these two morons don't know the first thing about AR or home decorating, and they got funding.
But I I bet they had a deck.
We don't need a deck.
We've got passion.
And we've already worked through most of the concept.
We've all been conditioned not to believe in ourselves.
That women can't be bold, that we have to walk before we can run.
But how can we except anyone to believe that we're capable if we can't believe it ourselves? So, yeah, I believe that we can pitch Bulk Beauty.
And then we'll figure out the rest.
So, we're taking a break from our art projects.
Today, we're gonna give our restorative justice circle another go.
First of all, I want to apologize to all of you.
I lost my temper yesterday, and I shouldn't have done that.
Meeting aggression with aggression is exactly what gets us all into trouble and isn't what restorative justice is all about.
Jessie you really hurt my feelings yesterday.
You made a judgment based off of my appearance.
And I don't think it's very kind to say anything about the way people look.
I I know.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
I accept your apology.
And, Andre I think it's obvious what you said to Jessie was hurtful to her.
I was defending you.
Yeah, by hurting someone else.
You know, it reminded me of when I was in middle school, mean kids, mainly boys, used to make fun of my body.
I would let the things they said about me lower my self-esteem.
I get made fun of too for the way I look.
And when it happens in class, it makes some of the teachers notice me.
And because of how my clothes fit, or how my bra strap shows because it's wider, sometimes the boys like to snap them and make comments on how big my boobs are or my ass is.
Then the teachers call me out for inappropriate attire.
I'm wearing the same thing as the other girls are.
But for me it's a strike.
And it hurts.
Anything you want to say, Andre? I'm sorry.
Hey, Andre.
Your words have a lot of power.
And the other boys are gonna follow your example because you are a leader.
You can use your influence to have a positive effect on the school, if you choose to.
I said I was sorry.
You reached out to Jerod's sister? I thought his family should be notified about his situation.
Family can complicate matters.
But I haven't heard back from her.
I did.
She called the office.
She's in the conference room.
Let's see if she's here to derail us, shall we? Jerod had his first manic episode at college.
And then our mother died, and he started having hallucinations.
It was a really hard time, but we got him stable with the right meds.
And he got a job, he got his own place.
He was doing really well.
And then he turned 27, and he got kicked off our dad's health insurance.
Without his meds, he ended up on the street, and we just We lost touch with him.
I should have tried harder to find him.
Without access to the right medication and treatment, there is only so much families can do.
You can't blame yourself, but you can blame the system.
So you think a trial is the best option? I do.
If we can get a settlement out of it, with that kind of money, he could get an apartment, and get the medical care he needs.
A chance at a good life again.
But it also means that he could be in jail for up to a year, awaiting trial.
Is there another option? They've offered a plea deal of 30 days plus time served.
But that means he'll have to plead guilty and he'll have a record.
Which means the next time they pick him up, he's already a felon.
Which means harsher treatment, harsher charging.
And if he gets two more serious felonies, that's three strikes, and he's looking at 25 years to life.
I guess a trial is the best option then.
I'm glad we're on the same page.
Well, not all of us.
Jerod needs to know all the options because ultimately, the decision is his.
Do you think that he is capable of making decisions on his own behalf? I think we need to be really careful when we assume mentally ill people are not capable and we take away their right to advocate on their own behalf.
How'd it go with, uh, Yvonne's kids? - It was a little rough at first.
- Yeah.
But, um, then Dyonte came over and helped out.
You called Dyonte over? Yeah, I had to make sure he didn't have time to make any DPN calls.
I play to win.
And you have nothing to worry about.
So the real question is why have you been flirting with me? - Are you and Isaac - No.
We're not.
And I'm sorry if I gave you that impression.
One relationship is enough for me.
In fact, we're moving in together.
That's cool.
I respect that.
He has a girlfriend, and you are my one and only.
You know, uh, I talked to my therapist today about us moving in together.
Yeah, um I wanted to talk about that.
Yeah, I mean, she was basically saying what you were saying.
Probably too stressful right now.
A little too soon with everything going on.
Probably should, uh Probably should wait.
- Yeah, agreed.
- Yeah.
For future references, just give your man a chance to show up for you, when you need help.
Call me next time.
- So? - So, um Zoe and I went to see Jerod together, just explained all his options.
And he decided he wants to go to trial.
So, I, uh I drafted these questions for Deputy Gaffney and the other deputies involved for our interviews with them.
We won't be interviewing them.
- Why not? - It's a waste of time.
They'll be well prepared and they'll lie.
Okay, but if we want to impeach them We'll do it on the stand.
We don't need to give them a preview of our strategy, and you have to stop second guessing me.
- I wasn't trying to - And stop talking! This is your third job since you graduated law school.
You quit your clerkship with a federal appeals judge.
You quit Legal Aid.
And if you ever go behind my back again, calling family members and contradicting my advice, you'll be looking for your fourth job since you graduated.
And good luck getting anyone to take a chance on you with a record like that.
I'm sorry.
I got the judge to agree to move Jerod to an IMD.
Institute for Mental Disease, while he awaits trial.
He'll get treatment and he'll be safe.
It's no Sandals, but it's much better than jail.
Now, that is great news.
You know, I was never going to let him sit in jail, Callie.
I also got a new DA on your Yvonne Byers case.
So, hopefully, they'll stop giving you the runaround.
Thank you.
I really do appreciate the opportunity to learn from you.
In order for this to work, Callie, you're gonna have to trust me.
Can you do that? Yes.
Do a deep dive into Deputy Gaffney's social media postings.
You'd be surprised what those guys brag about or downright admit to.
Will do.
I lied.
I am mad at you.
Why are you mad? You told me that our idea was too big.
That we should start small.
But that's not what you did when you and your partners started Day Trader.
So why didn't you think that we could figure it out on our own? Because it was really hard.
Oh, so women can't figure things out that are hard? - Is that it? - No.
I meant it was stressful.
I mean, we bit off more than we could chew.
We ended up hating each other.
That's why the team broke up.
Yes, we We got lucky, but we could have just as easily failed, and I didn't want that for you.
Well, our only failure was not believing in our idea or ourselves.
So what did you do? We pitched Bulk Beauty.
And they bought it? Maybe we should've pitched the game.
Even if we had pitched the game and sold it, you think we'd feel much better than we do now? We'd feel like we could pay rent next month.
Yeah, but how excited would we be? That pitch was good today.
And with zero prep.
Think about how much better we'll be next time when we're actually prepared.
So there's a next time? Men don't quit when they fail.
A lot of them fail their way straight to the top.
We can't quit after one pass.
No, but we're not gonna give up.
You know, maybe on the next pitch, you should consider If this is ever going to work, we can never talk business.
Well I You just You can't help but be brutally honest, and I can't help but be swayed by your opinion.
So I need you to respect my boundaries.
That's fair.
Since you brought it up, um I have a few boundaries I need you to respect.
I need you to put everything in the fridge back in the precise place that you found it.
- I could do that - And to wear socks.
And to squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom, not strangle it from the middle.
In fact, everything in my loft has its place, so I just need you to not move anything.
Got it.
I know that sounds silly.
It's just, um at work, I have to tolerate so many things that are out of my control.
Like things that cause anxiety and actual physical pain.
So at home I need order.
So I can have one place in this world where I feel safe.
Like how I feel with you.
You know, when you're not moving all my stuff around.
Well I'm happy you feel safe with me.
It's time then, huh? Yeah.
All right, don't forget.
There's a list on the desk.
Things for tomorrow.
Uh actually, I'm not available to run errands during the day.
Is that right? Well, it wasn't really part of the job description.
We said five hours at night.
I have another job during the day.
And I'm helping out a friend, teaching restorative justice through art at a middle school.
Well, I could talk to the kids if you like.
Tell them what it takes to be a famous artist.
Uh Sure.
That'd be That'd be great.
Yeah, I know.
So you don't do errands.
Do you paint at least? - Yeah.
- Good.
Well, then, I want you to paint those canvasses over there just like this one.
I'm sorry, you want me to paint for you? Yeah, well, if you'd been observant, you should be able to mimic my style by now.
It's just the backgrounds.
Good lad.
Did you get my video? I did.
Um I need to tell you something.
Dennis, I'm really hurt and angry with you.
You sure you're up for this? Yeah.
Yo, are you wearing a bra? Yo, dude.
Look at this.
That is hysterical! No, it's not.
And if you or anybody else snaps her bra straps or mine, I will end you.
- All right, bro.
My bad.
- Okay, man.
Go ahead.
What's going on, there? Restorative justice.
I knew you'd be good at this.
Well, Andre just said he'd end a kid, so it's a work in progress, but thank you.
You're welcome.
Dignity and Power, yes Dyonte, D-Y-O-N-T-E.
Well? Will you? Yeah, that'd be great, if we can Of course! How'd the calls go? It was a pleasure, Miss Montinez.
Thank you.
Just got my 50.
Um, I'm actually gonna need some more time.
A friend I met in holding reached out and she needed someone to watch her kids.
I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry.
Supporting people tied up in the system is what we do here.
It did give me an idea for my mini-campaign.
Dyonte and I were talking about how women with family in prison don't have enough support.
So what if we could fund a childcare program? For when they have to make appearances in court or do community service or visit a loved one in prison.
I love it.
Run with it.
Okay, I will.
Thank you.
That's a great idea.
Let me know how I can support you.
Okay, I will.
We good? Yeah.
Why wouldn't we be? Okay, um I have a couple of therapists' numbers for you.
Thanks, but this campaign is going to be all the therapy I need.
It's a good sign.
- At least they're not rescheduling again.
- Yeah.
What are you doing here? I work here now as a DDA.
This is my case.

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